Primetime 8.11.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 11th

Talking Hard Knocks and whether or not Winston said he doesn't know what down it is during a game...also Zeke Elliot suspension talk. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Brian Todd is concerned what is. The difference. Unbiased just try to picture of a compromise sports stuck without the sugar coat of American. Links in his life in war things is dropping Jason's mechanic. And best in sports coverage. This is prime time with Isaac and 2128. Hey you want it and eight months. God night. Clean up over their lynch two seconds in the show and he's playing far it's. Militia elements unbelievable I hate to show. In many tuning it out there. Mike's just bitter because I was comes easy on his side is very Denver Broncos. Cargo shorts he was wearing today the blue blue my god. You know I was is and number you know for part of it yeah for some some things. We try flew into Denver and then drove bill we actually did it note. Well we do you're Kansas City at any needed with the Kansas City and Denver do you have any idea what you actually did. Well look if you I just love Wisconsin. I know they are so bronco we there yet. Unite you get in the Lugar you getting your rental car whatever you flip on that sports radio's love then love to hear what Sports Radio is and other markets. And I turned in to add to a tune to a basic the best one is this on to go go to that station. They tune in. In Obama cannot the Denver Broncos it's all bronco do the Rockies are in the race like the Rockies are good Iraqis are good we want to Rockies game. It was like. Yeah Giuliani is like there was no one there it there'll odd people there. It just there is not Rockies believe it well I mean they've it's it's been the dodging copiers but I think for my time in the guy was there a long time as there a year. I would say that the avalanche the they're hockey team is number two in the pecking order behind yeah Denver bronco I don't know what they're pecking order is on now is. Like I do you know one thing about the pecking order the Broncos are by far and away number one is probably Broncos then Broncos that Broncos in maybe a little rise a bit I think NFL markets in general life that I mean I think is there is there an NFL market where. NFL is not number one hype. Before the patriots became this incarnation of it than they were probably. Red Sox will well I I think they were probably buried my guess is it was it was Red Sox Celtics Bruins. And then and then the patriots at the bottom but I do doctors and you allowed knew or heard about New Orleans a New England now that say that it's. Even in a market like that that has such great history all three of those by the way are. That's the Bruins are an original six team and that's a huge hockey city. Obviously the Red Sox the trees there and then oh yeah the Boston Celtics on the arguably one not arguably the best franchise in the history of the NBA that's not arguably it is. And yet even with the bat this recent run that the pages have been on over the last 1520 years people would trade that that is a football town on. So I just the tells king I think there's very few markets where you have an NFL team where your if its exit as a successful one where you're not gonna dethrone. Whatever sort of no entity that's there on my tried New York Yankees amber one yankees are number one cubbies would would be there yet. I think baseball rains in New York as honestly I still think baseball probably reign him in Boston a little bit too ceballos allayed it and then I've seen him. Well we talked about it that is one guy had them fell into cardinals ruled there yeah bowl week I've talked to enough people back into England and they swear that that is that that that is patriots land. And then it's not like those other teams have been bad I mean they they have had parades. For every one of those teams right over the last. We say ten years ish 1012 years you've you've had a chief preacher prayed for every one of your professional sports franchises. And it's that that that the patriots dominate that. Don't you think that the Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp do better than the jaguars a aegs. Please either going to be fine lender for net Eads says that this that is a lot of helping. Slower than he thought he just gonna be he's going to be fine that one pre season game worry averaged three point eight yards to carry clearly he's ready to dominate this week he's an idiot. That is one of the dumbest things you could possibly say yeah shed at this point what does he what does he does he think he is Jamison and simple. You watch the first week of hard not I did see the first meddling Jumbo shrimp that is a team in Jacksonville. It's a Minor League Baseball is really yes he Jim bush the Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp. Did you watch week on. I did watch frequent yeah. Which I think a Winston because we talked about this while you were gone on I'm. Wednesday yeah I was gone once via my good advertising aired on Tuesday right yet they are among amenities. You have appears each Tuesday also you're gonna settle a debate for a okay on this but anyway what did you think of James Jones. As Michael like dean. He really likes he opinion of him doesn't change I find him to be. Just like probably you would any other twenty plus you know 2524. Year old NFL quarterback