Primetime 6.15.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, June 15th
US Open talk as the 2nd round is going on, talking about the announcing on FOX, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time Montana is a fair and that. Of being this is the fans US open with traditional primetime retires against duke. Brought to you by area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with theory heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today you're local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the trains. Here's CUS open week on primetime retires again soon gone to an eighty's both round. All right back in the saddle here talking sports sports must go on. Sport in we're sports and hard today there dizzy sporting kind of day. I watched a lot of the US open. Yesterday and today would that have changed if you weren't sick. Well yes it would of yeah. If his hearing got you busy doing things have got me off I was a little bit each morning and then I went out to and and hits gospels. All kind of one of those I love that you watch an Arabic you'll like. Yeah it's getting criticisms of and a gimmick since it easy to hit balls a day to go below a bankable ball schedules. Let's raise. Well. Here's the deal. I can definitively tell you that. This is one man's opinion. Dustin Johnson is annual business. Unique it is. Looks really good right now what he's really good going into the tournament easily every part the favorite here is. In control of every aspect of his game and it's really. A treat to watch Nike. Ever ever is like the old adage about him Moses Connor yeah but he's he's. At least in this tournament. In these guys are really struggled on the greens should a cock hills for those zone on a New York. It doesn't favor any particular style ye you have to hit every shot and it's one of the toughest test there is even when there's no wind or no bad weather collected. May the wind snow was nowhere near what it was on their in this and that's why the ad ad and granted this wasn't at the end that I wanna say this is around noon or whatever you said there were 33 players under par in the previous hole day on Thursday I think there was blood. Three year footwork. Yet played a couple shots easier today yesterday was. I think they said it was the worst day Eddie US open sentient a cock in 1986 is that the it would avarice were 7770. It's like yeah it was burger. And it was because of the wind so it should I can't even without the wind is really hard and the winner this tournament is going this is why it's it's a great course. The winner this term it will be the most well rounded guy. Overall four rounds. And did just that Dustin Johnson. He he is controlling his that his putts better than anybody else out there by a mile I mean it's like other guys are. Leaving him short when their uphill and it is really struggle and it's it's it's a tough test with Dustin is like. He has. He is just I think he's on another level right now and the only guy. At least in the first two rounds it looks like he could chase him as Justin Rose but he missed a lot of putts say adding does adding this is on those tournaments. Where the guys hero with the pianist was if you don't if he doesn't have a bloke as supple got within what one shot of him. And then went and had a of free gas triple he finished triple bogey bogey so he's he's back to actually won over so here's over at Dustin Johnson's four under. I shot 67 today real solid day. Charley Hoffman is just finishing up he is I think he's gonna bogey that so that goes back to. Johnson back to even with Scott pierce he suggests Dustin Johnson gone that we can already has a four shot lead those two guys even easy only guy in red. Everybody else is in black Tommy Fleetwood. And Hendrick stands in our one over Justin Rose one over Brooks kept a one over Ian Poulter Rickie Fowler. To one another one let's average salary is not done in a blow like I think he just finished the Yankees had two older now bogey yeah he's back to two. And then net as so like here's a list of guys who didn't make the cut. Or at least it's it's not done yet there's a few guys out there with her four holes less likely receive that news but the projected cut right now is aid over. End of the guys that will not make that Tiger Woods jordin speed. Jason Day Rory McIlroy Bubba Watson met teacher Adam Scott Sergio Garcia and John wrong did you see how speed and that his around anybody has lessor ranked. Will speech went four birdies he went birdie birdie birdie and then went bogey bogey seventeen and eighteen in this the company achieved team Bodine. Was just bad yeah key here there's the shot four. I guess it would have been for birdie was right on the little rough flip of the of the sand trap and he'd just basically missed the ball. He hit like maybe had a foot in front of them. And many missed the putt for par because it was really far away enemy that was at the bogey. And I've I haven't seen I mean you guys don't miss putts by six feet and you do you see that like Kaiser. In a guy's got a 1012 foot putt and he rolls it 456 feet past mean it is just reluctant in his. I admit this is glad I always laugh when we always have this is guys like what would you shoot on the on a US open. US open course Scott Gregory shot 92 on Thursday yet did you see what he followed that up with no I didn't see him today he shot 75 today so he had 9270. Idea at Scott Gregory he said he's a Brit ranks yeah is that he's because he's an englishman he's the