Primetime 7.19.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, July 19th
New targeting rules in the NFL, British Open update, and IN THE NEWS!

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Trying to more on an eighty defend our Logan David Phillips go to Japan. This is a British Open we commission prime time with Isaac ensued. Dry heat but aryan heating cooling. Don't wait for comfort with the area heating cooling go to period leading dot com today your local train them for specialists. It's hard just to break. It's British Open we'd go and try and time with eyes again soon on 1080 years. Trim its. It is British. The league and now we'll talk about what happened today or I guess well again today. I coming up in ten minutes last night I guess yeah I was on at 1030 I would say they get a on the course of the middle semis kilometer. Yes that being comes on at 1030. Our time now and it goes like this is the best coverage of the major. Because they cover the whole old saying on Golf Channel and tell. I don't know when they went off the air maybe like 1 o'clock today are so well know been earlier than that right because it's eight or nine hours different them like that but. It's it is awesome waking up to sports early in the morning big fan of that here early. Morning sports like in the in Kosovo worlds and as a group I think in Ireland like Notre Dame played navy years on and in the game will be on like 637 more UA great like a football. While most are now I was given to go to bed. And I always do their ballots it was like 11 o'clock 1130 is not a lap they take one more lap to see if like there's a Stallone movie like a good skin a maximum on heated. Her film you'll think it was the next slim dance went down and dirty air it is. Like I don't serve a trip around and I was like going in British opens on. Flipped over watch out for 45 minute it's all right so I'll leave that in ten minutes but. They still jockeying with. But then had a target in the helmet to helmet rule only NFL yes and so I saw this article to they worried try to expand it in the NFL's trying to make it clear. But after reading the article like four different times I still not a 100% certain on what's gonna happen. I do know that if you make contact with another player with the Kron of your helmet so like your forehead or back. It suppose it as a penalty no matter who does it regard at all regardless of the intent and yet it seems like they're try. To put some language in here that is going to prevent it from being called on every single play so as to linemen block Lawrence. And their helmets I mean obviously now this this the pets there they didn't they're basically saying that if tackles in my defense of Ben's doing it. Then yeah S it'll be called but it's into Uruguay men do it. May be may be not. Really so did quit and who. Is I guess he's one of the guys that is on the competition committee. The coach has moved the falcons. He has put together my gut a videotape of this and there send it around to different teams he's new Iranian it. And someone and asked him. About white men and and and how this is gonna go. And Quinn said that he was focused seen the deep into the wind section on the tackles and the and the defense events where there's more Speights. And then you can actually I guess make a decision on whether or not to lower your head. But as far as the interior goes this was Quinn's comments he goes I could see we're being very likely called on the inside guys not say they couldn't. But contact happened so we went to geyser stance across from one another it'd be difficult so are two examples where I thought the players had a chance to make. A decision when entering into contact. Stephen Keane who was all commit each. Who is owner is like good guy Arthur Blank even he's not sure. How this all gonna be called okay said it doesn't it in this applies to anyone on field rate yet I said yes they. Either running back carrying the ball running back there in the ball anybody except for a quarterback entered a quarterback sneak evidently he can lower they had all that's got to protect Tom Brady because they said that's not the intent to he's not tried to hit any mom with his helmet led. Neither would receiver went over the middle they catches the ball and lowered his head to protect himself. Technically that is going to be a penalty when you sit guide according did to this article. And the NFL's own language if you are going over the middle you catch the ball you still top receivers try to get small because they know the hits company. If people or is his head and makes contact with the defender as he's go across. That's a penalty but I don't understand how that's any different than a quarterback. Who sneak tried new quarterback sneak in again he's just trying to protect himself and leans forward but the same ones okay in one's probably not. OK. Keyword probably. Think you're I think they're doing what that we use this is what they're doing I think connect a infopath please and any area. Here. I think they all are doing is they're giving the officials they were spider. Sloth yeah right like there there Irsay and you know you could read all of it. Obviously they want. But they walk through those for the 20% of the 10% of the 5% that's a little questionable. They heard it been the officials more power to call that so as to better clean up the game. Yes but herein lies my fear I agree with what you said in principle but this is my fear. This