Primetime 6.15.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, June 15th
Hot 5 at 5, Kawhi Leonard news, and what's wrong with the NBA, plus the Beavs play in the CWS tomorrow. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. It's 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. I remember the. This and we'll have the rough is extra thick this week. All you're trying to do is of punching back into the fairway and sex tape yet no expectation in you say this is primetime Momo fans US open week Roxy but area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop its great. Primetime retires again soon gone 1080. Around 200 yards both. I welcome back it is 505. And back from the dead. Prices stayed home limit. You know the bad optics of that being out for three days and then I had that chambers beta golf if you will that's what we're talking about I read our little disappointed I thought if anyone had the balls. To miss three not necessarily hard labor days. At the office and then man is the big flag day's show who I knew we weren't gonna miss chambers you when you weren't doing that I don't want to miss it now so I figured that that you'd probably showed today implied. Man I was hoping you're gonna pull that sorry can't make it but Daisuke out certainly golf tomorrow and we are about. Not you know what I'm not a hi Andy Brown manhunt now but. Goodness did show I think you sound our enemy now also a terrible number basket but are you gonna do you like the fake cough you know like you come and try to convince people you're sick. They're back in the day we had a violin before a text messages Leann button gives anyone the benefit of the doubt when they're sick unless you can come up with a verified. Illness by your city if you called or or Tyson said the EU had. You know what ever you have made so that up there was a shot that I had strap yes but that turned out negative view gets out then you're like yeah I got strapped and it was like oh but he stayed that you're sick I'm just sick and how is generically say no at the U we. Now no respect. It's true or did they did common coal coalition because it's like a cold shouldn't really keep you out the out of work for two days but I'm telling Hillary he's. I was down man out I was down I don't know what I have now but it it knocked me out Manson and Ted it's it wasn't strapped I think it was either Ebola. Or maybe SARS. But am I having gone back to the doctor. That bird flu of that and one that and when H one H1N1 H one end of the way around now now get chipped it yet but anyway. Michigan haven't plagued up up up tonight though and in. Monument. And yes chambers bay we'll happens now. Although you know you're. You say you're not you not feel that I'm not I tell you one feel and I can't wait to go I love it up there and I've never been that's your latest now. Well like you know of the first time you're going up there with this Special Olympics soaring crude guys that that were generous enough to buy the foursome with us on there. I mean he got hit like five grams and his bunch were going up there with those guys and we're gonna have a good time now we'll say. That's while I am not a 100% sometimes and you golf pros and you'll notice sometimes when your under the weather. It helps your swing. Because. They Lisa does for me ever be is a difference thing for me it helps because I'm. I slowdown. Like it's kind of a lazy sling yeah that's what I need is that sometimes I get a little too fast or too little temple they're so guess yet it helps my tempo too when I'm when I'm not 100% now I've been informed that it's a very hilly course it is down into law a lot the other is no carts that you. So I figure you got about seven day holes. And then I'm done at that point. Quitting yeah yeah at that point I think I'm just gonna walk at maybe at the turn I showed my clubs aside and I just want with the guys it is very healing we. Don't like eighteen holes twelve is my perfect amount like I very rarely do I goals eighteen like 98 golf nine but I think there needs to be an Pollack option. I should be able to play by a hole because nine is too few. But anything more than twelve I don't like it my knees hurt my neck starts to hurt I don't I just I don't enjoy it. So I idea I'm your guy he got a legitimate on that sort of course I'm guessing you give me for about eight holes of. Any kind of obvious you can always pick up out you know have to play them it's just disc his shot is kibo ago but he like my teenagers hit a couple shots here and there is gonna move along. And Milan played nine good see what happens. It's not my goal of big money game on them Ari you ask him to replace for nine. A little mental want to play for it if you know of any team my focus goes right to help them on your team. Shoot anybody and take him any other browser sandbag and so coming appeared 515 choir Leonard wants out talk about that there's a shocker. There is and a weakening College Baseball that we need to get you ready for. If we have time some Friday randomness and in the club I thought we could talk about a Father's Day. Some hot Father's Day time cause the I didn't get to dinosaur talk or giant tadpole. Well and bolts. In the club GAAP six to seven right now seen the temple going on right now. The bacon around as we can sense seems a tad pole that's going on it's going around. Isn't a tadpole of creature them I think yeah. Enormous. Can come and force you're gonna die by temple the hot satisfied is right now. Odd topics and opinions or. Are they okay and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club. I'm private Bible. