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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod and so there's prescilla shove them up for. Doing the right things since 1952. The make him think it's our children. Shut the hell up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Well most pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. No well. I didn't play his time as we've been. Contention he would announce it's. My image is sitting Holliday got. This is hard it's just hard. As you get paid for this. Okay. This I didn't. Did so. You look at somebody get a little defensive about beats. Apparently. Enough to multiple people have been to RJ is snoop last cortex some RJ. And then about beats. OX beats me read you what he's saying. You are incorrect to grow beats in the garden every year mrs. RJ makes him great dishes he eats eat a beet salad cheeses no. Oh he nanny stealing it's I just got done say don't count your Jesus with a god beet salads or discuss these. And I think Jesus would agree with me many Sezer by the way your poop looks bloody after eating red beets. I his next offense selling point and it's a hot selling point they're. We talked about Jim Jim levels of your people what about a championship code review pews. Where is that in the Texas rule book. He says and you guys better not be talking about any DM canned beets that as ain't right grolier they'd dammit. Police fired up tonight. No I don't wanna grow my food it's very cheap at the grocery into Danny says I guarantee we can use beats in a dinner that you would enjoy you're just not doing it right. Super defensive I have had pizza restaurants before T to discuss and I hope that those restaurants were quote unquote doing it right in May were awful. Thrown by the fact that he sued defensive about beats. My god I love Chinese naturally heal he can light tree coming out Arjuna like Tuesday. I am the Beacon Hill Chinese food to me is probably my favorite food. But if you sit up there instead that you didn't like Chinese food it just wasn't for you. I'd like okay. This huge hero movie to be deal I don't think I would mount a giant defense. For like compound chicken. But he feels this strongly that this is the deal he's choosing to die on you think may be big beats guns and I feel like maybe there's like at the organization of like a counselor for awhile. And then we had the what avocados. We're advertising for a little bit that it was the pistachio nuts but we do see that this year in this MLB to a season that beats. Are gonna be beat the big winner. They've come to California law beat I would say this about beats it if I'm if I'm did beat association American gal. The BAA. I'm advertising because nobody in their right mind likes those know there's an agency better try to fool people would average guys there's a difference is that pistachios delicious time avocados delicious. Beats awful yet you don't necessarily think that those need advertising but you're right I think beads are in desperate need of the PR campaign yes they need to shift. Right there there there we gotta get some good word to like it did word of mouth going some buds is right now. Now instead of like the California reasons they should do you like that the buffalo beat it sick. It's something I think they had a big group beats in Buffalo's little chilly there what's at town agents in California. With this sort of big news field Bakersfield BT yeah the dumb doesn't typically don't wants to be and and I feel like that is he beat town he needed that Bakersfield beats QB like the rap version of California raisins in the gangster on you can tell you about any. Health properties of beats and if you wanna get a little idea nobody likes reasons either. So it's it's kind of the same. Yeah but let's see what that that raising campaign you're taking on this and saying it's kind of the same thing you think nobody eats people and reasons are better than beats. Odd that yes I would do it for reasons we've. Did you ever buy read like no you don't buy it raises this is good lead to a separate discussion here. We need to get together news yeah it is accurate because this needs to be talked about recent may be the number one thing. They you I have never bot but that I've eaten the most stuff. I do not think I have ever bought. A box of raise ever. In my entire life and yet all bad cheese that I had eaten raisins. A thousand times in my life. That is probably my night that is my number one food went that I have never purchased but that I beaten but the are still beats its veteran like him. The Modesto. Advocate town with it's got like nothing going for but I've beat by JT get doctor drew AM on this. He doesn't want to lose its. Disgusting beats the quote end of his stature now beats the do we down to beats. But where do you eat raises because like the only reasons I read in in less their reasons I can tolerate reasons like on. You know salad