Primetime 6.18.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, June 18th
Hot 5 at 5, Phil Mickleson's snafu, and some hot World Cup talk.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's 5 o'clock and go bifurcated the rise again soon as moral or you're gonna know. This is a draft regulation O'Brien. Me or does it considered grab a nicer way buildings enter your summer after a project and remodeling or online. As the URW a Y dot com trends my eyes again zoo guns NAV I think it's really sex. Program. I welcome back read my neighbor I guess not so out of Robinson yeah we. I'm sure I guess really got happen nineties it's. It's not very nice outside today and need a little overcast. But that's not nice to you now go look at it some ice out there really. Offer Hennessy just and a minute spoiled northwestern now raining all week and down year. If rain know why wait why it is for like three minutes he had didn't rain at all. And I heard my garden what Saturday that it was raining down here and then when I drove back yesterday I rolled into town the entire string was covered a wide legged just been rainy fake news there was thunderstorms in the area where they're going through fairly quickly and on that that was like there was still rain it was kind of said Lenny all weekend did. You're whether there was a rain. I can confirm brain. So then Saturday and Sunday are coming up here at 515. We'll talk about. What film at this and dated US open and complete with audio and I think average. We'll also talk about the World Cup this hour. In a lot of World Cup items we need to discuss Maria in 1993 to mar that is a soccer tournament those don't know. We have the club our coming up from six to seven. I have a celebrity death pool. Sleeper. Who we have this liberty get today kinda sort of like it's the rapper guy that got shot now here's video of its name. Triple X. Temptation temptation in action to UN identity something I must say that I've heard of him but I've no idea officer's name. Everytime I hear rappers name now yeah. I'm like wait who who let. He's one yet and rapper. And I like do you know any rappers I think there's the obvious but then there are only there's always these rappers in the music I had. On followed team Zia on Twitter even because. All it is is stories about rappers that don't even care about are never heard of. Guess the thing is now there rapper Mike on sound clouds of the like self made their like they're not really moment school gets an irony mainstream but they become popular make money in. The couple looked the same don't have like the face tattoos now and I don't there's video bit like the dude got shot in his labour genie in instead of anyone trying to help him. They just filled it on his cell on the like the cellphone it's got a disturbing. Also in the club dominos set repairing potholes will discuss that now right now but by the time. Odd topics and opinions. Aren't they and there. It's time for the odd hybrid plug smell pot yeah I'm 55. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed Coors lines download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Yeah. Think you don't deserve a lot. It rained pretty hard for extended periods it was the weekend depends where you words. And my house they got to we get to sprinkles on Sunday that was it I guess is a rained all evening on fortieth save between Vancouver and Khamis you know we got maybe twenty minutes of a sudden shower yesterday are limited to rain on Saturday disguised as if three minutes to be a downpour 45 minutes and yes it rained for three minutes for guns in this yeah. The more broad Sagan members would you too dumb masses know you're the dumb ass in your feeling insecure about it because you're wrong about the weather and it depends on where you were and yes there were scattered thunderstorms last night but they were late east. And a little a little bit in Portland we kindness. Weis kinda came before I got here on our radar map Suk millions it rained all weekend UPD it's. The cavaliers have called the spurs asking about what it may take to land coli Leonard Cleveland does have the number eight pick in this week's draft did you know the NF the NFL for a while let's get a you do it again their had to live for a job part two. You know I try to overshadow the NBA. Tell me NBA draft is this week. That is zero chance by the decree until the with a package they can bring back quite letter. Lets you Madrid the wrong. And we'll they're all capped out at you take Kevin Love that he plays the same position is LaMarcus Aldridge other spurs news Rudy Gay reportedly declining a player option. I he wants to become a free agent the blazers picked 24. On that Thursday. He capitals just won the Stanley Cup but their coach resigns yeah that old bury their sound like he wanted an extension and they couldn't