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line. Download the reward happens start earning points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number flies. Memo from the EI MBA to its teams indicates that draft eligibility rules may shift as early as 2021. But no earlier Deanna but we need to visit the one and done all this momentum was. And was heading this way but what they're saying is that what they're they're letting their teams know that it. Doesn't have to be collectively bargain yeah this next CPA which is 2024 they're saying it will come earlier yes it no earlier than 2021. Where they will get rid of the one and a world yet so the kids will be able to go right to high school. Which you mean right to the pros right to the pros get up front from high school and I. I don't know blinked. It it's it in in one way it's good I don't think that that was ever the you noted that the problem with India the problem with college basketball this Felix some people are thinking that this is gonna solve the issue of the NCAA is car is illegal payments when not in it's it's not going to. Number of Quebec's in the top. Three or four picks every year are going to be high school kids. I'm having airport the United States did not lose today at the World Cup all right. That's because they're not in it. Well recent 20/20 six we don't have to qualify we get an automatic bid. I'm told to match of the day was Spain and Portugal yes. And it ended an 833 draw that according to soccer Mike it was the most satisfying draw in the history of soccer. After Shannon and although had three goals which I'm told of the hat trick yes. Which I don't think you see much in soccer you can see that more and hockey and I don't see part of it when I was at the gym. And it it was entertaining them back and forth game it was supposed to win. I don't think there was a team goes that's really supposed to would probably Spain. Phil Phil is supposed to be an amazing nationalist. Iran. Or is it I ran for. I'm pronouncing it Iran Iran they beat. Morocco now Morocco one nil dec 95 minute Morocco and headed the ball into their own goal. To lose and so hopefully this does not turn into one of those Columbia situation. But that poor guy. But I don't know what I mean it was. Looks like he was trying to score on themselves. And I saw the end of the year ago I Egypt game because it tried for a golf came on the victim that was it it was it was awesome they're great finish. In your life scored in like the ninety cents a minute. To beat them around one. Yeah I mean when it's on in the background I mean I. Isa don't you watch a little bit you're there it's it's fun and the crowds get into it it's just it's a little bit. It's nice when you have a rooting interest with the USA it. In the end this year you don't know who to root for. Setting appeared College Baseball weekend Oregon State north Carolina at noon tomorrow on ESPN. A Washington in Mississippi State the second game tomorrow at 5 o'clock also on ESPN the beavers. Are now the odds on favorite to win the thing Sunday it'll be Texas and Arkansas followed by Texas Tech and Florida. If we had dish I can scratch behind yesterday talking about it and had a system needs I know it's phenomenal 21 days because I can't believe he likes organ states. He docked at Florida was the most talented team top to bottom and that he likes the beavers in this thing. Round one of the US open produced the highest scorers at the event since 1986. Also it should attack kills that so when now ray Floyd won it. One under. Today the course played a few shots easier round to Justin Johnson and unfairly he made four birdies to just one bogey he shot 67. He is four under and leads by four shots. Scott pierce seat and Charley Hoffman. Are even par. Here are the guys won over. Five shots back Tommy Fleetwood Henry extends into Brooks kept Justin Rose and Ian Poulter. Culture it was only one back at Johnson but he triple bogeyed eight pounds and he bogeyed nine his final two. It was on its feet missed the cut by one shot he went for you finished his round going birdie birdie birdie birdie. And then two bogeys to finish any missed it by one. Speed Tiger Woods Jason Day Rory McIlroy bubble Watson met futures Sergio Garcia John Ron Adams got falls just missed the cut and as. Number one. Number. Rickie Fowler's Upton though he shot 69 days only two over down to what seems execs expect him. That would BF