Primetime 8.11.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 11th

Bills made 2 trades today, what are they doing? What are the Rams doing?...James Paxton injury, and hot fantasy football talk...


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Hey you seal the changes are there now yeah it also cover those breaking yeah there there there shuffled the lineup yeah. It Jillian and I used to be going Shannon. You know number one for a long long time now on his deafness that. Terry blades back the return of teary board Nelson and Terry I don't think Nelson's combat them racist rhetoric just Terry he's on the mornings and iris is back in the infant. It's exciting all of that station in a classic rock's best. It's not all right so listen. Here's the train. There are three teams involved the bills. The Eagles in the rams. Buffalo OK so this latest suffering here. A buffalo gets Jordan Matthews the wide receiver from the Eagles. The bills also get cornerback EJ gains. The bills get the rams' second round pick next year and the Eagles third round pick. By the Eagles kick cornerback Ronald Darby. And then the rams get Sammy Watkins. Anne's the sixth round pick of the bills. Yes so the bills get worse receiver and worse at cornerback. But it doesn't matter because they're gonna suck anyways. And clear that they're loading up on the death they're trying to undo the past regimes work here so it next year's draft. They have to one's there to Tuesday at two threes and there are clearly Gordon a different direction they declined to pick up Watkins fifth year option. So Watkins was gonna lock anyways they weren't gonna keep them. And they got some Foreman and quite frankly they'd grown tired of him and last year they can rent them out there with that bad foot isn't paid in their ass and they Dave. They get on him to see some days of the bills. They have ink Wimbledon yeah and now you throw Jordan Matthews in there. I do I totally get where you're saying that they are they're loading up to you know just to kind of rebuild their shuffle in the debt gets. And no question however I don't. So he sold that they got all that much worse I mean maybe if this person walking nine only has been album on I don't I don't think Sammy Watkins. They they don't like seeing a lot and they don't think he can stay healthy enough so they got someone more reliable who isn't as good but. For that they also jump up to it to end a three and only give up six mean that that's huge. I don't know that there infinitely worse at wide receiver it doesn't help Tyrod Taylor but. In in the quarterback thing you know Ronald RBs a better corner yes in the Eagles that really helps the Eagles they'd been desperately needed help there. But you know EJ gains is is serviceable so I think what the bills are being team I'm not saying this is true but I think what their thinking is. We didn't have to give up the farm. In order to pick up. A couple of more key picks at the in the top to a two rounds draft we we we still thought we can compete. With these guys but. We we definitely accomplish our goal. Of like you said getting more picks in the in so they have they do have to ones because they have little their own first round pick. But they also have another first round pick from the chief speech is the cheese drafted. They traded to get that Patrick my home so they have to and now they can either use two threes yet now they get it another second and another third and I just I mean announcing they gave double hole held a lot to meet the bills won the steel. I see why the Eagles did it the rams I don't know wide I don't. Understand why the rams that it eager to me this is smells of just trying to erase the horrible decision to sign. Austin to the big long term deal that they did Phil Watkins is an anchor days not that great and he's on a one year deal anyways this is his last year and if he does have a big break out year for you gonna have to pay McGee Jillian dollars anyways. And by the way look at the receiving an agent every Smart receiver class that's coming up this year in free agency it's a big one. This party of guys that are that are that are top flight receivers that are gonna be available and it's like Watkins puts you any sort of contention this year the rams are gonna suck this year. And so all you did was give up another second round pick and you know this is a roster that needs to be retooled I I don't get. I'm on what you I don't understand what the rams did it makes sense from Philadelphia to me understand why buffalo did it to me this is just another desperation move by the rams you're just grasping at the name. At this point I think there rams think in the at least I think this is because I watched all or nothing. On the rams Q I say that now I haven't seen you should watch it it's it's way better than hard knocks. In so I'm an expert on the rams because I watched that clearly okay in their GM is on there