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Thursday, July 12th
Will you watch any of the new football leagues? At all? and IN THE NEWS!!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right not welcome prime time revising consumed voices go her appear whenever momentum and unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports stuck without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. He links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate commission. And ninety do my job. The best in sports coverage that. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. The Buffalo News and notes here including the crappy football. Need the alliance of American football. And he had to turn your Mike there. Why there you can help who's that. There are you not familiar with the alliance the AEA asked all the day out that's not right. Heard Larry. Does this is Bill Polian league if you. They're coming in by the way you like bid ex FL NBA AS myths are coming down the road here don't blink you might miss some and so more like eight or eight months away like they have a start date and everything. So more details are trickling out about this if you don't know this league in my cry you lift or. State to go Coach Mike Brown is going to be because the San Antonio team that's right I forgot that he left LSU for that and we now know that the coaches are gonna make way. Way more than the play. Hurts somebody is getting five indicating good having coached so it's like the NCAA yes. And their reason why you're doing this is easier trying to legitimize the league with coaches share write that big Bill Polian who is the did in these exact and he's was an NFL. Analyst he's the guy that's kind of starting this thing up boy and that's really probably the smartest way to try to do it because you're not gonna get to top level players now you're just not even get Mitt mobile player now so you if you're gonna lose if you're gonna throw money at a in an attempt to legitimize it yeah I. That's Smart way to do so they're their role and it out and there are some details today's or eight months now they're gonna kick off here and they said that the league is going to say this is gonna be. Like kind of the Amylin system where each team won't have individual contact Eric contracts is going to be paid by the lead. And everyone's gonna make the same gonna get Communist Icrc goes across the board everyone gets paid the same. These players getting get three years non guaranteed contracts were 250000. Dollars as 75 grand a cease your coaches are Macon 500. It is. So the players. Can't leave the league. To go to the NFL that's what this is the one thing about this league is there or not they're gonna go by the way after the NFL they're gonna kick up shortly after the suitable candidate to spring week. Into the saying the players can't leave February 9 they kick off to go to the NFL. They said they're not certain right now if a player goes and then gets cut with the players revert back to the AF after that a three year period. Kind of stops you know because he signed a three year contract but not certain that after. You know you can go play in the NFL when you come back right are you on this same contract Sid. Some still will work to kind of be figured out there but basically they did use the term call up there are trying to build this is a minor league football system. To the BN FL. NASA said they're gonna try to have a state of the art industry health insurance plan which I'll believe when I see it because that cost so much money. And they get out and educations that any player who can competes a year in the league so if you wanna try to go back and get your education you can do that. But the via the players they're gonna go after are players that don't make the NFL or the CFL teams so this is the sort of talent the you're looking at here. Aaron and they also said that the allocation is going to be based primarily primarily on where you played college. So if there is a team within a reasonable radius. Of where you played college you were going to be put on that team. So if you play keep the regional interest they're trying to keep their regional interest they said this will not be the case for quarterbacks. You're only gonna be allowed to have won a regional quarterback. On your team so if you've got you know an X dock in the next beaver and there's a team in Seattle. Both of those won't be automatically allocated to. To that the court right right around the quarter court expert if you're linebacker that was relatively popular or again your play in -- gonna get sent to the Seattle team or whatever team and we don't live where every team is close right even looked at SeaWorld the teams are no there's one in San Antonio and there's one in New York. In the same players that didn't. Did don't have that affiliation they didn't play in the NFL that in play in the CFL. And there's not a team close to them. Then the league will just decide where they're they're gonna go share the cities of our teams you have at least five