Primetime 7.18.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, July 18th
Hot 5 at 5, Kawhi Leonard trade, and finding old racist tweets. 

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They are listening to the primetime advise against duke I'm -- by the way podcasts brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute where like apparently khaki shorts past dictator like a way above Indian and they Wear it like it captured tion in sport jacket that. I just kind of threw me for that put us are Russell Wilson I haven't seen anyone go. He looks like an eating Palin make it do you look at this it's like he's gonna bully someone in an eighty's movie like Daniel the result is about to get their ass kicked by Russ Wilson. Yeah hours in Miami nice. Yeah I mean that it's it's committees rubber bands on Izturis sleet and so here's. Very important question from one of our listeners on the better you today text line at 55305. Yup we're talking about the aliens and Pendleton. What's a more expensive alien travel package. Pro the midwest redneck or sightseeing in the Pacific northwest. A great question where that is a good quick I think it's probably. Wouldn't approve of pro it's a hands on or hands inexperience in the more hands and that is so to speak. Mean the easiest you hover around the beautiful northwest of the whereas the F debt isolated the red neck you have to find someone that is not gonna be credible. You got a dad gum you got a little roll ideas are concerned retro vibe to it as well well. I guess is they used to do all the time according to the movies are out. It's all about probing. Yes a little more exclusive. Of. A load experience you know you gonna pay more for them that's a premium pet doesn't come with a trip. Mean I was like which is more expensive like going whale watching her going fishy. It's fish exactly yeah yeah. I coming up here in our next segment will talk about a deleting racist tweets. To give Hannity in India. He need if you do you treat things that are racist and homophobic delete them let's not forget that we also have hot takes by Larry Fedora. Boys today he was on one they let me. Willie led military fake medical news daily he said and then in need club man so many things in flying umbrellas there was a bear on the loose. ID terrorists deserve tips I mean just so many things months lot of stuff Abbott and I have a dad problem. Did them. So you and it is I think there's pills for that now. Unknown thank Canada for okay. Lot of those dads. I have something today that I discuss too that something happened to meet today. And it's not it's it's a principle of the thing and in so what owes me an apology. And well we'll just discuss this is that I don't of this is that anyone else but something's got to just say something tearing up yet and so it was a bee in my bonnet at eight. Let me tell you I got a lot of problems with you but not this. All right I'm five at night. Odd topics and opinions we've already own arc today and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm 55. Isaac and soon. Very. Refresh my frost brewed Coors Light and download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. This capital today. Number flying. Blazers win Las Vegas summer league. I know that because the banners hang in right here yeah we have the official manner dusty elicited this morning here in the studio. Funny thing don't stay up there to bear the and a three years. At least not yet know what's taken that thing down. Sort of as he would like knock it down but potentially apocalypse data for years after we stopped Darian backed the Mets won still hanging out here. I don't know what happened the rose in the Yankee in mariner ones. One other bit of blazer news so they went seven and on the some really great amount of they waved. Public Giorgio whatever his name in days gone. No I think they have till tonight griped at midnight to. Other wade ball whose contract becomes guaranteed. A lower ninth inning that decision comes to nightly bold campaign fourth. People love themselves some way by inhalation keep him yes these nine people are very high at the back there until they give. Baldwin and Gary turner junior. Oh sure enough there was some relief that they couldn't. He rotational players worry more about derivatives Damian Miller Nancy Jim Talent because you don't need him anymore or Gary turned junior and then wait. Darrelle Revis. Remember him I do remember him at one point eight. One of the two or three best defenders who leak. Retires critics of the talk about him being that there is a conversation using the best corner of all timer or is he one of the three or four most dominant defensive players we've seen in the last twenty years the best corner of all time. It depends you all around corner cover corner means Sanders kinda gets a lot of love. For being for being that guy but I think that's more of a book cover. He wasn't an all around. Sort of player but he's a guy that gets thrown around. Rivas is a hall of Famer Darrell Revis was news Austin after he was really good for a long time is a bit of a mercenary but he played. He played the game the right way. As far as