Primetime 6.13.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 13th
Hot 5 at 5, Jayson Stark's piece on MLB expansion,  Jason Sobel joins the show, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. It's 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. Don't remember the this and we'll have the rough is extra thick this week. All you're trying to do. Is defensive back into the fairway and sex tape yet no expectation in you say this is primetime Momo fans US open week. Grabs you by area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with theory heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop its great. Primetime retires again soon gone 1080. Around 200 yards both. His US open recapitalize the crowd that was in this sniffles today here. Diarrhea or his violent crowds got something going on. He's got a strep throat turns out it wasn't strip. But he did the AM and try to tough it out which means that no he's not gonna show. But he said that they're trying to tough it out would mean he would show I now. The key senate that's xmas is like 1 o'clock so guys go to the doctor see if I can power through and we knew at that point and he wasn't powering. So. It brought out today and then on the injury report tomorrow. Gonna say doubtful he claimed that he could be back tomorrow but again we're gonna list him as doubtful. For Thursday. Maybe upgraded to probable for Friday. Although I'm going questionable for tomorrow. Go on questionable are going questionable for tomorrow okay see I'm I'm officially. Put in his outlook has started the US open. So what's gonna happen is dropped gonna wake up and you'll start watching golf. And he'll just be neck and I don't know man it's catalogs the US open. Don't want wants the US open and maybe as a morning you know bloody Mary I'm still gonna say doubtful prop probable for returned. On Friday and then that he'll be fine by Saturday because we're playing now chambers bay. On Saturday I gonna play up there do you think you're gonna play I mean I'm just trying to get under under I. Ever played that much this year plays like nine times a week. I've a little bit of the start the year itch it's been. It divided among since I last went out this golf balls maybe a couple of weeks ago that I have not played a list this year so. If I break a hundred I'll I'll be pleased. Also the over under like nine you go ninety for a cup is my over and chamber Amir supposed to be relieved of course there are it's not that bad. I'd I'd rob so bad play is nine times a week it's like a three I don't know played in the before I don't know. He says it was that bad it's my first time actually going up there and this is through. We did this Special Olympics think someone won. For a reason I want to play golf with Robin and somehow I've coming along. Assuming he's wanted to drop and then I'll drive the golf cart that Abdul Haq and up but that's what happens it will put together a better round than anticipated like my words per minute. I wasn't expecting much and I didn't really achieve much but it was better than I thought OK so maybe we showed you around a nine DA will be happy he'll be happy. Adding under a hug her right leg and play if I'm if I'm anywhere in the high eighties the axis that success round. I'm going to be very interest and on Monday to hear how both of you play. My nephews and you chambers cards. Played nine audit that's right it's really hilly turek played nine holes and sit down. They're doubling down matter to us during. Played eighteen holes. Like I it probably hurts right yeah and by the time I get done like on the my knees in my back in my neck shoulders and just doesn't feel good. I need like golf like all our cards. Right get to play like I need to pay by a hole. Does not is probably not quite enough but eighteen is way too many you get a taught eleven ambulance and get. Twelve is my sweet spot. To get to nine and I always had that internal debate of patient I've played the back. And then if I do decide to play and Allen let's play the back by hold twelve. I don't wanna be plain anymore. And by thirteen fourteen. Did write out your just John Rollins and Paul 151617180. Effort on my part whatsoever you're lucky if I meet him bloodied at that point. I judge Aubrey you guys is going head how to solve ominously in the cart is it's not it's not a comfortable. It's not a comfortable around form you begin to those back so that's that's hitting it skews my scorers. Is. If I play an even if I'm playing well on the front nine it will disintegrate on the back because case of starts to hurt in my focus just goes straight to hell. So what we need to do is say like my front nine. At chambers. 45 to like 46 will be the goal and the whenever Avant in the back nine I can give it you know. I may not finish the back nine I'd let's get to India on 55. Odd topics and opinions. Are and are there it's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line. Download the reward happens start earning points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number applies to the. Little curveball here go box seen at number five should G and Camilla Alvarez has finalized the deal for their rematch they are saying this is the biggest fight in boxing. Generated over a million rather than a million happy reviews the last time they thought I was a controversial. Drop most people budget Ji won that fight. But their stain that this was scheduled for earlier in the year in member Alvarez tested positive. For a fourth chances substance. And