Primetime 6.20.18 (Club Hour)

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 20th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. My aunt if this is our podcasts that there are welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not. Do the right things since 1952. In making arrangements. For our children. Shut the hell up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. You smarter full disclosure morning. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy development director Kevin. Yeah and what goes the blue where are gonna lose most here motor skills and we also gonna lose a significant amount of great functionalities 72 hours forty. Starting. It's. This period experience. Steered let. Yeah. Figuratively and literally. Do. It's just. What's up we'll tell you were just kind of in general. Throwing out of what's so and you actually wanna be respond to blunt is what really is that. Who wants things throughout. You started bulletin. You know the images of greedy suck. So clear that in doing was that that was it but once the did the blood. But I do it and hat that was a thing for you but what's up started before that let me hear you could he be used Julius Caesar. Wonder how far back that goes. Look I don't know who got a form an advocate of Lou it's one of those twin the books that tell you the origins of different scenes and and superstitions and different stuff and actually really interest in a lot of listen does go way way back. And now. Just quick Google search produces the following letdown. The origins of what's up perhaps Bugs Bunny. Hole what's up doc yeah. I don't know why that didn't cross my mind you there. I haven't seen Bugs Bunny and twenty years. However the Oxford English dictionary says this local loop the colloquial use at the end her is very frequent from circuit 1850 long before buds planning an attack. Probably Bugs Bunny had to give consumers right. Visited Tuesday ended somewhere. Way back in the 1850 someone. Said what's up the and it would adjustments that put the Phillies Winnie Harley and now we need bulletin and no one else's interest into. Once up and how's it hanging. Our full the exact same thing but one is what's up one's down hanging down. They don't mean directional and they're different but the exact same lesson is that Dallas these studies I am company now. Leader none of a look at how the food housing and again out dad. That's got to be pretty recent mini think I've that's not a bitchy it's it's pre 19100 billion yet. Most of those things or does that referred you know me and you lean. I'll hang in there I didn't think it was necessarily. That what does it mean I kind of thought maybe some in the boat and I can't close one meter for something like that. Communities close lines anymore. Yeah I think people use them but like you not hear babies you know well rains a lot but really warm places. This is 1985 for housing and I don't know I got here in the 1920s. And you are correct. It it is that they sexual nature you know how's it hanging I can't. Left to right Chris this has been a dictionary of catch phrases American and British mentions how similar phrases. Basically how's your sex life they refer to the mail or nothing and Howell. Low. Yeah there Hank that's what I say when somebody says housing and I say low growth and if you are referring to a year to dean at that point. Zelda theme yeah. And a all right cool a bit of an upset at their house and hang in. And what's than all the other wonderful things now sister and into the years he's like I had no number one. The snow really wants to know and down mentally don't say that the he sailing in games because there's nothing worse than when you ask Kaye has ago and then someone Xena Sydney Games with that could be days and so I hope we've all been there when you're trying to be polite nearly king what's going on and it was good and then someone actually stops to win. And let me let me tell you like Digg news answered yeah. And then you wanna be like KM two months and can you politely back out of that consume large and history cubic look come and be honest right now semi email that the cancer weakens the Couric I I. Is there is there a polite way to opt out of his Buick I don't mean to be rude here but I was kind of it has seen in. It was a formality it's kind of sad I don't really have time and that's the quick lock it like that kind of the this carrying away like you're listening to. I'm really gonna go against some pretty. If they're out of they should only about having and I care about CNN there needs to be a social contract here because with the person launches into it I think that's on them. I think they're the ones being rude not the provisions. You should know you should know that no one really cares and they ask you how you doing they don't care who they really don't know and less you married. Name you still don't care know what you listen any deal Diana her do you pretend that's been trained. We won't do you ask your wife we'll candidate absolutely and additional east Indies she give you than normal or