maximizing the amount of money that he could get seven pro bowls in twelve seasons Super Bowl champion with the patriots. He is done. Although identity on Saturday I thought he's already done it he studies he's finished he played well last year I mean. Anyway back to jet's right. Says here's cheats. Yeah chiefs. Let other guys like Darrell green Mel blondes. Less strategies. Mean Charles Woodson then there's. I don't know if that position honestly. Has one guy that's head and shoulders above all. All others and there's more big group of mentality just hitter is John Rocker reincarnated he helped. He is a brewers reliever he's pitched in last night in the all star game and he came back into the dugout after given up bomb. And then his phone was blown up any notice that test somebody had found passed racist and homophobic tweets. On this comes from ninth 2000. Twelve shows 177. Years ago and he's going for now they are on high school. So that mainly based on cannot say they're not gonna suspend him he's going to be required prior to undergo sensitivity training it is bad stuff I mean everything from multiple and bonds he said at one point I hate gay people. There's another one that said white power. Its. Creator god. And in fact they they. Basically baseball when he found his family and had them take off the Jersey is with his name on the back in just put on generic jerseys. For fear of reprisal in the stands named John doe has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers it is official the those get five prospects they are. Using the old Diaz does his 21 year old double a outfielder he was the the main guy right he was the main guy. The next guy is a righty I dean Kramer who is six and three with a three point 03 ERA. At double A told site is a 125 case in 86 innings he's only 22 years old. Dousing it third baseman Ryan big and then he's at class a Rancho Cucamonga. He's hitting almost 320 bombs and where his sect who come into this now as an exact pop I wanna believe that it's who he's a right. Randy handed reliever. Your childish. We degrade exact group was involved in this trade he's. Classy and double name that have been bouncing back and forth this year us and then the other guys that are based menace. Breivik the lair it's. And he is 26. One he's listed last for a reason yeah that means that and just get into early and attended games. And number one is a blockbuster trade in the NBA and that is that the spurs have dealt collide Leonard. And Danny Green and they have been traded to the Toronto. Raptors. And it's a package that includes DeMar DeRozan he goes to San Antonio. Also a protected first round draft pick. And it was a big guy's name and I is seven footer that the big sinner and his name escapes me some guy and a tenacious and on again yuck of the hurdles. They go yeah yeah. Hope you dot gov. Clinton we hardly knew so their ego coli Leonard has are any leaked out that he doesn't want to play for Toronto so that'll be interesting DeMar DeRozan has already come out and says that he is. Liv Ed he's been sick just like a week ago they sat down and told him face to face that he was their future. They weren't gonna move them all the rooms for fumbles in the big turnaround in delta. The outside at five is your fresh by frost records like download course likes new rewards at the start earning points towards one of the kind experiences in game tickets we will talk about require Leonard move. Also Josh hater in what Heatley did in what's going on there. It's not New Year's route seven years ago right although they did ask him. Our reviews changed. Since those treats and he said they haven't now which show made no sense slow I think what he's trying to say it was. I didn't believe anything I said on the when I tweeted some guy just like to run around and dropped the end Bob CAA gay people in claim white power but you know what I don't really mean it's all in good fun. I would exact coming up it is 515 on the fan. This is a British Open we traditional primetime revise that ensued brought to you by carrier heating and cooling my. And Canadian program. Toronto was really Smart risky. Let's Smart. Trade for why Leonard and here's why. So quiet Leonard goes to the rafters DeMar DeRozan to disperse but Toronto also gets Dini green which means. Nice player. So. No comments there I thought I was letting you lay out your your case I know that's my one disrupt your flow of Neitzel Claire. Now. And I just think Toronto where they're they're the the demo they were the number one seed in the east but yet. Much like the blazers. Everybody knows they're not winning team they're they're not going to the finals not beaten Boston it losses stays healthy and probably not beaten Philly even with LeBron on the east. They know that and so there in this weird window of will got a good team but we know it's not gonna win anything. So what they do by by eighth inning and it's risky because quite Leonard doesn't really wanna play in. In Toronto so you've got engaged him and massage that an end in trying to get the most out of him. But what you've done is you've given yourself a chance. To get to the finals even probably a