Primetime 6.21.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, June 21st
Hot wallet talk to open the show, and lots of talk about the NBA Draft!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. There restock shelves of professional basketball doing that matters is they're all these. Eventually want to play with the guys who are on their level to see you do you NBA movers and shakers have been mine this is a draft recondition okay. Cry and John Edwards rising consumer crunch you nicer way buildings center for summer after a project and remodeled store or online at SH URW a YN dot com primetime on generating program. A long way things are as laid there on my. Boy you better endurance wallet back doing. Yeah you job as well here in he was really fabulous the holy hell from the that is drivers as there was a wall laying on the ground I I figured it was one of the guys so I opened it up and sure enough. First off three don't purchase is what der its packet on love each act you know path to crack at three lead dollars a seat got up there is and then one of the best drivers license vote as the you'll ever. Ever see you first off the he had to be a stoned to be jeepers and that photo. Long hair and then would you say about thirty extra pounds and what he's factor right now at least half a little zoo is good stuff he's looking good Allen should be mine. Now I wanna see years Tia. Driver's license photos you ever look at. But mine probably doesn't look any Dave Briggs mine was is fear the recently moved around me that. Actually somewhat satisfied with that terrible accident that just looks like Jules I don't think Geddes. Yeah they're they're not sad not. Now they're just normal and we look about the same weight I had a little more hair may be an ad for a couple of nice said goat on on their offense fits this animal and now you used to have one I remember seeing year old Jerry and I Goldman was with my a soap she got the soul patch and that was pretty good and then again that was Turkey wrap. I was a little chunk here than layout and I am now but barracks was grave back when I walked back. And as like here you go Enders like oh boy has again you it's it's good photos and a leg but also in and there are no idea that's I just opened it up in to C news it was and I saw the I saw the photo and there's like no it's dirt and then when you open up the wallet it was read to her and I just I happen to see there is like a bucket I was like a three doll it's a as got a smile well. Hopefully we caught him at a bad time yeah I'm I'm pro cash yet but there are times where you get you get. Caught. With so low levels of cash returns this can't replenish quite yet but so funny because I almost I have to national law right now but I almost never have cash in my wallet really it and most all have like Firefox because. The 99% of places take cards so no they do but I've always been big guns and cash for. CR yeah like you always need. I was also on the receiver he will admit it's like guys like. Hello just they're different people that you have to tip that arc that you can't tipping Carly cash is king it is catch you up to each. Neighbors right and other eight over the over the weekend it has and we were gonna pick up the the dinner. For the two guys that they came with a as the maid did the bid for Special Olympics organ why I had to leave a little before you did my family came and picked me up. And instead of having to do this whole hail payback or do we give them two cards. It's nice to be able to peel off you know a couple of twenties and be like here you go you'd you pick it up I'm with you on that and outlook to this rob. Has made many impacts on my life mostly negative over the years thinking but. One thing that rob did convert you. Ten years ago dropped converted meet eight cash and B be the tiny wallet. Yet but I'm a money clip guy he will same gal wall again node of the money clip thing give money clip now now I went with the I've got the little tiny. No I see where it's got like a money clip I don't know what you bucolic a billfold ready a bit of a hybrid have been in the high everything but I. They have the money clip but and I did that for a little bit but I've kind of gone to the to this colonel Littleton by the way. Which once again it's a place that. You'd turn me on to great I used to carry it durden had the Costanza wallet yeah that thing was thick you know it's will be instinct somebody take note this is we want doubt it is June 21 of 2018 ya. If dirt is still at the station and we're still at the station in. And a policy. It's 28. Englishman he's he's quite Lynch's aged let's get him to forty some may be short of forty and a ten years. I've Betty doesn't have that fit for. I don't know man committees of mideast which is Mike that's still rocks my dad sixty whatever and he rocks and you can't you don't know I'm just saying you Kim and me I. A normal wall and I think. It was normal size it is yeah not a small mom Monica the years ago drop was I think may confront me and I was like really like. Make fun and you relied due to carries that I was like oh you do this is this what you written from a yes. I'm not I don't know I don't want to make fun of those at its. It's who cares what you weights whatever you like I don't care rob. Questioned the validity of having to carry that. And the more I thought about it let's look at kinda makes a circus. And I was like all arts and I tried the money clip for a little bit like the money clip and then I was like