Primetime 6.18.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, June 18th
Talking about the 'hip music' in the open...They played at Chambers this weekend, and talking the US Open. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Primetime Monday and eighties Israel and as a player that's your motivation in this draft advertiser and it's time to restock shelves of professional basketball doing that matters is they and all these. Eventually wanted to play with the guys who are on their level what do you do you know the movers and shakers have been mine and this is a draft recondition O'Brien John Edwards rising consumer. Crunch you nicer way buildings center for summer after a project and remodeled store online SH URW a Y dot com primetime on generating program. Hey what can do a little oh these bongos we thought we can these are Mike and opens. I think Republican Victor Cruz sort of thing. We're very hit down. Because this is. Dinosaur Jones or when it what's the guy's name who weren't balanced clothes. Ripped from its childish Gambino yeah. That is urgent OK so that that's so all the opens this week hey hey you know what. I've heard of childish Gambino and who is an alias to hear about that he hosted SNL among the caddie that she sometimes windows or Linux. Famous people like that that we have no idea who they are they cross over into my old round like maybe there on golf cover bridge there an answer now at them like. As of this campaign alive from the PGA Jamie you are right I know that guy is so he hosted SNL my daughter's a big fan my daughter is is a bit of a celebrity flimsy when it comes to crushes and so she's currently crashing hard. On Donald Glover in a cage childish Gambino and that's the only reason why I know who idiots. Candidate my daughters might as crushes it's what it's kind of a that's what keeps me somewhat in the local I guess dads don't have to give reasons now he's just lucky that we know and a you know a few of these yet heard of it is ours and we know Orlando we know who they are. Via deadly is not like the normal way no you don't like them on the cutting edge of music and entertainment of his new album he just dropped now if I sign on golf there is some on Saturday Night Live arsenal now. Yes so Mike's made new opens for sale Mikey is like music Mike over there he wears many hats he's been signs Mike he's been soccer Mike and now he's like Mick mix master Mike. He works and eat it. I don't know this because I don't know any of the music he plays but from the you'd like to text feet. Like what Mike does on the cutting edge of the year the in the music interest very unique yes for sports talk radio on AM. But that does nothing to Allen in the FIAM. Radio that I can. Talents are being wasted over here with us. You know it's got kind of cool I guess I don't know them brings the kids in. But he's got a bunch of new opens this weekend they are all dinosaur Jones. Dinosaurs jet boats and I've. It's work related basketball and Chow Chow the blitz is picked out this gambler. And then last year he did. Opens with Kendrick Lamar Lamar what. Sponsor Rica was but I I don't Kendrick Lamar songs and then threat at all I was absolutely did these opens. There's somebody that listens every day you know a week. About. I mean I don't know how many people listen to us in any given time but. Point 5% of them are like hey if ever that those opens that week will you regard last week we knew yet the caddie aids in your down and out my plate something that had a little. It will salsa flavored tunis at what the hell was that was from the videotape it and the it was from madness I liked you know winter a phase of our region and music were a kind of looked like what the Madden and keep the soundtracks were. And I grabbed songs that have debates the failure of happened once I was I was at the chiropractor office next thinking outside the Bach. Yeah you know the chiropractor you elect a thirty minute like massage before they go in the crack your back. And I was in there and they were playing. Some kind of music and it seemed vaguely familiar to meet us at what is that it was just like instrumental music. But it was like this sounds a release and as a legend of Zelda and it was from a video game that my son played after like ten minutes of sewage drive me crazy and I was like I don't. Mean to be rude comment what the hell does this make it's there's there's something about this NGOs you would know and Mike I I've heard it somewhere in my son plays and it was. Don't. Some dinosaur Jones as does John's my son played and that was she was playing video game music and she goes yeah I do that no one ever catch is under GO since. Some good instrumental music at the thing that's the thing. Throws from sky program that's what it was selling to kids today do and what we used to do and that is the we really enjoyed TV theme songs yeah. Like the you know you'd listen into the facts of life for better detecting did you take the bad you take a bull from there you the facts on a that's is this is the new facts of life fence line now. So I yeah so mice got some new opens its big week new week of sports star Q I understand the World Cup. Week yell yes soccer might Mike's coming in handy this beat beat us. I'm a lot of stuff in my notes but the World Cup will you like me where you just kind of and you know you're an outs you're like an outside observer you don't really fully understand it it's going to