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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shove them up for the doing the right things since 1952. I. Mean. Our children. But you know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk at six so. Well look hollows pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. Go to Latin players drive this Cleveland. Digging into wet but. Yeah act. Yeah. And lots of strange sound that's been. Street sale of the schools. Looted the things that are wasted. We shot there's strange rules of fluid and you got a good voice behind him. Used to be all about moisture up so about which points to such a terrible word it is. They did it. It's never good thinking that your heavy voice he. It's still just sounds bad to have that that makes cakes sound road ways. If you wanted to at this point. They sell out out of it's the Hamptons did sealed trump a much of this stuff. You know that heat background. You know they get the dude in France to Mary is the teacher Alia that. So I'm pretty sure this is the teachers and so it trumps over there. And he told her how integrated GP US. Yeah I say he's she's like what either in late fifties or sixties something like that AMCC if there's any yet but we talked about this he's the guy that was right in over there and and he buried the end of the old gal she was his teacher gets his teacher. But she looks. That's the end of was over there at the is that like. And now everything is a big deal out of that is that it's not a big. You're in such a decent year in such good shape and any points some music look at her she's a great physical shape and she's beautiful it's about the depleted its creepy and attend here's the thing like. We on this program we both know either one of this huge fan of but as the street yourself at both busy for a guy through. Hear a lot of the same laws. Rather write you know what. But I also write that Andy I'll I'll I want now is for somebody to start the new but it is that's out there to protect them cannot have so tired of it. And doing care to make fun of him anymore just cannot move them along let's let's use this as I think about it though Bert and Ernie there's. Lake that guy. He's done so many themes that you should make fun for its over the beings that you despite good lord that he could there that you the most it is it. Just gone disruptive thing in the world and we would make him think. Play that guy that guy can't partner room was that'd be like this is the worst part of the history of mankind. They give it Barack Obama or or bush or Clinton. Get a Bill Clinton they've got a vet disabled and it's that that's a lovely gal keeps itself in great shape ever get a god bill. And and little else that seat and if dad. You know he does that then it's like the music of the world be good kids. I'd say that the fate of the guy that for heaven's sakes. I just so I found Elizabeth act into loveless on the street is the best. You were talking about we'll hit it. Released they'd say about my voice top fives. A federal list of 28 other gross sounding English words and everyone hates and moist is number one yeah I don't want with the death also on the list. Has occurred and you know. Because Preston yeah lunch. But news. That's so horrible and where does not panties. It's it's poison need just had this week he would be in Asia we revolved they. But it's it's the red. Involved it is there and I wanted out yeah you wanna go I asked out of that kid he needed out on the iPhone can you put yourself out of it tax it changed you keep needed. Again I don't of the clues about him you'd. As we hope we talked about retired as a divisive. I said it tees on the radio you did it similar responded with talent comfortable that we are beautiful and I responded back with about voice. And it kept only advantages give go leave and go we go hey. He passed not goodies. Thanks did it differ beard and really. Expend. All you have some guy brought me up assured me what your name. Nice to meet you sail out of Portland. They loaded the audience right art course a Chardonnay thinking of it and appreciate that I will enjoy that this evening that's their desk. The F thank you. And what that's doing some radio dropped picketed the wind will Silas artists use we'll treat that lead Democrat I'm a bit drops the bats and tonight his wife is that yet to sleep with the lead singer from reply Adam Levine is a robbed could go eight its found light beige. Thanks stayed at home watching the defiant ones. It regime three dark horse wind and agents gala I said that earlier Sam's gonna crack the bottom line system goes to beat that Bryant they're just brought me a bottle is now wonderful it is fantastic. Plus it's good to be okay so Boyce is number one you'll. You'll likely to get like oh yeah YA OLK this is a by the B Glenn. It is insert on that list at the not yet because they feel like insert is another one of those that's never any good also the word of its reach and look at the kid I had it. Believe this guy. These sales guys are disgusted if you ever seen the wildcats with will be on nip the tip yes it. There's agreed Stephen their overseas he wants to be a football coach ever of the guys with the she goes that the guy. It's it's as did your coach you better get good penetration. It's just it's it's a fair test here nearly five it's never a good word miracle. Wouldn't slam. Fetus. Mike Edwards fees and that you do that the that isn't horrible word to use his dance it is weird you know we hear from that did it again I refuse to go. Seems to be bothered by I didn't think I can use now particularly weird but it. Up Hannity is here says