his skinny numbers. And this is a good decade ago and I have not gone back and that is a direct. Correlation to you. Pointing out that I do not need to carry around that crap out of a loaded money clip of ever seen on milk and a lot of stuff in there. There's really not as a driver's license. Two cards and cash app July looks loaded the key is let's his massive quantities cash. Not Los this morning on the course I'm. I'd give up a bunch like nine dollars I was hoping to come in with. With a flick of bag full cash button and played very well so last time my inaudible on the key the key to a good money Clinton is. You had that it has to be tight like it has to hold yeah I can't fall I think you're shaking their aunt and an Iran now on it's not cannot come and that's geeky yes because if you get one or stuff slip it out there that's noble and now but rather have a law. Well I I kind of like this little the little hybrid thing that I got going on where it's got a money clip on the back a bit but it's got a spot to hold. Like what may be 34 carts sending I had driver's license debit card credit card and insurance card and then. The a clip on the back to hold whatever money I am also quite anal about my cash carry and that I liked big bills at that got any. I don't like him twenties. I mean twenties are cool but only a few of them then you know like if I have let's say I have a couple hundred bucks. I want that to be in undies on that to be in big bills but at the same time. I want very anal about this I want. I want all denominations. Of smaller bills you'll know something I did ones I 858010s. Any idea at all. Understand you ninety's you never know in the circumstances arise that you. You wanna give up fives but you've only got a twenty minutes awkward yes Nestor I nicest yet to be alive fired for all situation understand with cash again this is may be the only positive impact he had on me that if I can't run out of cash I would go by the ATM. And I do you pick up some bills because now like carry money on me I see here on the tweets. That hold all is listening. And he says that's let Ben malice for. What's been the demos money sharing app you can now pay people on them on its super easy yet then those great but I don't know what he's referring to. Tipsy can't tip of than ma. I don't know maybe that's he's out about like when I I gave you money to. To pay the bill because I delete earlier yes no maybe that's based on disease them all of them than ours did it definitely is I do not then though pretty much everybody's on there. Except me blob like a thousand years old super simple but anyway. Little hot money tot ego free guys pop up on draft day because they founder for a while. He actor it's voluntary it's three dollars could well and here's the thing we dirt because of the giant wal I'm assuming that he doesn't wanna keep that in his pocket and I don't blame him. I I'd that's about that sort of afford a five inch sort of like pack mule the year stick it in the back pocket. And I would think that that's why I've probably got left on the ground ZE didn't have a in his pocket. I just don't really understand all the stuff that people keep in there you know like there's a lot of stuff in there now what his thoughts and a I had this I had this conversation with my dad this would I was gonna say receipts and trapped earlier is my dad came over a couple weeks back is Mike when my kids' birthdays. And and he saw the kind of the money clip that the small thing I had and I sort of talk to him as my dad is notorious giant wal guy. I mean by. And I started asking like why the hell do you need all that any started going through trying to tell me and I was debunking it left and right and he was that well yeah. Guess you don't need that we get a best buy card to make you need to carry your best buy card ranks he's got why don't you in the system like they have you in the system. And resident if you want to have you ever just suddenly had to go to bed despite most of the time you're like I'm going to best by going to your desk get out the card. Make he'd just he'd he had all of these these things that in my you don't need any of those and I thought I'd made an impact on. About eight thing that I debunked but he's set in his ways he's never change now nine he was born in general Ali carrier is gonna die giant Wallach Wally carrier. To each their own. But most of its on like an app now like Starbucks is to have a card now it's an apnea. You know that kind of thing so it's it's you know you go everyone's in the system Adelaide on that the money stalk him I saw where. A couple of the banks now are toying with pay by voice. Really you read that now. Yet the US bank is one of them where you're just gonna be able to say. Pay CU twenty dollars or whatever. And it will do it we have people in Vietnam here for not knowing who had been though is they're saying this is kind of like the Tesla thing is it that bad. Is that it's not on the same it is not that OK here's the thing with that I should know what it is but it's not on the test well here's the thing with takes a whole paid a voice goes I don't know what that is can I just repeat that are quicker because we talked about that on the golf course and getting it made that I looked identical rob Muir and Politico he told us to let a guy let me just repeat it. I was also the people what that means. No I didn't know I yesterday and I'm totally serious about this. I did not know that Tesla. Was all electric cars now. And also didn't know that Tesla was a real person not a test of his. Big numbers if it was like a little rock band. And I'm serious so I don't I don't know why and missed that bit us one of the guys that played golf does this morning and from the mine site he's big car guy him. And he got his jaw hit the foot isn't it how do you not I mean really let's read. I didn't know like I did some people were giving me crap here on the text program about not knowing that went to Vento as I was like is it really that bad that sounds like maybe not but to do a larger point like whether it's then nothing you say that you can pay with your voice what's the new one on the need to dive and you can look. Right you look at your phone and you pay. To send those wrought. 