people swear by the guy you know people say that he is he's a great team leader and people follow him. That might biggest thing about James was than in did not look that's that's edited so it's like it's a real fair luck. I still don't see the whole franchise. You know elected this unbelievable quarterback and everyone just gets hot and bothered oh million. I did it he's an idiot it confuses and I think me. Think he's an idiot I did today I think he's actually an intelligent football kid I don't know I don't know if he's an idiot off the field but. I. Ice it is about a truck that I would I did know I'd I would baggage aside and umps are adjusted let's let's get to six point on the market that. I just. I thought that coming out of Florida State she honestly there was a lot alike ED but even when he was at Florida State and they won a national championship and clearly he was he was a huge part of it. And they made it the cause for player of the year after that he won a Heisman Trophy. I still think there are giant red flags about him and there's nothing that he's done his NFL career that leads me to not think those red flags. Are are still there. Obviously their their build their franchise around him in this is gonna be the best team that he had. I just don't think he is. Let us say and turned the best way to be diplomatic about this he's a fridge is quarterback clearly you're drafted him. Of the franchise quarterbacks I think he's a guy that you don't feel a 100% sold at least for me at this point. That's my take away from tiger attack in his first of years and the first episode. Aren't I good that he's very skilled but I think he's a moron and that's what holds him back GC the bit where he was. Or that. Where he where the lady is trying to explain in a hotel reward system at the Marriott rewards. He was not follow up in Maine and here's the other thing I understand that but let me let me just. An idiot there's a difference between being football Smart India in Smart off the fee but cornerback. One no I'm not I'm saying he's not even football Smart that's what leads. Him to all the mistakes that he makes like he's really good he's really still open but it's he's clearly not the boss mark because. The like the first scene. In the whole show is Dirk cutter in his third year by the way under cutter James Winston's third season. In dirt cutters are still talking to him about dude you cannot. Make the mistakes that you're making it cost us games yet it's. TV debate you have to sell out because Mike and I disagreed on this I'm not sure who's right. I'm not sure that I'm right. I'm also not sure that Mike tracked. And Jamison that same meeting says to cutter. You know I eight I aid and unless you tell me down and distance. I don't know down and distance now Mike is claiming that he's talking about practice because he said. In the game I know what down and just I don't include Pratt and I don't completely assaulting audio. You have to pulled there's no now do you remember that I don't remember them that a bad guy that I. Does to me the biggest John dropping that our denial I guess it has to be yes we talk and upright he has to be there's not a chance in hell you can't be that down. There's not a chance in hell the you don't know down and distance I beg to disagree in a bit I don't think he's as dumb as you think he would be unwilling to give him the benefit of the doubt on that because everyone. Thank you hear enough people when you're stupid. Skins a sound bad but when your donkey you can't hide it in people talk about it rightly. We knew that Vince Young. We knew that it's. Who's gonna guy I've why I can't think of Michael Vick. Jerry golf these are not. Football bright individuals they're just not and and already you you you hear it. It's like it's it makes the rounds like an and I don't hear that about James winced and all you hear about Jim is with that is that he is he's a bright young man that he's a hard worker that he understands concepts. That he wants to put in the work it is a great leader that the teammates follow him. So I'm not ready to go down that I'm not ready to go down that path yet I just think he's really reckless and makes a lot of bad decisions. So I am ready go down that path I have gone on that path and I will let you. Take James wince and on to into the future and give me markets are good any day of the week but anyway deep and so you know arm that we need to go back I don't remember we need to review the tape. Team practiced Al makes a lot more sense because in practice you don't have cracked yeah because it didn't let me just and I'm and I don't remember this but I'm just kind of ballpark in in my head. It's easy to say hey when it's a practice you tell me it's 33 right I know I've got to meet you know I did I IKEA giving you the scenario I can't throw the ball away whereas in the game for heaven's sakes you better no doubt down and I don't. So colonel that I know I hope so but it it's it could be interpreted the way he said it's if we can hopefully play the idea for people. The way he said it it can be interpreted as Dirk cutter tells him in his headset. During games what down and distances. If he does not Janus Winston admitted that he has a hard time remembering to look over at the stick to see what down it is eases. Now he may have been to. Hiking about practice practice he may have been my biggest thing was Shamus Winston and it's not