Primetime 7.14.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, July 14th

Ropp's wife is out of town, the Mike and Mad Dog 30 for 30, and some MLB talk!


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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Find it time. And you can find the time dispute you can actually yeah right John revise against you. At home what they'll all there was no. Think yeah yeah this is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason's agenda quit trying to I'm Jane ADP. CNN. Are ever out here at Vancouver's forward. But today we cannot hear about once here don't we know he's the adjustment and I'm here and make a stop in my home town. It's the dog days of summer is adjacent and why Indies here why they call it dog days now you know where that comes for I don't know where that comes for a viewers heard that like a dog days of baseball. That he right Canada's. That's what it is like and I'm just speculating here merely cute dog lays out the sun just that is our objectives that is pure speculation here this the role of our better than this no really I'm not think. Think I read something about it when I was fourteen orca. Worker Google record and I remember it being about. Astronomy. Really yeah. That's what I think that's gonna be my bet. Now what about astronomy I don't remember there's something about a dog that thing in this guys stuff a look at it and we're. I'm looking up the lead dog days of summer we needed to dog days of summer are the hot sold three days of summer they restore through the period. Following some dean rising of us you're right of the star which the Greek an Roman Australia today and is it done. Drought sudden thunderstorms. Fever. Mad dog's bad luck they're now taken to be the hottest was uncomfortable part of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and a think filter well they get him I don't know why there. There associated with the mad dogs though well because. Well because get all. Pissed off my dog when he leaves on the side just lays there and doesn't wanna moviemaking melts into the. All isn't it dog the symbol. Of that of that star. That the you know how they cancer has assembled the thing as a symbol of what do you as a Caesars of them. The did that all our is the serious whatever that is. Yeah I think it symbolism done I think that's where comes from the consume them hate we're getting sidetracked here for guidance. Were Nokia's anchor over fort where my idea would be to hire more heart politics as salespeople. That's you that's your thought then that they've figured GM here that's sort of like a hooters sort of group. Approach well the problem is that when the husband comes in. And the and the the wife Jessica legacy we're gonna thumbs up here and there bring the wife and I don't know if that's necessarily want it now listen you that you took a two shooters that's what I said. You think you Morley you jacks were last year. You know sexier. Maybe dim the lights a little bit and and whose life comes shopping with it do you must couple shop for cars together yeah it most it guys shot for the car. It doesn't matter that you may be shopping for a car that when you go to sign on the dotted line all right I'm needs to be either to have a solution to this problem. Oily beau hunks. Who see now how we got something so what we do is we we tagged Tebow right thumb up so when when that with a wide comes that he gets it said that there's the high sales lady that we call in chip hard facts right and didn't. It becomes sitting close the deal now I think you brought this up as an idea I would tell you this I was married for sixty years and I never once bought a product. That might be that like a major purchase from a project. My wife would have never allowed. Ever since you to put the kibosh on the sale Audi as the sales per guys I. Even bother going down really Rhodes yeah now yeah I was not allowed to buy a product of the sales lady was more attractive and it's fascinating that was not gonna happen. On that note let's spend the rest of the segment talking about something I wanted to tell you that if okay so we're gonna talk about the Mike and the mad Doug thirty for thirty yup but we're gonna do that in our next segment. What it or the one after that wanted to race or the one after that so I sat it out okay. That's there up. Yes he gonna do tonight. My guess is go home and lay and you count to the bottom line exactly. The and I am gonna watch defiant ones did you EU mentions yet Psycho hot news it is it's a four partly donkey series about the careers of QB IV and doctor accurate yet and I can't wait to watch it is everybody's been raving about it it's really get it it's on Mon open and nice bottle wine and sit there and my new air conditioned home at the end. That's what I'm gonna do it that's what 42 year old it's like immediate you know but she is headed to the Pendleton whisky festival. With some girlfriends Gallo says the Sega of like how you'd not accompanied kind of a whiskey fist well. It's you know who's playing out there now Maroon 5. And so it's out of Pendleton and there's four of them got theirs is my wife and three other women and they're going and at the hotel. And my life's goal is to bed down Adam Levine. I was gonna say elect what the odds that ain't panties