Primetime 7.14.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, July 14th

Hot 5 at 5, what does Oregon do at WR now? And Friday randoms!


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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Private club hybrid club. Don't want to. This is prime time on sports radio and hitting the fan we expect. The best sport practically excellent dean here primetime news yours swords for the best and local regional and national sports. Mediocrity deserves applause I think rob miserable and get a prepare o'clock this morning Jason sick and it wouldn't. Do prime time on 1080. Yeah. I welcome. That we're in Vancouver forward. These big Ford store. As you liked Colin but if it is to be store brand the lots of big forwards out here that there is plenty of trucks we get does most things and focus and fusion including and a at the Shelby a super snake 150 of these in the country there's one right here at my little hometown dealer it's a quite a festive. Atmosphere out here and as always they have promote transparent pricing in the best customer service of any sales team in the area. In write your office or 500 any increase in in a six neck of the woods so if you are getting now fork don't wanna sit in traffic. Come by if you test drive an automobile you get entered into a contest to win a trip to of IUDs. Allowing these right now. So hey coming up here in the club we'll talk about the guy who got stuck behind the ATM. This question will be posed. Would you swim in open water with sharks if it meant. Your sports hero did it with you. Wow that's a hell of a question right there. Elaine pianists like it's a dog paddle with Stevie Y threat cigars and him but I have to do it in the midst of shark infested water perhaps he. Change your line in the states. A love story from tender. And so much more this hour we have Friday random I have a follow up to wet but 23 who is the hot new sports journalist of our time look. When it comes to breaking news though lake Beasley baseball trade deadlines. I'm look at a one man and one man only and that's what but when he three and we will discuss out what the ducks do now wide receiver. Having now permanently lost a daring Carrington but right now let's get to the. Hot by the size. Odd topics and opinions. We've always owned our birthday and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club and a lot on private Bible. Isaac consumed. Serve. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light cooers look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number flying. So Roger Federer. Straight sets is a way to the when will be done. On finals yet can we get some drug testing we've got old ass Venus Williams in the older asked Roger Federer out there played in final you know it's pretty amazing. It really is it tennis is a young person's game you don't see people. In their thirties kind of have career resurgence yet repeated that at Roger who just what he won the he would be Australia last year he's 35 to 35 and a big. Venus has 37. And she's now in the Wimbledon final so Federer beats out Byrd age 767664. And the great American hope Sam query. Lost on the other side to news. Zoellick sure whatever his name in DC that bachelor show that has not lest they sell village. Here at Wimbledon. Using a loss to settle. He's looking for is eight and will be done title and he already owns the the most he's he has he's the greatest tennis player as he has more major championship and eighty whatever he's got is an easier yes he's got a chance to add to his legacy better. People. Of course because really in the matchup with the gulf million dollars this Condo an adult but that's on play. The overall with the Palin is hot tennis time at the can you be the best of all time if you were bested by U rival. I think he can't yes I think Roger Federer. Is number one Nadal may be numbered. I'm only rides. The blazers roll on in the summer league and made the quarterfinals with a win over Toronto last night eleven boards forgiveness on again. The this is a huge upset because the places where the sixteenth seed. And they wrapped scores were 23. In the illustrious history of the summer league tournaments where it's it's funny that you know knows that Collins. If he'd been out attack on the output. As I feel likes wanna get. A year it's W what did you guys that can't go hot bothered about wanna get it Jake layman with a few guys this year right I think blazer fans. The sports fans to get low tide over these these these two guys first next step Saturday. Elsewhere in the NBA the Carmelo Anthony to Houston deal has been paused apparently just in GM wants if they can work it out. And one other free agency notes Jonathan Symonds was let go by the spurs he signs a three year deal with the Orlando. He kept this is the guy that paid. It's like a hundred bucks or whatever and go get like a workout at the script and he made the team that actually factor for the spurs though he parlayed that into a three year guarantee contract with GM magic. Yankees Red Sox tonight the Yankees saint Michael they had needs Tommy