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Tuesday, July 10th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our pod and so that's prescilla shove them up for it. Doing the right things since 1952. She'll make him an adult themes. Or children. But I know up. Where the incident. Man does go well with engine can. Maybe almost and is brought you by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey no idea better you today dot com I don't know. Don't think they'll do is make you smarter full disclosure forty. It's not. Temporary super intelligent just a side affect the legacy that golf and your record after all man. Yeah and once those people who are probably gonna lose most of your motor skills and jobs and a significant amount of brain personality for 72 hours forty. Right about now. Yeah. Upon turning forty. Okay. Let's you know let's. It's. News. Okay. I'm quite an injured. It is Clinton needing. I love thy blood drops can I just show you that hasn't listened and he might come in here redundant when you do me like pizza and just as the live as a general driving around listener I love drops in can't get enough of life. I I really think it's fantastic. I'm the fact that they've really they tentacles. Throughout the rest of the shows just as like a decade. Uses Meehan round. Latest that's all alone it's late ten. But now that we have other shows and I'm not sure this is a good thing I guess it's a bad thing but the other shows kind of picked up on what we were doing. And I don't know that's where you wanna learn your craft from you Enron we'll forgive you got to shop teacher he had like four fingers. All of that's the guy you wanna follow but the drop since become a vital part of all programs years. Don't like to think that we had simply do as well they should yeah they're really fantastic and big fan knows I'm a fan of Qaeda can be done I don't wanna be. Here they gave diving. But I'm fascinated by cute guy I have not been conduct in a story. At least since may be the Malaysian airliner went down I was assessment that. And Alec how an airliner just goes missing this year the surgery is not that. It blew me away and then that did Thailand boys soccer team goes missing and they find him and he came up. And my first thought was great they found the kids get a map there. Like five days later. There's there there's still there and he had this does sound naive I was of that pool all your fellow kits give the kid how is that could turns out it's the hardest thing ever. They've got all twelve kids out and they're calling it a miracle yes and I did not have any idea of how dangerous this one's. And I was on Twitter. I want what yesterday. And I saw it at the Twitter handle is tough. Probably a real person you can ask where is tough. And it was a lady she is the cave diving expert on her name is here Rolston. And I thought she laid out. Perfectly. To where even an idiot like me can understand just how. How treacherous and dangerous this was it was a really good Fijian pitchers and every gas and I thought to myself why not creep in the DM her. And see if we get around the program. And here she is go back a. K. Everybody. Does still he'd get cut a split up that idea Blake hit what not like popular radio now. Not creepy at all it probably. I gunnery and should you wanna talk about you know underground in the water all the way to honor and it's a good. Yeah. So hi I. Believe me the thought did cross my mind at I would sending the message like. Please god that she realized that this is legit it's like it's not out of our basement that's right through like I. BE SPN label gives you some sort of credibility here and try to do that like I swear to god this is not just immediate and podcasted basement somewhere. Actually affiliated with any major company here this is. A real show and they're really on the air right now and we really appreciate you coming on thank you so much. Well that's good because like you're actually a real person I'm glad that we're all real people with real jobs. Does one become a cave diving expert and how long you've you've been died mean just in general. I think because McCain got an expert beefy when you become an expert pretty much anything else. You start early you do that a lot and you can fill developing think that college still I got Ernie in 2000 when I was eighteen years old. And basically. If it's the Stanley did that but my mom and dad. Where dive instructors my dad was made contact instructor fourteenth cavern in all kinds of mixed gas unit to protective cap that your you can take. I agree with anything you can be certified instructor and he is. And Cuban hit his big thing which is just really indicated diving you know what kind of foregone conclusion that I'm gonna get certified okay tactic like dead. Gala if you heard this before but when I first heard the story of the of the boys missing in the caves. Now I have never been stupid I mean I snoop good I'd snorkel the timer to. That's about the extent of my water knowledge I basing get a Daffy Duck raft and I drink like a Mai Tai as they flew around the pool somewhere that's really my comfort level. I had no idea. Why this was. So dangers and and I think this is in general people did not understand. Y eight this was such a dangerous rescue operation. What is it about cave diving and in a situation like this that makes it so much more dangerous then. Then I think anyone really realize in this you're an expert and. So I think the biggest difference is you're you're