area. Something now that's at times it's in bread. If you will and it's not bad but when you bagel if you all right when you eat it. Reasons. Our remembers those little yellow boxes or whatever does Leland little. Tiny little boxes and his son made ray's brain that all got stuck together when he tried to keep them the entire home off Paula the only reason he does is because well I was kitten. And you I did I've grown and evolved if if there are reasons there. I know leads races typically mile applicable. Just sitting there a boxer raised with nothing on the ticket insular reasons. But who has been out. You don't see that. It happened some time to time or is he said you you'll have something you'll be eating the sound like oh there's raisins there boy yeah you're undefeated after if there's reasons or like. Note tried Amber's or whatever yourself by backing me I've never set out to eat it reasons once and a big neither of you guys in you know you've eaten a ton of race and thoughts as a kid I was fed res and there was supposedly they were. Healthier whatever is Julie grapes ala love graves declined in the same thing. The kind remotely this really good ideas like seen tastes best and away browser actually the same thing grapes are delicious. But it raises insisted he hobbled them creature with a great quality changes that it. I'm disabled apart ruins the sorry non interest in distant this tax reasons or improvement CS that are out. Right that they don't need to be you don't their reasons out there I don't care no one cares and yet you still lead but we'll keep them they're just they're not so bad. I can pick out beats yeah I would never ordered begins now is in this is kind of my point with raisins. If if I if I get a bagel and there's raisins and an object so it's a raisin bagel I don't think about sending the south in which makes whatever you know. It's it's the number one thing that I just don't really think about but that I hit Eaton raisin bran cereal prices I never asked for reasons but I don't take out raises they're just there see. Okay raisin bran cereal that to me is exactly what we're talking about is it's not that greeted the serial. It was students know it is not it's just there it's edu is it was marketed well. This is our whole point two scoops yes knowing that two scoops but it was marketed as the healthy. Cereal gap in a world that nothing that. Awful sugary cereal you know raisin bran has done in recent time they've positioned himself perfect Dave Gundy cranberries because we don't know cranberries better than raises. Right but you're did the PR campaign for the reason is powerful I literally year. Overlooking just how good reason brain actually is no it's not it's not good it's a very concerned no it isn't a very good Syria I almost agree I I slowed myself I don't slow you seemingly here you can't sell this industry funds rate serial I sleep that night I love eating razor brand. It's delicious. And I think anyone loves any reason for it and I think if I put together a reason or like a cereal lineup. It's like a 130 yeah like I put out like Fruity Pebbles cinnamon toast crunch. Pretty troublesome all kinds of these. All kinds of these delicious serious going for you reasonably and I need to leave. Pretty trouble pretty pills or are we need to take a break. You could meet the entire boxer Fruity Pebbles and once yes you can get they're delicious and the milk afterwards forget about my milk afterwards is great RJ is saying that. Beats of the new bacon now I. I used a high. Beats her than me he's gone from defensive to delusional yet. How is he talking about is human drugs he's on the to do if you do marijuana is due in the pot type people like he's due in the palm he's on the speedster then do you bake. All right I let's get out this we're right on this him and a strong. Up next a cop shoots a goat. This is big local news account multiple times in like this you're gonna hear the S story next on the ten. Except when it does that they'll have gone to an eighty. And Kara. Give her around. Diggers see their grown men they give her into the Turkish prison. Europe listen to the nose tears and laughs like because it's so. It's just so Korean yes my favorite part of the B or good news. Is when you have a story that has nothing to do. With the work in no shape or form. And they give they dropped one of these the connection Oregon coming up next. And they find like the big 800 degree of Kevin Bacon house somehow you can relate about two organ. It has nothing to do with the news story that always mean long chuckle all local news news and media ideology that I'm saying. They do you ever. Here is storing go only got only here it's like tortellini you know it's a yeah or like wind with it's I think they like when you hear simulate that sport right yes yet it you we have our own neighbors via her own version of again this is one of them. Don't murder. Yeah we give due murder here