John surgery you Agassi's in this he's gonna seed got a second opinion on the surgery. You know that that's been put enough this year and when ET thanks in between ninety. The Sox have DF AO Pablo sand of all he signed a five year 95 million dollar free agent deal after winning the World Series at giants. They still on almost fifteen billion this first republic say the bullets will get every dollar of they'll. The only ended up. Having 575. At bats in Boston over three years he hit 230 sat down half a World Series of positive that the big deal didn't all see this coming maybe not to this level. But I think everybody kind of a year if it yeah that's not gonna. He really only have that want to bring here where he hit like 330 numbers and he was in the post season for him and he was buzzing. Other mariners within four games of wildcard spot they played Chicago White Sox tonight. Chris Dielman is suing Ohio State has the capacity like this your own sister I was the eighties got the backing of Archie Griffin is the athletic director there is crazy so it's this according to the Columbus Dispatch spilled his lawsuit is over. A marketing program that's been using the images of Ohio State athletes without the permission. And without paying them for it he's following a lawsuit on behalf of himself as well as current and former Ohio State. Players just essentially the head of. Bad months I think. Can't get takes it was like this because they played there they go ahead and make much money off them and not compensated work. I hit a bad you've ever he shut down the NCAA video games things get very popular thing it's public announcement of late football games. On Xbox and PlayStation in those games are no more now. Because he can't use the likeness is what David it was they'd have like working quarterback number eight from Hawaii to see these markets Mario nameless. Juicy story for us. Number one. Number on him at number one is that daring Carrington has been officially kicked off of the or against football team. Here is let's. Willie Taggart said. But I've visited with Darren Carrington and informed him that he is no longer a member of our program we will always considered Darren adapt. And support him anyway we can't we wish him all the best in his future in. Devers I can always be at because key to a speedy. It's. Site there well we'll do this is common heritage did it in trouble a couple different times Morgan. Target instead its initial press conference that it's at some points with the detest him. He was gonna have to make an example Martin who won coach because of the wise. Kerry to tweet updates this ticket buyer and it's done its program right after it happened so. That would do this was company. Disputed by the officially happened now the question is here it is here he graduated he did so if you graduate he can go play at the end of the division what's. Guess he can't go anywhere he wants right GAAP and because he graduated in June yes if he graduated and yet to do the whole. I don't know it would kicking you off the team and I don't know working condemn block. Where you wanna go I'm not certain how that works normally org you can pull that back but if Morgan is kicking him off the team I would assume and that that you probably three to go sign. Well and play daddy's here certainly has some issues. There's no question eighties. I've he's been in trouble a lot he's not mr. Bennett. He's a heck of a receiver. It to beaver should get him. I've looked decent in the game is getting any any dominates the ducks in the civil war. Scotty will that's that'll Thomas targeting right time is gonna go play 40 that's right yeah he's going to be B you've scanned a little we'll swap. Couple of other punishment notes at the NFL Michael Floyd wide receiver for the vikings is gonna be suspended four games for violating. He substance abuse policy also Ezekiel Elliott is expecting a small. ACS suspension on the last one to two games for his. Domestic violence incidents yeah. In the DG CE Olympic runner. That that six sex successfully defended himself in the doping allegations and because he was making out with his girlfriend. Did see that. That's that may be the greatest. As from the Olympic yeah maybe the greatest offense of all time. I'm trying to find out what his name was but he was his Olympic runner. Now let's see yet here it is. And an arbitrage is cleared in the it was Gil Roberts. And he'd tested positive for banned substance in March. And he complained that his friend. Was take heed and a banned substance. And that he didn't know about it and that he was making out with there. I passionate passionately making it out there. And that's how the banned substance got into his body and they Baltic it's unique about this is fiction overturned. Are you kidding me it was possible to me it's a Gerber was already deficits and I didn't know about it we're make it out next thing you know just impossible I know. So I'd be hot fight if I was back to buy frosts brewed Coors Light coming up next double talk a little bit about daring Carrington and where the ducks go from here at the wide