is all hunky dory. I'm telling you to get into a situation where this starts deciding game it's huge place because you have such leeway here right. I get they're trying to give the officials and out here not to throw a flag on every single play because it is the original rule was written. This was a death sentence and they did show a clean up the language they are saying now that the provision. Does not prohibit this of the that the actual rule is you seemed. Any part player's helmet or face master but spear or ram an opponent yeah. There there is this provision does not prohibit incidental contact by the mask or helmet over the course of a normal conventional tackle blocker Apollo era. Ers gave me that I go to normal conventional tackle or block of an opponent so again that goes to your point of their trying to make this. A broader scope of of the officials been able determined. Why isn't it sends a penalty. But when you give them that sort of leeway. Gained a game official rules official situation this issue issue and you did say this has the potential to be chaos. 'cause wait until the first time that you get a big catch a big run that sets of a team do what. Ball game there's contact an agenda and a few judge and referee deems that non incidental contact and he throws a fifty yard penalty on that. I just think the NFL was setting themselves up here for a colossal. PR Knight yeah I am not I. I guess she just have to have faith the officials and I don't yeah. Maybe have a little bit more than they knew but I can understand why you it's that I. There's certainly going to be content cease I don't know about chaos but there will be controversies and what's wrong with the idea they do in the NB a you know they'll say you saw your whistle out in the big moments. Like NFL officials do that I certainly hope they deal. I mean I just it bugs me a little bit in the world of college football and look no one has been scared of an amount perhaps louder than New Zealand needed that for all. Should be safer can't say for dole on the 48 that. I think there's a big difference a teen NFL officials in college official agreed agreed college officials aren't very end I hate the window the ruling college football where a guy makes it's not a contact and he isn't getting kicked out public now I know it's world I N and it's so arbitrary are where those things are called and how they're all. And that's my fear here that it's just going to be a crapshoot it's like almost surely got the point of what what's the catch him what is and catch. I am if I'm fearful that we're gonna get three more years of this of what is or is into a helmet penalty. What's what is the actual penalty. Is it fifteen yards to see our personal foul personal and nothing in smaller like nothing Mike. There's no fiber ten yards it's everything they call it date though the bike it's fifteen I believe that is correct. To go double checked out but I believe that that is a person right now wanna go in optimistic. And say that. Now it probably won't call lot of the stuff but there will be calls that we will be debating every Monday. I just no question I just think it's significant that they were here to campus started. And there's still tweaking the language. How old. That the rule book actually states from what their original. Some statement was on this. And that we still don't have clarity as camps open up and if we don't have her he. The players don't have clear the coaches don't have clarity how they held the officials have clarity how does this gig called consistently it's just. It's one of those things as the pre season rolls out here in the ravens and bears are being camp and everyone else is gonna be your pretty quick. Two things to watch in the pre season games. You know because Greece's public can be rough to watch one the new kick off rubles and how that's gonna impact the game means I think that has a chance to really be different and unique and and maybe actually more exciting for the game of ball. And then this helmet rule and how it's called. And and if we can find some sort of a uniform policy here or are we going to just have and other frustrating rule because we've had these before in the NFL. Where we have to deal with scrap and it seems like it slows down impacts games. And makes the game works when that helmet air bags he think that's a solution here you know they have for bicycles. If you really so I I saw this a while back or is there is a late in she she won some sort of price for it but it's a it's a bike helmet that's not really a bike helmet at the color they like goes around your neck looks like you were like a scarf. And then on impact its senses that you've been in a crash and then it inflates. And creates a little air dome around your head up so the count though without having to Wear a buck off the about. Does that work you think. Does that better than just wearing that we'll know I'll say it in the NFL they actually. They they have those now you get by you can buy a Helmut aired out for yourself if you're out about. Aren't but we know there's check out what this is the other frustrating part about football for all of them saying. That they want to make the game safer and and and day care about it there's ways to make the game self safer or better technology and we won't do it. We we we know there's ways so after shell helmets held for extraditing them Steve Kelso I used to Wear that little soft shell on the top part of his helmet of the