and up onstage. And dead be given the opportunity that deal gets close I told her eyes that are Texas let you have let's have a great time I gently put them. I do you want to tell you. That if the opportunity (%expletive) arise out for you and Adam Levine speaks sweet sweet beautiful love to get it and yeah. You have my permission. You know what that's why Euro wonderful husband so that she said well OK but then after that it will be able locker I come home wanna sit now. Because he keeping you. No offense. I love you babe but if you're stuck with me if you seen his wife now. Yet I don't Adam Levine liked yeah. Is gonna do it it's up and it's it. While these Adam Levine of course right through the up rights from like and I ominously from at least 58. Quite possibly gave Winnie 62 so is he he's from Maroon 5 but he's also on them. That show voice right CNN it's that guy it's that that and so these girls there's forum they're gonna be fight. Over Adam Levine's. You vote but it's not gonna be her in the four girls it's gonna be her in the EU 151000. Girls alone that are gonna be at that was ski fast you have a hot he. Britain's Luke sugar and of course is a model has yet beautiful death now. That's it's it's good to be. It's good to be and I told that guy or we say in 58 at least in Chicago at this on if you can pick one guy's life. To lead and he's he's up there men. We'll look at him. And I told press it you better take picked a sad when when you get in his hotel room. And just to view and it's getting romantic but the one thing I ask is take pictures. Nvidia. It's now why I think it totally buy into the band crash or in this case wife crush. On the old Adam Levine he would not make my top ten. Make. Like as in top ten. A cool dudes like great lives there are your criteria years in the making you know pick a life that you could leave yet like one guy's life would be it would yield ultimately he's got a great. It doesn't agree let that I'd have to be the lead singer of Maroon 5 mr. Obama called dart board but you get his voice I understand you get his voice he's really talented shakes his hits a line I saw him at the he went to the the Howard Hughes a phenomenal musician he played a I think it was let's go crazy that a prince on. Like at the Howard Stern birthday show. The guy's unbelievable degree is. But you're still the lead singer of maroon five's and so your Adam Levine I had to live being lead singer of Maroon 5 hey. Well look he's got a better life that V8 you let me put together and a better life that I could ever lead but if you're giving me a choice. A famous lives he's not gonna be top ten because I could get all of the benefits of beat Adam Levine from someone else. Without having to say. I'm the lead singer of maroon pride I'd under cities in the running like he's he's pretty good he's underrated a few freaky Friday swear it's like if you bleak at the suns need to look at assembly three times that you become out on the beat. You look at it that you're not looking to go back. You're just like say sorry out of your second in the dead body here. I'm hanging out so so if she were to bed down Adam Levine yeah I don't have a problem with that but does it I mean we stick together I think so yeah. I think with the hope is that she gets knocked up. And then now you get that eighteen year upturn beats you out while that's true these big rated they're like one if you're a man of leisure but if there's one way the Iowa house. A child yeah. It will be that I would think so. And every time you raise I would take that yeah and every time that you get up in you have to feud now you like I can't believe I'm doing this on item to realize that there is like 121000 dollars a month comedian in India outs were you know at that pace for a nanny that exactly he lived in. Nanny and you just ignore the kid for awhile or an eighty's this kid gets older you go do stuff with them but. Because at that point you know you can claim all kinds of expenses. Like I don't. I don't want 23000 dollars a month to take care of my child ID 23000 caused by the speaker of. It's our rights for talk coming up next let's talk about the thirty to thirty last night that aired on ESPN. About Mike and the mad dog it's 412 red bank can over Florida. On the sand. Where I chicken soup. John Kennedy bill. We're getting a lot of support from 35 reporters at my. Our listeners like. This early have a problem. With version five I just don't want to be known as the lead singer of Maroon 5 now we have a female who's in who says that Adam Levine is the sexiest lead singer of any band. So it doesn't matter if he scenes for Maroon 5 or Metallica. But again. Given that you cease that I can have a life Justin Timberlake Adam Levine I'm taken JT every target. This is my point there is better options than Adam Levine crier are saying is bad. All I'm saying is he's a he's an option if you could do a lot worse in the words of the great Jason's and David Beckham. And it's pretty good life. Not a great life it solves. Toms he's gonna old Tom Brady Toms is almost forty that's gonna let younger if levee got to be getting up there he thinks now that he probably early mid thirty or ice is facing 35 finish. I'm AM. Read your Vancouver for date last night. The thirty for thirty aired on Mike and the mad dunk. And they