'cause those are cool technologies right. Is really that hard to pay like I. No but. I feel like we're kind of being an all man this is where Ambien and only a little it is I mean it's just easy I understand that but I guess this is my question is it really hard for needed to take a card in. It out and do that no answers no but that's not the point the point is to make every day tasks that much easier how much easier can it be like way easier to. Ways hey we'll suit. Way as as much as it's not difficult at all to take your card out it's a lot easier to not do anything and just look and all of a sudden it's paid. Like you're in a shooting last things. What about if they just knew it knew how much he wanted to ask for her just look at it says Derek with a fifty dollar stare and and it's a talented youngster has continued out the backside is the times I just in this is my old curmudgeon and I'm not against these technologies and Betsy I'm sure I'll end up doing it I'll be late to the party good. Sometimes I feel like we have innovation and just for the sake of innovation because it's not really giving you any. Timer blood doesn't again that's the point the point is keep evolving market keep going there was do this better let's do that better let's do this better let's do that better before you know it. Will be. Did it to get. Waiting for the then mount or whatever to be the next FaceBook and then we gonna find out that like they're clearly did have a breach they're they're tracking you because of bidder someone's gonna get pissed off that out I guess I'll just keep pain with twenty bucks I think Ben Mo had AM. Well like now you start to sound like look like my mom who refuses to do anything online or can she thinks that well but it'll all be storming comeback divider gov for the government is spine to think everything's online out hate to guess I'm. Guess technology or just sometimes feel like people like all you have to do this am and I respond why no one really has an answer. Other then. It's. A swell slight improvement or slightly more convenient I think the way you need to think about that to wrap up this discussion Jason out. Is think about that not in incremental terms like OK that's marginally better to pay this labor's does that play so think about. Fifty steps. Down the road where you're where like the world as a way F and cooler Vieques they took this incremental step in 2018. In all of a sudden everything is likes but he looked back angle how did we ever how to weigh ever. I'll find directions without guru how do we ever you know I mean valuable he goes slow that makes more sense to me don't question it slow. Just look long term say that technology is gonna get us to some really cool spots down the road and. That I'm unable thank you if you got a lot data that's my best that's all I got to. You can I think there's a we'll be back tomorrow okay NBA draft we start there are next on the Dan. This is a draft which edition of primetime advising consumed route to a nicer way building center on generating program. Well it's not just draft week so draft day yes he's. He has very scary even though the first six picks the bar have been announced they have well you know you can see through Georgia. Load Joseph or willow jig as is one GO. We're just slap in the florin Duca admittedly some mean ass small white guy Deke what's coach K report and the fact that. You know they said they booed the NBA asked ESPN and it's to be part is to not tip the draft picks them. Without you know kind of eliminates well you always has the the picks will hosted a tweet out earlier this morning. The deed the dirty basically get out I'll paraphrase and looking up right now to find the actual one but he said that this is the way the draft is shaking out right now audience for six PX. So basically he he's not saying that those are the picks but he's saying that those of the Phoenix. So you think they already know that this early I think they RD you know let me. There can't be trade I think he's saying and then but as is what it's looking like he had never know yeah I you have a real well it's twitters knowing all of frenzy of police just saying this is what they look like an iron and turn out exactly about I think that they're gonna turn out exactly plate so he's going against. Now he works for ESPN yet he didn't know against. 