receiver position. Actually. Sort of stand there now so who steps up also Friday random includes a follow up to wet but 23. In his latest it. We've all been waiting for the next breaking news about what that it was very funny three of the hot new sports journalists to brighter and it's coming up as well it's 513 from Vancouver forward. This is the fan. Prime time where Isaac can sue god sanity though Sam. Inherent in them to have to double check this. But it's done this to be the same as chairman solely where if daring carriage even though he's a graduate. He could be gradual transfer easier to gradually you guys kicked off the team. He cannot use the graduate transfer rule have you heard that. I have not heard that. Battle but the so ease the the graduates its rule icky just have to find that the score that he has to have a graduate program that your school doesn't offer. Which is easy to find mean. Go. Wouldn't any sort of program. Sought. It's everything I know is that that daring carried it is going to be. Eligible to play right away knowing I don't know is whether or not working to block any new places that he would. Would want to go to you but I I don't think they can't. A big because the gradual transfer rule and this is different than someone just dvd transfer. I think carried in his Rita cosigned wherever he wants no matter whether so once they could chance are well ahead. Regular receiver there's no question about that but you know he didn't really. I know it's not even yes wouldn't you say yeah but yet they do you you kept waiting for him to pop. And you thought last year was going to be BP that a year than the of the but didn't have that the teams struggled the mighty. We we're at the Florida State game that rose saw him hit a big game I thought that there at the end the civil war that your guy. Without that the you know he's there is a couple times you just thought you know the sky's the limit here's a 6200 pound kid that is gonna be able to carry more weight. The people thought that that was that was an NFL receiver that could be a first you know. And maybe got a first but maybe a second third round guys. And it just never quite. Clicked he will go down as the guy that did not get as much out of his talent. As he could have been organ and then obviously it didn't end the way that that you know you're hoping for a while so he's out if you didn't hear the news today they officially economic team itself. I'll see what happens Campbell what happens with the ducks you know Charles Nelson is at that position ether I think he's their only senior. I think six of the thirteen receivers that they have. Our first dissect your guys I mean it is going to be a very. Young core and the navy keeps coming up fee if it you know Charles Nelson you would assume is gonna be the number one guy that Nelson is not. A true number one you know he is a smaller undersized guy. So a lot of people are bringing up the name Dylan Mitchell who's the sophomore so if you wanna point to a guy that probably needs to kind it would merge. As being in the the next great receiver Eddie Mitchell is probably the guy that most people have sir what about Taj Griffin. Step it up well and it again that they experiment that little bit with moving him around last year played amounts and slot and you know that there were some mixed results I peak wind when he gets the ball in open space that some believe is dynamite Alice seem more in him I know it's it's. I feel like they've never really sounds. The right way to use him it's it's almost like a a poor man's. Did I just feel like he's a guy that in this office should be getting more touches. How you do that with the run supply sweeps where do you wanna play you know in the slot weather it's candidate. The football I I I'm a 100% agree Kiki needs to have more touches in this office. All right well we'll keep and I am but he you know it's it's a position that. You know when you think about the gutsy thing about skill positions you just don't you just. It's like next man up it's like they're load at the right but they kind of art anymore well you got it whiter here. Bullets EE got a lot of guys with stars behind their names right a lot of a lot of forced our kids but what what does that mean so whether it's it's Mitchell. It was the mr. Florida. McNeal is another guy. That it's coming out of spring that people were pretty high on so. They eat you hear these names is sale were were high income and this is going to be at a nice group force. You kind of thought that that maybe they were gonna have a chance to kind of ease their way into it and now there's going to be some guys here they're gonna be expected to play. Big time minutes and better than a lot of snaps and kind of be the focal point of an offense has to be honest with you as much as I Charles Nelson. I don't know Charles Nelson really is a number one receiver so it whether it's media whether it's missile or miss solar one of the freshman. They're these are some big shoes to fill this is not just all carried to leaves and and will just be fine this is this a pretty good blow for org. I