British amateur champ a couple years and I think he was 22 over he shot 98236. This week is not even close to the worst ever ready US open mileage you know at the record is I saw that it would no but I saw that it was the the first ninety. Since 20022. Dozen of for some Micah. Yeah most guys always break ninety wants I would I would hope slightest got Gregory the worst ever US open was JD Tucker in 1898 who shot a 157. And what and a few tough day I don't you just quit at that point no because then he came and the story about that is he came out than that afternoon and played another eighteen then because at that time they played 36 holes and today. Any shot a hundred. Girl he improved his round by a 57 shots. And one day greatest improvement in golf history that's got to wonder how things go with the 21 around the next. NASA's got Gregory said you'll face David Dennis it was bad like yesterday. So that the featured group saying that they're doing and you had well actually it's more in the future group that these these big names yet Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson. Rory McIlroy. Jordan's speech in Jason Day. Those five combined to go 42 over. 42 over you think the PGA's just thanking their lucky stars that Dustin Johnson is up there because let's be honest you get rid DJ that's not a greatly leaderboard going into the weekend plus US TA first yet. It's in our in fox is probably the one TV in a fox. Has the US open and it's still weird to be used to watching I don't know if you. Are enjoying Fox's coverage I do not like it nearly as much as I like some idea I had in my Johnny Miller better than some of these guys. In this guy Shane bacon. Number my story about chain bacon no I don't united party but with each other wants to drill a mean party together once in them. Now. Totally feel that's a slip of the tongue in year prize talking about a slip of the tongue I misspoke and Shane bacon is better than Joe Buck and if you've been following this. I they've been kind of alternating him Joe Buck and is that Paul Azinger and then chain bacon as comets hitting with Brad Faxon in the bacon Faxon combo. Is is really get a chain Bacon's is good at it. Joe Buck is driving me nuts off like he'll look I'm not at a nudge of educator is but is all but this kind of polarizing but he does all this after fox does I know there is does Super Bowls really get easily talent he just for some reason on golf he'd he drives me crazy. So fox is probably not happy that all those guys missed the cut at the same time. You know if I was the guys that did make a cat in the guy's entering contention you got Dustin Johnson. I'm Justin Rose ten expense and Rickie Fowler he's he's hugely popular Brooks kept Justice Thomas. Phil Mickelson Patrick reed so I mean their their big names up there it's just that. For this to be interesting. Dustin Johnson gonna have to come back to the pack in a. Sink or someone has to put together you know Ricky went 100 today so let's say again. 66 today yeah I was poised let's say DJ goes Evander or shoots one under and Ricky can pull out a 66 or 6070 am going into Sunday. Only a four shot lead but I just think doesn't look if it's horrible. And end this oops coral conditions and Dustin Johnson is out there. I don't know if you're catching him I I just think just watching him B he isn't complete until that guy. He he has a chance I get so I gonna talk about this. Before we came on today. That guy has a chance to go on policy a tiger like run because that was special but Dustin Johnson if he keeps his nose clean. Nothing like that Canada and just got to keep on the straighten out if he keeps working hard to zeevi Butch Harmon on their use in the doesn't just got to work if you works that it. He's the best there as they say he's the most talented player on the tour no question he's he can do if he's some believe now. And right now he's playing his best golf in it's just it's better than everyone else. The question is how long can he keep it up and it if he keeps working attic and he stays on the straight narrow. Who knows how long that is. Well that's the question like with the whole worry. You put together a couple majors you gonna run. You make so much money a lot of it is a matter of motivation and I'd like tiger was tiger was a Kobe Bryant sort of guy that he was motivated by himself there was lakes and demons their chip on the shoulder. But some of these other guys the country club kids man. That's a Johnson type makes thirty million dollars a year he's married didn't up absence what Gretzky is daughter who's beyond smoking hot. Likes to party likes to have a good time you know I can you put together a couple majors ending your feeling good you're you're gonna be a hall of Famer no matter what it's like. You get where not everyone puts their foot. On the gas the entire time. Our rights am. Let's stick with the USO and a couple other notes as you see what they picked up on them on Mike fancy fox has Milan microphones out there who. You just use that catch that they did not and giving you we can't play at home one of those duty should. So we'll get to that and a couple of other things rapper TUS open and then Nam in the news Jason. Our dear friend John Kroger is on the move yet again I didn't have seen this. Yes he's got a new job he's no longer read Q is really dean agreed. Yang stepping down unity announce that we talked a gap but he's got a new gig. Penalty where that is I'm intrigued for thirty our rights for fifteen on the stand. This