looking briefings really. The first thing that the environment. It it'd. So different from open water diving on an open water I think situation if you have any kind of emergency medical emergency critical care failure. He can happen you connect and mr. Pitt where you're guaranteed oxygen can probably expect. To get on. On when things go out indicated dives you'll have 3980 feet of rock but the topic here had there's no chance when you're spending sinister it. On your best bet is you got to go out and we've treated and to get lucky you compute would be thirty minutes away from the circus that applicants cotton. One of them be a big the other things in a real thing. Open water in the cave diving people don't really understand it because that department. That's very much like your district special screening. On Q how did you. A pretty long cord you need to have at a depth of knowledge or read it again what most instructors wanna certainly not a diet open water before it will take you on. On ethnic how to student underneath that socialite here at well I hope you. Literally survive in a minute the situation you're gonna put yourself. If you're underground in a cave like dad is it and I would imagine it is is it just easier also to get disoriented to know which weighs up which weighs left which way is right. Or I mean I would imagine open water you can see some light above you in any given time and figure out that that weighs up. Is it harder to do that when you're McCabe like that it's completely dark. A little. You can actually carry relate with you wanna from being a movie great primary enlightenment to back up because the name McCain much redundancy on upper wanted to stay elegant one piece this year it's time you get a light that that's helping you seen what confronted here underground geo. I'm beleaguered ot grab a work underwater value if you drop an object your union exhale. But also co op objects look good down. On economic kind of figure up and down and that. But he can even parents themselves at Munich using one of the things there you know pet especially here to talk about they put out because mean line. Through the middle of every cabinet generally speaking a pretty permanent fixture. It will always guide you out because little arrows in it you know little care it only point the direction to the quote the exit. A lot of them were pretty cool they're thinking that Mexico but I would then. There's the marker it don't help he's he's a marker that little plastic skater with a party ballot now you cannot miss it it ought. Let me tell you trying not laughing happy epic regulator and now it's quite that shall. You mentioned lately you know these things you can be thirty minutes you know inner and an hour Indy into a cave in and if something goes wrong. If you have an emergency and that I. Mean it is that it I mean what what do you do when you're thirty minutes out and you have a Pena and something happens with your quick manner. Are you get tangled up in the is that basically the end of you. No not necessarily. A medical emergency probably going to be less critical thing that's why. You know it became diaper while it very conscious of our own health making sure that you know we're putting ourselves in an area where we might. On how to medical emergency because that's not just her arrest for you. That's a risk being diet buddy at twelve without body it's probably the most crucial part of that because. You always make sure that you turn around with enough air and both in your tank. That it one injured Hank you don't have a failure particularly you can still happen oxygen to get out. Can't tell you if all of your light side all of your commitment that I don't think it terribly wrong your body back up that you could kind of beg borrow and steal from them. Which are in the clear up Roloson eerie cave diving expert does. The navy seal guy he ended up he was doing all the kids got out OK because in okay. In the ABC and ended up dying trying to him to get to the kids. Does this happen quite a bit and in situations in cage diving is it uncommon. Four that were unfortunately if if you do this long and have you seen tragedies like this. I wish that I could say that it it is uncommon candidates Munich and yearly basis it's fairly common. But when you when you've done it long enough you you will he trashing it it's kind of like when people talk about motorcycles. There isn't that how late their flight bound and urged those that will later hiked out. I think it keeps you thinking about it long and out there there are those that have friends that died there are those that will. You know as I looked like I alluded to in my Twitter thread there on. The eighteen year I've been doing a plot to refresh and. You're your understanding of this particular dive and and I may be wrong here obviously this was this was not these guys didn't go diving into this cave they went hiking in two and a half miles. And in the case flooded and it became a diving situation. Your understanding of of the technical nature of what this rescue entailed. Is this this is the most difficult. Diving that's ever been undertaken in there is I mean it just seems amazing to me. That they got everybody out other than obviously the one navy seal unfortunately it's amazing to me that they got these kids out who had some of them didn't even swim. Is that your understanding of of that what took place and it was a miracle basically. I would say that you're national question in that the hardest diet