Primetime 8.11.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 11th

Hot 5 at 5, Woj re opens Melo to PDX rumors, and Friday randoms. 


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. I would love I would love. I don't want. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason sic Janice Harmon you may not do. Do prime time on 1080. I welcome back it is Friday edition of France and a very special edition of our show it is so gets credit now. We do special shows on for an. I'm always the last one ago. So hey here's what's coming up. The world's bomber guarding Carmelo Anthony. I still don't know how people feel about this. When he. Well if you that would bomb is true what exactly does it mean for the for the trailblazers. I don't some acclaim in seconds or in the west L. C'mon man down. Well coach you know and in his podcast heat heat got to put him right there. Not Golden State good. Land I right behind people think way too highly of Camilla Anthony but anyway we don't need to get into that I think there's something else going on that and will will get to that coming up. This hour we've already crowned Mitchell tribute ski. I must be discussed ideas in Friday random as if we have time we'll Mike Glenn and did not have a great performance. For his nineteen million dollars through injuries he's making there in Chicago. If you're looking for easy fuel allele talk we did do a lot of that. In our. First two hours. But also discussed a James Paxson in the Mariner's. And the NFL trade kicker today so all that if you miss any of our show he can go back 108210 dot com. In the less Schwab podcasts are available there for him. In the club got a couple things in your left over dosed news Siena the worst goes story of all time why shoot the goat a. On the why should we go to multiple time you we talk about why why shoot again and I loved goats I do too this is ridiculous I think the guy who on the goat has a gripe here. And then never help a stripper. Change a flat tire. That will be coming up this one okay these are the stories that remain. For the week here so right now though let's get to the hot by the five. Odd topics and opinions. We thought they don't aren't that day and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot on private Bible. Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh by Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light whatever your name climb and. OK before I hit the number five. I have a bonus story for each of the bonus sixth yes it's the hot six at five because there's a lot of news today. Federal judge you need Baylor title nine lawsuit ruled that the university must release underlying documents in its investigation into the school's handling. Among those a re dialing. Which this means that more bad things are gonna come out about the other news it's ranked Luke. Yet this is big in allowed them to dig into the specifics of their new lives in these specific failures and keep in mind this is only one of five. Title nine lawsuits that that school face there's no one's getting out of this thing without looking like an absolute slime and maybe criminal charges. A number of lives the president decides to write checks. AJ what you're asking a basketball news Fain says blazers are a sleeper. To acquire Carmelo Anthony is he basically in his in his podcast. That I heard today entered stray cat it. He was saying that the MBA is this could become a EU words it's about recruiting that this is the big deal and he says that dame and CJ have both done a really good job. I've tried to convince Carmelo and have made inroads with convince him to Portland would be it a good place of legacy Jay's is playing with him right now I New York he said there's. Video of those guys you played together it's still. It is important note that he. Even a few ways is to waive his no trade clause would still has to come of the deal that Europe wants. I don't know what that deal would would include but supposedly he is Mormon the idea of playing your Portland. Now the rest of the world believes that there's only one team that Melo would waive his no trade clause four and that is he's rockets. And loads is reporting that the knicks and rockets have reopened. Melo trade talks but of those break down. I'm sure it was kicking the tires as. And there are those in Iowa said that if they get Carmelo you have two guards with Durkin Carmelo he thought it put him right there you know in conversation with. One of the two or three best teams the last a trade in the NFL he Buffalo Bills making them is they get Jordan Matthews the wide receiver from the Eagles they also get cornerback EJ gains. They pick up the rams' second round pick any Eagles third round pick for next year. In exchange the Eagles won't get cornerback Ronald Darby helps their secondary and in the rams get Sammy Watkins. And a sixth round pick from the bills and now the bills have too wants to choose to freeze. In next year's draft they did not pick up the fifth year option