is a US open which edition of primetime where advise against suit brought to you by area heating and cooling on 1080 affair and I in the news coming up in ten minutes. Jolie would. Even not even on death good and honest. Again EU he would not not a not a got to work here anymore EU member Jolie went on to do. No the TV guy he's form on hard times he's back in the news and I saw this yesterday but we didn't get to it he did it again yeah. And we have that story in multi about where John Kroger show friend John Kroger is doing now. At least we like to think he's show for another and kind of gone dark and as we have many able to get them lately. I've already at US open talks here my Shane bacon story isn't shamed by bacon is like the. Did the next Joe Buck on fox golf coverage because he's count altering a joke book on the coverage you know like as via email account like the announcer got yeah. Any as a really good job angered doing that because Bucky is the keys a polarizing guy. Now what did you and then to probably just split up the announcement of the duties. Break easier to have a couple different groups keep it fresh the delivery guys but begins like this up and comer and in the world of golf and he came here so you remember the LPGA. Well the we played in the LPGA pro am one year. And it was width. I a green show was micro UK in my in our group this where you had the shakes and no that was another hostage to think for reminding me and they good luck tomorrow and Irene Cho. Her caddie was Shane bacon. Because they were friends. And bacon at the time I think was working for Golf Channel he was right and for somebody easygoing he's been in golf writers as well Clinton and so Shane is a lefty golfer like I mean he's bro he's he's a cool really nice guy. In so we struck up we had a bit of fun time so I went well with Irene Cho chain bake in how. And your girl Christina Kim apparently tonight feel she did threaten and I mean I went I went out for drinks with him that night and we got we got all drugged up. And out went late into the evening had a great time and I have not talked to Sheen sense but now it's great to see my dear friend Shane bacon up on their coverage of the USO. A true opportunity you should devote our league dads would invite a to shake shack and now he's did you anyway a lot Seattle any idea who you were. I don't know he punter yet we had a good time there. You know it's ever had where did the need and I'm pretty memorable. You know I mean. I don't remember. Can't augment OK I remember we started at. Like for Riley then there was that secondary location to get to that secondary crime scene or authored or and then the shots come out and or. All bad. I will stand by my stance that Paulina Gretzky overrated. That may be the dumbest thing you've ever said and you've said dumb things on this program tie Phil yeah times. So stupid man who'll go to my grave on it. Over raid is on her at chambers bay would ever tell you what. That's that's drilled stun a few too many drugs debut worked a Google image at any point in your life Google images not everything you know you Sheila scan pictures and you get a year get a overrated drop overrated I'm telling you overrated. Overrated ought to. So I tiger was the guy that's proved to read Michael Jordan at this point that's that's where your ads and she's now she is no Michael Jordan and other that Rickie Fowler's a fiancee. United try to bad mouth that you know she's she's really ha yeah Paulina Gretzky overrated. Nothing year gotta say now for the rest of the program I can take seriously I said this many time sports opinion has been rendered. Meeting this with all these people agreeing with me there's wind there's too. But there Tim. She's a grated cheese she kind of looks like look I'm not saying you know Keiko at veterans and you know what I'm saying is and when you pull up to her in the Arctic Lola. She wished she partied. You know I think it's when you collector at the bar you're like oh my god I think that's more like he's not dropped you're crazy. Where's is gonna have to move on from this because I I don't wanna talk about it because themselves of these about exactly that we've all lost respect for you. This is that your dad and I never had meaningless that's true. So we keep waiting for Tiger Woods. You know sort of like turn it around to keep following an act like he's adult type hearing com is ridiculous the people. Waiting for tiger this pointer is like waiting for the alcoholic father that hasn't been there in ten years to show up on Christmas. Kids he's not comment you're not getting the nerve football this year let me know he is coming he's there he's just this is who he has right like this is what he is now. He's back like there is a hole. Waiting for tiger to be back no he's back in this is what he is if you are we waiting for Phil Mickelson to come back we did this is fell. They're old they're nowhere near what they would do what they work tigers is is beat up. Meaning you say that he's healthy he's got their play in big thank god probably lives in constant pain in he can't put together consistent rounds but these east and an excellent golfer but he did did this idea that the old tiger it's just it's the most absurd story and it's like car were so desperate. Four were to happen insisted that the people are foolish. When an error when they're sitting there and thinking that somehow he's gonna push the sum up into the sky one more time and this is not and it's not gonna happen and not to say