Mike likes to pick it depends on how you say do they get you just said hey you know panties Betty you can also see the word. Speed and that it is that they saw how you say it's instantly becomes bad for everybody smear. Yes nears its quirks. Chunky. Soup. Now since it appeared it. See here especially if you're retiring all three of those words together all all four of those were yeah governor but but yeah or if this is the maggots. It. That's that's not like penetrate. Comment you make penetrate. Long shot pump. This is my point plug that doesn't work that it right now they do you like bag it's here's offended by a bit of I'd drop that hey you like penetration. All of sudden every yeah those die. But she's. About solar. Yes there is now that's terrible Ted Nolan notably its knees settler that up there if that's terrible. Speaks even if it's something moist and delicious you don't wanna slurping. You don't want that to penetrate your mouth. That's the last thing on. That's all equally bad and that's the end of that list. Cede it biggest out of a couple of if there's more here or receivers is being there nice and tight. Yes insert or inserted few beyond that about ointment. I'm gonna see where that but dude should have been on that because duke is never good to live in the deals and never a good thing. You can never used and then did it dated a conversation had to be you guys have to be prepared. For his big giant loans. This is the worst show all the time it. We're dropping in the rankings this incident because of one segment. Don't word Aggie pull. All I hate that word space Sheila Cecil Max. The likes. And who buys it and I think people's do really well they have to because. You do see Kyle this is why I. Well they wouldn't sell it if there is nobody bought it but I feel like I would break up with them. Over that and a guaranteed tax people in the world yeah ugly if I can't hold it do you does some gruesome shop added there was like Eiffel. OJ I feel like that immediate deal breaker we're gonna go rounds. All right now let's get back on track here. Your sports heroes says case to come on out. We despite it size of it rains the eyes for you for me it's George Bradley George wreck came up again I'd be weak if it needs just. George Brett want you to know I can't rob expert wants to do your relationship up a little bit. Let's take it to the next level he says we're gonna go penetrate the Pacific Ocean. And we are gonna swim with sharks. In the voice of water and you can come with him like I had George let's go buddy. You talk about the 95 World Series. But you're swimming with sharks but he says we're swimming in open water with sharks do you go on the need more information. We'll get to that next game it's the club hour on the stand. Readiness models 11 B model line there with the help on his mind. Awesome stuff grinding keep. And yes that last segment was regrettable. But we got some great drops out of it. We just don't believe that any of them can be played out of context on the air though probably not the sort of as left to go back exactly ironing out. Well would penetration the ball's gotta be careful. And also brought up the word that I'm a big fan of getting word just. It's never good lately it. Yeah now we're the ending gorge it's bad. It's bad bad news I'd pay so what do you think but this is the sales staff is behind us right now just being disgusted. I can't imagine they would have a job he has over the lakers looking down on us. Just Steve i.'s image comes at T of the and he's like hey fix it thanks to Egypt. George reckon that these McCain dropped. Go boys wanted to meet. And they're like hey. We're going on an adventure. But that's never that's another good move that would never happen no but let's say it does with the gold undated picture for the week since that. George Brett Steve Isaac and go all right let's let the bitch. Let's say we go together doubt that you like comic on where we don't this is amazing to me holding hands. If any find out that you're swimming in open water with sharks via. Which you do it. Kid you might have been weird weird I can't YE. There's this big. It went everywhere this is not all sorts are created equal but stupid it is seen that reef sharks out there that doesn't think you know that doesn't mean. But there can be big sharks anywhere. But we we we're going specifically where I'm going to have to swim in the lake if they can't surrounded by shift. Am now. That's right out what if you could be surrounded by sharks not necessarily we'll be yes you look yes collaborative shark pulls up full. And I probably soil myself I go to the Brock Lesnar defense and that's where I peed myself sucked my thumb and wait to be in a move would be disgusted and just the BV. If you just only that we're gonna go swim about it right we're gonna drive out we're gonna. Like go like fifty balls off the coast of now we. And near Steve you are gonna go spherical and have a teacher's choice moment couple tiger shark between new best friends that yes I have deleted but. If you're telling me that we're gonna go outlet where there's a bunch sharks like you know like people like you those they chum the water that you would like. You're gonna go out there because we want to investigate sharks we wanna get to know the sharks better maybe you wanna invite the sharks over for some like since fudge cake if you will. No I'm not doing that you know people to do that all the time yeah. Yeah they do it and I don't understand why they're big chocolate water and then they jumped in because it's like all the strokes and go what is the difference between swimming. Like behind the safety feature