dishing on gender days. Woody what's normal. Times like if I ask my kids how was school or they ask me how work was then there's a formality is a otherwise goes deep is Mike I talk about her days every time I go home. I gotta gotta give the kids hug tell my mom and a Government of Israel is cool. And I get the same thing every time. It's normal good. The man and it knew nothing and then they ask me how his work. Devices that bank and you don't really wanna talk about our well. But didn't really want to let's I mean you could tell him what happened today is very big news behind the scenes that day don't care you know they don't care is so you don't say it. The winds are different they they want it let's talk this out. Must tell you everything do you in the in my life batteries today battling really yes two she sends me so I guarantee you we're dad it's gonna be a good night at my house. Is there gonna be forever than these do and I would hope so possibly does raise mean do it. I would think I would think so stealing dead BC sugar mom and him. Don't be don't be ridiculous. What are that. If that tilted banks and the Power One day she will be really -- she's in grad school and in what she wants to do is she wants to do her. Johnson opener own practice. And bill like any business to the bill did you know that six million dollars and I said dad that's data I have a lot of golf totally pleased that the next five years they didn't. Whichever you see these stories about how the man is intimidated by the woman who makes more money than it all so I I would view I would be really looking forward to that day. Women at that point. You know she's making that much money does a year judge is gonna become like. Whatever you out I'll start like Wheeling dealing on the side I don't quit this tramp and just like you know. And fight scenes and get involved and start Epson scanner dabble here and there keep making that bread dame thin nibble at the club records at. I have a sugar mama but sounds of the wonderful but this is intimidated by that. They can handle the you know this gash the lady brilliant move bringing home the bacon cheese Louise Martin meaningless election sheep like right now and quite frankly she's slacker. Strip workers is bend it like let's go. Below I'm 42. You're way smarter than me why is it did you do that country clubs to join in golf to play and now you know Allen joining into club that I do have a lot of golf to play. You join Clinton now doesn't pencil from mean let's sounds good there rob thing I don't do as you do is to do I have I have a country club. Lang informs my club manager that you who has eleven out there. That's all I need birth see about that if you starts making serious money thank scant few money. I might join your source country club bro I'm really nine but. I mean I've. The against them I just that the masses never really. Pencils for me although I do play a lot of golf so maybe yankees fudged the numbers. You know. The it does since. No it doesn't but at least I don't think it does see about that but I am I think I think the best thing for country clubs is if you have kids. That are gonna play any double wide it's really into the social partner plays golf for is involved like I think is a family I could see that. Canceling out boy yeah this morning to be with your wife like yes like I met club yes no question there's there's an element of that it there's an element of you know. If you have so much money it doesn't even it doesn't have to cancel it doesn't matter it's it's the convenience of of having it I have a buddy minded and it's a member at a country club and it's like oh. Opponents fear the consistent basis with him think he's just invites you out I'll play golf with him. And we hang out and have a beverage and I'm convinced. That the vast majority of people that belong. To cut your clothes are doing it simply to give away. From the action cam I think you've got two full. I think you've got that but it's easy to get away from the immediately from the fans I do think that is an element but I also think a lot of them and it's not home it's just some. Our. They like to flash they've been active they like. These status and there is certainly an element of doubt into the last evening when they get together like a year and that is the lone table there there's certainly isn't measuring contests that goes on. Amongst. Among some of the members. And then the wives come like on the weekends or whatever and then that is also measuring contest because that everyone has to compare and contrast. To see who's doing the best fits in there is an element it seems like a social structure that. I don't really wanna play those games. However I have some very good friends who are members of clubs it's like you don't have to be in that whole shtick you'd be on the outside but. You know I don't dislike it club in town there is me and you like royal oaks is dead let's look at his golf clothes and everybody goes wait for me. Tell me enjoy being tells me but the thing you end up in a country club. You have you have country