on Sammy Watkins they were done with him. He hasn't been able to stay healthy he was a pain in their ass. For the rams though this doesn't make sense to me because what it was gonna be a free agent it's a big class of receivers that are going to be a free agent after this year anyways. And to me this just seems like you're giving up a second round pick to. It's every Watkins for possibly one year and make a lot of sense to me on the part of the rants. Listen to look into round two PGA championship in Nash Charlotte's Kevin Q Isner shot a 67 Hideki moxie Annan. Shot a 64. That those excellent resource for our ministers desert time did today he'd hander Jason Day. Is still out there I think it and they suspended due to on darkness of this they spend did you weather in the I don't know if they've they've called that because they are down. Danny didn't read re yeah they did resume after the rain. But to the line leaderboard does not see suspended for darkness yet at this Jason Day is still out there. He is six under five under on the days he's only two back. Francesco Molinari. Is that done at five under along with Louie Tuesdays inning Chris Stroud dosing your leaders. Molinari shot a 64 Phil Mickelson will not make the cat. He is Wayne many over thousands of her looks like anyone that's that's sniffing around the hundreds of her father of the leaderboard there. Somewhere between twelve and seventeen the guys are still out on the first of hopefully be able to finish this out there. Thanks guys Dustin Johnson won over jordin speeds to over Rory McIlroy did not have a day. I'm still scrolling to find him. Trying to read. Alice eve of. We do. I go to Mexico and again we must ask them OK number two James Paxton mariners ace in really their only did starting pitcher. This year. He ripped up his pack last night. And he's gonna be out at least three weeks have been left pack strain the Mariners have placed him on the disabled list. Yeah insult to injury because they've they've lost ground the angels last night to all of a sudden the angels are in contention seems like everyone is. He has blows the lead their at the end of the game Trout and then. You know that the extreme. At this point how did the mayor's pieces together. Mean if if you really think he had any sort of shot they got to get in the wounded to trait right now it and see it just interpret lenders still available as they've gotten nothing meant a comment or he's two over. Overall. He shot me since 72 weeks. Plus one plus one for. Number one. And others dated mutant guy or mutton. Their money its equipment and jobs that judge Joseph Hewitt he's 25 over. Buick 8483. And we love that. And number one cowboys running back easy keel all allele has been suspended six games by the NFL for violating. You league's personal conduct policy is quite controversial because he is saying. That none this is true but here's the NFL. As to mallet they say that after their investigation which has taken over a year they claim there is substantial and persuasive evidence of domestic violence against his girlfriend. The interviewed witnesses examine text messages and consulted medical legal as experts. They claimed to have photographic evidence of injuries to the girl from three instances over a span of five gaze. This is July of 2016. Elliott has three days to appeal and you can guarantee that he will. His side is claiming she got in a fight with another woman and is attempting to exploit. Well in this is gonna get out via the reporters that Jerry Jones is furious over this and look there there is some some damning evidence against the gal. The did this by the way this happening Columbus and they did not press charges against Elliott. And in those Filene's when they date they've made those public and decided not to. Not to file charges. There is a police report with a sworn affidavit whipped text messages photos of them. Where on one of the nights in question here remember this supposing happened over the course of the week. That Elliott's girlfriend got in big fight and by the way this is sworn testimony from her friend not easy you know it's friend from the accusers friend. That she got into a fight with a girl out they bar. And then they went to a party at Ezekiel Elliott's rented house and when they showed up Elliott was there with a no other woman and his girlfriend lost it started screaming at him in said that she was going to ruin his career later that night. She sent several text messages to her friend asking her. To life for her and tell the cops that her bruises from that the bar fight with a gal. Were indeed caused by Ezekiel Elliott they have evidence of this there's text messages. Back and forth so at least in one of these. Instances the police. Called BS on this is one reason they didn't press charge in fact in the police statement they said one of the reasons they did declined to was that there was too many inconsistent statements. Throughout these different events. And in that same report one of