it is safe cage and in open water like what what are we gaining there that didn't is that what it is that white people do that. Yeah I think it's an adrenaline sort of thing you wouldn't think could be like idiots want to go out like it that. If you could go see a bear right they took a distance it's like the people that wanna go low play to Alaska they wanna go fish lake side by side with there. And there's like some themed tribal about it ER the other hand Austin get a set the river respected their from the nice just. Yeah like. There's just I can't think of a scenario. That. That I would want to do that that would want to swim in open water right note there's going to be. Some sharks there that could potentially cause me on the document gaggle hot chips and maybe. To find the guy who don't like 56 famous or even in the meat Gisele yeah. Yeah that's different because you've the other thing I'd like to point out it always does this hot chicks right. Cycle you'll be hot chicks there. Great doesn't mean that he hot chicks are to meet you don't think you'll be at every over the content looks beautiful women. Great threat that that was beautiful little bit to do that was beautiful go to the world. All they give them a jackass that I'm terrific boy that's an awesome experience you've been turned down by the ten does what you riveted the world you bring up a decent point yeah. But every you know always does that he's in this could be chicks there they had chicks that are into YouTube. Thanks but no thanks a sustained period you reject. But isn't that cast a wide net. The theory based upon this very thing. Thank you a CD 8080 dude dude just all he just won't take no for an answer or he just Cassel I'd better use it goes on the next one. Eventually he gets. Room enough projects. One's drunk enough that you know what some happens if the cutest if you save meteor is sort of it's a self defeatist. Way to look at it did. It probably has been at the same time I I didn't do anything. Under the guise of they'll be hot chicks there. You guys have died and Doug stupid things that they regret under the umbrella of bill be hot chicks there that I think anything else. Like that they've gone either not want to meet you whore but six unbeaten. This man on earth that had the sense of the incredibly stupid for one of those big. It's I feel like before I decide to doing the art really got to take a wide view we here in the side of a it's got really get a get a happy with the F I don't show up at this thing and what are the chances that one of the hot chicks there will actually light. This I feel like those percentages are rather slim. Slim to none. And yet we actively yet they did to those. Package which swim with sharks were down. Terry TVM out at. So hey did you see the guy got stuck behind the ATM. No I have not seen it's seen as a repairman and he's changed now the lock of any TM Eddie got stuck inside the room that houses the ATM yet. He's behind it. But he can't get out. So he had to slip notes. Through that the the bill dispenser yeah but you people at DH yes. And that's how they got announced that someone was they take it out cash and they got a note yes this guy's saying I back cute yes so this losing Corpus Christi. He was changing a lot of room in the connects. See the ATM of the Bank of America. And he became trapped. Him and so he left his phone out and instructing connect text or colony one. So with no phones and no one around to get him out of there he decided to write notes asking for help it slipped it through the receipt slot. Hoping to bank customer with CNN and it read please help unstuck it here I don't have my phone please call my boss. The evidently. Who knows their bosses numbered by the played wrote on there I don't save lake now. Yeah heat again I he had it I would I would be I would be able to come up my bosses numbers so there were several customers news thought the notes were a joke. But one guy decided to give that give that number call. I've always just kind of goes along with I've always wanted to opening like in the Chinese restaurant it was one of the fortune cookie. Then there was get rid businesses like health of the kitchen. Then what would you do I don't know. I delegate run to the kitchen which just publicly so no but I think you don't would lose lose this guy from when he took is that John as docile though they keep you go to guys. Gundy does the would you you know what again do I am. It is edited Chinese restaurant bread making open the fortune cookie they're all just handwritten notes asking people to do things how many people would take it seriously. They've you've got to go to Chinese places that seriously like I'd be held the beach it's it I'm not kiddy like what would you do. We just assume that it's a joke saved of these people they think I don't know like what it's handwritten rent it. No I would not see that at the blacks they would because I'd be like. This was clearly made somewhere else yeah it was it made here now if you were in the crab Rangoon. It gets some hoops report is just sticking up in the middle of it is a fortune cookie. Since the I'd get it I don't just the fortune in that you know I mean like. Because this fortune cookies and we're pregame gift that you kids that you can slide and it got there you can yeah. But the answer at that moment that yes answer kinda opening you can go uncle object. I would I would take it seriously particulate. So what you do. Probably. You call the police again like I don't is that it's not really weird bit. The Chinese plays over the fortune cookie and that's helpful in the kits media the police responded with. Yeah yeah. Yes