out there mom. The kind of hard to quantify it I mean they're different things that would make a diet difficult to come. What made it more difficult then you know even averaged cyber averaged this so called diet. I think that you're adding and a young man that act like you that some of the mattress slam before you're teaching them and on. You're teaching them to achieve diet which is. One of the more extreme sports but here extreme sport. On your predictions that young had a few bit like on the go like you weren't prejudiced and gal I mean I think that's basically like. Hitting sixteen year old accused the cargo it ain't nobody boat in the 500 children find it. Think you know that that makes it's a call on you you don't really know how that child is going to be other react once you get them into the water because. I think passing through their cheap enough blood entered built. Umps some of it will be clear I think from the video that I it's pretty clear but you have to expect that it complained that it can get very murky you're gonna happening this ability. On to what we can carry you read that street lights and some are very powerful. But it just working like I'm still in my enter. Up into the water on lashing out light around equipment turning Heidi and fog you get a really great reflection on B chip anything beyond that the that. All of one of the tactical difficulties with something else can you know potentially duke they don't and which you. Because there some of those things that religious make it incredible thing about all these. You drive one thing to do that really stuck out to meet that when your risky means of one. If they panicked and Andy starting academician that year for terrorist is and they basically try to round. Right there ground around that they're pulling on stuff and guess in this situation is on the gets pulled off for earth shook looser and kid panics and grab pieces in the nation. You're in a lot of trouble. Right though he had a life guarding training. Really touched on a lot of that. You know when you know when you see somebody who's drowning. On at that point in time they're higher neurological functions are gone they're literally it's survival mode only. And so what they're doing that there thrashing at grabbing issue. It's not out of it'll will not out of malice fear she wants in it trying to see themselves with the traction you're pushing your under to get out of the water. On that you think you know. Somebody who feel like they're drowning doing that you'd be protest gear Q&A there on Yiddish. There's some potential attack happened just well mom and the way to here at you know it's very easy to hit somebody in the now knock that regulator out especially where it. You know barking cat he's very well China we grab that regulator that action you're not cops you know you can hear exceptionally well. You know where to reach to retrieve you could geared up. You know a lot of extra extra threat in danger add on to the. Is an absolutely amazing story and we're talking to care Roloson and she's a diving expert I found her on Twitter. Actually where underscore is underscored policy she had a phenomenal thread. Talking about the challenges and today we appreciate you coming on with a complete idiots here in Portland ended taken a couple of minutes and explaining just how dangerous this really was. Sure thing happening on I think it's it's. Died in expert. Heroes that it's crazy it just. All of that stuff that goes and that that you're talking about twelve year old kid and having to do that IE you this year does that mean experts who dyed I don't know those kids made it out yeah I just I think in my own kids Luther king your kids have you. And a the thought of being in that situation in trying to teach them how to scuba dive and then. Q now a two and a half mile stretch and and and this isn't this wasn't an area that was meant senate to dive. You know this isn't it cave that he died in this is hiking cave that you hike in and and got flooded. So it's not a standard guiding environment and the fact that they were able won the kids were able to survive as long as they were in there too they were able to be found. And then all of a rescued. Like said mirror miracle mazes story we're way over to be anything you break we come back to probably shorts like fit club that you're unfit. Put a bit long near who'll get back on track here. Good interview I like her I just he clearly knows her stuff out insisted. This there's something about rescues his people would bring in up late in the the Chilean miners soon. That there's something about that just win Baby Jessica remembers that captivated the country for lollar. You know even make it a search for an airplane in the best tennis in the rescue attempt there's something about those kind of life and death situations that I just. They grab your attention because you immediately just go to I think that the what would you do if that's true I think yeah I agree I think everybody understands how terrifying it would be you be stuck underground. Yes like that now flood. They area where you are underground. And nobody can get to you when you're just about this your kid right you hear you haven't. Some of those kids that never. Twelve years old twelve to fourteen is Allen was twelve to sixteen maybe you're in that range a year gear. Young preteens are you really tees. And some of you never even been in the water before. I'm trying to imagine what it would have been like first that. Dig deep explanation. They by the way this is what we're going to do this is how good gauge data became right. And since we did see more regularly where I had seen as well before Ryan Wright is where they coyotes strengths is asking the rocket and the goes fired after the runner right yeah do well. Every fight I can imagine being in the cave as an adult and so when explaining to me how dangerous this is yeah the navy seal just got a little. 