text the average for Beers Tex on 55305. I moved on to Friday random as we have quite refute this week things that we haven't gotten to. One is outlet but 23. Who is a hero for breaking the news that those taking Connor had been traded. From the White Sox to the cubs he's the guy one of the guys along with Katy Perry's booty hole. Who broke the story on read it it's just so good that Katy Perry's booty a little wet but 23. Those are the guys that have the story well. That people have been digging into wet but when he streak is I guess on read it I'd I years credit. Mark please don't let the people that duties read it in the beginning of the these credit at all no not I don't neither the time I go to read it is like when there is that. If your release of information that what needs to goes seat in one place. That's me is where read it becomes useful idiot like and its. Old no. Yeah moral Jennifer Lawrence in like court documents or things like that when there's big information dobbs that's when I go to red I would never dream. A licking its Jennifer Lawrence yeah photos I would. And I did it if you're gonna do that read it's a good place to do that it's Eilat. A OK but if the appeal is all right so hey on I guess on credit there's a way to go back and review every post that you've ever. Posted an all of post Lan and they if people are going back and reviewing his old posed. Anti semite dole what 123. Not called Mike Lynch really. He is like geez cowboy camp so he breaks news stories that eats on the you gotta you gotta clean up the history in this is what you just talking about this yeah social media now. Well in Italy now he's ruined any sort of goodwill these hat that's right he's out he's out it's now it's gonna be Katy Perry's good deal. Or may be like web but 28 I don't know. In the next but going forward and David thanks guys gonna camera BA he can't you can't really do the at this dramatic stuff. Did you see the guy in an organ that was charged with a hate crime and that was cry and during his arraignment now. It's like I guess that once it was like a month ago. Some wonderful guy and he showed up to court flip flops and cargo shorts if that means they're adamant that in a hooded sweatshirt. Well he's been charged with a hate crime I guess he follows a it was a Muslim couple. Andy followed him like twenty blocks and was shouting. Anti you know what ever go back your country blah blah blah we got charged with hate crime. Well. They apparently saved think they went back through and after they've they've they've arrested him for this they went through and I guess his FaceBook page is littered with all kinds of wonder great charitable endeavors and has just one of leagues are you that the judge banned them FaceBook a social media he's not allowed to go out there that can happen yeah she she benefit from it and the best is so he's sitting there at a courthouse. Any justice lobby you like a baby and he's claiming you know why he did those things prop each is that your. He just he got caught up in the moment he's just figured he needs to be educated but he didn't mean any harm by it did to me a hard try to run sort out the road and you know shout he shouted racial epithets at people. Wait yeah how is that even possible to shout something. Shalit a racial slur at someone not meaning harm by it is an electable. Point of it he didn't mean anything by it there sweetest thing at a record heat this was ignorant and all those post have a FaceBook. It's the X eight. All right air and judge you know him that he ordered I don't know him personally he's at he's a Yankee player I know Aaron so he's examined like. Q 25. It doesn't work you should delete in Atlanta. I think dad doesn't cut the stock market could drop. So iron judges rated baseball we know that he can hit the ball a long ways. You know. Aren't sold on the takes program gaga is that they could elements of Cary. Says well but when he threes prefer a caption breaking news in the eight due to stepped up. At a terrible at the fifth and funny that's so you know his number two spore was Aaron judge. Leaves you upbeat things troop strength as the navy football what he did all three. And he mentally he was the MVP of his high school team and all three he's one of those guys he's one of those guys this. But he averaged they say the averaged like eighteen points and thirteen boards as a senior. But in football. He couldn't throw it they tried him as a quarterback is you know. Anyways a pitcher in baseball team high school he probably basically does everything on every team yeah he was probably a gym tennis tennis tennis player it was dated the hottest girl in yesterday's air judges like okay who. Like eat as utilize eat you utilize in all over the in football they tried to make him quarterback and he could throw. Really right your big like a girl but he he. Either. Well yes. Exactly and they they said that he even said there wasn't much translation between. Pitching and throwing a football and he was terrible he could not throw the flip off well so they moved him to wide receiver. In the dude went for 969. Yards on 