Primetime 8.17.17 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, August 17th

Best Of Primetime...Bert Kreischer mob story, and more!


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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not a picnic. Do the right things since 1952. He's making arrangements for children. Shut the hell up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you tell us itself. Well look how close are pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow. You know we'll. I didn't play his time as we've. New son had. So. We. The hard thing to thing dvd dvd instead of the the rookie. The news. And still ahead in the intro even though it's a best of edition of primetime today and but I'll further deal I will not waste any time here is the famous hurt Chrysler interviewer did you harder. Above the segment in the next segment will be this interview with here's part one of her precious time in the brush. And I am proud to say that at this man joins or burger for the second time. I don't Jeff beer a little bit I include top five. Guess we have ever had lost you could program and President Carter and Reagan key media independent TV hosts trivia I just Renaissance man bird reparation. Renaissance bit of the graduate with an alcoholic and that international man of intrigue via the Internet settled at a Madrid I first came to know you as for the conqueror yeah I was there they do most of these guys you can't get at it and they like to. Relate to you don't ever bring them back up might. Big dollop of you wrote it or you've got a new book as you move he gives and we will never I think that that's what it's like an office space when they find out that guy's still getting paid we'd fix the glitch now. Thank you topic picture blitz today you do this again bird you know not be receiving a paycheck for its so funny is like the show like that now it's an. That show was. All those shows that are not a magazine have a ton of England really wrote Rogers I was having time to build light. But like I did Burke called bird bird which was way ahead of his time that was jackass means dirty jobs. Before jackass or dirty jobs existed I mean big and how great that's what you know. Only give you specifics when Herbert. They gave me outlooks look I've that it is say on the schedule and brought them a tape got paid. 141000 dollars an episode and to protect. Hypothetically if I hit a putt that I got 700 dollars as talent. It was my paycheck I've paid 700 dollars and talent and thirteen 1300. As an executive producer so I couldn't sue myself. Because this guy is never gonna not on the list and Covert tape like a definitely you don't want them there and yeah and under their like the degree get bit by Cotto once you do the anti venom and alike but it's so. They just don't ever come back and like it'll be fine to talk to a guy but a local loop fully NCAA would come up with a net exactly correctly he might die here so here's how we're gonna have to pay him yeah I can't guess is can you see yourself for millions upon millions of dollars taken like an insurance claims sticks let me get to name the production company. Like I I was part of a worldwide cancer. It's a give announced Mankins is wanted to go out there but but I got a I decidedly it was called mindless entertainment. Obama's Mona now that you don't want that guy went on to create the surreal life. There everything Europe you know you know celeb reality on VH one yeah he created all of it since he became became really rich and a zillion and you needed below. Exit billionaire like a slow zillions. Notably cellulose are gonna Jack he has so much money he doesn't. It's I've just an end. Oh my god I could tell I was just gossip right I don't expect I told me a sit this one time and everyone got really upset this is troops the first summer TV show ever canceled for Harvard it was a called the show got canceled. I was like really bomb like our broken the first ever despondent and my career but he took me in his office or current views and we should do. The times pretty up fingered as our editors he was going to do that some sausage here is a mutated or was he pretty fingered. Lego okay. And it was just go. He has that movie's getting panned right now and just sit there on the year ago will at least this is it might fit a similar to not Tom Green yet I what does Israel figured it was sold at a artisans and threw balls I did got a big business week. Autumn edited it read it until it yeah I don't but Tommy is a great guy now but that movie was tough to sit through when it in 1999. OK everybody we got Burke right. Assurance studio is going to be attack helium comedy club. Tonight and tomorrow 7:30 and 10 o'clock can go to helium. Comedy dot com yes tickets there. Just shows going to be amazing I'm so. Money he can even tell you I've come out will be listened to catch die young maybe the best song ever. He did tell Will Smith story onstage. Last year you told the story about when you and Matt will Smith and it was the best story ever presume with the exception of the Russian mob story that I heard on a podcast. It's produced immediate need to share with us the Russian mob story if you can solve on I was hundred. We'll find a way I can give us the abbreviated. Version of the Russian Montclair is there cliff notes version of the Russian mob it's really hard. It went mostly to a ball in the Russian mafia on accident but at the items that accident ought. On accident yeah a lot of people I started taking Russian cross the Florida State back when you could do reverend a unit dial into a class Ehrlich. 