this is courtesy of KGW dot com. It is about two minutes inlet in we'll discuss. Once you get. The gist of the full story quite. Kathy sheriff's deputy says he was forced to shoot an aggressive and go out that charge Staten. And the sheriff's office is defending his call. But the goats owner disagrees and says there's no way the goat was a threat to joke w.s to provide a spoke with the animal's owner as well as the sheriff's office he joins us live now with more on what happened Taylor. Yet Geisel first I wanna show you how this played out what led up twit so in the distance over here this is the farmers landing you see dispensed down here. He says that was put up by developers in this area and they clearly didn't do a good job with that he argues there's that hold down their he says his animals got through that hole he sits at that hour or its younger. Did they made their way up this steep hill than they came over this way into this field. Now you'll see over here there are homes there are sidewalks. Authorities say there were families children walking around here at the time. The goat was acting aggressive it didn't show any signs of stopping. The sheriff's office has said that the deputy was justified in using force to go it's owner disagrees. There's little kids at a good deal of its sheep and goat. So that thing wasn't dangerous but to a Washington county sheriff's deputy it wise the ghost name is volt and belongs to match that who has a farm near the Bethany area. On Sunday several of his goats and sheep escaped his land through this fence that mix as was put up by local developer. That prompted a call to authorities from neighbors. As Washington County deputies tried to corralled the animals one deputy wrote in a report that vote started to come at him even ramming a light pole and the process. The deputy tried backing up and pushing to go to way that was work. He says the goat was strong in its horns were sharp. Ultimately the deputy took out his gun and shot volt it would take two more pistol shots and a rifle shot four people died. Munich admits the goats were able to escape his land but he says that lethal force wasn't appropriate at all yet they're intimidating intimidating anybody but. I'm an interest now. Enough ads that gold was his breeding male that's what he calls and says that he has. A value of over a 1008 dollars. He also answered the sheriff's office did reach out to him as well they have said that they're sad and for both minute. And it's got guys it is sad thank you Taylor and it is sad. The other is sad Deanna first off let me say this I am so prove guilt I said time and time again and if I could find a way to fully domesticated again no one would live in my house they're awesome. I tried to buy it go last Halloween from one of the the pumpkin patches I was that. Goats are kickass the no that's the part of the story that I ice scarf and a little bit I've seen the photo of this goat really he's tiny. And is intimidated by the as Joseph and I'm totally with you. And spin so I'm not overkill there bidders should go through each time it's with a gun and didn't break out the right thing. The TVU president bring out the bazooka but is this goat was on stare at that distracted ten goats well look here's my take on this one. Is to go to grab. Don't warrant put a leash around this it's freaking. Slow I'd I think it. I don't think did anything should happen to the officers or anything like I did lose his job whatever bit. But you can't shoot they give to me you can't solve that situation without killing together it's really. It and is this guy worthy of being a police officer if he is an able to do that this is my thing I improved leaks I it's a tough job I understands and then I support my local please I really do you. But if you're intimidated by a goat and you're willing to pull out and and and draw down. It but by the way Europe were shot to where it takes you four shots he delivered recorded an important goal was sitting there with three bullets in him. Screaming and they had to bring in another guy with a bigger guns. This makes me. Didn't that that that that calmness under pressure if you can't handily joked I mean that you. What exactly you gonna do when the the real stuff actually starts going down but is it really okay so it's kinda you have a desk job how about that. I'm not sure I want him coming to my rescue. Well. Our Liberty City tried to push way to go but they want you literally can in their children they always bring up the children well for. F sakes the kid that got the go owner the owner of bolts said that kids hang around these goats all the time because there goes to be every bit to a petting zoo. I have they have goats there. Just look at it any time to meet you break got a gun and you start shooting Sunday that means that someone's life is indeed that's the only reason right to pull out a gun and start shooting. Someone's life is in danger