foreseeable that can be that scrappy Kansas man. Three get and three different NBA sources are reporting it is over for coli Leonard in San Antonio it's excuse me it at one moment please it's over. For him in San Antonio they said that he's not concerned about losing out on the super Max he basically said that it was a breach of trust. And that betrayal is not gonna be mended and he wants out in his preferred destination of course. Delayed you a lakers he said he wants to be an LA. That would mean the clippers the lakers but his preferred destination would be. The Los Angeles Lakers but several teams expect to be in the mix including the Boston Celtics who tried to inquire about him. You know a couple of weeks back. SE a pitcher does he have a case. Let's talk less than that yeah let's talk about quietly he wants out that is you're not by the five its refreshed by prosper. Recourse like download course likes new rewards at the start earning points toward one of the kind experiences. And game tickets by sixteen on the fifth. This is a US open which edition of primetime where guys against suit brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady we'll share them. Right on the NBA offseason. No it's kind of this and you get LeBron as a freeagent. I got LeBron and he got. Not yet let me be the fifth sixth best player in the league on the move maybe he had just just got more Eckstein is set we I guess. Some recent and on Twitter and it's probably right it'd seem like collide Leonard of the spurs his agent. San attacks to Chris Haines aging much around ski and some other guy all of the same time saying. Hey he wants out. Because why Leonard was supposed to meet with Gregg Popovich I don't know if he did or not whatever the report suss said that they he has not. Sat down and talk to San Antonio were told them that he wanted to trade they just got. Put out on front street today the all those people the just you just mentioned the asset must be his agent float that out there are bad. He's he's basically saying he's lost trust in the spurs. It up and you want no injury says that all over the injury he said that he thought that the spurs turned on him when he went to get a second opinion. And after that he just said it was basically a betrayal and he can't trust him and and and he's ready to be done. Yes so. And now why would you. Why would you want to play for the best coach in the game and a franchises won five titles but I guess if you feel like you've been wronged I don't he. I guess this question before going to break he seems like kind of a that she. And I don't know because he's good he's the most unassuming and quiet. Eat like superstar there is like there there was a report I don't know foods is still this way but. You know two years ago or whatever he was driving around in the same shabby at all the hating college. And that he wasn't alive my guy and that it was like how definitely not that had at least find the perfect fit for San Antonio again and again again he was like another Tim Duncan. And he's a top five top six player in the league some people think he's the third or fourth best player in the league may be the best two way player not named LeBron James. That it was it was a match made in heaven but at the same time remember that pop this can be very difficult to deal with he can be very at least they coal. He's very personally and more importantly if you'd think it organization is stabbed you in the back. And and you'd think that they don't have your best interest at heart when it comes to your health. I understand why why that may end up being a deal breaker for you. Yeah and I guess may be what it is is I always. I don't know I always gallon and kind of look it just it looks so bad when you play an all out in the media you know look I I get it if he's got a problem with your franchise. Analysts. I don't don't sit out the entire year and Powell and in not tell anybody what's going on right you know I mean my god how much totally bailed on them. I want to ask the question again maybe it was playing doubles average a year ago I just I know less about Kline Leonard than any other star. In the NBA they're just isn't anything out about the guy. And so let me ask you this is it possible bit quiet Leonard has a legit things. A little legit injury and that's the way San Antonio treated it was BS I mean. Look great republic which flat out throw him under the bus time and time again towards the end of that so it's got to try to debate you said quite Leonard beat a bitch of pop being sick of it. Or was that coli Leonard. Guinea thrown under the laws a true superstar that has won you championships as the face your franchise you're getting steamrolled by your head. Which personality as possible second he and Popovich have a great relationship apparently Popovich is the only guy that was seen as the guide to keep keep them out he likes Popovich. And is it to the point where when Popovich his wife died he was gonna show up. To be their for a man and a merlot and a