that he can't you know. When internment or even animator who knows mean he's striking it pretty well he just. He's not even close to a used to be around the greens are putting he's just he's just. This is not is not there. Now but he's back he's healthy and so he's out there and he'll give it around but he says it he can win a tournament he's got to win tournaments if he keeps playing it and stays remotely healthy but. It's like wait we have this notion that somehow that because if he gets back in just starts playing golf again and doesn't get hurt. They get a start winning majors again winning majors is really after the horror. Like I swear we just we think that's big just days it's like your god given right we won a bunch before so here you go now how it plays have we seen that of 1234 majors and then it just disappears. But changing your getting older than the body unless he gets back on the slots a the bodies never going to be what it once was but you've listened to people that talk about him that's a lot of Wear and tear on those joints in the back. OK did you hear what's the mics picked up so fox mikes at the course a lot a lot more than some of the other broadcast partners of golf. I did not hear us now. On how I can't play for you because it's quite dirty yeah. Now is this a player is is the crowd it's the ground okay so Patrick reed was hitting a shot today. Sitting and find the transcript of it actually I'm not inning and read the transcript of it. So that if he if he'd been watching the coverage at all you realize that the ball hitting the cup sounds funky yeah. And that's because they have that like there's a Mike at the right in the cup at the bottom of it and it just doesn't sound like the normal sound of the ball hitting the cup and so it sounds really high pitched in really weird that I have noticed. And they need you know you catch a lot of guys sighing arrow again guider whatever beaches you know they're disgusted when they pick their final. GDP's effort an F bomb that your guys so this was today on the coverage. Patrick reed was doing something out there and it picks up to grows. In the background talking about doing it. With one of the bros x.s globally. Yeah one and they didn't they didn't cut away from the coverage no no they didn't put a me trying to clean this up asking you have. You see presence for protection in the track for you. 12 please. Searching searching. I don't have a transcript here and a mechanic I know I can't play yet. There was gonna basically say that they were talking in graphic detail about Stevie the next hand that's all we're doing here. Pretty much dean and offered no I did not pretty entertaining little bummed that I somehow missed this. I looked kind of behind the scenes catch the audio and you'll hear what's. OK so right behind there's a lot of talking going on. But once you know it's there you can hear it clearly. And so this I mean this can't be like right next to Patrick reed because these guys are all pockets of those Mike must be off to decide right motion this crowd might sort of you know. On the odds if you on the side of the fairway is. Yeah he says this guy says yeah that's my next. Yes she's hot. In any says. We were. And so hard I head butted her in the head. And well then he says something about smacking and things. Muppets position. Well as note that this bill Muppets. Knows what it says that I don't know what's inaudible. Yeah you know I'm where Morgan government worker Google here and see what Muppets position is and she sat up. That's what he said so he said. He said that's my acts in the so liberals like Julia yes she's hot. We work. So hard I hit the editor in the head. Then I smacked that blanked but we went and kind of got in the Muppets position as she sat up that's what he said. I Google Muppets position right there on fox today yes not better than nothing pop enough why I don't think that's what he said it's just that's what it sounds like sounds like. It must be some bros speak then I might jump once and an NFL Europe game and they cut down to me and apparently they kind of bad conversation in quickly went away. My dad was listened to and thought it was hilarious that the time and then they never went back to me again. Yeah no no money list at bullet before anybody known not to my cue up well it wasn't it. I guess it does that mean now. It was mean but it wasn't. I I said some things probably that were not the best but it was clear that you guys steady next to me there were having the conversation that it Debian worse. We're waiting Amsterdam. And before the game they can minutes they would like to my couple couple players they just put a little. Like a little pact in the back your shoulder pads and a table down you kind of forget it's in there it was during timeouts. And. We're talking about Amsterdam. And when they cut down to us. For whatever reason did thought we were talking about during the time out some sort of blocking scheme whatever and we were not talking about blocking schemes and right when they cut down I was saying some pain and then it went to the two guys next to me and I guess it only lasted like me four seconds. And then they they went away from it and my dad's a that was the last time they. They cut down. Argument head butts and market positions. Professional Adelaide professional ahead votes and professional Muppet positions if you think about it you can figure out what is written which is I'd analysts say it. OK but I read it anyway can't be stopped now. And issued