colleges where players. Come for a and then four designated NFL teams and a CFL team that is assigned you got the model now. So if you played. In a college you're gonna be who. Each college will be broken down so they're gonna take all basically did the BCS schools the power five. If you played at Ed one of those schools you were gonna be assigned to team. If you played in the NFL like the Dallas Cowboys. At some point you're gonna be assigned to the San Antonio team if you played with the Miami Dolphins you'll get a team that's that's closer down there. Or if you played for a CFL team the break the CFL teams up and that's how they're gonna do this. And I don't will we'll see if if this if this has any legs to it it's it's. Matter of is there enough appetite. For bad football now. I think it's a Smart model if you're gonna try this this is the way it has to be done right you can't go head to head with the NFL you just can't. And this is the way did you would do it if if you're gonna sit down and draw up a Wafer there'd be a successfully you do you cost control salaries. Was what you do you get some name recognition with high priced coaches. You get that you run it in the offseason you start right after the hype of the Super Bowl when everybody's in the post football Malays. And and you try to tie and some regional interest that Smart is that how you should do it. But you asked the million dollar question is there an appetite for bad football and we we think that there is an unending appetite for football. And there is but it's it's college and pro football and again. The skeptical part of me says we've tried this before. With other in the I mean why don't we care about Canadian football on the sleek and mean there's good players there. I'm really allow op Ed did the talent levels in Gilad better than what you're gonna see in his right so why don't care about that why didn't we really care about arena football why didn't we care about the ex FL. I just think at some point. You're gonna turn on you know the the Birmingham stallions against the San Antonio gunslinger is in nobody's gonna give a hoot whether you know. Whether journal Imus soul he's playing for the team Murdoch whose okay. Or like Bill Polian said so there is its did the teams are gonna be in Atlanta Birmingham. Memphis Orlando Phoenix Salt Lake San Antonio San Diego. So you pointed out that like the Birmingham and team is chair Richardson's gonna go planes. Is anyone from Alabama gonna go watch this when you could just go watch. Alabama river place for Alabama now that's how I just don't know if if there's. I don't care what kind of coach you throw at this thing Brad Childress is going to be in this Mike Singletary is going to be in this Steve Spurrier is gonna be in this Mike Riley. But as England gonna go to watch Steve Spurrier coached is anyone gonna go to watch. I would be interested to know Texas on the better you today Tex I'm 55 terrified now we don't have a team here. I think the closer went to this would be what Salt Lake City year San Diego right now thought I'll take that at it let's say they're gonna put a team in Seattle. So you're gonna have to drive three hours would anyone is very former duck. Or beaver that would fit into this that would cause anyone from this area to go watch them play. Derrick Thomas Jeff mail Ken Simons and I don't know Evans and Bernard Jeremiah Amos solely. Is anyone driving even. How did takes and it ought to put the team in Portland would anyone pay thirty bucks to go watch Derrick Thomas or germ Imus only play in this. No I don't think. Outside of the cure I'll give everybody do the one game curiosity factor right I mean okay Chicago I'll go watched. Them per game there is the people asking about TV there is gonna be one game lead that's broadcast on like CBS sports net so not CBS it's like there are cable affiliate then you'll be able to stream some of these. I just don't. Again I don't see it working and I don't see it happening and I don't think people are going to be in it for the long run you may he would. You may hit the newness of it that attracts some people for a gamer season. But over the course of time no I don't I don't think it's gonna catch one of the somebody on the on the text program. You know said wound theory the talent level we better than Colin Cole it's not gonna be anywhere near the town level of college now you know you're gonna deal with. You don't look a little bit I'm not gonna say they're older and washed up players but that the after college she righty there are good good players they go to the NFL yes on on a call on a good college team so. Guys are involved because there in the NFL. And then just the standard. College coach gene system program the other team you have guys your program for four years I think to turn over in this new program is going to be tremendous. I think you're not gonna have the same roster every year because guys are gonna be like I'm done. You know I'm I'm hung up or guys are gonna be good enough or if you aren't good enough you're gonna get. A shot