I guess it turned out it was tainted meat. That he Eddie deity and they said that's actually what happened but he still that the fight was called off but they have those scheduled it. Before September 15 and few boxing fans out there. That is the biggest fight now those are the two biggest names in the sport and the first it was entertaining fight so hopefully we get a little more of the same that would actually. A winner this time around on September 15 if I would take place in a states. Number floor. The red hot Seattle Mariners swept. The angels. Now I would like say that I saw this but I didn't because it was on freaking FaceBook why. It was 66 going into the game. Right on TV with a home run the tide of the end we don't have flip over to route to watch it and sure enough as sport fishing is gone. Israeli this is one of those stupid FaceBook only game he could only watch on that so. 40000 people got to see it and no one else did a bitch hamburger actually hit a walk off home run. And the red hot your mirrors what the third best record in Major League Baseball think their wives and 22 in seven now. Sense. Robinson Cano went out I mean they are read and speak in ha I didn't see somewhere the jury the photo says that it would either. Cross the clubhouse are galvanized the clubhouse for a supposed to galvanize this yeah these sweet the angels and now you've got big what you got Red Sox yankees. Red Sox. Are your next pamphlet series obviously Boston in New York by the way these two teams with a better record in Seattle so huge cup series coming out. Speed of the mystical baseball here because I saw this and that it's kind of sad news. Miguel Cabrera done for the year with a torn biceps. And if he's 35 years old and converted to me is maybe the most under appreciated star. Of my lifetime in in baseball we look at his numbers and the guy won the Triple Crown. And yet is kind of viewed as an after about these 35 years old and if she stays healthy he could easily get to the 3000. He does hits 500 home runs luck researching 135. And the key is to climb a little bit and that torn biceps. Are we getting real close to the end of Miguel Cabrera and if we do with when he burst on the scene with that first marlins' World Series when he was a rookie just how good. He was and just doesn't get the appreciation. Did that I think he should deserve that Miguel Cabrera had done for the year with a room. Ice. Number two number two yeah. Number. The NCAA with a couple of save. Decent pieces of news today they've. Putting two new policies I should say. You're not going to be able to played up to four games without having to burn register I think this one is is actually pretty Smart. I don't see it all the time every kid comes in because of injury may be a backup quarterback and asked to play gamer to an entire year as we seek united have slipped to four of those games. Not have to play for Richard I think that makes common sense. And kids can now apply free transfer without the school's permission. The be able to put themselves into a national database. Where that will go out Sybase after the inform their coaches that they're going to be transferring. That name of going to a national wire in the neck kid can contact the schools. Which is good I actually would hope that it basically get to the point where kids can transfer once without having to sit out for a penalty. I think ultimately that's where the NCAA needs to go but I think some of the pressure being applied to the NCAA. Because people asserted you just how unfair this is in his words the kids there have to do he's up on the little bit in these these are two moves in the right directions. Number one right. No number on him. TVs and is in number one we're gonna combine this US open gets under way to market we'll talk to action network's Jason Sobel here at 530. He cut opener do you know about. US open that starts tomorrow and at 5 AM Pacific standard time I think some of the first groups to go off and one of the last groups to go out in the first round is Justin Thomas. Dustin Keller excuse me. Dustin Johnson. Dustin Johnson Thomas White is getting those two needs to be there pretty similar pretty similar and Tiger Woods and got to be one of the last groups that would go I think that he's out for around 10:30 in the morning home and then the World Cup gets under way tomorrow and then. I was in the US not being in the World Cup but the big news that came down today is North America which was headed by the United States won the bid for the 26. World Cup and most of that will be in the United States. It was a joint venture is the first time they've done this with a joint venture make Canada Mexico and. The United States will be held in North America. But sixty of the eighty games will be played in the United States including all of the matches from the quarterfinals upward. And then ten in Mexico or Canada Mexico will host ten games apiece. The finals are experts to be played in MetLife stadium RBC just outside of new York and then there were 25 cities that were listed as potential host sites for the the various games. And I think that's gonna be pared down to sixteen Portland obviously didn't mean to cut the stadium big enough. But Seattle bid. So hopefully see I can get some of those games in 20/20 six and we will have a chance to judge a couple of hours and then maybe check out with the World Cup announced the offer. Let's see here. High 55 broad team by Ole frost brewed Coors Light download the Coors lights. New words app and start earning points toward one of the kind experiences and games tickets. Which is on the World Cup at the start of the program we don't Bakken that a little bit solo soccer. Some golf got some Major League Baseball news notes incidentally NFL stuff even may be some LeBron stuff if we have time that. I think you gotta you gotta throw me a little bone and give me a little baseball news and notes before we get to a club. Is that to slip floats especially as hot corner tonight. Seven and so we can lead into gold so pleased to get to hear in the final four to cook and eighty prime time around him. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaac and suit to rock you by area heating and cooling on 1080 welfare them. Again. This is so well. Action sports network. Or maybe yes and joins us here about one identity minutes. I've about the US open meditation a cocktails gets underway tomorrow. Also some non Major League Baseball talk will throw that in for Michael and also some news from the national baseball right stay. Who says that he thinks Portland is number one as far as the expansion cities go I'm telling you it bit them. The more does this thing goes on. I'm convinced we're gonna give it a baseball team and and in Portland. And this just feels different than any other time and Anna Maria talks are your deny you got me on a baseball things arm's gonna go with that. I haven't thought ordered. You got yourself a bit as though he's said before that in the break I told you about a I don't know if you saw witches of SARS. You started it now Monty the Mariners are good not that so help I'm around with a going down hill talking a soccer in the first error anyways right workouts come near Al wake me up in ten years when he gets here are. Suggest you start was an article today where he would he talked about a lot of things in fact he dart about like will win basically is what does expand kind of a radical approach kind of shift hockey did this in fact a couple years back where they. They basically just went to geography. Mean he had been so ease talking about maybe not even having an American National League was one of the things he proposed. That he just it just and Debian. More of a kind of universal melting pot. As far as baseball goes but his as far as his speaks through to you in Portland he talked about Major League Baseball will expand to 32 teams. And when they do that Betty got into some of the radical realignment stuff and and may be the DH you know being involved in. In both sides now to would you do away with the national and American League become. You know. A regional sort of thing. But. To me it was more Justine that this is a national guy who who said what I've kind of been feeling all along that when you talk about expansion cities. Because to me it's become pretty evident at this point that. Expansion to me is more likely in Portland then then either team movie so the two teams that are that are suppose the opted to be moved the days and the rays baseball doesn't move. The last team that moved was the experts. And before that he just I don't even know with the team to move before I just baseball doesn't want teams to lose. That is going to be viewed last. Option on the table. And and I died a big Tamba will get a did a deal done before the a's do at least that it feels like there's at least some positive momentum their baby somewhere down in the saint Pete area. The days you know possibly on the that the same side but. With the raiders leaving Oakland I can't imagine Major League Baseball wants to remove. Another team from Oakland has Golden State is moving across the the river they're technically leaving Portland or they're technically leaving Oakland the knew that whatever the oracle of whatever it's gonna be. Is now going to be in San Cisco it's not gonna be you know. And it's gonna be over by AT&T park right on the on the water. There raiders and a couple of years ago on their moving to Vegas your tummy Major League Baseball is gonna take baseball a lot of local I don't why it. So. There's there's a real notion that expansion is the way to go it's our talks about the debase the baseball will expand to 32 teams it's not a matter of if it's a matter of win. And this is some that I felt all along that he pointed out of the cities they get thrown out so Montreal. Is one and what Charlotte is another one Mexico City is one that gets gets thrown around when I fill Nashville and then you give Portland. And he said he egos of all those cities Portland is the one with their act most. Together. It's you look at the fact that in II I was kind of digging around this morning when I saw that when I saw the article that the stark said that sort of looking around at I'd. Finding trying to find articles. About each one of these cities and kind of what they were doing as far as Major League Baseball. Many I found. Not really I didn't find one article that talked about stadium proposal. I didn't see one of our one article that talked about ownership groups. Get it and maybe your Portland we don't have definitive plan obviously for stadium we don't know everything about it but her steps being taken steps being taken its there's things that we're talking about articles have been written. That's that's why it was such a brilliant move with the whole Russell Wilson. Sierra in a CR Sierra crew of that got some national attention it got some people to look at dad say OK not only do you have Russell Wilson. In his smoke show of life did you decide to join in this