a sensor that I. Sorry. As grotesque. Commentaries guys' Collins at the Fuzzy bear the urge you do the guns. Or is possibly the animal. Anyway doctor teeth in the electric mayhem. That's what you that's what you get when you watched it would you miss when you watch soccer instead of golf. In the schools Anil like to forget DC and the ego management and mrs. bottles I wanted to listen to him and had to listen to. Who the tool can access. And that Waldorf. EM Waldorf in care for doing a wall there are a walled or don't. You're gonna pull something about a young man anymore route you can't you can't be doing that believe me I know also I learned long stay at record which is which is more difficult to pull off the stellar. Or the wall Porsche. Did speaker wants her many. I went back and looked at a more pollen rescue pictures you're so wrong route. Don't numbers overall is the dumbest thing right ever sat on the program is not Sosa a Sosa would we say dumb stuff all the time our idea I believe me I know but that's the dumbest thing you've ever said that is so wrong you're so wrong about that statement. I can think of a million things dumber in I'm right on this and I'm gonna die and this held Carolina Gretzky. Over rated Google image doesn't lie fight anyone bad one anywhere ABC you're in person. As I don't have. He should do your homework and old navy owe it to your listeners to be more responsible Myanmar and just did our homework and I'll take you what we passed with flying colors you on the other hand flaunt she looks like she smokes too much action and I can in the next Seth Everett discuss that with you and so mine it's in the news here's Mike. This is a US open which edition of primetime revised again soon. Brought to you by area heating and cooling the and Jay Nady though forum. I was away. But we had we had. Disease news we had the plague. We have DO hanta virus the plainly means the X back. Sony and Idaho Condit now and then we apparently in a shoot he's county we have to we Eddie rodents spread virus will never not be funny now the best is now. Is that they whenever we see it I have like four people texted him as they do you do you and then Mike fanatically it like do you shoots notes to Judy is to shoot ease. Yes some lady and she needs county got the hanta virus that I guess you get from the Meese is in the nicest. And it's deadly us. She yet it's incurable right yeah who else is your moment on she was doing was cleaning up rat feces as she back teamed up to two birds and I guess that's we don't know. Guess I did like a month ago I vacuum dug some records you that's crazy hockey guy yet she died while speeds are. I'm gonna die you know who else did like two days ago Jeff rust. He had a Alex who knew that now or never rest is gonna die so what are the OK here's the question about a late June 15 2008 to tell pretty okay. You know it is man's backyard. What what what are the OK so because everybody hasn't everybody at some point encountered rats are pieces you don't this is my first case of it. Good yes good but everything you've seen your round and now I'm on the list of how many people have had to clean. Rat droppings. Pretty much everyone at some point. What percentage of those people what what are the odds of someone dying from that what's really where payments. But still OK so it's super it's suited rather that's my question did you read in the store I don't I don't know yet it's it's rare there's been like. Think six cases since the nineties. In in the state of Oregon the media jumping on the case in the theater Washington's right to assume that I'm gonna get it I'm gonna die. Like every now and regulate it if I get like feeling a little funky a migrate on the virus on dead. That is bad month they tell a year ago they they say that you need to sprayed it with like bleach. The rated new CS bring the troops would bleach and then let it sit for like 1520 minutes then cleaned up that kills the virus. And then we had you missed it extra crispy colonel Sanders is giving the commencement speech at the fourth started speed. I don't know you know Georgia world. In the does the does Casey commercials and the orange Jack yeah he's dressing up as the colonel extra crispy and he's giving the commencement address hope for who. More than Carnoustie which is where Mike's wife bats were Kelsey at reeling. Yes sir if she is still issued graduate a little bit later she could have been listening to the pastor crispy colonel first thought is that's down on second thought that's amazing. Exactly it's a nice little hole the finger of why don't more people do this because I don't really want Will Ferrell to give my commencement address and Will Ferrell. As Robert Goulet Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy to give my commencement address. Exterminator bro is any says the deer mouse is the only Kerry of hanta virus. Brad or house mouse droppings won't give you hanta virus deer mice usually more. Or rural areas. Either way out. That's a really bad luck you have poor lady also in Lagos on that note. Before we get to Agile he went on got. You cannot get back in the house this was on my list but I didn't get to USC couldn't get derailed by I think we get derailed by the hanta virus. In lake this lady had him that you're pounds DNA tested the bat and it had reached its half. Until the end it closer common Forstmann and removed that we had that weird won't sing out here that no intent no one knows. Says can you imagine a read these outbreak we're gonna