Primetime 6.15.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, June 15th
Ropp is back from being sick, he watched EVERY SECOND of US Open, one potential MLB site sold, but not to Portland Diamond Project, MLB nuggets, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on attending the fair and that I was punching out with a five Iron Bowl and it ain't hay to do that right this is the fans US open with traditional primetime revise against duke. Roxy but area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to areas needing dot com today and local train comfort specialist. It's hard to stop the train its US open week on prime time with Isaac and soon come to an eighty's so. Hey want it and. Wow look II thought that it would be a bold maneuver but if anyone can pull this kind of bold maneuver would be you. Which is a three day sickness. Followed by a chambers bay rally on Saturday for the bolts that it would have taken to pull off. No work Wednesday Thursday Friday. Let's be honest not necessarily a labor intensive jobs and then magically recover in time to play chambers bay on Saturday. Holy hell that would have been an all timer stewards of our viewers and a bad optics that at bat but now I said this. I said there's no way you're optimist tomorrow show if you want to show open chambers and be fully healthy employees past. He has to show tomorrow cell that he was sick the last few days. In New York now well. Chambers bay is tomorrow yes. Little worried about it but I'm gonna go. It is shocking development bat that I can rally you'll find a way to power through. Well I'm I'm I'm on the downside of the illness now it seems familiar caddie is not shoot down for a bid but you know you rallied yeah. We've got US open items could hurt it again I'd I will say that I have watched literally every second of covered choice here I was. It was not dowdy knew you were ill every cent but this is what I said is lynch lives did you on the injury report. On Thursday as probable. I list did you added he had me problem biting you talked to him I know I said questionable if we you a question of I was plus and did you you know the inside info yes and you said you're gonna try to rally this did you is doubtful and this is why. When you're you're sick you can take it there team but I said that the US open is not the reason why you're gonna stay home but it doesn't help your case to go to war. Like do you feel crappy. But sometimes when your feeling crappy you know you like how there's nothing to do you humble or do you get a but when you're feeling crappy and you flip on you like hit the US opens on. That does not help the motivation to two rout you know and syntax to me that you're officially out yesterday I looked I was watching your us open violent. The DJ tiger Justin Thomas crystals eleven holes ago isn't always come in Norfolk. Get a lot of still the watch and then it turns out you indeed lodged every the first thing you said to be whenever I did I watched every. 48 hours forty depth. I literally laid horizontal in my bed. With shut out of a big pharma pharmaceuticals what what I. Haven't farm Parma litany. And I have laid there and I didn't move in that the only thing that was on was analytic candle Koppel. Get a romantic moment with yourself did you at a very good smelling candle which makes me fill dead air and should have candles is eyelid that. And my wife left me enjoys these you know I'm I'm I'm one of those guys and sick just. EU or thirteen you're married to a nurse. Plus he checks amoeba and it does not think that let this. And dissect is known like naughty nurse outfit like a Vicks vapor rubs sort of thing the sponge bath now god dammit. Being married to a nurse holy hell does that went out the window onto him pitching pitching good drugs. Guys used to and anymore why it steals get any worse and worse. So the only thing other than the candle that was lit. Was my TV now and it did not leave. Fox sports one or fox at all I watched it was golf the whole time either I was sleeping or I was watching golf that is the last. 48 hours now let me ask you this note my experience. Paid it it feels rotten. But is there part of you now when you're sick that he enjoys the fact the you don't have to leave bed aegis kinda laid there in you fall in and out of sleep. There's no. It's no enjoyable thing on a point I hate beans and Mike said as I met but see I'm a little different because I'm back guides always like I was had to do and some you know me I'm ultimately got Mac guy now and I it just drives me crazy I said half threes they came in today. As to feel like crap have risen I came in Judaism so I think board that is true like I just wanna talk sports man I texted Robin is that how you feel and he said I kind of crappy American men. Innocent was that if you're sick in my don't worry we can hold it down soccer Mike can end you know and will figure it out. Did last two days and robs response was not kind of going crazy and that's the difference to you and me three days of dancing around the house. Right up my Alley just heated round it's much effect we do the whole segment on. On. What