yours or the kids or somewhere around and you're gonna try to convince me that volt of the deal here. And we see the pitchers is legally gets a big bad ass like seat gain they go to in May that white don't listen the words you're telling me that bats. That was a threat to public safety com now from my understanding. The goats are little stronger than you think there. Likely Naia libel and goats I've battled goats and you know have you ever been but a bank yeah I think it's not. Think you would think it's like a cute little picture of the delegates yet they they can they can push you around but it's not to the point where you have to shoot them. I think you've lived I would I lived in would burn I had goats and at no point. Was my life or the lives of my young children that ever in danger. Because of the goat if that I've had might because we live at the my kids were little my daughter was two in kindergarten it's time. As she butted by go to couple different times just what she's she's on she's okay. At no point did the goat and workers in a lot of revolver the O dropped three bulletin. Apple who. And then have to have you come out your rifle pick my god what is this guy four years old state this thing out time. I am a little embarrassed ramps and by the way the other cops should be making fun of happened. If he doesn't come to work the next day and have like photos of goats or like chalk outlines of goats all over his bunker. That police department. Isn't doing its job did you see. On a much more somber note. Well is much more some of the bull RIP bolt hit OK RA PV OLFOVOLT. They still hope that today's oval it did you see that got this happened before I left for vacation and if we ever talked about it because well you know it's political and then there because crazy. But you see the Minnesota cop. It did two cops that were sitting in the car oh yeah they were sitting in a squad car. And the guy in the passenger seat so this woman just who called and when and the woman who comment on walks up to there. Window is rolled down and do the passenger seat just pulls his gun issue sir. Fireworks went off in the distance and that's what happened. We killed and dozens yeah fireworks brush do you see how fast by the way I've never seen in all my years I've never seen a police department. Back away from an officer so fast go watch the they should go watch the did chief of police who by the we resigned over this go watch your press conference. Now I've never seen. A police department just do that a year. Yeah we. You know we we botched that one and that's. It's that soon to mean it's unbelievable and it's unfair that all cops get labeled because the guys like that but that's why. Thankfully wrapped at least this once is decode. Hey tell nuts and bolts mom might goats were murdered I've told the story Mike goes were murdered by the Russian mob it's a many gets and did meet dump. Their dogs did. Give me I told the story before how and I believe I lived across the street from the Russian mob and their rock while others murdered my goes on earth you didn't would. But you're an idiot back. I moved away after that yup that you did. You're lucky you're not did I came out in my goats were were ripped apart and drug back into the tree line. Ends when I approached the neighbor about said murdered. I totally convincing to do with me and my goats and I decided at that point it was probably time to do. All right up next let's skip to ghosts news. With the worst ghost story of all time here's Mike. It is just speed up my personal go to the post but when I was at. This year we will hurt my guess would last year we went to me for about income. And through pumpkin patch. And they had little petting zoo going on and they had all these cute like little gotta go it's like who's around and then there was this cold bastard like Billy get in the back. That was our main G via these wicked longhorns and don't want anything to do with. And so I wondered over there and medium struck up a friendship and that go to hung out at me like a half hour and I did I win now as the owner. Of the farm if they were they were only just didn't sell in the get. And so in the goat and he said no it was not for sale of four to get one of the play of the little Q coach what about this guy. Goats that crap what it is bull. Yeah and you know they'll both a good looking guy which it to go to twit if you go to big underscore suit he'll see the go to which I'm talking it out on their now these bastards get up. He's an ugly set of a gun but I loved him on scene yeah now. They hope to go back this year and rekindled my French again he's not the prettiest now oh no he's not. At a set on a no loyalty to a the thing was dragon on the ground in itself back. It was just like this meat she'll now Billy goat but he wouldn't leave me alone like amphetamine that he just kinda kept coming around and I felt like there was a kinship there. But do