'cause he says it is. They're shaking well guess he's on announcing the pick yeah I know but that's his way out of the kindness and yes don't don't hold me down bitch yes this I I believe this is a direct. And around to run over the MBA in ESPN I can't announce the picks before they're happening and good idea what the picks are going to be so those notes do you creep those here it is OK so here's that he says you're any doubt it is lighter. They are inside that told you about it not outages in every I was gonna say what they are yet it's the guys can. The draft to starting right now when Eddie first pick. In the 2018. NBA draft the Phoenix Suns select. Dion Andre. Tighten the 888. He's years on that depth and by the way that one's been known for like a long illness that media that he stain and there's no we do. Every case we just weren't sure of two vs three of of what order it was going to be. The kings are gonna take Marvin Bagley junior guess. They kind of got lucky didn't make. The kings have I think the kings when the they were sleeping draft to bailout in the back. Because they were not I'm looking at there yet they are they want 27 games there was 1234. Or five teams. Worse than them yet. Quality and some people there saying this does that badly in dar and sheets are going to be the ones that are going to be compared because. It had a lot of people think dungy each of the did the guy that played over Spain is the best player in this draft and was gonna be one or two and and now with with if you listen to what would Bagley going the number number two. Don she too will go three and that will be fun to watch those two and see how those careers develop because that was a can't. The good they'll be tied together so they king excuse me to kings have. Here in fox and Marvin Bagley Willie Collie Stein but he fuel buddy healed. There isn't anyone. I don't know if I'm missing it if you miss anyone of significance Randolph was there yet he's still there I think is he. Got another year to dead I thought maybe he was done but not images there. So a case of that's not a bad little old Giles they have Gary Giles OK remember him ended if you Kidd and Vince Carter. He ended the it was a flat out in his Carter still there if these 2000 years old. Among Shumpert. Again OK so that's not a yes at the end. That millionaire to dump probably continues quote find your thought he had an uneven rookie year but if he turns out to be a nice point guard for you and you know you you end up with a badly you know pop in assuring he may have some in Sacramento. Then you have this is loads here he says three will be the hawks and it's Luka Don T Chia. And that guy. I mean I don't know much about it but I don't know either but it you compare him to. Could we say yesterday. What did Ginobili is Turkoglu and Turkoglu because he's he's not American so we can't compare do and America coach Jim Truman that's right to cut which. Bacon coaches are held player who does not get that the credit that he just had so much hype coming over. His title on side Pippen and Jordan it's now now would you rather be more like Kukoc or Turkoglu. Coming which not only N Korea Haiti was pretty damn good it was. Now that people feel that full page they have a bunch of these that did when Turkoglu and Peja played on this at the same team. That's kings team minus may be a Donahue raft maybe wins an NBA title. The good with the with the Webber and and those guys to this kid plays in Slovenia. The big plays in Spain and he's clearly on the drums he's Slovenia. Any place for Realogy and he 68 to 25 and they say is probably the most mature prospect that Europe has seen in years as he's he's getting the label is I've I've read best European prospects since jerk. Not what not to forcing kids yep closing descended and Sergio. But they people are so high on this Thursday basket like Q off the charts can do everything the knock on him that I've read it. Is this the top and athletic schism is not there. He's not that fasting can't jump. That he jobless rate is not a great after house and it wasn't a great defender he's amazing offensively but you know again with the biathlon necessity can achieve. Perfect well you ski. They say that did the basketball IQ is off the charts in case you don't have to necessarily being elite athlete. In order to be a good NBA player Larry Bird wasn't necessarily any elite athlete from last time I checked burden will be pretty good hitters dirt and remember. They're both whites and that's a fair comparison right fit and as his dirt and yes now only hijack this pretty special man yeah. So Don Q well you need to be scared dodge each is not seventy he can't shoot all actor. And then we go according to load the fourth pick goes to. He is having on who picks fourth. Memphis yes Memphis and then they go Jerry Jackson. Kid from Michigan State down. Can and then fifth is mavericks know bomb bomb them the as. Seth Greenberg called on the hybrid between Anthony Davis. And Joseph well in the media physical freak and really were the Hoover tower so the mavericks then would have. The Dennis meant slang in that woods this is lying and Angela continued to have also there he Harrison Barnes. And them Obama yet and it mr. Stiller and Wes Matthews is still there. And they think CI red today to the mavericks think they can sign Dion journey jordin or perhaps even DeMarcus Cousins. He had that they did cousins is a free agent and I've been dead definitely some interest there. And then Orlando is six and that's where loads stops. And he's got then take entry on the end he's the Oklahoma kid did. The big gets the wonderful comparisons to sticker. And so Orlando would then have. What they have Forney a airing gored in the who did she edge here at Kucinich. And anybody else would face on yeah Orlando's. Native Aaron Afflalo Intertrust. Oh they have John tonight they just to Jonathan Isaak and Treo he wasn't Reagan as a rookie. Treo and as the go so that says that he would be politically continents occurring issues. How tall Australia. 