happy where elevated a blues they got to make their next game in the playoffs. If he was gonna come back why Lennar is gonna be they're foreign but they ended up getting bounced in and he was out so. It's not about Popovich when I think it's about well one it's just the basic notion that look yes this happens all the time players have a problem. With their franchises they butt heads yes a lot of times it is over injuries Durbin this has been a big thing in the NFL where guys go out and get second opinions all the times. He was hated end and this is this is the only thing that I trying to give like it makes me think that maybe there's more to this than what San Antonio wants to tell you. I know for a fact that teams and team doctors do not have the players the best interest. And the moment you have the nerve to go out and find your own doctor teams can get so briskly and butter and we've seen teams botched injuries time and time again it's supposedly they botched was it Tony Parker's a jury. And now supposedly again they've they've botched quite Leonard so. OK if corn Leonard really feels like his health is at stake and he can't trust anyone in San Antonio I don't fault him for wanting relief. Okay so the first thing is I just think there's a better way to handle it. Then just sit out and be vague about it I think that. I think that was as the whole thing was we is that was one of the oddest stories that didn't get is. Didn't get that much coverage because nobody knew what the hell's going on I don't know she was like maybe he really was unable to play it's possible look it's possible not seen it's not it's just. I don't know the whole thing was weird and he could've handled it better. You have an obligation to then you signed with them so insists this is fundamental like you just come across as like. Just plain she'd be right I'm not saying years are years and it just looks that way. So there's that but in the second thing is I think what happened a part of what happened here is. There's a big story after game who wrote it but they did a deep dive on who's around Kline Leonard and he's got an uncle this run in his affairs you know who wants to get him. To a bigger market he's he's an LA guy. Any wanting to back to LA in May they acquire so Tim Duncan retires. And Parker Angel cleared get long in the tooth and they get LaMarcus Aldridge nobody likes to play around the Marcus Aldridge is there is the definition of a bitch. Inquire Leonard sees this. And he's like this sucks I'm not gonna win here I want to hear I think that's part of it too I don't I think it's they're used in the injury thing is kind of a disguise and just my opinion. As a disguise for him. Basically just one out of San Antonio and this leads to a bigger. A bigger and you know like sort of a bigger fundamental question with the NBA that we talked about many times in that is. Did delete has always had. A lot of stars on its championship teams aren't yet is it the big the big boys have volleys teamed up but what's different. Is there's really no incentive now. For four excellent players high caliber players like Damien Willard in Portland or John Assange to Kubel in Milwaukee or quite Leonard in San Antonio Tim Duncan retires and Tony Parker Manu Ginobili get old. There's no incentive for them to stay where they are the lead through man in the CBA they tried to make it so that star players. Would have more incentive to stay with their teams it has failed miserably these guys all are jumping ship to join other stars in larger market the problem. With it is is the money is so great. Bed even if you take less or you can't get the super Max so what's the super Max like a 200 and whatever it is million dollars over the five years. OK I can go somewhere that I wanna played that I can contend for titles. And let's say I sign a three year deal oh well I'm still making thirty million dollars a year. Rightly can bid that the money is obviously important thing. But what's the difference between 1828. Million and I don't know 39 million I know that's a lot of money but these guys are millionaires so many times over that it's not enough to sit there and what you said your head against. Well it hasn't mattered no it has amenity in manner with Aldridge no it's it's not what's Matt the only game matters these guys. A lot of these guys not all of them doing that matters is they all. Eventually wanna play with guys who are on their level and win when they're stuck in in situations whether you have the best coach in the league and in a pedigree of five titles all in the last. What 1520 years. It doesn't matter what he don't care if you're 262728. Years right and you realize that the hearing your your prime. Damian Miller and anybody write your ear you and you know the you have I don't know. 67. Years they're to to maybe go win a title and you look around at what's happened in the league and you're on a roster that you know can't win. How can anyone fault someone for wanting to beat their head and into the wall year after