to hundred no need to make a lot more money. That's probably comes in tells me to get on board with them. Like I said. He slackened stepped came up to see organized she's dressed up anyway. When I come home. And we talk about her days is way more about her data mine. Do you just give that is normal day suited sentenced to find an answer in and I never. This bothers my life and I wonder if this is something that you all can relate to or maybe it's just a meeting. I really don't ever tell my wife. Much other than big things like that ages. Now it's more about that it's more about then it's more about the how the kids do and how she's doing and little things. I just don't get bogged down with that in ID it doesn't it's not a big thing to me so I don't relate those to her she wants everything Angus on the gas. How many donate lunch yet what are those things that I feel like women are always there's always a feud there's always drama. And there's always some sort of thing that they had they have to share about their day it's like a big moment even if it's not whereas I think many in general give the fifth. This time. Yet but I think that's a sex in intern who. Pick up trash in terms of life just like big things that are going on in big guy talked to her I'd I'd make sure it obviously you know. Tell about the dignity and here's something happening. Here but and you know. Keep it to the a and B level stuff not the CD Nina you don't dig deeper now surface level. I think most guys probably do that Baghdad's I think you're better than those guys putting those guys do that line. Than normal no we have we have we talk solid that. Want to thank you talk about the race and possibly do and it. Floated out there like for example of that today I had nothing to taller and again nothing happened but she does and she never messages and Kara how the children. Think that's the worst question how to show them the greatest RG you know it in the stood out or anything. The big ticket best we've ever done OK let's get back on track it thin opinions. Then have come furthest. From left field we need. Plugged and maybe you guys against you we just doesn't assure the leader who aren't pleasant. So we. Can just say weighing just shower. Her. On Jan eighties he loves. You know. I said put together a list now this comes from love. Our dear friend Mike. Mike Lynch. Who once said this rolling around naked sounds like you really find time to get little wooden. He also said this I would want to go suitable. And you unsuitable. Yes but he also had a stroke on the air Ezekiel pellets he could well heeled but how do. He also said Dennis it's people underneath. And his influence me in this. What on earth was that. No one really remembers. Lick all these drops they just they just happened here's perhaps one of Mike's most famous she's just she's. Jesus cheated his cheese. Is definitely not kill us. Me yes but what do. Is definitely not she's a viewing a guy on guy situation. And this is my favorite links them and chip either he didn't want. Those sound. I honest I very really do I remember we're the drops come for a the feeling feel my god what could've applied to today funding needed to know anything about Tesla. The car or Tesla the human rights. You missed it earlier. Rob wasn't aware of that Tesla cars were only nectar idea to relive this sometimes I feel like you really of these things. Just to try to embarrass him like do you hitting all of my drought. Embarrassing as include the Pope. You argue there's space drops help your jobs are great usually better Johnson ninety. But I would say that that. I still haven't really wrap my head around that sports is sports sports is this I like the music I don't like whatever it is you like. His school athletics is that the patent with. That's a wonderful montage if it is I think we're all still trying to process the Tesla confidence that you had earlier today that's gonna take one. I did hear from a Twitter Fowler who whose wife agreed honey she's like I had no idea really been in a so lasers to discredit so this is courtesy of Mike and Mike believes that he wants at this on our show. That angels in the outfield is his favorite based on movie. And Mike's big baseball guy so that I can't. Not laugh when it went well again leading music what's absurd about that is how many greed based on the news there aren't you guys are there genre as sports movie does not even close yet the naturally a bull Durham in big immediately to each field of dreams. Bad news bears sand line. There's lead in their own doesn't enough. Eight men down the wounded of these things is not like the they're tiny ball and it's the one word Danny Glover is the angels manager and there's angels in the outfield flapping their arms Mike. Tina how many great actors drenching them movie we were looking at it today Matthew McConaughey isn't it Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the candidate Christopher Lloyd is the actual Angel. So I so the morning show was making fun of Mike about this because a listener. Alerted him to this news and they