we're gonna die you're seeking Jim. Dixie kitchen. But here's the thing all the does this is they won't get their kids vaccinated so. We're we're all gonna die biscuit the animals are coming force at this point. We Twitter instability in the wildlife and weren't. So jolly went on again is a former. I'd TV host here in town. Coin Seattle news on point six news I remember him. Yeah I mean besides take you get Diana and I remember him he's delivered me. News that people need their news and I we we talk about him last year because they're maybe a couple of years ago. He seems. I don't know about you but when I see him he looks like incredible news man. Well we are body was like he don't you just don't think of amusement other than. Then then being total perverts yes you don't think of news and and being criminals not ranked. Words you know like in the case of Matt our. Yeah sometimes they aren't disturbed any easy ball let you know I mean like you don't think of them as like. Deeds who are now posting robbers of them is like Ken doll it's just kind of end there's only. Yeah right they're only they're only worse so much one they're beautiful heads that read the news and maybe some sex they get it right. Could not be six Lincoln in turn. Or maybe the weather gal in the usually not very bright other O'Donnell and breaks them all why does the weather gal give PD does this museum the Newser. I am. Not a question would you think. Because if you might win in the in the in the moral of the news. The weather girl always gets. Kind of a bachelor's occasionally like the sports guy being that the root out you know gather at the sports Kansas was immediate the weather girls must be easy. Don't know enough about the news people to know if that's accurate or not. So he went on again. Was on point six and his first that he stole about 200 dollars worth of food items down in some hats. From a Whole Foods Market in tennis the way Hillary when I read that. Whole foods had hats we talked about we talk about this when I don't that was my point when the first story came out that was my question about is awake yet intense out there. The whole food that's big cat plays with her. Who's who's the whole foods had a around but why would you steal it. And so he did it again. Jolie went on afternoon 48 years old. Has just been sentenced to eighteen months probation for stealing. A hundred dollars worth of merchandise on June 3 from the QFC grocery store on Bethany he's. What does he do need to know if he lost his job because of this. Vicky can't be if it can't be in need big advocates like game a little Armenia kind of he's flipped out plus I think for some people it's a October when he comic and they could dangers sort of thing. It's there's been a little bit like there's a good. Lot of ways to get a buzz I know. But like this is like one of Winona Ryder members she got buzzed ever shoplift and she talked about it it was like. It was it was a dangerous thing I think you wanna walk that line but if you are gonna steal so how lame is it to walk the danger zone line when you're stealing. A hundred dollars with a QC stuff you steal some marinated flank steak which by the way that's pretty JC. If you hard to steal if you do goatee accuracy I highly recommending go to the butcher counter they pre marinated. And slow steady as far as you know not a high kind of meet. But marinade if they think he gives seeds that's left is. Freaking fantastic you'll thank me later actually wouldn't be harder still because don't you get it from the counter the meat counter yes in the need to probably just stick it in your back pocket and lost count because they just to detect you don't pay for rent there are no distinct tagline yeah keep you don't I mean yeah I guess you could like do like kind of down the back of the defense they don't get any ideas respect. We're easily the pregnancy pants because they've got like that strategy thing in front. Just pulled down there and and walk out. I was say this in high school we see this and I'm not a city proud of it but we never any money we go to like the supermarket. And you buy deli food and these walk around the store and you keep the delicate soon and then when it's done but you go budget package government you leave classic began now. Is yet to buy it I think and I see felt like you you know then you guys he went into the story if you I always felt like if you left the store without buying anything that it was suspicion. It's so I but he's a big smile this auspicious. Gap if you go to the supermarket you're not just going to look around him and leave with nothing. Historically that's why would buy something but I would I would get out and then look at his gum all over the place and I don't find it I get a little grocery cart and I would throw stuff in the Hershey garden as they did I do you know there's a burritos and in the blood that maybe some Joseph Joe's. Not my proudest moment that I have I have stolen from and it was a safe way that we guarantee we'll constantly doesn't love. You do all the samples yeah I kind of it's it's like death enemy he rounds I like it made the saves we samples that they weren't necessarily putting them out that. Well I apologize I don't know what's of the Jolie would not get he is sad now defunct gas and he's on the air for like fifteen years and then he had to quit because of death now he's done it again so still I go to jail eighteen months probation I don't think you really go to jail for fanatic for a hundred bucks for stuff. Thank