66. Remaining hole easier simply easier to do this says 66 to 180 day he is thinly built. Well they had who was it during spray cat having been scholar run today. I got to write a pretty good when he rescinded that the group was the trio to put on fifteen pounds. Since the end of the season he got to go with I just saw how many euros I don't know where is tied that fifteen pounds guy turns sideways and he disappears there. That so. Maybe maybe not fifteen pounds you like six. I log that's according to Loge I don't know the believe him and I. 6% export. You're going to get a you don't cut between the picks I didn't I think it's interesting that he doesn't have Memphis on there for his Memphis is looking to trade out of that spot. Yeah could be who could that be jumping in there like yeah Memphis has said that take his openness and posted if they wanna take Chandler Parsons fifty million dollars it at the they Chemda persons and give us on the baggage you know than before overall feel OK well what the blazers do let's talk about what we're hearing about that coming up next here's Mike. This is a draft which edition of primetime advising consumed. You guys are way buildings center on Jay Nady both drama. It's really takes it and said that's. Loads had to had to go with the top six is yet to witness it to witness you know one out because. That she AM guy yeah we did the top two picks earlier yeah so loads had to be able well but everything he's they were that let's measure Niger Terri did this water is cold and Moses like cats are so deep so they used to work together yeah I'd say he's kind of like his disciple and now that he's left. Does little bit of that that that sibling rivalry going on right now and but ever had the top two picks I swear like three guys. Tweet it out almost the exact same time I feel like both teams just called everyone is like ages you know Bagley junior Dayton going 12. Skies an incentive for Yahoo! possessed or eight woods used to be right now that he's the only worst the worked together she hams. Sure reach Iran yeah Jordanian capture. Taylor but he's got a ways to go to catch up to religion the follower department of tea that would just like couple mil 2.3 five mill says right here down. Who's this Twitter follow. Now I don't think he won and that would. Well I saw list on time of the top man it's all very demoralizing is like. It's it's like any accuracy and stuff is the press liberal I think card as Sheehan has more she really. You know since soils awesome movie though I haven't that's like the one movie I haven't seen and it's our DVR I just need to get around watching it. Got close to own movies and have to get through Jeanne Claude van dam in Lebanon I EST it's a goal kick lately so. It's going to be tough number one. Okay this was less a dated June 19 2018 bats. Like two days ago yeah. Number one in the world hate. Perry those even parts of the world except she's a 110 million dollars. If she knew. All topic for a hundred million. People following Katy Perry she's universal is she now and again Jose candidates like dole don't forget the American I don't think you. But. She that big a deal like Newt Katy Perry was big but I think she is where I'd. I would do it and say yes on that to present a little bit not too not a tool just didn't beat her. Right 107 million. Barack Obama a 103. Rihanna 89 Taylor Swift 86 Lady Gaga 79 Ellen 78. I here's our first athlete Christiane ran on a 74. Good lord YouTube has sent me to. I'd Justin Timberlake 66 there's your top ten and there's Kardashian sixty saws off opponents not too bad of list I followed and two in the top ten that it. I knew that many followers you it I said when you have that many followers did you really like now really tweet that I that you have to be. In our own. At eight Galilee doubt anyone runs their own Twitter at that point right Bryant it's all adds Alford. I think follow Obama accessed and I followed trop I followed that the president and I followed god I don't think I follow any of the other ones gaga yeah like gaga I am 100% pro. Lady Gaga I like what she's got going out leads to reporter follow. Yeah apparently there's it's written about the so interest and ranked I don't really know I also with Mike and I but I follower they're a lot of people that I really like you did I just. I will follow them on Twitter because they're just not that inching on their but it still like them. The key because just because he likes him and doesn't mean you should follow Munter because. You know glad that the tweets it's. Well it's an interesting space. I can't say that I've ever everybody's different with the off the top my head the next really seen him in in the Lady Gaga tweets I think I just I like Lady Gaga tried came across and every tweeters on a Psycho Lady Gaga I followed Meyers Leonard. He's one of the few athletes that follow Mars I followed him for awhile and he followed. I talked about his shorts abilities I talked about a shorts one time to I don't know if he remembers me I've done a couple other charity things within like we bowled together and think we played golf once. But I come at them once he was wearing short shorts. As we've got a lot of side she wears really short she does my sweaters like a fashion do you viewers. As the short shorts and I Cheney be commented back and he and he followed me but he. That's a guy like if I'm