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Thursday, July 12th

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They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not but it. Do the right things since 1952. And making arrangements. For our children. But I know up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. An eighty almost and is brought to you by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know I better you today dot com I don't know. Don't think I know he was making this more hurtful disclosure forty. Temporary super intelligent just a side affect the legacy the development in your record after the army. Yeah and once those who knew where are gonna lose most of your motor skills I've got a week. Bring functionality for 72 hours forty. Arctic. Right about now. You can. It was in my mouth. So tasty. Puppy had big ones. Very small Manila and that is always happy gang is out evenly Danny. This is hard to just. And and he blew it any blows in any blues and. Great is this guy's a crowd pleasing news. She battle in this country is a woman you. Is there I don't know ET both the division today from Middle Eastern still over there but they're gonna know when he returns. Spoelstra back on Monday at least to do the shows some assuming some them this weekend near riots I'd I didn't know if he was back and take him a couple of days it's he was posted a photo via beautiful scenery and can lead based themes photographing girls asked us to. I'm no use photographing the water he did save please look at the beautiful blue water yes. It just so happened it was kind of over there in the background. Still a little bit were probably separated from the picture as you say can and still in the dirt being kicked photos the roadway work. In the club we've got lost to news I've got sushi news I've got new children disappearing all kinds of YouTube but we're in the midst of John's a hatred power rankings one thing is for sure on the on the better you today text line by five through five cubs fans hate cardinals in the cardinals hate the cubs and Dodgers and giants fans don't like each other know they kill each other you know there's a lot of that company that runs through the brand still yeah paramedic guy got beat up almost killed. Yeah I think he's a nice and who knows like vegetables the right word but he's pretty bad UT's now. He's got severe breathing on one thing I'll never give up I just don't understand look guide. You know I love I like to I like sports wise do you like do you like tonight I just don't. I can't tap them in anyway Keating's son landed it renews deal like that you corrected then I would. These chew up because you know. I don't understand angry stand in the first mistake when you go to NFL stadiums and that's appear on your head I don't you know. I know it's it's a tribal thing yeah I mean my. Look I I would did issue on a cute guys don't like the Huskies I make no bones about it I like to poke fun. My best friend is a huge U dub fans and we go out and all the time about it I've. We'll beat the guy up because of it it's ridiculous list the mayors are involved now I feel like you may be someone over the Seattle Mariners now because out of play each of lit up like it's no big deal you've got issues though because again like we've run again. Judy in any given moment I hate the Mariners to that is true so you hate the Mariners just stick around for a little bit if it if I start throwing punches Dodd jump. For a minute and we'll all come back around heeding the Mariners in a buy you drink can will be fine. So our last five National League. These are the teams again I don't really hate the national exit don't follow him as much in a really bother them returners although the Mariners do factor into my hearing kids. I hear you met him a couple of spots of course they view gas so my never fifth the fifth most hated nationally deep for me to Colorado Rockies. Lucky because I think he screwed dale Murphy. The wants yes but they screwed. The deal because I love dale Murphy yes he's one of my favorite all time players the non hall of fame Gilbert well I think he should be in the hall thing I know he's borderline. I get that done but I think he should be a two time National League MVP. Ended his career in Colorado and up in 1993 played 26 games for them. I didn't. Know that yes I. They did dale Murphy played in Colorado played in Colorado 19199326. Games storm now granted he was hitting 143. That's also good but they kicked out. Two home runs shy of 400. Really 398. Career home runs. You're telling me that doesn't stick in his truck that he didn't get to 400. Lee was sitting 140 cynical Truby. You're telling me dale Murphy couldn't stick around and hit two more home runs not at 146 I think would go to would have taken another three months I think he could I. Enjoy your random. Did the random reasoning behind your age yes so your bitter large man I don't like the color red Iraqis because they kicked now he'll tell you that he just retired but it kicked him out. Understand I think they kicked