come to terms with the and so he's going to step aside. They said that they were disappointed that this. It's only day they were willing to Columbia. Buried trot yes and end his contract is up and apparently he in Europe and they organize nation as they say him. Could come out and agree on a salary to a though you win the Stanley Cup you know for the first time you've ever in that franchise should be a conquering hero when you lose your coach. Three World Cup matches today Sweden over South Korea one nil. Belgium three nail over Panama and England downs. Is it true yeah. Yeah I think that's how you say to now on the broadcast they were saying to me easier to easier but I didn't know that was a like the way they say it and they. Think I've always has ladies ASEAN Tunisian of the president I was isn't beard real city. Last year yeah immediately as she did it's. Zemin's. I don't know that's Louisiana I don't know that's an accent or not the England wins Fallon to one Harry keen with the ankle during stoppage time he is also responsible for England's other able. In over the weekend next will be Germany. Causing a minor earthquake upon the celebration you know they said that he showed up on the in the victors go there with people jumping around dividend yeah. In Germany devastated because Jerry was one of the odds on favorite and not dead yet know. And just when he starts. Number two number two more. Number for any baseball trade today the royals have dealt their closer cal being Pereira who had a one point 05 ERA in fourteen saves this season. TV Washington Nationals. I mean this just happens and we don't know the prospects but glitch. We're dealt team Kansas City but apparently it's three good prospects but not. Bet that roadless kid yeah it's the national top prospect. Other mariners are not only opening is set with the Yankees tomorrow they could battle one another in the wild card race for the rest of the season. And they'll also be grappling for help in the starting pitching department. Come the trade deadline I today's report that at both teams are seen him blue jays starter JA happ. He's 83 with a 348 ERA. Andy is also in the final year of his deal. You may remember the Mariners dealt Michael Saunders perhaps it. In 2014. And he wasn't very good in Seattle with Indians traded to Pittsburgh and he was great. And as the doubts that this is supposedly bears don't have a lot to offer since their farm system. It's not merely buster. The Mets say they'll listen to offers or anyone on their roster if it could get the best pitcher in baseball right now and the Mets are going nowhere fast so. You know if you keep your. Who really did to pony up to ground supposedly can be had and he has been absolutely. Dominant. This season and it is an elimination game in Omaha at the college World Series Washington taken on Oregon State loser goes home on the beavers. We're down three to nothing in the huskies'. But three spot in the third that they put up four in the fifth. But trail now to Washington 54 here's the thing that thing has been delayed by a lightning and rain we're up three hours now after a long time. So we have a time. Five 45. He. Types of thirty minutes now located Franken again and down the current scenario is they are in the top of the sixth. Huskies are up 54. And Zach Taylor is. In the beavers have the bases loaded. With two out NASA's got via a fairly significant at bat after three plus hour delay and of course you mentioned win or go home. Or say losing to North Carolina over the weekend and then wash and losing to Mississippi State outside of five refresh by prospered course like download course lights new rewards happened start earning points towards one of the kind experiences even game tickets. Oh Phil coming up next on the fan. This is a draft week edition of pro. Prime time devising consume roughly a nicer way building sensor on 1080 program I didn't just to. 25 minute. Because on that in game 54 Huskies in the sixth. But let's get to the Phil Mickelson news of the weekend three fakes an outrage. You are surely welcome to do that claimed disgusted it's like he dropped Trout right there at the US open. In defecated all over the course how dear and audio here. I don't know Rick Reilly was still around. I didn't. Senior Crowley and they regret he wrote some peace saying that was the worst thing ever having in the history of golf and I didn't know there Rick Reilly was still life. But apparently he shows up to be pissed off that it Phil Mickelson although when he writes where does it I think it was the athletic. Now he's there now yes on Twitter everybody's at the Atlantic now as where you go the new thing that site sexy doing real well yeah they're they're aggressive for sure. So Phil Mickelson yell at the course is playing. Ridiculously hard. He hits a shot up onto the green. Down