and he's. He's pretty cocky I I just feel like you can get a sense. Even though they changed coaches that they think they're really close daylight golf. Earth I mean sorry off the golf. They like him even though many of us out here don't they like him. And then they have a lot of guys on defense and they have a good defense the rams did. So they're you know I don't again not saying it's right but I think from their perspective they're like we need to get golf so more weapons seeming lock ins one is one that. That we can grab let's go get him I just think paying high second for him in. Crazy you look at that you could have so Matthews will be a free agent after this year he'd be available jogger Hopkins is available Allen Robinson's going to be available you can have a house on Jeffrey available Terrelle Pryor can be available. Mean you got all those guys that are out there. And EU gave up a sec or a pick to go to guy and Sammy Watkins it to say Iraq said he Watkins really help you this year. This team does he bring you that division I think they think they can I just. I'm with you this yet right but. I don't I honestly don't understand what they're doing given up a second round pick. To me all you've done here is you've taken a guy by the way Sammy Watkins was gonna be a free agent after this year. You could let them play out in in buffalo and then if you want to decide if you had a good year ago what did it Libya as Goodyear with the brands is not a Ziff. Like he's gonna give you a discount to stay there. Our heads are this is in the NBA where you get a guide you can go over the cap to sign him so to me you gave away a second round pick. For seemingly no reason you gave away a second round pick to maybe go from being a six or seven win team. Let's say he gives you win you're is you're gonna win eight games. I know registry confuses me and I don't understand what they're doing lock ins. In buffalo two years ago 982 yards six touchdowns as rookie out started all sixteen games C a clear answer that was three years. Two years ago 1047. Yards nine touchdowns started thirteen of the sixteen games. Last year he only started eight games. Played any game started only end up 430 yards and two touched. Yes so this isn't a guy that consistently is giving you a 110 grabs and twelve touchdowns and making any chance they can't stay healthy side again I'd I just don't understand. What you're doing it if if you're the rants and by the way the ESPN the end the projections they apron they say that the the rams are gonna finish with the league's fifth worst record prince that's as if the guy I get there surprises. And maybe the rams do surprise in golf axiom have been halfway decent. But there. There are not a as acute and contending team that they're not they were before Sammy Watkins got there and they're certainly not their afterwards I bridge had to be all you did. Was flush a second topic I Aggie Q. However I'm just Tony I think they think they're close. Because they have a very good defense never they got they thought injuries last year yeah they really get on defense bail out those guys hurt. But their defense is right there are being on the airplane slugfest. If docking get better I'd dig and not I agree with you. However from the GM standpoint I think he thinks. Did they may be taken and. The next don't remember they capable ought to move up and give Jerry golf and so we knew Ed are given away a bunch of future picks you. You just can't afford it in today's NFL when it is about being young it's about being cheap and it's about Haiti with those first three to four rounds in the draft. Eve party given away a bunch to go up get a quarterback that would not even certain can beauty quarterback in this league. I just doesn't seem like it's the most prudent thing in the world this is going and keep given up future picks. All right so that's the trade India NFL the Mariners have lost their ace like the one thing they could not happen to your Seattle Mariners. Happened last yeah the one thing in its worse than than what you were opened for dinner or canceled it at that next camel learn about fit. For sixteen on the fan. Trying to work is considered an opportunity for. Akeelah switch gears two piece ball. Based hope. That as these forward it's played on the diamond. He can be a fun to go and watch guys playing drink beer and we'll be eyeballing that ball against catch the the rights of the game sometimes dived for the ball there are times in the ball goes all the way into the stands and then you win sometimes you lose sometimes it Ernie. Great bull Durham and sometimes someone is stealing the pin just the pillows gets stolen it's great great game America's past time. If we get those kind of taking that overdo it and not to need Jason. Not to. So time. Yeah and the Mariners. You know the Mariners are in position. To lose. Get the second Lockhart spot yet where yesterday they were in sole possession