Primetime 7.19.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, July 19th
Hot 5 at 5, Fedora audio about football, and how bad was Danica Patrick. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. It's five little think of that it was still in the teacup I think. Makes the story the grass is extra round this week I hate my yard. The front yards his career if I don't even like my neighbors and I was so embarrassed I was that guy this is primetime among British Open would. Roxy but area heating and cooling don't wait for come with theory heating and cooling go to Gary. Trying to I'm with eyes again soon join 1080 days and I welcome back it is Robinson. Have a good time though I can you monitors they receive that right. It tomorrow or baseball as that's where you'll be rocking on Friday. Yes based ism is over on northwest. And be in between 22 and 23 avenue. And we're gonna be over there relied broadcasts and Mike Bair it's going to be there that's the goal. And talk some baseball and hopefully have some news sports. Yet he'll break the news that. They've acquired property for a ballpark he did say in an article on the go see the triggers may have had this he said that they are hoping maybe in a month personal. To actually have an announcement on that some may we can no weasel some anatomy and what's the front runner to come by and CS. Tomorrow baseball isn't as cools off and I think we're gonna have them will be to Portland shirts. Sweet tea so I think we'll have some of those two either give out and pending dogs to be some for sale. All kinds of other a little trouble they can see we can do my. At this hour mental gymnastics with Larry Fedora the North Carolina coach. The nation under tack I'd Jimmy grapple those dates and we'll hear how unfunny. Danica Patrick is let's say the drop below store is my favorite thing didn't maybe you come along the last month or so. Yeah why I thirdly it's what if it's. Good seated so when's finally taken advantage of being Jim drop below you know take full advantage of of being and that. The level of of star quarterback but they're better advantage to be had in that realm and what he chose I guarantee that he's taking full advantage this is just the one that we saw he's exploring the IE SI is Mike I think that's a little mean at this 198 yes. I don't think they did there's an if you know we're talking about will will get to it eventually but now I don't wanna know so Jimmy G short okay this isn't any sort of lasting being used just. And just put feelers seen what's out there coming up in the club we opened well we didn't but day. Open that Egyptian sarcophagus were all gonna die. I dad problem wanna tell you not and where all the US pilots on. It there's a short each interest. Wonder why. That a B six to seven right now the hunt tied it five. Odd topics and opinions or are they aren't aren't good days and are there. It's time odd hybrid club but my heart I replied yeah. Isaac and soon. Serves refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light and download it really happens starter in points towards one America experiences get tickets and rewards. Okay okay okay. Oh mom it's. Number flies. Number flat lie yes. And who does number five look bowl. For in state cornerback Xavier properties transferring to central Michigan. To be able to playwright as a grad transferring you'll be reunited there with Kory hall even for him I do remember him you know he is not the head coach during the defense coordinator defensive backs coach Joseph Crawford started T seasons he was key returner for the ABC news heard the last seven games last year. And we avenue highest paid assistant coach in college football. Clemson has extended Salina Kansas native and offensive coordinator Brent doubles is to relieve some sort of Kansas yes. Yeah south as he got him and the astronaut. Yes Steve Hawley and the greater degree about the need to bring you a third on this list now Nokia's. Inconvenient ministry and I can human yeah. Terence Newman. He's an excellent and I were W dot C your medal stand out right it's tough but it's not even her aunts and probably not even in tough times you know you are your contenders. Until five year almost twelve million. That's the highest total compensation for assisting. Coach I'm now allergies gave Miranda. Will make more annually. It's it's good to be a defense of more offensive coordinator and that is coupled with. Lot of money being doled out the lone bomb is now the college gets. Oklahoma City traded yeah Carmelo Anthony any protected 20221. Round pick today to Atlanta. Forward Spanish raider Schroder threw it straight. Sure at a Schroeder shooter that's okay what's more in the middle there. He's began with the with the hair red get the weird streak ended and Mike moos Dalai. And he will be wade in he'll be able to join. Eighteen of his choice. To eat for her birth. Come relatively developed the rockets are now. Which seems a bit odd to me because they lost to kind of multi tiered forwards and now they're getting an eighteen. Carmelo Anthony camp clearly could be for that doesn't make it any better. He he will definitely not make