and I fear for my life that day and I can totally understand having to blaze away at him and shooting four times. Hey so let's get to ghost news yes it did you see the story of the year David. And all right so there's this guy his name is Adam Ellis and David. Look it's it's we'll get to that. So his name is Adam malysz. And apparently he at this I'm I have to assume this is for some sort of some sort of press but it's got like a it's got a bunch of plea on Twitter he's he's had this reach we need a couple different a thousand times. So he claims that an exit couple different times and that's to no does that seem like a lot thousands of times what is his name is name is Adam Ellis. And I'm looking here from what I can't see when news program. A role in damn movie. So he he claims that a while back he started having these dreams. Of a deformed kids yeah. Yet these recurring injury it's more about this little kid now he would wake up paralyzed news. Terrified of the year ended that this kid was coming to kill the ghost of this kid. And he kind of goes on the tweets about it tweets about it and now he's he's begun post he'd. Videos that he claims that at midnight every night now he's hats. Go in stare at the front to work and that there is a ghostly presence now that he believes is coming for him and it is coming to kill him maybe it's bull and it's become like this full on Internet thing now. Where people are buying into this load of crap that apparently deformed baby. Named. David has threatened him and now David is lurking outside of his apartment. And is coming to kill him and it's become like this Internet sensation being where. Yes you like a slender man thing and people are terrified over this any tweets about it every night. That the last one that I read was. I deadbolt of the locking got in bed because they don't know what else to do I can still hear my cat meowing at the dual power says this guy a regular guy. Or is he a famous guy because he does a blue checked mark any is a 131000. Followers I don't know I never heard him before this. So it is it is some optimism. Now description or whatever reads comics belay. Book coming 2018. Podcast. Yeah he's an apparel store and he's in New York he's in New York any they keys is a date for the sixth night in a row my cat has walked over the door and promptly at midnight and started to stare at it. It apparently alienated he wants out people could terrified I did this guy is cats. Or cats think he's got two of them keep going to the door at midnight Tizzy let the cat out. No he apparently according to him he's terrified in Egypt Sinbad amongst the door. And now this serious accident I think this is serious at least people are taking it seriously. And I'm fascinated by because if it isn't goes it's committee kill you why lock the door. It's a ghost. I let his mission field paper. But key you know skimpy plot he kind if it's against Kansas walked through the to work. Or go under the it's a ghost and clearly the dead baby you're the dead the kid is already appeared in his apartment so why is he blocking the door. But like this has become what you think and I was I was a bunch of people I know god in this whole big conversation about it. And there are people I know that it legitimately terrified now of this story. Dances here OK so his first read is so my prime minister in the being haunted by the ghost of the dead child and he's trying to kill me yet and then he puts in print sees the red meaning. He's going to keep posting under that closely together on one place. That first one I just Reggie on Twitter. 40418. Reach weeps yeah 65975. Liked this story is crazy. No numbers remain a threat right now for the first time it's really crazy well it's the dumbest thing in the world. Okay let me read to the leader okay he says he started appearing in dreams but I think he's crossed over into the real world now. The first time I sign I was experiencing sleep paralysis inside child sitting in the green rocking chair at the foot of my bed. He had huge initially been head there was dented on one sided demand us to dry it's and he draws and yes it's just. He looks. How would you describe did countering I don't know it it. I guidelines within the six cents Decatur of the gunshot wounds. In in no ways it's scary you know it's like sloth with two lines I was gonna say there is trying to be politically correct but it's it's a little sloth like yes for awhile he is just so he just there to meet with and he got out of the chair and started she ambling towards the bed. I couldn't move because I was paralyzed I have sleep paralysis fairly often it's nuts. Right before he reached my dad I woke up screaming and another dream a few nights later I was in library any girl came at me and said. Thank you seem dear David Henne and I was like dude she said dear David you saw him she continued he's dead. He only appears at midnight and you can asking two questions