somewhere else yeah so I think you're gonna have too much turn over any inconsistency in your roster for the talent level to be better than anything you'd see going down to Eugene or her ballot. You're not going to be able to have yearlong programs and got money facilities aren't there aren't enough about how sloppy the beginning of NFL season is and that's with all their training camps and routier's. You're gonna have none of this. And you are gonna get guys that. It just for example. I would've been a candidate for something like this right bunker on the NFL for two and a half years on day. Yeah and and so this would be a league where they would have appealed to a player like me. Say hey come and by the way to try out this is 175 bucks a I have to go to Los Angeles Houston or Atlanta and I have to pay 875 bucks to dry out. But here's the thing like Daniel Snyder's run in the league know keen as it does Snyder beach or you weigh more than that enough but. Miette 23 year 24. I was less of a player than when I was at twenty watcher because one of the reasons why is he your older you wanna be up a little you beat up and it just it's. The you're not even give it some people senior you're gonna get better than college level no you're not you know you're not gonna meet my senior BYU was a much better and healthier and more energetic and hybrid player that I was if you would have caught me at the end. Of kind of my NFL things are just it's now you know you would see you are not this is going to be lesser. Then division one it's gonna be lesser than the CFL it's certainly going to be lesson in the NFL. And despite the fact they gonna try to keep costs down this thing is going to cost the mint. 75 grand for all the players in training and insurance in coaching salaries you're tired about millions upon millions. How early people realize the overhead. The debt service if you will on what it takes to run a football league now we have no real TV money coming in. This is why you go bankrupt its bottom it sounds fine for a year or two until you realize the money you're losing and someone will punt on its so whether it's this of the ex FL. I'm with yeah. I just don't see how any of these leagues and of surviving because the last one we've seen that survived was AFL and why did it survive. Because the NFL I've taken by you know we got merged with we come back our Smith on this new NFL news and notes and an update. On the LeSean McCoy he has situation. I'm more details we can about that when we come back six hazard here in the fan. Talk about when you watch the alliance of American football. And some people say that like I admit that I'll watch like pactel spring games you watch NFL pre season. But that's kind of my point is your party invested in now like there is like we talked about pac twelve football I love pac twelve football I get excited for sending in the NFL right. I called watch NFL. Pre season games because again it's the NFL. But you're telling the at a hodgepodge of players that that I've never heard of or even if I have heard from their washed up college players. Why the hell do I care about their league when there's going to be no one watched it goes stands you're gonna get lucky to have maybe 23000. People in them. Like that is Dolan. JBL right Lavar balls league. Some of those games they're saying they have two to 300 people. Yeah this I don't high school sport at that point now like the idea of starting up a leak case it's such a monumental. Task. That. I think people have a hard time wrapping their head around it wrecked when you started these leagues you know back in the 20s30s forties whatever. You have to you know Jim space and travel costs and insurance and salaries. Mean did you have any sort of weak it is just such a giant financial commitment. And who issued get a TV deal right off the top which you're never gonna get. You just can't tread water long enough unless you're just what do you have such deep pockets you can just absorb the blow after blow after blow of of of dumping cash. And you know part of the reason you Tucker obviously. Part of the reason the MBA work is at the time the NBA there wasn't an MBA yeah Bryant and the same with the NFL and stuff and he talked about the AFL that came. Part of the reason that survived as it happened at the same time as the NFL they were concurrent. So when you have these established leagues. That's the gold standard and by and large the feedback we're getting on here is that no people are an interest in and they don't wanna go there are few people on here that would be like. We'll check it out of its ten boxer. You know off. So once those plans for my Portland team I'll go check it out and I think you'll get some curiosity factor to can't make a league on ten dollars exactly and you're not going to be in more and more today and again you mentioned it. You can't Major League without TV now money is used to be ticket sales you can't have a major. League now like it without without TV is it used to be ticket sales and by and large even at the professional and sports