year after year give ballast. The bit this notion geyser or can yeses are there they are they're they're bailing on their teams. I just I don't understand that to what is wrong with wanting to go to a better city to be in a better situation for you and your family to take less money to win. We all want it guys to be more about some bean then money right that's what everyone always talked about all these spoiled athletes. It's always just about the money these guys are saying it's not about the money. I'm gonna take less to go be part of some paint a magic Lester go win championships and now when they do that. We Britain apart we kill him. Now I I think it's less about that it's not about I totally get the personal. Up point of view there it's more about how the league is structured that allows this. This the best team in the league. Got Kevin Durant yeah. They were already the best team is nearly three wins and LeBron James is about to leave and form his own. You know sort of quote super team that's what it's become it's become. It's it just sucks for markets like Portland gets it because you cannot get those guys though. Any player you do have is going to leave to join those guys if they don't you're one of the lucky with. You've you tell you you really consider Tommy that John Assange Kubel is going to be in Milwaukee no he's not know he's gonna leave but. He could've stayed in Milwaukee if Milwaukee had done a better job of drafting you are an issue you. San Antonio did it Golden State did. If let's get every single state this and it's in a big news or Cisco to draft him Dick who did they just announced combine or did they trade for no it was lead they might have been a draft day trade but yet they he was not an eye yet they got him on the draft. Whether it was their picnic I think it was a draft day trade but still think they drafted him. But this is my point liquid gold that gold street did it the right way. Right they built their team the right way other than Kevin Durant kept the red didn't go to Golden State because it was in San Francisco. To me if gave Golden State built what they did the let's take it give me a market that people don't wanna play in the issues important. Sure saline is our in Oklahoma City exactly this is this is my point if you would have taking gold in the stadium put it in Milwaukee are putting in Portland or putting it in. I don't know Charlotte wherever and it had that group a talent that had won a title Kevin Durant still goes there. It's an idiot there is an element of they want to win titles now at how. Helps to be a place like Los Angeles because if you are gonna builds on people who scratch every were obviously rather build in New York or LA. But don't go into New York free agents are going there. They're gonna go where talent. Hates them and Golden State built this thing the right way and then look forward Kevin Durant. Portland can do the right way if they draft oh Milwaukee can do it right weight if they draft. But haven't they trap I mean they did address they drafted McCollum they drafted little or miss their two best players. And they seem to think that causes can be summed them. So didn't they'd mean can't she say they did draft while they lately of the well and you know and they're gonna lose that led him to the third seed right but they're little but the point is is that's not gonna stay together the odds of that staying together. Our. Worse then the odds of that being broken up. In other words tour like how long he's on his own and unless it can be done it's just that the league is structured to that is easiest tasks for players to just look around and go event. They've got the money. Olin they have players of my caliber I'm tired of playing with these child zone like that I'm just gonna go there it's just easier that way to leasing it can't be done free AZ the way it's structured that is a problem and they set they set it up to slay the MBA Paul Allen. Was one of the guys in that meeting room at the last CBA. Screaming from the mountain tops for small market teams you cannot set this up to be this like super team sort of league because then were gonna be. Not left out but at a disadvantage. Because you could argue that the blazers have drafted well and how long is Damian Miller some supposed to sit and wait. For Ford for that is to build up around him before he looks around says women Bill Simmons just tweeted today. He thinks and I think he's wrong way on wait wait runway off. But he thinks that the lakers next your gonna have LeBron James why Leonard and Damien Miller the dumbest thing ever what is the what do what do they offer up to go get Damian though well it is done in that he doesn't know the plural situation they're not gonna treat Damian Miller OK but it's not done in the idea that the lakers. Are they they are going to most likely get LeBron James. And they are going to be able to put stars around him but and that is so much easier for them to do but I Portland or rely. I would make PR myth from the