like again I have all 22 film like that the coaches don't. But I see James was simply a ton. In college and I seen him play a ton in the NFL and I would tell you this of guys that have. We say the pedigree or at least the only crowned someone a franchise quarterback right like you get drafted in the top five use its. There's a certain crowd on the gets placed on top your head. I have not seen a player. In college and in the NFL that has this sort of hyper pedigree around him that makes as bad decisions. As James Wednesday. The throws he makes in this even goes back to college are inexcusable the coverage is that he throws into the decisions he makes with the football act claims. Are horrific. End of that to be scary is that the that living you know what that mean that. It never got corrected in college didn't get corrected in the first two years the NFL and now we're into year three of those things can ever be corrected I think that's probably Dirk cutters talking about is don't lose those games. They just play within yourself and your gonna win us a lot of games been a very good quarterback but this team around you but we can't have you. Losing games you're not Brett Favre. Brett Favre you could live with the because he was so uber talented. That he would make up for I don't beat Winston as like that I do not think did you miss Winston has top four top five quarterback in the league potentially just now. Indeed Tampa Bay Bucs get to announce our house thinking. Of the yen. Dangles. Who got the rookies again John Bronson yeah but they've. They they went eggs and they got Nixon too but they went out and they got DeSean Jackson 90 they're really pumped in and Elise in the first episode of are not there really company Tampa as a team that should be pretty damn game well they weren't 97 last year right and I remembered yet they were 97. And this is by far their most talented team and there is depth and there is quality along the defense. And they have some nice weapons you can make the argument that when you look at their receiving corps. Its top three or four in the NFL when you look at Mike Evans you look at DeSean Jackson you look at the tide of situation we have. You've got to the muscle hamster back their run on the ball. Mean that there is a lot to like about this football team is not pretty good division now. And he's got out in the falcons got New Orleans you got Carolina. He has a pretty good division it's it's it's not a gimme but you were nine and seven last year. And I think the expectation this year is for James Winston dude take the campers off to let him drop a little bit be a big boy and win eleven games and NB in the playoffs. And and after you're in this is your thirty year when you're drafted to be the guy you've played two straight years. This is a big year for Davis was and I think it goes along wages to determining what kind of quarterback he is in the future with how he performs. Because when you're young and you don't want to be fair Mario it's the same way. I think both these guys Kerr are right they come in bad teams maybe not lie around them. Play is rookies get thrown into the fire a little bit got two years Mario is different Lester he got hurt but you now have tennis you have expertise in Tampa Bay and Tennessee to win your division. You've now built by far the most complete teams you've had a round do you. With the weapons you have Tennessee is very well suited especially on the opposite side of the ball maybe not as is well defensively as Tampa but you look at their running game look at the offensive line and they committed did their draft pick they got Corey Davis. Both these guys there's no more excuses for Mario in Winston I kind of feel like it's it's ten plus games win a division are both. These guys we are only other segments here pal you just come down with your hot but stock. Here we have the audio to okay so we're gonna settle this will simply a figure out. What else we have we have prize brides today did you see Mitch abyss yes I didn't see major injured its initial. Mitchell Mitchell get it right okay. And then two huge pieces of news that yet felt that let's start there I will go to the Ezekiel LL EO suspension. And a big football trade those items to be haven't heard we'll discuss about. We'll discuss those are coming up next on the value. Prime time where the eyes against you gotta tell you vote for him. Here's our fresh poll question today folks and you're excited about this. I'm fired up. Fresh he offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the Izzo even. Not long ago because I'm not on the go and I still enjoy your first FR EE SH double wide dot com. I had to game our poll question pertains. To hardball. Hard ball. Revealed the video game hardball it and I loved that in as the game blue team vs the red team. RBI baseball you know is another one. Remember baseball stars I do remember baseball stars it was all about the use going yard is authors is and trades are trade. RBIs baseball so that's. Yeah on the leaders and commissioner Xbox and I'm. Cool and I was like you know few moments played him. I'm played a video game in years. It's been awhile for me but I sometimes have with my kid but then I quickly realized that I'm out of my element and then I just go back and do something else should there be an age cannot. Was knighted it's you gonna (%expletive) off Mike aren't made fun of him for his card issuers