better chance. Then you had the full burden because why Leonard is Baghdad we have we have totally lost sight of how good that it is most people would require lenders help you had him as the third best player in the MBC is awesome here is some way better than to Marta rose it's not even close so you get that guy even if it's only for a year you still got a nice pieces around him to maybe get to the finals and and if you get to the point he quite Leonard is a guy they can take eighteen to the finals yes so if you get to the finals. I just are you not gonna be Golden State nobody's gonna be Golden State barring injury but. Maybe you can convince him to stay and you keep this thing Roland and then. If that if that doesn't work out what you've done is unique seller rated. The ability. To get out of what you had before which you knew you're gonna win anything anyway because day there at the very worst. They get rid of DeMar DeRozan and a three year in his three year contracts they can it doesn't work out with cool why. Speed of the rebuild its speed up the real there's a lot of people that think that there was over there is an element of this where Toronto realized that did they were stuck in a salary cap situation. Then once again I go anywhere and so you swing for the fences for one year and either it works out and if it doesn't like you said you reboot the whole thing I just think dancing that it's risky but I think that that is the type of move that I wanna see the blazers still paid off for Oklahoma. On the city right and so maybe that gives you hope as though it sounds like it's quite learned in no way it's issues that in this but. At least you at least she took a swing and I think that's. I think that's what is is going to be interesting to see around the NBA's how many teams are gonna gonna do something like this. As opposed to just sitting there and beating meat being mediocre because if you look in the west and the east. These is it is is it gonna be all the sudden just this this cakewalk now that you know firm for anyone to roll in their now that LeBron gone bust is gonna be good for a long time so as Philadelphia. In Philadelphia has the ability you know he struck out this offseason distill out another Max guy. So did that happen knees isn't getting any easier and out west good lord we look at goals they Houston in the lakers it's gonna be harder than ever. To get through and so I do think that there is an element that should be applauded for Toronto sane. We're not gonna be satisfied having good Great Britain regular season then by for Katie no our playoff failures bifurcated. You know and and I'd I'd I can appreciate that thank you said I think it's really risky I saw a lot of articles they bashing Toronto for being desperate. But I don't I desperate they are when anything anyway exactly so I don't understand what's desperate about that right go big or go home it's Ricky Bobby if you're not first Iraq. Yes that's why I want to Blake the blazers just don't have the balls to do that and that's that's the that's the frustrating thing not that they could have landed collide but I think it'd package. That included CJ McCollum may be is that Collins. And peck. Or picks could have been in the mix there but please won't even consider trading CJ and that just that drives me crazy because Damian Miller's 28. He's in his prime you only have three to five years left in the only trade piece you have to make this thing better. Is is CJ everything else is doing nobody wants anybody else and so. He'll eat it quite Leonard is a top three or four player in the league is only. Five or six guys in the league did it there available he just dropped everything to try to get amid changes everything for you and that's one of them they don't come around to. Often any was available all of it there's also loses some some theory out there that if this doesn't work out in Toronto. And he just has no interest in an in plane there you can trade him. And I understand that where if everyone believes he's gonna go to LA and easy to be a malcontent that really limits the obvious in the market form you can get something out of them. What does LA is is pretty good with this young core and I may be Alonso brawler. Or I don't know old let let's say he choose Miller someone ends up kind of be in an odd man out. And LA's been striking distance in LA wants is willing department deputies to get quite Leonard for certain. And at the trade deadline and and make a run at a title this year. It is not as if there's there's zero chance the Toronto just lets him walking gets nothing back in return. That does mitigate their risk a little bit and how we view I know there's a lot of criticism coming their way. I applaud Toronto for swinging make on this and you and you never know we all laughed at Oklahoma City send Dave they gave up you know a Bebo for. You know a rental player and eight they ended up Linda Paul George I think it's really interesting to see that Toronto. Has the number one seed in the east. Yet. Fired their coach in traded their best player now and could possibly be better. Think about that there. I mean. It may not work out but. That's