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Monday, June 18th
The sad story down from Eugene, Stockwatch, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. And Shia mosque generated so Sarah I'm Jenny you you think you're going number one I know we'll noble. It's time to restock their shelves of professional basketball. Let's see what the MBA movers and shakers have been my. This is a draft we can nation I'll try and John where does it consume. You nicer way of building from there this summer after a project and remodeling your online at SHU. WAY dot com primetime on 1080 Boe. These childish Gambino. Yeah I mean this crept up my medicine and this minor. Called. Baby napkins. Bridget and of this is America. I know that went late. Platform is America with a song in the first opened the this is or is this a 3005 I've seen the video 3005 C told him. Also some referred to as data napkins to jedi really cooled and that's like kind of an inside sort of thing yeah because speak easy. So the I mean just look at that their real quick the beaters. And Huskies still haven't resumed now on there and a weather delay. Signed the form be 54 Huskies in the sixth so what is that now 6 o'clock Hawaii time the two hours ahead of us and ages gathered midnight there via the central. So I'm wonder what points are we didn't do. Maybe only have another game to get and pushed into the the next day but I'm. And I gonna start giving in to this one's done. I held it a meek can't started so late yeah that ten. Yeah we'll see we'll keep posted on that blue we'll get to our stock watch in our next segment and in the news. Big. National news today. Space horse. I'm applied for a job. And had enough of this radio craft big world news for the kids. Now with Sony Eileen you're talking about the crowd was so you know in mashed potatoes. I didn't. I didn't hear mashed potatoes and this is a completely agree about the mashed potato idiots or that so that was a thing to you for awhile I did they say something new every time that match for awhile mashed potatoes was one that that was the that was you yell out David stream I there a couple of guys. Dustin Johnson missed a big. And liberal hole husbands I got. Okay big guy yeah I heard that there is the big guy had a big guy it was it was a come as an actor this is stupid you know anyway Rangers. Oh yeah no question it's clearly Mike's people clearly that are the problem. Okay now. To me. Very unfortunate football story yeah this is awful and it's not just a football stories it. Tragic tale period well it it's making our show because Kidd played football up and he's a linebacker the ducks. In on Tellme foe to lay town yet let's go with that is that right. So he's he's the guy who recently got kicked off the team gain had a couple problems. And this wasn't his first arrest but he had been booted off Betty being a guy that played three years of organ. Some safety summit linebacker. Paula councils that was a well liked guy that he had some problems staying out of the the police bought or blotter. Yes and he is here Israel and around Downey Jeanne it is a buddy who is a guy. By the name of Pedro. Shattering junior yeah. And Pedro about 2:30. AM an album was this Friday night. Or Saturday night and us this morning I think I saw this Friday night Saturday morning. Yes so. The guy roles is car news and Kia sedan. And and late you is riding with him. Any Carroll's car and he ends up being drunk and the cops come and he gets. He gets well first of all he gets taken at a hospital in gets treated but Dan Hughes charged with the lie down and he said he told cops that there was no one in the car with a. Kept those 230 when he rolled the car at least when the cops show up he said he's the only one there and then about 7 in the morning in. A passer by was driving and spotted a hand. On sticking out of the brush. At which points. You know they they called the police and and they found that hand to be fitted in wanted to be that of info to. Yes so wow like this dude. This deal roles as car kills his buddy. But. At the bit at the very least. Noses his body has been thrown from the car and doesn't say anything. Until the cops about it. But at the very worst. Did he find him alive or DD DD find him dead and buried it in sort of try to cover up his body to I want you to help. Yeah who knows there's so many questions so when I first saw this on Friday it didn't make any sense like his initial report was that he died in in a car wreck. And then it came out that he was fat don't in the brush and I was kind of scratch my head and it took a little bit to kind of put the pieces together but. In us and therein lies the question was he a life at the time of the crash did not die instantly. Was he aware of of the condition of his friend wanted but he he had been because. I guess told me that he got out of car and is never checked on the guy. Never checked on folks you I mean that's that's my question is did he not know knows he not know where