was it like years of your life that you give up for blank yes and I would give up. A certain number of years to never be sick again that means a lot to me now because I just I can't stand it and it it's you know my you know me you know singles this time. So I'm did you guys finally realize I'm. Nonessential personnel around her pick pick pick. Is belongs on up with it yet where we're officially that's a pretty good shows what was their what was the the fools lineup was just you and I just it is just me. Well I mean. With me has always has my pigs duke so yeah with a with my what Garth I was Wayne Campbell and with me is always Garth my my glitch. Guys realize I don't mean squat and took effect if not well and you'll find out so I'm going to Italy and a couple weeks. You're gonna find that out I'm a come academic Guyana he still employed here is gone what two weeks and pretty in pretty Purdue on my blog do you. Lot of me already. I think organ a couple thank you never say we commend you showed me once or twice I think I actually get to sit in and do a show or two. Has Joseph Manila filling for Maine so subtle subtle is gonna do it's a big organic kinda do like a few moments on this like when I'm gone for earth like a couple weeks ago when I went belly like Bollywood ever got to bring you exit that you do like a round robins sort of internment new orders since hazard addition we'll -- happens. On release I miss the big Flag Day show. You know want oops apparently have alarm set at 308. How is that possible. Ads did you mean to seven at 308 AM for Serena and want to know who you gonna watch the World Cup this topic I think. Honestly that is the most baffling thing to happen to me in quite some time. I had an alarm that went off at 3:0 wait nearly PM and no I did not have an alarm set for 308 AM. Why would I wake up at 3 in the morning and while it is an alarm for three in the afternoon went from one of your kids. While it that a pride for when your kids there they're listening and wanted to hear the alarm go off and throw it is it is well played kids probably. All right well. I've pretty much kind of in phones sport sort of union may be sort of way fish. Is like the last two days I got US open covered yet there's what I mean you know I mean now. There's been a lot. Going on but not seen. Nothing overwhelming all the World Cup started yes. And I guess it was a really good game to ya Mike soccer pants were all sorts of run of overeat a menu to be watching Portugal and Spain wants a little bit of gym I was gone up on the TV and vacuum was open and a half. There's some kind of in a time. Yeah which the most satisfying tie of all time there's no such thing Mike and that's and that's ultimately like I'm not gonna be anti soccer guy because that'd that they did that I was on the the bike there was watching it it was entertaining. But it does bother me immensely that that thing ends in the tie in the Morocco scored on themselves in the most Morocco moving ever so. An own goal in almost the end of stoppage and if you lose the game because you had the ball in your own goal and the one I did see in the Portugal Spain well. That's happened. Yeah Jim Morocco lost that are M one often because they own gold in the 95 minute yeah except right at the end isn't that like the Colombian guy who ended up getting murdered same sort of saying against US are well on hope I only was against the US a bottomless closet. I remember that do did get killed I'm the guy from Morocco doesn't get murdered and now they seriously they take their soccer. Doesn't shouldn't Portugal and in Spain and first up good lord some of the flops. Doors to doozies that I saw that were amazing. Ever who was back at my and that's where is Gary. And he rolled like seven times on the ground it was pretty impressive melt was. That was in the Morocco or end game. The guide the two did that was Roland just kept rolling in circles he sold it really hard and maybe that's the one I think it was Allen. I thought it was laws and a ton of flopping in the Portugal Spanish as pained him but. In others there's a little bit and then I saw I think it was Ronaldo second gold I don't know a whole lot about soccer. But is that the easiest and softest goal we've ever seen just don't get these legs. That's the second easiest if you remember the England US scheme in the England political right through his legs. Battles away softer but yet I was pretty bad yeah Lendale is the best goalie in the entire world and Olympic. Totally agree if I do not know he was the best goalie but that's about it was weird me in my limited soccer knowledge went oh my god how did that go in but it. Soccer might do to stop that even if you do not care about soccer and let's a lot of view you have to go watch from all those free kick that tied it it is amazing. And you have to watch yes his name is not show not show's goal. That made it 32 Spain. On an unbelievable roles unbelievable. Yeah Mike was texting me and telling me I should watch the game and I gave it to assume they can do together as a PGA tour golfer named not chill Elmira want it. Really he had just