it any better I'm assuming this truck outside did you know that Oklahoma City was on track to have the most expensive roster in NBA history. But no. Apps. Celtics bring back mark Smart for years 52 blazing guard wade Baldwin's contract becomes guaranteed to make one point 54 million Indian full time Glazer. By the team has until Wednesday to use their thirteen million dollar trade exception acquired in the Allen Crabbe deal where that goes away. I Denver today Michael Porter junior number fourteen overall but he's now had another spinal surgery this is his second. There's now no timetable for his return of the so I did Alice is finalizing a one year deal with your. They did say though because I saw this yesterday kind of leaked out and played more people are talking about it this quarter's guys are saying that he does not plan to build the goal is to not have sent out all year. That they hope this is a breakthrough. Come on man herniated disk in and they're hoping that he's able to play. Indians have major bullpen issues nearing 29. Today though they acquire Padres closer Brad hands. I see 88 of its top catching prospect in baseball and return his team's ring at Francisco Mickey. And he would give the friars ten. Of the top 100 prospects in baseball according to baseball America. Numbered. It's actually yeah. About it it's it's one of those that's what this news this. We've written that the logic in baseball isn't. Always make a real difference but we've seen over the last handful of huge trade deadline trade deadline deals that did these sorts of things can. Making huge impact in and I was a big deal. Mainly Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred was on fox sports 1 this morning any listed six potential cities for expansion. In of course it's no secret he wants to expand to 32 teams of leaking realigned divisions. And realign the playoffs this season listed in this order. Portland and Las Vegas. Charlotte's. And Nashville in the United States. Any mentions Montreal and possibly even Vancouver BC. In Mexico right in the drug makes good to place at their places in Mexico that he thinks they can go in the long haul yet but. And I don't know you know significant that he throughout four. Moments but first yes I've done some digging around because those names against the run out and so I tried to take. Just kind of goons spare time is number one. If there's a buzz and NBC news and it sure feels like at least agree we will search did Portland it has most. Momentum ducks in a row both buzz right now about moving forward. I'm telling I keep getting them better and better feeling of so they seem to be furthest along yes site not to say simply can't come out of nowhere and she's dead. You know Charlotte Nashville they think they needed teen outlast him you know soak Portland has a leg up on unsolicited for that reason. Not all of them. Weather cooperated Carnoustie say round one of the open championship the leaders 34 year old South Carolina native Kevin Kissinger. Shoots five under 66. He leads by one over Tony you know and a pair of south Africans. Zander Lombardi in Eric van ruined. This guy's a floor under other notables Roy McIlroy is tied for eighth he's two under Rickie Fowler tied for eighteenth he's one under. Tiger Woods tied for thirty seconds. He sheets even par 71 he made a pair of bogeys coming in I jordin speeds from one over Phil Mickelson two over. Hatch agreed for over and a Dustin Johnson five over last place with a score of 82 little. Eleven over it's a tie. A race to the bottom. Darren Clarke and mosques and Horry co Leon she shot eighty two's out there. I saw that. Ian Poulter I don't remember what hole was on but I saw highlight Ian Poulter had one of the most amazing shots I've ever seen in boulder handed out of the rough. And he skimmed over the top of the water and then there's the shot rolled into a bunker and then like. Went down in and rolled back out over the bunker and then just kept going to end up on the edge of the green does luck yeah 100% luck. But it's an amazing. Freaking shot and some of the guys that they're hitting 400 yard play strides he says don't hit it 240 yard wedge. Justin Thomas that's students forty actual that's an Israeli wedge yes so. Oh and then Thomas Curtis also shot 82 if you care. I did a thing did you see Jordan speaks putt. Yes they did see jordin speeds putts and everybody's talking about yes it Leahy and hit a rounds. Yes so he he was sitting down in a really weird spot where he had a putt. Really close to the edge of a bomb garden and get it up to a hill and then funnel it back down to the hole. Well the guy on the entry into the commentator was the sand there's no way he gets this within a couple feet there's just no way because he's gonna have to put it too close to the edge of the bunker. Well he putts that SOB. Right along the edge of the bunker and takes it through the contours of the bunker and hit in puts puts it like two feet to the right of the pin and look it up it was off. It's amazing. Really that shy of the Poulter shot and other relative to Oklahoma City roster and had all of trying to see what this