were a radio show out in New York City so. Late eighties WFAN. Radio in New York City was the first all hours. Sports station in the country thirtieth by the way if he is 38 aka the yes diet or younger but you know be I mean it was. It was it was groundbreaking. Yes of sedate Baylor given sports. Around the clock first first one country so this is like 888788. Some rather sort of the first couple of years that they. Try that station they would have big names on there like Jim Wimbley was on there. Greg Gumbel or Bryant Gumbel no I think it was Gregg wanted to gamblers. Was on there I kind of forget about the other Gumbel. Yes like Bryant Gumbel in the nearly eight there's another couple Greg asked Gumbel squared. With our two or three of those nod there's just too Gumbel Brothers. Anyway nobody really that was like the Cooper many of the gulf are adorable it is. Sickle weatherman definite Tallahassee. The what was I talking not they've they were. But they they went with big gains at Dahlia and nobody liked in New York like it wasn't picking up steam because. While they were just they were they weren't New York guys right. Well that's how Mike and the mad dog it's my princess thing Chris Russo that's how they. Really sort of ushered in modern day a Sports Radio because. They had a passion for sports in New York they were New York guys to the audience was there any like with the Yankees where they've they've talked about in the piece that the Yankees were good. The knicks were good everybody was good at that time and so there was a there was quite a fervor over sports in New York City. And. There was like all this pent up yeah kind of a bit aggression that it was like. It was partly an outlet for fans. 22 Qaeda to voice to be go to games he got to yell and scream and now you gave these guys are a form especially. With with Rousseau was basically a fan of Bruce would get on there and he would get only and scream and be passionate be critical and an and call out. You know players and coaches and management and it was almost like. You had a fan boy on on the. They're so they are yet to the audience was there they just they just needed somebody to tap into it and that's what Mike and the mad dog did was they tapped into that audience and to this day I mean it was only an hour along the episode. I want it more I thought it was a putt it was really good I don't I don't know about Yuba it was very interesting and is very interesting how much footage they had of those guys like there's a lot of tape in a lot of. I don't suffer radio show like Oliver on TV to your TV but a lot of that stuff was if I didn't realize that did you view before Washington DC now I. Yes network I didn't know that they were on dated I didn't know there on TV I. I just thought it was great looking at some of the year. Like that they eighties and nineties fashion and of those two guys they go and in the studio and you know because I I didn't really know about Mike and the mad dog growing up that's. Down not out here all night in the midwest it wasn't a thing for me it was a very local thing up in New York City but. They tapped into the audience they were local guys they were passionately go over the top passion very talented and both different personalities and so. It was just kind of like right place. Right talent right moment in time in the way it all came together in the Haiti each. Well they they said at first they did it did state they loved it and they were very close but they just both got too big for the average as Eagles they bought their egos Wheldon. You know they would picker abouts like really stupid things they got to the point where those guys were in the same. Studio doing their show and they would not look at each other. While they did the show would not talk when not talked during the break the break was not look at each other during the breaks when they did the show they weren't even looking at each other. I I cannot. Now granted we are no Mike and the mad dog I I cannot have them speak for yourself but clearly my princess falsely during interviews. I cannot fathom going to work every day in and that sort of environment but it's. It's it's funny that a lot of people in in radio and TV really don't like the people they work with but I guess if you're having that kind of success you're right and that sort of money train. And let's be honest I think as those guys were swing in you know what egos. Who and this is why that. Kind of radio just doesn't really resonate with me. I always get annoyed when people in media start to think that they are bigger than the sports are covering and both of those guys thought they were as big gifts are bigger than anything going on in New York's you know they. They certainly did by. What was crazy is they kinda word I mean that the story the best story from it is that they got so big in New York. That the agent for Mike Piazza. Called into the studio and and behind the seas not on the air but behind the scenes he talked to princess and Russa only said. We wanna get my yachts it's the mets' Mike what's the placement. And so so. Mike in the mad dog on their show and start. Are drumming up the coming up to support the war drums are banking and before you know it the GM of the Mets is like what are you guys doing there's no there's no way we can