a risk worth taking if you asked means it's a philosophy thing right it's it's a matter of saying we're not gonna sit and and watch to lose the you know the parade go by different. And and even if it ends up fallen on her face at least we know that we tried. As opposed to. Appearing in what. And engineered Miller today littered even set it when he said Millard was with speaking today I think it is tubes camping and I'm gonna paraphrase here ousted by Indian up on Twitter but he basically said look we tried everything we could bring in players in the offseason. We were aggressive. Didn't work out and now I just have to go out and and do I deal which is which is playing get this to the playoffs. Mean he knows he eat the most what does the landscape is in he's frustrated. And I think he's a guy that would be in the US littler. If it did to me and then it's like I know him personally but if you asked him would you like to have the trauma model. Where you swung for the fences knowing that it was a risky proposition. Would you rather just sit on your hands I have to believe my heart of hearts that he would wanna take a swing for the fences. One other note on choir Leonard. If he says he'll probably go to LA which you never know yeah. He had the chance to sign the what are they called the super Max or whatever with the spurs they turned it down 221. Million fighter turned trying to remain super Max. I he is lean mean. If he goes to LA. You'll you'll be EU you will be able to get even less then Toronto. So between spurs shrine on down to LA he is potentially. If he Max is that eighty spot leaving eighty million. Dollars. On the table. Plus California taxes and assure the highest so get Ding on that two were crazy worth Texas has no state income taxes than that gap is probably even so this year this whole idea of guys. And we'll see where he ends up but did this idea that the money. In that super Max thing nobody structured to CBH China incentivized guys with more money to stay put it out it's not that does not work now now in. In fairness one of the things that I've I've read about that that he's unhappy with his his. His profile down there and in San Antonio in the kind of being strangled by the the spurs and and marketability. James Harden as a tournament no issue deal did you live it as a 200 million dollar shoe deal. Quite Leonard is on I think a 500000 dollar shoe deal with would Jordan brand. Now. I can see where that rubs him the wrong way because no offense to James Harden in Damien will it require Leonard is a better player. And both of those guys have tournament no issue deals so. Good LA racial profile little bit. You know 200 million from a shoe company does a lot to may be negate some of the money the leaving on the table with a super Max all right delete erases suites okay. Yeah I just go back through today and Indians up or how about this. Is also the first runs right right. Keep zero point keep your hatred of the black silly boy is yourself right now mortgage that next here's Mike. This is a British Open week edition of primetime where the eyes again soon rock you've by area heating and cooling Mon 1080 both Syria and I felt that I found the mother quote this camp today created seemingly did to me he's he's said. We try to get guys. To come here in free agency I'm pretty sure we tried to do everything that we could to try and improve the team we made the moves that we made it for me nice have to go out and do what I do. Doesn't. It and you you watch his face when he say it's as if he I he's obviously disappointed in the off season. But you know he's not gonna bitch and moan about isn't a god play his ass off but he knows what he's facing here. And someone pointed out in the Betty today text line. Think about. Portland's attitude being in the three seed and how much he loves them talking about old state to prop that up what a great regular season there was brought. And yet imagine if you Estrada when he was the number one seed god we never hear the end of it. Yet Trotter was the number one seed and just went and ditch their coach. And traded their second best player I've shoot everything up right. It or fabricate. Our rights and Josh hater is good at baseball yes. Andino lists but he has struck at 89 batters in 48 innings. And he's only given up nine teen hit. You give Oklahoma last minute though. The let this get so he's only Tony for your solos and only two years yup he's pitched in 95 and two thirds innings. He's only given up 44 hits and he struck out a 157. Batters where that's filthy. Did you guys amazing in an eerie to you he did give up the big home run to Sierra last night. About it into India should by secure a car because he he bluster and I think it. But if if India's close though the F secure as the MVP and gets a trucker Camaro. MVP he should buy him a truck. So hitter. I was out there pitch Sheen and he's sad. He goes because back into the dugout. Each axes found casino in the Australian and this is like now how guys are out on take himself he's on second base deathly. Everyone had their phone their back pocket it was all up on the dugout film and photo on the plays him. It doesn't