abuse you know it's big deals or you end up watching. Why I do not watch it. I watch it. But only I usually only watch win games are coming down. The stretch you got but I'll let them play 75 minutes the afflicted first of aroused the NCAA tournament. You say wake me when there's six minutes left and there's some good coming down the wire I think it's great to our it's exciting like today. England and and a I've turned a member who was Pia was on. Who's on the generation Indian tobacco products Tunisia tobacco. Asia Tunisia their plane Asian. Or Tunisia as there is an Asian and announced the ruins there's a question what if Asia had a team. Would they win the World Cup just Asia in general yet you only players from Asia a lot of people though a date beat. Brassy. Argentina I can't answer that question I did see today that the South Korea and that they lost to Sweden won nothing in G here at the South Korean coach said. That was brilliant now that's how Korean coach said that in practice they changed up all the jerseys. And then in the game he said it would confuse Sweden because they all looked alike to the suites. At. Blount could get this out a security as I dropped oh I don't he's being in Sears and but I was like that that's great Ager and right there. Historically that's fantastic and Swedes won one nothing. Well I I watch. The World Cup here in that you know I mean the games are on during the any any time sports are on week to a day I can I can flip it on because all we're doing this is prepped and instant death you know talk in sports and it's on the backgrounds I had like at the gym today there is like you know three TVs were tuned to the World Cup in the there was a couple of others that had Oregon State Washington and I got delayed so as kind of balance and back and forth. Between the beads in the dog keys and then some of the World Cup stuff. Well the main thing that. That I do. Win the World Cup is on is I jot down things in the and I have a main questions about those things yes they don't really know what I think about like for example of the Landon Donovan deal yet. I don't know what to think that I'm gonna need to go to soccer Mike for that yes some people are pissed off and then he came back it was like I dare you question my allegiance to the United States there although not in the turn and now in fairness to the there is rooting for Mexico the people are upset about that. Iceland's tool and a this is does not affect his questions look over the World Cup oriented it up some hot soccer digs come into my eyes grow up if they're anything like your hot hockey takes boy we are in forty treats. So then we've got Oregon State in Washington and you know delay right now yeah we had a little lightning storm happening there it's a good game it's five to four in favor of Washington. And this is the elimination game both of them lost game one and I saw that it was Allen started the beavers lost in the longest. Nine inning game in college World Series users for a half hours now. And they lost to North Carolina there's really long game he had been washed and lost in what Mississippi State so this is this is it they get beat losers now as well bottom sixth. I think 54 but the base is the top of the city's top six and a sixth inning but the bases are loaded with the beads and there's two outs whenever this gets resumed the beams are in their prime position you get hit in this things at least tied. But loser goes home here it's like fueled the Pacific northwest are wrestling days to the grapple and Billy Jack canes lose it leaves town. Kenseth Al itself. So that we did a lot of golf stock today which is right in my analogy at the US open lot of fun stuff from the mountain from the open. The US open up there and shoot a cock. As a kid. I think he'll back me GE of course the great course it's going off queries will not real happy you have led. That was a combination of things will get into that but does she cuts one of the best tests of golf there is a mean that they're able deathly Galactica that's a great spot and I and our next segment will tell you about chambers Bay Area because we you and I went up to chambers bay was coupled bros that was beautiful. And dare say eyes crop and you couldn't putt quite impressive performance and yeah re impressed aren't impressed I hit it really well I've certain time and time again. You really could go for you do not give yourself. Enough credit for rocked he gets on the course. Yeah I I got to. I got. I got to what Loge seat stymied by those pesky greens well the half greens they dummy it was bizarre. Could you know the players bits about chambers bay Jeff Allen and US opens here the PGA guys. Couple years ago and the reason they're bitching is because those greens are fast you now and you know by now I think it's pretty obvious that that was a mistake to go thirsty beans is kind of like abandon greens you know. But it just didn't work players in liking it they're really they're they're so they're just strange and they're very slow. Like yesterday or Sunday which will be played Saturday Saturday. So slow I cannot hit the putts aren't enough I just could not. Figure those bitches out if you putt it just a little bit better you get a chance to shoot under par it was impressive round does that golf course. Is tough and it was beautiful that is one of the did that that lived up to the building to me out of the great question that that definitely lived up to the