77999938. Or has been added to your schedule. You know and for those rustic life for those Spanish. That I sit out of class and they're speaking rights and I go way it would address it what it is there's an alphabet and like the Russian. This is prince's Russians like got a bullet in my earlier teaches that sit down to class and reporting used these past. A Busey as a seriously. Here's a guy need teachers I ask my masters in fourteen kids view sit down you can see you sit down I to question 123 and four were up first and foremost taught in Russian took a look at it exiting the Vietnamese like. Yeah yeah. So that I I then again that class and teacher goes listen we're two human arms tripped Russia if you wanna go. You'll get in others the and you get a minor. I was like I'm sorry she's gonna minor artist on the world poll finding eighty degrees at this point if this thing has it whatever minor in Russian and not been able to speak Russian I'm you'll get out of right there. It's I want to Russia I went to Russia when I was like let's go to Russ and banks and miners to soak up. So we could though that's not altered and turns out the language anything goes over there it's it does dashboard cams improved anything to me it's that took over the wolves kids thought it's better dome over there it is in there in the land of their risky series was 1995. Is in the Ramallah brand and everything and they told that a person might listen it's the total glass you can off market Q percent. In return for money they're giving us too young gangsters are gonna follows a group limitless and walk you class walking on two drugs don't talk to embolden them. I'm in my helmet up if they're Democrats forensic. Artist that you go to prison find the biggest toughest looking guy in the end. Igor. And Sasha. I was gonna supposed I was at a says planned first inaugural ball about him as expendable tools with like secret for local beer. They go over a minute go. To their door Ayman Al and with this class was announced it would hurt our practices although I think millions of food per oats embryo knock it out of both of you close got. Yet BB. The great senate to these people are seniors cracking a disturbing your car. And you've got to dinner jacket collar popular ago but it does that is in the door opens office space in the real resting next to the tattoos in the white did with -- -- a tenant a panicked a newbie to stroll and I hit it and practice I think what it out of my head and on that have been Rosen in his doorway wants. I have movies. He wouldn't I think. At last given apparently good at what they're. Let out a bit vulnerable not resting guys who think you can smoke could be used to just. What are. But that literally I begin to be seen I ought to send these guys it's a instead of ago it was simply wouldn't be achieved. And they thought first ball here's one and a little. Little. Have yachts in the story they thought was on his human beings have ever met because they have never seen in the movies that we grew up. Oh junior bring it out like eighties golden age they think it's your material you've got it Tommy Boy had just. Now and I'm overdue and sad guy that it will cut in the night sky and let me answer yeah. The bodies Qaeda ever been their entire lives. So what do we go Moscow heroes in Google the balls go so it was miserable appearance and the promoter of Moscow Laurie I don't even VT. And has some bitterness is an image to new gangsters Igor Igor says to me as Igor Igor. Indeed and it's pointed out now on Monday men I've ever he goes these militia views. Is the machine in the book of immigrants. An advantage of me or is it till Atlanta quickly damaging it but he grabbed by this organism is that the goal of the machines and first class like. Sir our whole. Hit double blows of the at and the worst between incumbent who respects the conductor and swear to god you're really go to from goodfellas at this point yes yes album may ban the conduct of the stars of trees or export you add the tomatoes as he hasn't machine public. Lot of it appears that you renewed auto dealers auto mode with a receipt of like business since cosmetic Vatican's call. What is bigger and we've heard all the dues than an hour ambiguous and that is this yeah the more about because like all the ball right. Rule of the bar cart. And he says to me I mean we are like in it is like a John Woo moment everyone stops. And he says he says machine go by the Margaret bread Mike. Like club he says and Russian islanders Stanley says I'm only gonna learn in the language as the rumor in my it was not not do for us for textbooks but by joining the mafia of. A lot of drama that grabs you put it. In the ground and got a probably grab the money in my Paula if you agree that really isn't an instant. In the bar cart. And on the when doing it hooked on phonics picked it. Hard to this interview is coming up next it's it just gets even better the story is incredible if you haven't heard yet do not leave. Your radio or your phone or wherever you're listening because you'll wanna hear that second one that's coming up next on the best of edition of primetime on the as a fat. A festive addition to prime time here Mike lives with you the next 45 minutes till the show wraps up at seven this I don't really wait much longer this is part two. A deeper