today this is let him have his cargo shorts in his video games in his view counts. Okay where will you lay your moneys in the AL wildcard race. Tampa Bay Rays Seattle Mariners Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels are Baltimore Orioles is Diaz is still there oh wait no. It is Paxson is to get her a little which. Know about it they were gonna learn about it today I am and get that and yeah I wouldn't meaning it's if it's a baseball stat that two dozen and it is don't know what that is we'll talk about it but the Mariners just know that if they make it laughs yeah this'll be. Historically the worst starting rotation government policies. Looking deviancy at last night's India's blue yet another one and MI tragedy of Mike Trout does and helps is hurt and again we have Tubbs is hurt and Felix is heard and then tax and I haven't seen today what did. You know what the prognosis was to be left with a strained back. And and last night's game so everything for a pitches after it's already a depleted and then some. Yeah not a good idea with a one ace that you supposedly have went out now with a text Danny's money to death the big maple he's awesome and maybe look at the collier a drop there may be the lefty I strained my back I'll be cracked that sounds really painful. If restrained pack yet Sox that would not feel it yet you've ever lake and sometimes you lifting weights and secure your bench press or whatever in in its straight at tech it's usually where the peck kinda connects to your shoulder like right in the different your armpit. It is an awful end. All I can do that and being more painful another yet its operations so we don't know like if it's if this is rated stair galleries you've got four but he did leave the game he was cold and it and that's not. That's good because that's what they can linger a little bit and yeah. You know they cannot they cannot understand they can't Evan because they have four bozos other than him and he's headed in the idiot just what you gone all in go to Justin Verlander okay take is just paying his salary of I pay a dollar farm. So they did the gap the Rangers can't protect and there the area known as the rays losing was Rangers are by the as the Rangers. As a race. I don't worded Ernesto Fiore come from my wake up. He. Was Houston. And yet we have a third team in the mix. As the so far we've got over the raise the Rangers in Houston. The group might have been Rangers. Yes strangers out. UN human. OK now I don't know if I'm right about this innocence thing I really don't I may have misinterpreted some people on the tech signer agreeing with me most people arguing with Mike that. That James Hansen is clearly talking about practice and he says as much. Does Janus winced then note down and distance during games here is a clip from hard knocks. What's defense doing a news. There's also the ball now how many third downs we have a day. And some new moon throughput as I've never say. This I'm off to see what distances to quit your accent though yet there is is it. I can do a better job of that I can do better job of what you have Tim does not. Do you do it. You also later in the day I think I just give you focus on what is embassy saying as it comes even those things that are you any game. But you just aware that the this is different the president. Now Andrew game as far as because some money guru of all times. No and and and yeah I want to. I doubled confuses. This highlighted unaware of it in the game now just said it no I think he did say I'm happily as the cover and how big he barked just time out time out. Time out in the floor is GB mind. Here is what just happened. He admitted that he does not know down and distance in games. Dirk cutter in his head went OS the cameras are here. Dirk cutter then says clarifies. He's kinda saying dude. You mean practice of writing and they could not not Jamison at least is Smart not to say yeah yeah and knowing games on fine do I think he meant. Games I I hate to do this because again this is two days in a row you know I hate siding with drop. I think drops right what do you think Mikey still you don't think that's true today I I get your point I do but I'd still think he means and proud now. I've been hiding key I'm I can see why you would think he's covering it up yeah I did at the beginning of that it's it's really clear that he's talking about games as and that's a weird. As it's a weird awkward at awed and you know you've got caught with something you got cut not knowing Simmons name perhaps crab legs if I hear back panel backed out back panel that seems like that's that's a bit of a cover let's try again we can you got no one more time folks listen. Closely home on he's got a he's got to pull back up I. Yeah I prefer museums and your your right tune. How would it. And I didn't catch that watch and the first time around it his thirty year he's the number one pick in the draft I I think he admitted that he doesn't pay enough and enough let the down and it doesn't sound like it's every don't you just don't like he had does not and does not have a very strong habit of looking over if Dirk under doesn't telling minis headset or an OC and I think DOC there is Turk I think the guy calling plays Turco was merit or cutters the head coach now but before that it was told us threads. Wait was he had. Coast last year and I think he was take us last invited them last year he was he started