him that we on the of that and so that's why they're the fifth most hated team that's interesting because I think most baseball fans. Are very neutral or even pro Iraqis can they have a fun stadium and got any interest in team. No resentment on the power you let dale Murphy hanger on and hit two more home runs and maybe had reconsidered it however they didn't so there on the list. Number four Michael. The Philadelphia Phillies. I think the Phillies tonight yes I know you do. Two reasons one because I used to love the Mets so much and the Mets fans hate Phillies him too stupid uniform check back. Paid the Phillies uniform widened his message or single. Santa Maria and I don't like them I don't like the thought they use I don't like the don't like them it's. Don't understand take battles yankees a little bit random let's go to all this whole list is random. That's why they're my fourth mostly injury number three. The Washington Nationals yes yeah should international yes I should everyone should hate the Washington Nationals plus I need to watch and now they're just the bastard eyes version of the Montreal Expos like I don't. I liked it. Do you wish they were in Montreal you wouldn't mind I'm pro Expos now the I'll mail it let's raise our for a adds I just can't root for you guys don't like the nationals. Third third most hated team member true. On that list the Arizona Diamondbacks. Here's the Diamondbacks let me tell what appears in the bag simmer down all you what they did to me 2001. World Series champions. Not only was that the years that the Mariners 116 games and didn't make it to the World Series is now. The stupid Diamondbacks who earn expansion teams don't win the World Series where Randy Randy Johnson. So that's why yes they didn't. Got the Mariners they didn't even know existed and they beat the team about the Mariners also in some way you should let them know him now and they took. The love every Johnson. And after being a stupid expansion or even around very long been 20013 year just may win the World Series. In the year that the Mariners went a 116 years won an awful Mariano Rivera threw him but now that's a great it was a great World Series of gods of lupus yes it was a great World Series in 2001 in the Yankees and everything in. I'd give all that and I love rainy Johnson that I hate the Diamondbacks for taking your any. Even though I know he got traded to Houston and then went to Arizona I get that. Hate the Diamondbacks. Because of 2000 thirds exit is extremely sound logic yes yes indeed yes it is and along the lines of similar logic we kind of talked about yesterday my most hated team in the National League. Florida Marlins. This simply because it's they don't really dried yet they still want to ruled series two World Series since 1997. 2003. So if the Mariners. Do intractable or to get to the World Series. For the first time yes wolf that he lesson for teams like the Marlins in the Diamondbacks because they finally admitted themselves. The Mariners win the World Series then yeah I'll probably I can see a change in the rankings the but it may just get there and lose it'll still stick in my problem the Marlins won twice but see that's the thing too is they'll get there and lose. The team that lost to a now your most hated nationally T yeah that's for sure. If like the cubs all the sudden you beat them they're going right to the top of the list that's right. Yeah so the Marlins just they frosts me I am now. I understand what they want to now this isn't just. Tune in dismantled the team gas and more humble he led a three billion don't care although they we didn't get. Are we come back we've got so why SP news I've got sushi news. Calling the cops what the hell's going on with column with cots and I saw a move yesterday at a concert then it. I think may be one of the top three or four things I've ever seen at any musical venue. Really yes but in this I did this man is a phantom I couldn't pick him out of the lineup but what he did. Gonna call me hero because what's a year ago sometimes doesn't Sanders the main. But today in the third. Before I get to middle children disappearing endo lost that Linda killing us all if this bid of the money doesn't get us. From yesterday's club and a loss will and it well yeah the money's coming influence. I saw something in at a concert last night did must be disgusted. Because. I do not know who this man is I cannot take this man out of the lineup he is a fan don't but he is a golf dart American hero. I like going to concerts it's probably my favorite thing to godaddy or concert got a concert guys give the choice between like the big sporting events and going to a concert I'm probably gonna choose the consummate you're talking like. Don't playoffs or something. They did he said on and any given day I can go see a a blazer game were so young football game right go see. Of up a abandoned I like how are used to choose the band so that's nice social distortion. Is playing in acts the rose and Sosa sources when my favorite bands and listen seismic in the seventh