probably should be making them like for this on this morning show and what they were talking about the date they've made them in my. And so then me of course they recap there show and said here's the audio if you wanna on our email chain cranked up so. I got to thinking about that that mean that is really out of left field Mikey thinks angels in the outfield he loves. So also than any of those other movies that we just mention I can assure you. And in Africa that you know maybe my favorite that's my objective package and he's just so excited about this the Goodman. Pushed. Apparently my oh my god what is when I saw the hue Jackson foundation logo for the first time. And can only think we need to remember that our players don't really mean what does it look like. It looks like oh. So. I don't know I don't know exploited safely the if any some. 55305. But what is T. Furthest out in left field opinion that you've never heard from a fan host. Tech's 55305 if you if you have they needed aren't on my list here now I have a lot of recent ones in the course we never remember anything we say much past. You know like the a couple of weeks or things that stick like I feel like this test of things instinctively for awhile back that Basil remember that I just looked begins to refreshment beverage. And a huge tax that the foundation. Do you eat just two years of being pregnant due to a pitch he'd be spending selenium and haven't changed it acknowledged it still this evening. Very handy if you know enemy hidden. I am not one of them looks like a child they haven't changed no no they didn't know they haven't changed him again it's a huge accident browns coach if not Hugh Jackman. He he has AIDS Foundation the biggest combat team like human trafficking. End. It involves the Indies this just let's just say that you CNN I think you can say that within the you're Hindi men and RA that's been comfortable. I have would you singing since I read yesterday. Poorly she Y easy is what I'm not to be the most uncomfortable I don't have to continue to bring you always. But the throw this stuff right thank you might face but why do you do that and that we all need to live that insecure and if yes clearly a picnic and John. Bless America. It was wanted to thank you attained but but but but but. But yes there are certain there are certain recent ones. Dead dead dead pop out so here are some recent ones one is masters Pete coming on the air and seeing dean don't we should be fired. Like that's an underrated hot tape then. There's been some dumb things they can't just leave you say something stupid you'll get one person like Mikey needs of the outfielder. Italy's EU we get near my bowl thought it was tape measure a miracle of people who said dad are you. With the tests that thing someone said no I didn't know that when he bring up yours but just didn't well. Puzzles and thanks for listening makes as misery in the tank insecure he holed that. But did did all taped. That he thought it did Allman was the bad coaches should be fired Billy wasn't one. Not a Bieber fans now and husky. No one pursing came the defense of masters peaked now so does. That's bad tape that's high on the guys hey glad he's out there until he believes it. He's like many sacks OK so there's that there's will Americans. Believed that he could take down a hippo. And I really ensure the contents of that conversation that he was serious when you still in for Mike Gundy yes he was and music on the night Hitler wouldn't. I wouldn't succumb to vehicle. You don't think you would succumb to any sort of constrictor snake now you also believe you would never Diana house fire which that might be number one. I believe that polygraphs he's overrated and we also had the intern he said. That might grab the sap is a coach yet he'd he'd try to point out that Oregon State was better off without Mike right. They were better off before Viagra the and after that Mike Bradley had never done anything it organs they basically what I'm here okay so this is it excellent test. Well not a test this is an excellent lesson. In what Sports Radio is and why. You'd get high takes all the time from like you know Stephen Mayer and matter how wet. It's because no one ever remembers what he's saying now. Because all these checks coming in from the we don't forget because we remind each other of how stupid we are that's pretty clear yes but. We will points or less on the again about my Tesla flat today but it was pretty good at at. Again he didn't know the car is like ignore did you know that says it was a man. Not that he had nice dudes. Very Sheehan hit the splits the question is how hot it's it Buddhist Tesla wants. So what's the worst what is the most out in left field position. From the fans. And what are we missing. Launch are missing quality we're missing a million I was hoping we'd have some people that let's listen to Kenny dance in the Bayer like. There's something they remember from. Frankly anything from the other two shows him having again dirt I don't adjust your camp again. I don't know I don't know what their worst