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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, July 14th

Live from Vancouver Ford...Darren Carrington kicked off Oregon, and talking odds for Pac-12 teams. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against him. The. Unbiased just try to chairman and compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat of American who is in everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate because. And he'd do my job. The best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. Hey what do you do what's. All it Friday. Is that Good Friday. It is they cooling Chris 79 degrees in my hometown and all is right with the world Katz a road game for me today and I've been delayed. Yes you have yes I have ice in pink out. It's road game for me home game three of their right Neil backyard feels good for wants to be in my territory rep in your neck of the woods yes we are your boys at Vancouver for us been here many many years and look at this beautiful wilderness for snake the only 1 in the Pacific northwest radio the only 1 o'clock accounting really got the Shelby F 150 super snake 750 horse. So on a horse it is a lot of horse that I can handle that much as. And more than me. But what does that mean let the the putt a hundred genes under jeeves or. Only one that you're gonna find out and we got that as our backdrop solo were up here on nine northeast fortieth. Right by the church truth they go in Dreessen and that's our 500 I have ever seen near a church treat I have not seen too treacherous I was trying to around eureka or your regular visitor. You know I was driving around looking for a Gatorade. Opt in and out of a phenomenon but I I'd I drove past the church treated fascinated me. Well if you are gonna find a church wouldn't you want it to Richard to. It's better than being streak is better than be in the church of lying on the street no question I'm intrigued by that I just. Like if I open the church of lies and deception I don't know how much traffic on get into the front door but the church of truth. Welcome to all I wanna know more so we're here you out in recent and not what you say that's our focus there I've heard it right office or 500 super easy to get to. And they're have a their Hawaiian days is to bake sale Monty is that it's going. Now. Can you hear that he went up does that ease you you have like a radio voice he's pro fifty or the did you hear that yeah it. Which you look at that at the would you like to repeat what he said Jason because I don't think the listeners to hear that he's a pro attack in every single guard transparent pricing come on down bell. You're gonna get so we were reporting yesterday that you had to buy multiple cars today. I you don't if you come down here you don't want to buy one including the 100000 dollar this is your day F 150. And look at Columbine org look at and think they'll cut a deal on the superseding don't think so they when you've got the only one I don't think you can deals on the happy combines his lap and when that this deal does drive it appears to get about this question BO and never thought about this as I was thinking of them I keep on going up to Stukes neck of the woods. In Euro Washingtonian I am my house is about the five miles here. Yes so. I their differences between oregonians washingtonians. Yet there's the difference between Oregon. Absolutely not not not not the states. Wash people yes the people yes there's there's it what are the main differences. Well just. I've never really thought about this but it. I drove up here if it it'd treat me like if you could you do it did differentiate between. Someone who is certainly could of the Californians and Pacific north answer yes could you delineate between Oregon native Washingtonian based on various characteristics. It's it's weird because what you you have never lived in Washington you only get Clark County. Washington. It's right you know it's when you up to Seattle yes there's a huge difference between Seattle and Portland. But you only really get to experience like I go to Seattle. Yeah but yet you know it's just I don't go to wallop you know so it's it's it's weird in that while we're at Washington were a suburb of Portland. Like all of our news is is Portland news I mean it's. It's weird I don't think by Ian Ian Clark County that you get a a real flavor of what the state it is so Clark County is more like. Portland and nor again. Then the rest of the state. You know but then Clark county and it's it's it's it's it's a weird little slice to be. This close to Portland I'd be an entirely different state. Now Washington Vancouver has a different feel than any other city I've been in the does it wash but washingtonians and oregonians they're they're bros right. I would think so and it like nobody died today that it Californians might as much as oregonians and go on the Washingtonian take Californians quite as much. Because it's the the California is a big miss where the buffer you're the buffer zone. You know you'd like when you go to the movie Peter right of the buffer sea org it is the pop perceive between us and California in so well adored the California's hockey loud. We don't get to smell California. California is not taking our popcorn that's you guys that deal with that they're fortunately we have a better relationship with that. Maybe it's like you like us and Canada. On that where the buffer between you in Canada you're the buffer between us and cal. The Canadians are so different I know there's