sports leagues will tell you. It's not ticket sales snow anymore that that funds the teams its TV dollars and an advertising revenue absolutely. And you're just not gonna get that for the day death QLA. And then their other you're not gonna get that and so he'll get he'll get the one year curiosity factor. And you get the people that are willing to go check it out once. I'm but I don't think you're gonna get the hard core fans you're not gonna get TV cameras not gonna get the advertising dollars if your put a team in Portland Ryan. Where were waiting for something else. So here's Portland put a team in Portland pride and now I run dieters cabinets and I'm gonna spend some money on advertising. And I can advertise with the trailblazers. Cry can advertise with the port when whoever's. Well what do you do. And unless it's just against sold dirt cheap but again you're still not getting any bang for your buck should I give my eyeballs on it and even if you aren't you know is selling those packages it's just not enough money did to make it work insensitive said the same thing about you seemed again. The USC feel the need there wasn't a Ultimate Fighting Championship right the bigger argument now is he had the USC. How many other than the I know there's US either is bella to work but all the other little leagues that are popping up around there how many of those actually. Turn a profit how many of those are are her exist Steen and will continue to exit while we talked to spin off the Lavar ballclub. Think the other day you know start a league for his kids right and who say use your and your kid my kid wanna be professional fighters and they're not good enough to be in the USC. There isn't USC right now that's the gold standard the best fighters in the world go fight care so you and I decide to start fighting leak. Right who's gonna come watch that. Now and who's gonna put her on TV who's gonna advertise it we don't have the money someone said they would if you started taking kids right at a high schools and alternative how you get paid that. It again it just comes down to dollars and says that you're not gonna get a bunch of dumb kids. But did the JB tried to do this they they were gonna throw what 253050. Grand. At the best players in high school well first off the best players in high school are already making that going to company. And and that kid knows that he's not dumb enough to go to a leak and risk the NBA future. When he'd just go puddle way to college and then make millions of dollars they're just. Unless you just have never ending pockets to throw money at it it's not going to exist it just isn't. And pain a guy 75000. Dollars a year to play in in in your alliance of American football ain't gonna get it outside and we're not gonna get anyone. Us some details about the LeSean McCoy thing again presume did to sit give them you know game is being court. But again he continues did not look good Lisa Millen Georgia released three reports. Abouts visits so there's three separate visits. That Michelle McCoy had domestic disputes at this address with his ex girlfriend. And also do reports are coming out that the statements that they girlfriend made to the police is she and after the break if she told the police that she believed this was missed LeSean McCoy. That she had been set up that this was a long time coming so she is directly pointing the finger at her she she believed that this was a long time coming. In if you read through some of the reports. About the the pleased making visits. It it indeed was about one in or out of the house and wanting the jewelry back in supposedly threats were made so. It certainly looks like there is a a patterns here if you will. That this was an escalating situation. And again it's all circumstantial evidence but it's certainly points in the direction. Of LeSean McCoy to the point now where people are talking about if the NFL who is doing the investigation that the NFL said they are talking to be your girlfriend. They are talking to the police department down in Georgia. If they feel like there is enough here they can go ahead and put LeSean McCoy on the exempt list and he will be suspended. Wall this goes on and there's more more chatter that the NFL very well may do this because there's a lot of circumstantial evidence. That looks. Fairly suspicious about his involvement kid coming this bills open camp what presumably couple weeks. Yeah okay LeSean McCoy on the field day one. Or does a couple weeks from now but we've been talking about this for three days and it's guns and again presumed innocent. Totally agree yeah but the news is getting worse every day yeah so. Three weeks from now. She on the field practice one what do you think it's just it's it's hard to know because that on on on one case here you've got the the people say it is targeted attack but then in one of the reports the officer did say that there was no signs of violence. And he did say that McCoy was concerned that she would make false accusations. And he was being very careful. Are around the light of