takes our. A little ones that we've played as failing miserably. I thought it began had been. Pretty much everyone has nothing so if to move on is it possible that know what do you write that no one remembers anything no one cares that his sit like I think the hosts. Here way more. Then the people listening right like all the people listening want. Is just give me they're going to be listen for ten minutes or whatever however long in their car maybe longer whatever. They just just do something for them for that time. They aren't equating. You've been wrong were you saying something it's outlandish. To anything other then. They get out a car any forget about it right yeah because it meant the homeless care like like there's so many people in sports talk better. Dinner super sensitive about off. You know they got to be right about everything and gotta pretend like they know everything which of course we know they don't or they. They just try to like look smarter. B Ryan all the time and that bank that's. Harming the answer would be considered sports takes me those are different than. Because we had the draft the stash campaign remember Gavin Dawson was was pushing that Adam Morrison. I said that I thought Kevin Love was gonna be terrible in the NBA jam it turned out to not be terrible those aren't. I mean. And a sports sports opinions about who's gonna be good player. In the future like that's not easy to them when Sidney choosing BYU over UCLA. Well now has an opinion that the film is clearly a poor life choices and ill informed choice that was a new form choice before and it's a bad decision bad. That's certainly may be here's one that says. Winnetka. He said. Really killed. Him. We can emit little boost Linux. It's a good job on my Brothers and they do rationing will end Unix and mentally. Those are two bad ones that my brother had a well done sequel hasn't won yet John believes that. Well done as best lady mistake witches. That's just patently wrong its assaults. Is that it's that that's big news about this yet it is on housing for eggs there's the most down left he'll take every thought this segment was gonna be good to pick it. Every got all of these bad he's easily picked up warring in the end. And you know them yet nothing here. To pick things up and keep one step it up. Yeah thanks for. Like I'm trying to like you know I'm trying to go back. Like in my mind that I am waiting I don't losers would have better memories than we did what about what about Seth Everett telling us our shows that in this or. For talking about steroids still being in baseball bats is that executes. Their responsibility to your audience here or well Seth Everett leading the U. Lit into you. Because you sits there is resentment. Of the and sends them last time I checked we had some high profile people including did BP's. Get busted for steroids. The blazers remember the blazers called. The about Brandon Roy's knees and said that they were not shot and that he was fine and then like what a year later they use the amnesty clause on the there's not one Alex Crawford predicted the beavers and win nine games this year yeah last I see your last year and yeah Gary is in that quitting and walking away from twelve million dollars but that's not so good. Here's one that says Johnson he'd be happy eating pizza every day without getting sick of it. As so we go back to my caddie needs is in the outfield as the dumbest thing ever so on this program. Streets it's pretty out there and we got done being said the my dad's still may be the worst whenever. They hear it you'll never shamed me out from loving memory because I love that so much for your favorite v.s welcome yes angels in the gall darn outfit comic France's lynch saying you don't have to aimed at peace. Oh I forgot about how is another one I'd see this. This sort of stuff that I thought people would be able to come I forgot about that yet might seem decisions by interior might seem to dig the you can just go hands free and just it goes right in the toilet I have been at does it says is done hangs in the water. It's sort of like me the worst angels in the outfield to distort. Look a look at all. Hold the naming used to hearing get it to where you want to go out and a giant I'm telling you that I have done that it is a fact. Not every time and missing them around. Beyond his hands free helicopters away and apparently it's it's all about it when it began doing just spinning that's not trying to don't. What highlight naming still I'm told disturbed one of the highlights of of my marriage steel like the the one of the biggest I told you so's. Is my wife this is like. We are mayor maybe a year to win and she would get so mad. If there was any kind of splash overnight older is that sometimes it just it happens like you're eighteen but it's easy clean it up though you know you would clean it up at every now and then you're like looks a bit where broken I forgot to clean it up. And she said what they can't be that hard game and I said you try. It's a don't believe that's low and moderate right went into the