if he said dear David first and she added but never tried asking the third question or we'll kill you. Then David came back in another team same situation thousand dead he's sitting in the rocking chair near the window staring at me. In nineteen I said dear David how did you died he mumbled an accident finished award the icy dear David. What happened in that store he grounds a shield was pushed up my dad. And it's Rosie did head and frozen with fear ask who pushed the shelf TV doesn't answer because he didn't say dear David. I realize that I'm I've asked the third question would gymnast was due to death when a wake up as they terrified next to the days. I do those deaths in the CB can't find anything about a kid named David dying in store I even tried different names Daniel Dillon DeVon nothing but few weeks go by that incident. Sort of randomly the apartment above mine is vacated in handy after he moved into it it's a larger apartments I'm thrilled. Another month to do this by any sort of forget about dear David I think he lost track medias and moved upstairs the lately something strange is happening. And then there's basketball highlights the up. And then we don't know. Click 24 more replies he keeps going he moved to the apartment upstairs which was empty and now every night at midnight cats they're at the door. The policy and in the answers on yet exactly at mid nineties there as well this is it possible there's like a dog out there or he said he opened the door and there is nothing amenities now taking photographs to be keel because he's too Fran to open the door or not possible shared a look there's only one explanation here in its dear David here David it. That let the last what I saw today he's now poured salt. Like in a little ring around his front door. Is apparently salty is going to stop dear David Frum can be killer so do you think this guy the keep final answer do you think this guy knows what he's doing. And he's laughing the whole time war. Is he serious price. I don't know I I wanna believe that this is just one big troll. And he's just he's doing this to drum up some some support for his spoken out or whatever bit. I really do think there are people out there like this and there's something about this the tells me that he legitimately. It legitimately thinks this sites that got him pouring salt in front of his door Indian terrified it is cats are staring at it. Committee asked the deadbolt the because he thinks that the dead bolt is gonna keep the ghosts speak to the ghost job of coming to kill it. Especially in general by people that are afraid of goats. Thank you would have you believe it goes whatever men more parity of Mike's been the music is a ghost family. It's a dose. Was the last time we had a ghost death. And if there ever been goes by her death like ghost. But I think you'd be kind of bad used to have a ghost I wish my house was on it I think sweet. I could ask him questions house Elvis doing it you see my dad lately. I know I wanna know what's happened to me goes broke so I. Mean I welcome the ghost. What's the ghost really gonna do to me seed. The thing that kind of makes this hard to believe for me and this is weird for me to say can I do you believe in ghosts but. Is the fact that the rain to grow walk up tumors said that you met your game but lots. Why then why would she know was dead in his dreams now he said the announcement gorilla in Israel so some girl will may be it was a ghost girl. And I like you believe that it goes diners are deeply of the ghost and ready dear David the possibility blind mouse and I don't believe I'm saying dazzled makes it hard to believe is that someone would know that he's been having dreams about this thing. I XP in the did he goes Tiger Woods that's good that's anyway. It's anyone in that picture is I keep scrolling through yeah that picture that he treated keyhole picture. Yen down where he says that wasn't sure if you did this if it was a smudge or something so I took the second photo from inside their misleading he took a photograph through the keyhole in the hallway of the cats for steers. Is also mum. Some out there it will little elaboration there are a little spirit. And one picture is it a little black sheep premiere of the wanted to know if it's the kiss icing it opened the door and let's do this let's hang out. I'm up here up let's do some goes to he asked the third question maybe he's there to kill him. How whit goes death what is that still waiting for someone to explain to me to go step. It's a ghosts. What's it gonna do it's a little kids goes to debt let's hang out. When he is hot as it's been going on it's been going on for a long time. Mind it's a whole thing. That's crazy glowingly descend. And analysis the on Twitter if you wanna go check Allentown it's exhausting I am exhausted. Allies there's really do that of the with the fellas go if they do very well told story if it is they felt yeah