the doctor said that summary injuries appeared to be old and not. In the timeline of which she said so there is a lot of really want key evidence here in this is what elites attorney is point you saying that the NFL basically cherry picked. The parts of evidence that they wanted while ignoring the parts that exonerated. Well the cowboys deer running back may have Alfred Morris Darren McFadden just signed Ronnie Hilemon. More so McFadden though I registering you have yards per carry last season's going to be interesting in the six games that if Eliot serves the full suspension that he would miss. The beady eye opener against the giants. Then a game at the Broncos. At Arizona. Home to the rams. And Packers and then after the bye week they play at San Francisco. He biggest basically said though that if he misses those six games the effect is only basically one game. That is that it's he's less than half game difference according to Vegas and what they think the cowboys outcome will be so. I think this notion the cowboys season being over is is. A bit ridiculous ranked outside of five refresh by prosper of course like when things get hot cool off of the frost brewed Coors Light up next we'll check in on this Carmelo Anthony stuff. I think there's something else they be going on there. And we'll get to that in Friday ransoms on the fan. Where highs against. Opportunity the. I welcome back to our Brad Kassell. He ruined if you wounded. Great environmental you let let's get another fight between two view a dissident leader awkwardly at. Sexual tension in this room it's unbelievable. Case so I am this so bush or ask you came in and a chance on battalion Lotta medical news today. A recruiting him and I believe he use the term. Peaked. When talking about on those interest in of the blazers she called. A dark course economist sleeper sleeper he even Ike has 'cause clearly as it sounds like he's still wants to go to Houston and he did say that talks to new York and Houston have picked back up. But if he can't work got to deal with Houston and then there may be. I guess is kind of what we already knew that Portland was that was a dark horse I just think when you hear that there has been. Headway here that the you know he's peaked and that the interest there. That may be that change is a little bit and then you still have to go down the road of does Portland have anything the New York would want in order to facility trade for for Carmelo Anthony. Yeah I don't know man I don't know that they've ever been disagree because I just think this is no indictment on the blazers I just don't think Carmelo Anthony wants to play anywhere but Houston I mean he said as much with the pelicans like DeMarcus Cousins is trying the same thing and a Anthony is all about Anthony and he wants. Unita has an easy be hard to convince go anywhere other than where he wants to go and it's in his mind that he wants to go to Houston. I think the hope so that if it if it doesn't it being Houston and he clearly doesn't he's not happy their New York he doesn't wanna be there they don't want him there. Could you persuade him at head down right in the database the you're still talking about a one year rental. Nine ipads to try listen I think it's great that little heard in CJ. Have gone out on their own and just say look we want to do dress any track that they try to Paul George not quite as I extensively. But I think that's wonderful because I think that is how you get. Other guys to come play with you it's not about the GM it's about. Relationships amongst the players that stand out in nearly. Eight and that's what would you says it is he he basically said it's become a U and you have to convince guys they are lovers Paul and James Harden that. So much of this now is. You know players can bid seemed up a guy yet you wanna come here and then then they GM takes over it's like okay. He wants to come here how to weed then facilitated by Brett you're right a lot of this is it if you look at Portland. I think the the did the the big credit will go to bowl Damon CJ and then. And it's up to Asia to minutes after the GM broke up pointed to make it happen and throw deep but the question is even if both sides wanted to happen. Both. The blazers want him and Carmelo wants to come here do you have enough to convince the knicks that. Did did to pull the trigger. Oh yeah I don't know about that but what do you have to offer. I don't know but I just think Ted's if you gonna play in the game this is the way to do it blazes going about it right I just feel like. In in also loved that you know. I just feel like. They're gonna bout it with the wrong guy. And I just. I don't if if you're gonna Tellme a balding guys. Dads are star players. That the blazers are going to go did of the blazes guards Damon CJ are gonna go all into recruit. Carmelo Anthony would be like fifteen comment list. But they allowed them as a so whatever I mean is it possible that he may be fifteenth or twentieth on your list but he's also