does good getting rid of Carmelo. But that roster that they put together which is what no better than fourth or fifth in the west. 300 million dollars when you factor in the luxury tax I've had a five refresh by prospered course like download course lights new rewards at the start earning points towards one of the kind experiences in game tickets. Hot takes with a college football coach next on the fan. I'm revised again soon rock you've by area heating cooling on 1080 program. Right billions of this yesterday wanted to talk about it. Cause of all comments are having their media days. Event will be down in LA next week. Wednesday for our show for the pac twelve media day this one from the ACC North Carolina coach Larry Fedora. Super bro we Larry Fedora he beard he'd ever seen what he's all about. Not until this easy. He's a super old school tough guy he's. Well it's pretty Korea based on his comments are about to play yeah Larry is he's an interest in fellow. Yes so he's out there and you know you're expecting just so well we've got a really good team there like a recruiting class and you know tour here's my quarterback in. You know let cliche crap. But not from Larry not leery they're win double finger pistols on us and he's going now he's going big time he's he's coming out guns ablaze and he he's got a lot of things to replace him audio here. But just know that. This audio is about four minutes and it has some very rational thought and it. And then it has. Some very out their stuff so he's going to yell yo you to death rate here. That Vicky realizes what he's saying is idiotic and so he's trying to balance that out bed he really believes what he say vote no he believes out. So you'll have you nodding. And then. Instantly saying wait what what that at the hell are you talking about Larry. So here he is talking about the state. Of football. I think you seriously. When new sport is you. If you'd like in Portland to all of America America. His death does that does that and sharpen your focus on wanting to find ways to constantly keep battering game or does it make it tougher for you see. Realities. No it's sought it is. And I do believe were were involved in the greatest game there is on our I really do and I do believe it's it's what makes our country so great. And I mean how passionate about that and the things that we changed year in and year out and tweaking the game for player safety all of those things. I think are good for the game and I Saturday and there I think the game safer right now. That's ever been in the history of the game. That doesn't mean you're gonna eliminate all kind of it I mean all the injuries are just not it's not possible. But the game is better than it's ever been and I believe the games under attack right now. Really do and if we're not careful you know we're gonna lose what the rule what the game is all about pretty neat is it. You heard it. Well he couldn't. All not blaming you I'm not blaming anybody out I'll I'll blame me I've ground swell of law. Flop. Potato that is. Tweaked one way or the other because I can take the data and I can make it look one way you can take the day to make it look and all the way and whoever resentment is the one that gets us iso. And you know so. Are there are some things that have have. Are negative about the game yet there's no doubt about that. But again. I think if you look over time I can tell you just in my lifetime. From when I played the game early on to where we are today here's a huge difference. In the way. The games played in the way athletes click here. You. Oh yes I fear I fear that the game will hit will get pushed so fall to one extreme. That you won't recognize the game ten years from now. That's what I worry about and I do believe that it if if he gets to that point that that our country goes down to it. Let's put one I guess primal well one thing that can a country go and if your worried about losing contacts as an element of the game. Lately it I mean if we go to touch football games definitely changed you know and and end the game will not be is is physical the game on obvious top as it is you know. A few years back I had an opportunity ask to restore journal you know what. I had a question for much of what what was it may what is it that makes our country our our military. Superior verbal and every other culture in the in the world. So he was like Nazis. We're the only football nation in the in the world. And on and so are most of all of our troops. Have grown up I've played the game at some point in the life itself. That game is what is what makes us who Leo was it different than right. I don't know rugby so I could tell that I just know they don't Wear a helmet so. But I I don't I. And I'll apologize like wow game to win it one of the biggest lesson here kids learned from UST. UNC. While I hope they learn how to be the man great man great father's great husbands. I think you know that that's part of what. Pass me in this game is the influence that we have one young man and I'm beginning I don't lives on me you know when we leave this earth I mean you know. We're gonna say yeah he won this many games you