of and I think they are at least a half game up. They are the innocent and they're still and so they are now tied with the rays the second spot Scientology. So mariners and rays since the Yankees who are sixty and 53. In the air two and a half up as the first locker team which means they'll host the locker game. Mayor's race to have back to those guys they're tied it. And then the twinkies and suddenly 15 and route or is Mike calls them between X. Minnesota tweaks like that they are one game over 500. But they've won five in a row. They're they're run differential is minus 56 am but this has been this way all year long enabling keeps wait for the the bottom to fall out yet. There's scrappy between keys keep hanging around remember that is there was talk that they would that you think they would sell at the deadline may be Ervin Santana would be on the move but they stayed the course and or consoled a traitor for army Garcia and then traded him away one start later it still it was. Was weird what happened there. And understand about maybe get something Foreman. I think they thought they were out of the playoffs they don't want it be by let's just put them right around again the in the let where's Tina. Is the Yankees yet they went to the Yankees he was the other guy the Yankees got besides. Sony did a great. I only make twins are a half game back then one game back on the angels. Don't royals. In any game to have that Baltimore in the angels won that kind of broke their hard did the Mariners had him than those Trout. Yeah got enough of that day Edwin Diaz ended catch that thing away but the worst news was the fact that James Paxton who's really the only. The only. Stud pitcher even semi competent is the only good starting pitcher they have and he left the game with a text strains are more I was kind of hoping that wasn't going to be a big deal and then the news came out today that. Not so much yet he is dead. And I don't so we're gonna have to have. Service. I think he's still alive. But he's gonna be out for about three weeks with that extra is saying he's out to September at least three weeks and that is an end. That's just an initial estimate who knows at that thing lingers there. This is the one thing they couldn't afford you know Phoenix's RD on the DL Phelps they went on god the deadline he's on the DL for about the same period of time. And now you know Paxson has been the one reliable guy you've had Andy they'll they'll get Hymie Garcia threw a a yankees the team is the only available for. There's three teams in the span of two weeks Wilbur enters out there are still and he cleared waivers and it sounds like the tigers don't really want anything form they just wants them to take on his contract. So review the hands. You know might be worth a phone call they are to do go out and find them and it was not have a great year it for heaven's sakes she got a captains yet to have someone can have any like rookies. Com loving what I think that's you you think is your party are halfway to Tripoli Tacoma at this point it they've parties more Q want some people that's got some seasoning here is it more was that plan. I'm not a can avenues of Helio to both on the kind of started off well but then. When government's general idea I think they both had I eased. While in somewhere in single event do you think Tebow behind the power of Jesus can and I see Ahtyba can throw a curve ball in hand. The Mets traded away Jay Bruce for nothing maybe the Mariners can go deal for one of them is arms what team what. What can't Tim Tebow did anyone out NFL left in. Even rats to rocketing up the ranks of the minor leagues. Heisman Trophy national championship I go give him I'll pitch all of the priorities is guessing easier it would be under. Twenty. Osama said last night and I'd grade with the last night during the men's game and then I saw us on Twitter. And I wish that your credit with this but it it. They showed up a graph of like food contenders for the Cy Young in the bud Paxson on there now and somewhat similar there is the death blow and then shortly thereafter. Now you're in a blow beer can he really is dead your comes with experience so here's so when it went taiba fit fit is a baseball stat FIP. And it stands for. Fielding independent pitching. It's basically this stat geeks converting a pitcher's three true outcomes into an earned run average like number. Okay rent or buy me one more time it's what is according to baseball prospectus if fielding independent pitching converts a pitcher's three true outcomes into an earned run average like number it takes away anything American happened on the field. And just. Does how well the pitcher is pitching yes okay so it and and so that's home runs rank. Hit spy pitch. Walks and strikeouts. Is is a part of the formula are so it spits out a number that is that young view it like any are at. And according to look out landing no playoff team. Has