Primetime 6.20.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 20th
What is the most 'out of left field' opinion by a fan host? Is Mike Riley leaving? And Dwight Howard TRADED AGAIN. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time Monday and eighties Israel and the as a player that's your motivation and it got as high as it's time to restock shelves of professional basketball doing that matters is and in all. And eventually want to play with the guys who brought their level what do you do you NBA movers and shakers have in mind this is a draft precondition O'Brien John Edwards Isaak and zoo crap you nicer way buildings center for summer after a project and remodeled last. Story online SH URW a YN dot com primetime on generated program. You do. Bullet hitting I had you're throwing me for a loop. I changed hats or maybe it and you got this sticker on the end of flat bill yep you've never been used commie thugs. Yeah both of 'cause doll but homeboy. Have you ever considered before he settled upon all the times your listen to me he threw me for you call me blood could listen mar let's the OKR. Yeah you get the sticker on any got a flat bill hapless hot off the presses it's a good Joseph Fisher special your values are you right now I have some info for him doubt. OK so first of all since we're on radio and indecency with a hell we're talking about valid point. This is to 1080 the fan golf tournament that yes in dare I say by far from baseball is the best looking at it we've had. 88 point seven shouldn't exclude the this is from based. Well as a minister Kalus have by far the we've had it's good look at lit and it's got on under the bill it's got towel material seeking clean your golf ball to go with that Terry cloth if you would hope because the soft hell yeah chemical. So and in the back Israeli readable and it's it's sort of a tan is that. Dual collared so the back is why eight readable light fabric in an up front it's more Bataan. Can grayish color and then it's got 1080 the fan. The little sticker. For the big city you know like the gold medallion staff I kept on because that's what kids do. Yeah I'm fascinated by her favorite rappers do that don't understand is the sticker on the pass us on any intern about some. And he's he's abrupt. B and usually are. Yes so he in he informed me that this I said is this a bro had. Because the day I've been down to baseball ism and I can't do you the flat billed Breaux the work and I. And they know that about me sedate date I've I've got a couple of other it that's not all they do but a couple of the other baseball isn't hats are really cool. And they're not. Flat billed like this. This is the one like I can literally touch my ears into the hat eggs and it would be kids do to you can lead to sticker on attend their ears and let me go you need to tilt it off Don EA left. This Fernando Rodney and in the you got a mixture of Rodney and Rickie Fowler has. Masters the year of the flat the flat Brett he does and I think he it makes him look like the great is is you can server beer on that thing but. It's a kid blah but you can bet that right just it's like you can I just I don't think they're meant to be. See like. I'm Dan is this is a different sound that so anyway the intern was telling me. That. The big rage now as a hate isn't really in happ is really cool hat baseball as a makes cool stuff bros love flat bill. If he's in Ari he does those are cool. And definitely in but you know it's even more in right now. Dad hats and opt. Have you heard of dead hats what is. We talking about the high cry I don't know my ideal ID's I don't I do know that the dad she user in the the monarch says yes you balances are now in. What sets it saying no yes people are spending big money on the shoes now it's so that air Pegasus the mood there with the new balance what the for a seven what you want to use these look like the Kanye West shoes they look like dad's shoes on board it's a cyclical as net. What's popular so he likes my card is it is only about 510 years away from being super hip wow my will is 1980s. Did intercity about swagger is for years I have commented the thing that makes me most uncomfortable about swagger and by and believe me that list is long and prestigious. Is the not only the length of these shorts but the tightness of these shorts in their hand if he does like oh cool pool with a browser hang that's what everyone's wearing may be little pineapples on Emeril yeah. So. I says you go to the store now and just try to buy a leg regular I don't like just like regular khaki shorts or whatever. Do you give your bigger guy good luck because those things are gonna be paid on and they go about mid guy. So a dad hat is not fitted in by the way for those asking this is a snap back cat yeah. It is a so if if you are to be classified dad had it's not a snap back a flat brim or fitted. It's simply a baseball cap it's like. Slightly curved on the brand you don't like yeah how you and eyewear used to Wear hats and that's because we're dads like that's that's we used to be cool. It fell out of favor in favor of the hat like that I'm wearing now and now is now it's kinda cool to bring back the dad look hook with two kids. Yeah I'm looking it up and I found an article right now and does seat about the dude it's called that's styles yet dad's style apparently debt style is I think I'll come back for those that did still can't picture I think like if you ever watch the masters. The caddies all Wear those green. Does green hats I think they're called like slouch. Hat that's kind of