holy crap this is awesome I want you to that next and then we'll get into the IUS open folks thank you for being with us on Monday with new opens it's very exciting. Isaak and seek on the ten. This is a draft which edition of primetime advising can suit crusty a nicer way building center on 1080 trail and ITT on the stand. So much happening. First of all somebody text and it's a good question Hampshire meaning you have the same question and I'll answer it. Quickly here they said hey what happens. If. The college World Series calls the Washington or are you seeking geezer in the six months. Technically by MLB rules official game. Did these get screwed in the answer is now. They will finish the game no matter what it may not be today if they can't get it in today they they will they'll play on nine eventually they'll get hills gated in so. That's the rule on night on tore about that and I thought I read that they were close. Whether you say I saw this maybe 3040. Minutes ago they said they thought they were getting close to me be resuming that so we'll we'll try to keep you updated on it so in December or early December we have our Special Olympics Oregon radio Thon. Which is always find last year. We are you know how much we raised I share with the listeners for them. God it was a lot is over I think is like almost a quarter mil yeah I was over 200000 over about is by far our best year but eighteen hours from him sixteen hours Heredia we do that and you guys always come through. And no one guy who came through big last year was Nate Osborne a innate. Paid I think five grant you did and they had a great story where. Kirk I don't think he minds this year and that detonate was he was feeling no bulls that day he he was quitting this job. Are attempting to quit his job wanted to quit you want to quit his job. And he just he kind of fell one of those you know what I'm gonna do something good for someone else I love eyes can suit and so he was he was empowered and he dropped the Brooke dropped five g.s on this package says he never really does things. I but he we did catch him in admitted that day where he's pissed about I think what he said was he was just mad about the way people treat money now and he was like I don't. Care about the money let's go to let's give this to specialists are what the hell I'll of the golf will play chambers bay says the U and I. And I him and friends. At chamber Tuesday. And we have to think Matt Allen who's GM up there for donating that to us and he's a great dude and he he he's an Oregonian actually Ian and so he he hooked us up. And then I think he got so he also got a pumpkin ridge foursome and then the club fitting right in eight at the fitting from a ban on tour van which is that a pumpkin ridge and that's what he's on the best hitters in the world is to fit Rory Mac or we'll so. Nate and I knew inmates Buddy Ryan. We all piled in the my wife's car and they couldn't have been nicer guys they're great deeds up innate in a couple of duck president of football bros. And they we drove up there and we we we played together at chambers bay on Saturday is not an innate said that. Not only be paid 5000 dollars for the for the whole package. He ended up paying more because once he got fitted by then he bottom line expect that the so he's in this for like almost like 7500 books. He couldn't have been any better sport about the whole thing and I'd say who it was agree reason. You know why did it and it went to a great cause. And day couldn't have been a better day there was chords like the 81 degrees. Half a little bit of a stiff breeze I would say of the chambers bay now wasn't too bad and it was just it was it was gorgeous I I had never been up there I never been to to that course and he's on TV guides on on TV and so that was kind of cool to go back and echo I remember that and in the C it's was it was close it was one of my my better experiences now somebody simply got McNamee. Last segment I think they misunderstood like I was criticizing B and Indians. Which I wasn't what I was saying was chambers bay went with fast you greens which that that is what the band Indians greens are. I went in when Ben and excuse me when chambers was built it was billed as an homage to banded dunes they wanted to create banded dunes. At a place where they can host the US open bed and can never host the US open because of its remote location. Just there's that did did the US GA won't do it so chambers was was meant to emulate bandits they went with those greens but. Did they can't do it as there's an invasive species of grass. Eight India up there in chambers bay where they can't grow they can't keep it means that the two or whatever it is Paula Paula. They can't keep it from overtaking the greens and abandoned doesn't have that problem. Yes survey they threw in Eskew and it was a mistake and now look let's be honest it was a mistake. The PGA tour guys hated it and they were bitching at the storm and so they're changing now so. There they already have a bit chambers they parity have spell holes 710 and thirteen RD are completely Pollack Greene is they're gorgeous they're wonderfully I they're better because I. I don't know what it is out have to ask Matt and I enemy do this eventually just has an interest in it but. I don't know why. Chambers days greens. Didn't end up being like being in screens has been screens are wonderful depth in their their fest you and wonderful but that chambers it