grade. It's a big fan nursing played tonight they're doing two shows that you sold out shows if he'd ever been the Roseland. It is it's a cool venue. But it's for a first so does show you're packed in there yeah I mean you know it it's a thousand degrees. Amid illness is hot as balls wins it would be a yeah I told you was gonna be smelling yet it was hot and it certainly was smelly and social distortion is a got the punk band from the eighties rock pocketed it you get a decent pitch going in there you know you'll mix it up a little bit. So are our role in yesterday and it is it is definitely packs I kind of weasel my way. Two about the midpoint. Of where Mike Hussein it's it's a good spot to be because if you wanna mix it up a little bit geeky and it's like right on the edge of the pit. So there's like one guy between me and where the people their mosque in the middle. And right in front of me is a fairly tall guy and he decides that he is going to be. Ominous filmed the show got. And not film like thirty seconds of the show he's bootleg and he's got a hold up his his camera and he is sees camera phone there is iPhone. And he's gonna film this thing. For probably eight minutes straight and I don't understand that. Because it's not good quality all knows this place like the rose Lynn it's it's dark you're facing the lights and that he's not good it's going to be terribly religious. There's not for lack of opponents to story that's just gonna hear like boom. Some social distortion might ensue if you do there you know if you look at all four if you wanna tape. Five or ten seconds of the song to put out on ancient grammar Twitter some movement that's fine great I've done that that's super but it. If you're Chapin half an hour of the show. For what it like you're gonna watch it back later remember how to you know what was on YouTube executive duplicate it when you when someone goes and sees leg. Billy jolt and some people do you like T piano man or something right like the end of the crowd singing piano man. This is like the second song in it wasn't like it was he was playing like their biggest inner whenever. Any it was a fairly he's a fairly tall guy and everyone behind him was kinda pissed off and there were people you can hear murmurs about did this stupid phone would be enough. And at this point we're totals we're couple songs in any people there are sweat and now all the monstrous assurance. So in the middle. The floor it is just like a collage. Just so weighty mosh bros and they all look the same. The same tattoos that all look right out of central casting. And they're just monster around doing whatever it is they're doing I'm curious so it's a different kind of mosh it has shows I go to yet. People who Masha like dental shows for the most part are jacked girders ripped her so strong and just to win their swinging their arms wildly nearly. Long long long long. I. Certainly have some guys that are that are put together I think this is just more. Eight mid twenty's. But there's a lot of stadium and a lot of swing you know BR it's. Where if you bro gets bought. Is his arm gets bumped by one of the one of the anonymous from a moshing grows and he's not happy about it. Because this interferes with eight minutes straight of a TP. So G puts the united these are kind of goes down and now he's pissed. Any starts yelling and as he's yelling he's kind of got the camera being in kind of held out now and about chest level. And I swear I could see it coming like in slow motion step. Here comes another mosque she broke because you know the pit happens in circles it's like yes. Living organism this it'd dollars and a circular pattern on the pick is alive yes the live. Living breathing organism and you have to be able to move wit because if you stand still you're gonna get smaller towns like good so he focused his ire on the monster broad that he hit him. Indians left his phone out front dangling. And as he does that the second must broke comes mid term so if you. Unlike the some donors he's spinning he's speaking and is now. You hate and is now gonna spin in front of camera broke yes OK and as she spins I swear to god in one motion like Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee as he spins his art. Comes around in a bush wacker like WW. Even momentum snacks. For the guys cold front is can mean spin me. It spin and that without. Beat as the rotation happens finishes the spin G radiation Jonathan's dad took. I'll crust frozen grin but a escorted did you have I've just seen the puck. That's a couple of I don't think the crowd. He's the mosque and and the best part is she just keeps spinning it even better suited. It's like snack think he's gone but I could not. I could not pick him out of a lineup I could not tell you what he looks. But I think there's no way that anyone could have seen what I. And so quit any looked like everyone else and many just banish these John the book on that guy's face. He tricky. He's just a turnaround anyways just done. What do you what are you thinking in that moment your phone's gone like