bathroom next time you name guest next have had a peek behind and I went to hand the and there's like a roller coaster style and I said it's all you you rate. And that was age she never complained after that moment about Amy because that thing was a disaster. She hit every wall in the back after it went everywhere but well twin engine panicked about halfway through. And then it is just a free for all where anything goes how she'd done bad in her if it was a first time superstar in her defense she didn't get the she and get. They headstart that we got and being bullied for yes you know but she was candidates this it was just so easy to do. That I was such immediate did some I was on me that anybody can do this president be my guest hears this next to the plate. The funny thing about hot take sometimes isn't the actual opinion to the way host we'll just double down over and over lake picked. Like something is a foregone conclusion so with that in mind whenever Colin is wrong during a note taking replace dividends against gathers more. Yeah we we do get we get a little we we get weepy again. We begin that that does happen and there are times when you dig in and you know like for exam I have one for you real quick that we. Probably yeah I mean you're way over. And we should probably voting common and tell you one with Dan I'm dug in on that I know. I'm off. But I still believe it I've got like that I've got one in imminent tell you attendance. Do you guys need a lot of underneath expect coming up next and here's Mike. Clubs and maybe advise against you know I always felt like fair good very seldom. Well I believe I think don't anybody doubted that. Except women at the Sox are feeling that I can't go on 1080. Of them I. Okay now we're talking about the most out in left field opinions ever heard on the stand and now we've had a lot of them. And people start to get announced are indeed quite few of them but I wanna say that the one that. Because Mike Leach is digging in on this Twitter thing yet the of the Obama but again I think. Which is a video it edited video yes so he's he's gone MacBook began walking in on. Put her into that whole feud happened and now yet is it leads refuses to just admit that he made in the state yep end. We've all been there with some of our hot cakes. Where for whatever reason it's a nude or something and in years site you do is dig again you know and you know you're probably wrong war. Op baser. Un informed or stupid or whatever but you don't care. Your ego takes over this happens live earth and we eat the one that I'll I will admit T right now. It's not only Gretzky she's overrated. The one that I will admit T you know slap you for that when it actually brings anger and dig deep inside my soul. I will admit that my stance on biting into string cheese yeah but the but the look. I mean a quarter. I feel like a badger. I'm wounded it. In and just do anything I can't get out of court you know assume that unite our colleagues in an ever got down there well I I that's how I eat string cheese. I do not appeal the string cheese I'd buy into it. And I actually came up. With a pretty good defense in my opinion on the fly when I was being beaten and battered by the audience and Mike on this Dow's gone for this day you're gone they're killing him. And everybody killed and they don't kid was like really did began its cheese night. I don't know I feel like it's meant to be an appeals. For kids because because because kids eat it. And I'm not four years old so you used by the so I just buy into it and that's the best defense they have been doing is pretty dead. But look again it's in cheeses. Made that way for a reason and that's just a little ego in me now won't back down on that one but look. You realize I understand again downturn that big of there's something that I just so dug in on that if I'm being honest with myself. I I want to hire one ought to an old. Then that you would never dies you would never die in a house fire that is never ever ever so down. Here's the thing I think. I don't know I guess I hear Louisiana where I will backtrack on this a little bit. If you look neat and I gave you put me and a house and I didn't wake up right in the smoke got me. But I say it again I guess it is more of age you put me at my house. I've got smoke detectors the house catches on fire no I am not buying you could set my entire house of blades. And I do feel like I am getting out I'm. I'm not looking back on that don't we don't walk back on is yes people can get caught in their daughter where the house on fire in the smoke gets the were you trying to save the dog her son dean are trying to save one of my kids CS there is a scenario right could die in a house fire. But I think it do you put me than normal residents. Whether it's minor or not you liked that thing on fire. I'm getting out of there I'm not going down and house fire I think that when I feel more confident about the may do the python and I feel pretty confident about that too. In the python one is also in this category where you just you do is done again and