do this and now we've got fans flooding our phones at the at the offices were not arrogant like Gaza. It's funny the GM called the order it said. Did Mike and the mad darker pushing this so hard we gotta go get Mike Yucca and that's and that's amazing. I think we should do that LeBron James Dickey you know I have that sort of full the answer to that is unequivocally no well. You know we don't without question we don't care. You know what's what is the lame this thing that we could get that we could get done is we tried to name a team the platypus is that didn't work in that. You know I don't feel like we could've gotten it done without that able owner you have some and is at the sensible person have been putting a guy with a hairpiece. That guy's name in his belly that lasted two years I nailed that. I called that the second they came to town like this last a year and a half years more I think the thunder then did they change it to this yet they still plan league owned or they they full I don't think this week I. I think entirely on. The entire league as well they're. There it is maybe we bring back the arena football that's our. That's our hill we're gonna die and get them Wilcox to be the head coach back to amend those guys I don't know much about it I didn't listen their show I've I've never heard their show. Like together. Don't Norma by. You know people all around the country started after that they cities all started to try to emulate that with sports talk stations and I know that the fan here Portland wasn't that. Favre items like 1991. Verse one of the West Coast I think Gagnon Dreamweaver on here and some of those guys in it I stayed on the show back again term -- here in Washington so let me the station has a long history of it it it is due to. The success of those guys because they said that if WFAN. Did not find a show that tapped in Q. The New York market they would have folded and who knows if Sports Radio ever really pops up the way it has. And now you look at it in in in radio and some of the struggles that. Music stations are habit and one of the formats that's really thriving is thought especially sports talk because to your point you can't duplicate by the local. And as long as there's a passion yet or local sports I just don't see how sports talk. Goes away other then it just cheat you eat people change how they get it like a lot of people listen on an app now as opposed the radio whatever but. It's long as the blazers are here and in winning in. In the Yankees are there in Europe there's no Sports Radio goes. The low is it clamored for a except we've been together now for over a decade when do we get into the bloated ego. Hate one another refusal yeah dead heads you know. It just like kind of groupies and buddy and I hate it appears in blackjack and fire trucks I hate you I just hide it yeah. This if we ever reached that point of contempt what we don't. Yeah now I've still attorney did facing you at this point it's. I'm not looking into a threat not with you so disgust me being a pretty cool PC to get a chance to check it out I mean it's it's uniquely New York. But it was a big deal at the time it did sendoff. You know sort of ripples around the country and add to this day they're still not together now France SA is retiring. But there are fans there that are still clamoring for those guys to get back together. And to a show again and they might amicus bad dog he's on what seriously. He's got his own channel and so there's some talk that maybe the Michael goes there number one we'll go there and fall asleep. This and you take shots Powell but he's number one in the rankings last I checked you're in the seventies just at the that is and dropping it yet with you. I'm holding you back lead of the the lead of this program DC the bit about the power chair yeah now cocky snippet. You know sits in the power chair Bosnia not happy. Well actually need nervous because they said departure is the one that faces via producer producer and we've faced each other yeah but still. But you like to think of I'm in the tower there at the towers here and clearly it's primetime with Isaak institute it's not the other way around preacher out. Which means that I'm blaming them for our meteoric fall. Two whatever seventy something in the race. Our Chris Boucher hasn't new job in a few baseball quick hits coming up next let's go to Mike with sports that are very it's a baseball picks back up tonight. Don't ask. I did know that the run of mind. With the royals begins tonight. Texas finally. Get city against Texas I was the you worked in city royals attic how their for a while the other couple games over 500 I think. The right in the thick of the F. Right in the right in there and it OOP a lot of confidence coming you look nobody's nobody's run away with the central. But they're not I mean you know they're not enough example of couple trades they. If they if they wanna compete but they also may be sellers I don't know I think it's more instinct to talk about of the cubs with a but the cubs and are they gonna go on Iraq they get to get it together. Sounds like the cubbies wanna give every are known to man they were tied to Verlander but I guess that didn't go anywhere but I read today that their hot on the heels of a sudden great. Which you know would would net