just. It just didn't work and so there switch and amount there's a reason why this which amounts they wanna get the US open or PGA tour event back there. And so their they're gonna close that course in October and their clothes and all the way through the winner you'll be able to play chambers bay this winter because they're there it's. The transferring all the other greens over policy of buying next year by early spring next year. Chambers bay will be all Poland greens hold green problem that the players are bitching about goals open will be over because the putting green in the three greens that have already moved go forward and really great shape but the the weird part is is. The greens right now our half Stansky who half Paula. It's so it's a weird oppose invasive yet and so there is. And they have some experiments where they they have blotches of cholera in FS degree it's this is its transition yeah. But the fast Q is just so slow it's I just could not get used to putting on that. That surface but chambers bay to me is such a treasure it is such a good golf course not only you mentioned the views. But every hole out there. Is is memorable like it's it's really it is a really good golf course is a reason why I was able to host US open. And so it'll be even better next year but it's it's worth gonna complain on I've played her several times I Levin every time the thing about chambers yet though is. You'd be ready for the walk yeah as a big ass locking you can't have golf carts. Now it would kick your ass a little bit I definitely felt that the next day if it some of the elevation changes there. Certainly there won't Wear red day coming kitchen a golf cart urged and they take up the hill yeah. The long walk down the email it. You played all eighteen we we played about fourteen he now I stopped keeping score after nine I shot a 5657. On the front. And on the back to resist like you guys were all good golfers and we're played you know fairly competitive I wanna slow that down so that you always. I was along for the ride but I will tell you this that I say grow up put on quite the display because even with the greens being in the shape there aren't you in any putts he shot a 76. You get a couple putts to fall by the U. You look at seventy happened in there and it's it was close it was that was an impressive display thank you know I give you the I gave you the golf class that we see him. Very well and I like I'd just yeah just couldn't putt but. Also on and we want thing made in Ryan and you miss the best part. Well there are multiple we can power ranked the best part and one that you missed. Was on our way home as you went up Seattle fathers and yet we stuck around afterwards had some of the food and then no beverages and then I got picked up and we went up to Safeco. How about a black bear sighting. On the side of I five really yeah. I don't remember what a card off the freeway yeah I five or were directly you know the benefits I tied him to take solid act Portland. And and new ideas and pulled off some where you're just driving on the freeway and you didn't black for a black bear sighting I posted wrote sitting right there on the side of the the freeway. Is crazy cop. Have you ever seen that now. Well look Alaska. On the side of the freeway here in Alaska you can drive around you see stuff like that that I looked it up they said there's only like 25 or 30000 black bears in the entire state of Washington. Well it's in all the years I've lived in or is actually on. I've lived in organ in Washington. Heard that you are the better part of thirty plus years I don't think I've ever seen. Honestly a bear ever. And any of the times I've I've been out to bear droppings have seen the bear markings but yeah I've never. I've never seen and certainly not along the freeway if you see a bear bro hanging out in the bears this is yeah some cougars at some truck stops and and what caught a bit. Never thought. Never in the wild a lot scenes in Peterson's tracks you see AMCC's noted that the a lot lizards yep now. But this was a small bear but it was just sit there I hope to didn't get hit OB didn't run out here now insurgents cast chilling replaced I was so I don't. Outsource that I don't know why the lake. We knew we see an animal that's been hit. It depends because like I guess is like a policy you don't really care what they see an animal on the you know has been smacked on the on the freeway I was. It is just an animal and it happens all the time but not always kind of bums me out. BC deer or something like a crappy way to go outside your tip that down with them. While lifeless on the strip what is the town that chambers bay is actually in university place that is such a cute little just. It kind of might like and a quarters like San Juan kind of feel to it. It's like and I get to the Truman show. It was almost two. Yeah Mary Tyler Moore hit fish but a throwback like nineteen feet to do is gorgeous but we gotta think Nate Ryan they were awesome. And now we had a great time create Evernote does things. Guys can be guys can irritate any nicer aside what the US open of golf yes because well it goes in and and a will we we were like chicken updates on Saturday and I wondered I still am able to see this. If if ally has had this because Dustin Johnson and what shot six or seven over. On Saturday sesame seven had any still ended up in the lead he'd. ET kept the lead yeah any shot 77 going into around for a very