price her story of him with the Russian mob the much. He did. So when asked we left you birds. You were committing robberies with a Russian mob gay via yeah just talk about that we like the like you know this is like 1995 this before you knew that. The Russian mob was scary. But we beat them in the war we thought they were like subservient to us and we went over there we were like. Again I'm goods and mumbling. But they don't like but could fellows like no I'll give you like that. These guys were young and now he knows you know you the president that the promises yeah. The ball once it. All these years fighting another dude now. You have a good time back then but looking back on an entire lake probably could've got shot at any given moment oh yeah we'd rob the bar cart. Barnhart lumber would lead that's the title of the story yes oh it gets worse. Rumble with the armored too much osment cius normally. Oh my god you're so much trouble we won't backs were personal character and I'm like Adam I'm the weight is not lost to me I realized what we've done. The door opens and it's art teacher won over chaperones who didn't speak Russian Jews are going over. The year it is a blog has been aggravated goes no don't seem like that stuff. That's an order of business but that but this grew in this game as a public oh my god it is they have back. Audio glory museum and when he didn't automotive goods on a book it's political and theories and little by cutlery accused him. Wrote in the hole through it but this isn't rocket. We run the whole friend and always I don't look at guys like goalless all of my class opponent only get my feet wet as safe place. So over that it Condoleezza rob Meade zoo in my bags of them. And then that we were back toward our room and dragged. The whole the whole trend we don't remarks at the long trend right we drink or might pull the most electric morning so drunk a member I don't think of them that drunk. A longtime. Trained sobs as it does Dora and same teacher and AMOCO Rego she's she not only see like did not like me. She didn't like me before rob appreciate it. Now you rudely ABC it's not even mention looks like very like almost like compassionate. She was just giving a heads up the alert the police normally want to Ann Beattie who receives this there's a cop on the train platform. Taking a state of my whole class is waiting to get arrested this point it's getting like twenty years in rushing dialogue in my head a Mike in my head I'm like how they do this to me. Yes our rob them you just go yeah but bush deemed only they know I didn't mean in a bad way. Lake and be fewer runs out to the top he's got a volatile wanna answer and other cups against him in the class. So pajamas right to grab the top spins him around to start yelling at public. In oxygen the only thing to beat the language of cops yelling back and watches go down going this is not owed everybody or out of it I'm sorry like and then now the cup staring at me and I hear him yell at me point to me on the train him like fizzle staffs the wrong copy of and it did a real out wisdom telling Europe and a walk to the cop thinking exactly that I'm going to loan for twenty years they're rolling over and you don't it's got to be an example it's getting beat the machine it's going to be me. Google blog in my senior year better if there Oswald get like tenths of an account sitting in front of I just dropped NASA public. Cop to cop looks impatient he takes like five B Damascus Papa steps to. Grabbed me by the arm all those offered the Spiezio at my class with regard to its right of McVeigh's. Sole. I understood the machine that. Tonight you want us to play the Oakland troubled it and problem. I sit here is that this isn't a subordinate to grow up as a surgeon. The craziest that you don't think it's like. And people grows its real about the right that a great writer okay to be credit right it adds I can't credit bureaus. I'm not a writer I got that story about it and barbaric and I don't I don't do it to read this little guy like it is. It just in one of those things the last time I was here when my classmates from the train trip came to show senator from Rhode TJ bill. I think he's an Asian now I keep in touch them he thought so and he had pictures of the train trip it's reasonable people on to joke Mosley should. You're 25 years old what is usually a lot of hair. He's so cute he's keeping contact with the go or any of your pals over there are no I've never like this is this is before the Internet may not for the Internet and threw was around the port when used India and so. But there is no contact I'm sure he's dead. Like the average lives that life span of Russian is like fifty years old that eager had some hard live it do I remember sitting with him drinking one night. And going like like why did you do once you involves people in the news is it. Would you expect he was Muslim kids. I just come undone during a maximum music when I was a kid I just do nothing and then get by. And all of sudden a Mike is my 22 years old when he fighters old and all the sudden on got to be like like capitalist I'm gonna do that. He's a great news on obviously is working with these guys and they give me money and I just do things like let's get nice car nice car and and and a growth industry are there is what that is. It really is and so I was a glimmer total intolerance apartment on cocaine and he was like. How dare you. How dare you I was like hold on your