but you're actually able to take a look at it get yeah. Portland is putting in active bits but we have we have two bids are ready on on baseball sites. And you look at that group that Garrett has is that these apart of we may not know all the money behind it. But that's a group that is it. Kidding around they are going to buy a piece of plants and once that Mandy is is purchased they are going to build the stadium on. C.s are looking around at more drug look at nationally to Mexico City none of them have that. So. To meet. You don't commit these sorts of resources. To this project without I'm not gonna scene there was a guarantee made but without any real feelings and I. Think there behind the scenes I think Major League Baseball is given them the cubs. I really feel that in my heart of hearts that Major League Baseball has told them. If you can get a stadium built you'll get a team one way or another. I thought they were gonna be used as leverage for Oakland and for Tampa actually think that's gonna happen. That they're gonna look at Oakland look at him to say get your act together because Portland's can have a stadium built in 20/20 two maybe 23. And you have up until then to get together and if you don't hey there's a market for you. I think for me with this. And islamists is what we've we've kind of banded about before but. Seeing some like Jayson stark through to me is. Probably top three most respected baseball writers out there yes the guy knows his stuff he's all over the place he's on the athletic now is our will be in our cheese is really really good. And I try to get him on the show today but he said he was way too slammed to do anything of course but. The fact that he said that this wasn't based on this early information he said based on my journalistic researching. Here's who I think are the top ten chances here is prejudging people for the number I was expecting Montreal number one to be honest. It will Portland number one I went. Wow so one of the top guys in my opinion. Just said the Portland has the best chance to get an expansion team this is after the Russell Wilson's here news came out but got a national headlines like you're saying. We've had all this local momentum. And now string in the national momentum and now it's going to people who at least for me and I think a lot of baseball is that where you respect him you're trusting your don't know well. And I think for a lot of us there's something in the back of our head we are waiting for the shooter drop and there's going to be. Like the the Brazilian pulled out from under UN it's gonna be the same thing that's happened in the past. And every time something like this happens. That worry becomes less and less and become smaller and smaller I still Iowa will not. Forget sitting down might bear in just simply asking him do you feel if you get if you guys can get land and build the stadium where you get a team yes. And they're not committing those sorts of resources I think just on a lark and nothing about them says that they are stopping. Right they put into bits on the sites they have a third one of their proposed and they said that eight even if we can't get to build the city we have other options that money isn't an issue. Mean they're already into this thing for tens of millions of dollars. I just. IE. I'm gonna stop short of saying that it that it's gonna happen because I mean who knows right there's a million different factors to it. But I feel really good and today was another one of those steps when I read Starks article that. That Major League Baseball the Portland I think it's OK to say that it's not a actor some reality yet. There's many things that can happen and we that Maury brown on a couple there are times he says that it's obviously a long road and where many years away from it. I'd I'm confident I really am and and that to me of all the years that I've lived here in the city in the fifteen years I've been doing this show. Is excited about something in his I think I've ever been in with the prospect of measly baseball coming to us maybe some good news today. As Jayson stark said that he puts Portland a number one of his city's. That. Are in line to maybe get Major League Baseball expansion are we come back US open starts tomorrow. Jason Sobel of the axis fourth error from the heaviest and joins stock offerings gulf. This is a US open which edition of primetime revised again soon. Rocks and you by area heating and cooling pond 1080 program. It gets under way at. Maureen big right around. 5 o'clock Pacific you can see some of the groups that go off. Joining us now from the action network you can find him action network dot com. We can follow him on Twitter. Jason Sobel joins us at Jason Sobel T eight end. Jason Jason take a couple minutes force. Yeah I certainly aren't nearly as we can have finally get started. Here on wager Russian cock. Now the last time we saw the US open there. To say the course played hard isn't after scheme meant never ever seven was basically deemed un playable there are watering the green in between you know golfers coming through. How is the course set up and is it going to be blood and carnage are we gonna cease and then a bit kinder gentler shouldn't cocktails. I won't say it'd sort of be easy because it's not that I not social positions the US GA. Everyone wants to see immediately we enjoy watching a test of golf we collectively. Assume that the US open will be the hardest golf tournament a year or even our something warrior round there will win