wander through that and we had a guy on the SE doctor and then the calls were series and his name was shotguns propping. Apple hopes. Watts yeah. Now I tourism I would. Resident Mike let's get so and I's named talking to you yeah shotguns. Ruffling yes. Well I told Mike is that hey you know and called grocers kicks off on on Saturday. So let's let's give someone odds talked about it and set the field talk about organ state and hike comes back with very got a guy from. And then Mike responded with his real name. And we talked about it. Otherwise disappointed to find out the shotgun did not have a mustache. Is I feel like give your name is shotgun or rooster use should have. A must Phillies not really. Shot and that's a nickname. I think that's Israel and did you ask him. Mean is that not the first question to ask don't like it was a little rude to ask we did well we'd we discussed him being named shock and but no I did not try and ask if it was his real name Mike told the it was his real name now. Yeah that's a real guys are in writes he's Kimberly Kim looking at his Twitter could recruit. I pictured a bro went at night when you said that a picture bride not picture moustache now. The I think of shock and that's the thing knee which he did have a a kind of library quality when I heard shock and I thought of like Yosemite Sam. He have a bit of an accent but not necessarily be deep southern drawl you were hoping for. Our let's get to sports and shouting let's get to go when I see that we had a yeah Portland diamond project announcement we do that we need to get him you know one of the sites. One of the sites and want them boom on. That's next and then up gaps I sergeant okay so last night as watch in the Mariner's game. Start finish how much the mayor's Red Sox who at that. Both big series. Best team in baseball vs green with what Dudley the third best record good little game. But nothing to be ashamed of good little ball game Felix and David Price and then I got to I got to resurgence in baseball stuff I'd like to bring to the table OK if I'm. To finally contribute something. At the end of the week here at the broadcast. To the little cherry on top I don't know I guess we we know he started the week into gonna finish it yeah. US open got a lot of it Donna how much you wanna talk about it got a lot of it. Well as a lot better today that it was hosting what you doctors might like to be taken the shorts that was yesterday day one and I loved how title is for them I. I like today when you US open. I enjoy seeing guys that you can actually go out and score. Did you guys get to I drunk jordin Dow ideal. No no because I didn't put an end because any route. Exclusive audio for me I think the jury he's pulling an old let's get you had drunk Jordan bell compared drunk jordin now the drunk to dream on green. Yet during Ahman green is is become master of the patrol. And seeing as how god now I've got a lot of Friday random still allowing in you know we also assets to trade for College Baseball tomorrow. Yes well we did that was shotgun yesterday hate big day you miss shotgun on there what did he say fevers and when he likes seedings the beavers are gonna win he thinks that the that the best team. That's an everybody's saying yeah that seems to be group think it does after he said that Florida from a raw talent standpoint is probably the best team. But he thinks that the way organs is plain right now in and with their pitching he likes that leaves oh and one other big story he did say that so they play North Carolina on Saturday and I think 11 o'clock ESPN is is this a tickets and Newton is at noon. Tomorrow. OK maybe it's a noon news out five of the gloss implies that fine but he said Ann and their half of the bracket he thinks North Carolina is their biggest challenger and they get it. Right off the top yet as Washington Mississippi State's the other hand soap Washington wins and and orders they wins then edit play you inflation Washington from what I read is the worst team of the eight. Yeah I think there though the dark course and it's their first time in the cultural they're the lowest percentage chance of winning at all and all right so I've the other big story is that coli Leonard officially wants out of San Antonio beat that today as well but tell us start with this announcement from Portland diamond project. And couple baseball notes it's 316 on the fifth. This is a US open which edition of primetime revised again soon. Brought to you by area heating and cooling. On Jay Nady drove trim. Children all the its last six Cristiano. So I think we're all those words. There's Ronald Dino. Is ranked the fifth played I think Ronald genome yet Ronaldinho if he doesn't play anymore I don't think oh he doesn't use it. Demonize existed but he did know that he there was too but he doesn't play anymore and I don't think it's Ronald Dean though the trials Lisa as dean yeah. Well DO Ronald lenient now and then there's a Dutch left knee senate. And then there's another one isn't there. This is named as Ronald. Ron Ron. I'd say I was not miss his third iPods there was another Ronaldo. Yeah it