them probably the two. But there's some talk that maybe gear Cole could be available or maybe stroman but. It of the dead at the arms that supposed the year or for sale this would be the top two guys out of the market of Chicago goes and and that's any grade what they just did yesterday. So the cubs at this point last year can also break and I should there 53 and thirty fine you know in this year their 43 in 45. Many became on to say because there's no great mystery here we have to play better. But even the pitching staff is is obviously a major concern but you know that line it is good enough that they they should not be struggling a couple of other baseball crickets before we move on news Chris appreciate you got adopted. Some. The Boucher the water boy the did you see there was an immaculate hitting recently. In baseball there have been several this year that's where you get them. Three strikeouts on nine pitches I did nothing is our coast Brasco the Indians did it easier he's only the second Indian history to have done it however he's the fifth in baseball this season. Well mean that they did say what home runs are at an all time high habits or strikeouts like this is Condo you know it was a slightly delayed the NBA right thank you you know three year don't. And in an amazing baseball that's homers strikeout mean for it although the hybrid era judge he strikes out able lost. In the record in one season for most. Inaccurate innings seven which was a 2014 and we already have my idea where at the halfway point one other note the yet AAA. San Jose giants. Out drew the Oakley days the other night the fact that the fact that at that now this was because Madison dom garner was eighteen he had on his rehab. Every that the dirt bike accident or his arm and he's is coming back now I'm back he's back on the fifteenth but I. Bet that raises a question in it and that is that if DA's. Had a new stadium in Oakland. And were good. Do they draw. Bigger. Good fan base there at Oakland loses its its its adult known wants to go there and let's go with a user freaking terrible. Right. 3039. And fifty and so I just think within within Oakland fan it's almost like. And that the best mentality for for a's fans they kind of accepted that this there's is that these general Malays about the team. Antibiotic apathy said he and I think there's lot of apathy for the Oakland a's is even when Oakland a's haven't Goodyear isn't there this sense that look a little Oakland Baghdad. It did there's no real sense that Oca will win in us. Even if they do assemble a team that intends everyone knows that this it'll get broken up console for parts of the next year SE you'd think they had an advantage stadium may be. Thank you get new stadium during more financially viable EI think they would drop that's a good fan base down there. I mean that you look at it you know whether it's it's warrior fans a's fans raider fans giants. Did just. We let the third or fourth largest market in the country. And that date there's no reason they shouldn't be drawing if they had a decent place to play. Were actually commit to putting them a competitive product on the field the year accurate and have to do this money ball crap. And it is puzzle at Oakland there's there's even you know or think it'll be but he still gonna stay there. I just think that's a tortured fan base they get it may be used in most tortured fan base in all of baseball. Now with Emmy Unix Seattle. But at least the Seattle got a brand new park in the teens spend would you rather be fan DA's of the Mariners. Right now and air players should historically be in Oakland had obviously a lot of success apparently Oakland in a stadium I mean Mecca they've been working on this for. But 1012 years at least stay Karl it's the only. Multi. Sports facility in Major League Baseball you know that BO oak oh yeah the only ones. It floats it was sewage on a regular basis and the only one with with. We look coming out it's the fun and it's it's that's it's ridiculous. But here we said this about the raiders to red raiders had to work out some that no they did the ratings are in Vegas. Feel like in the second half the company. You think it's getting to Dodgers and Astros in the end I don't know like that the Dodgers right now it's scary good at the Dodgers go out and get sacked written. I mean. You get to the sixty needed it's over. Britain this is the sixth and seventh chance a good 89 at Taylor the Dodgers are guilty get right yes they are and he answered yes as a unit but at the nationals ever got their bullpen together the nationals are really good to connect blossom trades. Well that's you say that about a bunch of teams but they're still in in first place by a. They're good at I think it Dodgers and Astros obviously there's the two best teams but. It would just I think you'd be cool to watch the Dodgers eighteen which is by far the best in baseball go up against the Astros offense which is by far the best and he spelled. I got a team to watch out for it I think it's Arizona. And I know they have of Fernando Rodney is they're closers of surely they will be a team that will try to. Find out he's bid well he's he. And he's he's locking down some games he's got some saints but they can't go into the playoffs. It expect to win a World Series with that guy is