strange turn and all the yet yet the whole thing was changed and get to it next year's Mike. This is a draft week edition of primetime revising consume breath you nicer way buildings and terror on 1080 both Israel and let's talk golf when the it ends today atheist sitting in Washington Oregon State during the delay on the Mike just told you that isn't. Date yet were about two hour mark here that this thing's been postponed its 54 Huskies. And it's and his top of the six. The beavers had the bases loaded with two out so to be very yet critical. Once they resemble election now also it is NBA draft we can we have lots of plan that. This week for you so a state team that trap of the weekend the US open of gaffe. Outage Sheila Cox skills in which was not supposed to be and the the disaster that was what 2004. The last time it was their. Indeed turned out to be every bit the disaster her. Yeah I was blood to the rounds were gaffe into the rounds weren't is just a strange turn it because that course is really hard period via whether. Or if it does it doesn't matter what the weather is if it's perfect weather that course is is really tough those greens are tough. And then you couple that with the fact the US GA loves once a year percent of the US open as you know they called the toughest test in golf. And they set up the course super hard so you you couple that course and started hard with the US GA the way I said at the US open to really test the guys. And then. On. Thursday and Saturday the wind kicked up and it and it changed directions and it it was a man. Yes she had to come out and in Mitt after both of those rounds that mistakes were made on Thursday they were really apologetic about some of the pin placements and he just said that the course basically got away from us and said this is dead this is not what we intended gets going into it but this was supposed to be a kind of are -- hurt Chicago kills supposedly they weren't going to do this with the greens. They widened the fairways a little bit they want this to be tough they didn't wanna re creation of 2004 and you're right on to those days you got in the course played tough all week you mean look over par one and it. But you're right it's dressing in some of the early rounds there were some people that were able to go out and actually put together some some nice runs including a tying for the the best round in US open history yes a tightly within 63 in camp where there's a shot short as. What date it was so big they had agreed via pins in some some places that were that made just impossible on Saturday if the wind kicked up the way it did yeah and they like you said they admitted that that was mistakes have been on. Sunday they corrected and symbol of the wind. Fires off like it did in the afternoon on Saturday we got to put these pins like right in the middle to greens elect guys at least. You know play it that way any chance that your they sincerity that good shots were not be rewarded and got good shots are being punished and that's not the main island and that's not the gold yes there's a difference between having a tough test in people not being able to score in people hitting good shots and be punished for they are sort of forced to kind of do it that way on Sunday because they didn't need another disaster zone Saturday just a weird the whole thing. All weekend wishes to bleed in the Phil Mickelson thing I didn't want to receive anything like it broke but John Daly did that want to think well hope. This account of John Daly didn't. Well if I were to say one other golfer at least recently in in recent times did that. Who live in you have to guess who it is you have guessed him ray if it broke fills spirited broke as well and I don't know if I've ever seen. A player of that caliber just. Quit on a golf course that's what Phil did by. Right after his putt and I talked to my Phil story from the masters and I think I did you know you were telling quits let Phil has a reputation we'll get to the hole Phil thing to do a whole segment on that. I got some audio too which is kind of fun. Because fills a silly ass out ranked. Here that maybe not. You look like you bills that Sylvia was Ian Ian here outlet for it okay so Phil so and my buddy Aaron Lockett that ten. Fairway at the masters which. Is separated from eighteenth fairway at Augusta National. By. Woods and trees. So if you ever watch their second shots on eighteen over to the right Ciba to trees on his side as ten fairly or locking down ten fairway. And there's no one around and we look into the trees like right in the middle of these trees there's a golf ball. And we're like well. Let's wait here there's no one where we're standing by the ropes there's literally no one there to uses less seen as that is and guess who comes on turning up. You know lefty Mickelson now. And his caddie and he was he was out this was a Friday UW did not make the cut and he this was his last hole. So this idea big guys don't quit on the golf course. They do because I watched it first hand where Phil locked up. The caddie didn't say a word no yardage Nath and Phil looks up through the trees I do I have an opening grabs the club hits it locks on like he was done it again it didn't matter. And so Phil has a history you are those guys they're so competitive that when they played poorly. And they are. Toast and they know their toast. They're just like any other athlete they're gonna have moments. Where it's not their finest like he said in their pissed off and made innate. You know do things like that but we'll get to that. In its own segment the filth. It will be Phil Mickelson that I'd love the that outraged strip club golf pro golf is so preakness does the self importance. My god of Rick Reilly and Ian O'Connor and the likes so the last 22 groups this was Saturday and the last when he two groups not players. Did it break par no like there are a couple guys that had some decent scores in the morning but anyone that went out basically you know after after twelve. It was a death sentence I've I've never seen this in a major where Rickie Fowler went 84. 