mop up guy. But I just partied and it'll just got to do with it doesn't do it but yes he was it was anything other variants include an easy hiking out in the bowl Chiluba might view the giants injure my body we do a lot of stuff stolen boat together. We do lot of stuff he was a great guy but it was really artists I might as the mall thing in. Yeah but he seems like he's gives us a little balls minister he's a solo ventures and watching. Acts like he was once a commendable kind of games you have to be to walk to class and take one field trip Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco you're a mobster you're you're forced them like not go over the parking meters exactly exactly exactly like Sammy the bull gravano know whose knowledge armor we go to a bar called. It's club beat Europe. Or the the Europe it was like a bar in street Petersburg and I'm pretty amendment. But we go there and their view pictures there whose bodies slightly different memory unit has been one of them as it was with a couple of the class means hot girls from my teacher and he goes can be good to impress the girls these men but the mobsters who had more time difference will be that we all became friends of the them all short ago as we go to the bar with arms one's boss there is a dole. The earlier of the machine miles again because mine is lesbian needs a drink as the guy and he does and then he grabs me by his own goes. I think we treated women those like I don't that's not my opinion is too it was like just take whichever one you want. I'll take years which one's ears all she yet at a time and that girl sat on a couch and smoked and did not talk to the entire time and as you've been traded along a. It sounds like a league so he said that we could signal England's announcement obstacles begrudge him how to explain your mind now. You're very beautiful woman you'll be with me through and movement may not the boot them is yeah. And these guys still dugout you maybe I'm in the new issue Richardson that you can take somebody else and troubled and it was spoke to the big excitement that. All we read none of the old Bible story of putting Brock. The credit Billick and the whole business as you look to complete strangers don't have a triple a lifetime you pay for everything. I was or edit or view to them they have to say yes right then they don't know where they are going and now. This story comes out on how great the great premiere for the third season guys are going well. I don't know anybody nor and so on they're going to be our escorts. But you guys don't how to handle machine gun and will by the time the train stop and think it. That is still I. I think the greatest interviewed shows ever done and it was the six hazard and I'm sure he said had necessary before when he raised on sand and I've never seen him before but. That is such a good telling him that story it is classic. Classic primetime right there are so you'll hear those of we have the best of you'll hear that that in your view probably once or twice here just because. Hey I love to hear it again and again and beat there's a lot of people out there who haven't heard it so. Told you out there who averted for the first time I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. The first second third fourth fifth and sixth time and I've heard it I still would come on this best of edition of primetime we have two clubs segments left next. Will be prime time discussing the let's review of their show. And turning that into prime time being on TV and short clubs for some reason and the final segment of the club will be. Kind of a mishmash of two service or put together because it spanned a commercial break but. It is me trying to name all of the states in under sixty seconds and animals that almost and I'm pretty proud. Argue it's dirty yes. And the nerd but I'm also pretty Krause that's coming up out of first here is yours truly where they support center at Thomas best of edition of primetime. A we just played the Burke pressure interview if you missed it it'll be in the podcast plus front tires podcast of the club hour when I put that up here wants the hour is over us into segments left their ballclub segments from the last two months the first one. Is a lift to review that was given less star is because of Isaac NC can at least through discussion about prime time being on TV in strip clubs into a. Korean. Listener. We have one. He's a lift drivers. This. Keenly there were still on with one listener go figure. It's crazy. He might have to go there and none on and and nine month I've been told we only have one who discusses hears is pretty funny we're continuing to critique when the top of radios. Of all time it was on the net in the twenty years ago no wonder we can't get to 69. Dennis and it was. Now he stop this bill this guys a lift your anger. And he said he's he shot as this because it's any. And he was giving a ride to grow room to make it today. And in Portland. You know Arthur live drivers did our fair city will they don't just do or they do all over all of could be anywhere can't miss event grow on its live dad you can go in there and give your passenger feedback via. And so he was lit our our one listener was the driver of the list and he was listening to us while taking this passenger rivers passenger needed to go. In on the passenger feedback on the the speed of the mideast Yankee game four stars DA's revised told fighting against Clijsters. But un well may