the only guy available. No I'm saying now I'm I'm just saying like of all the guys that you can start laying the ground work yeah. Choose to try to recruit to come play with you he may be the only one available right now but there are so many guys. There are looking around the league this is what the whole league that's got anybody with. What they're waits on the league is looking around any sane hale wondered if I can team with these dazzle I don't have a relation to these guys I wanna go play with him I don't want the Clinton. And so I think Anthony Davis is looking at that I think edge on us on to compose looking at that. OK all Georgia's certainly look you know question yes so to hell is looking at that so I so. It's just it's interesting to me that it all comes in manifests itself now around this schmuck Carmelo Anthony who you know. I can't stand him I think he's. I see why they go get him I wouldn't just take a giant crap on them getting him because you know when your Portland. I think you're relevant anyway or mediocre anyway so you might as well try it but I just. I think he's a bomb I think he's lazy he's getting fat old he doesn't pass and he doesn't play defense what could possibly go wrong but OK again. Here's what may be happening OK try this on percent. So when what you're asking has a ton. Of whole around the -- yes in one of the reasons he has a ton of pull around the league is because he will scratch GM's backs. Just like they will scratches and throw him information. Could it be that that Lohse around ski is simply doing the blazers a favor. Whether that be let's Khalil Sheikh is O'Shea is close at them. And trying to get the blazers back into the conversation so when when when all chase bits behind the scenes spitz information to was urged. Or another GM spitz information to world's became formal say are. When when what coach knows what's going on with the blazers more than guys locally know what's going on the blazers that comes from the GM. So in order to get that information. He has to give something back and perhaps this is the time when he is giving something back to the blazes in all shapes and he's saying I'm gonna. I'm gonna throw out there to Carmelo is Pete. Maybe he's heard that may be has announcing his lion to saying. This will help you guys get back into the conversation may be even be just the third trade partner not necessarily getting mellow but helping facilitate. The trade from the knicks to the rockets. And I will help you build momentum. To try to get Carmela that's what you want I do not think that that's a ridiculous idea because that I think that's what's happening here it's possible I'm not saying that Carmelo isn't doesn't have piqued interest. I just think. Yelled I think we've been around long enough to know this is how the league works and all of a sudden this comes back got to know well we do know that the knicks and rockets are talking again. So there for the blazers have been involved in that the whole time right as a thirteen facilitator but now you've got their guards on after Melo I just think it's. It's it's our existing coincidence that all of a sudden load is saying well watch out for the blazers went really that's not substantiated Greta that that's just an opinion. Could it possibly to the trying to light a fire into the Houston Rockets ass as saying hey you're not the only ones right now as I was intimidated the knicks spent that information right Melo is injustice of the rockets would wake up they're eager gonna get a I don't know there's simply not here it's not just that there's someone else that he may be you considering so let's let's go and get something done. All sides it is it's it's certainly a weird situation causes conflict carrier beating Tim writes like. Both of those seem like situations that are so broke and you can't go into the season with Wright like. The knicks the knicks and the and the cavs think it you you really can't bring those guys back in the right you can't go to training camp and has been thinking hey by the way. You don't wanna be here you hate us but. I guess let's do this anyways row and so you you would pick eventually. Both of those deals the carrier been going somewhere in Carmelo have to go somewhere. And the Carmelo one has more urgency because he has the no trade clause he can ultimately decide where he wants to go and so. Maybe there is something to this piece that this just stir back up a little bit let's get some of this this juices flow a little bit puts pressure on somebody to go ahead and get something done. It is loads was the ones when their Texas points not he's right bloat is one of the ones that if you Lisa de Melo was an interest. So now you mean c'mon insists. William he's not saying those really actually he's just saying he's arrogant he's now he said that blazers are a sleeper that's not something you can prove it. Right now that's how this verbiage that's why it's important what it's easy exactly saying the verbiage matters. And