65. Yes it seems to be a bit of a third of the swing there from Saturday to Sunday and then Tommy Fleetwood with 78 to 63 yeah. Tied for the big the best round in US open history well Dustin Johnson who looked like the one guy that can manage the course the entire time he shot what 77 on Thursday. Yeah and again that was not a bad score. We still that he just couldn't putt he shot 77 it was still tied for the lead she'd going into Sunday while he almost won at turning out. And he did make a putt except for eighteen on Sunday it did matter he didn't make a putt all weekend now like his putter was in control looking good. He short game and good there's him Friday and he just flat out lost his putter Saturday and sunny costs in the term. So. Let the players did their best to be diplomatic about it. About the course which didn't stop them from whining crying chambers bay but this was a little different in that it's just like it's a great golf course just. Does the mix the wind in the US GA and kind of how it all played out dismayed for a bit of a mess but I love it because one weekend. The year. These PGA stats they take it in the shorts and they and it's a survival of the fish beat him up and it's okay I like that I think that that's what the US open is known for and I. I enjoy it. I don't mind it but again I go to the point where if if you're hitting good shots in your being punished for it I think that's ridiculous. On they admitted that yes the Thursday and Saturday I had to me that's not enjoyable to watch and we did get to watch a lot of jobs ansari because we are upper chambers bay bit. Dad to me is is not is not good television that's not good feeder to watch the best in the world give brought to their knees like that to me visitors to being challenging and in being vast. So. The missed putt by Tommy Fleetwood news like you said tied the US open record with a 63 yesterday. That missed putt on eighteen yet yet another Birdie Putt on eighteen could 62 and that would've sent a playoff that that costs in the all time low round record at the US open and it would send him into playoff based on how the rest the guys finish but I think it would have been weird to see a guy it they would have gotten a lot more criticism. If you have a guy go out earlier. And shoot a 62 and sit in the clubhouse and wait for everyone to go north of him as what was it three hours he was in the clubhouse after he finished it was about to be done via and so if the wind had picked up like Saturday and all those guys score start ballooning and he's just sit there with a plus two. Because he he played before the wind that. By Taylor what they would've gotten a lot more heat they are they're lucky that Fleetwood didn't win that by just. Finishing early simply be Betsy played earlier in the day but that putt in that's golf for you isn't it that weary wary that dude shot a 63 cup team made birdie after birdie after birdie any sit there in the interview after the round on. Should have been a 62 yeah right like he can't appreciate the 63 because you left on out there any act he actually left one out there and at the last three holes seem like. Yeah he was saying that you see he tied for the best round in US open history and all he could talk about in the interview afterwards word that two to three shots that he left out on the course kept saying that he could shot sixty dad did he's gonna win a major doubtful Tommy fleet will need to get and he made the argument that maybe he should add this when it's certainly was an opportunity when you go I'd shoot 63 and everyone else is just struggling to try to give our. Mean you give yourself an opportunity but again yet so many of those blow ups early on in the in the tournament. Well Brooks kept cat gets. A giant man they give me this goes back to back in year given him a Mitt yeah he doesn't do anything for me he's one of those guys and I don't know if there's a growth factor too it's in IE. There's just something about him that what that he's got a major growth it keeps Peebles for her informed that goes back to back US opens and collectively. They're the golf world can you gives you as and he doesn't do anything for me I in like Ryan said on email our our body from chambers bay on Saturdays I can't really tell you why but it was like Adam I was really pulling for him and I'm the same way I can't put my finger on it I think if he had a mustache. He'd he'd probably everybody would love them but the fact that he doesn't. Everybody you know they don't hate him but it's like now Kanka Allen as winners is like yeah. Would have a would have rather seen DJ when their pets Fleetwood that's where we're that we YouTube hello there's something about kappa. They he's a bit he's a bit boring there's something about him I don't know whether he's just so