you knock it in. It but this is you know you have a tendency to never think you will never admit. And the worse it gets. The more you fight back the harder you better yet you don't you don't and how you double down in triple down in quadruple down and that's just coming your personal. But it does the python line. You say you'll never succumbed to a constrictor snake I know which is also stupid you can put because they are extremely strongly strongly do you you could put me in a room with one and I feel like I would kill the snake. Yet I've got a guy we address that that snakes goal before it killed me. Any and by the way the other day I had to watch a bunch of so that it was. Who wafers at this comes as I got caught in a YouTube loophole unmanned vs python. Ages what's different videos of normal people fighting python and that only strengthened. My resolve that I will not be killed by constrictor snake. Well there's only one way to find out let's put this to test the fight to the death difference here speakers and raise a lot of money for charity lunch he dived it. I'd like to think that I could tap back like we have some leg bruise there at like if I if they get MMA fight tap Powell if he gets me and I tapped out. Woody news. Take a stun gun to the snake it did in the distinct doesn't care if he tapped out of the people if you can peel the snake guy so you can see that all the time denying he'd be in there. Okay. Knicks at one final on this guy nick says that word dug in on the stand up wiper thing yes that it percent to know it but we're not wrong and you know we're right on where 100 there right at your stead of wiping you're doing something wrong he had deep in the if you don't know what that means. Going to explain. He's still quite literally sit down you didn't know you never white standing up and anybody that does is just wrong. Yes and I'll go to my grave on that is beyond. That it's licensing aspects that don't do that it's literally. Don't don't be a stand up wiper. All right well anyway Michael loves angels in the outfield and he's an idiot coming up next it's John ratcheted up on him yeah. I. There mourns the seeing arrives at 66. Ways to avoid. Rolls he'll. This is eliminated and they're big John's agenda and it'll run you on the stand by business and insurance just the right insurance for your business home were all though business and offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best tell you online at DI SN ETT dot com you know trying to get a minute though he didn't end. We wanted it. What do you want an hour with the great American ballpark day so it could go do ballpark. I was watching that game and then I saw you on Twitter. That you were there and I was looking for you because there're so few people there until I think it takes you out on the ground did you get in Frederick. They announced 191000 that I can tell you that there was not my belt people. Now as the reds play in the tigers' what was the cost to give in. On I got a ticket in left field lower kind of weary united the last aren't subject yeah. Low it but it was lower left heel and it was the second row. And I got it on the night before. For ten dollars. That's the best part about having you cracked a baseball team. He's European and for the great seats for under ten bucks. BO sports fourteen dollars would seize it to be honest it was about. About ninety degrees at game time in my seat was in the side of the site went down to it. The end it unit had never been there where people are so I think it's bit. I hit it that I got there would negate felt good about our properly and I just walked around. Located everything and so I kept my seat I'd like if you are like here you're here. So I didn't really considered pricey I just gotta walk around it I would pick a different vantage point for me. You to retrieving it. Just kind of locker room apart went up to the top to the top Beckett went into the outfield that went down behind first grade to. But it can recruit your look better be prepared to do it the black market feel very small. Which is weird that it that the art market we had to be used in. Yeah of them one of the more underrated things in all of sports is just randomly go into a new baseball park and walking around and seen everything that has to offer statues and plaques and is the different vantage points I'd love. I'm. On Arabic you on the huge theater groups there or eatery and answered that currently have about this separate out front they Peter records. It's a price is right there and park your luck you're you're right beer and again the PB. And beat this guy that you just the whole time I was there and it was just peace but all. They have a ballpark at Portland can you dispute theory however the government but the city's river would just. It would just be cooler but yeah. I piloted. Are bigger then next. Hot corner with here's a landslide in local the end beavers. Their basement again. In the sickening but did not. Corner next. We're back tomorrow for his seventh NBA draft live coverage right here on. Right shin so. Okay okay.