Meyers Leonard. I don't know Obama on Twitter because he just gets. He's in his rose to how we whipped on their all the time yeah I don't hear how they think your skin is. It can't feel good. I'd say one man we got into it today it was someone this city needs a layoff that guy I don't EU all you all if you are a few are who I'm talking and I if your corporate. Just lay off that dude yeah it's just it's become good grief. It's just become like the the thing to do like if you're pissed about something just go be a Meyers Leonard does a nice guy he's held idea yes good guy couldn't be a nice guy agreed in the community he works his ass off he Brian. It's just it has hasn't been I did yeah blame all shake. He didn't did you seize on a draft them exactly if someone offered you ten million dollars a year you would take a deal to move all that I do think that he has become an unfair. We've been boy it in the city fur like for all things that are wrong with the blazers and I promise of all the things that are wrong with his friends has hires. Leonard is not the good of the biggest reason why you're not where you wanna be I just think people need to be a little more above board on there it's this it's this we talked on this yesterday with Twitter it's like. Sometimes it is this is why people don't want interact on there yeah because unique is. Is he just it's like at the same time though. I'm reading this deal with him and Cameron scarlet a just and out of it does today you sister Kathy kidneys now a running backs full back down and in instead effort I think. I think you just gotta be. If I'm Myers liturgy is got to be bigger than you can't you can't dive into the mud at these guys like so Cameron Scarlett. Is this like you said he's was he running back at Stanford running back at Stanford he's he's a local diocese of Catholic kid and he. Somebody treated something where Leonard was talking about put in some work for the summer Meyers Leonard like puts out a lot of work out photos and he'd he'd only said summer grind yes and they think it was a photo of him working out her share of the sort of in the dudes put together and he beat post a lot of that stuff on Twitter you see it and out of nowhere. A scarlet decided to. Did to take a jab that he said he needed grind yourself right over to a new organization yeah which is like. Against this to us it's like the weirdest thing so Meyers Leonard three and about working hard. I guess yours is bored you see that makes you follow women and so then you decide did take a shot Ronnie Price is looking for like retrieved some lights from his follower yeah them all look I just said the Meyers Leonard Padilla and and my dad is you're right he's efficient a little bit for some people like let's get Meyers Leonard. And it it worked so Leonard replies with LO well that means laugh out loud yeah it's my kid to me and really paying via Twitter that's nice pal I make more of an impact on people in the community can you ever will. And more successful than you can dream about being and to be honest I'm surprised I'm replying to someone as worthless as you. But I guess I'll leave it at that he now down and got a little like generally seen here to see Edison think he should. Now some tight. I guess that's for the people who are giving Meyers Leonard crap which I don't think he should deal click the best thing in the world that's what they want yes that's right there that's what they want a name that's why they're there hit their patrol and you know different Indian Cameron Scarlett got exactly keys exactly what he wanted you got to rise at a professional athlete. Got to make fun of them got probably about a follows in re tweets gets talked about on air. And that is able to take some. Labs got a bright back get a clear in his response back was. Scarlett was even it was brutal to he has that's all hypotheticals and some still in college I got some big dreams Dodd. I don't know coming off the bench averaging 3.2 two boards willful fill them but teach their own them but eventually turned into a little bit of about four. This is why Twitter cents a. Now it's it's it's the Twitter Taft I think it just turns into I just I wanna I wanna catch. Mean there is there is no reason Ford then Meyers Leonard sent one back and so the once that happens then you're gonna get the back and forth and welcome to Twitter. But I do like the athlete come back of did okay. Yeah hasn't worked out the way I want you know you look at much money you have in the bank okay look at the cossacks he is. I'd love that level an athlete I I really do like it when athletes come back with Alec did you can red army all you want him. I'm making a lot of money in I'm in the NBA I'm in the top. Point one of my field so yeah it's it's not I'm grind and I'm still work and there but and a few pick I. Don't mind that at all call me when your first run and affects just don't mind that and on deals like with that it reminds me of the time when Manny Ramirez said. What a meter say that the op Ed the World Series like look I'll be OK yeah. And yes we lost I really wanted to win for Cuba a BR I'm gonna be fine. A wake up tomorrow and mandates adds to the effect of my life's gonna be five LeBron LeBron did this once seal out. And he told somebody to go back to their crappy S life so eclectic. So I don't know I just I follow Myers because. At this point I'm Poland forum. I have to and I like him I met him a handful of times and he's a really nice guy and I get there and hasn't worked