gets you can't get it done it's gonna go and you don't know who took it it is just it's daddies can just like going across the Roseland. I mean if you are wall to wall. Packed with people. And this isn't he goes like he turns around him like he's looking to everybody. And I laughed and outlet right behind him know us really knows what to do you surround there's a security guard. Cut off he starts young the security guards security or doesn't know what he's. Yelling about a car for those who have never been to show that this who's using one or Tuesday near the pin yet they'll help of someone gets pushed over. Or if somebody gets dropped again the flashlight in military words are words are words that no good luck finding the phone buddy it's now the other side to devote hit somebody in the head on my way across the road I don't know. No one knows somebody let's. He rocket fired at the think it's the guys sat there for maybe thirty seconds and then you just left. But he just he disappeared back behind me I don't know if you are looking for his phone but good luck getting across. But to that anonymous. And then the great part was is that it cut the lead did the one guy got into that got into a security guard a little bit. And security guard was kind of was pushing him and soothes a little bit of occur thoughtful. And my guess is the lead singer even address it after the song is everything OK okay hey that looks and body goes. I don't sort of true believing heroes is trying to get out here like in one piece and everyone's laughing and in this duties. You meet the kids' faces CD with anger is all gone it's almost gone. And then he just left I don't know wearing wet don't know if you have to show don't know what they're looking first phone. I never got to think that guy I have no idea who he is that in that moment. You are the best thing I've ever seen at a concert I don't know if you intended to do it I don't know if that was planned I don't know if it was just like dead instinct. But this witness in this skill that he even who's in net turn throw was magical. Love that that's how good depth wise. Because said I don't know he's a hero because once a year sometimes there's a man. If we come back losses middle children sushi. In that order then we'll see what happens but that in your in the bin. The league and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey now Leadbetter youth today dot com. But so does today did the middle child now neither one of us is the middle child you are the eldest. You're the baby on the baby so states. Mysterious you can ex sister who's been talked about on the program from time to time and everyone is always like can you talk about your brother and sister very. She sometimes does she. Isn't a week she operates in the shadows yeah she's like yeah man it. She has like been hurt her influence is felt you don't always see here now she's kind of lurking there but might. Who is the millennial Mike is an only child right. Oh boy and this is what I did perfect with my created NAFTA go back for any more yeah so they were spin it this is from New York magazine. Mikey is the new loop Mike is the new norm people or not has been. The one kids three to four kids anymore people are hazard to have a lot of kids people are happy wondered too. And that the middle child is disappearing and that it may end of being a crisis because the middle child is the one the museums and being the the peacemaker and negotiator. There empathetic but a lot of qualities that the middle child has a lot of famous people or our middle children. And the article points out that there is some research suggesting that this sort of trend. We'll end up being negative for society. Because the skills that you learn as a middle child. Been able to bring people together. Our. Are going to disappear and that if we end up with were more divisive than ever right now right. And that if you're funny single chide your single child or if you just you know you him you know to. That's the new norm these today in the seventies enormous close before now that the trend is is is two or less. That you'd tend to be more. Combative intend to be more entitled. A lot of things that kind of lead to conflict where is the middle children solve conflict and it did Jan Brady. Believer or not would have been maybe the most valuable with the bradys interest in doubt that we are a crisis because those. The my clutches of the world I would. That's like some six degrees of Kevin Bacon science reasoning there I would have never know my own a lot of those a lot of stretching from right less children to. Crisis management and let's not let but it did I mean it makes sense though my letter telling when you were growing up when your four mean. Who you are is a child. When we might never had to deal with any sibling conflict and there was never anything where you had to really learn to resolve any problems in your home with your siblings is why he's so difficult to deal with his dad these giant pain in the ass seriously but there is you think that you learn art