you guys shouldn't be in jail right now. Really it's society safer with a jeweled behind barker is. The holes that medicine that is the whole foods band it is been put away thinking god basically disabled angels at night knowing that he can't rob. Heidi and grocery store that is just is so crazy that he would do that and jeopardizes entire career they have senior career. On TV is a great job noted newsman Julie monotonous and now he just for like a couple hundred bucks sounds crazy but did about how many times people. That's the number one thing Klesse Sam yeah again if you were a paramedic. It's part typically a long line of noted his men prefer but. Whole foods said yeah what is. Isn't that many to list of items that he still I wanna know what the hundred dollars with the stuff hits giving get give a detailed breakdown company few radishes yeah you never know. Now some organic corn that can be quite expensive okay she crab legs we'll. It really that W that he said Jim is western. W I coming up next say show friend gets a new job we'll take you who and where. Next on him. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaac ensued brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady is rare and -- final note on today's in the news because short on time. Is a show friend Lee Venus. Although he left us a long time ago yeah we haven't seen him and they ribbon committee Powell's books did you wanna say about. Three years ago. Let's say let us last time I encountered a very interesting man John crow here. Is it formerly he was an attorney general in there he was an assistant DA prosecutor bunch of the mob. Can't and he. This whole Enron thing out there if he was either a an army ranger may be a marine. A special forces guys biked all the way from New York to Portland yup. Wrote a book called I think it's called convictions something like and it talked about his time not prosecuting him on you like even though. On his desk and stuff in New York it's nothing in that we have been here for some reason a piece and he became he wrote is by following out or again he got out of that. Scene and became the attorney general. The pork is the attorney general EG yes. And for some reason isn't mister I mean he lived appeared to be to drive to see them obviously in. He would for some reason listen to us you re never really could figure out lies. He did but then once he found that out. He he came in here like double. He's a fan shows command we'll talk and we had a couple of great sessions with him Marty talked about his history of very so interesting guy very nice guy John Kroger. And a good man good man good upstanding citizen yeah he was a lecture on top. And he then goes on to be president reed college and he is since shunned support Mexicans know president Reed College than ever now associated with that show you can't be bothered with a script and now he's leading again he's going to. Harvard. Cool that he go to Harvard. I think he did I think he may be a Harvard grad I feel like you know history college coaches like Harvard I'm guessing that would Harvard comes a knocking in. You've probably answered that call so he's gonna spend time. Back it he's he's gonna do he's gonna be bi coastal scam. Groups. Good to be prepared he's staying out here though the partners that the coast. Of its Becky CNET and so he he's he is this as Harvard but it how prestigious business. Harvard Kennedy school announced today. That John Kroger will join the center for public leadership as they Hauser leader in residence but he 201819. Academic year. What that in my resident I don't know what it media sounds amazing on defense. Not sure what deposition actually does but I I would like to have it he will be 82 higher education leader. To hold the title of Hauser leader in residence following Harvard president elect Lawrence but cow. Sure during his term which begins this fall Kroger will step down as president Reed College later this month. The loss of servicing visiting professor at Harvard Law School where you'll teach criminal procedure during the fall term. In a reading group. During the spring term could not say Google we're to the Wikipedia he went to jail. But that he went to Harvard Law School both yes that's what I'm saying graduated from Yale degree from an undergrad from Yale gaffe in and then. That he and I have one common approach. Where you agrees we're very possible that agreement known have you biked across the United States we use the top law man in the nose it worked on now on the end did you prosecute them up. Other guys wanted to be a liar. He's also gonna join the Harvard university's Edmond. I'm guessing he's doing a lot of important things get another what you just said. Other than that he's teaching some classes that I had any idea what that means what he said on his FaceBook was this he said. It. I'm gonna be doing the three things that I loved one working with students. To writing. And three. Teaching law. OK today out. Did you all three but he's gonna bounce back and forth between Portland in Cambridge we should see if we can reach out to if you would have any interest in coming and I tickets of them it's been a number of years. Introducing what he thinks of just everything that's got to go down to. If you make that happen yeah that's here in the news for June 15. 2018. We have USO then updates. And a big story out of the NBA there is another player Maria will not be staying with his current team and we'll have that for you next in the hot item five on the fan.