is I was just Ronaldo I didn't know was Ronald whatever dean though Ronald Reno. I thought there was too Ronaldo split look my knowledge of soccer is based on me hearing things in the background in the occasionally plane fifa like on the Xbox. Well Cristiano Rinaldo yeah so if I say run although people know that sometime and yes. He's good at tax invasion and soccer he would hat trick to it and being shirtless and having great apps. And told that Ian Poulter just had a hat trick on number eight that's the bad kind hat trick. Triple bogey yes that's a good supporter got within one a Dustin Johnson. But he just double bogeyed his second to last hole so he's back even par Johnson has a four shot lead now. And he was the odds on favorite although no one he's got to be a piece of history of going against him. The odds on favorites. Has never won the US open and no one has ever won the US open winning the previous weeks and Dustin Johnson has two bits of history going against him. But here's the Portland diamond project announcement that came out today the small one. Major. Well I mean sort of eliminates. Something from from consideration yes they issued a a statement. And it says local management group Portland diamond project today issued following statement regarding its offer on ESCO corpse northwest Portland industrial property so that's the ballpark site there are looking at a boffo highway thirty there ya the former. Or in Ambon street ran out of lake over by what Montgomery park. It says our negotiations with ESCO regarding acquisition of its northwest Portland industrial property did not comply with our ball park development timeline it's. However look forward to working with the new owners to explore future opportunities. We will soon be sharing details pertaining to other. Portland area sites under construction. Four ball park district development. So that when his out. So as far as we know we know there's there's more but the two do we know about and would be terminal to him on the waterfront there of that little further down that seems to be the one that is getting a lot of a little further up a little juice yeah I guess I'd be further up towards. Washington. More towards saint Johns bridge. And Berry said that was an original one they light and then went away from it and then they came back to it and then we still have the Portland public school sites and which was the first offer that's how this whole thing came out remember they made off from that. And that leaked and that's kind of when they went public with that but Barrett said there's multiple other sites that they are exploring tube that goes the two that we know that are left. And of those two. It sure seems like the term a 21 NN. Seems to strike a lot of people is is the. A fun little option. It is a fun little option on yeah it's kind of grew on me as like. V one because of the views the you can get there even and it's kind of like a blank slate out and also light bill water taxi down idea. On the east of the water taxi the other way too but I think because his colleagues did IPS site isn't. Near the water but I guess terminal two would be right on right on it I've even heard too that with that you may be actually be able to have it where you could hit into the river. The PPS site. I don't keep can be easily based. But I thought library read somewhere that they said that with terminal to you might actually be able to have that where at least part of the outfield would be. On the banks of the love the Willamette real Amanda I like gamma can be killed deaths of like got. Yeah and then isn't there and I had another site. But they haven't told us where it is and then I know there's the outside of Portland site T yeah he said that there's multiple sites or looked up and I don't think any of those have become public I think the only ones that we know for certain the the PP aside and now terminal to. I also getting reports said they were and although who played for Brazil. That is this a lot aren't all those. Well that's again that's that's the one you thought you thought they were to read all zero is one name Renaldo I don't know if he has a first name must not. And then there's Christian on Ronaldo and then there's Ronald Kenya okay and I think Ronald Dino might have been the guy that was trying to marry three chicks. Was that one last week OK and a so protestors saying we're although the old one and Ronald genial played on the same Brazilian national to the Ronaldinho was needed I. I thought that that was the Ronaldo and I just we had it wrong but I am curious but I was right there is a another Ronaldo and Ronald Dean yeah. And there's a hole to. Does the hawks. Yeah he doubts it I remember that leg like watching Brazil play in the last World Cup and that is the guy that was whole 'cause famous call. Christians like one quite well I was what's his name name. On the back of the Jersey it's hole that's all I know is that the hole was playing for Brazil was his arrangement although Hulk and that his name is. Jevon and mill blue Vieira d'souza known as whole thing and it's he's just throw hole on the you say