what that's kind of what it is yeah I'm looking here there's a whole. I had no idea I had no idea that the dad Luke was was coming back which is great because as a dad I have a ton of doubt that the you certainly don't you start wearing dad jeans now right now and dead polo as genes are not in our you sort of tucking your T shirt in your genes. There's almost nothing more dad and that some way that people do you do that now says the intern. Oh god really talking lately T shirt under the G users to the genes. Who do. That that dads we're in a number of years ago I did see a book I was down in bed and by the sisters did Devin that area. At one of the stores. They had a little it was like a public one of those little. Like coffee table books and the title was dad the original hit certain and was was it was a picture book. And you open it up and it would show. Like a pitcher of hipster or from you know Portland organ and then on the other page Gregg decided it would be a dad from the 1970s. Where rain. They hipster thing and that was the whole point is your dad was the original history and it blew my mind super fly everything that the the kid this is w.s go and everything the kids were due and was being done by dad's in the seventies. Blows your mind and now maybe we're just yeah. So grab your dad hats you cool again after it's a bugle boy genes may be a braided belt tucking in your T shirts and where your new ballots man. All right. Boy we have a lot of stuff today. But loaded Angeles lol did you know I mean business my whistle. And whistle. And then there again. It gala that they execute you like him I think you drop one of those on it. That the Clint Eastwood as the co worker. Our law in. That and our men and cool. No so hey listen lot of stuff today lot of things and I mean sports out the but for her. Well I guess suspend him and in so yeah let's let's let's go out what to make it a career Dwight Howard. What has become of The Who again. Yeah we didn't get to this in this this was an interest in story more on the NBA draft witches. Sneaking up Thomas but not really we knew it was coming and it's tomorrow. It didn't release me. We have. So much but let's start where. Mike Riley news yeah I sort this last night and I guess it was a surprising bit. I don't know if it's official notably its official but it sure seems like everyone believes it to be the case micro he's leaving or in state again yes there. And he just got back there at the aisles are leaning he's coming back adding this is this idea believes that it this this probably be. Also today we must discuss Mike's angels in the outfield position now. This apparently became a topic on the morning show day. On the fan and they rightfully mocked him and they sent out an email about that. I didn't catch it at the time but they sent out an email saying hey you know he's when she guys who know that. I cam and dusty as as it was actually a listener and that informed cam and dusty that Mike Lynch our beloved producer. His favorite baseball movie is angels in the outfield. Correction is insane but tip. They didn't know that in a listener text texted dad you know what topic they're talking about is somehow they were because during spring we're talking about who has become the whole thing wherever a big lead article about the top ten based on the result okay of which angels in the outfield is not in the time nor should it be he's probably not even in the top 77 no but. My gloves it. And we shall discuss that they because what I wanna do is Elena tapping into the and I wanna know. If we can put together a list of the most hair brained. Takes. That have ever come out of the fan host. On the station on starting with the use same Paulina Gretzky is overrated in history and history and then followed I think Mike's is worse no offense to Mike wolf first of all mine. Doesn't hold a candle to yours not mine is a hot take for sure yeah. But there are a lot of people that agree with mine the fact that you have just gloss over the idea that you think you can. Out wrestle python or get a that needs to be an out no matter what your skipping a house fire. So that to those two hander Mike it's our way worse than mine but I I'm glad I'll gladly be nominated I got a lot of really bad tape see those are all three recent ones I wonder if there ends from years ago that you guys said that he want to remember and that's what I wanna tap ins I wanna see if the listeners can help us with that and see if Mike's idea that angels in the outfield is the best baseball movie. Is really V dumbest thing ever uttered on the planet X I can't think of anything worse by a fan post it's I was racking my brain freeze and beyond ridiculous for some old stuff and we've all said stupid stuff like you know it's you know it's interesting there's been out there to about that group group news. So you issue. And der dusty camp have both ripped apart that but certain spray did miceli rip apart rip it apart today but. Has there been a stupid take that has actually gotten as much support as mine has on the tax like a lot of people love idols in the off my Paulina Gretzky take analysts give it got some syslog is saying if it's the worst take. Shouldn't it be just universally hated by everybody is my key words to. I have a lot of support from people for the worst is not the word because this just an opinion look at subjective like for me Paulina Gretzky is overrated. You can't really argue that because that's what I think it's not a fact it's an opinion yes right facts are right or wrong opinions are just opinions so it's Mike's opinion which. I don't need to bash that. Animal worst is the right word that. It's just act we got to come up with a way to. 22 classified us like. Maybe the most out there. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong it's just not worse just. Out there like well also about a memory you said that hurt Casey that he was East Coast but it's our stamina that but but I got in trouble for that you did Aaron that. I don't you know I said the coverage does the coverage was at East Coast I Kevin Love was would suck it would never be get in the NBA remember that when he had Kevin Love out. But a bit that's not that I mean. I don't I don't think that's. You're not. I like the way you're thinking now. But I don't think that's in the category of well we're talking about here with the angels and on this is another one here remember world Americans did say yes it could take on it though yet he said he can I was counting and that means like what what he did you wrestle hippo like one of the most deadly animal he said he could win now that's in my notes and I think and I know that's resent them but I think that might win it's possible. Did you seriously consider whatever you want answers about my snake thing too but I think when I got to have a better chance of walking away from the python fight that will darken it does over hip oh. They knew what you could do against it besides getting bitten half this is a good way to put it somebody text in and said. Just left field opinions and I'm like way out there opinions like angels in the outfield been a good movie. I can sort it just proves that to stop to stop. It's up leg feel opinions we'll do that later maybe in the club I bowl start with Mike Riley coming up next on the fifth. This is a draft week edition of primetime what advise against duke trust you guys are wave building sensor on Tim may be both fair and I always look at TP CNN. It sounds like although nothing official that Mike Riley is headed out of Oregon State get a gap for them so that lasted all of was six months. Was it that was it even that long. Where have you guys bin. It would you rank your mind kept Mike on the other hand has not been right here he was in Nebraska and outs of the he's going to be in San Antonio. Yes so I apparently from what I understand. When they start this alliance of American football which begins play in February of next year. Deke anybody who's gonna be a head coach has to sign a non disclosure agreement yeah. In it before it's announced so that's probably why the silence but it has been leaked that. Gerald lists Johnson Daryl moose Johnston yeah. Will be the GM of the news San Antonio team of the alliance of American football. And then Mike Riley will be the head coach course that was sent out on social media and their minute wait what are microwave yeah they're different. Like really that we don't know about. I don't know it's pretty common name so that was my first questions exit does that mean Oregon State my grading. But it sounds like it does. And apparently he is gonna be the head coach of the San Antonio team for the alliance of American football yeah it was the last franchise to be announced it's going to be playing well San Antonio is at the wings thinker maybe that was their old franchise. Oh I don't know that they named again. Eli world football league had the old Santonio wings I think there are some some beavers in the maybe that's what they're gonna go back to but. Well he coached he coached there he coached the San Antonio raiders and I thought that was a world football league team that might have been and because the CF felt a little bit too but he's got a vacation home down in the San Antonio area so. Mean he loves Texas river we don't we see him. Judy raised or the season you would come back look at all hand me was always down in Texas. With his grandkids. SL I'm Unita now I Agassi you know the coaches that are going to be coach in that league you're gonna make half a mill so it's a definitely pay raise for an. And I Sprague was the one I think sand. At least on social media that he's got a daughter down in Austin yeah so he could be closer to her and he he spends as he said he spent some time in San Antonio like San Antonio and then he also. He gets to be head coach again. Do right by the way I did look it up but it was the San Antonio writers of the world league of a mirror writer or raiders. I see writers look at depth. I'm poisonous or San Antonio writers of the world league of American football in the ninety's. And yeah I mean his followers giddy right now as he's the leading candidates. Too bad it it it sounds like this is there was a report that says he's in meeting had an up and I'm sure he will be like you said assisted it's gonna be a timing thing. You can't fault the guy right means can go be a head coach again make half million bucks because of the sexist but I think this probably is the the last tied organ state I mean he'll always be affiliated with their program. But I think this this probably does that I don't be QB coming back to coach organ state anytime soon. So there's a press conference tomorrow. That. 10 AM well and it's it this is another one of those things you kind of forget that they're gonna launch before the ex FL. So vick's NFL I think their plan you know what 22 when he knew 20/20 one and this is a go February 9 2019 the week after the Super Bowl it's it's happening. So teams you have to declare is going to be a ten week season they've got the teams. I don't know how this is gonna go. But they argue a lot of of a next