he's just basically thrown some out there that it sounds like there's more to it there there are there is a there is a he has an agenda rushed in in doing this and bottom line for you for blazer fans. Is I just don't think he she get your hopes up about this even a load is a very credible guy. This is what he's doing. This is how this works and it doesn't necessarily mean Carmelo it doesn't mean at all the Carmelo Anthony's adjusted I think Carmelo Anthony's inched in one team one team only. In all began he is going to force his way there because that's what Chris called it. Chris Paul forced his way to Houston yes and that's what Carmelo Anthony is eventually going to do here. Or David C easier just that persuasive. And he's come to deport like just the timing is funny if you wanna be pro blazers. Is that CJ is employing pick up basketball and for the last week. And it's not just through tax it's he's there. Yeah Mercer counties there with them and I'll may be again that there's so much speculation that maybe he's playing with detainees like hey this is a lot of fun. I'm David. Is out there and indeed they struck a relationship and you know he's like he kind of a young guy energetic can you please tell them all the great things about Paul Allen and team travel and all the strip clubs that are in Portland it's not so bad and since I give you have to do you have an opinion on. Give an opinion on the organization against Cesar was trying to recruit. You know Mike Lynch to Adobe air a radio host like in somewhere and in North Carolina in all Mike knows about North Carolina is a I've heard that places adopt that you meet someone from there in the icing get a chance to spend some time with some UIK well that's a cool guy begin to work with him he's not a NASA he's telling me that. The weather is better than I think and they've got this this in this. Just keep in Miami the idea open that that there may be some teeth to this I tend to side with you. Which you never know who broke some more whimsical place when you keep. Alive a Freddie ran m.'s next on the thin. I would buy tickets to the opportunity though. Having already talked about the pressing matters of the day let's see how many random speaking to an end here on a Friday stuff for men. These are things we didn't get to during the week. Last night. Mitchell true biz ski and was trending on Twitter. I'm now I did not watch the Broncos and bears play. I saw the the beginning click here we are in studio in. Glenn and threw a pick six. Right up to gecko and just was horrific. Gay news Mike Glenn was to elevate. For twenty yards end to pay. I'm Mitchell to this team. Inning and it launch its I don't know what parts of the game he played Sanchez came in after that and then turn this key can't remember he's third on the depth chart. And he kind of lit the world on fire in the Internet. Blew up in now. Bears are talking to a minimum eight. 2566. Yards and a touchdown. Remember this was again second and third rumors but he was he was also played with second and third team owners and Willie is a third team yes but maybe not for long. All the Watson and has turned its keys Richard is key seemed to be getting the other the best cornerback in so let's throw into the wolves right away sort of thing. Well. I just. And this is why don't watch precincts because it crap likeness. Here's fans if you are talking about a Chicago on the radio today maturity on this is the guy we have an ad disguise the years. Only in eighteen for 25 when 66 and tell instead of Benson got against the but two guys that probably won't be in the NFL but that is enough to biz team this is Jack that there he looked the part yet good I read all the breakdowns he had good feet he was moving in the pocket he was making good decisions he was checked it down. All is right with the Mitchell too risky. You know who OK so you know Jay Cutler is the all time leading passer in bears history right yes but you know that and you know that's a sad look ends up there like he's kind of did. Any color in the bears. By the way Cutler has. 23000. Plus yards and a 154 touchdowns for the bears and bears fans hate him. Read they don't like you know they spit on him when he walks around but. I mean but they'll go to their grades saint Andre Jim McMahon. Yes he won the super ball Jim McMahon is fourth. In in bears history Rick did view that back German man did not have an illustrious career at Chicago he indeed human super bull announced early he was the man out. He was the giant Jimmy man was the man people loved him he was the mic man. So say it black men is highly regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in bears history after that. Can you name the other guys. In the top five. Bears' all time passing yards. Probably not all I'll try to think about it I remember some some court axes Toms Zach was their for a little bit he's eleventh. Vince Evans. Jim Miller was there for awhile he's exceeded Rex Grossman sexy ex UNC or even to CSX can't and