only losses many games eventually that's going to be forgotten. But the lives without impacting his release of the legacy that I believe in the generations to come that are impacted that way. So jokes making them better men better better better fathers better husbands. You know the citizens. I think that's really important to what we do was football coaches it's a much greater than them lessons that they're learning on the field. And the lessons they're learning in the weight room or in training and almost. Those are the lessons that are gonna carry them through the rest of their life they will be able to rely on those lessons. Every single day when they get out of it. Every single day you'll be able to draw it's ultimately learned in the game of football that will make their day better. If it. And some like some thoughts there. You know he believes became a safer than ever seen this yet so like like you said you think you're nodding along and and you like low wage and let the so. He's also a CTA is CT desire ER is on the talk about that we don't know apartment. He doubts about how there's let me set it in there we but he nicely is talking about tweaking the data I would like to see the data that he tweaks imprison yes Greg is playing well how unum. He goes on and then there's there's more in there where he talks about that there's no evidence. Yeah there is Larry there's actually quite an advocate. I personally love where America. Erica falls it's we've we lose well the country's gone down because our military is the best in the world because. Football again like I probably. Said that to him it's because he knows he's a football coach yeah right like I would hope so. But I don't know I was listens during springtime elect isn't in surveys like all right how did people like this think this way you know what what what is this and I. I think it's a pretty simple answer yes I do too and it's that locates all. I look forward to hear mean. How do you explain a guy like Larry Fedora who's not a dumb guy who's very successful guy who. Why trouble you know why he'd. You know these mental gymnastics right this cognitive dissonance that he has regarding. This state of the game in just what what it does to. Athletes' bodies but to me it's pretty simple in that. I don't know I think it's wanting to be ignorant. About things because you aren't exposed to them it's another when each your profession writes like like earth does he have his viewpoint. When it's his profession it's so narrow right in its in its motivated reasoning it's it's emotionally based decision may keen. Based out of the year and I think what it is is like you get guys like this. Who just live and an echo chamber man like he has. His life is football and he sees nothing outside of football and so therefore of course he thinks the balls the greatest thing in the world and of course he thinks football. Is the country at eight like this is a guy who. Doesn't seek concussions he sees young men competing and doing what he's as in developing every day and he's done that his whole life and makes millions of dollars doing that. And so naturally his belief is that football is the greatest thing ever knicks right so you're a 100% so he can't see outside of that echo chamber or you don't want to say you know I wanna see out of the outside the echo chamber and and I get it he loves football and they're in a lot of what he's saying is right about what it builds. In terms of you know team building or a character in it any young man. You can't clear on on our morning show is like that he's a firm believer that man this game teaches you. Of more than a lot of other sports for various reasons the way you know the way it's played in the camaraderie in the in the teamwork in that kind of the more like mentality like it's us against them you know that whole thing. And I think that's what he's talking about with the Milledge. Airy and I would assume so and down ladies thought thought there's a toughness there and look I played football for a lot of years and Andy gave me a lot of good things yeah I do think there's an element of work ethic in toughness and kind of grit. That you know when when when things get bad you can mean on. But you're you're a 100% right I mean I. When I was gonna say was it almost a mirror image of view is that when this is being your whole life I know football life first in your right do you live in a bubble. Or an echo chambers you called it and you don't wanna get out of that it's a safe world that makes sense do you football is very structured. Right everything has a purpose everything has a place. Everything is scheduled out and it's a very. I see it's an easy life but it's a it's a life for the past this clearly laid out before you and then when that's all you ever doubt if all your but it when you were young was cut was play and then you wanted to be a coach you've been very successful and you've got millions of dollars out of it. You won't see any negative and I I don't wanna say it appears some people claim that I I hate football and he couldn't be further from the truth. I look game and it brought me a lot of good things