out as DO CNN that Dirk had a became the head coach because they thought they were gonna lose cutter. Someone else's and OC and they wanted his continued development with James list yet so what do you what do you guys think texted bridge produced excellent mrs. obvious is. My aboard a Peabody I wasn't at first I was like there's no way I I think you're correct. But he did say you know RG points or he did say he notices it watching film. And and that game film I I think he's talking about dates yet because he just goes and games and he just kind of blocks everything out and he's not Wear down a distance which is. Well it's it's not great it's not yet if you don't necessarily done pretty good. You don't necessarily have to no doubt this since it's not the end all the be all but as far as decision making goes to publish and you probably should you needed. I said enough meetings. Where you need to be acutely aware of the situation what you need for a first down what the score is. Where you're out on the field all of those things go into making decisions and I do you feel that James was to makes a lot. Ports so I'll play from the beginning to think I kind of just displaced in America. I'm Kara I don't remember what was Dirk underestimate question I'm curious if he means how is it going right now. Or how do you wanna improve in the future so here here's the full clip of that. How do you think school. The first vicious. It was safety you know and so he's had never close our very own show on an open gel is doing in new. There's lots of ball now how many third downs we have a day. And some new moon throughput as I've never say. This I'm off to see what distances to quit your accent though yet there is is it. Yeah I I can do a better job that I can do better job of all of you I assume it does not. Do you do it. They also later in the day I ask how does give you to focus on what is embassy saying as it comes and I even those things that are you any game. But you just aware that the uses different the president. Mulder we're going to game as far as because some and be aware of all times. Bestsellers in its. Teasing. It's his team I think are having two separate conversations because he does ask him. He says how was out of again today he's their talking about practice at first yes no question any any good I don't know how many third downs we have it's confusing news I need to do a better job of paying attention to that. That's legitimate yes and sent but yet exactly but I think what could Carter learned by that is like oh crap. He could be talking about games. You mean practice right cutter certainly poses the question of any yeah yeah worth betting games right but when he's. Says he said though. In game fit. When I'm watching film which I assume is game you watched practice on two and so okay but I assume OK let's I can't assume you do watch ever have you on every practice you watch every game yes yes at this point so you know we can't do at this point in the in the year. You know when you're. You're going to training camp especially quarterbacks get out to watch every part of practice go you will watch team you'll watch nine on seven you watched you know seven on seven. You'll watch those everyday they. Do I will never never get to the bottom out and he'll never admit to know they're gonna they're gonna absolutely I'm sure this is a big thing. And people are column on dying cutters surely gonna covers Assam. But I believe what happened there is Winston was they were talking about practice but I think Winston went to a bigger picture comment you know. Yes in practice but also going games I need to do a better job of knowing what the hell's going on I think he went full Winston and you know I realized it out. If this happened some time to time member there in the agreed quarterback camp where Cam Newton couldn't call a play and Jon Gruden was like. Not not not one and you could see the wheels turning renewed worries like your god let me just give me want. To get me one play and he's like I. I I just can't. Yeah that's they're there are those moments where you're just like through. It in their reports when Vick was in Atlanta they couldn't. They had to have someone else call plays in does Vick couldn't. Vick was pretty good he got a 130 million dollar donor but there're there are reports early on that Vick couldn't verbalize the place. That they. Like they even though you have a senior year they were and he's the only guy by the way that's allowed to have that in his helmet. There are reports that they had their running and receivers with the plate and those guys would column in the huddle because Vick couldn't be trust with the terminology. And you think about that make even if Dick it is I in his mind knows where is going with it no don't stun. As in every one of those things is important all the Zetterberg it's things. Tell each guy what he's supposed to do and if he keeps screwing it up you can't. You can't do that so. But there are quarterbacks that can be successful without. Necessarily having a full grasp of of what your deal in but it it is not. Best thing I think you want a year that your guy isn't. Telling me on the show little if you know what the hell we are really understand what's happening but marina navigate will now on this is. You'd hear these things and Jeff George was this way and a lot of times it's it's supremely talented guys that never really learn how