domestic violence abuse in his profession. So to be fair right there's three incidents where the police were called the house. It certainly looks. Pretty damn mean to but now we have LeSean McCoy not. Now but in in the past he did say that he was concerned about false claims. I don't know I don't know. I don't know if he's on the field day one but something tells me that before this is done he will be sat by the NFL. I just think there's enough there are circumstantial. In in this this climate where the bills in the NFL are gonna say and tell this gets sorted out we just need you to quietly step. Away and that is my answer. Is given the track record of the NFL. And I'm not even going into whether or not they'll bosh this or not you know I'm just saying given the track record and history that the NFL has shown with similar incidents like this. I think he's not on the field day one I think they sit him down and I think he suspended indefinitely. Pending an investigation and I don't know I mean again I hope nothing comes of it I hope he's innocent and I hope this is. So you know for his say keep some misunderstanding. But something happened there and the more that comes out certainly he's involved to some degree it sounds like sounds like did I I think the NFL sits him down I don't think. I think if they let him play and we get to week three years something and they arrest him. I think the NFL just gets drilled for that so I think they're gonna play safe protective shields I think they're gonna sit him down. They can they have the power if they look don't do it say that there's enough evidence here will we think you're involved we can put you on the ice I really do degree I think her sit him down that's my prediction so the in one of the police reports that came out this Mike wrote to give ESPN had this he said that there was a ten minute phone called the girlfriend made. Is she did in and then the dispatcher did say that she thinks her ex boyfriend possibly set her up. She was attacked him with a please did college targeted home invasion. And she even went as far the girlfriend did it's a stating that the intruder new to leave to the front of the house because the security cameras have been reroute their. So certainly she is pointing the finger at him the police were called to the residents he is made the claims that he was. Afraid that she would make false statements he did attempt to a victory a couple times including getting friends to move the furniture out of the house that she called the police to is to stop. So certainly there was an escalating situation here where there was conflict between the to a month. Someone did break into the house non forcibly they had a way into the house. They did pistol whimper. They did cause serious injuries to her face. It's something happened here it's just a matter of did LeSean McCoy directly had something to do with this and it did this is going to hang over him for if he does play. It is is gonna be Ezekiel Elliott situation all through camp I don't know how there is a bigger story and I we eat. Even if it's not the NFL you wonder of the Buffalo Bills just say we can't have this going into camp wouldn't surprise me now. So in a woods' swing kind of see what happens is is this kind of plays out but it does seem like each and every day. More more news trickles out about this are we come back in the news here though Mike was sports. And time when rising in the zoo gods and Indian government. Welcome back into. I'm glad you're. An awkward conversation to have him. The lynch lynch told us from its. Gary Richards of the angels of the angels is now he left the pitch against the Mariners couple nights ago had to come out of the game. With some elbow trouble that's never good they just announced today I just sought on Twitter. That he is done and has to go have Tommy John surgery now stop that he was the guy that was in that horrific crash. With the that is an angels pitcher a couple of years ago there was the ball was killed in Baghdad that he was killed that was the guy who's like making his first start you just made his first started some and everyone in his car was south sorely Q his drive make his girlfriend she was on drugs and then they got hit by another drug guy you know and I think lynch thought that Richard was in that car wreck with them. I thought he was in a car wreck that. He didn't die but I I was mistaking it for the one Mickey Hart was that your Delphi right which is sad. What's not saddest period Jews having Tommy John surgery I for one I'm happy about it and say good seeing two years jerk if your level of hatred for the Anaheim angels I hate the angels. You still can't articulate why you Dallas and the number one team yes. These are no yes that's my most hated American League team and we can't really figure out why they haven't even been good. It's like them it's like the famous quote big suit. I don't know how to define pornography but I know when I see it you know Gary Richards drop in that nasty curve ball on the Mariners not for the next two years