beginning of time to the end of time New York LA. Cities like data are always gonna have an advantage over small markets and nothing you do is gonna change that it bigger and and into bad badly men this guys said it was like right in Portland had a chance to draft. Kevin Durant and he'd begun. Not necessarily if you draft that lies around. Him he'd be gone because he is already gone from Oklahoma City and help the final that he left. Any bounce of the best team that's my point if vocals just Oklahoma City had a chance to keep Kevin Durant around and they didn't well. But again he had the opportunity to go to the best team in the leak that shouldn't be there the league is structured to make it easier for quite Leonard she just say. I want out I'm gonna force a trade Chris Paul at the same thing so and make it it's just Sox yet but that's the men the master street and see what would you like to do to prevent it is. Well that's a whole mother I mean that's a whole other segment there's a lost people say no you can't but there's a lot they could've done they tried to incentivize players. With more money which that didn't work at all so they need to dig deeper on that. Text 55305 let's go to my sports. This is the US open which edition of primetime with guys against suit. Roxy by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady spare him. If India fourth caller right now you're going to get AM Stanley for packaging is in the Saint Paul rodeo which is Thursday July. Did the 83 annual Saint Paul rodeo is back July 3 through seventh of the legendary Saint Paul arena. Tickets available online now at Saint Paul rodeo dot com 5032501080. Is the number you call ET destiny in his the bald eagle fighter pilot's shirt very finisher yet is where's I've borders open up to try to match him this year really doubt now. You debating whether or not they should cut the sleeves off of it to make it a little more. But more patriotic I dare you to Wear an American flag and an Islamic affect. How that would be something they'd let me an -- that's been dead be indecent. Exposure there. 5032501080. I so we're talking about Kline Leonard who now wants out of San Antonio we don't really know why he's saying it's because of the spurs stream on the injury thing. Either way. The other other theories out there but either way he's he's trying to get his way to LA and force a trade. We have Byron Scott would have to trade him yet Byron Scott was on their today's and that. He doesn't think that that there's any way that pop huh makes the lakers better that that he won't do this split that what pop the little bit Popovich. Well there's there's no way that he would do it yeah they Lisa say despite him. There's like Sierra where send him somewhere else in on everything he can he can force his way out by lowering the value by saying that he didn't wherever he goes he won't resign with them. But you know Paul George. Got halfway decent home or they got all the people out of that. When when Paul George went and then there's rumors that all Georgia may reside in Oklahoma City so. Even request letter says I'm only gonna play if the lakers. It it it won't. Necessarily stop other teams from rolled into the dice is this team like Boston if you can if you can get the price lower for Leonard get him to Boston for a year may be when a title with him and then you've got a year to convince him that this is the place that he should be. So a couple of teams that could trade for him. Would be lakers clippers. I Celtics as you mentioned Philly has a planning to give out a Santana and then any team with a top. You know tough for five pick could get into you to viciously one is the stuff around the lakers to is is what. Up around Ingram. Alonso ball in and then to asthma. But good lord can you imagine pop of its dealing with Lavar ball. I don't know I think he'd be out of their I don't think the dad is he'd be entitled to get some in the Popovich is is willing to do you. Geez did exceeded the two comets that Jack has made the other day eighty. I know I don't care about him. Think he senator's wife had a strokes of the she could find to be quiet for once. And then he went on to say that when LeBron James comes LA there's actually nothing that looked. On could teach his son. All right whatever he's an idiot. Paul de couple textile factory a five we're talking not just. Trying to avoid this super team situation. You know there are stars that have a lesser teams you know like for example. I Dirk is a good example of a guy who stayed all the spurs guys. You know those guys stayed until now why letter the spurs got as a one titles Dirk was there for a long time in and it looks like Dirk may not get one of these aides I think he you have to look at a guy that did stayed for a long time without. Much of a chance at a title when you're looking guys around the league like Damian Miller or John assigned to conclude that our. In scenarios where they they really don't have enough around them to compete. With the big boys the league