below the hole by a bunker. On misses the putt. To the point where it's gonna roll back down to where he hit the original shot in it wasn't like a super long putt it just took off on them and it was it was gone fast it was headed down. And I knew goalie in any media wanna go down their heated again so he ran after his ball he selves had a deadly raid after his ball and it is. Does the strong words he really kind of fat guy John gave Baghdad John is that any any. Any any hit the ball before it stopped which is to shut down Nina Corso golf club went crazy here is the period to put that I'm ready. Here is the play by play of it happening. At the US open this is on the thirteenth green on Saturday. And we cut over thirteen Peter Phil's gonna be real careful this one this is a quick rise to a movie about a foot left or right. And again this for bogey. At best day for Phil. She hammers down when I was gonna look at this it's gonna go all the way down a falsehood is filled completely. Should zip but he says it. Like this he said I'd like AUS GA. It was about anybody he's I wanted to go home and ripped daggers that allowed black Jack all day god loves to gamble. If it was six footer for. Filled their groove attack on a two stroke penalty doughboy it's been so great electable that's a dad who Mickelson. Well I don't blame Peter and some days you just wanna say get this he's one of the disease lasted up to the grizzlies barely cleared up with. But we are gonna now cut back to DJ was written and fingers in the Lizzie did they are the purpose here the bathroom stall. That's our good friend Bob memory had such. Technique on the Phil Mickelson situation doesn't Johnson part of the made me laugh hysterically when I first heard it get it there I'm perfectly good some bangers. Well. Here is Phil on why he did it now prevailing craze is Matt thank you that was so funny watch so I watched it back to Europe which neighbors they've I went and watched it too talented. Take the whole moment in. And I found it on a DVR and I thought it was funny dad Jill but really didn't know what's deal is I don't I got no idea. And there is Terry commenting and in but then they show a picture of Mickelson like walking and I toward some steps. And that's really just the bridge to go over to fourteen T. But Joseph Buckley racially comments. Phil here's a shot of feel like I just leaving the golf course in order to repeat study is walking off the court are going to have forty. I here's Phil on. Let's see here's Phil on why he did it. Simple question what apple over team. Look guys I don't mean I don't mean disrespect by anybody I know it's a two shot penalty and at that time I just didn't feel like. Going back and forth and in the same shot over right to the two shot penalty moved on its. It's my understanding of the rules I had multiple times where. I want to you that I just finally did. Did you think the balls roll off the green don't hit it no question is gonna go down in the same spot behind the bunker wasn't have a shot and I don't know if if I would have been able to save a shot or whatnot but I know it's a two shot penalty hit a blue moon volley tried his close the holes I could make the next one then. You know you take the tee shots you move on. Doesn't she room disrespect to the championship. It's certainly not that meant that way it's meant to eight you know take advantage of the rules as best as best as you can and in that situation it was just going bows is going back and forth and I would I'd gladly take the tee shots over continuing that that display. You really admired around us off to war especially here at two US open what do you say to those people that. Love you so much folly you do you regret what you've done. I've had an awesome day people their incredible it's been eight of seeing in happy birthdays wishing happy birthdays of people here made. Coming here over the decades been an awesome experience and I I had. Yeah it's it's fun it's a fund for Dick I don't mean that in any disrespect and if that's the way people took it. I apologize to them but that's not the way it was taken I took the tea shop and. We moved on. So that's what he says and Benny got into the big media swarming says while. I think somebody is EU into the fact that he he was trying to save shots that he thought taking more shots to get back company and from where the ball's gonna roll which is not true he didn't think it through he was as frustrated as he admitted afterwards that once he he he did that he went and talked to the rules official and he was like look I'm not sure where we go from here and he thought maybe he was gonna be disqualified. He just he was very frustrated action in 81 on the day he near was in contention are ready stepped yelling don't hit it again now he is in wanna go back down their play that shot again so