out and any in when your first Olathe do you just take criticism especially when it's when it when it hasn't worked out but. I do you feel that he has become an unfair punching bag and a lot of that has to decide the blazers signed him do you rate a huge deal. And I don't think that's his fault. All right well anyway enough about it and for Cameron's Scarlett. But the blazers let's talk about what the blazers. May do tonight. Designs the draft it is in the blazers may make drastic. Possibly I've heard everything from it's like 124 to trading at and not having to take it all wore the ever popular. The program I hear they're targeting another like but why hopes. Mean why does it even got to through the wideout that. But it does it for him right now I feel like that's misguided commentary wealth and I don't think there's five white guys and in order to throw wideout. The war is there an Egyptian because they get to Cupertino which is even better for white guys in the Egyptian. All right Al we'll get to that next 345 on the. This is a draft week edition of primetime advise against super aggressive nicer way building center on Jay Nady both Graham and the NBA draft is coming up in the planet like arm will have the critics and the lives of Indianapolis being more importantly I. I he had made a mistake. And I need to correct it I did not think the blazers had enough for a wideout I forgot about. They can throw five white guys. They've gotten her Zach Collins layman. Com attend in Meyers Leonard now. That's an unbalanced line up Leonard at point slumping pigs book not technically a letter doesn't place senator so that's fine because you know he committed three point shooter in the corner elevation and up to at a day care. So I arrived. I'm sorry I didn't interview said the Portland trailblazers at now if you could get a white guard though I'd like to see Dag group bounds got a little if we could. They tried everything we really support us the Egyptian. Rather it's my favorite clip that we've ever put it on the show but that does a real thing that was said at a press conference by Rick Padilla. Says look at here by the blazers. Now the rumor was today that NBA draft and had had this that the blazers were one of two teams including the pacers Kevin Pritchard looking to trade up to get that. Detentions you guys for yelling Allah yeah he he's a Y eighty and he was the the final four in PP. Yeah he's interesting prospect but he's like mid teens of blazers pick 24 so we'll see. Other us looking back at their picks and I think wasn't all Shays first draft the little or draft growth. Was that right that may have been his first when I know we drafted him I'm not sure she was here the one before that a non. I don't think he was on the go with on the go with 123 war. That would have been the Meyers Leonard left to right did did you know that in Leonard come because that was the moment they were the rumor was that Leonard went eleventh. And they were trying to move up to nine or ten to draft Andre Drummond. Couldn't quite get it done he went to Detroit at nine included Leonard went eleven out of the nine draft picks in this is not every one but it's the main ones. For Neil Shea a five or white. And three of the last four or light and it appears they're targeting another like I this year so is it possible. That Damien load and CJ McCollum and even killed so Monaghan are simply smoke screens for races. Brand you as the nice. To know this is sort of courage is gonna get us into the top seventy. And announced to many like guys as move all dealings as well you know here's another guy it's wanna get really white beacon we just don't know how hot a course. It's another guy they can be targeting and that's that Mo Wagner guy that guy from Michigan oh yeah. And I liked him more than I like Zach columns I'll I'll say that just from having watched moblog during college. I like him I don't know what he's gonna be that he's the German kid right the Aggies got a pretty cool story. Shooting time issued the ball a little bit big time prospect from Germany went to Michigan. So and yet there's too many like guys on the board for me I feel like. And a millennial assays up to that because you have a Casey is that Collins who. Then and Swanee last year so he PD BO but before that it was layman. And Connors in many also traded for palm leases and other white eke out. And then output seen what is happening here now that in 2014. Thirteen is CJ McCollum and Jeff with the men they traded with the for Rodham in the Robin Lopez deals as. And then you have little erred in Leonard. And will Barton in the at this is far too much why this is unacceptable I don't like it and I like the trend now. And like trend. I obviously to see if they could they're able to do something I know they wanna move up and Ike again asked the question of what do you have to move up. I don't them. Let's just let him seek let's let them try to work their magic in his what happens week in. We can dissect it later that we did they can draft where the we've never heard of it that we can easily judge. Us. Right it's like and I think you should brace for more of the same from the blazers witches. It. A spin on it you know also has not been a bad guy after another easy if you talk about. Talent evaluation just core talent annihilation the draft he's been pretty that there can't judge exact Collins thing I mean everyone wants to sit there and and and we love did to do that I was a foundational players want to get over his most