ever had a total fit. From its starters above five point now. Deal I'll want to guess. What the Mariners tickets I'm guessing it's above five point oh let's go six point two. It is five point 13. So it's just to shake. That's right there. So they but only to put the five point 13 in perspective Orioles had no idea by the way I just heard this after the first and I've no idea what that means a hill here's. East don't know what it means lower likelihood of reference reference right OK and here's a Cramer what's good here's what's good okayed this according to baseball prospectus and prospectus. Excellent is like for example they they site. Roy Halladay who had a two point 17 OK that is excellent. Great David Price penny 3.3 six. Average Tim stopper. Number him hot former Portland Bieber got Tim stop for news four point oh. Can't so yeah average. For Carlos Zambrano four point 56. Horrendous. Bronson Arroyo five point 68. And so were were somewhere between bad and aren't a threat or coroner in order and yes that and that's an entire Mariner's starting staff. Not the relievers aren't they've got great. Relievers. And maybe. Have known him all damn it that's wrong. So they OK so. There current fitness five point 13 no playoff team has ever ever ever had a fit above five so this would be like. The first ever pro. To understand that means I understand what that means here's the perspective on what five point 13 years. Five point 13. Is a point higher. Then to Detroit tigers of 2003. That team lost a 119 games holy balls. Or should I say holy losses. That's. That that's that's horrendous that's not between Porter and his that's horrible that's atrocious that the only basically you're saying is that that the office has been so good. That they've managed to piece this thing together well and James packs yeah I would love to see that number without James Paxson. Who is what twelve on the in twelve and three he's got a T 78 ERA it who's now going to be on the shelf for potentially next month. And they started fifteen different guys tea again they've tried so many different guys. In outing and amp probably at start another guy sixteen but they're they're total ERA to go back to. That is not as bad as the worst. I ERA for a rotation in playoff history. Can't I'm with you so fit. It would be the worst ERA it would not not be that team that. Lim what's the word immigrant where that that. Distinction. Goes to the 1990 Texas ansari 1999. Texas Rangers they had the worst year. By far their teeny RA I hear again this is just their rotation their their rotational ERA. I remember aaron's Sealy who do remember air and sea Washington State's own air and sea yeah he was their race. Pinning Jeff fassero okay that's a bad they were but they made the playoffs because their entire offense was on droids. That can Kennedy is that that the Idaho. 99 so Emeka would have been Jim as we have an 81 and MVP got there in Texas one of those years we give you their lineup if you remember that there ERA. For their starters irritation was five point 49 what is what's the Mariners starting your way. As intelligent. Four point eight were on when he won. So. It's not that far. It's that far it was bad but it's not as bad as the time now that Paxson has doubts get a torrent by the end of the season the Mariners may get there. So that Rangers team with that ERA 195 games. Ike's and there are these score the score line here's their line and they had pudge Rodriguez. The great. Lee Stevens. Mark McLemore. Fuller manner. Royce Clayton. And seemed like that great line up Todd zeal. Again I'm waiting for the use format. He was rated while former cardinal inked a deal that a lot of places rusty Greer. It. But they rest eager that your 300 batting average a 101 RBIs. Who. And what's been the fun game where they held that got him from a lot of clear and the cream you came from the needle bro I guess I Tom Goodwin played senator. Juan Gonzales and Raphael Palmeiro there's the two middle there your Italy's right there Palmeiro hit 47 bomb. Only god Palmeiro hit 32447. Bombs 148 RBI Gonzales hit 32639. Bonds 120 RBIs. Pudge hit 330 to 35 home 113. Serbia could reach. Yeah they were get. It was an Iran's it's who was the MVP that year. And punch punch in there. And they had Mike Morgan. And Palmeiro finished fourth. In the voting. And willing to guess that the other guy might have been up there young woman was looks like twelfth and message of the Sarah assignment. Rick Helling. Here's their starter a year is Rick Helling foray for Aron Sealy 479 John Burkett. 