military have like way better way technologies in the NFL yes and Souter motorcycle drivers and all this and there is a better Helmut that we can be put on people's heads and we won't do it because cost. Liability emitting the old stuff didn't work and a lot of it is aesthetics that people don't want to see you again look convincingly talk about this year to go there's. Article about how the dirty little secret the NFL one of them would have the many and is that day low of the crack of the helmet yes they don't want that to go away though they want that in any new technology that. That that comes about and regular the next let's check at the open for fifteen on the fan. This is a British Open we traditional prime time revising consumed brought to you by area heating and cooling on 1080 program. Permanent amusement. All this. Unlike water. Felt like old people forward. Not only losing young people. Young people are following some people are surviving other people are dying it's crazy. We'll stop falling B and FB staring your fee to be an athlete a good day you get to an NFL camps that's led one of the big things is if you fall down if you're on the ground you. Then not acceptable. Because falling down the around means guys blow on stuff out like knees ankles. So if you go down the ground you get just some greens and that's a big tell you to be an athlete stay on your feet. I'm allowed to go down the ground so looking at the open leaderboard. Round one in the books it's wrong that I still think it's weird that it's called open. It's the British Open. Yeah I'm not really sure if he can be called the British Open anymore thing. When they give you referred to it is the British Open to get all pissed about it may you while it's in our our or any on the stations as per usual I know he careful. Some some guys move there's going to be open this year about it. I open championship and it just. It's kind it's a little like when people say Billy you know instead of Ohio state university. In you and you don't say that its EO has a university. Get it but you when you started the game of golf right it was just called the open championship. But it's yet we have the US so then you have the British Open. It's it's it's played over there get over yourself. Well whatever it's called it going on yes and the timing Evan is wonderful because I it starts at 1030 at night here. And then you can stamp the lesion on drinking. And flawlessly it and the same tournament same ran armed. Is a line. When you wake back up and that they need to start drinking I mean you have a copy and and you watch it can I tell you that your little. Of the stuff that what you call it that you brought back from Italy and all living Chela boy what I think is simply delightful did you make element jealous spritz I made more than one limits Louis Orr is so Ed. The league ask again and I forgot it is. The lemon cello yes it is for Sacco. And then lemon sorbet or sure some days from red in the picture should serve a sure her and then. If you don't put the survey and you can doodles under water the and I did not go soda water I got the sorbet and I'll they had bats nicer isn't a it was except that I've got to draw with. And I got a big problem you'd your alcoholic now you're only brought me the one little ball yet. You go by elements alone that we're really quick but that's suppose that is like languages like do the does stuff Diana it's big yeah but that drink was Soo Lee delightful. It it did not last very long and got a hole one shot. I may have taken I may have up to chair the the ante a little you know there's there's sneaky dentist or maybe a dvd didn't do you remember your way yet to carrier wipe out EMI life. Cashed out abode he was to. So understand at this place in now on. Which we're a town we're in Monroe sura Al Mahdi the Terry in town in Riviera. And we had this little pub this the pub this'll restaurant. And bar right down lower flat in I was this on and shower and a percent and in my altitude and down their all freaking day. And I go down. And check in on her and she's can she now and she'd had eight of those puppies. Women's princes in shoes I'd she was happy I because I guy cheese get lit up Denny is great Mary make vacation right yeah. Two. Nine in two hours it was probably an hour later we're sitting down to dinner she cannot function she can't speak and she. Looks at me out with it Harris that it's time to and I had to usher her out of dinner it it before she got heard there. I love to sing sneak up on those great side I had the one I tried it and I was like this is simply delightful and then let's just say that the rest of of the that led new is that Magellan jello he had at its base it lasted two drinks. Oh really yet teases it just aggressive dean at the U. That was so it was delightful. And I got a pretty good about much you try to say where the ball that yet settlement but you only teach their own for that purpose and reason when that it. The Holland and normally we got it done. You know what there's there's a lot of this to absorb we you know. Strong course the SCANA council OK it's a Kaeding his there is leading five under. USA USA. Take that open championship there's a couple of south Africans you've never heard of four under Zander Lombard. Now doing him no idea and Eric van Rooney in their ruined or something I don't know he not a gonna win the open I guess he uses he played at the Emerson Minnesota. He drove in the boat. He's not going to turn