against phones blown company realizes that somebody had gone back. And found old racist and homophobic tweets and there's a great snapshot of Nelson Cruz and sing guerra. Fighting now like reading them. And there's like a little they may take a little gift out of it it's phenomenally well. When they read so when they read what was going on because players the dugout we're finding out about it now it seems real time ranked. Yes a strain and on social media and so he is OK so he was seventeen at the time these were from 20112012. And he SO the tweets were under the moniker Josh hater aid them. Any use the N word repeatedly. And referenced himself he said you know I don't give a damn I'm. Tripoli and Newton mess my lungs after my liver. Which I think is a lyric perhaps he said the revenue goes where work according rap lyrics. October 25 2011 that same month he wrote. Hah hah. 22. Bad I'm grounded. And word can't do yes. Over the course of five months he cheated reference to the kkk. And who which I believe he uses talking about striking outside clearly. Eight about the white power in the fist EA you know white fist MOG alongside white power but he added LO well. Which perhaps then that means he's making fun of that. In response someone who treated I hate all the black people. He wrote LM 80 which for you wolves is a laughing my ass off him I tried to teller about him she just laugh at me. He also treated gay people freaked me out. He tweeted I hate gay people. He said need a leader. Who can. Blanked cook and clean right not a lot of bad. Misogynist stick stuff mixed in there in fact to be arms with the though the massage to this six it's about. You don't. That's the best of the stuff plus that's by far the least offensive things that he tweeted. He is upon us for calling women hosed yap a lot of that which. Is unlikely to rattle his girlfriend Maria who I guess they've gone back into her Twitter account now and found a history of her. Abuse scene like him. And when he had the bundle of sticks is that would you like to say at that ballistics that word yeah. So it's. It it went fast and it went hot and hader. And so of course the game ends and all anybody wants to do in a lot grimace talked to him. They and they they instantly they've put him up there he had and he you know he said look com. I've no excuse. As young. He gave immediate he said it didn't reflect any of his views then or now which which we don't buy find hard to believe allows it was only seven yeah I mean he was. The six years ago I think bulletin does 112012 so he was these 24 now so these between 1718 when he sent these yamana and I don't let I don't really buy that I. I give the whole world young and we do dumb stuff on the back of the things I did when I was 1718 years old and some of that stuff I'm embarrassed about. But I don't buy for a second that. Did those things are just casually thrown around. And that it didn't reflect to you were then and that some IU had just this huge awakening. And now all of a sudden you're completely changed person I don't buy it. Special as the stuff that's the homophobic stuff I said nothing's changed now yeah which is really odd he'd they asked him so high every views changed he said nothing's changed after all he misspoke when yes embattled sure I mean I'm not. I was from watching the clip he said it midway and I mean. And any kind of freaked out I think he is trying to say that what he's treated. He didn't mean Nike in so nothing's changed in his mindset because you mean those things anyway and easily is trying to save a I just I feel like you guys. I don't know this is happening all the time with young guys who grew up with social media right thank you and I miss us but. I don't understand why agents and PR people you don't go back don't go back in and help these guys out like that's in various CNET just somebody on Twitter. Was able to go find that his moment like Garrett a story about him. Earlier in the week saying how excited he was beat the all star game and his family was so content is such a big moment he's a really nice guy and and then that happens it's like cat is anybody looking out for him he's his own family or himself go back and go back in delete that stuff. May baseball wet and found all his family members and gave them nondescript. Like known names on the back they had him take off. They hater jerseys that they were wary and put on just generic ones for fear of reprisal a minute it's. Mean it's it's it's embarrassing and I'm sure it was a bad night for him but. It's his own damn fault. First off see how stupid can you beat but I don't buy that that hole 1718 year old excuse hired of that. I'm tired of them all sides these kids and kids may dumb mistakes these are the stakes. I don't believe it did Buena homophobic. Big hit races you know what I don't think that's a that's a youth things. Don't think that that's like big something in the and I got. John and I played around that I a lot of dumb things when I was young and deciding to randomly hate black people laying gays that doesn't. And I just don't bite and does this say something that he never deleted it and in other words he didn't