data is this is it is a single time out dancing look at a lot of ways that he is the way uses because of being adapting to a child about how. I don't I'm getting into a lot of conflicts because of that too though I am very very even temper I don't. I don't get into fights of people don't wanna argue people it's because I never did is he was never even think act that happened at home sure so in that sense maybe it's a positive. I just I think there's something to. Birth order I totally believe that 100% I believe it. There are things being the oldest child in the youngest child in the mail I totally get I think it's different if you're family kids. If your family with two I totally get that. And so I never. I wouldn't know necessarily thought to put that together down there. People have been less kids. You know there that's interest in it could do it gets this one article yeah but there are some people that have done some some research into this and they are saying that. That a lot of those qualities in in middle children and have been better politicians better. I and Agassi necessarily successful business people but the person in your business that you want a boss or not necessarily because they was it like single drill there and or you know the baby and dad kind of be in the ones that are power I to prove something. Kind of back cut throat kind of guidance and built the company. Thank you basically they're saying makes her boss you wanna middle child for a boss you want him to be understanding of bull side interest in death. And I'd I hadn't thought about that either but I'm a 100% of believer in that I look at just the differences in us. And so that is your hard wired right you're born with a bit of a different personality. But I don't get taught the difference in in me you look at seven leads. Is the role that your house to take all I tried to I get data and I'd nature vs nurture right now I agree I think there's a lot to bowl I think you're born with who you are your youths view in. You have a personality and you have certain traits and things that you get I totally buy that but I also believe. You've army your raised in and and you know nurturing and parents and where you grow up the next everything right I totally get that and I'm a blew my mind a little bit I did not. I would not have sought to connect all those thoughts. Good. Like he said it's one article who knows that that makes sense site I've read that newsletter. You Abraham Lincoln middle child. Britney Spears. Middle child Bob Britney Jan Brady middle Giles. You know Britney Spears I know you're no Abraham Lincoln and I hope we do discuss this earlier this Britney Spears did you have been paying attention. It's the best comeback to happen in. In a decade she's back is she's back end is as hot as ever it's phenomenal she Barry Bonds hit. She came on the scene it was an MVP and then sell offs and you know I just got back on the droids and it's an ounce after Warner yeah. A teacher ordered that he did came out of nowhere into Super Bowl to the league by storm and then we thought she was Doug bell part yeah. And then next thing you know she's got the cardinals in the Super Bowl resurrected back in Arizona. All right we talked yesterday about the mummy he's been able to do with no end. Have you seen the loss that they have found in the Amazon no. Thought I'd let me say this. I'm literally terrified of anything found in the Amazon yes. It's the scariest thing known to man I would I would I'm not a world traveler I don't know that I would go to the Amazon now. Don't there's a bit of animals it's like sixty. A season high 60% of all species of animals that live in the Amazon rainforest and a 100% of those 60% will kill you kill you so they have discovered this now. It's a new lost. And did not like the biggest watts per thwarted the you've seen this thing is is enormous. And now realize that this stinger on this is larger than the loss itself that like telescope in does that hold out if it's that they. It's stirred some kind of like the middle of its back in it looks like a scorpion Jill. And then hangs down a good solid inch to an inch and a half on this thing. And their stated Cindy just they discovered it just recently. And ensued they called this thing terrifying as what we call yeah I'm not even gonna make the tent here it's it's a big scientific name. But in both the stinger that is both longer and wider than any did they've seen on wasps who lost both work. And get this. It also lays eggs through the stinger doc. So this is what it does you know goes and finds some deem it stings it with its giant creaky stinger. It paralyzes it and then wal this finger is in its prey. It shoots its eggs into the body. And then when the eggs hatch. They eat do whatever it was from the inside out here out and then go on to be other terrifying giant loss. Nature is terrifying enough to get an out. Well what's worse than that. One of the rare times and I dropped used correctly exactly what's worse than that in nature nature sheriff find guys and that's the most