to figure out is vote all in there I'd like thinks so turned PJ flew over there rode with them and head towards turn bill. Well to Fina yep he's right there yeah as a nice nick Tony Fina TP temp. I think you wanna say he is right around that ten or twelve the spurs the best odds ago you lane lines that there. Tiger Tiger Woods to wind blowing Tarik he wound their formatting many couple bogeys coming in a un. This thing about it was is the weather cooperated it is pretty. Is pretty nice out to the wind didn't really kid I looked it looked gorgeous. It was last item in it looked. Similar Carnoustie Carnoustie when the wind kicks up can be really really difficult but they did have that today so I saw where Justin Thomas is the fair Iran and so fast. He added four and three yard three wood cheese you like good lord he also hit they intervene after him that interviewed him after the wreck on. And the guy said he hit it 240 yard wedge. Just roll get a raw come against. In 240 yard pitching way into the tigers showed up with that. They keep the the tape when they call that tape. Oh yeah the athletes where unto him what the hell that is done thinking VCR tape. Some them down but I needs in our home if you're you're in the neighborhood that's not how you pronounce it but I I think you're in you're in the neighborhood so he said he slept. Cricket and tennis program won't. Will get Jon Sim city slicker bunea so knack. And he had that app on is on the back of his split. Popped up out of his collar around his neck yeah I don't think it'd be really hard to play when I never did that. Trees that's no that wasn't a thing when I played in now I'm too old and rickety I don't care enough about myself to have to put it on their big scene. You see athletes Wear relative and the EC bros in the gym and they better where Ned but I'd want us to do I think I think it acts just like up like a support I can brace you know I'd kinda keep us there and that restricts. Lincoln for golf I think that would restrict the movement you know and then some to want I've never used an ID be very weird for golf anyway tiger had to answer is freaking out like oh my god. It's back. Give people saying KT tape he's gonna die. KT tape right leg it's it's can be kick and Khamese geology type study is it's like Kenny DOJ you're somewhere in that and I'm out like that range but anyway so the raids like vital volleyball player ten players but. Of bacon where Donald white a golfer could mean I guess estimates on your neck in the mean much easier. We just tries to keep it come from being painful when you go to swing on a Brandel Chamblee was on the and he said I liked his line he says tigers into that age or it's dangerous justice. And boy if that insurance now won't mean you wake up with just random ailments have slowly especially with new head of kinda deep they have allowed your body. Right it's. If it's not like tiger wood is like in with you for the Jewish 43 in Miami and the keys I just turned 43 I think heat 42 animal turned 43 it. In December something tells me that there's little more Wear and tear on his body and then on the the Rochester schools some some some tells me that days 42 turns 43 December 30 look at many millions of times comes in billions he swung a golf club. Since he's been three years old that's the same motion every time. How many swings has he taken in life millions. We'll tell you it's going to be hundreds of millions doesn't I am I'm sure it's a nets just did a number many guns would floor you. Millions want a number hundred civilians alone and that's a lot it's a lot. But he we need to find out how many days keep practices and you know Dana just like swing and on his Freddie darker yeah. But do you mean you anyone that's done the same repetitive mode senior Matt likely construction guys it's a roofer. Or. Secretaries you know that that type all day. They'd been guided does the did my my big arm tattoo he he's eating that Geary she'd be in mid forties or whatever. He's got no lol lol I'm not mid forties. Well you get there I'm 43 did they are getting the number early stories but he's got a mighty hope. On his back as he spent the last 25 years bent over in one motion. Over and over and over and over again. You did you seek your body's not meant to do that and think about that with a golfer like Tiger Woods who was so fanatical about it and then all the stupid navy seal work out today like I was doing. You'd probably needs link in nineteen roles that just to keep everything from fallen apart. All right so that's the latest from the British. Open or just reopened but it starts. Again here a few hours began assists for thirty arts I'm. They're all sleeping right now. And 1030 their back out there to go so you know great argued during didn't yet little later than normal. No or little or you just keep going through the night and a drink right after the show. Zell is due back and then by 1030 I'll be nicer loomed upper big operator also too little lump. Passed out like on the hill too little gaffe I sat on number thirteen. Are coming up next it's time for in the news we talk to people surviving falls. Here's my. This is a British Open we did is no Brian Todd went Isaak in suit brought to you by airy heating cooling on 1080 trim. I demand grows around there are. He's amassed forests. We timer how many how many swings. A golf club has Tiger Woods taken in his life. The age of 42 and add this person says if tiger hits an average of two balls a