020 geez right. We take a break here and not have my fat ass in the water stupid and through the death tunnel there and you do that to a twelve year old kid anybody helmets go. How about the moment so they're stuck in there for a week yet you know and at that point you probably think you're god at that point I'm thinking about EDU I gonna lie and I gather public edu be in the right look at a the middle of the night maybe Joan goes under the water maybe doesn't come back and look awfully delicious. But you're in there and nobody's come in Korea now you don't there's no contact with the outside world. What was that moment like when those taxes are just on alleged there in a little cavern 108 square feet you know they're all on alleged twelve of them and then the coach. They're all just still hovering there I think when I would've pushed until June 1 and foremost to give more room that coach is the one that. We ended the day again. I wouldn't in the gut feeling I have come on this stupid trick you're done. That's rugby union donated diet you're voted first team building and it down. But what about that moment when those kids are seeded that cavern they probably all decided we're dying and that first diver pops up the big guys and it's bad. Decade he's going he's got a Snickers bar are ready to go what's mentality here who wants it how. How equally terrifying and exhilarating would that be and then you find out you be a new age yeah I didn't find out hey by the way. This is the world's most technical died and we can't get to view and it's going to be awhile longer so we'll be back. But I just stay hearing out and then they leave. And then like he said again the plan at some point is okay were Navy SEALs and we're gonna teach you guys how to dive. And so legal panic worded drug view. A little bit they gave me anti anxiety drugs let's end. We're just gonna kinda drag you through the water for two and a half miles gonna take nine hours but we're united here maybe. It's terrifying. I can't even I can't even imagine it now. Those kids those kids I hope. I hope they get the press tour and I hope that they're okay it may get to go around and and do whatever it is you do in Thailand and come over here and I heard they've already got invited to the World Cup final finish the camera IE I hope. I want getting Elon Musk yeah figure out of his eyes his capsule and dragnet on believe it. Hours those kids are underwater for nine hours to get out of the game unbelievable I couldn't go into the water nine hours of that freaking mouse it's unbelievable thirty minutes and hot job and I'm ready to lose in a really cool insist. Can you. Mention their proven hands with the but you know behind me it is a guy admitted I got Drew Henson it's just. I cannot believe it that they made out its. Miracle gets their own way too much this I guess she does it looks like Jesus simmer my kids Samir Golar. The virgin Mary shows evidence you know in a water stain. That's a golf darn near this this and applies something to happen there than it was just. Ridiculous and I we come back I've got. But sushi quandary. You wanna talk about that let's start about the baby news. India have to. I think Gordon Hayward screwed up here. I think this is they must lies situation and I think he faulted agreed to may we'll touch upon those two things and if we have time. Quite possibly the best and the worst heist. Of all time. But Canadian rules on weakened back here though it's sports and the. Quarterback in the club we're gonna talk about is sushi. We will Lawson talked about baby announcements that real quick eight seemed to George Clooney accident footage. So George Clooney gunmen leaves us to pick other motorcycle and ones and scooter look at the we'll see. Easy abroad or was he knows he was abrupt OK he was over he was still mean and see where I feel like it's more okayed it beyond a scooter. If you're abroad yeah I scooter and I go yeah I when we're and then Indonesia think everything's future but it's terrified if you've ever driven in a foreign country. Well not all like we drove in likes Colin river wasn't for the if you drive. In the end I think we will dvd drive anywhere in the Caribbean you go down in the next to blitzer in the when you're over in the in the Far East it is the names. Everyone's on scooters. And no one gives a real like into it is thunder dome there's no rules of the road it is just. Whatever you wherever you feature. It is best. You just go and do the two men enter one man leave yes it is absolutely horrifying some I'm trying to see where exactly he was gonna and knows overseas. It is said that he was he was in the scooter crash. And that he was treated for minor injuries and that was that was hit. He was going sixty miles an hour and hit a car head on and flipped over the car. He went fifteen to twenty feet in the air and went over the top of the car and live it. And all we had was a bruised armor bruised leg and a bruised pelvis he nothing's broken usually I'm. Man you know why he's Batman holy hell he's literally down man wait till you see this footage