the closers it's no way. They got to make some news just like the nationals and makes in his back in their bullpen they might but they're really kid I mean they're they're being overshadowed by the Dodgers that. Their offense matches they've got. Greinke and Robbie rays pitching well like their. I say watch out for Arizona at our little samba on them in Vegas when I was down they were twenty to one. We're really enter to win the hole to win the whole thing what I did see. I want to see. Either the day before the day after the almost arguably was on Sports Illustrated they were talking about. Say their teams to make the playoffs in the throughout Colorado and Arizona if the cubbies the cardinals. I'm trying to think of the team some teams in the American League and they had all their experts taken into your to your point Lotta people. Of those teams were were liking Arizona it is to be while Courtney Watson and I think that's the Dodgers are good it's about time people learned about Paul Goldschmidt. Well I mean these guys hampered as intuitive for a number of years was got that they Joey bottle affected that. Has been good for so long he's been playing on crappy teams that don't pays any attention. All right so let Chris Boucher the ducks has been signed. And he has signed by the Golden State Warriors. Are they just collected all the all the former ducks. Well they have two of them at who I forget where I am. Well sitting addressed it right. Where Brooks go. Brooks is in. In Memphis. Memphis the other. Yeah isn't an analyst. Yes and bells had yet another nice performance and some really people have been real ache complimentary about him yet eastern on green for haven't scored like five points like everyone's freaking out and I like eleven. Eleven boards eager. He had a 5 X 5 myth 5 X 5 summer leak that's pretty bad ass patients he's going to be dead he's he's nice player. The shakers the warriors aren't what they call the when they call it to a contract if you heard about these yet we go that you think it's they have this and hockey where they can. Well he did the MBA here. But he they signed him to a two way deal and what that means is he'll get 75000 bucks guaranteed no matter what. But he is he is on their rock so in the NBA at this is new this offseason. And going follower but. It's the rosters are fifteen they've now it actually expanded to seventeen you have to to wait guys. And they can toggle back and forth between what they called the je me now because of the Gator I love that it's no longer the and so you can go down to the geely which could also be on the on the big club ups and if you're if you're up with the big club. I think you get like you can be. On the parent club for like 45 days total and we near when you're playing with the big boys you get paid. Retroactively for like an NBA contract but when you're playing with the GA leak you get paid the G week. It's like guaranteed so obviously that when you know it's guaranteed yeah but your your your big boys are re is not guaranteed right that's what the whole point of the two way contract so he can. He'll he'll get 75 grand no matter what yes but he has the ability to earn up to. 275. Grand to depending on how long he's on the actual warriors roster which he won't be because he's gonna be I'm rehabbing. Yeah he's still hurt innocent people are putting out Dorsey is with you in talks a daily sun yeah we could did did he get traffic he had all three of got drafted so we had bellowing Golden State and today he'd get draft that he got drafted by. Someone who sold him to Golden State for Chicago Chicago. And Nash yeah for the three and half millionaire arts. And then we had. Brooks and Dorsey both go to a Memphis and Atlanta. Right up next. Would you trade Allen crass. For this well thanks and we're trading you know. Well witty here what someone's proposing that it for 44 on the fan. I'm John Edwards Isaac didn't sue god sanity though man. I scored fifteen gratitude for Florida today. Injuries and that's our 500 were up into the season. I am very out of my element here at the fact that I'm getting a lot of dirty looks not into the says George Strait here these American cowboy boots. But that is look at there. A SO coming up we'll talk about daring Carrington he has actually been them removed from the American football team permanently. Talk about that we ever hot by the five coming up. The folks on the bridge partners that sign are telling us that Dylan NS. Has been going off today for Golden State's. Some relief similarly team so it's not just Boucher. And belt they have Dylan NS on the assembly team to an add them to sit out Elgin cup is down yeah it's that they got three players on their that good luck making that Ross are. Legal suits all full up right now are right so like I teased would you trade Allen Crabbe for this. When he proposed that proposal. And see it much. No I don't like him now go to make a nice Turkey. May be a blt. Is Derek for sandwich in my country can I that is the game EG hastening. I'd love it could be LT why wouldn't you but he put that article for sought and there's so many ways I wouldn't use regular bread but I can have a soft due recruits are. Although I have letter lunch today so now I have the weirdest launch ever. Had a piece of garlic bread and followed by Hala