some guys are washingtonians more like Canadians are oregonians. The question again depends on where you are just say that where you're at stake out our washingtonians better drivers and oregonians they have to be. I would say yes they've got to be that it's got you order got the worst drivers in the of the worst freeways known that you know we talked about this recently. Worst drivers yeah and I was. Trying to defend Oregon driver's good luck I can't know I can't there's really no defended at comic it's just a bit of dollar is going on like cal like Californians lead their speed limit is merely a suggestion yes or an audience follow the speed limit. Well and washingtonians to. Feel like it's somewhere in a happy middle but I it's not nearly as bad. But he kick open the Seattle Seattle's a missed you when it comes to traffic but it. They have more than two lanes ran into the middle of their city. I also feel that Washington isn't quite as unique. So to speak when it comes to beat or. Beat the city environment that there's not a lot of keep Washington we are you talking about the liberal snowflakes irony or we would be talking about the liberals openly scandal liberals know play with don't quite have that same sort of feel appearance in Washington it's interesting. All right well. Cool this looks more wheat. Well we had a first. And and that's Austin match technically we were cooler than you guys. But I feel like organs got that but that market covered if we're going to head it head on that sort in the best weed smoking state in the union. Or is that Colorado I hear Colorado's think it might be pretty tough to beat but you know I think organs kind of known for that men don't sleep on cal for you would never. California is right there in the power rankings all right well here's what we have going on today I'm a little bit of late breaking out Oregon Ducks football news. That a Darren Carrington has been kicked off the team in the least surprising move don't demand a body was already kicked off the lake he gets busted review I think his. With strike against him Willie Taggart had already come out and said that the number wait any update that first initial press conference that at some point some of the gonna test me. And I'm gonna have to to be kind of make an example of someone. And then Kerry didn't like puts the answer Graham opposed the day of I guess we view the day after a basically good bye to everybody I've really not sure why it took this long. In order to beat him but yet it's with the least surprising thing ever. Now with us is just see where where he ends up I'm assuming a smaller school is only got one year of eligibility left. He's probably gonna have to go down a level try to play and then they can crack it at the NFL. But you know for a guy that that's got an NFL body it has NFL talent but apparently entities that head. You know he he's gonna find some tough sled there have an answer some questions. And is need to scramble here and and find a place that is willing to take him he's got to grow up dude that's for sure yeah and it's it's one thing if you've got some growing up to do in your Toro low and that. Let's act like they're in carriages that. You know as the second coming of of chads are particularly good prosecutors. I don't know I I. I always thought that he would be a guy. That would be better than he was at work. And I I said early on it's that guy you can be a first round pick if he wants to and it never really it just never really materialized. And you know that that that happens all the time we see all kinds of guys with. All the ability of the in the world and yet for one reason or another it doesn't quite work whether it's injuries whether it's mental. Whether it's work ethic whether it's you know drugs your academic problems just kind of feel that he has a lot of issues. And I think they're all probably tied to be immature. But you know filed an NFL team that's me is an a guy that this screaming out at me to go take about two chances on the risk reward thing. In and carriage it is not a guy that is just a sure fire camp this if we keep its head on straight. He's a guy that I think had he been a little more focused would have had an opportunity to be very good but. I I artists who don't think he's worth the risk right now but in a lot can happen between now and in next fall wouldn't you know beautiful camps open. So talkative Yahoo!'s steps up and that takes on his. Play making ability it's it's a fairly thin position their organ it is all of a sudden president yeah I mean they say get Charles Nelson and after that it's and and Charles Nelson is not exactly it's that the different kind of receiver. Charles Nelson is not. Your your prototypical outside a one a receiver. He's more of a utility knife as opposed baby the kitchen knife that you would hope and out of during Kerry did so there's a lot of you to let the talent. But it does leave a little bit of a question mark when it comes to experience there on the on the outside for organ. All right so it got that today will NFL players' strike. Did you watch beat Mike and the mad dog 35 I did watch the Mike and the mad dog 3030 is pretty good it was I find them both extremely insufferable both sides. I suppose that when your number one for that long in the in New York he probably lends itself to that. His could show for a lot of years yes yes it was so BM dissect them and I there's an acoustic stuff in there are some baseball cookies we have gates talked. Really yes they needed to get a complete with a audio