he's he's Krzyzewski or sixty miles an hour. And then there's like a Mercedes sprinter being kind of thing. That goes to pass the car. Because again there's no rules to two lane road for an end of the lady turns right implement cuts him off and Clooney's smashes right into led. And Peter begins right over the top of it would you feel better sought his video. And I told you it was sixty miles an area like he's dead he's Bethlehem you. George Clooney can't be killed would you feel. Better worse being in an accident like that and knowing it was finding out it was George Clooney. Like you feel bad you heard anybody yeah Julio. But if you walk over there and you're like oh my gosh that just happens in the United States George Clooney when you have a moment of hey it's George Clooney. Yeah but I don't remember who was it wasn't a star like George Clooney it was a middle of the road start and might have been one of the art and it's. I take your pick. It was them it was a minor celebrity like it will miners on the right it was a mid level. It wasn't George Clooney C lists you as seated B I am struck me nuts I can't remember who it is for a reason I may be thinking David Arquette. But it. He was it a pretty bad car wreck any Rosie was bloody nose was smashed in nose who's pretty direct and he was sitting on the side of the road. And was kind of laid down obviously trying to kind of gather himself afterwards. And people were coming over into hockey do them like asking if Ron garrison taking pitchers and at one point he looks up and goes. For six. I was just that a car racket just lovely meal and I thought about that I'm like I'm sure for George George Clooney in the video is is right around in pain. And what are the ladies like this thing is George Clooney. Like you just bring you over. I'm sorry loose in the mood for you herself she was and I'm not gonna lie there would be strong part of you would want to take a picture with George. Chip and George junior okay. Like maybe before the ambulance takes you away from. Give it up he was in Italy got voted for the Christmas card the navy rock maybe to recommend that Mercedes oh my gosh would there be in this and OK time out now would there be anything better. Then if it was dropped it hit George Clooney yeah if rob was shirtless wearing a Fedora and driving and Wally here George Clooney. But the teams in the in the video it is minority thank he's lucky. To be alive when he when he hits the scooter I wouldn't Clooney plan this. Biggest thing he did you like dad this chance you go into the car. Has hit and then literally flips. Over the top of the court this scene. Most missing the impact of like actually getting smacked this takes the brunt of it in England including goes over the time and almost in not to face it if oh OK if Clooney is hit. And hurt by a shirtless Fedora wearing scooter driving Isaac Brock who's the story that the I think the Italian media picks up one shirtless beef cake guys across. And he does a girl becomes. Listen to George Clooney Robson cuffs. Why drug nobody I've said before I think drop kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal so maybe the Italian paparazzi but maybe this story become shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal. Runs of Bruges was and so for George Clooney and I that I got distracted there as I wanna get to this. And have you seen the Gordon Hayward that you know I have not so lives just son asked in the pool so it's on I think they poses on their means to him the corrected is on his wife since then yes of Gordon Hayward is is Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward yes there. It's a star after Cleveland six minutes but yeah Paul yeah. So I jazz stuff. How about they goes to busted knee braces. So you know all the rage now is the gender revealed. There are lots of big deal on the big deal. You see these as did the sonogram and you're thinking here's the wean him in the boy got so that's how we did yes hey you wanna know you accidentally. So what happens now is that the mom. Finds out and then the wife does a big thing to tell the dad I'd seen golf balls. We're in the city still. Whatever year you're doing either with speaker blues feeling golf ball you fill it up with a blue powder guy Connor the dam hits the golf ball. It explodes stats on how many kids it's a boy I seeds softball ones can yacht is my dad you know. They hate words decided apparently to do is due partly this is kind of lead you just signed a hundred million dollar deal. Little more thought and this wouldn't. They just took like a brown box like a cardboard box. And then they open it up and it's full of news fly up and speaker blue. And we're Hayward by the ways that's what pitchers who millions of bucks you play in the NBA how about you shoot free throw in the ball explodes secondly on the backboard and something cool now he went the box that's lame listen to some balloon. Remember this is kid number three for them yet still not sure what they've done with the first two that's true. Well this is kind of it I feel like this is a recent yes I kind of things are made a couple years yeah maybe they didn't do we really didn't have a gender revealed for. You know what I'm just I'm instantly excited now from my exchange do we deal. I just were not doing it gender of his yes or no the whole phenomenon I'm calling your life. Alas it's lonely since fold like catcher's gear that his wife at the relative student that it hits the Mitt and explodes it is better some sort