stuff. It. I think that jerk I'm itinerary so sad that you realize now that market is gonna go down right now we'll deal with that women I meet taunting you with the gal I now listen karma is gonna come back in kitchen hey I've been dealing with karma for 35 years as a fan of the Mariners and endurance rig today we're talking about like wasted crimes. How bats did they got on nab the they were they were talking about what athlete. They Dan Marino like wasted primer. Might add they might because of Mike Trout right might try some pace. For arguably one of the of the greatest season baseball history is on pace for one of the top five war seasons of all time I think he's only been to the policies and wants. And they got sweat. And you as a mariner fan and you called that waste in a career the prime of it Guinean few mixed you you want to talk about a guy that had. Electric stuff hall of fame stuff and just. Was an eyelid not just on a bad team but no run support yes if you played in Boston and New York Felix as she is to get to 300 wins again in the hall of fame and probably had its three cy young's. I we should have to and shout a young ones no clue Bernard if if he played on the team that I see gave him run support guy that he got Kluivert we've got a great and server that I hear no we did now Felix should ideally this should got you yeah. I know you should have to if he had run support he'd have at least three the other the stat of the staff the. Julie Syria and I I don't know enough top in my head but if there there is something ridiculous like Felix has like fifty starts. Where he's pitched seven innings or more and gave up two were last earned runs hasn't won yet and in those fifteen games he's like deep and thirty sat I mean native he doesn't win so. If he gets run support he had another forty or fifty wins his total is up over 200 men and probably has shot to do something crazy. A historically. It is set I mean they really did waste his prime and the Mariners are really good this year and and may make the post season and you gotta start wondering if if they do. You know do you pitch if you if you get to a seven game series just throw Felix Hernandez though he's by far their worst pitcher now in the rotation right now. Subtle showed glimpses this year we now that he beat every Outkast guy every now and then he gets in the way back machine and throws throws a good game and I love Felix unhappy stay in Seattle but they did waste his prime minutes. It's sad it's it's a sad example and and I'd I'd like to poke the bear with blazer fans when we talk about Damian Willard. And I I like to draw that comparison I'd say. Yes I know exactly how that is does the Mariners did it with Felix and I had putting nebula entire cultures you know. And Ricky Bobby well here's that they let their. Andre you he now I'm taking heat on the text program now people are calling me a jerk for being happy that I don't I'm not really happy that he's hurt us is buddy he's a really good pitcher for the team I hate the most so I'm happy he's not gonna pitch against the Mariners. Now you know what let's change the subject from your jerky is still a you're noted news contributor. July 12 in the year warlords when he eighteen the heat wave has begun and it's hot it's Africa hot like I am gonna take just got hot in many wanna know can be beaten. But no it was the poor and drinks milk milk was a poor job hot day although I didn't have to thank him peaked yet today. I went by DQ and I got a small jury dipped cone and it was delightful that yeah that's delicious. It just it made my old I'm a big fan of the daily bar. What kind of the same van cherry dilly bars in June there's no dates have certainly interest in electric home. I get nothing but losers of an editor for him really well yes but here's the problem I was with you Mike the loser is the superior tree it's amazing but. I was on my way to do it again you can't drive and effective the eat a blizzard. It's harder to do history can now it's it's harder to do you ask if you're driving I'd go Conan daily bar for sure yes. I was will live I had time to pull over and whatnot maybe but I do get to work. They had to do this program years so. A small jury did come in and out to you what it was simply delightful but it is. We're in the ninety's it's getting team to be in the ninety's got 96 according to KGW it's too hot bed remember the either I should put neighbor and bands starting Friday in a moment county no fired heads. Interview givers out there it is right. Outs you've did not light any fires. No and also don't go near cougars yes we had a report. Remember in southeast that the lady reported accuser. Was she spotted it now supposedly we have a dog that was hurt although I. Beginning to question the validity of these reports. Right so yesterday we had the lady out in that I was off like a 118. In southeast. She claims that she saw what was a large cat and called it cougar when the police showed up. There was no cougar there is no signs of a cougar well. Today we have reports say being in southeast. A