day six days a week. Since he was three he sued over 2.4. Million golf balls I gotta believe it's more than that but think about practice links Seton. So EI it's gonna be more than that but that gives you. A frame of reference and wants us 200 swings every day for 35 years is 2.5 million. I got to imagine those guys not when he was three but he was growing up and working on his game and then when he was at his peak prowess. I've got to believe he swing end. You know 45 times a day like some of those critics Freddie couples you start about he would swing and Tillis and pull it. A year receive like pro golfer's hands are just there that the law assurance. I would imagine that's more than 200 swings today will think about yapping about how many he let the days and they don't plan treatments yeah. Some say in the queen you're out there just kind of grow our Indy. I I got to believe that that's if it that's 2.5 million. I'm pretty easily save that big keys in the three did. Three uniform for an half million swings over the course of his life if not hundreds of Knoll as a local overestimate voters that's on par. Got a little rambunctious her dad that prediction John. 92 doesn't age just riveting. Use I mean noted newsman and Anthony's computer Jesus because over there we are watching there's one baseball game there is there's only one I think it's because it's there right now cardinals and the counts is that this is that whether playing today I think suppose a lot of people there. We'll zinni gets Wrigley Field. That's the only thing to do any Arnold still happy so I saw today and I know how legit this was the cubbies are being linked to may be trying to put together a blockbuster deal for one Jacob to grow. Reeling. Didn't have enough to go out and make him. Their final piece. You're gonna end any blind taste tester revealing the top five Portland donut shops. Really this is where rat now doctors think doughnuts are a big thing. And now they really I lived a lot of different places him. I don't know dole would have ever been a bigger deal than they are here in port I think you write about them but we freak out about I mean I got it done I think it's because of it it everywhere wherever we go everywhere and as they're figuring donut spots spent. Booty started adherents lakes and then people get this he's saying. That you prefer one over the other like I'm a blue star is as my favorite pets and you're giving me the choice. But like you say you to a voodoo don't have personal fight she you don't cut chip bulletin the blue star doughnuts are way better than duties donuts it's not close to start as the best apple for her may be I've ever had that it's it's unbelievable since no one know what their top five where I'm guessing you do number one. Voodoo not old. Does not get a deal applies to suit that they that was yesterday's news we moved on do's DOG yeah bled. That's about it if and in you and I you know somebody does know what they're talking about what comes to donuts they go live undated. If you're down like I'll I'll leave their lives or whatever escapes and there's a lot ready for Spitzer chit sheet and it's like also written a bunny and really people out travel here and they got to go there's little they know. There's better Douglas number five sesame donuts on park avenue number four doughnuts plus on Cornell that there have been either one of those and thirty angels donuts on Alberta I have been angels though than that is a good donut. Which you top pot which she billion supermarkets. Really don't send the top pod is up in Seattle. But there is no top I was even down here leading elements of our I do like top pop when we go to has done it when we go to CIO. That is my sons like to heed demands that we go to the top five. And our life and I think again point eight tete de blind Tate tests. From people if you're gunning. I'm number one is delicious donuts. Which is a run green and I don't know delicious donuts and am stars' not on there so I've only been to the top donut places and and they angels are used to something else that one on Alberta. As called. The Tony user it's sort of with a T. Yeah he's a friend who lived over the air and and we would go buy some times in it getting garbage don't and he was a big fan of it picks is not almost either right now it's is that. The big famous here and a dot com I didn't know that I can get tough putt down here get somebody proclaiming an underrated donuts 7-Eleven. Really a true. Could it be him. Now nothing goods at 7-Eleven others in the sleepy. Unite I lived and copy from there. The 7-Eleven I think it depends on which when you go to them and how early in the day for hours to get pods to sit now for series at a lot of qualifiers here drop down iPad did I've had decent coffee at seven month. I don't think I had a good and changed peace and immediately. I'm not by naming him out of the 7-Eleven and isn't like a bag into read those around them like it does so there something. Oh just any of the warm food. Now when I lived in the center there is a little bakery at there's still is called stadium just ease. If you're ever in the center which I don't know why you would be in the center or maybe not to alienate you went up to the casino go into town good CD and Joseph sees and they make fresh doughnuts every day. That place is kick ass. Of pop shops are going to be better than. Than the mass produced one split of the mass produced donuts here in Portland I'll I'll go blue star