yeah a lot of the players provide their nickname like there's there's a guy on the Brazilian team. It literally on his Jersey it just says Fred. Fred is his name for. A look it up. That is exempt from all of friends but that's pretty bad ass like if like Fred Lynn instead of live on the bag users news Frederico Rodriguez DePaula Santos mayor and as Fred as bad as it's always says Fred we'll Ichiro. I mean that he had yet Ichiro on the back as opposed to Suzuki. I forgot his name is Suzuki yeah they keep idiots. You know loads is James Ichiro is lasting Suzuki shares not Ichiro and although the Suzuki pulled trend for Fred hold Ichiro Suzuki. So many Donald's I. So that's the latest and node on the ESCO site S ESCO. Or ESCO yes the only down no go on that a site for MLB to Portland to cede it to do you listen to during spring of oh year old and and you know. China did not that I do not not hadn't seen this but they were talking about how budget children hit the the Portland what are hawks. About a couple don't they don't mean that names I get that out with like NHL the Portland and now NHL PDX although sort of stuff so -- we could speculate on that as well. Just gonna give baseball drop now known again hockey where any baseball and getting gimbal. Well surname team's done deal about damn time Dave but domain names drop. Hello and so is anybody mind domain names for potential Portland baseball team names. I'm as I'm assuming that they have probably already done it. I'm guessing that they have the they have an idea what they wanna be called and I'm assuming that all of those domain names have been undermining them yet. But if you're gonna be the Portland mavericks or whatever I guarantee you have nine different versions look for the mavericks the GB downtown Portland maverick and the mavericks. Is partial to the Portland beavers myself I would love to see that a little throwback to that to that and you know the the white in the red in the kind of Havoc the cardinals uniforms within the bat in the beaver on the end of it but I wouldn't mind that but mavericks beavers. I'm becoming cool drifted to give a little homage to two baseball history here. Also wouldn't mind if they if they decide to do something completely new I just wanted to be lame I don't want it to be Jimmy Key. You know liquid like the raptors should name on the thunder. So and then that it turned into the steel. You know it was so stupid. So I don't wanna to be something like I think when. The the experience like to Toronto Raptors that is that age really really portly. So once something that data is that is classic and actually means something to the city. As opposed to just coming up with something out of the blue like having a contest to be in the cougars of the Panthers are. Whatever the hell out you wanna throw out there. What if for the craft brewers. Not to be confused with the a regular on keepers one up on the larger purpose now. Well we can I bet you we can deal whole two hour show on May be even before our show on naming the parliament sparking yet because everybody's got ideas everyone's got an idea like of the mavericks the beavers is thrown out it was talks about some sort of election no record salmon or something using Nat. You get something with the pioneers to kind of go along with the trailblazers stuff as a thousand ones out there the best name is still the plot post poll. Yeah pluses I mean where it was it would word for arena league team I once worked for baseball threat. Where the energy that their days too scared of it exactly I don't know what you're telling me that if you add the Portland platter to us that everyone wouldn't immediately get on board with that my. The marketing for the the potential would be through the roof. They don't Hobbs did a great job with that. Again that is a clever unique local tie with the whole beer thing merchandise sales like hotcakes. All right guys that from them. The pickles hurt now but can we buy the pop's name can we make them change the baseball yet actually. Yeah like if they if they gave that up it only within Italy. I wouldn't think so why. Well. Don't know me crippled Lou the business there but there's an easily mean it probably don't want. I'd be all for Alec is not minor league teams very close to mentally teams understand ideologies are minor league team like in the same city. Well smoldered helpers are now I'm saying. Is very minor league team so I am I'm assuming their minor league teams in Los Angeles I'm a suit so perhaps that's. Did you huge areas that were not that big does that mean there was always talked to get a joke came here that it would kill the winner talks to your point that it wouldn't support bulls. No word goes into when rocks because you are you have an NHL team and yes I do you think there's an element of that that if you brought baseball you're the Portland. The cops may look to you to go somewhere else and if that's the case to check and take that name because I think that pops Hannity and they're Younis and all that stuff that I dad is is kickass I would love to see that in the majors. All right can I regale you