needing to scroll bar which could borrow. Bone. I don't remember anyone from now there where it was boy warned Grossman thirteenth. So there are these guys make the sixties and seventies 'cause I've now I don't know my bears quarterbacks later Kramer. I would have never gotten their Kramer and Jim Harbaugh. I should've gotten Harbaugh. As the top five bears quarterbacks Cutler let men hard comic man in Kramer yes exactly the Simpsons go 49ers is what Tuesday. That's the point my point is they're gonna go crazy orchard is key there because they are so desperate. For a franchise quarterback. Maybe and to be handgun. I just it's it's it's a bit much when we get into these pre season games and thank you you know. He don't know what the competition is. Aegis you never know he's it's. It's hard to tell what the the level that he's played with who's the office of mine he's playing in front of what sort of defense is playing against if he has played against backups are they running basic coverages. This is its sole hard to say in pre season games how guys could look remember. Kim Newton looked horrific in the pre season in Carolina and people were like what I held in the became as a rookie year and was rookie of the year and had a very nice he's so do you think your biggest key will start ever Glenn. What are they gave other luggage in and gave Clinton plays the way he did. You if you gave that is really what it is in the pre season games then yes I think there's a chance that produced it takes over but. But there's a reason why too risky was run in you know number three you know what we've we've put so much emphasis on these pre season games and yes it's a big part of the evaluation. But it's just one of these and you do have to see these guys every day of practice. Died this is like the anti nap more things supposedly Matt Moore you know in practice is is is pretty dot G. In games Matt Moore comes out plays toward the res way everyone's afraid to give map where the rain is in practice it kind of scares you so. Until we know exactly what's going on the day to day basis let's just all wait and see exactly how this thing plays out but. You know Mike Mike Glenn and isn't the long term answer there you'd you'd you went out and got mr. risky to be the guy. Whether it's it's week one whether it's weak fiber whether it's next year he eventually will be the quarterback this is. The matter of a basically. This is more on Mike Glenn and I think it is on Michigan's key to say. If every Mike Collette in plays well to do is key sits ever glad it is so bad that you just can't he brought him out there whether Richard Gasquet is ready or not he'll be the guy. Kabul for the rookie cornerbacks. Josh dobbs is starting for the Steelers because. It reveals hurt that's the Ricky from Tennessee. He's five to ten. 83 yards and two picks. He has thrown a touchdown pass. And tonight they're play in the judgment now and then that also tonight the chiefs' first pre season game they're playing the niners and we get a look at Patrick Holmes. As well. So then if he has a great game we can all. Freak out about him. And it alone at the answer to that is yes and then Houston had a Shawn Watson went fifteen of 25 for 179 yards in a 2717 loss to the Panthers. And there's a lot of good things coming out about him right now they they're definitely has some buzz about to be a ski and there's some buzz about about. John white's son I'm I'm looking forward to you. I've seen all these rookie quarterbacks playing like that's the one thing about pre season football on. 229 I'm not going to. But that's the one thing that would get me to tennis watching. Rookie C it is when I watch pre season football and I admit I watch him more than I should it is because of that it's the it's I'm not watching teams I am watching for a specific players because. To be fair too risky or did to Watson. You can get glimpses even when your plane against poor competition if they're running. Basic defense is and you know IE eight and your your play in in in games are really don't mean anything. You can get an idea you can see guys that looked the part that are going to proper reads that have good Fo work that have good zip on the ball. They're making all the throws and and that is what you're hearing a lot about Robiskie two days of talks about. That the the performance was look good on paper. People are saying that when they watch him play he looked like he knew what he was doing he did not look like a rookie quarterback and bat. For what it's worth is a very positive sign for both Chicago Bears spent. And the same thing can be said about Shawn Watson. Down in Houston are on sale we. Get to next. Old tees this there is a new city to be reckoned with. In the NHL. When talking about. Who may get a team moon and it's not Portland did it at 545 on the fan. And time where advise against duke on its Kennedy benefit them. Freddie random there is a new city to be reckoned with in the NHL. You know we're talking about any