the server about it because with mr. reserve bouncy I wouldn't talk to anybody about it I'd be looking at everybody skeptically at that from that point moving forward Steve this is what I wanna do you call the cops I wanna be able to do this I wanted to let I would assume the Chinese are so Libby go behind the seats and write my own handwritten fortune cookies that the great bit that was the chicken. You should not be that. Get out now what did just as run but I'm not joking I hope I'm stuck in the crap bring it to the you know I've yeah I think you got to take those things seriously because in the event like that like those people that thought that that was a joke in the ATM yeah. And they got to feel bad thing that it was strapped to the court didn't stuck like the pizza they had kicked down the during the gun and there. All right. I've got high era hot in artificial intelligence as he speaks well you know liking it. Did you have a stroke possible. But even that I don't I don't know where usually we're at. Intelligent. Artificial intelligence yet candidly ship something else in the space that we need to talk about. The launch of the space that might sinister story we penetrated is to be offensive obviously. Will be right back here's Mike is that they think works. An eighty's. And and now to talk of quantum entanglement that if the well. That's where we pretend to understand what that is it I'm not gonna pretend at all. But it pointless it's like one of those days right protected though with the Dow means or net neutrality yet says those. Terrible we should really do something about that with the down years. It's what the is that where I think a lot of people here that there's there was that they ignore that neutrality. Your big deterred or McDonald's or meet John Lee has agreed that the like like. They have with the their type of the doubt he's like yeah. Heard that includes. Terrible which we should use a bit about that that if you read that scientists have successfully tell reported an object from earth to space so this first time we've ever done that. All wince when we beat Nina. When can I know that we can insert the appointment though these were researchers in China and they sent a photon from the ground. To an orbiting satellite went 300 miles of through a process known as quantum entanglement. I've been working on that my spare time I derived due to this is the farthest distance tested so far Intel partition. Question yes Hastert equity things and why did it where it. Or did you know we went down no clue I figured someone somewhere was probably working on it yet but I didn't I didn't know that they've. This is unbelievable acts that I think right now that if I could think of Eddie lake future technology. BC like inside by that I could have been the total. I don't I don't need to travel these days you know that it give me the flotation. He's the greatest thing in the world so what is quantum entanglement that question will be tailored. We don't tell me it is a strange phenomenon that occurs when two quantum objects. Such as photons and asking questions form at the same instance and point in space and so share the same existence. What's the quantum object. Because they've is that like a photon but then I don't know what Photonics. Thieves exploit something that I don't understand was of the gals that I don't understand easy to be got to understand okay so what. Would happen if they put you denying it like let's say we tried these scientists. But the great night we went to school at least we tried to steady all the things that all these really Smart people study they get a lab coat how far we yet. Would would we can be like we tried our hardest hit all the resources. We had two visitors at. I mean. We did but we had at all. How could we do it. That we like become. Junior scientists. Juniors like Evan we'd never be Albert Einstein or anything but innocent they don't. Once use the if I picked it up with what she's studied it. Could you maybe pick up on. Or is this just like you could like you could have a scientist here explaining quantum entanglement to us a hundred times. And we still wouldn't get. I'm gonna go ahead exceeded its close I think that anything is certain but I think it's much more. You can explain it to us a hundred times that we would get it I I've told the story that when I tried to do to prevent the big college. I said it on an organic chemistry class in about three days did I realize that it was I was really get over my head. And I went up to the professor and I asked the city I've I've really lost right now. He looked right that incident you're lost at this point this is that the class for you say yeah there wasn't like Cain will give you some help. Though there's some tutor available you know maybe some extra study literally just look at it's that gap with this. Yeah we it's it's just gonna keep getting harder maybe you should go to I don't know I think it's like dimensions I think that's what it is like quantum logic like not yet. The evidence you can't see it getting people love the text programs that are that are offered up what the photon is. I hope that the particle of light among when your photo and I just think like the photon torpedoes from start track that's about it it's just a stupid. Idea. So we can be photon yeah if they exist at the same space. That's right. So how long before I keep teleport that's just tell me what I keep telling of where my fat ass across the country. That's how that would be the best thing in the world is that of all the technologies that the future technologies that would be the ones I. They again they wanna do is really no