let my my thing is this this is akin to Tiger Woods struck enough bombs. Remember when everybody is to get on him all want someone think of the children is no Nokia has ever. Dropped an F bomb winning three cuts or something you know as I did hear that where people are like yeah great now people are gonna go out the you know people just learn the game we're gonna say I think it's okay do this and you're gonna say it's pullen a Mickelson it's gonna ruin the game of golf via I just a lot of times with comments like gays don't give people have credit that. If Tiger Woods shouldn't drop at arms until should've done what he did well but it's just so. It's relatable to me like he's suddenly the first guy to do something on the golf course at their opera rhetoric we all do that and so when you see golfers do it. I just don't think they should make his big deal that is they did a mean golf is quite pretentious. And I understand that part of that is good there's a reverence and respect to play the game with but when a guy crosses the line. I mean you'd think he'd committed murder and how and it and it's just it's just crazy to me but. Yeah when I saw some of the stuff does is that we did we did see it we are receive golf together and when I saw what was trend seen in Michael my god what is so megs in do I. I was expecting something horrific I thought still may have lost fitter. Sort of clever hits someone or like dizzy dizzy just said Phil snaps in a cycle like what else. He hit the ball in the deep took a penalty and and and walked about we ought ordered to do resign he offered did. I guess is it look at how many BGQ dumb I'm gonna BDQ didn't did the rows there's like no you think you're fine. But that the golf writers and that's kind of my point that this to me is the unwritten rules of baseball right its again. Even it was it beef Johnson can they was like to lift a U ozolinsh break it to you as look I'll meet delayed. So it took it to me tricky and it's unwritten rules of baseball it's it's the old secret much any white guys that are right about the ones that the most problems when you wanna hear one. Yeah ready for on it this is the quintessential. Golf writers that you're talking about this man's name is John Hopkins. Bird yet John Hopkins of being John Hopkins university and he is British. And here's what he had was not happy I'm sure about Phil Mickelson. I think she was shot on the heat heat he made a complete mistake. In Britain we would call him. Yeah especially yes. What were minimal these that he shows little contrition. There's not much room she shouldn't he doesn't look to me this morning is that he realizes quite forces happen. Think that somebody people. Bones is my judgment is Ellison bit then I'm British I want make no apologies for it. Zane and he admitted and British in nineteen can dance that's my bird donor room guys that mean he doesn't realize what he did. He liked he shoots his liking the big ED took a five iron to a kid's head. Lol yeah. And Alan at all I agree this guy's like you know. He paid the price he had to take us to show up only for that any miss that he knew it I mean he knows that he knows the rules he knows that he can't do that he just was frustrated and and it went on his score so he didn't shoot a 79 he shot an 81 and that would've mattered if you're in contention but he wasn't in contention any news that and that's the only reason he did it. So let's all. To be deep breath and move on and I don't think he should have been DT we're going to be OK we will together as a country somehow. We will get through Phil Mickelson hitting a moving golf ball with a USO I will say that it I think that if any other. Of the boroughs out there like okay when he paint this picture for what Patrick reed does. Yeah people are going to be cut and what happens like it ticked me it seems like Phil Mickelson is kind of the one guy that. He can he can sort. Get away with that no linking it with that more than Philly if if pedigree did that he might indeed cute if it is certainly if a guy like. Daniel Berger one of those other guys it was up there that. No one really cares about if they did that they probably BDQ he's got a little so little Charles. Barkley and them and they just kind of the way he is he's able to get away with more than need be average guy you're right there there is something to that that that Phil gets away with more. For kind of be in that that jovial sort of guide that. I don't know I don't think it would DDQ did anybody did that had done that. Mean I suppose the mind of what was the provision they said there was a rule saying that it was a trend in the exact wording but it was basically like conjure up and it was like conduct detrimental. But you could indeed there is a rule in there that if you do something that's like egregious. That hurts the game you're