of Taekwondo moves. Or how about video it's got to be video game related like you give to the boss level of some stupid video game and it's either little boy your little girl if I think we're on the subject here might. So don't don't. All this has nothing to do to me I guarantee you my wife who want nothing to do this will make it happen not good for the show to have further reducing the listeners might so Gordon Hayward and his lovely wife for there and she's obviously very pregnant and he's got two little cute daughters from an inner. I have two daughters. It's fantastic that there's that this whole notion that you don't want like guys who musical wounds on there's something great about had been. Girls I love my two daughters her sweetest thing in the world. But I also have a side so maybe that clouds a little bit and I've got one at each support Hayward has two daughters. Already in May look. Would you say Mike in the video maybe between their whole married very young yet and may be in that 46 range maybe even younger Matt yeah little little kids. And we don't have any we are seeing can't watch the video but you can just hear them. What happens here as Gordon Hayward who already has two daughters. Opens up the cardboard box. And the pink balloons come out okay 88. We. We'll. No I. I don't. Know what you were aids. What. That. Daddy's. It. I'd probably dead he's always happy. Hey hey hey hey hey it's the bureau. Did trigger. The worst fake excitement in the history. And children. And Gordon. And by the way in that moment you know as soon as they got done so many juniors they look around and afford. But he's nonstop and at three I'm excited about the fourth Riviera when it turns out to be a girl. And now it if you watched the video you can actually see the moment when gale Gordon hear words like heart. Breaks there we didn't. Absolutely shatters. And by the way that should BA drop when he does the hooray. New. You. If valid might have a lot of talking over it but dad he's always happy news he would drop he's always happy. My whole time. Is daddy she did say daddy's at least she asked me days is daddy had me. And I'm not a good look for Gordon then zoo is at its peak it. In that moments I'm sorry. You have to be better you have to you have to face and I feel like. If that's gonna live forever his daughters. Are gonna grow up and never let him forget that moment and I kind of feel like that's on mrs. Hayward. Because if you even remotely think. That that's the reaction you're gonna get you kids don't go gender read reveal and don't film it only if you wanna do that your backyard OK but don't film it. Daddy happy communities who wins and a. OK. If. Can be a gutsy flimsy the record if the kids and is for a got to work it is no big factory her. And wants BI he wants nothing to do with the blue zone he's literally batting them up in the air so they get away from yes and look it is phase it's just he just kicked one yeah. I think at that moment he was more disappointed than when he broke his look. And that Boston Celtics opener a our pit equipment that we can get back at that look you're done. We'll no. The EA. You Jordan here enthusiasm our reach about one final segment. Hot sushi topic but did here in the fan. In this game. Who else that is always happy. I'm so happy with the new review ridiculous. Thank you should thank him anything here. That is always happy with the Danny's do openly daddy goodness and yes I do miss DB house because. I can't soon do you sense. New additions include the dean since its apps I'd listen what is what is that he's trying to be cool. Do you is weird that he yeah here's what they became the last he's he wears them for words yeah Samuel Jackson he's not schools and and they're old color coded to match his outfits immunity he was wearing a bright yellow. He's got a bunch not a big fan decent. Not penalize women I get to the CC being sent them to let time saved from. If I get too lost the news and they get to that but I didn't wanna talk about these since her second because he has decided. Dead then hat dude that wouldn't be tangled for a patent. Is gonna be here as well. It is just look and he will he will Wear that in any situation he outs on on almost every night almost every night. There's part of me. Their respects him for worthless and father knows gazette if you looks like an eighty bucks. I speak that one of the greatest things you can do as a human being. Is to randomly decide then you were going to go with one look. No matter what the circumstances. Quote me on this. Hulk Hogan in like nineteen age you decided that he was never going to Wear sleeves again. Hope in worry tuxedo John. And cut the sleeves on the Arab and you decided I don't care what situation it is I will be sleeve list at all times. Jack decided that he was going to Wear sunglasses. No matter what the circumstances all in all win you're going all in itself. And you can say that that's Hogan that's jacket indicated it doesn't look weird but at one point it wasn't a whole Kobe and it wasn't Jack Nicholson. You are just some room cutting the sleeves off your shirt and you are some minor actor that was wearing sunglasses. No matter what the situation. And when you commit like Fanny pack guy like Joseph I'd love Joseph Rogan. It wears a Fanny pack. And so yeah Joseph Rogan was like I'm wearing a Fanny pack wherever I go it's bold move. Thought our guys a little of rock just decides to beat Theodore guy. He's going to be an idiot but at the same time he