stoic. But he's just that bogey on eleven heat so on eleven. Europe at the mayors in seeming out of seen this but elevenths apart three. And he hit it in the inept he hit it over the green. And he's trying to figure things and number eleven to come down the stretch US open another US open. Title he could win and he puts it in what the announcer said was the worst spot they've seen anybody in in. On that hole all day. Any news in the thick stuff behind the green he is like did he he's gotten no chance here and he'd he'd knocked it out. All the way across the green into another bunker and that's what they wanted to do. Is get it out and airing getting into the bunker and try to get that up and down for bogey that's what he was playing force that's how that's where he put himself you know. And he did it. In that was probably the highlight of his round of his back nine is like that is I do that was amazing that he made bogey from there. But that was beg of all the shots that he hit. To win the tournament that's the one Ira that that's the whole I remember rose. They're little Patrick Greig is when Patrick reed won the masters weren't people kind of saying the same thing their my little eighteenth gather something about something about it or just doesn't. It's hard for the the masses to give behind our American golfers in in younger guys but I said you guys say yeah. I I don't know highly sank implementing the whatever Brooks kept congratulations great job now I filled. Congratulations on your two US opens in back to back key imagine if that's DJ or that's Rickie Fowler or some in the goes back to back US open the guise of I think conquering hero but Brooks kept it does it and we are collectively shrug our shoulders I think. Part of it is too that kept has only won one other turn it. It's kind of strange a key he's not like this guy who's. Who's just like Jordan's speech went on a run there where he uses winning a lot doubt majors and otherwise kept this Dustin Johnson to. Kept it just won back to back US opens he's only won one other. Tournament on tour he won the 2015 now Phoenix Open knows it he's won two zone has hurt so it's strange to people I think is he's not. Viewed as one of those elite guys you know he's one. In a league tournament twice ActiveX very. Now we can't rapper has around discusses the monotone grip the didn't help the boring factor either Iran like even the outfit was a little loses the general bore. All right we wrap up the US open coming up next and then at the top of the hour. The curious. Death of an Oregon football analysis. The 46 on the fan. Yeah. This is a draft we get a should know prime time buys it in suits rusty device or wave building sensor on generating those trends. I'll get to Phil Mickelson flat for the US open a little bit later in today's strike cast that. Resident EI US open there for the time being. So Brooks kept it winds. We give it a collective hand could. That is let's see he's another American aged twenty Ater younger. So the last five majors have been won by Americans when meter younger yeah I mean it's that that's. Everything that you could want. You know if if you're did you know did the US GA or the PGA tour. They your getting in a young Americans that are winning this should drive TV numbers but at least allow us to Patrick reading now kept at. I kept going last year I just don't think do anything for anybody. So there are two other guys. Actually three there's there's a guy who won a major within the last ten years. Actually sorry he's won two majors over the last ten or so years who only has. One other win on tour so so that's exactly like the Brooks kept it resonate even and that's Marten timer. You know he'd only won one other event no I had no idea. I kind of assumed that he'd won a lot of that he and one about which now he's in the bricks kept it territory and then their two guys over the last fifteen or so years that. Have won majors that have no other wins on tour and won an emblem anyway. The first on his show on the keel humor when he won yeah kind disorder as like 2000. Three issue didn't even win there was a PGA. But I'm not sure I can't remember now that's not remember he had me he want and it was just. He has talent as well who airing he's never won on tour other than that the other one there's another major winner. Who has won one major and never won on tour and any other stop you know can you guess who that is. That is that it never won another stop and he's in he has a lot of starts like he's he's he's he's out their lies that he's a household name. Really yeah I'm talking about Louis blues Hazen he has never wanting no. His only win on on the PGA tour he's got more than one major though doesn't know he he he's only went on the PGA tour it was a British Open I thought you had and I thought he had one button while he was the guy in the playoff and Bubba Watson when Watson hit that big. Hook on ten on a mask I'm sorry it yet the masters hook so Bubba beat him in that playoff. But and he's never won another tournament at sizzle on the PGA tour PGA needs more Europeans of feeling the British Open. But at any point did you think patch agreed was gonna win that thing. Or you may not to watch it could see Europe in Seattle we didn't get to see a bunch Lowell reed aside highlights of Libya we're up with the mayor to games I was on my phone got chicken updates but yeah it was a once in first pitch up and Safeco will read read started three