have been forced or maybe he'd he docked him a star. Four. We're listening to us because it said. Under the passenger feedback he wrote creepy radio station with super dude bruise on the back at duke. Studied. Sound team. Dan when I I guess that makes me wonder what exactly. They realist you know what segment balance let's. You know and who was more of did you grow or. Riddles being drew testing is says super do you bros clearances that I just grow it is definitely brooms Mel's. Were you referencing the actual word bro a lot of that segment will probably. I do all the time. So all you're actually did grow. Now I'm I'm not a Deidre in the super group. Yet don't citizens don't to sell ensure yesterday were hat on backwards with that is that is due brilliant you hit the ground. Look at me plain and simple Saturdays for the six pack and abs but it. Chest here saying you know this is going to champ. That go to games with a gray beard mean nothing says broad tacitly the gray beard. Selling at those. If we've ever is that the first. Time we've entered into we read you something. Now. Known them. It can't be beat there's like bar complaints the bar is quite. Think people are complaining to the bartender they you know were on in bars but word not on board like just the stuff that. You know how there's no audio so yes it's like you know any going to bars and ninety TV's aren't tuned anything yet. That anything there that this they're not to do anything is nuts at the rate we we. We're on the we're only on because it's not tuned to anything else you were just this year they've put all the sports channels on when there's no sports on him and includes this. To the progress of their may be wanting to gamers the blazers I mean and we just happened is still beyond in the bar opens the next day and then there are months nobody ever hears you saying they do see your faces. Yeah yeah they were talking to each other and then they they usually say to their. RPH and they say. Why is that on TV and no it hasn't it only has it and it is and it's just there that's it. We're the background slaughter any idea that you get this every now and then we're like someone well takes him to vacate. Worry were at a restaurant in my spam being used to be answered yeah yeah yeah how about the world famous photo that was shot of us. I think at Ford designed to you perhaps I didn't it is on my phone that he was on your phone to I don't remember but we had a patron. The listener. Probably the less drivers we have one. He was in a strip club yeah and they had us on now on the background screen of the state. Of the pocket up the and so he asked the manager he says he looked I know you're cystic picture Jeanne in hearing things back. Those guys in my buddies. I've got into the picture it is they're gonna laughter asses off when I shoot in the picture of some girl to Portland on the pulpit and their ugly mug in the background talk and sport. It's looming in the background and I have that kinda we. I want us that you did you write I don't have this you know now don't you ever afforded on. I was at via a pseudo bachelor party. Really cute really because it is about some party I just think my but he was getting Garrity wanted to go to a a peeler joint. And so we we cruised out to one. And it was one of those it was those awkward moments as they come over and yet they sit down and think into the district chatting with you. And the gal kept being like he just looks so familiar to me and what was on the dispute that TV's about each one of the little couches or whatever and we were wrong. It was our stupid show on there. And I just i.'s customer commissions was like I just seemed somewhere before to make you say that to everybody. Is given her a hard time and that of the same thing like right behind us the entire time there was this. In half so he seemed to be a little weird. And we go in to borrow some marvelous and we were on. Packed bar ideas and images left on its op later at night it's so weird it was the first time I'd ever seen it. Annoying to have happened at home on a designers didn't want rightly that you watched our show no I plan. Yeah I want. Watches the I live it each and every day right that's torture and a and a needed at a need to relive it and it was time and I gotta be honest and yet I got lost. In it. Because I was just you got lost in your eyes. But I think it was your book that I it's tropical zone in your it was my head says that lust you just does want Tina mesmerized by it. In that there was no videos have packed bar in Encino he's a blanket around you can't nuns watching myself. Don't mind LaDainian there would agree you majestic. It called articles eagle up there it is just so weird I couldn't take my eyes only only guy that's what this looks like in yet. Its own. And yet it's on and why you watch it because it's on TV. That's it must begin at death's. It's on you know someone's watching you run. The parents. Blaming. We are creepy security risks. According to one here on this and lift passenger idealized like at I would. I just find that fascinating how people. Take our show the first time here at. You know we all got to be just. Was lately is appalled will. Would feel like if he wandered into our great city like from another markets physically he's ghosting in you listen to this this if you was eager in this hour. Here what if somebody tuned in right as you were talking about. The dolphins' story and they would have never came back