Pete you know chips. Dipped its U. Smear from like bagel wouldn't help. You out so I could find in the fridge. He's at the house hasn't announced at a rummage around in there and purity that little bear bowl that the rob households university averages. Oh yeah like throw. Weird things together they got this'll fill me up you start looking around quick outs and that's I got there here's delays that has led some sort of shake at that point. So Bleacher Report did about a hypothetical news that they still want to have happen they had things like Eric Bledsoe to Denver. Dwyane Wade to Cleveland. Via a buyout they had the Carmelo Anthony to Houston thing on their Tony Allen Oklahoma City and one of them was Allen Crabbe. To the pelicans. Okay for Anthony Davis got a bill. I would do that you. Have to think about it that you I think you could give beautiful I would ask for cousins to. Yeah we threaten them both how about a throw in Mo are closed and buyers letters. Yet that's too much on Seattle too much easy. So they here's a there's sand. Republicans need shooters around those big men yup and if the blazers traded Allen Crabbe for Al Jefferson. They committed to save five and a half million dollars on next season's payroll and the naked cut Jefferson. And save 34 million over the next two seasons without. Having to give up the draft pick because they're big thing was the blazers to shed debt Allen Crabbe or Evan Turner contracts probably gonna have to give up NASA look at liquidity strapped data feature traffic. In order to do it this way they wouldn't have to. So would so it's basically like erasing the crab contract. Pretty much holidays. You know what I don't know if I would do that well I would because it it doesn't sound to me like portly cares about the luxury tax if you don't care about the luxury tax then so be it. What about this idea though outright grants that help but what about the idea the do you do this in the year able to get rid of Turner's contract. Then that opens up. The that opens up your ability to to actually add something a little bit. More significant than yes and at that point think if you told the kid. Is what you're seeing is could you go back to erase all of last offseason and it hit a two of them. Lesser two of them I want a result. There were four actually there are five others as you weathered it well CJ remember CJ SE here's the thing about the CJ deal. And some or try to tell you that it was great that the blazers locked up CJ early. But actually the timing of the CJD is deal was not good if they had waited till lock at CJ they would have had plenty more cap space. This offseason depending on what else to give us some of those other contract. So the fact that they locked at siege nearly didn't have to but they wanted to. For fear of him you know walk and at the end of his deal they signed him early bit restricted so we couldn't walk you could have got right so so you could have saved that cap space. And had had that to spend this off season. Depending on how you handled the Meyers Leonard rates are close and all that so they really don't revisionist history you would rather not done that in the offseason yes. Even other trying to sell you that that's the group that's great move because they're gonna keep them in their locking him up but that that cost them cast. It would have been it would have been I'd say 20/20. And did. Going to this offseason with some flexibility. Do you need to do and then recited seagate to the to his exits which he still would have been able to do it it's just last year did not work out the faces the elite game was it was a terrible move. The know it's gonna complain about the CJ thing other than the timing of it again maybe not the best for the blazers and all three of those concert of the Marcos what is in that I don't have any problem arc with the ten million. But the Evan Turner and the crowd in the Myers better deal or all bad contracts right now they're bad contracts that are that are tough to. All right well anyway that's just a hypothetical but it's it's one lay out if you really want make. You know get out from under the Allen grabbed. But I I would rather get I think I'd rather get out from the Evan Turner contract and with the crowd I still there's part of it's still believes that Allen Crabbe. In. Ads are the best way to put it. I editing by Jane I'm hedging my dad I know I think crap has the chance to make. You'd think that his contract isn't as bad that is this year and I think crab and UB two years left on the deal. And if if it'll grab a big shot what 44% if he gets a little more consistent little more aggressive. I think there's a chance that it did the midway through the year we look at the crap contract a little different than we do right now. RX 456 out here in Vancouver afford up next we'll have the top five sports stories of the day Oregon duck football news baseball. Get started here and at the blazers are rolling in the suddenly folks this is we have buried the lead today one of the biggest upsets in sports history sixteen vs one. On the trail blazers beat the raptors last night what is next for these red hot and rolling. Portland trailblazers will we don't need any of us Jake layman has come to save the team. All of that is that coming up next and then Friday randomness on the.