was that could not find the body that would deep. Who knows I guess that's my that's my question is this. See I'm guessing he's the only it's hard to imagine I'm guessing he mused and then you people and a note nobody else in car yeah you know you hit the panic button because our. This this changes everything but. Going to be adjusting to to to figure out if they can determine did he die instantly or did he die later opted that's brutal because if you don't mean look it's it's it's a horrible thing either way good. If he was alive at the time of the crash and the son of a gun didn't say anything about it. Yeah that makes it got much work that's the worst scenario and yes. You know I mean I am not trying to say that in any way this is okay did it I guess you can paint the scenario if you're trying to find some sort of excuse for the guy. That you know that the guy roles this car either you're you're you're both intoxicated you go and you find your buddy he's dead being you freak out new panic in your drunk and you. You don't know what to do he's clearly dead. And you hit the panic button and you say well yeah I was the only one in the car that's me is at least. So he's covering for him. Not knowing that he was dead like in other words he thought while if he's alive down there I don't wanna give him in trouble. No it would be more right IR I guess some did did you if he knew if he knew is his friend was dead. I don't know why I guess though I do that's different to me then they'd think I can understand. I'm trying to put myself in what is the guy's name. I'll what's his notes China and his new year. So I guess I'm trying to put myself and in his. Mindset right your drug you roll your car and you just killed your friend he find a mean you're like holy hell I just killed my butt. And the hate Pedro shattering Pedro ended the police show up at I'd I guess I can understand. Her or at least tried to. Realize that at that point maybe you're just so freaked out. Right you just had this dramatic event your friends dead and you freak out and you don't want to admit to yourself you don't want to admit to the cops. The you just killed your friend he just killed another individual and you say yeah I was on the one on the car. That to me is different than. Either they're not looking forms. And just be like I was only car and what happened to one. Or be far indeed him fighting him lies not one of the deal with the the repercussions of it and lied about it. And taking almost five hours in order for someone to find him in the brush. I know that that's splitting hairs but to me that is different. Well I I was bringing up the idea that he rolls the car. And vote is gone. And he may be assumes that because he's okay. That vote it was OK you and so if he's not there. Then he doesn't want Iran and like you may be slightly stand up and laugh you say a law hopefully he's OK. He's not here I'm not gonna wrap him now now that he was in the car because then he'll get trouble I have. I have thought about that that's that's another 180 is the either way at all. Very moral quality need just bad oral yeah than that no one ever. You know and. I'm trying to do to to say anything negative here but you know it's a young man that ahead. Put himself in bad situations time and time again. And you know you know if you continue to put yourself an awful situations bad things can occur no one is is saying that that this was this was deserved or anything like that. But by all accounts that he was a great kid people really liked him in it sucks that. You know that he kept. You can't make in bad choices and didn't a car with someone obviously and we don't know if he was stronger. Her exactly what was happening but we know the guy driving the car was drunken it was another bad choice in this one ended up being fatal and it's it's heartbreaking. All right academics it's time for our primetime stopwatch breaks adding what we're buying and selling from the weekend in sports on the thin and you need to take stock of your right. 1800 divorce is on your side call 1800 DI VO RCG today. Chrysler in nineteen on the stand with Robinson. And now we're back here. Seven times it's hard for you guys. Waiting for the beavers game to get death cranked back up. Muscle while we do that let's. It's gonna young Mike Wallace stuck. In the. Are you ask us Virginia. To be honest with the I think it's. It's much more gratifying the second time I can really appreciate. How hard it is to win a major and can do. You know win back to back this is special and you know my second majors. His school. You know hopefully this will probably will have a few more you know my senate image. Cool school comes first Erica on his back to back US open wins captives moved from ninth to fourth and I world golf rankings. Went down when buyers cell kept it is a top five golfer in your opinion all deferred to mr. out on this when he watches that well huh. Holland more gulf tonight Jimmy right now are like on tour. Like just