know that it was bad like outrageous like woody either. Comedian feel that way anymore and you knew you said it. Why would you do not go delete it out once a NASA do you remember send in Germany was like not really. He has not not specifically but it was it was so commonplace the uses brush them off. So I have no sympathy form nor do I buy. Well look ignored why Biden is indeed the excuse in any of their right to play apparently Milwaukee is gonna move on in these are really talented guy not to underplay I wanted to let me know that they of interviewed the reserve came down he may. And he was like man we know Josh she's cute gag where we'll get over the summer house in effect the team and they're the team down. And you know I just wonder if that's. Was listening and little deal for them as listen a little bit this morning I had known of the background that what's the stupid so with the Shannon sharpened skip Bayless. Whatever that's called an undisputed and whatever I was flipping around and and they were talking about this and Shannon Sharpe was pissed. Jan Jarvis like doo dads you do that mean in my locker room and and believed I was in that locker room within when gone over so well that's a maybe it's different with Milwaukee and and they are as McCain tried to take a higher road. And it and move on from a bit. Knew there's a lot of guys that are gonna cut him a lot of slack on this one and was like it was one or two I mean this was a repeated a regular thing and I. Yeah I just don't buy that that's joking around I think that is in your heart I think that he is who you wore. Maybe you've changed maybe you've matured. But I absolutely can't be I don't think that's something that is just you don't feel that way at all you throw those things out there I don't buy it yeah I mean I think some EE LUK and if somebody came to just be ignorance sure and you just trying to be cool with your boroughs and say it say the things you know the the lingo and everything. And you can certainly get exposed a little more of the world and and grow out of that I I I believe that Al. But is that the case that this guy and ala. We will wait and see I just. Now I did that's always the excuses. I was young in and then I was stupid and that's not the way I feel anymore and really. Or is it just they you know you have bigger platform now when you're in between those things I just got caught your embarrassing she got ya got Todd you know the right thing is an ideal thing to say is I don't think anymore down. Incidental although a few says that now I'm in India may be its opera in the clubhouse but this is Milwaukee's OK with the the fan base is OK with it and his teammates are OK with it then moves on I. He's not going to be suspended and easy to go if you sensitivity training and and only as he has every right to feel the way he feels good I'm not run a non bio and any you know do you hater jerseys anytime. So we're we're getting a lot of tax on the battery today attacks are saying what you've never said anything like telling your kid. Well I've said stupid things but not racist things or homophobic things at him put out on social media there's a big difference because they things that are stupid. As you can say things like this and you should not be given you know you shouldn't be like our slap on the wrist he said the N word ten times in tweets as a kid now let's head. You can't say that I text need better use today tech signed by a factor final did some of those next by 45 on the fan. This is a British Open week's edition of primetime revise it didn't suit brought to you by area heating and cooling on an eighty program. I find fifteen entering its tenth here the better needs and it takes minus pipelines through a side that is how you reach us through the old days Sunnis to have to read emails and I remember max's remember the Pacific office automation fax line if you only get like one to show a man. Are so I am here a couple of texts from some of the people. Of these. I'd. You know I think I would change the word can't with shouldn't. I think that's what you're saying yeah. Right I'll read I'll re read it using shouldn't there are certain things you shouldn't file under being young and Stephen and I garbage one of them because. There are times latest just young and stupid and end but there are other times. When it it isn't innate and I did get that. Don't we just own up you don't know and and as you go through in in year experience more people I'm not sure where he's from these from a place in Baltimore he and it's a Maryland says it's not as if he's he's in at a super white community bed. Have you IC if you grew up in a string of Pacific northwest. My whole life I didn't name count her much. Cultural diversity intrinsic that would be what you think the widest place on earth. I guess if you grew up in that environment. And then also knew go wanting you play Mays in baseball the NFL whatever and you're exposed to different cultures east are traveling. Again maybe there's some sort of waking mean there I guess that can happen. But they should just kind of seemed to me like he was trying to go down the road of I never met those