that bad. I'm and it may bend down and yes look there's ignores it when you buy don't have like a supermarket or wherever in years you can tell it's been sitting out. The stale it's Cyrix your whole day. Britain. Need thin pole when I. Recently two on mount saint helens since last weekend you. Jim you're done deuce and took a tumble she did. She's as she underestimated and she underestimated her skill. She overestimated yours you know she she says her quote is I definitely underestimated mound Nyhan underestimated my skills and not needing a nice pick at the time. In depth I think she's she's incorrect under she's saying she underestimated her skills and to survive. But like when she fell initiated upon them to boiler. They got that is gonna dive and I had the intestinal fortitude she had the whole kogan introduce to make it out she took a tumble. I season navy veteran and she does to hike in she is a service dog named in each. The black guy German shepherd. And now she says literally I can see this summit for more like she thought she was gonna make it meant. To the wrong step and she fell 400. Feet down side of the mountain. Guess she's at she's not a rocks and and whatnot annuity account she slammed in his ever rocks hitting both her head and her head on the way down. She said once I slipped I thought I was dead is she said that was the end meek. It was not she was stunned to deal I Pinochet came to him there early and little birdies and star there's too cute cute cute cute and but then that's the dirty or is this then if I mean and others music behind it that I liked the and then she said that the dog. The dog of course didn't trip now the dog much more Agile. The dog go down in Newton he did thirst and she. It's respected describes the damn thing Dave at took a part in the yes she said that the dog showed up. And I am. Didn't call 911 he dug that. For heaven's sakes dog did lay by her side quick laid down by meego gets a no go last see it. Go markets someone Intel mid tin ear in this case we ever name is down the well. She says he was the first on the scene he pretty much help me so I didn't go into shock and everything need licked my face and you know my hand wounds and everything. Not that Allan Dodds man we Iguodala and a group of hikers went mr. followed rushed to help as well one hiker just happen to be a nurse another was a member of us search and rescue team on a different mountain. She's lucky. Now they knew exactly what to do and stop the belief being called for help everything down. The C everything down to who rescued need to indeed you know been amazing it was just pretty much nothing sort of numerical. I am amazed at how many people take climbing in and to be just a think we are woody and guy again climbed the mountain I think EV do an anti having a little cavalier and again that guy out there doesn't appear before you still climbing mountain ranked. About respecting them out don't underestimate the mountain. Meanwhile. In that crazy she fell 400 feet in lived there is a woman at the lapin is part and fell to 35 feet. Die die but here's the thing it's it's not about did that. The height it's about is the incline. They eve yeah I don't let the situation with the lack of spark yet you if you fallen down a slope right. You know maybe forty feet but you can roll worry is if you fall and you freefall. 2030 feet I think they say. Is on a freefall is enough Julia. So you don't have to be that high up as opposed it slow not gonna say this out following a slide leaner and leaner. You know whenever downhill slightly different than if you just you know Peter Pan off a cliff too cute cute cute cute. Maria is birdies cute cute cute cute cute cute. The. So she is now recovering in the hospital the woman from. To nothing Helen's fall shaking caution she needed stitches which is a broken rib and small fracture on her spine. She's expected to make a full recovery and 68 weeks she is sort of go fund need help pay her medical vehicles. And the cost of taking care dog lawsuits in the hospital she had to hire a talker for Indy I go Indy. Donated and why does the DM a can't walk itself moving on donating some of fell down and out. It oh anyway yeah crazy story 400 its long Leo stop polling people on what Paul K good news on home prices in Portland. Not according to my. None is good news is there I've got stats aren't coming up next in the news on the fan. This is a British Open weekend. Additional primetime retires against you rock you by area heat and cool it on Canadian Australian. All right what do one odd and kinda shuffled sports news that's coming up at five or early thereafter. We're in middle of the news. We're today and that in honor of Mike Lynch who asked you earlier in our broadcast. Then he is very excited they'd casinos like Kelsey. Need offer on their first home. He seems very nervous I don't know of exciting is the right word you seem terrified. Once I I I just said this dynamic because he just bought a house to. I just do real test he's been thinking that mimics the baby to. Yeah it. I just I feel uncomfortable. I'm excited I'm scared I'm stressed it's I'm like anticipating good news limited space I don't know how to. And all the ruins of once under Saddam. It's scary process has never been through an attempt but it is time I got to trust him I mean no no that's not at all what it's like right Mike. I used excited about it over first time he got you you popped you know. Technically what's going on and