general top five guy general top five golfers then I would say if you say general tough night guys that are out there are no. He's not but he is a top five golfer right now meany is top five in the world rankings I think. It's Dustin Johnson. Justin Rose. Justin Thomas Jordan speed and Brooks kept up and he said he had only won once yes on tour outside of the two US open victories that's right it's eight if you want the top five guys are out to an end by that I would say just talents just pure talents. They're on tour. He's not one of the top five that would be like Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas jordin speed Fowler maybe maybe Fowler teed have McIlroy for sure at some of those guys aren't haven't had many years. So it's just it's semantics but I'd say right now he is certainly a top five guy just on the US open. But. Overall now. I can go off of just again what you read and what you year and I never heard anyone refer to Brooks kept GAAP as a top five golfer and. So I'll pass on. It was a funny it was disappointing for the millions of play people out there that enjoy this game that watch that. I would think that they're disappointed and why all this is one of the guys is a legend in our game. And if if that's how we wants to run out his career I don't think. You have done that at the masters Tories won three times lineup because he wouldn't do that there. I think he has enough respect for them. I I think goes crazy. It's this is on the British short game play players in the world if that ball rolls off the green you don't think he's got some kind of chance and maybe get it back up and disappointed. Here's ESPN's Andy North on the Phil Mickelson pudding situation buyers cell. This is the stupidest over reaction to something of all time yes I I abide this this is ridiculous yeah we're open it chambers I didn't see this live my saw the Twitter reaction to it. In just like Ian O'Connor wrote a big scathing piece about Phil needs to resign and then Rick Riley threw his hat resigned resigned from one resigned from the US over they want him to quit college on them yeah it's there wasn't enough in the US GA should be booted him in. For for God's sakes the guy did something that you haven't seen very much for John Daly had done its. And yet it probably would was pretty bush league but he was apologetic Cindy media are invited be broken as well. Got out of the got a brain fart out there the ditty going deaf kid all over the good deeds. The US open no older calm down and this is where sometimes golf loses me the the self importance of it and the respect of the game. Sometimes you aegis 88 so stuffy I just roll my eyes as self importance of in this is one of those turning. Well right to it I would well I I think it is I'll sell the stock elites of the stupidest over reaction to something of all time that's quite a bold statement. But I I. Golf scrape that one of the reasons gospel it is this is the reverence and respect that. Players have for the game players have for one another I think it's cooled their all yelled. Just so cool to each other and pound the something about that that that is unique to golf that's this wonderful. So you do get stickler golf gagged to end there's a lot of them do get pissed windchill kind of or when anybody you know does something that. Sort of I denigrates attic a little bit this is akin to mean. What he did was galaxy knows that he shouldn't and ya I also think that. He he didn't do it because he thought it would save him shock I know Phil said at afterwards as. It's my ball rolled all the way back down there than at actually would've saved shots they just take unity to shut down because that's such BS and that's what kind of this is a lot of people laugh about bill. 'cause he meet clearly was talking to the official even said afterwards he wasn't sure what happened. It was a beat Johnson who started do the same sort of thing his playing partner he didn't even know. What was gonna happen movie he was pissed he was frustrated. And he knew he was out and make any didn't wanna go hit the ball again is like F and I'm not walking only Baghdad their hit that shot again on disconnect you nine any said even said. There have been times when I've wanted to do that before and never done it. So he should've done any said that nuggets now wasn't my my finest moment but it's akin to like tiger dropped an F bombs right liking. Many of you see get on Tiger Woods for dropping out bombs and no he shouldn't drop that bombs will somebody please think of the children however it's just so relatable. That it's hard oblivion like who doesn't dropped at drop out bonds on the golf course who doesn't black or whack the ball you so pissed that you it's just terrible putts. They deal run of other black it again before it. It rolls downhill like it's just. We win pro like pros can't possibly do what we do out of the golf course is so asking frustrating fills out tomorrow and let let them have. You'll these moments I I