shots back. On Sunday and he birdied I think for the first five and it was like global. And it kind of look like if you're watching that thing your like holy crap patch agreed. After all this stuff is gonna win another one you know go back to back as he dogs who won the masters he had a rough back nine. So he heated when and how about the the US and the crowds out there. A lot of people are are complaining in and rightly so that the US crowds. Can be out of control especially the new York New Jersey grows get a little too wild boy adage is you're out there always yelling. I mean seriously after every shot on TV they're all there's something like theory Allen. Well and some of them it's like Patrick reed is out there and I'll if he's heard the guy who yelled nice shot chubby. As I really dude. I mean that guys. I just think it's crazy that any EUE heard DI well. I think you probably by now heard the audio of the two guys talking about having sex at their ladies yeah we did hear that of course that's not their fault they just got caught on the microphone. It's just that how many times they have to dump. Cussing and whether that's players or whether that's. Spectators. I've asked this question before we're gonna hurt your job dumping the players because you could hear his. I'm here funniest stuff and that is there's always that delayed champion yeah DD that's when he goes silent that's because there they don't there's something you'd ailing eighty year. Yen and fox is trying to bring you closer to the course. C definitely pick up more than on the fox carries you do win when another network has had good. I've always asked this about golf end and I gave you are you you're more RC a vote of golf gods and I am but I enjoy golf but sometimes the the corn cob you know aware of golf can drive me a little nuts. Think really. We really got to sit here and be critical of fans that are enjoying our sport and fans that are cheering. Is a debt that golf and to some extent tennis. Both expect some sort of reverence that you don't get in any other sport. Mean that I gifted big gulf Unisys has gotten little rowdy from crowds and it comes to majors but. Go to any other sport and and we don't expect any sort of reverence from a crop when it comes to golf when it comes to tennis we do. That's how what it is it what it is is more of like it's just bros trying to be funny and get on get on tape and beat that guy here because it's it's quiet it's a whole guys he had exact. And they'll something exactly here so if there's a difference a teen haven't like the Phoenix okay. Yeah like that is awesome might not be everybody's that's a Waste Management Phoenix Open and gets her out and they have made. A killing people wanna go to that tournament because it's so fun it's a party and it does get rowdy and people do you cheer in the go crazy on that par three where they have the the stadium seating but but it's not like this it's not like where. Every other viewed as Jim noxious tone to blow like hug your ankle altered Tony Fino I'd just like stupid stuff where there's always trying to do is go viral is just dumb and it's. And I tell you what. It is any East Coast thing that I remember what the last US open and made as a PGA or something bit me as Bethpage. They determine out there and Kadaziz 'cause bros are so boisterous it's just. Not like they're just excited they're just obnoxious that's the difference so what do you do about it. I don't I don't know what you can do about it seemed like the players handled it really allow this guys is it just egos when you're basically giving are worried about the knowing heckler bothered in the right fielder is that he's in knowing you same thing here yet kinda it's it's kind of it it does get annoying to watch do they need to do something about it on tour I don't know if the play it doesn't bother the players. Then whatever it's just it's just kind of like Al but it but you launch itself. Well actually spoil you want Saturday or Sunday yeah Saturdays or worse because everybody gets wasted on Saturdays Sundays. Our little bit different but towards the end of that term and it was the same thing. And it just gets to be a little much concede that. I mean I I've. Obviously watching golf major championships you do yeah you definitely can can get to that kind of roll your eyes point where. That the crowds can get a bit obnoxious but. It's a fine line because the same time I like the fact. That. You know that there are some guys out there that do show emotion that went deep lease to give tiger a hard time because you would curse and show emotion in India you know throw clubs and android's it's a fine line between being a robot and having too much emotion that the same to a baseball Bryce Harper. They've people Gupta has to Bryce Harper and his thing was sorry that I play with little flare I do think that there is an element of flair that's good yeah all sports but yes there is a fine line between flare. Passion and obnoxious East Coast will get mould grow. And you let's talk about being a robot. You know at the masters they turn you in as a spectator they turn you into robot now you can't yell anything now they'll kick your ass out. And this is why they don't want to get to discs to this level. All right more on that to fill flap coming up a little bit later but up next the curious case of and Oregon football player. Who passed away this that terrible tragic story three thinking on on the fan.