54 catches as a senior he's put him on the outside right now yeah the ball that his high school quarterback said that. That's about eighteen yards her yeah etch. His high school court except our strategy was to either throw it out and let Erin catches. Or I'd run. The and that's what they did it. Run the touchdown play judge. Although they said it. Urban Meyer was saying that when he was brokered in LeBron James. He said LeBron was is gonna football players he oversaw. Yeah. At the safety wide receiver. The bronze what 6869. Yeah with a forty its burden and that body can you imagine he's he's a more athletic he's a more athletic Calvin Johnson did you see. Does want to knees today one. But they have they have the highlight video of LeBron James playing in some really yeah you tell me about this. Unbelievable it's just but it has dominated Killen fools dominate like the people the words that we are as partisan easy photos he's got a full and here he does have a nice his hairline as. The outside vibrant. He like I forgot that he complainants. But of course he played some edit it there and he'd just. Own people. But he's judge's father when those guys in the Bronx the same way that had they dedicated themselves to a different sport. They would have they would adopt pro and that fact that SI an article today casket will we ever see another two sport athlete as good as Deion Sanders. The bill Sanders was a hall of fame. Obviously quarterback and gets Ayres was a pretty good baseball player. Think people forget Doug Sanders played lake started for the Braves they were playoff technical C a two sport I. And it will you see another one of those and I don't know what the special is nation going on but. I do think there's plenty of guys that could have gone pro in in bolt and bolt. That's not saying it's like here. A there's got to there's going to have to be a guy because you look at guys like Aaron judge in the Brian James these are freaks Beckett that could do about I think announcements of like the broad situation he said these are playing week after his sophomore year. Because they're living so specialized now and where identifying prospects over the on. Lot of people Spezza with apologists don't wanna take the and I think the wrist I get it there's not gonna be a lot of them for that reason but don't you think or were. It's almost like we're creating these guys in the lab now like these some of these guys cannot even talk about like the elite guys like charger. Or LeBron excellent athletes at this that they are capable that we have more guys capable of that. Now than ever before yes we are developing physical freaks even if they're not super talented. Yes that is schism is is an all right and as you say in football. Like if they kept pleasant there's a lot of athletic guys in the NBA this art that skill they're just athletic. That can translate to the NFL he's easier than any other sport there is no sport that is it's easy to play. To blurred the play as as football like Aaron judge put him on the outside jump up and catch the ball that's like getting a rebound. I'll bet you could go and find. An eye on authored a number I bet she could find twenty guys right now in the NBA. And I'm talking stars Kate take the the bronze let's take the top you know whatever 1520 players out of that. A bit jacket go find two when he guys that are are decent to. You know good to decent role players in the NBA. And within two years you could have an all pro Kabul all pro caliber NFL player. At a couple different it is it's just the athlete this isn't just translates if you're an athlete and as long as you don't mind get it in you could handle the pain aspect of it. There's a spot in the NFL for you look at Jimmy Graham right Tony Gonzales is if we're not you leave basketball players who are just kind of they were decent players on bad college teams. And both of those guys are Tony and dolls were the best tight ends of all time Jimmy Graham is one of the best tight ends in the NFL means you can do this sort of thing. Have lettuce is and translates into the NFL in the NBA. Is probably the best wrought athletes. In the world. Okay at a Friday rain and continues next with California and Texas skating each other you know they hate each and of course yeah. So now it is spilled over into college football. It'll tell you what that may mean we also have deep ball family getting a reality show. And what NFL roster has turned over the most. This offseason who. A fun little question. It's old it's all of those items when we return we're out here at Vancouver forward and resent it SR 500 in Vancouver it is a 533. Here is Mike with sports that are. Replies against drugs and maybe the span. They're talking about two sports stars. Like Deion Sanders will we ever see another wanted to know what people weighed in on them. Lot of these state no way not with you know the special season like you were talking about it every sport now. Is just it's year round training. I alligator at the other way and say I think we could see it because their more guys capable of doing it than ever before. But I also