till the Portland. We are. Planning for this weekend it's half. Posey Paul Allen has kicked the tires a couple times on written. It is that Phoenix situation down there they're gonna year reading here in the next year to. Yes so. The new city to be reckoned with is Houston. Or is it used. They have a problem and that problem is they don't have a hockey team well that what they're saying is that Houston to be in the mix for the NHL because. Of the rockets sailing over the rockets are percent yeah and the guy who on the rockets that Alexander gang he didn't want attendant. In his. Arena he wanted. Concerts and and different things he wanted it. To be structured much like the blazers structured Mohsen here is if you have a hockey team that you have to split dates and in that there's there's a lot of people that don't. Want that think either I own them both and you have them both in the same or Reno or. Managed that and in bringing another team now I would think that advertising dollars come into it too because. In a city like Houston which is much bigger than Portland has a much bigger advertising pool is what like the fourth or fifth largest city in the in the country at its top five I would think that there. It would be less of a problem to have basketball and XE you're the owner of the building and the basketball team you know. And you don't on the hockey team you'd eat. Import any kind of don't want the hockey team because. There's so much money so much money to go around advertising lies in you here than they don't want the hockey team to take away advertising dollars from the basketball team because is only so much in that I now Houston's big city. So I would think that it wouldn't be as big a deal down there. You heard even that this Allen gets a little but heard about the timbers and and may be still some of the thunder when it comes to to those sorts of advertising dollars and you know but that said you know that's a little bit of an apples to oranges thing you get a hockey team that plays the same time a year in the end in your building. You also wonder like. Out of there it was and a steady flight for lost advertising dollars or people going to one vs the other because it's not like if you're playing in that building. Art if you look around people they don't own their own building. Not like financial windfalls necessarily for the building it's it's like people their pay in forty million dollars to go playing in in a building. I mean it's it's it's a little more complex than that and it's not always a financial windfalls I wonder if they and I'm sure Portland has. It done some sort of study on the financial impact of did the the plus minus of having another ten in your building for 41 dates plus playoffs. Purses may be lost revenue dollars. Yeah Jerry in the building their advertising. There's also the idea that hey if I'm the owner of the trailblazers. And it's a pretty much a one horse town with the exception of the timbers now why would I bring in competition in other words if the blazers are down. On in the blazers suck or the team. At the fans are down on the team. Why would IA offer up to those stands a better product. In the same arena like that that seems counter into this is why I've always said that if they get hockey team pollen has to own right that all goes into the same exact cause of the same pot which is why I don't think. The NHL ever come here because I don't think he wants to own it. And then it too if you EU mobile teams that you get into this you know when you're talking about advertising you sell both rights and to double package you get you get cited the blazers give me it's an engine that whenever you're hockey team is. And there's this little more by empowered to that so they're saying that the NHL sees Seattle and Quebec city. As the top landing spots for any new teams expansions because we just had an expansion team on in Las Vegas there that was an odd team that moved. That was a brand new team via. So so there they think Seattle in Quebec city topless but Houston is in the mix because of the rocket cell and Alexander's out of the picture and he's the one who didn't want hockey there. So. It's just it's gonna be really hard for Portland and not because he's in Quebec city I think Seattle. But if I'm the NHL. I'm looking at Seattle's away more viable option important well the only problem is they don't have an arena though they're working hard on that work in super gap and it sounds like Seattle is is. Dell has groups that want it where is Portland we're just sit around and hoping. Portland has for the NHL honestly is the fact that we have an arena. And we have the hopes that we ever really really rich guy the that he wanted to he could buy a team that's really what we hang our hat on here and well a data have to come here the same way the blazers now. Well that's such a search of the did do. You just have to have in this market you just have to have a rich guy go bring him here to argue there's no other way I