out. And all kinds of Freddie random have been developing quite a list of ransoms for for Friday's now look different to anything idea that we did. And by the clock art and I have a follow up to let that 23 if you also the hottest new journalist the hottest sports journalist art time he's breaking stories left and right or is that we know them. Now yet again it's got. You also forgot to mention quite possibly greeted Simpson basketball history the blazers over the raptors sixteen vs one hello all. Is that if that's where they would they would have not been note that strip. Those other matters on us yet. The raptors were the topsy raptors without the blazers were the sixteenth seed for how they've. Let's go to support despite on this one I guess they were the sixteenth seeded below. Sixteen why weren't they were they were superstars. Ointment there the sixteenth see their laws that Collins and tack on a ten yeah. And win beat the number ones is this one of the biggest upsets. All time I think so it clearly I think this means that there is a meteoric rise happening right now with you were Portland trailblazers. And finally what I have exceed those of us two point at the finding of the discrimination is over I mean really this that you're you're burying the lead that finally. We can all sleep at night because the the injustice of the world has been corrected. And waiting. Tom Brady. It's been accepted into a country club yet the country club V country club SI that two year end result and Gisele edited two years in the making it must have been really hard yes it's I read write in the piece that he leaves scene. Country club that they were appliances if you feed them that I don't know that's what they described it as it was a quiet leafy country club. And that after languishing for too long years to ears their application. Fight in the proof that he defeated the heavens have opened up. And all is right with the world now finally I can sleep at night knowing that Tom and Gisele have a place to hang their head but if they would what is hitting it and it. I mean what. Then I'd like why go light on why. What is the point if parliament if Thomas is they'll kick it into a country club what they're held to answer the rest of us now and that's a lot of sports news and this we should break. That's too much. A lot to put him once that it. So while we're appeared Vancouver forward in Dreessen and SR 500 will be out here till seventh stop on by up next we have a little bit of college football what is the best. Pac twelve net. To win the leak. Does the odds are out. Like as the odds are out is used to have my I have my pick to immediately in acerbic and he's at least I think about this well media day runner on the quarter coming up yet so we'll get to that next 314 from Vancouver forward this is the fan. Primetime where the eyes against duke on 1080 bills fan. A few checks at Bridgeport Beers next minus 55305. I pulled it FC what folks are saying about Washingtonian a sick person oregonians. Interesting stuff on here. Most oregonians very. Nice about washed really there's a mutual respect and I think there's a mutual hatred for the for the California sick but maybe that's it we get bonds. Actually bond over so I wrote most of my life here are kind of lived and organ a couple times but I just have never felt. It would when someone says lake org audience. It's just a if you can't do the same ads do you think it's a good dual citizenship yeah I hear yeah I've worked in Portland for thirteen years I've lived aggression I've lived in would bird but I spent most of her life in Vancouver but. Like I kind of feel like a citizen of the Pacific northwest. Here's gentleman who says his fiancee is live in Seattle and he believes it is not nearly as friendly in these Seattle freeze Israel. Yes that's a 100% gain it is a much. Or. We're. It's just they cut it down here in Portland which for some people is knowing fell. Where Seattle is more of outlets it's good it's a bigger faster since I don't bilateral business ethic. This person says washingtonians smoked more now. But that is that true. We we can we look up to now we look at it that's at this our audiences he feels closer to washingtonians and Californians. One with like to build a wall and make health pay for it. Now that I'd be in favor of my favorite is like if you go down to bend their resolve if it especially down there you get a lot of the go back to bleeping California bumper stickers and but I feel like that is the cute if you really want California hatred. Moved his sister's band that that's essential organs sort of field. How would you before moving the border up. To include US or guardians of here because we're getting a lot of people. That are green if you like this one guy from long view music while we always get the organ news in the Portland is so we feel closer to organ. Then then wants to perhaps he should shift the border and now this is what we're do we it will take you win because you know what pisses me on I just came up here about my Gatorade at a pay taxes or just movie and removing the that she don't sales taxes you know you know if I gave her my -- is the IV and picture that's on you and that is on me or you can't daddy Yevgeny guys at the pump your own gassed if I like pumping gas you know I don't like I like going over to both of my own guess it's like you do for myself here's our poll question today it's at 1080 the fan dot com as always it is courtesy of fresh she. Who offers an excuse me delicious meals and quality ingredients to