think the money is so great now why would you do it like look back to Bo Jackson doubled debt Deion Sanders but EE you're limiting how good you can be in one eye to the point of the SR SI article that I read was how good could Deion Sanders good baseball. Had he just played baseball. It all or how good kitty didn't apply if you just dedicate himself to that mean he was one of the best of all time. Woody did even better if he didn't try to. You know to work baseball as the Bo Jackson thing about Jackson. Had just been a football player just at a baseball player and so with the money that that's that's now in play. Why wouldn't you try to specialize in one thing especially if it's the FB a Major League Baseball why what you try to specialized that cash in on. You know that the hundreds of millions of dollars it is now be had out. Out there. So another text says who has the better pure athlete however you define that NBA point guard or NFL corner. I it's it's it's. Eddie corners. And I know I mean I eat it raw athleticism. At its focus again how do you defined I don't think there's better athletes. In the world that day in the NBA. But. When you take in the straight component in it the the NFL middle linebacker the NFL defense of and there's nothing like. But that's it it's a different format criticism but you got guys now like miles gear right or you're looking at some of the the edge rushers in the NFL that are. 6566275. Pounds. That bit bench press 45500. Pound squat six runs 4640s. And that have 36 in spurts that. That that's that's that's a freight train but then you look at the DM BA and it's a different sort so it's. Again it's it's how you define apt lettuce is and to me the most impressive. Athlete. Like overall it is if you go find an athletic peak in the NFL some of that stuff is scary. Just if any NFL in the NFL like that make him give me. I've tried to take a somewhat but did you watch. You know someone that's just there it did that's that big that fast. That's strong about powerful. Mean it's it's like you built amid a lap. But it eight if you're talking about like when he did decathlon or something that sort you'd be hard pressed it. Go find a better raw athlete than in the in the NFL the lengthened the body control and and all that and it's just it's it's really this is his two different kinds it's almost apples to apples to oranges so more Freddie random say university Johnson. I do liberal Hootie Johnson chairman out there against a nationally didn't want the blacks didn't want to ladies he didn't he definitely didn't want to ladies. Yeah spot as hard let's be honest he didn't want anyone there was little bit wide in Boston and he's big thing was paid were private club just like. Well the Boy Scouts are yes. Only boys that are girl scatters for women it's like what's the difference I did try to work at the curbs for years they won't have been a ridiculous I'm not sexist but I don't want women in my club. I don't know that but that's how he tried to just let you know thirty Johnson dead at the age of 86. Now he died. He was the one who went toe to toe with Martha Burke you know which she called amount I won I didn't know that duty. Was it 86 is dead. Super dead. Not just kinda dead. Murray pretty dead like care caddie Steve where we're not certain it is he's really dead now what this is just died BD six. I he'd he'd died so I wanted to pass little and I don't have a real opinion on the media that. And that's why it's Friday random it's legal Nevada that is very random with heat still the president and the guys now not ever Billy Payne several Bailey playing with a stepped in after him. There was another rich like I didn't like women are or minorities. There's a theme although they did them for these other do America's. It seemed like either one of those maybe he can be the next head of against well they've put they put Condoleezza Rice and that yes amber there condi isn't that I think. I think it was there is a standing tradition where if you were the president I think it was AT&T answer it here's amen you've got a membership and then that the gal. And they're taking that overnight I think she got a membership issue but I love that they're gonna point to that hey we've got diversity. It got that says tiger guy and we got to win and so the rollout condi rollout atomic era here covers the bases on two of them. So our California and Texas hate each other and you know there's a travel ban. So. This is that this is a story that came out last month but we we have not had a chance to talk about it's kind of strange but. There is it there's been a decision in California. That state employees. Cannot travel to Texas and be reimbursed. So here's what it is. The politicians running Texas and California continue to prove they want nothing to do with one another but athletes in the two states are inextricably. Linked. As a result the latest salvo in the Texas vs California culture wars has created widespread confusion in the college sports world. There was a decision by the California attorney general to ban state funded employee travel to Texas. He said