the golf tournament. I don't know that that's gonna happen this year. The fairways are in some places twice as wide as they weren't 2004. When its orbit was held here. The green complex are still tough but. Players hated so much further now they did even just fourteen years ago that. I think some good scores are going to be you have that's on players just to make it even double digits under par could win this golf. He does the US GA want to see that. Thank you US GA is playing scared right now I think US GA is being a little cautious stateside. Odds and train wrecks over the last few years going back to 2004 quite frankly work executive director Mike Davis called that he double bogey recently each at. They wanna make amends for its re here to go to what's chambers stake. Didn't quite. I work out the way they wanted to wasn't quite ready for a major championship. Last year at Erin hills winning score was sixteen under par it was agreed PGA championship if you're into that. I love the PGA championship but don't love it during the US open week and that's kind of what it turned into it I think he lets you right now is sort of scared of the criticism from players to criticism from friends they don't want to embarrass the players anymore. Out of fear of I don't know what eighty. The players stopped going to be your second major championship although I'm not sure that would actually ever happened but. They are very fearful and cautious of the criticism. And so I think it's scaled back in the golf course bell is not as culturally it could possibly be and that's why I think we're it's its in its. Well and does not listen to do with the the parents and coaches in the US open in has as said that you do you watch because the US open to you look at some of these pairings. On on what's the first two days and the apparently some of the US GA wants people to to put their eyeballs on it because there are some really adjusting groups. Well and that's sort of been the tough thing to do a lot cochlear PGA tour with bear. Light streaming feeds want to get people watching these featured groups are and US GA is sort of followed suit ready yet all the big names together tolls state. Gable are can you top this we've all the officials trying to. Figure out the absolute best pairings read what's gonna get each biggest names playing together so yeah I would get Tiger Woods playing Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson in the top two great players in the world got Jordan speed with Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy. Yeah they're kind of bunched up together but yes there are some very. Specific reasons that because they're so much online traffic to be had the light streaming feeds that. Can follow those groups individually. That they want to capitalize on. Which are gonna Jason Sobel of the action network he can find him on Twitter adjacent Sobel TV and I'm you mentioned that you know may be some be able to take this says in a bid possibly double digits. And the way this course is set out everything every music in its favor you need the bombers right now uses as the top two players in the world. Sitting there were Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson you know is is this is this set up for these two guys did you are to be there may be is the final parent when we going to Sunday. Excited I think that's probably. Looking a little too far ahead I do like both level on that just promised the guy who got out of the top my ranking directly tire 156. Man field on action network dot com and I think you game is ready for this. Ever since winning the PGA championship last August he's finished outside the top twenty try it just wore so he's very consistent. Contends an awful lot belt toward majority could be a good US open player for a long time and like you said. This is don't the shadow of the big hitters truly believe that. Guys like Justin Thomas Dustin Johnson are going to be able to have wages range from these greens are at least eight iron on the green whereas. Shorter hitters may get a few more fairways than there has struggled. Hit many of these greens was longer clubs go yet to Triplett big tractor. I saw today on your website in fact it's we have not had a favorite to win the US open in ten years since tiger limped around a Torrey Pines. So Dustin Johnson being the favor we just eliminate him from contention right. I don't you did other reason no player ever won on the PGA tour that we for the US open and then got onto in the US. He's got a couple strikes against them this week even though he is a top player in the world. Win when you look at Ed and Dustin Johnson and just kind of would have would an absolute freak athlete he is. And I did not see a media it's not that he hasn't been successful but. Maybe now the success of other people it is is he one of those guys you look at is is talent that he is at it believe it or not is is he underperformed. With the level of talent in our house. Not know and I I can't say that you won eighteen times. On the PGA tour stuffed yachts and never win again are still pretty goes into the world golf Altria and Sunday others with less credentials and AM. Have gotten into the hall so no I think he's. He's been remarkably consistent I mean we think of Dustin Johnson being aggressive player and a guy who. Goes through hot streak and cold streaks. That's a concealed. These big hitters to sort of I have peaks and valleys and yet. He's won it every single season he's been eight PGA tour professional a pretty