are just able to see the other side of the coin that for all of the good that football does there's also a lot of bad. Oppose terrific on your body and also teaches you a lot of awful lessons. I played with guys did learned a lot of evil nasty behaviors misogyny mistake in some cases criminal behavior that was. Enabled or in some places encouraged. By football fraud the great team building crop camaraderie and toughness that he can build it can also build a very gang mentality a very violent mentality. I particularly didn't like the way I was when I played football. I wasn't necessarily a bad guy but if you asked forty year old me what I thought of 181920. Year old me when I was miss my football on the bears at some of the things I've participated in and some of the things that were encouraged in the attitude in the violence they came along with it. CEO Barry is eight honey of good but he's one of those guys that will only see one side of the coin and unfortunately I think a lot of football guys are like we'll. This is why I like and I think here we're on the same page here this is why like guys like even Mike Mike Leach whose views pretty foot volley yet but he's a guy who's well read and has interest outside if he's not in that echo chamber 24 sevenths so. He has a little bit different perspective there are guys a lot of football coaches. Better like this but there are also a lot of football coaches that. Their heads art 100% on football and they have a little bit more measured less narrow view that right. That's why. Larry Fedora like what does this come from that's what idiots it's just he has never come up for air from his little life in that echo chamber. And you know that leads to denying the dangers of football. We just Emmys just cognitive dissonance right it's like he's eat you deny overwhelming evidence. Out of fear. Cognitive dissonance creates tension right like you you hear this legal no no annihilating your head there's just fear and it's tension. And that leads to wild statements of defense that are nowhere near true and that's where he is on. On the whole concussion thing in the in the whole CT you think India and so that's that's that's how. Embarrass the dude college for football in general is littered. With men like that yes littered. It is and a buzz me more with college football than it does with the NFL because the lease in the NFL there is. Better structure in the fact you pay players and theirs theirs they're grown man and an outside influences. All the CT stuff the the end of the last to deal with is sustained in college but there's no voice for college it's there's a settlement for college athletes are so long term care for college athletes. And you're under the thumb of coaches that don't really care because in two to three years you're gone and someone else's coming in. And so I think it's a bigger problem in college with football coach is basically playing god over kids that are. Did don't really feel like they have a voice where is he in Greece in the NFL there's a union it's more of a buyer beware sort of thing. It's is it's why I just I roll my eyes to Larry Fedora is of the world when they talk about. How much the game is given them of course. But it's also come on the backs of a lot of other people that aren't you. It's like when you is that when Davos when he said the day that we paid players is the day I go find something else to do OSHA PayPal. Really you're gonna give up your 56 million dollar a year salary because we want to make sure that the kids have some long term health care. Or voice and how all heard that there there's forties is played. And that that sort of mentality drives me nuts and and Larry Fedora is certainly one of those guys site Jimmy G. Jerry drop below one on a date if he gets seeded in multi all about it next here's Mike. The guys again soon Watson lake area needing who live on ten maybe it's. Enjoying watching. Don't think I've ever seen. Anything involving the espy's outside of like you know on and you make a video clip the next day someone says like I highlight. Yeah Manning was pretty Ed I on there I don't remember that nearly played some of his jokes. But somebody wrote a bunch jokes and then Danica Patrick was the host and she's not very funny so they announced these are her jokes she's just trying to deliver the says she can't say daily we want to get OS the Comedy Central rose yeah you know Bruce Willis is is coming up in the smug yeah you know he said. Did you hear he said it's already out did Arizona Christmas story that's what he said go to hell Bruce Willis when he's in the movies I don't care. I'm I refuse. I'm guttural Larry Fedora he's an iron not a Christmas and yet. But it could wind when they do those they have played their friends are regulars levees get up there and someone writes them their jokes and it's never as good as the standup comedians this same sort of thing Danica Patrick had people write jokes for and she's not okay oh she's not a performer. You shouldn't expect it be Kevin Carter Chris Rock. No but it's okay blood instincts of the jokes are funny. Peterson now is so you're saying it's all