NFL guys member Dennis Erickson is is gonna coach in this. Yeah that's gonna ask Childress yeah Mike Singletary got. So on Michael Vick I think is I saw was going to be an offensive coordinator. There are guys involved at the league level Bill Polian Hines Ward Troy Polamalu. Did the head cheese it this is this operation of Charlie ebersol moon and he knew that Dick Ebersol skin and he's the one that helped start the ex FL with Vince McMahon back in the city eight teams or San Diego Phoenix. San Antonio. Orlando. I Salt Lake. Memphis. Atlanta and Birmingham. In this is the 12 we talked about this but this is the league that has no TV timeouts down their sand they'll have 60% fewer commercials. They will not kick extra points everybody has to go for too. And there will be no kick hostile started the 25. So you know what we've seen a lot of these upstart leagues no one has been able to to make one last. For marina Lee giving Canadian Football League but I mean that's obviously a different country. But in the United States evening from the US sells to the old World League to what a different variations of the Arena Football League to be ex FL. So in the what was the other we have not too long ago were member Dennis green was coach in India and Jim fossil yeah how was that and I can never remember the names I don't because they don't last a year or two in the majors that they disappear. So you know tickle me spectacle here did make her skeptical. Spectacle can I tickle use spectacle secede camp and the and we'll skeptical ICS on Michael needed to Columbia to talk to critical but Lou that any had that lead. Did you talk it over it. Now just go listen to that ceiling and doing it if you read a repeat that dollar won't that any of these leagues will lend stick keen. But. Is there really a market for a football year round. And is there a market for a developmental league that in lies the question because we we talked about a big Jon Gruden was lamenting the fact that. With the CBA now there's just not tied to develop players stressing quarterbacks offensive lineman. Because of the restrictions in and and and what not so could lead like this that doesn't play. During the NFL seizing could it be a feeder system could you have a true minor league type system here. Know with the alliance of American folk ought to be that's the only way this works. Whether it's the ex FL or guess that's what the a eight. FL this one's called alliance of American football the only way these work if if you somehow develop a relationship where if it's not a leagues suit your personal life an alliance. You're gonna have to develop some sort of tie. To the NFL and NB economy a feeder system for but then do you people really want to absorb it when. Let's say you EUR fan of the San Antonio what ever both Santonio wings in the Santonio writers and Santonio breeders'. And you get a quarterback it's good for a year to. Knowing that he's gonna be pulled away is the allure of football enough when you're not gonna have any sort of consistency with your team. I think these leagues fall within two to three years. Yeah so we'll see I mean I did read to you about this on that they're getting their hold league I'm sorry their whole alliance. The there'll be outside organizations that will handle the head safety issue open which I think is interest in. Well again just think of all the problems that the NFL has been in these leagues are gonna have a two but you're not dealing with a any money that's giving I don't think people understand the overhead. That it comes to to running a team like this when you're talking about insurance if you're talking about. The eve of the trauma stuff with the as far as you know ahead did the head injuries go and lawsuits and medical care and travel. And all these things it is an enormous. Sort of overhead especially if you don't have a decent TV deal. This is soccer this isn't you know Minor League Baseball this is our guard Cantu in cost year. And it's it's one reason why these leagues just never last they all run out of money in the I'll run out of interest. 553 a five Centex line can Oregon State along in the six months without looking like a disaster. Arnold I don't think this makes him look like a disaster for any eggs my credit was their tight ends coach Lenny and make enough Cameron yeah. From outsmart as the guy who first reported this he said in a tweet he goes this doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving. It's just the spring league it's a good. He could do both now I'd be really hard and an unlikely but he said he doesn't mean he's leaving its he's leaving yet because they're retreating you can't do bull trend is theirs. So the league's Bose surround from February 9 two late April yeah. Even dead kids. Look I I would find that very very difficult to believe that he can pull off both of them. He says it is like an advisor instead of a coach for some tech says if there's one thing Riley knows how to do it's leave Corvallis. We forget rob get a bifurcated. Bro take you from the G amber well you have 234 days one hour thirty minutes and thirty he once seconds. Until the start of the alliance of American football. Peak yet so I will give it five minutes. Five minutes yet. That's all I gave the ex FL and before I figured out the sucks. Do you think it last time do you think you'd any of these ex FL or this now to a second season and I think there's a reason why none of them at the last second season may be that not amenable last long enough they never do. And there's a reason that belong as one I think