with some. Very random baseball now it's sure coming up next to go to is the wave machine like Felix against David Price and if that was like eight years ago would have been great. Let. Oh it was great airlines jet that was Bryson fewer. What it was old school Felix Hernandez again losing to the law and he was striking everybody out to about change it was NASA announced it was the most Felix Hernandez thing that you could come up with air early was. But I know I ate something I pertaining to wheat we have in Major League Baseball right now. We have potentially the worst contract in baseball history. And we have one guy who I'm sorry plus and oh yeah we do here on time yes. And we have a guy who has who is on pace to have one of the worst seasons ever ever okay. I think I know the sec two different guys I know the second one I know the worst season once a pitcher one's a hitter. But to do worse contract. Yet they're saying is this yeah. There are several reasons are all that I don't know an element as I thought the second one was the first one ranked. Are you injury and treat. Okay this is what I did well I was sick as the yelling things so I came up this will talk a little baseball coming up next is Mike. This is a US open which edition of primetime with eyes against suit grabs you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady both prayer room. I'm a little bonus baseball for an. And it's totally random. But I found it interesting in the of course that's that's kind of our motto around here if you find something interesting there I find something interesting made the audience will find it interesting you threw it out maybe not you guys. OK so I teased they're two players are gonna talk about here one is having one of the worst seasons in history and I knew where you go with that. And Mike did too so let's start with that because there yeah the other one's a mystery meat in my can't get the other is stumping me it's really frustrating media might have missed. I guiding Mike's got a kitchen vice got a big baseball break yet in the other one that is this any it is that. There is a case that that's is that this is the worst contract. In Major League Baseball history see when you use that Ari you said it was a pitcher it's a pitcher and I was thinking didn't say it was a starter necessarily that's true. But when you set up my thought was maybe like a a pool holes. Now you got to think well OK so I'll India I'll give you this. The worst contract. There a couple of guys who pup who jump off the page as. Potentially the worst pitcher contracts ever now Rivera when you're talking about worst contracts ever you're talking about all stuff with in the last ten to fifteen years because that's big money. If you ask me because I knew it had to be playing right now if you ask me what's the worst Contra the first when he came to mind of all time would be Ryan Howard yeah like Ryan Howard was making. What 28 million dollars or whatever was in any was hit my 190 they were like that but did he have begging him to go away they were by the end of that but that's a little bit like the pool steel in that for the first couple of years or is OK he hit a lot of bombs and Jovan a lot of runs that's which paid him to do. We've shown you gotta think Chone Figgins and I was at Daytona and I get that much. It back I remember that being like. Maybe ten million. Maybe three years ten at thirty million subs like I have that he was. All he really was I think if you look back on that I I want to say that that first year he. Was in Seattle he wasn't too bad it really the next couple of years this comes Richie Sexson gets lumped into that sexson had some decent years and he didn't hit for true. Average but he drove in runs and hit home runs so the two names that. Our debated as potentially the worst contract in baseball history the war one of them is Barry Zito yes to that seven years 126 million from the giants. And he did not he never had any RA under four or five. I remember him have been one DC year and he pitched OK in the post season but he said he never threaten your hurry under four note that there was one post season where he pitched fairly well for them. In the analyst Mike Hampton when he signed a bagel factory. Colorado but. He was they were able to trade him this guy would opt in August this guy to send it and they blame him depending on car products that time no one had been ever did is got a little better but no one did add there are real successful season throwing the ball in Colorado. This guy has been hurt when he's not hurt he's been so bad he's been demoted and he is untreatable. Now to deal to trade. Is it eight billion AJ Burnett. He's retired he's long gone OK Hala we'll get to him and a sec. The first is the new Mike Hsu Nina in this is the one you guys knew about Chris Davis it is Chris Davis of the Baltimore or you see it's a nightmare he is. He is so bad so. My exit Nino strikes out 34% of his plate appearances and that's in his career. Chris Davis is sneaking up on. It didn't he didn't like 160 years and then Davis is now. At 32%. However this year. Far worse Davis. Is having a historically bad season he has hitting 150. 