and I beg to differ with the that was a true love story anyone. That it could appreciate your level McKee two idiots would have really. Really guilty. Two heart string people there at the story of Dolly the dolphin and a fender makes. Aiming. To be revisited that story now. Of all things on the program that's what made you got to play the eleven years together and in like it in the dolphins' story this would truly made you uncomfortable. And tackle figure. Did gaming congress as we saw a big suit and a Father's Day weekend it beach's main year old daughter said hey is he the guy that plays the fart noises. No I'm not actually he is not know that someone else that plays the Fargo is I'm not giving control over idea of deferred commands. Doesn't have to be far command senator. It is about your patriots beat you here this is that is where it's prime time with Isaac instant. The prime time with sue no known. Aka little bit of one final segment of the best of edition of primetime. IE. My clinched tried to name all of the states in the United States in under sixty seconds can I do it. He's heard the saying you already know the answer but can I do it you'll find out next. Here on the best of edition of primetime on 1080. Enough of them. Barely made it through almost went through his best of edition of primetime a rumpled hopefully be back tomorrow soup will definitely be back tomorrow for a short show. Three to five here on a Friday before DC oxy in this final segment of this best of in the club. Is. Talking about states and remembering the size and shape of them in the US. And it turns into me trying to name all of the states and under sixty seconds because I set about to do. You are doing all who have lost in the final. Do we really need to redraw the maps. The band and carried on it looks down their purpose is to big like part it was time you looked down. Net never the goal of the contest looks like it's just it's down there. Like that this retard but this like can you draw the United States might send us a little something key drug and it's easy use drugs like that states. Draw Antarctica. We can't get good luck with that we tried that once we get really Johncke Christmas one year end. We all brought out peacekeeper and we had a contest to. You know draw the US. And in fill in all the states and I kept them because they're very funny. It's not it's it's very difficult yet. When I got to the in this is by Kazaa I never lived their but when I got to the northeast good god. You don't wanna see me trying to draw like New Hampshire. Even like New York. I'd do this to romp on a century I am not yet know I want did you do all if I did all fifty states and it looked. I did the northeast it is it is atrocious the West Coast and even the midwest it was okayed for this one a box states which were easy in that's yet easy part yet the south was sketchy that I thought it was going to be I was not as good in the south as I thought I flipped Kentucky the wrong direction and if he gets. And then when I when I got in it is. Michigan and in Pennsylvania and Ohio and then certainly into deep deep upper part it's. It's a disaster like I was embarrassed and how bad. How bad it was when I when I got up no. And by the way in the hour it is way bigger game. Yeah it's very deep and I when I was when I was trying to about it that I looked at it. I was little off on the scope of that mine had all sorts of holes and it's picked a good or like states that happy it is them. Some gaps that shouldn't be there being a lot of territories network unclaimed if they come in behind them. Really it's that what's happening like in between what you time while nothing but who cares whether or not they need to. OK before we get the big Kid Rock news sedan and even wondering what he's a Tea Party had kids drop. It's period press Obama to bond thing to thing. DD DD DD said the bogeys at a jump to boogie okay. They ever get a bit Kid Rock we can grow up. Right. We need to sooner time that drying the US but not you can't look at a man yet to get to drive excuse eating your head and fill in the states. It's very hard so I had to go through that when you do this to each you have to kind of start. Figured out that you think you name the states are hostages getting all fifty states directly with the help of my missing. In magnolia that needs to be in there be birdied you've already drawn a balance you can end up having to squeeze it in there it's way harder than you think. So. So many Texans that can meet those for the it's a game of can you name all fifty states in sixty seconds. An idol I'm here to tell you that I'm nineteen and try that again I mean we only obviously we all know all fifty states but naming them. In such a short amount of time is going to prove difficult and we have a volunteer. Who is going to try this. At. Does not mean Iraq lets me okay is that it might let us have if you're gonna base I'm assuming you're gonna go just like it might be a good follow the map in my. I've I've got to man up here. Give them that now let's let's get to brains on this okay. So that we can. Trying to see a team and see what states he misses OK but I don't think he can do it. No I don't think Soviet Mike thinks he can do it will be the good the big freedom I think. Worth the Trier in news alike here are creatures and that's what this show electorate so this is good. Okay I am going to interest in the right but I only have the people label there. I. Just need to