has been the Arena Football League and had things gone. Out of business like four different times I did a big right now they've got like four teams. But while they're Lewis. You know it was work and this will be on TV that it is saying there's one game weeks it's gonna be on CBS sports network via the inaugural game in the champ should be will be on CBS. So it had a CBS deal if I'm guessing that that's not for a lot. I mean one game per week ago whenever the start. Because we haven't heard any details about the ex FL and as far as how they are gonna be absorbed so it's NS ever solve vs nick Maddon has been sick man's behind the exit felt thank you out. Begin battle. Not really is having both of these leagues will just be like the other ones where we're gonna be like it. The name of that. An alliance something or other maybe sort of I think it it will be. The only way to remember them is by who participated in them because I do remember the one where Danny Green and Jim fossil you know coaches yeah and then there was like Omar night hawks' remember res color at Villa was was there this on and then of course from the old except politics he hate mean yeah in a bad outsmart Josh Wilcox who backed up except all favored this one will be known as hey what was that lead that Mike Riley jumped him. Well and the other would do is with Brad children send you know bite marks they're paid coaches half million bucks what are they paying players. Because that's that's it when you just you can't have a league of pays football players. 50000 dollars a year or 60000 dollars a year just that's not sustainable. It is the punishment I you do you take just isn't worth it haven't they all tried to go after the Super Bowl right leg is that thing is. Because this is starting yes after the no one wants to compete with the NFL it's suicide so they've all trident like everybody's saying well I'll wants after the sue Wilson won't be any football all the balls that's the way they've all instruction. Yes and it hasn't they've all tried. Well and and in discusses the best he does I think their best game could be better than the worst NFL games sometimes they can't watch those. No well no that's been Betsy that's a good point because the worst NFL games will be a thousand times better than this OK but the worst NFL games are on launch and yes. And this that the worst NFL game will be. Light years better than isn't what you're gonna see from this isn't that a dirty little secret about sports that in this issue of all sports is my royals are now the worst team in baseball their horrible yeah. A dirty little secret about sports is that no matter how much you love MLB your NFL or NBA. The worst of those leaks can all sigh yes I mean it is really hard to watch out. Painful and this is the problem that you have would these leagues you're getting third rate football. And who wants to watch third rate football with the team that you have no connection to. That's hodgepodge he don't know is going to be around and basically your you're asking people to watch simply because it's football. They KUS such a passion for football here's some bad football. It's like he would like golf and sex right and you're not very good at golf but you'll enjoy it. You know -- -- this did this work I think even that the best of scared and I don't think footballs that way we pizza yeah they're asking you to eat little Caesars negative and I I just don't know how many people are hungry for that rest in peace Mike Reilly factor and now he out at least it sounds like Oman tomorrow what does mailing get a hold them and ask him why and what he thinks the league and you know maybe maybe he can sell us on. We're friends. I can IMAX what to make it a career Dwight Howard here's Mike. This is a draft we can vision of prime time of rising concern brats you nicer way buildings sensor on 1080 program. Thanks served in Texas. 553. It says the league. Needs to invest in fantasy. AL. Right away or do you think about all they are I was gonna say they that they Marty said that they're gonna have a nap it out in every one of their games is gonna stream on that app. And they will also have fantasy games you can play on their. For these leagues it is but you know what the thing about Tennessee though is. Is no you may not know who everyone is but. You learn I think that's one of the ways to get invested into a leak out is play that. Play those games and then you'll be able to learn guys I think the bigger problem of Tennessee is. Builders have a lot of turnover now in a beady -- good players they're gonna move on to get opportunities in the big bully. Yeah they're gonna go into the league and it's it's it's him it's a matter of Willie minor league football system. Work without support from. DN did did in the NFL because I'll ask is how many baseball teams. May have Minor League Baseball teams could exist. Without the support of the Major League Baseball clubs that just it's it's very difficult. To do you have a look at once they have that support you look at how many there out there there's a bunch so it's at I cool. I would give every one of these leagues shot but none of these sense what the AFL. And you can't even count that because that was before the NFL was was dogs he modernized. I just can't remember any lead dated even me ripple. In the American sports landscape sense that the modern NFL has been in place since the AFL NFL merger you'll work. All right 341. On the fan you care where it. Well I go rich go the wrong way and medical range in the smell delicious and Adam early today after