150 that's is batting average. That's worsens and Nino down. War sinners LE 202 or some composing heroes got a little better in hits for some power he can drive in some runs evils davis' hit fifty home runs before yeah. It is really also by the way hasn't really that contract he's owed ninety is this is Chris Davis and talk about it and he's owed 92 million dollars of the next four seasons. He's in year three of seven years a 161. Million loan. And he is batting 150. And in 207 at bats he has struck out 86. Times. There are 162. Players that have enough that bats to qualify for the batting title. And he is one of them he is ranked a 162. In batting average a 161. In on base percentage only. That who's the guy that was last. Lou Brentson they're Lewis prints or something it's got to the Marlins getting on base like 11% of the time it's unbelievable. So he's 161. In on base percentage he's a 162 and slugging and a 162. You know PS and they owe him 92 more million dollars over the next four seasons. He has he has come up to that this year with a 109 runners on base and he is driven in exactly eleven of them whoa whoa. Run that by me one more time he has come up to bad this is Chris status of the Baltimore Orioles finally the Orioles have. One of if not the worst records in baseball on this guy by the way that it but 67 years ago was in the MVP discussion. He had a couple big ears yeah question 109 runners have been on base in his at bats he has driven in eleven gosh. He's batting 150 with 86 strikeouts is fifteen or fifteen RPI it's on the year or so what's worse him all are this guy who. Potentially. Arguably has the worst contract initially baseball history have you have you any other guests. I don't ISI I I went through every team and guess is many guys is like yeah I think the reason why this one will get cheese because I don't know that a lot of people know he got paid as the pitcher thing is it choosing like I say maybe judge lake. Josh Hamilton comes to mind. With winds that are. All the trust that they gave them the guests that I said that Robson was the closest just in terms of the type of player was Jordan Zimmermann who got paid big by the tigers that's an awful. That's pretty get he has been awful and always hurt I have to go back and look at his numbers. This guy is untreatable. His team is terrible so it's like their tanking. He's been hurt off and on when he's not hurt they have now demoted him to the bullpen he's that bad. He was handed. Six years being a 105 million dollars at the age 27 X had a really solid season yet at 349 ERA. With 209 innings pitched. And since. Is CRA's have been as follows this is over 61 starts. Her season as he carried the next year 371 not too bad you know five point 56. Six point 656. Point 43 and this year he is one and seven when he six point 68 ERA. And I am talking about Cincinnati reds'. Homer Bailey on. He might get I want hope that. Got paid he got paid because he was homegrown is a very high draft pick. He was homegrown by the reds any sucked any sucked any sucked any finally. Figured it out in had a nice year. And he was 27. And they thought he'd figured out an egg in a paid him handsomely sixers 105 million and he has been. Truly awful hard and they they will not be able to trade him so he has had really no success. Since he got news. His bit his big money and some of those others your name mean. Are all guys that yet at the end it look like a bad contract because again too many years but for a while even Chris Davis for a while. You know they they lived up to it. For at least he hurt him yet Chris Davis by the way at one point had 53 home runs and 138 RBIs and hit 286. Yeah notice 147117. Hit 272. And now as you mentioned these hitting 150. Well I didn't I would of never got Homer Bailey. I wasn't although I'm looking here I found a list of the worst contracts. In in Major League Baseball. Yes candidates and in Homer Bailey is. Number one. Worst contracts now Yahoo! say where's contradict they would do this may be the worst ever they went through each team and and picked out the worst contracts for each team and then they rate them and yeah they've got Homer Bailey right here at the top. SL. Power on. 21 million a year Chris Davis and Leon Davis makes 29 year. Cut its gonna be stumbling to pick NFL just looks at that aegis is the NFL player he's fumes on my neck palmary guys and go play baseball he should. Mean did did the NFL and oh by the way no one dies plane Major League Baseball. I mean it's in my building anti team pick Chris Davison Homer Bailey a handyman. All right what are we get to next the Americans they they got to Felix listed it is. OK but when did they pay him there to say right now this is this year in their say in the day they went through the worst contract for each team and Felix is making 27 million dollars. And so he oh he is there a split pitched like it in and I didn't enemy's been good the last couple starts but boy early on he was their fourth maybe fifth best starter. Has its US open next on the tenth. This is a US open which edition of primetime where the Isaak ensued brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady both rim. And delivering an end to Bobby did you contracts because the Mets are still paying it yeah. That's that's an awful but in the end in terms of what they have to page and he helps them win a World Series but right know. India and get to the World Series in they never won a World Series they have one word answer since 86 what year was that. That they got their that was the present assemblies series the as the Yankees. 