get the people who are critical of him but at the same time. Easy on me he should have withdrawn I do not believe you should really try not really should've been. It's big it's probably give US GA. Some credit. We're not kicking him out of determined is their Steffi is held to him the Mike Davis talk Timmy said Phil and Phil even said Phil said he talked to Mike Davis who is the presidency do you want me you know do you want me to resign is like no. As you took a two shot penalty moved our shot 81 and that's exactly early Sunday cold what base exactly right well we'll talk more about this next hour. You can make the argument that their biggest sport in the World Cup history when you look it's Germany as one of the top four favorites but then Egypt then I'd go. North of the World Cup but over 56 years but this year besides it arts advocate that Duke Team. Direction at both teams would at least make the recorder. I don't want close to Oreo was out on what is tactical game plan but more importantly. Yet executions on the players there and basically it litigate here at the bigger take away I have from a blood. And what did you know we definitely can't think Victor gold may survive. If they were a little bit more political final verdict is read here. Here's ESPN's Taylor Twellman on Mexico's win over Germany in the World Cup there's been many surprising results so far. Fire sell the World Cup has roped you in after this weekend's the cover up in just. Being in the World Cup so yeah I by Ike ripped into the World Cup every year I know it's not like guys. In stroll by the whole thing but I understand the magnitude of this and I say this even with like with golf major tennis majors. These are not sports that I watch on a regular basis same thing with soccer. But I understand wind you have big global spectacle you have to at the pinnacle of your sport and understand what the World Cup is. And strong. Yet you Jimmy's got a couple of just in games and you know my Texan in the middle of the was the Portugal. Spain Spain game don't you think you usually watch this you flip over and you see those kind of moments immediately be easier the US was that it never summoned to root for but I watched a little bit of of Argentina play in you watch highlights and stab at the World Cup is going to get me regarding this but I guess it was an opening weekend at that obviously had some some firepower to it. How much my interest is there an eight hasn't I guess completely swept over the World Cup fever for me. Sure it's it's got my attention. I'd still buy this I'm a little disgusted that you know I don't. I don't trying to get Mike and like why would we not wants the World Cup it's great event and it gets me every year to your year that they haven't therefore I'm always watching the World Cup I think it's cool and so I don't know why and only trying to send a message that we Louis slugger Mike keeping jerk you big elitist soccer bro pro. So I think it's going to probably it's still wants to say hello and by the way they'll Juan Carlos Arroyo. Game plan I totally agree that was a masterful. Piece of game planning and that was my big. That was my big dog going into that match was orchestra teacher I wonder if his game plan trillion chaos and it did did outright. That. I'd probably still wants to sit down with him. Face to face and talk about this Santonio still feels time is on their side they don't really have to deal. With the threat of losing quite a letter for nothing. In free agency next year until the February trade deadline. It is is Adrian awards aroused he on the spurs patients with quite a letter report today says they do not want to trade him. In the Western Conference fire sell collider will get treated to an Eastern Conference. I think Boston can put together by far the best package. And I think Boston. We'll not have to pay an arm and a leg because I I do think that the further this goes San Antonio realizes that. Coli can control where he goes right it if he says that I'm not gonna resigning anywhere else that does drive the price down to collect what happened with Paul George. That was not a huge hole that they ended up Guinea formed out into the Kindle depot Lyndon B really good for Indiana. But Boston to mean is is the destination of bosses wanted to roll the dice and apparently they are and I just don't know who else matches it. And I don't think that did LA is gonna be where where this percent of I don't think they're gonna want new blood to fold and send quite letter to Los Angeles. And make that team got much better put together quote unquote the super team so. I think he ends up in Boston may be Philadelphia BI begins at in the east and that's where San Antonio wants to send him. I think he'll I think that. This. Keeps him out of LA is just what he said what dispersed is they're like no we're not gonna do that but I think that the lakers will sweeten the pot to the point where they have to. The lakers do have pieces they can make this deal