energize people on the go FR ESH double why. Dot com on both sides of the now. We got this sounds. But you have problems on the people that supported. I Yemeni website crashed at him I got this from Jimmy Shapiro today you know he forwards us. All the big guy all the odds in Vegas is Vegas odds if you will. Well again you know that deal wary you open a web site and all the sudden congratulations you've just won my 20000 dollars pops up and he can't. Yeah we get back it keeps coming up on 1080 the fan dot com I hope you all them get that. I've got a right here in this would be where would you place your money picking the winner of the pac twelve this seize it USC 100 pays 190. Washington 100 plays 280. Stanford 100 pays 900 UCLA 100 it's a thousand. Worked at 10217. Under and Washington State 100 would get you 17100. As well yeah those are the does the dots yes from my Jimmy. Which many jump. Stanford. Really yeah hundred bucks I get nine that are returned again this value right there yeah now Bob Pickett I'm gonna say Washington again and it washed in with the pac twelve again. That USC one is that Justine. He's an act you're seeing Mike has monies over the all I think when you look at Washington and Washington EP is abused because ski. But if you look at what Washington has coming back I think they have the best coach in the conference. I don't think called into all the hype around organ. It because the recruiting class and and rightfully so mean your brigade in each league talent. But if you go star by star Ricky wash the USC right now actually ball better than organ they don't have as many commits but remember. These guys are on campus right now Washington late seventy on organ last year. And by the way they called off the dogs but midway -- born in order they are for when Tina I understand sold the TV I I don't think organism pac twelve contenders as my point I take them out of it. And you look at what else is going on the conference I think the only other arguments you can maker Stanford USC. And why do you like USC in fact I think if you as he had played Washington in the year last year. I would have bet on use and USC I think USC was the best team in the pac twelve last year at the end of the year in fact I think USC. Might have been one of the three or four best teams in the country period. They if you were cutter re CD. At the end of the year you say give me the four best teams I think I might have put USC and and that mixed. But I still think with USC that did meet they have to prove they can do what you're after a year I don't know anything about clay held. I saw the way to start the year last year and it was absolutely atrocious all the hype around sand Arnold can they stay healthy. Is the depth gonna be a factor in so that. Gives me a slight edge with Washington over USC little bit more of a known commodity Washington brings back a lot and no buildings and stuff for the defense it's not the ball. But I think we have the best defensive coordinator of the country and they've proven that they can read loaded deposition the entire offense comes back. And so that's why out of Washington but if you're asking me to play a bad. That at least that's what I'm asking that's only 180 to eighty Stanford for a hundred bucks is gonna KB 900. Stanford a year and a year route it's tough they're physical I love David shop all they do is win ball games so the best value to me is Stanford there. At 109. So Stanford. At first at all. I you know me I don't trust USC now I'm not and that's 'cause. And that's it's kind of what I do is get Devlin now that's not what I asked our on going I'm not I'm not blame them either Washington is a great debt. They'll be right there there's no question. Stanford at that's that's come along on its assets and it's huge odds that I know lasted at some quarterback issues and. And you know every year it seems like the offense can be a little. I may can be a little wobbly but again. David Shaw has that had big dips every time David Shaw has had on a little kind of one of those years you like a big it's yours differ falls off. What happens next year's difference right back up. And Stanford is more than capable of of going in there and Ed Wood in the north and if you win the north don't mean you're you're one game away. So I was looking at Stanford schedule and they are at USC up in just the second week of their over Tibet to go play in Australia. The plant rice over there. And then now they do get an extra Saturday and their but then made their next game is that USC I wonder if that's a I can imagine they like that dolce I would if I wanna play UCL one up there early but as I possibly Australia trip where you got a week off though so I don't think that that's as big of a factor in other games that when he sick well a case of it said that rice came in Australia as the 26 yeah in the they play accuracy on the ninth. Yes you've you've sites I don't think that's going to be its. As big a factor into if I want to play USC I wanna play USC early because it just seems like USE. Has had a real hard time getting their stuff together. And I don't want USC to build momentum I want USC right off the Jacob is by the by the way UC's which opens their effort I think they're better team in Stanford and I've always said this. To me if I'm an underdog I want to play the favorite early. I don't wanna get deep into the season I'd much rather see. The un and if on the underdog to give it to me early. The funky things can happen to start the OK so they play out USC the second week. And