him again later he's always gets you always choke on the Koran and the like at 330 cool original that's like a 4455 o'clock snatched from a drop goes like 6:25. Am I I have a minute lunch today guys that I get the munchies did you. Eighty granola bar that stupid or what. I was your lunch. Granola bar Gatorade in a few up all you see we've talked about this though looks just my money meal. Let's may not be makes my day I can I can just snack on at launch I can get a little freaked than perhaps some. Hamas Neil lunches so is the smallest field mice and yogurt like a good solid like the precipice of my day can go one way or the other and the good so let's approach on the right track well that. It's 342. Now which means we have to break. I so our next topic is going to be about Dwight Howard yeah. You fourth team in four seasons he had treated again today yeah effort Tempe mosque hung tough and 22 round picks that's true. Don't forget about two future to use so Brooklyn this does free or Brooklyn with two Max a sour response if any ways to players wanna come and play alongside Dwight Howard in Brooklyn. Maybe regain. The most next thing ever got to give him maximum iso I think today and I know we're talking about it after the break but I saw an article from he was two dozen ninth 2010. And this is when Dwight Howard was 2425. Brighten as that last year I think in Orlando he's 32 announced 32. Did he seek. Did you think of how has been a thousand years old he's 32. I don't think humans being 2000 I think of him pretty pretty ridiculous I think of him is being old and by kind of his career being over first off his numbers are still pretty good when you look to a lady do last year. I'm looking here is I didn't want Charlotte basketball they think you were not up on your Charlotte hornets. I just got a right here has pulled up the stats so last season between 718. In Charlotte he averaged seventeen point. He averaged 170 teens like senators from now. Seventeen points thirteen rebounds and what almost three blocks a game I he's still blocking shots he's still rebound the ball she's still defend he shoots the ball at about a 60% clip and yen Nolan wants no one wants him I let's get to the next 343 on the pin. This is a draft which they should know. Prime time devising consumed breath you guys are weighed buildings answer on Jay Nady though. And listen closely you can listen in here against. It was a critical. I'm talking over right to begin at the spread the start. Of the critical. You're so funny. Okay exit yet so I Howard traded again. Four teams for years it would be an off season. And my someone's dumping Dwight Howard now and it's it's not that long ago that he forced his way out of Orlando and he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated is the new savior of LA. But that code be I was gonna be Kobe Dwight Howard in Steve Nash. We're gonna lead the lakers back to the promised land well Sears on the cover of SI in the and then the day headline was going to be this is going to be fund they let. At the time it was a big deal that. Did not seem like a bad trio at all old people were hit us like god here we go again right at the lakers getting Steve Nash again Dwight Howard predicted that the lakers is like an embarrassment of riches I've found a what does that what does that show ST today and escaping us what was that called. Also its first day right. Bskyb daily show this give Bayless is even when they were together first first take it still first Vegas is Bayless is in there which ones on a case of Stephen based on there Stephen is still on the I think he's with Max Kellerman that's right and and Bayless went over to fox he had to do his thing with championship sharp. They had a debate where stick a how. He was yelling about it that this was a real debate about who you would build a team around LeBron James. Or two wide powers to yet but you know but see though. Like I can't seems like he can't now that was a debate that's buzz at 25 year old Dwight Howard. Who was a multiple time all MBA. Two time defensive player of the year young dominated force and was only gonna get better was viewed as another coming to show. Now I mean if you look at he is he has a hall of Famer. Maybe if you book through he is his career it's it's amazing fourteen times he has been all leak. He's been to what ten All Star Games I think three times he's been the defensive player of the year. And you look at his numbers compared to back up basketball reference can do at the contemporaries. I mean it's it's a who's who. Mean whether it's arguing Moses Malone became allies who want Robert Parish lol yeah why he wasn't as good as Patrick Ewing Bob Lanier I mean he wasn't as good as Robert Parish is only one as good as Patrick in. That's I just said be if you look if you look at his career Patrick Ewing Ewing never won a title either too critical I mean that's the only thing that Dwight Howard doesn't have and he's only thirty years but no well some. Yes well okay we know why no one wants him he's a pitch. Well yes he has no idea is he has and do you remember that fluff story while back that. He's finally getting it down we felt that we we we presented that story to our listeners talking about who. Sounds like Dwight Howard is like saying the right gains and I don't remember which stop that was might have been before Atlanta then he he was like there is a big feature on him like do you Dwight Howard. Is finally understanding he's he's getting older in his he's finally getting his place in the NBA in and is working harder than ever