to. They're really learn how to play back or just can't adapt to it well that's too much Tampa Bay Bucs done that is a lot of Tampa Bay buccaneer to what's next brown stock so she gizmos get the pretty good I didn't see any of them but I'm not taken that bait they see the pretty good about coming up next Ezekiel allele. Is suspended and we have an NFL trailed two to those items next here's my. And the prime time with eyes against duke on 1080. Thank. You big guy bits of NFL news today. Besides the bank did dead team is Winston does not know again distance in football games but I think. That's not very big news is it. Do wanna start with Ezekiel allele or the trade. I mobile to Brady big pieces of news. The Elliott won at least I guess we saw coming up we listen to Chris Carter Cris Carter had this on what Monday or Tuesday. Re said that he thought a four to six games suspect was coming Jerry Jones said all along the ending any suspense was coming. And now all jury apparently is super pissed so let's start there were talking about it Ezekiel Allah the Allah who. He all allele or. Okay well he got suspended six games. Yeah and I think we're in for world war three year I think this is gonna be in the Tom Brady in a flake it's old or three well if if you read through I don't know how much you've you've kind of. Well let me let me give the details yeah. And in and you can give Elliott's actor but this is just what the NFL as saying. So Ezekiel allele has been suspended six games for violating the personal conduct policy yeah. The NFL investigated and investigated for over a year. And they claim that there is substantial. And persuasive evidence of domestic violence. They say that they examined text messages they consultant medical and legal experts interviewed witnesses. They claimed to have photographic evidence of injuries to his girlfriend. From three instances over a span of five days this was in July of 2006. Team in. Now I don't know how much him honk and adjustable woman at a bar or perhaps breaking the nose of a guy at a bar batters. Did mention in there the I'll try to find the exact verbiage for even in the letter they do you mentioned like the disturbing pattern of behavior involving like the polian of the the girls topped out. Yes so that's what they're saying he his team has always claimed she is trying to exploit him yeah. His side claims that perhaps she got a fight with another woman and that would explain the injuries perhaps you felt on the stairs and that would explain the injuries. I he is going to appeal there's no question Jerry's pissed about it. Ezekiel is claim mean other railroading him so here well and and I guess that it's it's gonna get ugly and Roger Goodell has now gone to war. With the two most powerful owners and in the NFL and back to back years with Tom Brady and and Robert Kraft and now with with Elliott and Jerry Jones so clearly he feels pretty secure in his job. But when when you take a step back from this and you kind of start reading into some of that and I've by the way I think this is part of just the NFL's like it tough on terror campaign. I think this is as much to do with the NFL the Ray Rice having looks soft in the Adrian Peterson thing and trying to to come out and establish some new guidelines is people gonna talk about like was that. The giants kicker they got one game for that. And and some of the others and now you're giving six but this is again part of their new policy. And I think again this is this a lot about the NFL wanted. Look toppled when you look into this. You know there is the Jersey police statement. A witness one of her friends one of his ex girlfriends friends that said that she she asked her to lie eight. And try to concoct this story there is evidence there there there are her friends saying that Sheikh. In her own words said that she was gonna basically try to set him up that she was gonna try to add to make him pay eight. There is a doctor paper one of. I've whatever they just. Try to make him pay that she was pissed at him in that she kinda had to be indebted a vendetta against him there's a medical reported their stadium that some of the injuries that she claimed from him. We're older and more consistent with the timeframe that she said. So my point is there there seems in this is what Elliott's attorney said to get a fellow seemed to do a lot of cherry picking. When he came to what evidence they they believed it there was evidence against Ezekiel Elliot they ran with it if there was evidence that kind of cleared him or cash shadows on it than they did away with that and by the way this is the exact same thing they did with Tom Brady deflate it situation. And to meet that is a bit disturbing. And I don't know what happened in the Ezekiel that they I don't know what happened in the Tom Brady thing but I think that this is now the second kind of big suspension in a row. That it appears at least from the surface will wait and see what more evidence comes out and I'm sure that this will play itself box I think Eliot it's gonna probably sue much like Tom Brady did. It just seems like the NFL is finding evidence that backs their conclusions and I think that is a terrible. Precedent to state. Urge to start it in the NFL. All right attacks the Bridgeport pierced excellent fight fight through applied a few things about this next and then we'll tell you who got traded. Three NFL teams involved in in trades