sign and systemic problem Playboy's in the back to. That's it for free so our IP skips one kind of in order that a mature to jot that down right. In my home. I might get back to it though fires like this shoot that doesn't make him an. An outgrowth of also listeners if you this is will have this on tape seeing as how this is a radio show him. Therefore if you hear. One that he omits please let us know at five point 305. Okay Mike and starting in Washington and gives him no good he's starting he's he's from these. Bastards East Coast and the five. 43. Sheen. Won. Maine Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut's new York New Jersey Pennsylvania. Delaware Maryland. On North Carolina South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Florida. Georgia. Alabama Mississippi Kentucky Tennessee. Ohio Indiana Illinois and Michigan. Wisconsin Minnesota. I'm gonna lose at Arkansas Missouri Texas Oklahoma. Nebraska. Kansas North Dakota South Dakota. Wyoming Colorado Arizona New Mexico California Oregon Washington Idaho Utah Nevada. I think I missed Kentucky and Tennessee in the middle. You got those guys you got those I've got only one T ministry of Alaska and Hawaii and his team just as Colombia's well. I'm tying him evil in his wanted west Nebraska Kansas. Known publicly when it maybe I missed it it. He got those yeah well you know I am one the demons I think I have one as well in time is. Again. Ravens. As he did not Louisiana. Yeah I denounce Louis that's that I got I think that maybe the what I thought Iowa that. I was aggressive Ireland I was certain about Iowa you didn't say Louisiana I know that and I don't think as an Iowa I might have missed Montana that I miss Montana. I did not CU. Missing Montana writing here I didn't have them meet their that you may have. I was does really get Mike I have Louisiana Fisher and a question mark on Iowa so I'm giving you officially credit for 48 out of fifty. That's that in nineteen isn't. Because that's the thing is said he got hung up right at when he hit Minnesota is ago got a minute. That's that's what it is it's all the square states will know I'd I think it's more that a year under the gun. And you just kind of go blank even though you know the states you're like oh crap I got to hurry ending aegis president. Which he did not deal I think I think I would hit that Long Island just. Kraft and in my would have been the other way I think I would have been fine until. Like Michigan and also would have gone far slower because you had. You have about twenty seconds of the united yeah yeah yeah I was commenting on the time was going to be like flying down. He you're done in 35 seconds now. 42 only I got a little slower in my god. I was open to the UK and Ireland and can move on the south Dave 4050 Bravo my collection. Preventing. And it is pleased gee do we can. Yeah ice as. So I think I missed three. I think let's think back again because I didn't listen back to it. Because I was I was so like I was annoyed that I missed it because I thought I could do it for sure. I think I miss I don't I miss Louisiana I think I missed Iowa and Montana I think those are the three that I missed but I'm pretty sure. I got every single other one and I did say Hawaii and Alaska after they asked me if I knew what I miss Matt was still at the time limit. Interested District Columbia if you wanna come back to sell hey. I named 47. Of the fifty states in under sixty seconds relented and under 42 split. I've been blanked on the three that I missed Iowa Iowa is gets me I was well against Michigan Louisiana should the government and Iowa's just. I don't know I was just there it's a weird shape it's. I don't know who lives in Iowa I don't know I don't know if anyone out to listen it was an island you can yell before but I'm sorry mister state basket do. For us today on this best of edition of primetime to update you. Isaac was sick today he. Claims dizzy about vertigo we went to the doctor doctor city you can take it easy today but it should resolve itself by the end today into tomorrow morning so hopefully that is the case. Organizer rubble return to the show tomorrow suit wounds on the occasionally he'll be back tomorrow from the coast he went. Down the Pacific city with his kids and his brother and duty. Yearly coast week that they do down there he'll be back tomorrow at least him. And we have a short showed tomorrow from 3 to 5 o'clock. Is that tomorrow in the pre season against the vikings preview of the five kickoff is at seven so that'll be will be on fan once we get off the air tomorrow at 5 o'clock. You're watching the clips this weekend enjoy yourself try to stay at a traffic I'll be held Monday. And I'll leave with my parents wash in the clips of trying to set the traffic jams there. Hopefully have a good weekend builder for us thanks for listening if you missed any of the stuff we did which includes Mike Leach. Troy dying period intercept officer tackled TV day also in making an interview. It hurt Christ your stuff from a couple of years ago his Russian mob story as all the bunch of other fun prime time segments from the last two months. It'll all be on the list of tires podcast the first three hours of already gone up opened the club our up here in a minute after the show's over. But there for us and hopefully improve us back here on the field. Okay okay. Gosh you know Peter better on the line. One day I like yeah. With other noted above. The Obama all sorts of eight.