allowed to did to be disqualified Daryn that's what people were calling for food for failed because he disgraced the game so much. Forty made itself into a sit. The gas well he hit he definitely is the ceiling of this ten million than punishment enough lets us sane and the woman had taken on the scorecard. But at I don't know we've all done that on the golf course it's it's it's hard to hit. Ian played the other side offense and in slam four in those like John Hopkins is never. Dropped an F bomber. Hit a moving golf ball there. It isn't this can use this figure army probably hasn't he probably has. If it's it's it's a valid point but can you say this about every sport right McEnroe did this in tennis. Right Matt McEnroe was constantly. I guess not living up to the I'm of the stuffy nature of tennis. Or we see this with receivers in the NFL when their barking at their coaches or Tom Brady the last and a team in on the sidelining yelling and screaming. This happens the sports all the time in a guy goes against what would be the perceived norms but. Freak out and say that the guy should be thrown out of that that. The big game no big gulf. Prides itself on being a little different and and there is a higher standard and I get that but we don't need to get too carried away. Here's attacks seeking to expand tax on 55305 he got away with insider trading he can certainly get away with this. Now like that and not this is a lefty would have teed off. On the fourteenth. T like Happy Gilmore he would have burned at least one lifetime fan in me when I did an awesome if he just says it is the president of the rest another round doubles down he goes Happy Gilmore off the fourteenth tee to the hole. My lord I would. Look I've heard a lot of that's cool stat column and on the court to keep. Gets down there his knees Phil Mickelson is certainly a polarizing figure out there and you know we know a lot of people in golf and we've heard a lot of things about Phil that he. He's not the nicest guy behind the scenes and he does rub people the wrong way however. Knowing that I still love fills bit on the course I love watching him play. He's a fellow lefty he's great with the fans I love he saw the and those lucky duck cat did you see either. So there's a guy who is wearing head doc cat gone down or give Donald Duck cap Donald Duck hat and he was out there and he filmed it. Any would go find Phil on the golf course any said Phil you god he yell you know he's boisterous fans retirement that earlier this tournament. And they're always yellen at the players in this guy. Would filming and he would say Philly got it their hats could lucky got to come tap the hat for good luck well Phil did once. Well this guy keeps follow him around the golf course in films multiple moments where he gets Phil's attention says he got a tap again this hole he got a tap to get. And still ran over to him every time smiling laughing having to get time to happen to hat save for good luck in the guide put together. You know like a I don't know we can snap Chad haven't yet seen and it went viral and and they were just so excited and I got in disguise it feels great and he just he had a good time and a lot of guys would have been. Just about Nader wouldn't have participated but he's great with the fans fill. What would I. We night kind of flipped on Phil was when he he did. David thirty show him. And I decide he's a great show about the cited studies wonderful on there it's a two hour piece cynic really. Is good to get you know kind of shed some light on who feel is and I just think he's an interesting guy. And he's polarizing not everything he's done out of love but any should've done what he did on Saturday that I just like him for some reason I like to. I can setting feels good for the game of golf I give that there is golf etiquette and it's different than other sports I totally get that even though not a full golf pro I you know I'd be into it certainly is not my scene. But I I respected traditions of it. I think every now and then a player like Phil. In any sport to shake it up a little bit is is good and as you mentioned his good friends did you see Sergio in the fans this week. Yeah he he he hates the he had ailing American and yes so you know there's the the bar stool sports what are Saturdays for that gas that the players he's gonna say Saturday for the boys. Someone asked that a Sergio and he said he zones as what are Saturday's four and his response was. Blinking you in the blanket. That was his response to agree Ken let me ask you which in which was worse for golf still. Do and what he did or Sergio getting caught on camera you know responding to fairness. In that way in its. Sweet sometimes we need to lighten up to deal says maybe Phil should weigh down the drink cart on in have a couple beverages on his way and get it doesn't