that it knew Texas law discriminating against LG BT people. And that California law bans state funded travel to states to discriminate or discriminatory laws on the books about the state employee and I'm taken blanket accompanied trip I can't be reimbursed at its and Texas while the move was applauded by liberals in California and mocked by conservatives in Texas its future impact is unclear. And a lot of his stake for sports fans because. College coaches are stated what our state employees. So. Candidate go recruit axis. All armed unless they'd just pin their own island yeah you have to pay their own freight which. I have been a college coaches can do that happened no one wants to. That's just say that that's phenomenal sort fisons enemy to liberals think it's a bit is he that's all that is. That's that's America vs that the snowflakes there must Angeles and that's greedy. That's agreed gave his adventurous it's a battle. Now let remember too that the NCAA host a lot of post season events yeah like you know if if you've got. The NCAA final down in San Antonio or everything in Dallas like that. You know. This is kind of Josh will cock there I mean that Justin Wilcox you know go Hillary I gotta pay is on away on the networks like they're trying to work it out coach we're gonna go ahead DG pay for your own ticket. Some tells me boosters will take care of that but that's just incredibly steep over a 101 about shortsighted on both sides what about like. You know the scheduling a game down there. You know I don't know who it all the employees that would get started the official war now between Texas and California. Now I'm on that was interesting okay this is the south just eventually get it is just. Don't want from California's going to be able to travel to the South Hadley the demilitarized zone the Rio Grande. Anyway more red up next we've got Lavar ball news and I will tell you what's. NFL roster. Has been turned over the most this offseason I guess. But that's your guess against the 49ers wrong. Unity votes to be outrage and it is only returns 547 on the fan. Thirteen. We're advising ensue god Kennedy though. Yeah alcohol California Texas. Beating each other thing. Wondered if and I'm not saying this law that California pass which is very strange. But. You wondered if that was a factor in Texas not joining the pac twelve. Didn't like the academic liberal kind yes yeah all the politics of it all I wonder if this something we never really talked about but it's surely that was a factor. I think the bigger factor with the Longhorn Network but I I think their their may have been an element it. Not wanting to bow down and she's the up to the Pacific. Coasts. Universities but openly I still think that came down did they make like. I say it's like fifteen to twenty million a year off that crappy network that it that he ESPN pays the south along I don't even have that here. Do you have at home I don't often do you ever watched it though. I've ever seen but it means it's a 2530 year deal it's hundreds of days the dock as the US PN yeah. And there's no way to get out of and no one watches it dole and Texas watches specific one of the worst TV decisions in sports history. Did someone gave of that crap because there's nothing good on it there's no good football. It had all the good games keep picked off if they even if there arcade games like what do you do the other. Mean there's six other days and yeah you run your rent tech all the other month water polo at Texas and the battery is Levy. It is eighty they'd taken a giant dump no one wants to advertise on it like it is viewed as one of the ESPN's great blunders of all time yet. Texas ain't going anywhere because that thing is ironclad locked in and they're just gonna sit back and rake in the money so. Even though the big twelve falls behind the other columns is as far as payout goes. It doesn't matter because they get a full share of the big twelve out and then the Longhorn Network and the rest of the schools that yes simply so Texas wouldn't leave. Team member our favorite to swim bro. Ryan Lochte I do remember him out and Rio the swim deep dish the the robbery in Rio at that wasn't really. He lied about it and he does she aimed at publicly scorned. He has been cleared of criminal charges. So he's free to go back to Brazil and party whenever he wants an appeals court has thrown out the Crennel charge they say that's. So the judge ruled that Lochte did not go to cops and report the incident they came to him. After hearing stories in the media so he never set out to creek eight ally. In that aspect was the turning point in the case. I can use that played a fighter ever like and definitely if I get married again and again evident in a relationship I use that. I would point out that I did not set out to lie you came to me he and there are afford them lies just happened. So really if we get down do it I feel like you are the one to blame. Force that's life that's great like Q Jackie chiles sort of a lawyer right there in just a bit hard would be would be proud. The bridge partners to sign their they're adding to which is a