terrifying part of it insect stings you paradise you Lazard babies in Utah and the babies each you've been. And I'd rather have my crazy enough by anything and have it injected eggs in Jimmy Kennedy he barely eat their way out from the inside yes I did read this today. He was re in relation to our zombie article are not articles talk from earlier in the show. Now there is a parasite says on an incentive to parasite. That. Actually controls. The brain of the thing it is inside you and seen that there's more episodes very specific to raps right now where it did. And it's only made the parasite in cat stomachs the when he gets into the rat's brain it actually makes the rap go to work apps are. So if you get killed and make more of it in the capstone. Don't actually controls the brain of the wrath to do its bidding media is just terrifying. Look at this is the animal kingdom is gonna have enough and us and it's gonna wipe us out there is a one of the scientists who found this city is steady tropical. The parasitic wasps for a long time but he's never seen anything like it this finger looks like the fiercest weapon I've seen. Yeah don't mind me at this giant lost. You're cruising in the Amazon it bites you in the back you're like wow that really hurts and realize you've now got eggs grow any new or even worse you don't realize it. And then like a week later you start to itch. There's nothing worse zone that's terrifying like the whole alien thing I would much rather just get eaten by the alien and had a she's dead face hugger down the middle of it. And crawls out of your gut later well that's the thing is that once that happens he's standing. They give you did you get attacked by the alien face hugger and then you wake up. You know what's coming out you're done very easy to bullet at that point I'm going to inject myself into space with the patrol darkness of space. If it were to guard is in the galaxy incident I can live out there it's not so bad. We come back one more story will talk about distance issue then we turned over to recruiting with Andrew naymick prime time here on the fan I. We're trying to save your return to. If you did your naymick he's gonna have a as a rough would see 247 sports. Brandon Hoffman where he gets eaten for so 240 sevens two hundreds were students or 2.4 seven men rob did not know that it won't. Extra importance that the odds are it's the first I've your fifth seeded Elena with 247. Sports beat it. Isaac drop. I don't know he's the vast treasure which is where is that worthy. You didn't know Tesla was electric cars. Or who does he was never we also didn't know that the pressure was now well I knew it was I just out of the tape measure written so let's not we'll that's you know. So it was a conversation that he's gonna have him on an end as Jacob bandy. Band. Them days and this is the nation's number three defense tackling discusses his top eight life. The list if you run out of stuff to talk about just breakdown the teams in the National League you hate it's gold. Now before we get to you bill and any kind of momentum the bears are anxious to get the answer is we didn't do truly. And keep pace in front of the now terrifying in Oakland ace we held that might pointed this out. I used Twitter did it hurts today. Twitter where do they deleted. A bunch of faking counts bots and Mike dormant accounts you can buy a Twitter follow us. We've we've had we got a guy here that used to work on the station that did that really got you feeling a hundred bucks you get like a couple thousand follow I was gonna say what's the going rate for Twitter followers. Days some didn't and I'm trying to remember we have this conversation is he went from like no followers he was a new guy on the station and then like overnight. Yet likes the I 70000. Followers would see like 101000 and you look down the mall and they were. You know none of whom were really counts here look at how many followers you have and wonder how many your faith there's got to be store owners aren't you out. So I guess what are we doing and can clean house and some of the people are hilarious as some number like Obama and trumping Katy Perry. If you could have millions upon millions. But I just from Lincoln and I can even news kind of thing in sports Ray Lewis lost over half of this follows really yeah. Great Britain loses by in bolivars. Really really was led from 7121000. Followers at 364. That was thought it irks us. Trailers is Eileen was Biden and then Brittany Kendry never hurt she is the that the the former likes either reportedly got in trouble was pitch in a moment about the lady to tow truck driver right now she goes on she's a political pundit and just use ugly hate. Same sort of thing hundred like 70000 followers from god. I accept it if that's crazy pilots I mean I guess it's an ego thing yeah I guess in the world the celebrities I mean they're not gonna like you look at. He finds somebody famous on Twitter you look and they don't have very many followers and you're like oh that's all I guess it's I guess it's an ego thing and among them and I can. I could see out jobs lost 400000. Obama lost two million wow. I'm looking years some of the other ones Perry. I came here I think might be the number one. On Twitter she only lost three million which showed a 110 dollars and she's done 270. 