happen that's very want to go and I think would sell the stock and say that he's gonna end up in LA like in the same for two months he's going to be there with LeBron James. He's going to be there with. Paul George. And Bill Simmons thinks he's going to be there with. Damian Miller at the which is the dumbest thing ever but still. It's interesting if you put Paul George quite Leonard in the bronze in the year but the still valued enough to give up every young piece you have to team previously and stay healthy. Stock buy teach my neighbor a tonight Goldberg Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues trust Colbert Jones to help 1800 divorce. Both questions answered at no charge coming up next. Space source is Mike. And this is a draft which edition of primetime revising consumed per. You guys are way building centered on an eighty vote. Our the end golf classic. The alternative is on Monday and Tuesday of next week. And we have held back to forces. And those will be auctioned off on our show tomorrow. For Special Olympics Oregon now two things one I think it's really sucks the golf tournament so that has been for for quite some time for a couple of weeks now I don't know if you saw this but Special Olympics had to cancel their summer game I didn't see he said they're just they they don't have enough money either of these and sons and so this is going to specialists organ it's a great cause so. Hopefully someone out there akin can dig deep and help out a wonderful organization that we partner with neighbors in the year you need your help the needs the funding that struggling right now and you need to have a great time and the golf tournament because that's always great time so Monday and Tuesday at a Langdon farms if you wanted to play didn't get in we have to fortunes so listen to our show tomorrow in new auction those off it if it's what is it good question. It's sick. What is it and that's on. Yeah. Who what who why can't that Dan is on the tip my time. It sit what do you say. It sit what is it. Day I got nothing anybody now can anybody text that. Does he made Abby doing the song justice the dinosaur junior now so mr. Jones for some reason I feel like and know what song you're trying to deal. But I cannot remember the name of it either but I sort juniors are real band. 90 but I I was calling. Childish Gambino yet does her job as for Joseph businesses remain if you're really cool you know that that's qualities. That's his other like now game OK we're getting bogged down a lesson. It is June 18. People losing its Faith No More asked me as far as that song the epic. I was singing it so well at least text and I didn't really got it in China you are the songbird of our generation. All right June 18 two dozen eighties upper. As you noted newsman here and boy we have a couple of national stories. Better grades. Well once gate you know and get on pertains to kids big world news for the kids. To get to the moment but first. Space course. It's gotten into space tourists. Donald Trump says space force an air force will be separate but equal. He used the term. From US segregationist history to speculation in the Air Force's new military branches based where's it going it's ever been eagle. And he has ordered. It's based force the people I don't know he's ordered people out some people in the military. Two go ahead and start the creation of space for space tourists he has signed lease space force. Directive. I I really. I don't know what to make of it and it doesn't seem real but space forces happening so I think I'm gonna start applying. I know the qualifications are do you get on space wars but I would like to be part of this is not going to be NASA press for a hike the noses through without the air force would have NASA and we're gonna have space force. One official from the US Defense Department said the president's direction to begin planning is quite clear we are implementing his direction. So he is saying he used to mean the only floated to space force idea out there a couple. Of months ago yeah whatever you. Generally your joke and that's where we got the clip from split tourists now he's saying let's do this though separate. But he. He says space. Though it is not him assistant US defense official says space is a war fighting domain. So it is vital that our military maintains its dominance in competitive advantage in that domains. The joint staff will work closely with the office of the secretary defense. And other Defense Department stakeholders and congress to implement the president's. Guidance. Did he said we're gonna have the air force and we're gonna have space force severed vehicle and it's going to be something so important. Quote big. But if it is gonna be ocean water in the U. Just ocean deep snow water will you. When you apply for what what position we have Michael used by for our lasers I was kind of opened for like me like a rear admiral sort of position was based more sponsor Iran via rear admiral was and that's