ability Qichen and not that one does sting a little bit has cues and ended up being one of the best Turkey can only get on the Meyers Leonard thinks well. To be a very generals on the board to new problem though and Mitchell yet last year idea but you know that. Position line is I get that. But at the same time I don't because. And a lot of people thought he was the ease is the best guy right there now just take him. And more about dolls not the roster later but that's on there that wasn't their philosophy unfairness of the Meyers Leonard thing they wanted Andre Drummond instead they just couldn't move up two spots. So. You want it. Right guy in that situation you just could not get a lot of fails a lot of but you know they got to learn McCollum and I think other did that for maybe think god. I don't know it's like. Because you got that. You kind of media you know I mean like getting Miller McCollum means that you win more games. That you kind of bigs getting you know where. You wanted the key made the right decision those are two really nice pieces including an all NBA first team guy I mean that's. That's the right one you give to be fair give Collins another year or two and and see what happens I do think it's fair to hold him to that. That they they did not say is that calls is gonna be a decent player they said that Collins was an impact. Franchise pillar type player in intuitive thing well two years that that's not the case and that Collins is is a marginal starter or giving you you know. Ten and ten and nine and that's not good enough goes uses you were so so this is that. A prime example of why taking his better. And it eat in teams can be well you can argue undertakings that are not but teams are incentivized tank because. Eat here I saw him how lucky draft well. You can. Acquired the the big time creation skis they'll wanna come there because you have a good foundation. And it doesn't matter for small market big market which is which is true yes but. If you draft well. You start winning more games and it's hard and you can't get those picks whereas tanking Mike what Philly has done an even boss and some house. Just continues to find their way to the top of the straps that just deal with the Brooklyn because they'll give you all of their picks and they're awful. But when you do that you get. You just get better picks in it's easier to it's like that. It's our society cash money to the. It's weird that you're you're right in that you've got like a two year window to sock it to hit home runs yes not doubles not triples home runs and I know it didn't work out because the team ended up breaking up at Oklahoma City AK Seattle where was the best example of this NA what it two to three year window. They drafted Kevin Durant James Harden Serge Ibaka. Russell Westbrook. And while doing that they were awful they they were terrible and they were able to grab those guys and then bag group developed and they got really good now to add to break it up they decide they couldn't they can. Pay Harden so he ended up leaving but that group. That's it you're a small market team and you want to know how to do it the best way to your filly is another one and unnecessarily small market but the whole taking being. If Philly had not screwed up what mark counsels with say they'd taken Jason Tatum. With that and then had the ability then go out and add a marquee free agent which Philadelphia does from a public cap situation it can be done issue is very difficult to do. But yeah you're right you have to have a two to three window where you suck you get top five picks and in those top five picks you have to hit difference makers you can't hit decent players. You have to hit all star. Real difference makers very claim. Barnes and the green yep 1234. Drafts. That's it for drafts and then you and then you got I don't know if you wanna see you got lucky but you had dream on green fall do you in the wood second round. Yeah Barnes was there so it was seventh overall that the justices Healy to bear and then drain on green and yeah they all three of those guys. The year before Klay Thompson you before that and early in the year for Zachary Currie so there were four year window they that's what's hard is like he it's very harmony of the blaze. If you trying to spread this out and build this thing over. We're now looking at your seventh it ranked third no draft 612. This is the sixers the setup as the B to seven draft out. They you're trying to build and we need to 24 this is. Really hard it is it is that this is if you are small market team there really isn't a one other way to do it. It's it is it's it's really the only way to get it so have the picks. We. Will. Plan you know top ten national animal probably be on the air in the blazers pick and we'll keep you abreast of all the you know the cool rumors about a like designated her assemble trading all black as Rob Blake as. When and how it works for the eighties Celtics will tell yeah we'll take what you need now succeeding here but let's move on shall we. I am audio of Colin Cowherd show I heard this today I didn't do his record 25 minute interview I heard fifteen minutes of today. Baker mayfield error. Not a huge baker mayfield got those kind of things of putts. I kind of came way likened Meese or baker mayfield so wanna play that you have that Mike. We have that I dear it is three minutes and thirty it's perfect not that long that's get it will play that next will they got into a little bit. I it's 4 o'clock on the fan.