get a stogie. I we got to go coming up next we wrap up the hour with the World Cup here's Mike. This is a draft recondition okay. Primetime revise it can suit Brett you guys are way buildings on center on Jay Nady program. Now studio World Cup. Big soccer turning on on mechanical. Involves every loan every. Qualified teams involves a lot of teams from around the world not. Not 99 not. I gonna be the United States you. Well don't you dare root for another country. Yes Elena played Landon Donovan and forty employees cats and some flak speaking of people being fake outrage. I don't know that this is fake as much as the bill outrage but to. When Donovan is the I think he's the all time leading score yet. For teen USA I think he's the most decorated US soccer player it in in the team's history which is interesting because some of Korea's this let me bring in soccer Mike. And asked. I think of Landon Donovan and I'm not sure why I think this way. I feel like yeah there's a part of his. Story. For some reason that is gotten into my head that he was a disappointment. Is he was he great. Or was he a disappointment because I sort of feel like. Without knowing enough he was kind of bulk. The only thing in and maybe sucker Mike knows more than just an idea but I seen a couple pieces on him. And it is my understanding that he is the greatest US soccer player ever position player. But I think the ever ever. But I think the part did this things is he was never a phenomenal international player. I think we're still waiting for the US player to go over and making huge impact in one of the top leagues many he had some success. Played overseas go was never one of the best players. In the world I think what Tim Howard. I think the goalie. From from the USB key gets put in the same category but he can maybe had some some better success plane in and some of the higher leagues in my. Correct on that Mike. I'm I'm I'm not the best on international soccer because there was sort of following it a couple of years ago. So for me this is like my first World Cup knowing soccer the way I did because I got into soccer 2014. And Austral cup. I've heard I should I've heard what you said drop though it in general is reading articles that he wasn't exactly. The most beloved. US soccer player. I'm not sure though is because she just didn't play well when he was on the US team or maybe because the US didn't do well when he was their best player I'm not exactly sure. So I don't know about the beloved thing I just think that they he had a lot of hype I remember him with a lot of hype and maybe is on listening to Regis so much hype that he couldn't live up to it. But I do think that it it just for some reason I think of him. Whether fair or unfair that he just didn't live up to it and maybe it is over hyped him but anyway yeah I'm looking here in almost every list. I've looked at five different ones and they all have Landon Donovan as the best male US soccer player of all time okay that's cool well. How part of realism. I did was the furthest we've ever been in the World Cup. And Bob take a look at that I think it was with him and that was what two World Cup's ago. That they made they meet halfway d.s around well now with US not in the World Cup. Donovin. Landon Donovan. Most of Donovan Mitchell. And at the quarterfinals in 2002. And that would've been with that is the only. Yet that's the furthest well amid the semis in 1930 about luck and don't cut C year old UAL and Amy's by any count that. Aaron it's Mike things that happened in the past count to. Okay directive in the semis in 1930. We have recently was condescending. At. Yeah it does there was I apologize a Wisconsin governor and yeah recently quarterfinals of the best 2000. And so that was led by Landon Donovan I see that here. In 1930 now doesn't she doesn't shoot 1930 day Atlanta dominance he's really really well was it sweet she's Jones in 1930 but I need Bordick and it was like I miss it Swedes shoes Joseph did fine team is safe from 1930 about the nicknames or grade silicon trying to get the glitz and they're names and so Landon Donovan. Great USA player I guess I he does this sad. For this year's World Cup is you as a claymore. And that this is the ad about fifteen seconds long and this is (%expletive) people off a member it was there is some controversy in May be. This is this has to Atlanta Donovan was left off. The last World Cup team and in it was a big deal I remember that. That he was an aging player and they left him off and it was viewed as a real insult to leave the greatest US player of all time off that team so some people think it maybe he's got some hard feelings towards USA soccer and that's why he's doing this. It's me Landon the big tournament is just about to kick up and not everyone's team has gone and that's okay. Wells Fargo and biting anyone