what is this good but I'm not certain. Feel like again and he even. By the way did you see when you're up for those of you who. Yeah we will get that unless. Case so I'm. I notice it and the transition home prices in Portland. You know they it's gone nuts here at least it was linearity is slow down now and what they're saying now is that home prices here have written slower than the national average for the first time. Since 2012. That's good news I guess the dirty so they can tie the know could have to buy anything so. Ari and the lower priced on this. A consistent national average and this is back from April in the national average was six point 4% increase here by point nine points. And a lower price on some like the third 335000. Dollar range or whatever. They still Ruth rose almost 10% gags so that's and that's where Mike shop doubt so it's like. You know there because. It is a shortage of does right like there's a lot of people don't want that it did you know is that affordable number. And looks at the moment not everyone can afford 500 us dollars for a starter home. So just two years ago port led the nation with the highest over the national average ranks him in now we're. We're sagging behind and a chance of winning your points out correctly that mortgage rates are rising which makes it even harder to buy him that I had to refinance my home to a fifteen. And going from thirty to fifty major street would have gone up. That's how high mortgage rates ever visit over the last was on the home two and a half years ago I saw a list tier I cities in danger of housing crisis. Is you're stating on the list I can tell you that Portland is not list. Cars they got out of bubble yeah like a bubble because and they're doing this they stopped a percentage of the homes that hardy underwater you. The total number of underwater and delinquency rate. For homes underwater now number one. Is Newark, New Jersey. 30% of homes are underwater and futures dates. Well that's the fears there's any dip they. We talked about it if if it was my can be used in Sabine been saved for a couple years here. And obviously you're you're pretty nervous because this is a big you know and ensure this type in your belt a little bit does it. I met as fine as I've been told by everybody. Your first house to get in is the hardest because you don't have the equity of anything to use to do that by new home but when the home prices are so high any sort of different people that are at the very top like you've just been beginning in. That's where you get into trouble when you get a lot of those people that are struggling to get a new home and then if something bad happens you know that's sort. You know that's when you you find yourself in some. In some trouble micro G of the balls to take your down payments you've worked so hard saved four and put it on one hand like Jack of course not are you kidding me be the greatest thing ever for UQ we can film it. It's almost the entire our savings lost I think he hit it because the body double in like five seconds and then slide you don't. Lose it all of strain an apartment for ten more years and you lose all your do you respect to square where he actually true particularly. Do it is only money today our hearts for phone moment. Buoyed only many many years of work. And that would be hard to do to be sweet he did quite well we've talked about it Lynch's home if he buys this we won't say how much Lynch's home will be more than my house. And it's. Producer makes more than yeah star funny or when hired lynch how it's greater than mind. Number two on the list of cities in endangerment housing crisis Chicago in the three Hartford to before Jacksonville refined Baltimore. Plus on housing news the Brady Bunch homes for sale if you wanna buy it at like one point nine million or something has won eight unchanged at one point 85 silica sand. And that's exactly the same. It's in Los Angeles yes somewhere outside of LA and it's 24 square feet two bedroom three bath. And it's probably gonna be torn down. My 'cause it's on like half an acre and developers want. Would that be the property yet unlike an acre I guess where it's which is is pretty rare and so there since I was gonna coming just. The Wallace played here. Looks good out there. That was an important theme was filmed inside the home just to download a case that's not to lay out. Bill payers know all that they don't ounces layer back there now that was all done and the sound studio nothing was shot inside it is used for the exterior shots. But they say it's in the on the list team and I'm not chooses this is the most it's the second was voted house the United States. And behind mount that's obvious it is yeah. Should be. I'm close the most famous housing and I'd say it's important. The light of the White House doubted there would be the first. I maybe Graceland would be number two but they're they're claiming this is the second most. And that's the other they sit in my be torn down and is whoever buys that you had to deal with a lot girl you know people come by and stop different your house and click to get any ounce gas saves saves everything else there there's and the developer may just tear that thing down and he's done it. All right that's in the news coming up next it's the hot 55 Oregon State loses key player a Carmelo Anthony gets traded. And when Justin Pope the Commissioner of Baseball rob Manfred. Lists. His expansion cities and open update on next on the dance.