kind of got to respect the fact that he's given many do wearing a Fedora. No matter what I was hoping that that was what he's doing with the mascot and Kendry back briefly yeah it was just a one night of Canada's loses. And I was I was told when he's gonna go all in it's like lynch with cargo shorts he just decided no matter what the situation. He will Wear cargo shorts and it's funerals weddings. The work don't let him give yard kind of by the turn assured. You're better than Dave Sims I mean I didn't get rid of them eventually and so I think I think the word to took many years with a word that best is when it occurred during an. Don't look a little suspect it's a you've got to Gordon do you look at it that Gordon Hayward looked decade. Well as we go to that's the look guy married to him I realized instances on the call but if it's ridiculous you know you do miss the greedy unions you wanna build some momentum. What I do wanna build momentum poor is Mike has brought it up repeatedly today. Is that a mere fans out there and if you're listening. Gonna vote for cigarettes the last night in and we need right Easley idea right now yes it ends tonight. The final the final five content contestants for the last what the American League he should be on there anyway he deserves it this is a mirror homers and but in any and three thirds innings injuring thirty. He's in the top five in hit its top two six or seven and RBIs he's he's legitimately deserves to be there. I'm so it ends tonight I think at midnight so go on both need to vote as many times you want the Mariners if you do it through Mariner's sighted given out a bunch prizes. And stuff maybe you win some but go on. And vote for secure I may or may not have stayed up late into the night. Voting on my pick for gene secure it's possible. But you should so momentum tonight is the great gene cigarette go on and go to a few times forum if only for me now go do it for me. This guy said he was mirrored shirt kid from the first is seven period to his sophomore year in college really mariners shirt like every day like that guy hurts you and it's a it's a commitment to that they disguised as I should you show up learn to pay. And just refused soon. Dude don't you begin their when you're going ball and then you show up with a full head of hair that's the same sort of thing. Did you ever want to know your home and then you show up with a full head area like what I'm just gonna Wear this you can do this right now it is such a bold. Maneuver. To beat that guy didn't seem to come up with a one. Signature look and stick with this sixth through that hell or high water do you amazing what would be if you can. Go only in on one look. What would you do you have a we can. Like for like I would go to. I'm me I like wearing flip flops yeah I don't like wearing shoes and socks if I didn't have to go to work or church I wouldn't Wear shoes socks. Chris Carter go to the beach that any impact shoes and socks. And so what I'm wearing flip flops are now you know. So I don't know that that is the same thing blew it if I had to pick one thing I can see going only in on not wearing socks just weren't flip flops. I worm in the winner and where and when it's cold and rainy. I didn't I where if I keep by the door work. Now I gotta go out of the house for any reason chances are improved foot plunge sent the team the next stage John and that's going for the clubs to church. Just a great kid in. Well I would you Wear flip flops around but it's like the Hulk Hogan did I know god only knows leave list until you have to go to a formal affair and Hogan was like no. No this slogan hope maybe the best of this because not only does he goes needless. Because bandanna but he goes classy man benefits of formal affair he still wears an. Goes black tie sleeves loose pucks bandanna. Really AD the next maybe I'll Wear flip flops to. Mike's formal gender revealed that when the lovely mrs. lynch is with child and DB that may handle and I won't judge you forever about it felt fine. Unlike the other C gimmick and nobody likes him I'm trying to kill people that nobody likes him and I don't either which is why I may or may not be here tomorrow. Even judge I think it's fantastic and I love it breaks your wiggles every time we. Uncertainty. Only two things that I can kind of read news. That tried the loss. Once but apparently like designer sunglasses because they saw. We're we're doing things. And if they're kind of like Elvis glasses and I thought they were really bad ass thinking warm and I was like cause I looked up found what they were I think he would pitch. As I call those are some haze looks great and I bottom. Don't want anything. And we're done any of the MS my wife I said honey it's you shook her head I was like all right. Good effort and go back and handed them back. That was the only thing I remember being like hey I can pull this now. You know in the UK and didn't have the confidence do it right date to. Some success. There's been worse shows. Come on leave at that I played just added a bit. There's been worse and I'm not unhappy as Damien Miller the sale hey tune and tune in tomorrow if I'm here tomorrow. It breaks my record for consecutive shows done in around you people are. Calorie cal Ripken the fan of Philly and fan radio there's been worse shows and in bars him we can do that. I've done them. Right shin so. Okay. No. That is always happens Danny is now do my daddy does. Okay what she'll point you really and figuratively and literally are.