'cause I thought that we talked we've talked about the Bobby beanie contract ends. The idea of that of them still paying that some think is actually. It actually worked out because it they deferred the monies that they can add other guys and I think it got into that World Series. And in video like every league my input was okay he didn't have horrific years in New York he was not the united MVP sort of guy EB was never the same after you left Pittsburg but. Yeah meaning they pay it like what a million take a 1000006 a year end. You know that really BA you think your Major League Baseball team and that's what your your balking at a meeting just makes you look foolish that you have to keep paying him. It's great for Bobby but India but I don't I think that may be one of the dumber ones but it's not one of the worst contracts. Yeah well dumber I. I made two all star teams and Susan in the local area. He then there's no way that's one of the horse contracts. Right I mean not a change your idea worst. I worst contract is big money never do a thing. Is okay get one year in European 26535. Or 34 runs 87 RBI. Yes it was OK he was not he was not terrible that he gets one point 19 million every July 1 yet and held land. I think he's got another couple years on it but it's 20350. Boy that's more than I thought we crap. I've I've thought that ran out and in May be five or six years but that's two dozen thirty yep there's articles that are written on and you and your ride I mean. By the time it's done that's gonna look really foolish good. In the grand scheme innings if you target about a million dollars a year to a Major League Baseball team. Now you know Bernie Madoff had something to do with the whole deal yeah of them well in ten days off coupons or make him big time money off of Bernie Madoff they're making like 1215% a year there is an article just and another day or two ago or had a day or two ago where they talked about the Madson and that lingering effect. The wheel got taken in the Bernie Madoff scheme yes and they were they were broke and they didn't have money. And did that really has affected a lot of their decisions. Ends the day of pointed out that you had the potential to build something really special New York with a young staff that you had and they never really capitalize on the other one year they got the World Series against Kansas City. And none of those pitchers were making any money. You know when you look at Harvey and while I mean laden got hurt but like Wheeler in cinder garden grown. None of those guys made anything and you had a chance to to to make a run their for six or seven years you've basically got one. One and a half years out of it now year. You're back to being a Mets. So may not so the Wilpon split five point nine million which was Bobby Vinny is salary up into a Madoff account in 2000. And they got a conservative 10%. Annual return yet. This is 2000 by 2011. When they would have to start paying media. They would have already grown their pot to sixteen point 83 million. Even with paying off Binnie every year they would wind up with a 49 million dollar profit on the deal via. Of course we all know ended up happening with Ernie made out yet so that complicates. Those matters so at the time they're like oh. So equal does defers contract and and that will allow us to go out and get Mike Hampton in blood I was glad and get other guys we can make a run at World Series which they did. Because they were cash before they needed money they they were. They were struggling financially until he had the time for them it made sense just so happened they got schools swindled them one of the great Ponzi schemes of all time and and now you look like an absolute jackass because he said tell. 2035. Of 35 yes to have to pick W India a million dollars crazy about it every year around that time when they pay there's another. Thing that comes out it's like happy Bobby Bo in the today. I outlets kids got up on the US open looks like we. May have the cut line lot of big names not make him a cat yeah tigers not back by the he is not tactical I think he has that he's this is just two years. I think is the thing did I sudden they might Edinburgh stool bit that had this guy aside on Twitter instant camera something they have like the the flow chart of tiger and they had. I'm back it was tiger like fist pump being. I'm back but I'm not were used to be it was tiger like all bus. And then like had a different stages of it and they had the arrest photo and then the meter hurdles all the way to the arrest photos about where tiger is a crisis that drew down. I didn't.