portico. The funny the world and I just meant like account. Often for what I wanna go off her views on it go to like what is it today they got ours at our show's over at seven and we wanna go watch the rooms tonight. We couldn't you get into a transporter had boom all of a sudden we're Kauffman Stadium happy Kool Aid clinics. What a good Italy went go to Italy for the weekend let's do it doubled. It would be the best he would have to live. Where you market. Thank you you know you wanna go by like a great piece of land in the middle of Nebraska. But there's nothing very Nebraska it's no big deal for its night time let's go to Chicago when he. To this says there's really no. Limit to tell according. Distances. Thank leakage issued you all the way out to the end of to the edge of the galaxy are beyond its list exceeds baseball's doesn't always go since. Yet that's what they say they say there's actually the links are very fragile yeah so they can be broken easily. So you're halfway out there and all of a sudden you're. Would let you know after a brief on delayed is if you're like. What's the blues the woman in the amid the. The woman in the movie hit that spaced him. Sandra Bullock you're eligible gravity and just tumbling through Smith that you aren't. Where that they kid from Wonka the gets beamed into the television is is that accurate. Is that that that same sort of thing that stupid kid that wants to be himself in the television. Nobody that works but I'm fascinated now that we can I had no idea that we until it's done what's. The BER. Mind these are which you liked it your story here usually move on to John I make it click like it's a bit FaceBook. There there's like this whole debate going on right now so FaceBook. Has artificial intelligence right so they have box to communicate with one another. And they were communicating in English well the plots created their own language. That no one understood that artificial intelligence thirty communicating. With deep within itself. And other artificial intelligence and we had no idea what they were saying it was all new language and so FaceBook shut it down. It's a there was a debate over whether or not they should shut down artificial intelligence or allow the artificial intelligence to come up literally was because it was more efficient. The reason why they developed their own just like when you're talking to the first as it develops like right if you're in the car business. You develop of the vacuum there because it's it's. It's it's it's we're fish at that I this that that's what these spots were doing for FaceBook. But we got scared because he could understand that we did know what they were saying that's instantly re able to shut it down. It's like I was read this article I guess there's this whole debate now about a guy. And how much you should allow it to do it how much control we should be allowed to. Because what it develops only it was like this. There's no way that we can practical and we won't know and they say that there's a lot of the really high tech ai we don't even really know. What's going audited because we can't look inside. So it's like this whole weird like you know sky did become himself where sort of thing sounds like quantum entangled. We confuse us. So they they sit to veto in theory you couldn't be livid in this world were all different machines are communicating with one another we don't know how. But you won't know how we won't know what they're saying that there it does save your your phone could be communicating with your fridge refrigerator are these all could be linked up. But you wouldn't know what they're saying they're really. How they're doing. And it's like this and so we shouldn't let them we don't know that's the debate so people could debate whether or not FaceBook should have shut this down there should they have let it just continue. And kind of see where it goes in and day I sit I vote for that just let it go let overall. But maybe somebody will catch up till. Maybe somebody will figure out right heights and I I had read a lot of articles on ai and I was reading this one's a last night. And it was just had a trip to and is that a lot of the advanced systems and eat don't really understand. We don't have a way of of communicated its in its language and we don't have a way of looking inside to see why or how it's doing what it's doing it's just kinda. Going off on the donated mission was like Skype that liked it and stuff to do it. I'm comes open where what it's time to be alive quantum entanglement the wrong if it's well. All right and we are doing whatever it is written here though this is clearly quantum entanglement clearly. Which photons John is coming up next on the fan. I posted 66. And wait to avoid. Rolls children math here they have a lesson didn't you. This is million and a member of big John's agenda is gone insanity those sand. Is that big bad at all. Hey hello billionaire. John are you there. Oh. On there and says. Hell's happening why I've been there you know is artificial intelligence is that the odds they come enforce. What's and. No. Color color you there's too far you go. The world. Only gets. A. Quantity I think this is the definite quantum entanglement the bell photons are involved in this. Mike what do we do little parties have done is we have in. I don't think. We have Mike apparently they're new graphics on the mayor's broadcast you think that any Mike's bikes in their but he likes the Yankees. You know which is about Mike Mike could care less about our ship. I sort of think about that is there. Now I I think you're right he he is the participants here at least about it brightness. Yeah