what did what a way to try to kick off on this and a kick off the week to bullet that's big and you know that's a huge when I mean that's I think that's the same weekend as it's against Florida State Alabama. That they got it I got maybe the first week but a Stanford also hosts Washington if you if you look at for that. Where that game falls this year it's it's down at Stamford that's weighed down at in November so it's November 10 and the other one that I like by the way about Washington. Winning is. You and that in this is it's it's kind of crap because they went down the Baylor wrote Washington doesn't play anybody. Washington starts off the I think with rockers. And then there's like a there's like a central directional school and and someone else and that these don't played one of the non conference so. Basically if you're Washington you gotta mow again you can lose to US. You can boosted to Stanford in the regular season and beyond one loss team especially if we assume that Stanford that skis USC. Is gonna come out of the south it is going to be a top ten team. You can be a one loss team going to the pac twelve title game when that and you're automatically basically yen to that the college ball final so. It's at several well for Washington with their nonconference not having played anybody. Knowing you're probably gonna get a real big boost at the end of the year if you play in the pac twelve title game against a team like USC so. Against Stanford's schedule that the only place for pac twelve road games. And it's US CU's top Oregon State in Washington State yeah that's that's a pretty well so they they host. So the USC game is huge but they host Washington Oregon and UCLA which are all in the upper. Portion of the conference. In this week we always sleep on Stanford nom I'm guilty of a 20 let's like we every year ride it's like it's going to be organs can be Washington. All USC's on the rise of the offence meant quarterback play last year it was moral it was awful but it's just Stanford over the last ten years Stanford his proven that they are every bit. Any lead program the one thing this effort has to be of the deal is that they always lose the one game. You know that that they shouldn't it keeps them out of college ball playoff now Washington has better schedule their their four road games in the packed over Colorado Oregon State Arizona State and then that game it's damp grass so really they're only hiccup there is is that Stanford game and they miss USC as well. So you look at them Rutgers Montana and Fresno state. That's a cakewalk at favors the Huskies for sure and then eat you look at it any of their tough games you know Colorado I think is gonna be down workers they shouldn't be a a test Arizona State is is struggling. He you mentioned that the one real tough game they have us on the road Stanford in this big game point. If Stanford loses the game and I and this is the unfortunate this has been Stanford demo right they stub their toe in any game that they shouldn't. Washington can probably afford to lose to Stanford. If that's their only loss as long as they can get through to the title game. They have a team like USC staring him in the face that's a US he's a top ten team Washington is set up to be your read. I'll give you the rest of the odds are when we get back also UCLA sitting in there. I don't get that at all without the Rosen it's the grand effect and he's nice quarterback but they did they only went for lunch and think they once or. I believe there's a chance that three coaches in the south. Our coach and for their jobs this year Graham Graham Rich Rod and Jim Mora. You and I don't know if if like six or seven wins gets you fired but if one of those teams has a four win season is a chance we got a job open. I don't know why Arizona whatever fire restaurant you know he dug in to think he's one of those guys is likely okay he hasn't had the success you want yeah but. You're lucky to have him in if you just give him time he should be yet but he's better anybody else you gonna get in there. It is but also it it feels like he's sniffing around as well with keys you always look I think he's looking for some wealth and I think that makes Arizona and easy. And it's like if your girlfriend's gonna break W what do you do first you dump her thing it's like the preemptive dumping I just feel like that's an uneasy situation with Arizona. Right that's our fresh people questioned check it out at 1080 the fan dot com giving the rest the odds from the pac twelve where Oregon State lies. And though what the Vegas thinks of some the other leagues are coming up next 331 our show today outage Vancouver for a stop on I would love to see it's a beautiful day. And assets a festive atmosphere out here we are out. It's Hawaiian days and you can check out the super snake. Yeah wink wink from what she won by that. I know I mean I would love to me that's right up your Alley and eat it. In ECB in that thing on the likes of did little more expensive this may be a bit understated for your taste he'll hop in my Fiat if the leave. All right so caught out they can afford SR 500 in in Dreessen let's go to Mike with sports and. Prime time with the Isaak and sue god Kennedy bill France. Okay so we're talking about the odds to win the pac twelve became outdated system to divert critical question where we wish her money list to keep the winner. Not write downs of course were again this is leading the way back but at the but the. From four wins they are sixteen line before with in the it's good