today the Buffalo Bills being the main one and able tale about that I'm next to 45 on the fan. Z Gil Elliott the camel is suspended six games I hear those six games should he actually serve the full punishment. They host the giants in week one. They have two road games at Denver at Arizona. Then they host the rams. Week five they host the Packers and they have a bye in the in their at San Francisco. And many think perhaps his appeal all dropped to three or four games so maybe he'll be back for the Packers niners who knows but I am a couple things about that you know. I don't know who to trust. Here he views big TV scene there at the documents that the police released. Now so they did depressed and it attorney decided to not file any charges so in a rally in relation that they released this is the fine meats and how you could believe anything she says. Is beyond me so this is from one of her friends and and our region so this is denied that she claims that is he Gilead drug rout of the car. And and Peter this is one of these this is one of those times member there are suppose the three separate instances yeah that this occurred. And this is on one of them this is from her friend not his her friend. On the night of July 21 316 at a price 1145. By the her sworn statement I attended a social room located gives the address an approximate 2 AM. I exited the source room with Tiffany that was loot the girl that's claiming to be Elliott's ex girlfriend and that was salted. Watch her vehicle Tiffany was approached by another female who preceded you physically assault if any for spice slapping Tiffany in the face and pulling her hair. Of a fight consumed our fight ensued. They ended up breaking it up after the fight outside the source from Tiffany I want to our vehicle to explain to me that Elliott's. I was have been gathering at his rented apartment at the carriage house they show up at the carriage house. And they're the first ones to arrive early polls up with another girl in her vehicle or another girl driving his vehicle at this point Tiffany. I gets out of the car start screaming and Eliot the end the other passengers in the vehicle. As they start to watch of the carriage house she points at Elliott says I'm going to ruin your career. Now later and that evening. She sends text messages back and forth. She claims that at this point she is asked by eight. Tiffany the woman is accused Ezekiel Elliott to life for she says when the police questioned you. Tell them that he drug me out of the car and he's the one that hit me. And she says you want me to lie to the police she says yes and now they have screen shots of these text messages that work captured during the investigation. If they asked if they drag me out of my car just say yes okay. Well we got there like we pulled up and he showed up and then yanked me out if the please ask she responds where are you sitting on the side of the road where you. Do you want me to lie about what happened that night because the ex lawyer is about to call me again hurried text me back. Tell them that I pulled him out of the car pulled he told me out of the car by your wrist. I'm on the phone and then it kind of goes back and forth like this and. She's clearly she's clearly yelling and at least in this one instinct yeah clearly. She is lying about what happened and then that investigation be she goes to the hospital. And even the doctor says that the injuries that she has are inconsistent with some of the time when she's talking about that these are old injuries did not occur. On the day more than likely. With with what she's saying it's happened it's not consistent. So we now have at least in one of the need to three supposedly instances you have her. Make it to claim that she is going to make stuff up to ruin her career she's asked one of her friends to lie about it we have text message is there for asking her friend to lied to the police. And we have a doctor saying that no injuries that she's claiming did not occur the way and that is she said and during the timeframe. So this is win and we now it's attorney responds in in his letter back to the NFL one of the things he talks about is. How how bad the cherry picked evidence that it is. So you're gonna save base this comes down to because there's no proof there's no real evidence you're saying that the NFL believes her. Over Ezekiel Elliott and the attorney is sane how on how on earth can you possibly be that would all you're going off a busy he said she said sort of thing. How on earth are you going to take the word of a woman that the police don't believe. Is caught from whatever friends and via text messages asking. Her to lie to the police to get Eliot trouble and you suspended six games. This to me is a very dangerous precedent to be set by the NFL. But it's not a person they've done this before it they Tea Party set the address I did did it with Tom Brady thing they just they don't. They're fair is not in their look at. Right now the NFL does what benefits that. And they are allowed to get away with that this isn't a court of law. And to defend them all defend him in one instance in just the stuff that I've read. And I would say. If Roger Goodell or whomever the investigator was sitting here they would say it will wait and we're not just believing her over him. They're saying that they have photographic evidence of her injuries that match. The descriptions of what happens on