56 to you Mike Morgan 624 and Mark Clark. He had any area of eight point six script so what we've learned is screwed pitching just got a bunch of guys from us are single yard the Bolton look pretty good though. And then wetland in all those boroughs now we're also on the sauce that's true John what went as well former New York Yankee. Sybase what you say it is in the Mariners history I know what I'm saying is mayors need to do steroids act. Did you test at this point in the season just can never went. Yeah how quick that crank it up. The that that that affects you but let's do this well if the Mariners make the playoffs they'll be the first team ever wins a fifth over five to snow. That it would be short period cynic that now. We could debate whether making the Al while our game is even making the playoffs. Daddy they have to win that game that's true because you know to say you the first team how long is the second wildcard been in place it in the the eyes the amazing baseball you make the class by making a lot card game. But to mean it's sort of a plane did he got begin the division series and yes right ranked an alternative to that to have our rights what do we have next. Do we somewhere my brother's probably crying tears right now. Oh I'm sure he is Lee he's going to be coming on later he is not going to be happy now no it otherwise I don't think he's gonna be angry I think he's just gonna be in despair at this point. Yes sometimes and he gets that way though he won't talk about it which kind of defeats the purpose having him on yeah we need to poke the bear and make fun of the little bit on John that's why you come on. Okay up next. Let's see here it has so many things. So much things summit shootings. It's about the will huge bomb. Yes okay that's that's where I was looking in and are the blazers really a sleeper for Carmelo Anthony because that's what would says. It's CJ Miller who did in New York is there. I'm all right here's Michael sports and. Benedict fantasy football announcement. Now you here again you're gonna wanna hear my announcement. It's gonna give my team ready for this year I begin play. Still lol now you know I think about it on none of that seems appealing to me. I'm just asking now honesty every year the night and until it happens. I may never. I don't think it will because and again it just doesn't seem fond of me analysts and why Roland would you wanna try it. Would would you would you. Allow us to help you try it and see if it's fun rather than just judging it based on. I'm not knowing because you've never played it but when you guys talk about it it just sounds so DM lane. It's not so it's fun however my announcement is gonna contradict everything in sync with his largest I know you recommended not ready for your big nets out there it is breaking it. The steam. You've just got to go insane at Allentown it is you want to come to let alone and lied to include consumers this year. The steamers. Are taking a year off and maybe longer. Because. Well began like cinema contradict myself. And kind of grids. Economic and I also. Here's an idea so I inner too many things this is really a year as a ringing endorsement yes for me played as little it's fun it really it is. But what I do is I injured too many things and I get in that what they do is again in a survivor pool I get in a betting pool yeah. I get an all these different things and it quite frankly it's too much. And the reason it's on cutting things out in order to focus more on gambling it's will you should it I am going to bet hard on football this year. So I need time. To. You know make sure I make. Money case of this is this is the point that I make about fantasy football. I'd gamble hard on the NFL and college football yeah I love humble. Well to give what people need you might it might be my favorite part about the it's slightly airlines did it otherwise. I know for what's there to lift to the point now where my kids this is this is the point of my gambling when Mike when I'm sitting down on Saturday or Sunday and watch team football my kids come in and asked two questions. Two I have to watch is for war and huge debt and if I say yes then they're like OK if I say no it's not a word the next question is. Who were you ready not and how much did the have to win by. But that's edit it warms my heart because now my kids are due nadir of the and they can understand the the wonderment of point spreads. So if I'm. Are ready gamble lean on college ball in the NFL why don't wanna play caught a lot of shortly fit well ball was seems to be labor give believe they just gambling is. Leamer it's more fun but this is where I'll agree with you that it gets to be too much in other words like. OK so I don't have a favorite NFL team right. Yeah and I think you really you really are against the do you have a favorite or felt funny my raiders hole yeah but it -- gonna take me time to really get attached now I don't have eighteen and even reform Rick and others I am a 100% NFL free agent yet a bit. The league is so good that you and I both just loves to watch all of it guys I'm with you on that. So once you line up all your stuff that you have on a Sunday which for me is a survivor pool betting pool. A picks pool. My money gambling and then you'd you'd you look at your fantasy teams