the real thing. Look at up. Really yeah. What does it mean at the position in the navy. Rear. Admiral yes you know that means don't advocate it means in your family ever happens and I want the and you're at UBS I feel like I should be in charge of me noted I'm not in charge the volunteered for or the first volunteer for any sort of program your career has been designated. If I am a total ever have to take what the space tourist and aliens. The other that's what has happened that liaison to extraterrestrial communications. Did you plant that position. Now not religious community arrived. And I'm wondering. Yahoo! board approving side of things this is kind of where my interest lies great movie but we'll see what happens. I wish to become man and can I have the millennium falcon because I would like that as well. Potter potter says he wants to compile he wants to apply for. A commander of stars and stuff affect who SARS and stuff which I think is pretty cool I like it. TV we're at with the knobs in the US navy Coast Guard in its ranking above. Commodore but below vice admiral. Commodore doubt but the common are animal to it's it's something that's. It's above. Politics. What. You know you're talking now it's right here that are what is at home and it's it's her brain gene that sort below. Rear admiral. That's what this. And heard so it goes commodore rear admiral. And then vice admiral that's what it is and I'm assuming it's based force is gonna need a rear admiral in charge of pro V. And that's right coming in do you think another I wanna be in charge of what he's because I've always wondered then now one. And I feel like I mean shoot we would get along great and I believe magistrate of the document. Yes no not a little celebration parade at ten. Eating buzz light years hired out. It what's he doing trying to think of what is he is because he's got his own little this troop there. That does light years apart I can't remember what it is exactly. There's so many different options here for jobs in the space force now with the job create an opportunity to come I'm on board a lot of we need a lot of space Rangers yeah as you see again there crises cursed troopers. So you know we gonna fight giant bugs how's that gonna work. Although it's basic space at our stores are troopers no shower together and that seemed kind of cool. Piercing them moving to answer Denise Richards. I care for is I mean I used to look it's terrible movie but there's like 34 scenes that are worth watching Gmail or when he found out she was my trash. I don't listen to this point is a little weird yeah I think women let me answer it. But Whitney Houston but when you find out you're like grandstanding. Is when we used to feel like Britney Spears had badly Shannon threw yeah. So disappointing you know you think so highly know find out not so much this isn't the white tester probably eat as much less room grant yeah so Delores is character yeah. That that I forget her name I had I had not been I don't know her outside of cholesterol yeah tonight. She Dina as she was married to now. So think of Delores must world golf hall like I don't know they just prisoners like this can all American all American clean cut young GAAP she was married to use Marilyn Manson. Yeah try wrapping your head around that that blew me away and that's what is it like Evan Rachel Wood right competitor that's her name is Mary demand wouldn't answer yes. And they look at pictures ever she's she's. She's very. Thank you just nothing like she did the character obviously she's just. Hard in the real world she's been very she's very goth. I'm not dot what's the word it was the word I would select Marilyn Manson I kind of think of his golf he's got that she she's not did you say gulf. Doc are on you know that you can't say gosh gosh it's gone down. No Santa golf. Can't say god golf. Let. The more they illegally it's cavity with a tear in golf who's winning what has occurred on windows. That's fascinating why does your grades and Els in front of those sounds don't call us. So that was right there was seek seeing golf and doctor goth girls dolls. Now what about. Docked off. Clinton does better is that not. This better but not going to be thinking about it but we don't forget the other one needed to do you make kitchen. Golf and what this week. It's there are some people wouldn't look at this this gulf. Vegas golf but if it. Donahue Hillary. I'm retired about space where's he mount known him I cannot. Spoilers brilliant. Now with the word is like every six and he wanted to some audience she just she's like. I don't know iPod I've done it let's go let's take a break since tourists have demons and make it on the fans. This is a draft weekend they should know primetime revising consumed crafty vice airwaves buildings and terror on Jay Nady both Israel and right now we're just looking for. Was alternative. It's us trying to say about Delores alternative punk. Yet kind of songs steam punk and grunge you little bit