in need of a team to root for to join us in sharing for the Mexican national team. Boggles me. Holds up he holds up the scarf it's as many team my other team is in Mexico and people for their reasoner pissed off I guess they're big right is that it is that you suck my big rivals teen USA and then Mexico I think so I mean I I would not endurance for an earlier and said I didn't think so and then. I got lit up on the tax on forests are a couple of the more about it and they have a history obviously they're the two best teams in the CONCACAF which is the federation over here Americans in South America but. Or north and Central America but yeah I mean had they are the two best Cynosure robbery. Yeah I just don't know if it's as big of a deal as some people are making it out to be but it may be issues and how dare you hold up a banner some. Well already in a Mexican team unit keywords in their war but Wells Fargo no kidding page says. So having you would you guess if wells it was like hey here's half million reasons their root for Mexico gets. And by the way I Mexico via Mexico so leave me. All dubbed the Mexican banner have a great time I go down there every December shouldn't each year from Mexico through. Want to fall oh and it's right were most of the World Cup without batting Canada. Yeah braided at I crude for Mexico and can't live North America thing it's like rooting for the pack twelve right. Not your school but don't you kind of pull for the food you know the West Coast not. I think what some would say is known if David Orr in Washington like for example are ducks would never pull for Washington and this is Mexico our Washington. Well that's what some of the soccer browsers and non secured for at and rethink organ fans are on board here in this cultural series it beavers are the hosts. Rule. Probably beats and would soon ruby's right. Loser is certainly more likeable the Washington by the way the game is underway now is finally started it Denzel Washington. Is winning. Five to four. There are two outs in the top of the sixth or against Dade has the bases loaded. And they're number nine hitter is at the plate yeah I would just think in general if you want to root for someone organ stayed if you don't ever rooting interest in the game organ state. More likable to wash it all of though. And I'm like. Yeah so I wonder like little little child molester make duck fans root for Washington C therein lies the question fish in the first game and up pulled up tournaments. And Apatow. If you're an Arizona broke don't miss it runs your son double their wildcat in you're like oh I want root for the fact of who you root for I'd. That may sway you to go to Washington. Well anyway. Be outraged Landon Donovan has switched teams how dare you sir. And I don't know I guess. I got to tell you is that watch the World Cup I kind of root for Peru because I went there and in an NL this dealer wonderful over there and I just. I remember how much they cared about their you know boy you know it's a World Cup there just did the passion for the you know for their home teams there at their homeland teens ages it's a it's awesome it's a whole other level of sport can European and it did kind of for me in Peru a little bit that they were in a volley ball over there but that was awesome. It is straight when you go to foreign countries and see what they're they're really into when I went to. Castro believes there and I crease aid. Yeah insist you might classical radio England about snooker they really love snooker and darts sinking games here. But was I saying group Pope so who do you root for I don't know but I was kind of there to. Countries for whatever reason that I'm a sick kind of cool when they win Mexico's one. Any others England. Yeah I'd like accusing them once in a got a great thing and I don't really know why am fist pumping that might interest you I don't know it's just let's if you have a connection to. Ninety again connection should seven UR percent of the countries that are in the tournament but you've been to England and the Swedes always do for me because my mom was born and raised in Sweden. Do I do find myself rooting for Mexico quite a bit I'm they were told that we shouldn't why is arrivals. But I Mexico. I like going there ever again I'm a party set them up the biggest international soccer guy yet but. To me it's like perplexed if you want to cares and cares jerks if all right will wrap up next fight to deal with him. Heard Ferguson this is a draft we can they should know prime time advising can suit Brett you guys are weighed building center on 1080 trim. OK no big names in the 1930 US men's hockey team none. It up and I even went through there Wikipedia and no cruel nickname now. Aren't McGee's count the coolest name again they got a Rafael who went as a web buyer Rolf. In Alexander the web