when that you realize that none of the recruits and Tiger Woods excited about are actually going to be played this year we're excited that we don't is playing this year is that big that that defensive. I'd tackle from Clemson yet the kid at the clubs that I don't help any longer in the defense will grow up a little bit last year they were so young. And I also think they they got a really good defensive coordinator I as I said org was a four win team last year I think organ realistic price should have been six or seven win team at least. Mortgage and have a nice bounce back year I think organ wins. I think it went eight games I think his chance they can win 987. You know I think there's there's couple swing games there but orbital have a nice bounce back year but. Organs not all the sudden just pointed to go from the mess that they were last year. And then you know be the best team in the conference that's is this asking too much mean last year we went from well the coverage bear right just on the play makers there and there wasn't. I'm debt didn't magically get fixed and I know that the that the defense is is gonna be very have a good for its quarter some of those guys have grown up it. You're not going to get the players that you dug at Stanford and USC have on the outside the football there not just magically show up. In in one offseason Eugene a do you think the office should be pretty good. Some question marks now it would carry to be an out. I'm not in love with it Royce Freeman as much as as some people but the office should put up points is offences it's you know depending on on how Willie Taggart rods that. Should the F 3540 point offense. I'm just not convinced that they did that they have a good their defense to play with the elite teams and and win two content in the pac twelve did you look at their road schedule though. They they have road games in the league gets Stamford Aggies ceiling don't want you out not easy stuff. And again Washington is right right now Washington is just a better program. There there there are set up. Two to go wanna run here and organ I I think it's long as you recruit like this and if Willie Taggart is after good x.s and those guys. I think realistically in two years I think we can be talking about organ to maybe be back but it's gonna take some time it's. I just don't think this is gonna be a whitewash last year and and let's forget about it that that there will. Takes lots. So here's the odds on the poll question taking the stand up on USC 100 dollars page you won 980 Washington. 100 page 280. Stanford a hundred patient 900 UCLA 100 page with thousands. And in Oregon and Washington State a hundred bucks pays you 17100. Wants to stay a mention them but now folks back is a good quarterbacks. Only a great you embarrass will Browning that what tide and he tied the pact will record last year with touchdowns as the nation's leader in efficiency. Luke Faulk is a known every washes they record if he doesn't already. You look at even. I US USC has the number one suppose the player in the country coming back Josh Rosen should come back. That I was at mark says that at Colorado I know that simple to file left but I think that's his name they they came any and every beat organ. Popular thought in the years he was the best quarterback in Colorado they seem to be extremely high on him yeah it's it's going to be. It is gonna be a deep class this year is in the pac twelve they'll be some good offense. Here's the rest of the odds Colorado and Utah are both 33 to one airs on a State's fifty to one. Arizona and organs Peter ball 400 to one and then. A cal is 500 to one and who knows what to make Calvin you know with a with a new coach Stan what was Utah. 331. I just never count out like if I always have to take a sleeper all never count that Utah the duo one. Yours aids in it's. A coat they just have a good coach in the and they recruit within. You know within their parameters you know they're going to be physical you know they're gonna run the ball. A you know they're gonna play good defense sacks city down there and in Salt Lake they always get after the quarterback it's it's tough out. Did their content you TARP is to be what you want organ state to be built into it what or if they was. Under Mike Riley where is every year you know you're gonna be a physical powerful fourteen you're gonna win 78 games. And you know some years you're gonna put together that 910 win season and your hope and that you know occasionally you put together special season right and you've got to get over that hump. Utah has knocked on the door so many times they just haven't been able to quite give it a good bit I gave away from the pac twelve title game. I think three different times and they just haven't been able to get over that but they are always in contention and and so that will always be. He has sleeper play it if you just ate it because in the south outs or USC who do you really have. But I guess if you wanna believing UCLA which I don't and Josh Rosen but outside of that there's just I I I don't think it's could be Colorado that they take a step back. And ended the tutors or schools their fight for their lives and to me that's just my one sleeper will be will be them but I. You know I don't beginning with beating USC. Down there in the south. One thing that will happen you Todd no matter what they do in the league they have. USC. Oregon and Washington at home. They'll pull off a big ups and other did a scant one of those guys will be on their wall 100% agree with you are