lady says that her dog was attacked. By a cougar and it says it's a small dog. Now I'm assuming small dog means less than 25 pounds be with me on this one yes. The dog got a pair of small puncture wounds dig into a veterinarian and will survive and that was it. But trying to tell me that it cougar. All it did do a small twenty pound dog was lead to small puncture wounds and that was it no I wouldn't think so I'm claiming that this is horse bleep. And then I'm not quiet. That there's not a there's not a coup ground there is a fat how scatter or maybe a bobcat at best. But the bobcat you're claiming bobcat attack we look at how. I'm all dogs get away with only two puncture wound up buying that for a second though I don't I don't disagree. Just say no these reports of cougars roam around southeast. Not so certain. I'm sure there's cougars but not that kind of camps and there's a different kind acute here. And by the way we come back I've got cougar news I've got maybe right now the ultimate cougar getting arrested. And in Ohio strip club for being could afford being a cougar and allowing someone to touch said cougar. Touching cougar news when we continue the news we come back primetime event. Consider. Smack dab in the middle is in the news here in the news on news. Making news we're just talking about it. Yeah and over the years Kenya here reporting it I just observing new report you're reacting. And filming to my news. We were like newsman that we have to get all hot and bothered about breaking news in love that got to be first within you don't really wrong your big voices onkyo. See not to go to Jim robins boys shedding about just love him KGW's. Studios. The B that's. Is that like an enjoyable profession. Thank dean and these guy and I think so. I think if you're the news anchor it's enjoyable I think a reporter it's a lot of work a lot of grinding but he anchor I think yeah just kind of sit there for a couple hours talking for the teleprompter poses any handsome I'm with you but outside of that I think everyone beats. Now why then why would you do well I think people do jobs in general that they need how many people actually like their job. No I I would agree that I'm just saying if. Mena news anchor out doing stories and stuff I would think you. So are you if your news reporter are you just trying to do that until you can become an acre or there's people they just want tongue out reporting to me there's people. Trust and went to school a lot of these people. There are a lot of these people who want to do this it's a passion. They won a report the news they wanna tell the story in people meet their news people need to minimize it this might did go to school the rest let's just kind ended up here Mike went to school for this and I went to school for broadcast journalism which of Syracuse meant TV reporting that's all we did was TV report it. So I I learned it and it sucks except for being an Anchorage is really easy huh. Okay here's. But you might casting aspersions on all the acres in the greater Portland area just so appreciate you can body saying it's easy I think Laura reporters gonna call you later and had some to say look at it it looked. I think I'll doctor about a sure why not Laura Mike's calling you out ice ready to throw down right now. So I thought that Joseph was tied ms. Joseph Fisher our regular protesting TI here at the end of the fans. He was wearing a tank top yesterday Roland in the studio which is a bold move tank top to work guy. Here's something to that sun's out gunned down got to have some confidence that I guess he tried to do this and be with his kids. It it turned into a debacle now have you ever been to a Build-A-Bear. No no I have you do not ever get out snow and and knocked it boys can't Build-A-Bear billion mine were never interest in him that yes I never. I have never built the bear at a workshop or any other place to care for their harbor. I'm sure there are mails that you build every yes I think the demographic is mostly female I have two daughters I have been to the Build-A-Bear workshop. I think there's one over at least you'll know in the Vancouver mob is when out of Washington square this a couple of them so Build-A-Bear. Had an idea today. To. Build-A-Bear. Pain your own age. So whatever the age of your child a boy that's what you were gonna pay to build your hair and some of those bears are quite expensive. Thank you go there if you sort of build various aides say it you you get to pick like the outline that you Teddy bear. You get disgusted. With that the feeling you get to pick the outfit they stitch it up for you guys that have passed and they think they slowly allow Faye give you a boxing you go away. This way I could tell you right now just from from that headline news this was going to be a terrible. Terrible idea. Because I guess hundreds in some places over a thousand people lined up. Outside of the Portland build the beer stores in locations across the country. They had to shut it down. They couldn't hit some people have been waiting in line for hours upon