think oh. OK so I've got money on the Eagles. So now I want cars but I don't want Carson Wentz to score because I'm playing against an offense it's just too damn much agreed in so. But see don't let this be an excuse for you not to at least tried this part of it drop your failing right now well look. You're proving my point I don't know I really Lindsey book you should just can't all right Lola just. I I'm not saying fantasy football is not fun. Not it's fun you should try it in at least for a year or so that you know if you like entered the difference I don't like it. The bridge for Beers techs aren't here there's you change the way you watch you don't get the players root for teens are you don't know for teams you root for players that I don't. Root for players I want a ten point spreads fine I tied you're like target of brick wall. Don't play whatever. I I get come on board this is dead but here's the other thing about Nancy is not dead it's really zone it's dead. Well honest you'll burn for a year you'll never go back in the LL now I think I will usually get more into the Betty inside of it and you're gonna be says that there are intimacy that I'll be back because lynch can attest steamers are juggernaut they are forced to be reckoned with if they ever won the league champion Anderson they have yes multiple times multiple time champions now. The other thing about these guys in your Little League you've made trophies and whatnot and now it's not a Little League OK don't pack tonight is us look I. I understand that everyone has the right to do what they wanted for money but some of these things that people do with the drafts in the Indian championship trophies and all that some. Take this step back good dot -- the days are we why can't you let people just have fun I want you got to judge they can do whatever they want but I wish sometimes people would sometimes do the tread everything intake to 30000 foot looked down at it and just stop it and realize if you do it for fun you get together with some buddies. But I feel like it's morphed into something completely different for some. The other thing about visible and this is a legitimate. Fantasy football criticism. Because it really as fun. But you are so at the mercy of injuries but it's sucks like when you when you drafted as the number one pick in the draft this year. Some might believe gumbo so if you Jeff lady on bell and he gets hurt. I mean your team go to yes it's like you're pretty much you can mushy can pull off trades just fun to you know last year was for me I lost like three of my top four picks in a soccer it's like mental. Is says that can be frustrating but other than that I think you should try it for a year. But what I would suggest is you only do it at the I don't gamble as much on the other step the normally get on gamble on this for years and given shot ninety eagle island. I'm not willing to do way with my gavel and just not well and it's I'd love this time of the year especially like the felt when I'm gonna do this year though is I've taken a more measured approach to it. But the NFL I think a minute stop for the first four weeks I'm not gonna place bets. And then after four weeks I'll jump into it a little more because usually happens is. That he did begin NFL season is always hard for me it's it's it's it's a feeling out process. And you kind of take it in the the shorts with a bid to start the NFL season you spent in the whole year try to play catch up in the NFL and effects and affects the way your Betty. So I'm gonna come in Harvard college and like I do every year. How hard and hard rock card can I couldn't scratch card and Indiana bill. Slowly immediately I kind of let let myself ease into like an old man into into a bath night lever I don't care about your strategy Eric Powell. I think you should try physical ball one year. You won't because you're stubborn in the other way your brother has text you like to know what your Brothers saying about you share. He says. My brother criticizing sports nerds when he sitting their naming children after sports heroes. And Stevie has meant to ship out. But I'm not in a fantasy league now and might open up and see John that around and talk to you know law John loves I'd just like every west of the budgeting because you two love a lot of things you you guys. They share brain. So if he loves it wouldn't you. Now there's all kinds of things that John does that I don't understand John watches and listens to merit or post game baseball and need as ordered steak and yes he does. A I was driving up to the the Metallica concert with with John in one of his friends this and cougar mariner nerd like him and when I told them that I wasn't willing to listen. To the mayor's post game show like there was. Some tension in the car. It's. Don't mission slowly gotten nothing onto their I've prized brands next. And we'll talk about the Loge bomb about Melo coming up on the San. I'm