right com. So that's the rest that I told elsewhere quickly this just gives you an idea of which team's biggest thinks of the favorites but. In the ACC it's Florida State followed by Clemson in lieu of full member of the Heisman Trophy winner of the Mark Jackson is back at global yeah they're good last year. They weren't and they just kinda. They flame down a little bit clubs are lost a lot of odds and lose to John Watson Florida State team to beat guys got ACC hear a lot of people say the Florida State is is reloaded in this maybe a year the dollars worth thinking when Yates he seat. But Florida State can contend for another national. Noted that gum at the Big Ten Ohio State's is the favorite again. Then Wisconsin. And in Michigan and Penn Stater right there are even for third in the big twelve Oklahoma is the overwhelming favorites. Without Oklahoma State followed by Texas. Third in the big twelve some level already for the early Texas yeah there are only five to one. And then in the SEC of course it was last time Texas and Oklahoma Baldwin in the year under new leadership. Yulia I think we can we talk about this I think they said. It's a long time it's the first time in. Like since the absent since the fifties let's be conservative say it's been it's the first time in over forty years I think. That Texas and Oklahoma will. Both that in new season with a new code in new codes in Oklahoma in the recently could rise to some continuity there have been. Mean down guys there's definitely some big changes down there in any SEC Alabama is of course the odds on favorite followed by opera. Interestingly enough and then not LSU. Are all right well NFL players' strike next on the stand. Where highs against new John Kennedy Bill Bennett. I think 49 today's right cast is disseminating from Vancouver forward. 6801. Northeast fortieth avenue up here in Vancouver entry sent an SR 500. Where it is Hawaiian days. In what that means is you. Where LA yeah that they're given way to do YER that you every year if so what happens late but he got a dated it's come up by the beauty test tribunal in the dry and that you know to be a month at the end of a line basis someone is off very cool. So one of the big things in. Sports. Recently has been on social media where NFL players get but hurt. About contracts that NBA players now the MB the NFL is the bug her about money for years is just now that they have a better platform will regional see how buttered they are right. And it's kind of become a thing now yeah. So that's curry got his 200 million in. NFL guys where tweet about that and then James Harding got his big expansion and it. Hacked Yahoo! is does the guard for New Orleans that Jrue Holiday holiday and 125 make it's all guaranteed. And that's more money as a huge holiday has more as the biggest contract in in the NFL. Mean it's it's true holiday holiday. Would be the highest paid player in the NFL that's crib I'll yes and and you look at Ed guaranteed money it's just it's if it kind of blows your way we consider the fact that. In EU look at. Like Mike Meyers Leonard at ten million a year mean Meyers Leonard with ten million by ice you mean outside of a quarterback. Ten million basically get to one of the top three players at any position. In the NFL occasionally get a guy that regardless I began to eater Peterson for awhile I was making. Sixteen or seventeen like mega Tron but ten million will come close to buying you. The one of the top three or four players at every position not named quarterback the NFL. And Myers has that so letter gets forty million grant forty million in it if for those who don't know. The MBA. All contracts are fully guaranteed yet is the money no matter what and that's true in Major League baseball's well that is not true in the NFL but Meyers Leonard got. Forty million and he'll he will get forty million yes Derek Karr. Of the raiders just signed his extension and he will be the highest paid player in the NFL. And he got it well the only thing guaranteed out of his deal is forty million as a B plays out he's did that we will be guys Gardner. Meyers Leonard. Anyway. You know Richard Sherman says something texting about this recently he said look if if NFL guys want it any differently. They are going to have to strike yeah. Now the collective bargaining agreement in the NFL doesn't expire until 2020 so so after the 2000 when he season. You very well could see NFL players. Go on strike the momentum is growing up because these guys are looking around other sports on midweek. We don't get a very good cut bait right now the in the NFL players get 47%. Of revenues. NBA now I know of course roster sizes are different you're paying a lot more guys in the NFL annuity MBA but. The MBA players get a lot of bigger percentage of of the pie as well but they negotiated. It's funny be like you start to gripe about a year contract what you signed into the but I mean I get the maybe you're not an eight you're not happy when it things have changed like you know that's what the next contract negotiations for so there's a chance to NFL players. Absolutely dig in annexed it into doesn't audience strike I don't they guaranteed contracts shall ever be a thing in the NFL I don't know with the injuries I don't know how they could be. It's just it's people. It's just not a hill I think the way it is held the owners at speaker Willie did die on. And yeah I sub there's an interview just the other day were adversaries who by the way out of a breeze during heightened cancer so gonna go ahead coach but this