is structured submitted dizzy easier just as easy for those guys to walk and go play with someone on their level. Then it is too is to build it right where they are. And so what is the solution to that I don't make a hard cap but they're not gonna do that I mean that's. You know it's like this guy says easy solution you can be. Over the salary cap for two years in a row if you start that in 2022 that gives team times restructure what they have and now again that doesn't work because again you eat. Eat even with that so you be signing a guy and an inch in two years your over the caps and now you you why it. Thank you just nine and AME starts slashing its its insists that's not gonna happen yet. I don't know what solution is if it's Libby easy because it's a 53 man roster and there's a lot of maneuvering in the NBA you're doing with twelve guys. Yet but if you look at large market teams would never go for but if you agency that's the other thing is when you get it in negotiating with these these these large market. Large market owners are very powerful now so you look at some of the stars and only mean LeBron has jumped. And will do it again from Chris Paul is jumped Chris Paul the new units are all forced to trade him. Like why letters trying to do any work to a Carmela did that force a trade Melo get out of Paul George did it. James Hart well. Now hardy didn't really do that didn't really do it Oklahoma City just made the decision that they couldn't pay everybody and so in the end and they've they decided to move on from it. But you're not. All of them is here is that your history in Oklahoma City and Golden State state when there is also Don Baylor played close to a billion dollars for this title run that their on in Oklahoma City wasn't willing to do it wasn't able to do they couldn't foot the bill. But they could've kept that team together if they were willing to pay the luxury tax in this Texas who says they have to stay push come shove they wanna win again. Nobody is arguing that nobody says they have to stake. The problem is if you continued to allow this to happen. The way it's currently structured you had a very. Boring league. It's already boring. The warriors are the lawyers with the best team in the league and they sighing Kevin Durant how many titles in a row are they gonna win the only team. That can challenge them saenz injury. Is wherever LeBron goes or if it Boston's that would require Leonard could be huge losses on a nice job but at the same time if they're gonna end up the piloted they're gonna have to give away guys like. But you know media Tatum via our or brown in the Unisys. It's it's just is not the end game is Nike ad on. This sort of super team league now we'll see if it shifts back maybe it shifts back but I really I think this makes the offseason and in some ways did the start of the season dot much Mauritius and I think is one of the blessings of the MB as going on is this intrigue of where is LeBron go all George quite Leonard it does make the offseason and Justine. But once you get into the season it creates a scenario where you basically have two teams may be like he said if Boston a third. That came when it up and and even then the warriors are massive favorite so you know the how do you even it out I don't know the I don't know the answer to that I just think the NBA long term would be in better shape. If it were able to even that out. Two more than the rug it's gonna leg break everyone that will just crush your soul is both of them arias. Did in two years they're gonna lead to owning Klay Thompson walked and don't be hit defeat it if it's a while backpack. That's that's the long reverence like yeah I'm I'm I'm. Like Jeff curry Kevin Durant Anthony Davis that kids like give Jordan bell becomes kind of the new drama and greening be kind of becomes that and injury among green kind of just walks away and you fill that role we Jordan bell maybe Quinn cut becomes the next Klay Thompson and then you just like Klay Thompson go away and inserts. And then well CME he doesn't jumped now. He got a big deal to me get a sense that he Ian Miller both signed their big deals I think he's got two years left to begin candidate status but they have you know they had he's another interest to let him bring him up but. You know what they have bared it like it did they have enough to keep him there in north. We'll see they've got tickets they've done a pretty good job they do that team but they guessed it unity they've got tears figured out easy is it gonna be enough to keep them. Are right out and actually gets ready for the weakening College Baseball on the fifth. We all need to. This is a US open we condition of prime time where you guys again zoo brought to you by area heating and cooling on tech navy both Graham. About the same time coming up with. As a Father's Day is sending good cycle and understands this is not. Father he will be soon enough outlets that there is like a little lynch within two years. The academy knows yeah I would say within well. Is