by Alec but no three finger Mordecai brown no crazy legs them no smokey Johnson. So the beavers tied up 55 they moved to the bottom of the sixth but the kid. There in the top six bases loaded got punched out on as a very marginal he was judged him best eating goes astray no I don't I didn't think so either it is called a strike on Washington batter on the Zacks impinge yeah that looked and I watched him what was actually worse I thought that was a good six to twelve inches off the play dead. And I suppose if you're going to be fair about it EE if you're given the outside strike I guess you gotta give it to. Double teams so maybe there's some consistency there bet I didn't think either one of them were strikes. One other Mexico note from the World Cup given a Mexico they beat Germany. And I guess that's a big deal is Germany's bad ass it was a huge deal I was reading about that and then there's and that's needed to Debbie that was like a national holiday down there. Well they I guess they went so crazy once they won and everybody jumping up and down causing minor. Earthquake yet showed up on the you know what the richter scale their seismic activity. From people jump around and at that Siena and that's that's those things that I can get behind. Which you said when winning means like when it means so much to a country. And interrupted that Mexico is is that a Third World culture anything done it kind of gives that the people something to feel good about rally around. I think that's cool when you can get a group of people that. Did have very different different backgrounds they can all come together in support of one thing and you see Iceland is I thought it went through this a couple of years ago. With the team. My did Iceland. But dare they they tied Argentina and they they they played him to a draw yeah it was it was the same team I. That's. Mr. That's. Well let's play guy yet. In my own when he was screaming about there are those the Iceland tells them call by the world yet so close so when they qualified for the World Cup it was. Again supposing that one elected the great upsets in soccer history and so that was icing qualified for it and then they tied. Argentina whose one of the favorites and they have messy. And Messi got had a penalty kick to win the game and it got stopped by the Icelandic broad the goaltender. And when they did the guys same thing he goes nuts they find the Isaiah announcer. Indiana that might mean we can he can find it but it's taking his voice. It goes on for 2030 seconds and then after he uses his horse he can't even speak anymore guys Cory he's a happy is Iceland had oh what 11 draw and it was a big deal. He and I guess they said 99 point 6% of Iceland who watched the match let's tell it like nine people circle I guess they are all over there they have good everybody went over. Two Russian roads I guess they games in Russia. And yeah. Yeah Kazaa all the games in Russia. Yes every World Cup game is in Russia out unlike the one that no treatment of the day where. USA god but also some games are being Canada and some gains of the Amex yet this it's the first time that there having multiple posts that most of or be in the US I think candidate gets ten. Mexico gets and we get sixty and I think every game from the quarterfinals on. Is played in the USC all the games are going to be played in and rush 99 point six of point four. Somewhere. Point four. The percent of the ice ice lenders yeah Icelandic the Icelandic people. Did it launch. May be got drunk and passed out and amused is not a fan of soccer with the Yemeni people that is. What do the math I'd look at the population for him well in on odd I gotta I cannot do it on. Believe me I can do it with. The king LB reporting that number next very exciting see lake. Again I think that's cool. When something like soccer came bring together an entire catch I know it's different because the United States obviously community too many people vs. This Iceland even have a million people. Oh I don't think is now you're talking a couple 100000 so I get it's it's it's 335. Young yet Davidson. I understand it's two totally different things. But I'd love that when an entire country rallies behind one thing like that I think that's bad ass and that's easy. Turn to to get on board it's easy to root for. So would that mean net. 22 dead ET du. Well. I'm not compliment number. Oh arena our revised. Take a moment. In bring that number to you next slowed to stick our time with this how many people in Iceland did not watch the World Cup game. We have dominoes news in the club and a quick note on the subject of a Suk verses python death match you know. Got a little video today that. And I understand reindeer to GGC a yeah. Going down. Can't I have guys that go ahead a celebrity death pool sleeper for you on the club next on the fifth.