talked about his childhood and he just didn't know when he was kind of like the man child and he wanted to be goofy name you really find themselves. One point where he was he had the the diabetes. He gave so much candy. That they found out that his hands were not. And then maybe that was one of the problems of the shooting is he ate so much sugar. Was like the equivalent of thirty candy bars today to his hands were going numb from all the sugar. That's how much city physical freaky was because he looks like him a million dollars but yet they can no nutrition unbelievable didn't understand how to be a professor on that all that was gonna change. Man and nothing gets like he's still put up numbers like he's really good defender got really good rebounder his Iain and have opposed him the base made up for it with his atlases and he scored 1718. For his career just off of being bigger stronger than everyone else he had just. I don't know like. I like Al all listen to the patch skiing argument I'll listen to the Robert Parish argument. I'll bring up a couple of guys who are a little bit later after those guys and was Dwight Howard better than Dikembe Mutombo. Yes sega's I think he was useless however what I would say is I want became in the Tom O overt Dwight Howard yeah. They're in elk is Tom I didn't have the offensive game but. I'll take I just I don't know Howard is such a bonehead that. He just seems like a locker room problem like he's he's filed with everybody yet they heat is correct so he went from Orlando where they threw a team. I completely based around him and got to the finals. Danny went to LA right yeah. And then he had at feels this way out of Orlando and in big money talked about it van Gundy said that that moment that weird awkward press conference where Dwight Howard was getting van Gundy fired and then he went put his arm around him in big gun because one of the worst moments of his career as dad he hung him out to dry so you get sent to LA and then in in LA he couldn't get along with Colby's. He was sensitivity and never had any member humid in the manner Orlando everything was based on him he goes to LA and last time I checked Coby is not the most sensitive cap the world. And Kobe ripped him a new one and Dwight couldn't play alongside him notes Indians and Houston but he quit OT on that he did he totally quit this so I hear you call them a beat like he quit. And then he ends up he's didn't they went to the Western Conference finals with him that but then there was a debate he couldn't get along which aims her because we acknowledge that but I feel like in Houston he didn't have the same of lettuce is and is used in now he really wasn't what used to be yeah. But I remember the do you still soft flashes of what he could be their airplane against the blazers and that was the the game series. There were stretches where Dwight how would scored 1012 in a row in Portland could do nothing and then Houston for would just. They would go away. It was such a weird team beaches parties in and he is like either you go through hard to go through Howard couldn't resist and no in between it was the other that it worked that day goes to Atlanta. I remember what happened there that was one season and now he's and that he does Charlotte and that was one season now they traded him. If he conceded trading traded in for activity mas Dobbin too. A second round picks. So I saw this on Twitter so I don't know who to credit nine in recognize that the Twitter handle but somebody said try telling someone in 2009. Two white Howard would be moved for miles pummeling and Timothy mas guarding consecutive offseason. They come out that. A hall of fame center a multiple time defense of player of the year and that's what he goes for. It's the honoree Jordan or Dwight Howard. Right now our peak now it's Dwight Howard to white Howard in in his time. Got to an NBA finals Dwight Howard early on in Orlando was a machine. Any. By for Kate that you we get we I did Dallas County she got you broke you after bifurcated. The first six. To seven years of Dwight Howard's career. But he is still he is the same guy yes but it was that the efforts of the before he got hurt I get think it was the the shoulders asserted ago. Those those when he was nineteen to like 25. He was a different EU is a different player he was a specimen and one of the best players in the NBA. After that. Then then no I I I think I'd rather have the Andre Jordan but early Dwight Howard was was special. And he will go down to me as one of the great wasted talents. That I've ever seen in the NBA and that's tough to sit because he could still end up in the hall of fame. But he could've been so much more that he cared about what a physical freak he was and put no effort into a big about if he. Learn from Coby how to take care of his body and nutrition and work and develop an offensive game Nash man Nash works harder and he is to work hard any exactly if you just would have learned from that and stayed in LA. And and kind of move forward from there. He could've been Shaquille O'Neal he could've been the guy that was just that much. Better physically than everyone else. It didn't his career was essentially done by the time he was 2526. Years old there wasn't a whole lot left some of that was injury. And that some of the athletic after the schism was sapped from him but a lot of that is just his own doing and that he never grew up and he never evolved. Right to join Howard is nine Brooklyn net coming up next the beavers face elimination again 357. On the fans to talk to critical.