those three instances they also claimed that they have brought in medical and legal experts. To help them match you know. These things. That is a little bit more than just he said she said so what they're saying is. But you're totally right about the cherry picking evidence. I I actually see is the police that the police that in in declining to press charges conflict ended in India is consistent information across all incidents. Regarding. And concerning the evidence to support the filing of drug charges it's unclear it's clearly unclear for. Four charges and they're given in six games but the problem is NFL doesn't. It can be unclear for the NFL they don't care. I just so I don't know who to trust I got I don't think Ezekiel Elliott's did did. Thank you get heat that I cannot stay out of black seat I'm not saying that he's a bad dude I don't know I image your cannot stay out of the headlines. And that to me it just I think his behavior at this point. I think it not the NFL I think it's on the cowboys need to Rangel amenable to it. However I did stress the NFL far more I don't know Ezekiel Elliott. It's it. It's unfortunately. Cynical in today's day and age but you know this kind of stuff goes on with athletes and it's like. It's it's hard to trust him. However I distrust the NFL op more the NFL basically just does whatever wants any he's shown that time and time and time and time again. And in this instance it's like. I don't wanna back Zeke but I sure as hell don't wanna back the NFL yeah. An end to meet when I can maybe this is just naive on my part. When I read that web be they clearly. She has said I'm going to ruin your career and asks a friend to lie about domestic violence. This is this is this is almost like weight when you go on the stand right and I and you get caught. Perjury yourself can you believe anything she says after that point and for me. That's where I'd go on this I don't know affiliate editor not but to me it if if the main. Things you have to go off of is the evidence that she has provided and her testimony in the photographs that she used Aiken. To me none of those hold any sort of waiting anymore because she has. They she is willing to lie. But she's willing to cool worst people and that she has a vendetta against him so how can you trust when she says will you have photographic evidence it's that sheet. It's her story of events and she clearly is not reliable. End to suspend a guy for for six games for that. Just seems to meet beyond egregious on the part of the NFL and again I just feel my personal opinion this is the NFL wanting to look. Tough and want to say we're not gonna let another guy get away with it's and we don't want more bad PR but could it be that she's saying imminent ruin your career because he beat crap. Dispose but in this case. Now in this issue was assaulted by another female and she tried to pin that on Elliott right. And get him in trouble with the police and once you do that I don't believe what else you have to say. To me Yunel down an unreliable. Witness and her testimony in her evidence is what ultimately led to him going down and I I get that. I just I don't discredit everything she says she may have been doing that because she's so pissed that he's beater at ties before. So Laura sounds like she showed up as as some other girl was driving his car no question I'm just so I'm just saying that I don't discredit everything about her. Because we don't know that seek Peter. And so perhaps all of this is coming from the fact that he did. And she's so pissed about it that she's gonna make stuff up that he did it again and she's gonna make stuff up that she's that she's gonna ruin his career. And if that's the case. Because she it's all cut stemming from the fact that he beat the crap out of her will then I don't blame her now right so I'm not going do disc editor I can't creditor can't disc editor I can't credit the NFL I can't discredit the NFL. We can't credit Zeke and I can't discredit him out held a two year. All I know is the NFL. Does not have the same standards. As law enforcement. And that is very clear that precedent has already been set. And the only way. Ezekiel Elliott has. You know any leg to stand on is sue them. Which he might or go to the CPA and appealed and it Saturday is that process. In his his attorney did. Put out a very forceful letter and I think that this is this is going to get ugly. You know it is he says the NFL's findings are. Replete with factual inaccuracies erroneous conclusions. Cherry picks so called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other evidence. And they are. They're gonna go out to him and I think this is going to be another deflate eight. I think that lawsuits are gonna happen they're not gonna just sit there is an intake only doubts that yeah I think if they should I think this is gonna look really bad for the NFL when it's also and again giving him hell cares about that. They don't care here. Meantime today look bad data do what they want. And I think this at I just think that's dangerous that did the NFL now just has this it seemingly has this. Brush where they can just do whatever the hell they want whenever they held it hasn't hurt him before hasn't now not really doesn't hurt him nothing hurts them minding despair. They're unbelievable I a would have NFL trade. And on the Mariners lose their ace will take how long he's out coming up next hour on the San.