Paulson brought the timbers here. Pollen. A lot blazers any chatter here because the because he kept him here he built Fiorina. Exist and so that's 888 while you have other cities that appeared to be aggressively kind of approaching this. We have a guy that we just hope one day decides that he wants abide team I think the McGowan think the fact that he came from the world of hockey I think that gives people some hope. And I do know that there are at least twice would defeat is coyotes with the Pittsburgh Penguins that there were he seriously kick the tires. And so I think that always gives people the there's a chance. I like me gallon but I think that he's fighting an uphill battle. Trying to convince not just Paul Allen that convinced the Balkans on it at another sports franchises in palm's best interest because we've always heard that. Paul Allen's people around him developing guys don't want sports they don't want sports they think the blazers are losing in Steven they think the Seahawks are losing it. In at this age you know the next of the 900 years a there was some of the health concerns he's had is that really something that you they wanna take on base what we need to do is is convinced Paul Allen and hockey's great guests held policy of Paul Allen does some hockey game six. He. 664. We'll younger and I thought I thought he is pushing seventy. He's not the 64 bit he's had the to the cancer skaters. Yeah you know Bill Gates is. And yes the same thing like 6261. Also younger than I thought. Are you know how old you thought they were all like a thousand years old. Buckets old now I just thought they were old I thought their push and seventy. The other two Buffett's in his eighties in the Warren Buffett is a 107. I don't think that's the case 86. You know man. Sixty I don't consider old anymore. None at all. You're not old until you hit it goes seven seven need to me is a dance like and beauty you know they're about you should have. 6065. Until those guys are in great shape. Yeah not necessarily pollen and Toys 'R' Us fun way. It's not as dumb these these are your. Step in the right direction. And I know Isaacson said now is any. Yeah he does he has faced is looks and we looks downtrodden. In any oh is he really lady duties like depressed. Quinn thinks. He shouldn't be easy cash billion. But I guess you know much of that money doesn't. You know nobody again to quote degree Daniel Tosh money may doesn't buy you happiness but it buys jet skis if you ever see anyone not happening on a jet ski. I never have people look at fantastic on those things. Isn't about Paul Allen is is the way he dresses it's just so. Like everything's like ill fitting and whatnot you think with that kind of money you could just have a team of people that would. Have you looking your very best I'm saying like like personal trainers or whatever but again he likes burgers and in these kind of a you know laid back guy that. But it is only birders like you can't get like a like a nice haircut and like a suit that fit incidents he doesn't care what you say personal stylist vegetarians now. While they like that Ebert I think vegetarians like burgers they just needed out of it's it's the good codes at the right and what are my best friends who are world as a vegetarian. And he loves he says that he just choose not to eat because there's a guilt factor. Vegetarian stuff to eighty meat because they don't like it no bites into a cheeseburger it is like this is terrible I'm gonna go have some. Like what cabbage cronies grows up or they can't get it out of their head and its. Count yes it's like I want this beet salad no no you don't you want the cheese burger you're just disciplined enough and have enough. Kind of like moral whatever. Fortitude to aid to eat the beats out it. Connect recently met beats they're disgusting they're awful yes these are horrible horrible you should never eat them. USA. USA I feel that way about broccoli beets are bad beef so I bet. I feel that way about broccoli and cauliflower I love it differs smelled took cauliflower in it smells like it started in the kitchen yet does not like -- it's off actually a telephone our attitude I like broccoli and cult like I don't think you can put those in the same category is beats. I think your beard you're overstepping your bounds here really yeah. You need beam you have a responsibility to be more responsible and put him right there and I want a broccoli in the Erik is I can saw some broccoli maybe and she just them live. But you can't make cauliflower or beats anything what they are that's a bastard that's if you like. More people broccoli installations and secondly you can dress up broccoli a little bit. You can't dress up cauliflower or begins it didn't there's lots of butter that you can call foreign installations news. And he shows that in c'mon Joseph it's not our guys stand by my heart cauliflower today condemned next we have local go to news. Sad very sag goes news ripped goat. Club 1080 is next on the fan.