good point that Austin is quite liberal. It's like liberal oasis of Texas and you wonder if may be work the other way where it's at the politics were a factor and UT which. Like the politics outlasted justice ticket to the rest of politics is their states through the rest Texas OK so what's out what NFL roster has turned over the most well I would. There's Nazis I was gonna go with the guest of new regime so I thought maybe San Francisco. As the new coach GM and as the bad roster that I maybe they'd flip that is wrong that is wrong. I think who else looking here I have ten through one niners are six. K it's let me tell you what this is based off of this where it's done the jets seem to be cut everybody this was done at over the cap. Dot com. It's a website devoted to salary cap analysis guided it was Jason FitzGerald and it's based on. Total snaps lost quality snaps las. Quality special teams snaps lost an average per year dollars loss to the jets got rid of their quarterback they got rid of their receivers they got rid of most of their offensive line their best linebackers on it in the top ten rejects. Cut every Bowden out of those guys were hurt though. So yeah it's weird that there about it because Dekker like on the played like three games and some of their climbers K. About Jackson though they got a new regime down there at Coughlin fifth. 25 point 9% snaps lost here because he's he wants to change the way they run it smash mouth Green Bay. It turns over their roster quite a bit they're tenth. Here at the top three. Number three is the bills. You know at at that never occurred in the buffalo well. That's an afterthought. I think the bill. Those. They give them. Anybody that has worked Mike. Late now to come office. Knows the head coach they heard that one guy number two the cowboys. Sean McDermott. That's what Sean McDermott now in it would the bottom was independently and for some reason but I think he was a coach there. Will that they've hired did remember right after rice got fired they went hired one of the assistance. That. But he was only an inner guide says the cowboys are number two you. And the most turned over roster 26 point 2% snaps lost. A 3.5. Million dollars average. Per year Los. Cardinals. It really the cards Arizona Cardinals they've been aggressive. With their contracts in recent years it says here are. It wouldn't have thought there is only either so they've been so aggressive their context it it made it hard for him to keep a lot of their players this year they lost. Clay is Campbell us Tony Jefferson Kevin manager Marcus Cooper all office the defense out. And they played over 800 snaps last year. Campbell's one of the best defense lineman in the NFL known knows about it but he deck of the beast and I feel like Arizona was one of those teams that. Had a window and it's just kinda. It's it's gone by. Carson Palmer you've had not winning anything but if you remember the last couple years right. Airs on it was always viewed as is one of those teams right you win twelve games compete for the division with Seattle. Always tough out gonna make some noise in Carson Palmer just never could deliver it now. Again all this roster every year this may be the last year your coach he's battling cancer and let's Don Carson Palmer is just it's. It never it never materialized ever materialize any any kind of adult. Really write them off yet now like GM and paint if gambit paint did you think all the cardinals because now though are there. So it's that that wind and I don't know how you know. Write them off but they're not a contender and that that's a team that that maybe can still go in and and win nineteen games maybe compete for a wildcard spot that they were awful good yet they were they were really get it and yet they just kinda. It's that window in the NFL band aid closes real fast. And yeah it's. The ability to turn over your roster and again maybe this is whether gonna have to do here it's like the Baltimore Ravens right. Or Pittsburgh does this quite a bit where the budget to take a step back for a year or two and an order to take that big step forward. I even wing has done this you look at how active do we as did Seattle as well. We turn over their roster in recent years as the best of look at it be that I why would you get rid of that guy that guy is still a player. Because they're trying to think two years down the road and try to stay stay viable for year after year after year as opposed kind of fallen into this purgatory where. You just become very BD Yorker and you'd never really have a chance. I that includes Friday rain and sitting gets little of our bodies but just know that the -- ball and the ball Sammy is getting a reality show it's going to be broadcast on FaceBook. It. I hate. So. Yeah it had a FaceBook page you don't worry about it that's I I just. Want to yeah they were gonna get right now I know I you know what it's gonna be a smash. Probably when I hate that guy but I would give him is that dude is a marketing. Jeanne switch you us women open water with sharks if it meant your sports hero did it with you. Next on the fan.