I was trying to think about the weight he could care less they really can come up with a but obviously that's something I think I think testy really didn't given us. But. Dusty light. Like being on aaron's death via. I only did I certainly think my cares about that. He'd ever hear it again a yankees game but I look to defend myself but I'm trying to fix this. I don't think it's good. Certainly the sound of my on them. We are not well. You can't if you hear me now. We can hear you I and I. Now can you were kidding you not hear me. If we talked ED UQ can you know I can't hear you. Not necessarily I couldn't hear you before apparently you can hear me. But. The court answering you I'm submitting this to the radio whole thing yes clearly I. I hope someone like there's some big weeks deck waiting to take this to like New York to do. You don't billion dollar radio that he just have to attribute of this segment we hear the quality of this broadcast. I'm hearing good things about what they do it fixed 45 a little bit that I better. Though. But if you ask each of the year you have we're responding clearly that means we keep your. Right now. I couldn't hear you I told Mike you make a little Armonk hole. It makes a little static. And then I don't went on and there was no little. And I couldn't hear anything and that Mike got back on heat it you can hear me but I couldn't hear you. We don't want Kentucky's. We have to take it over after everything we say it over and. Over relating yours down over. This is you've got to just punch drunk because it's Friday you're audit and report. Maybe looked as though the I would like to announced he would disappear last ever show up at. But it looked every bit down after that the powers that be. The new boss that you thought was thinking about coming out thank god he did. Yeah he yep bill. Yeah he's arguably avenue GM and if we've got a new big cheese and very cute about it printed out and it's India did that you did his name's bill. But the power name after name and thinking it should have a name bill. I do feel like we're people. I think we're going to invite guilty of this that that they feel you need snowflake names but we're. Out of of a power be like build an Al Stan Heath who beat Borg grows. Your guide me. Billy do you have names I have I have a question in a social topic issue to bring up to you guys and at ball animal. Quite beautiful perfect. I think the eighty busy week I mean I can't hear. No hope that it's at any she might. Go ahead look at it it felt like you're to pay far away though it's hard that you're. Now. Right here are my questions involved animals engendered neutrality bill I have a I have a body work. Bit got a new puppy for his daughter Kate and she wanted to cute little fluffy puppy if he got and at the shelter. But it was a boy. And a little girl wanted to grow up and so he presented the puppy to her last night and she's like seven or eight years old. And she's decided that since she wanted to curl puppy she's just gonna raise it at the girl up. So she named Chloe and got it a little pink color and she's she's gonna pretend. It's big girl poppy. And we were discussing but it worked today and the question was what it but don't care. That's the doctor that you raise it grow poppy differently than a whip up or is it literally beats bill have no impact whatsoever. Fascinating how this is actually good at that it's the thought provoking question I see I see it doesn't matter to the done what is the kids don't like you. It's like you're gonna have house with a boy dogged not with a girl. Right and then that was kind of my thing could the court the dog knows what it is. But at the main point that the dog really know. Wait use pink event and it's it was just kind of a kind of blew my mind a little bit that this little girl. Is she she wanted to draw poppy and didn't get it and she's just gonna it's gonna be a little. When you don't like David Austin box. It's great that she's his role at it let's put it gives them. You know this reminds me of the story I read about recently I think that dogs should be able to choose their own gender. But just like the humans that it. Out in all honesty and I'm serious there's a baby that was born. Benefit it where was that this they're saying that it's the first baby who will use its own gender. Because the mother the mom refuses he's labeled got. Through Florida and Oregon counties to get beat Barack argued on your drivers like Burt and Bennett. Yeah that but if she can't forget the little. Dogged him. Connector of the Washington he graduates of the nexus family pets gets to would be great but I have a my American Bulldog. Really did it ever would always assumes it's of Kuwait and it does bother him with the goods pilgrimages to pearl. I think for me as an owner I did I went out Goddard. Not a bullet that's always weird but dunks that you don't know and you gotta look at the barbecue it's really good dog it's it's a good boy. It's proven time and I asked earlier hero. He's the best in the hero when as an advocate let's appoint a right John I think you that was attorney Greg thank you Doug great question we don't. All right Thanksgiving can report for having us out we've appreciate it has had it here this weekend by carmaker by two you feel perhaps by three in the truck and we don't know whether it will be invited back after this last down. And I'll do you have chances are we want to. It's but we'd be happy to come back. If fellows are being report dot com just think a report dot com five as a 500 entries of we are back Monday three to seven have a great weekend this is an eighty to think it. Okay okay. Yeah.