may be at for him. I'm bit. I remember who's on one of female reporter that was like a wallets that down with him and she's flat out asked him. About it she said you know would it negatively affect get a felt the concerts are guaranteed. And it is tough because you know Bruce is a players guy but he's he's kind of one of those those group of guys and eat Ijaz said it's what keeps guys plan and it's. It adds it's not good for the players. You know it's it's it's a crappy existence that one of the reasons why the NFL has the product that does that the front of the tough guy mentality played all costly campaign. Is because you know eat your fighting every day for your spot you're fighting for your check. And I do think that the NFL a lot of guys in their don't love the game you just don't it's it's a very physical too very taxing. I can be a soul sucking game and if you give a guy. Sixty or seventy million dollars in the case of these quarterbacks hundred million dollars. The motivation I do think takes a hit so while I wish the NFL had fully guaranteed contracts because I believe those guys earn it more than any other sport. It would to be negatively affect the game to give guaranteed deals in the NFL and he absolutely would. Don't think I think Iraq is no way they can do it because of the guys just get her too much doubt that you can't guarantee it got a guy I mean it that sport is so violent. I just I this and that there's no and the window for being good. And that's the window for beauty Lee let's let's say that right like we know in the NBA or Major League Baseball you've got a good ten year arc right. I quit when you're 2324. You know you're gonna be good you're 3233. In the NBA there's usually not a huge drop offs ending a baseball. All you pitchers can be a little bit different but you know Mike Trout is what 2324. Mike Trout is going to be good until he's 3334. W a drop off you can't say that in the NFL but by the time you. You try to get to the point where you're ready for big contract your your your 26 years old. There's no guarantee that your gonna last another three or four years and we see drop offs at 2930 all the time. EE signed these massive deals you know these 678 year deals. I just see how anyway the NFL rookie to teach your point in in good consciousness can give guaranteed money when you know. Kind of the perils of of of getting hurt just the Wear and tear on your body and at that point you're just stuck with these bloated contracts will be done rosters it would not be good for the game. Well they won't they won't do that the owners wanted a bit the other players could get a bigger cut of the cut of the pot yes in the Asia and they'll negotiate that it be undersea see if they strike you know how of how fans feel about practices are so much money in sports in our fans gonna be sympathetic to players are saying we want more money. In eight. In a way you did probably should be considering the nature of that game and end them putting their. Bodies on the line the way they are but at the same time clearing to pump money yeah. Right side at battle that will be an interesting song and dance I don't know if they'll strike but if they view how that's perceive that that would be. A two dozen tornados one other thing about in L players. Is rookies and that that's so when Matt Stafford. In like. Matt Ryan in those guys were drafted a they got fat. Rookie deals guaranteed money in base gives Sam Bradford I think was one it was well the last ones they scaled that way back the last I've yet. Bradford was the one that finally did I think Bradford got somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty year seventy million guaranteed an errant golf who is just the number one pick yeah. It's about half that so they they really. I neutered rookies to the point where now even NFL veterans who are the ones that collect collectively bargain that are saying yeah rookies. Because of your short lifespan like he sang in the NFL. Right now they control rookies for like five years of the Libor five years first rounder for 52. Period anything beyond that not making any money for any. Big money out and tell. Your fifth year in the league about that time who knows in the. And they're really crappy parties lifetime for linebackers for safety's first SE running backs. You'd every crazy because by the time the is that if your first round guy. The year. 22 years old five years in Alison you're 27 meet according you're twentieth season. No one wants to give you a four or five year deal for for big money so a lot of these guys especially at the real impact positions are struggling to even get one. Big money deals that there has to be some sort of middle ground and I was I was looking up so ill Meyers Leonard right at at ten million bucks. That would Q does that would put him around the fiftieth highest paid player in the NFL. Get top fifty is just be right there on the cusp with if it's. Four and that it just if you want to about salary discrepancy between the MBA. And and the NFL that's crazy and like what it and what that buys you. I Cameron Jordan who is the deep it's been for divas live for two weren't who I think was their highest rated player last year pro football focus. One of the top five defense Wyman as far as production. He makes just a shade over eleven million dollars he died about one of the three or four best performing defense of linemen. He's getting paid about a million bucks more than a guy that is struggling to get on the floor. Our text of Bridgeport Beers text on a 55305.