where Isaac can sue god sanity though. Okay uprise right time we will take the eleventh. Phone collar at 503251980. Right now. I was 32501080. Michael picked number eleven. That person whoever that may be. On the other end of the line Lenny fifty dollar gives it to get to red tail golf sinner. There annual summer celebration sales has been extended through Sunday August 13 just this Sunday eking get huge savings. Of up to 50% off everything goth. Frustrating year old clubs and get a 50% bonus to spend my cash on anything at red tail again that is going on to date tomorrow and ending. At the end of days Sunday so visit golf red tail dot com from the details on three days of huge savings and but those view calling in you must be able to. It here in 35 minutes to pick it up. Blow it at that wish it in this earlier probably. That's Mike's quality producing their solid effort crypto Mike squarely into the 45 minutes ago you did not it was ten minutes ago. Look just get here before seven and Texas and will run out Tia yeah we'll have that they do have it. Can we yes book Mike said I'll OK we have a get Mike is Mike said that if you cannot you down here to claim your prize. That he will go buy a nice new culture that. For himself there you know you said he'll take Jerry's that can't be done about that they will get its bogus you got to be able to get your lesson. Will too will take years if he did down here over on different ideals spaghetti factory will catch as he can't like give it somebody says hey. Give here in thirty minutes. Can you get anywhere in thirty minutes this kind of down a Friday no well not that you announcements now it's. We've reached the point now and actually saw an article on this that we know long you know we no longer have rush hour here in Portland. What do you mean. We rush hour is a thing of the past rush hour it would it would give you an idea that there is a certain period of time where you're going to run into traffic but we've now crossed that we're we just have congestion. We no longer have Russia or just we said that traffic. Really. Some article knowing LA is never really had rush hour yes it's just it's as bad as bad traffic but there you know it in other. You know into the past is like K from five to seven or five to 630 whatever that's rush hour you can expect delays we have now crossed that point where you cannot say this is when you're gonna have delays you're just going to have congestion and whenever you drive in Portland. You're gonna get on the weekend you're gonna get it at night it's just it's what it is it's so true. Don't you think. Like it's. Yes every time he drives and no matter what time did theirs is more a more and it's only gonna continue get worse because more people move here and we are doing anything to. Mitigate while he does and he did well Canadian Kate you can have both Seattle and Golan and undergoing this right now they're the underground handle underground thing in. And they're they're trying to find a way to eliminated but eight it and he did do something. Now we just keep out of how many do you keep moving here the year but obviously it people keep flooding in your public institutions your putting more people and there's more Carson wrote in the freeways are JG I think we should go. Other around Jetsons. Flying cars yes because that'll be good at my traffic jams it in the air. Yeah but there's more space up there. Well there's airplanes in you can go different LE a different heights and the U got fender Bender in the new fall from 200 because. Now it's so what if like with pledges are my files on your car into who played Brandon if your strategy in the semi above you crash scissor Peters out so runs out of gas and the ticket Peter scared right into the topping your car. Did you read here we talked about the Dubai me. Read email email have been here I think it was comfort zone yet a Dubai has already introduced fine taxis you can take them. They're little Jetsons like taxis and you hop in them and their. There unmanned but it into one seater so if you need to get from one sided divide to the other you can bypass traffic by. Hopping in this Billick hovercraft sort of yeah. It's like a drone ish type deal their weight limit I feel like my big gas now that might be win that thing down. I think I would trust and so it to cover me above traffic lifted. It's all computerized you know let that goes down that's kind of my point link it to begin this whole flying car a finger let's get a jet pack and fire around you really trust yourself and I think. Ever heard of time driving around the loan flying the go ahead and pass okay well we didn't get to the words bumps. We're avoiding answering a lot to you to that next hour up next and we will get to we'll talk about it but I am. Up next it's the hot cited five so hot that I had six stories. That's the hot five at five plus one it's the hot six at 565 yes. I'm next on the fan.