but why do you think that that golf thing is that it little evidence a little bit. But it's certainly Marilyn Manson has gone yet and I had no idea like I just as soon panel like you that she was. Yes she's in I citizen Delores you know pretty straight leads to they're kind of like a mid western sordid sort of thing if you wondering you know retirement yes. What merit Manson for all of you know what that guy's going on look at these roster it's pretty solid he's getting in what is he doing now. He still I think he's still doing the whole Marilyn Manson is he really gotten a bit. I don't know I mean I've I've seen no one sells albums much anymore but they can still tumors and does hold. I never understood the allure of that that good successful. Did he sing lewis' big. Get too beautiful people I think it's the one that probably yeah noted tour. Right honestly I mean I see he's got its fans voting Marilyn Manson honesty is just known more for being. Weird they weren't like that we're units are in the female body in the different color like eyes and big isn't known more for that sort of Cotchery. That he uses actual music so here's the big world news today that's big for the kids and Mike beam World Health Organization announced. Gaming disorder and as a new mental health condition. We listed I think you are gone will we talked about this that there's this story about. Wants him it was last Thursday. That a guy had to put his nine year old daughter in rehab for fourth night now as if that we hear that want him to think she freaked out on them and this whole thing she was only eat. It could excuse me as trying to make her a little more advanced at nine DS they're calling it digital Harrell and that the kids. Are are getting hooked on up to me it makes sense he's there in spirit that scream through. They're calling for thirteen hours you'll heroin digital Harold now it's right. A simple scare tactic you turn nineteen. Sounds like it's the newest thing sees this is your generations things like whether it's rock and roll over whether it's year. You know whenever it's like every generation has to the next being that the old people think is going to destroy society. Speaking of Marilyn Manson and I that was a big one we are gonna like Marilyn Manson and M an amber. Like Ozzy Osbourne Metallica death metal like play the records backwards I want to kill every one. That's sort of thing and so this is the new one that video games of the downfall of society and that you know all our kids can become stupid. There are three major diagnostic features or characteristics. Of gaming disorder of line is that the gaming behavior takes precedence over other activities to the extent that other activities. Are taking to the periphery. The second feature is impaired control of these behaviors even when mean negative consequences to carry this behavior. Continues or even escalates. And a third feature is that the condition leads to significant distress and impairment in personal family social educational. Or occupational functioning. The end none of this to me seems crazy but I've seen it I've seen people they cannot. Live without video games it becomes. Something they rely upon it we get addicted all kinds of things and people are addicted to food. Think people are addicted did. The thousands of different things and Nvidia very addictive personalities. As video game reserve are no different. Sometimes I wonder like as I think about with my son because he plays and he loves them. But he's able to function and in other realms but. They got I've seen some kids they can't that is literally all they do all day every day and they can't function out in normal society away from that. So if you're wondering about your child. Night and day they say that. For a diagnosis to be made officially be negative pattern of behavior must last at least twelve months this is not an episode of the few hours or few days or even a month when the kids are playing a lot of games and they're life is suffering because of its. It's twelve months. But that will be a part of the eleventh edition of the international classification of diseases. I guess it does make some sense in this and the fact that. Video games are an escape. Just like drugs or alcohol can be. And if you're using it as an escape in that sense to ignore all of the other problems in your life and it becomes your sole focus of what you do. Then yeah I guess I could see it being considered this I'd even though virtual heroin sounds scary but just think it's it's so. Easy today. To whether it's social meetings are a group altogether FaceBook Twitter. In mr. Graham snap jab whatever and then you throw in PlayStation Xbox whenever you're your your choice of video game is. It's really easy for kids and despite his heart you know being a kid is hard and I think it's easy for them to just fall into that and you can live. You know kind of an online virtual world and and kind of escape. Can actually see that none of that shocks me one