there a little always county right now they did go to Vegas. No others there's no little lynch hopefully on the way right now a recounting a gestation time. Yeah. Okay so if we count that. Three years is what you're saying them. Now two years nine months. Yeah let's go yet. Easy to obtain a series a spiral the that the three I think when you say two years here like should be knocked up within two years eggs. And that angry they go the scene this will be on the way. The fetus would be in their yeah Libya within two years. To the under on it yet it's gonna cap and look I think I. We're just close their ripe old age elbowed bill light sweet spot have a kid. I'm going to be 29 in two weeks my wife turned 28 today so they wouldn't shock me if we give an announcement within the next month or two. That it has happened I think there may be one happened and it. Go to Vegas have a too much booze to woozy and next thing you know kid with a it happens to go College Baseball. I tomorrow Oregon State dad gets underway at noon. Against North Carolina the only two teams left. Panel lost in the tournament so far and it's boring and staid in North Carolina yeah. And we when we talked to a old shock and yesterday he had that did shock and have that note shock and did have that note and he said that he thought that the by far away their toughest tests on their side was North Carolina. In fact I think he thought EE might have gone North Carolina the dog with the third best in the US or to save Florida in the North Carolina. He 2017. Meters. Last year remember they're number one seed in the crew is their way into the council series and then they. They went I read today they went five for 59 in those two games in Seles you heights who scored two runs for the bludgeoned LSU did. Death and this year when they've played they've only had the what one close game right they had the the second one against Minnesota. Who is the Big Ten champ. That was the only close game they've had and then the regional than that in the first game against. Minnesota they were he's competitive and then Washington against Mississippi State Huskies are last among the eight teams. With the only they only scored 299 runs which I guess is 75. Fewer than the second lowest yikes you re that Texas has the second fewest. But they scored not 374 rounds and this is awash in its first appearance in the college World Series how does this for the beats in the dikes here. They've what it means they won two national title then they end to Morse or is this five called a series. Known 66. Or six for them and they've been three other times. That Aetna for you know they won the two national titles and I'd I'm not sure they've been two or three times. And then add this one in there. They have Dan this is their seventh. So they went yet it there was the other one night in thirteen okay so this is number seven to L five. Los number seven overall the person was in nineteen PDT this is the sixth of pat Casey yeah. So they went no five or six or seven. And then thirteen 1718. And you know it's. It is Tuesday when we were we were talking to the big guy yesterday he said that basket from a national perspective what people think of Morgan State. Any he says is he says it's hard he said this is the interest here on the West Coast. Just isn't quite there you said the like cal state Fullerton had the same sort of thing. They're just kind of views like you that's nice cute he said that USC the twelve national has said that gets a ton of respect the US hasn't been good for awhile. Let you know I I would assume that a third national title may be shut some of that up about or sage has been a good little program I can't believe that the two before this didn't do it. Well because they didn't welded to those are while ago count this thing about the kids that are playing now. What what were they in 0506 they were yeah yeah little tyke. Or six or seven I guess it was clearly different group completely different groups so they got to the got to that's the thing is they keep getting these puzzles who's gonna win now. It when them. I mean this this and they've never had a better shot. Now it seems like in this on there cruise and they have three of the top with three of the top safety picks in the draft enemy not technically be. The crime like they would at four well now he's the third. It did two in the top fifty OK and Lou kind which is a third of Odyssey ago we know why but I am saying that caliber player they have three. And they also. All three of those guys were there last year they have the experience I mean they have everything. That they need to win it you gotta when it. Yeah I was reading do some of the an old strengths and weaknesses of all the team in the only one the only thing that I've seen about organ state is could behind McCain be a distraction. And people are saying that their bullpen might not be is as deep as may be some of the other topped its. So they tee off tomorrow at noon Father's Day top picks up the club next on the fifth.