things are just casually through a not and I don't hide that. I my son is an idiot I ended and he does dumb stuff all the time nicely to clip that you pick up. I BJ economic times you this would meet your kid growing up we you're like I can't believe you can be that stupid but. ETT and this sort of thing to meet isn't done home this isn't. This isn't youthful mistakes. I think that's the bulls dosing your views those a year believes and I get those things can change good. To try to just dismiss those is all I was young and dumb I have a hard time swallowing that. And Owen says. I'm far from perfect. And these words. Like this often in my younger days. And even today sometimes it slips and I know it's wrong. I think the difference is I never consciously took the time to tweet it out I think we all do things that are out of character wrong but the difference here is he had time to know he was saying young or not. I doubt it just feels different at least for me. There and I want to get that's me I'm not trying to run them up a flag polar or run him out of baseball or whatever but it. It NN I don't know this is I don't know him but it certainly makes me question his character. I don't know foam fully buy in this did. This is no big deal and it was in the past. On on the plus side of the Boston Red Sox be treating form any moment now feel welcome that with open arms. No one else we have here I agreed that what he said shouldn't be without consequence but I guarantee we've all been. Victim of being in your rent any minute head and said hey hateful ignorant things slip only difference is he's in grab the social media. I think we're just now realizing the power of social media's magnification just listen I'm here to do that today kids tweet like we used to talk. Maybe there's an element of that kid street just like we talk yeah like when you're younger if you were you know me you were talking during your buddy and Amer I did serve. Did they tweet that way though there's no filter between mid and the head in in their hands when it comes between those things out and let me I'm not trying to say that the guy should be suspended or kicked him off steam or whatever bit. Today again I just I'm not let them off the hook insane that the guy doesn't have great racist and homophobic tendencies I don't buy it. And to miles we have here. Now that's about it. Armory. Cool. Somehow I think that Milwaukee would be fine because he's really. Pretty good pre ballplayer yes no question. XP is is see what the day at the clubhouse thinks of them are. Know the reaction when he when he travels around the lead I do think some people are gonna give mar time and the other people in the past. I think you bother the rents a gain when you heard his comment also share our lending you know. He says in the right thing it's clear red thing you know he's he's a class act but I guarantee you that's not gonna sit well with with people of color in and in his locker room. Whether it's African Americans are Dominican is two Latino players. And but you know I'd be thrilled about it. Harassing this guess is he anti grim Baltimore. Which is a very black city. One of the most. Is one of those African American cities in America. He's maybe just saying what are you heard everyday right. And I think there's some truth that is there maybe become normalized. Denny's didn't learn that you can't act you can't say that Israel that it is on quite kids since it on Twitter the thing about it is is we just don't know you don't know which is which. Right like you don't know whether it's just. A kid being a kid and he's certainly grown and although the look or any any don't know the other side either you you don't know that he he could very well feel like. John Rocker feels out and he's just saying the right things and so given only to be duped so it's easy for us to just. You know to not believe him because of that they're not given the benefit of the doubt because of that. I don't know buy buy back the tax about Baltimore because I went to high school that was. It was a majority black and I heard that word all the time it was used constantly. And I never sent it. And it was it was an unspoken thing actually was spoken. You know you're white you don't say downward to anybody who even attempted to try to say because it was part of the regular conversation from a high school aged you don't say that. It's not a thing that happens so it's it's it's already bury your head like this is a word that I can't use I'm white. You know sense I don't know five bypasses some I'm sure you heard all the time but he can control what he sets out the scheme of from the mound also important target ER at the end of all the white. It's out there you can't say the word you can't say according white lyrics. I don't care if you're black friends say. Think Eddie vocabulary and raw going to be better out our club to an eighty coming up next you are owed an apology apparently from someone known who. I'm an apology all yeah. That happened today and I didn't get one he just he dismissed me and it's like cool a bear on the loose flying umbrellas do terrorists deserve tips so many things next on the fan.