delivery. Like if somebody is a comedian delivered these jokes and I'm gonna play some of these for you it would be 75. To 90% better. Well percentages yet link if you took and you went out and took I don't know Lou I guess no one likes Lucy gave him orbit by Chris Rock. Chris sharks one of the best standard comedians of all time. If we just wait and found intern in there and we gave him Chris rock's jokes he's not gonna stand up derby Chris Rock. There is something to do every in being able to do I get I perform again but this is kind of the other way around. Right like. It does it happen this is this can anybody make peace funny. Brennan Chris Rock stuff is funny yes but of course a lot of it has to do with Chris Russell richest and the problem was Vince has been as devastated by the way you it in turn been as devastated if things you do better than Chris Rock. Our Internet. The other problem but this too is there with the espy's they have to walk such a sensitive one because all the athletes get so bloody hurt. That you can't bring you can make fun of them but not really so you can't I can't you can't really push the edge cherry got you ready yeah. Funny Danica Patrick. Welcome to the 2018 ask you why everybody. And it's true that as these he had never had a host like me before. Yeah are you kidding me. If I'm. Ever. But I'm asleep I'm near as good as these have been about salad. Rating the magic of sports. No matter what else is going on in the world sports have always had the power to inspire. (%expletive) kids hold it and and who knows those people are from Cleveland. Having an asthma for many years and imposes singled me out on the show. I know it's a series of greed was back. And I can't wait to show that seems back. So so many of you tonight. Series champion losing losing end. I say it's incredible that Jose can reach the top of this for fashion. Without being able to reach the top shelf in his locker and out of respect to these short end. We have a lot of NFL starts at us tonight net falls in the Super Bowl champion Phil yeah. The. Player of the year inside girly Sierra. You. I'll back into any easier tonight. But. Dallas once again healthy and will return to the field next season. But his hair styles still listed as questionable. Easy is there. I'll make he's Las Vegas recently he can make this funny. The vast expansion teams of all time but then lost to the Washington Capitals. They Katz won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. And how it's a bad skin. Any happier. In this month and I didn't see your rights in this pleas are watching ten. Since. Well two days ago. Speaking of other countries congratulations to France on winning the World Cup. I admit it joke about the US soccer team due to compete. But dating while I've this monologue. It's a critical. And rightly so Dion Marc no god no. Please stop. But American yeah cylinder Olympics this year then again. This this series games are here tonight. Winning women's hockey team missing Eric. Okay. Oh no less slowly Kim is here. Still brands animal products here. He gets you. Its stance is only wanna mantle. Time dividends in the US men's curling I was there except. You don't like Chris Brown. It's. Zero Lindsay Nelson and fumbled. Those unfamiliar act. Is this worry you are allowed Simeone. Encouraged these stats when I mention the elephant in the room. And this time to talk about the handling the controversy. She knew lover who is thinking either. But you know we all have bad days this. Making up. Tiger is back yeah. I guess. Now why do you Thomas guy when he isn't winning. Yeah busy think he is. Me. I'm gonna say more than once again one I think. Five minutes too long admits she's no lawyers jokes stop it should shoot a decent but poorly delivered JR Smith joked. Since no let's hear it don't encourage balloon sop. Nation. Shut up I probably wouldn't buy for the local mall this hole I probably in that spot on with us. I huddle balloon pod. That's better and any monologue and get him Patrick I knew it was regrettable thing we've done on the air in quite some guys that. Just cute cute cute I probably wouldn't buy. Aaron it wasn't that had come line no it was that though we made it that I thought nobody talking about what. I thought it was funny. I'm sure you did. What did you think are laughing respect. Yeah it's like a means I can't help that the sides she really sunny Jesse's. He did the funny bones so you're telling me some really funny comedian can make that crap funny come on they could've made a lot better they wouldn't it be in his hack he and his cringe word she's not a comedian. It was it. It was bad Betty I don't think she deserves to be killed for it to expect from a race car ever. The video Jeff Gordon have there would have been any better. Hey we opened to DS sarcophagus. They called in Geraldo and pounded out now we're all gonna die I have to stop. What they did after stopped limited too which is an had to stop the act is on the group notes metal yeah that is the opener of this group. The brown water but the stop dad problems and where have all the US pilots gone next its club and eighty on the fan.