hours that go tell those people yeah word we we can't handle any more people. End it turned into a total debacle where people if I guess it didn't get super bad here in Portland. But there are reports of people having to be escorted off the premises around the country because they were unhappy about. Not getting to Build-A-Bear. They they were showing up like with a three year old like it's three dollars to build his bare. And I guess some places were trying to head neck coupons to try to make people happy but it turned into a debacle across Portland and across the country what. What's the standard what's the cost regular you build up there I don't know off the top of my head like what the standard is the one I remember when we did it. It was probably somewhere in the fifty is 7500 page really yeah. OK so you can take a little us Susie in there yeah spends six above basic according to Andrew Nemeth who just did it is twenty to 25 by 20/20 five bucks then you'd get all the bells and whistles. And then making goes hey can go up its third member like fifty bucks see you hello Alfred Florida little hat. Yes your stuff you put a tee box of fifty by city just what the bear looks like you get it out of there for 2520 bucks. All right so. If you would be worth it to take little don't know Jimmy here for six bodies would swell not a what are you waiting. In line for three hours with a bunch of other pissed off angry parents this saves fifteen bucks on a golf darn Bayer. No that's not worth it can let me ask you this and that's what Build-A-Bear was it was probably expecting. And they should've known better that people will do anything. When something is viewed as a great deal have you ever so. Agreed have you ever and I think all parents have have you ever lied about your kids age to save money on anything to open up I still do it. Eight but that's a group that's a great move like when I'm traveling bags were relayed word out of Mexico or Indonesia here's a bit and we're going to some of those tourist activities. We want to ride the elephants out and it ended in Bali and it was 75 bucks for an adult. 75 deride yellow tent. You know what it was for twelve and under thirty. So guess how old my kids were. They were all twelve everybody use subsidies and my daughter might buy all this. It was like nineteen of them might whatever you're twelve shot and I took up. Here's your son's got a full beard he's smoking heed your like your aid you're just telling your page that's right. Lied about that all the time. Anytime you do these deals where you're like gonna say 70%. I'm one of these is ever gone smooth ride like within the Black Friday deals right now Nintendo or PlayStation is gonna be 70% off Yahoo! buckle up. But a steady development theory is there's Microsoft live to Build-A-Bear today and I began involve wait three hours in line for any children's toys. And then. Speaking at huge crowds and occur thoughtful our good friend stormy Daniels is back in the news she's the one that's had he supposes that the tribes with. President forty presidential around you know every she came here to to Portland and was due in the make America where he too urged. Speaking to news anchors each was kind of a big deal the news is out there covering that yeah members of do drug dude threw his ball better help. We'll start we Dale's been arrested. I guess there was this dean sent out. She went to Ohio strip club and I guess it's illegal. In Ohio. Had any contact. With a stripper and even if the stripper Tel eight and it's not a legal for the patriot it's illegal for the stripper to how. So I guess this sort of staying on stormy day. Yes this truck behind this whole they said that it did the attorney says that she was touched and a non sexual way. Not really sure what that means that he stature in the RV catcher in the leg. But she was touched during one of the performances and there was a couple waiting to happen to strip club to slap the cuffs honor and a whole eight. These studies is staying in the age she. Dirt to equip. Stormy. Our attorney says it. She performs she studies she is done the same act across the this great land of ours and nearly a hundred strip clubs this is a set have been politically motivated me reeks of desperation we will fight all bogus charges. She was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer denture Wallace states or non sexual manner. Are you kidding me did you go to law enforcement resources and schemes. For this operation. There has to be higher priority so yeah. I guess she's already released on bail but stormy Daniels and arrested today for allowing a patron detention and in other news some more off the coast of Italy right now rob takes out of people piece of paper and crosses Ohio office list of places to go next year yes rob will not be vacationing in Ohio it offensively. You should've been there once when at an LA gentlemen establishment when rob was told that they weren't serving alcoholic beverages. Old year. Never seen immense are angry I we come back the hot by the 56 hazard here on the fan.