via its assets middle class vacation it's just that there's a fine line. It's like where he is like you say he can get addicted to pretty much anything. Like I'm addicted to golf is to do I not even know that that would be playing golf negatively affects the other areas of my life. I don't know since when is backe classified as a mental disorder I think we need the definition to me of addiction ride is when you do something and it it has negative effects you keep doing it. Close as long as you keep it within a healthy perspective like it was the difference between me. You write an enthusiastic hobby you know addiction. Yeah but the point is what gets constituted by the World Health Organization when he reaches that point what gets constitute a mental. Of health disorder and what if what doesn't count right like they think it only designate so many things that if you get a ton of minutes. It has all of it checks all these boxes like a digital heroin does ID add it to the list like it that it if if that's the case. Then everything can be added to the list is its best interest. I wonder if there's a difference and and again I'm just I'm needing to witness. In night no nothing of what I speak of but I'm just kind of thrown this out there is an idea. Is is there's something to. Like when you hear golf team right in and that's what you like to do or pay you to solicit they're addicted to fishing. I like riding my bike I like to work out what would ever that you're you're doing it's a you do it six or seven days a week. Outside it's a physical activity. As opposed to steer city meaning any room staring at a screen. And have been those images bombarded with we know that started to keep Peter we know that. That's sort of like can affect everything from the way you sleep to the way you think. And you're having those images kind of poured in. From a different reality that when your golfing you're not giving. A different reality shoved in your head when your played for now do you playing call of duty you've played bad you've played what ever you have a different world. That is being transported in your head I. I don't know to me there there's zero. Just like reading books. Minus the flashing images and reading a booking your engrossed in a different world. Yeah and tear escaping from your world team champion he told them reading addictions kind of golf was a bad example. But this gives you can't play golf 24 hours street at all in the end like not quit and I I actually get that's as bad example under saying. In general you concede they're a lot of things. That negatively affect someone's life in all those waves me because they do it too much yeah I just I idol addiction what is. I've always wondered and I'm not anti video games highlight video games growing up I stood tasty glad the PlayStation. And I'll go through phases raw play for an hour to the day. And I'll go along mistress is right don't put my son really likes it now and I never I haven't seen a real negative impact on his life but I often wonder in I don't know what studies have been done. Yeah I look it at some of the games that they get played in some of the stuff that is is. Involved in that some of the commentary because I'll go on there's some times and I'll play with him in some of the stuff to get sent between players. That are that are playing our mind. I just I have always wondered if I've never seen how that couldn't have an impact aren't baby got everyone the same. But some of that stuff and it's just pumped in hour after hour after hour and a scene it's turning you into a killer nuts in his turning you into a free acre or or causes you to snap. But I have a hard time believing that doesn't have an effect on on a kids' developing brain when you have some of that stuff pumped in. Hour after hour after hour after hour I'll say this from personal example. There is I do this in high school when I was developing I was on Xbox Live I was there was no I heard all that stuff and I think it depends on the person but for me. He was good because it did expose me to the fact that people can be like this and things like this do exist and it wasn't like I got shocked to later in life. Regular and that's kind of my point is that review it doesn't that's right it's a Wiki it's it's an individual thing but I think a lot of kids that don't get raised and healthy environment. They don't have good parental support they don't have a a system they kinda helps them. Acclimated to real world and that's what what they that's all they have I I have always wondered if there is something today. I don't hear any news or. June 18 2018 up next we have the hot five at five IU want to let along gamely thought that Oregon State North Carolina game as long now. About the Oregon State Washington game they're still going on. In three World Cup matches today in the latest on quiet Leonard also the Mariners insisted in Naia starting pitching normal to say to that is all Macs in the hunt by the five on the tenth.