he's been pretty good job. And his adrenaline on I would like to invite dear David to come to my house. And it's a long trip and asking two questions tonight yeah. It's from new York and I know that's a long trip your goes some assuming there's some sort of goes round he can just hop on over and the city you know this thing out do you David who's gonna win Yale Lanka or get it out. If we asked three kills Israeli unit revenues and costs. Let people that are terrified of ghosts think everyone of those goes like that those goes are these shows. They think they go into like the deaths of some Michael decided whatever and and they feel like a cold. Wind and then the doors shut and then they all run night. Eight and death by duration of the is that when there was no. But rough I felt the chill would have their children that killing me we need to revisit my ex pro ghost. It's pretty it's amazing we need to do that again yes is a big a lot of people don't know about Mike's. Goes to street Mike believes that he goes diner appeared and then his family paid ads that goes diner and then disappeared and has no reason not to believe that I guess. But I think nothing personal experience I've got a couple I've got to go reasons why you should leave data goes diner but I appreciate the fact that you believe. There's a lot of customers and I think we think yes I do you think at some point we we should revisit the demonstrators. Aren't with John wraps it up next on anything getting getting. I can the next week guess it is out now on vacation so we Beckham credit it's a rarity we're beginning of these. The ten into the next writing so and then we're together basically I'm not here. The whole. Damn year slog through the policies. I used John James Hansen on the DL that's better. I'm a little step that I income and it didn't show it you drop because I unfortunately it will be my brother but yeah I invited you. I sit came into money and that the I don't I appreciated that night that unfortunately for me MA EU I quit my. And in John's going into the field that leaves after the end. Yeah I got my big deal to be here from a superstar that is exciting to have a genes tax. Maybe maybe you format of the dream that I go out into the court maybe I'll find you are constrained picked oral because you that the navigating. He also might find it goes. Yeah. You might finally adjusted the bulls. Out there. But rumor is that what I'm open I'm fine she was to reject a cool with that went right then you have LP with me and Shoeless Joe Jackson goes. News as kind of my point that I make it about goes why is it afraid it goes why are we embracing goes like if I got it. If you saw Joseph Jackson's goes you wouldn't run away you'd be like dude let's hang now he plays that yeah this. You know aperture. You know look I think something did happen and Ireland because nothing good deputies yeah it the disaster there. Did you hear that there are they if they make the playoffs then it's the worst rotation that ever make the playoffs in the history of baseball. And that was with practice and we've just blocked pat that. And yeah it Lisa. The designer and Selig. Four. I would be accurate QB right now and not like. 2001 primary Q I will take 27 he'd guarantee wherever he is right now I would take him over half the people we have starting. Let's Jeannie mired in the futures salad let's let's give a call because. Or are we opening date projected five. The only guy left standing right now if you RD yard that tell you anything in the news team to the bullpen. And then they brought him back because they had that Al. That's what he's seventy Mir to achieve his spirit is the only guy left the end. He is guy art. Have a big we're happy to have. Made gains as the sadness. And yet we can't nobody ever says that that's how bad it it's a disaster right now but. Roll the ball at their you know going up tomorrow or are dreamers didn't the retiring numbers tomorrow multiethnic tomorrow but at least. I look at those brief history. Trying to get time in nine Jewish theologians and look for some pictures the ghosts aren't the guys that are learned three guys going. SimCity. He CBC. House down there in the I think Phil is taken it's it's my dad kids. Diallo I guess is menial lynch who do this again. I'm back on Friday and then we'll celebrate the idea to stay jets. You get down the ball's gonna come the middle and breaks. Think until signing next AB Fred in the event that difference and accidentally credit and we can't we're back monetary on the thin. Red shoes. Okay. Visit the tip is in your mouth and it's and it goes soft Tanya looting and it is you're done knowingly and I think you're done at that point. They need to do to get another card and yes you do. And then before you know it you're you find that your strung out on a moment's notice of and to think that it's a party in your mouth. Before you know you've gone through like 56 tips why our.