110 million dollars or Canadian curler she's like I think she's number one I'll. Card dashing and she job one point seven million followers. So yes people are going through now and end leukemia and all different celebrities in and compare any contracts because it. I went from thirty down to 70. Thank you very much those seven people that are hang in on Peter thank you. I appreciate that we'll Charles Robinson who's the loser reporter he wrote two little boys so in our profession we all know was buying Twitter followers last time. And then kind of was laughing until people were trying to guess who was that is a bunch of a giant about you know bird can you tell him every Lewis son I'm guessing that more more of this will condom and get out there. That it'll become story it's kind of sad and pathetic now that she would pay. For. Twitter followers that you know aren't real suicide they can respond you. The only reason to have this is that you can say just the number. I have more Twitter follow its sister number but I guess I mean you're right W in a world of celebrity and ego you know. If that's a big deal like I guarantee you the Kardashians think that's a big deal. However many Twitter followers the latest is a monetary thing that the more Twitter followers you have like the cart bashing stuff they get paid just tweaked. Like for every hit it between the deal like a product or something like there's a value put two so for singles people I doubt for. Think that the Britney can reason the world and if you're Kim Kardashian. You have sixty million followers. That's a big deal from the financial stamp. Led and on just the average for a late whoever I don't wanna name him but who ever lived in the stations out here anymore he's sick Roth I was like how. Pathetic you have to be right now. They each figures so insecure. About going on the air that you are going to spend your own money the you can. Having him for the people look at your Twitter account and be like a local. This guy has 101000 people involved I guess it's the same as anybody spending money on anything in in that celebrity driven society I you. No it's a full on addiction and I mean he just. They can you talk to my kids like the idea being popular anymore is not about. You know being the most popular Q school like this it's about life rely except posted something and an army like she did so. Speaking of life we're almost out of time I will just throw this we didn't get to it today but I feel it's worth mentioning here. You should go home and wash mariners. Tonight because there are good baseball team. And their plane they hated angels. If you're not gonna go home and watch the Mariners you should go home and watch the little movie today that turns thirty. Today's the thirtieth birthday. Of is he might debuted on this date on this day thirty years ago. One MIA in any given moment in my top ten movies of all time the movie really told die hard and some may say the greatest Christmas movie of all time the did you say the greatest movie of all tonight little die hard so if you're not gonna watch the Mariners tonight. Go home and look it up what Steinhardt thirtieth birthday today. I explode over the girl I guess we were really going out. I ended a potential relationship because she refused to see Garrett with me in the movie the I think that's the most sound reason I can think of for you to break up but anybody I was dreaming university had been trying to get this gathered god be for quite some time we agreed to go out we're having a lovely evening. In May roommate told me it was like hey. Midnight screening. They really show hole. Movies on the big screen which is great and they were showing die hard at midnight. Well I know what we're doing today. And then she found out the die hard was rated car. Instead we're not going to doubt it I said well we may not be a but I know what I'd do it but I am in some things she said if you're gonna see dirt easy just drop me off. An Angry Birds you're apartment and that's round drivers he's said are you. Really leading to go at standard and hasn't yet. As I am it would have only been better if she asked that question as to window rules I'll pick. In your whatever her drive and that would be 81989. Ford Thunderbird as the window rolls up you know around going you you can IA veteran Winger and that the window closes and you don't get the finishes that's a you did you think hey mister Phelps didn't know which is the the edited version. And quite possibly the greatest. His right game four of the success of the looks we got one more on Friday stick around and you're never coming up with her new Internet right here on the fans. Right shin so. Okay. I just like the balls. Oh lead DeVon. And yet. Who would not say that I would say that for 11 simple words. That is always happy.