remarkable. Going back to his rookie season truck at Dell idle under achieved all these guys that. Neat he hasn't necessarily played his best golf for the major championships but again. He's 33 years old holdup play Hitachi critic a ball few more ideas and quite frankly the field is so deep right now that. You really can't name a player who is still an awful bunch of major championships in the Jordan because story evolve in the last. Three and a half years or back or transformer has won one in a while there really is anybody out there it's almost like gay. Turn trial Adele Iran takes a ticket and grab sir. Greg virtual fear and walks through turnstile and expect him up he gets has an extra. Yes like everyone in the NBA right chase is Michael six is like such an unrealistic expectation and now what you know it's it's like the tiger factor. Right if you did you not real enough ten of the ease. In an indicator nine year period then you get that label level well you were supposed to be the next Tiger Woods and you're not. Nobody's going to be the next Tiger Woods if we're still searching for that we we need to look elsewhere quite frankly. The next Tiger Woods is Dustin Johnson and it's Justin Thomas says. Jordan's speech and roaring back court Markieff salary to all of these guys collectively. So together that's what the next Tiger Woods visage this entire generation of younger players were going to be really good for a really long time it. And a major championships together but no one is going to reached fourteen on go to break Jack Nicklaus record of eighteen. It's just not going to happen it would the field he has deep and they are these days. Is that the deepest field they did. Did you can remember since you've been covering the sport. I think so you know maybe not distorted specifically just because the open nature of the democratic nature US open. And so we call fire this week we have 78 players to. Art here on the rejection 78 players who actually qualified to section also. It did split even choked you don't get as kind of feel that you would say the players championship few weeks ago. Armory in the PGA championship. Two months so. Armed edged up the great field this week as far as overall debt of shields in general on the PGA tour. Absolutely they're younger guys keep getting better and better these guys work. Lauren to win their that are basically. You'd need. Sure pros when they're 141516. Years old traveling the country traveling the world play in big card junior golf tournament that. They're basically coming out of college career at junior golf. Ready go to the PGA tour ready to win on the PGA tour. Which are gonna Jason Sobel senior Garth writer and the action never can find an action network dot com. And this tiger and it does tiger player role in this on the new you look in your crystal ball it is he's sniffing around here on Sunday. I don't know these are fairly mature on the lead but I don't think he's gonna be and the truck on Friday afternoon he's there are actually it is. Just another step forward in the process for tiger in my ranking. He should eat this week which I think would be a very fair finish I don't know that anyone would look at tiger. Finishing somewhere in the top twenty cherry on the day you really should go a lot better we see all aspects of his game. Be very good at it at eighty. Certain point he's driven it well at times. Had tremendous ball striking round it's these are shown great wage work he is really putted well on although two weeks ago as last sort of moral orbit it looked terrible watch speculative add but. He's done everything well. A different events we have put it altogether yet I just don't believe that five years after his last victory he's ready to go to US open. And nick that is excellent I just think there's got to be something else as they offer in between got to learn how to win again and maybe that company. Quicken Loans national and eight Northern Trust that a tournament like that or he can go out. And oh win against navy got a eight great field and at least get that feeling back before going to win a major again. Into an argument could you lose here but give me the quicksilver will power rankings. Of who you like in this thing and then and then may be a sleeper maybe a dark course. Like Justin Thomas has emerged before I got away in this week I think he's ready to go out in its second major championship Jason Day I really like this week as well. Armed. Tightened Kiko chalk. Guys who weren't necessarily as my ranking but as the week is wearing on Jordan speaking very confident in the Rickie Fowler seemed like you. He's really got its head on straight this week you had engaged in the beginning of the week here on Long Island so I think that's good vibes going. As hard a longshot but you know the couple of real quick. Tommy Fleetwood. The navy as an American trans don't know much about it rituals in the world mark leisure and patch or can't let Tony you know all guys expect to be on the legal. Port Jason thanks for taking it to mold spores you'd find him now on action network dot com. Follow him on Twitter Jason Sobel TA and thank you so much Jason. You guys thanks doesn't orbit. And by the way if you're wondering. It is going to if you look at some of the notable groups. So this is eastern standard so Pacific here at 4:40 in the morning. Bubba Watson Jason Day and Brooks captive. They. The had a phony issues instead of dropping the call you block it but I wanna keep and now forever keep dug in and so you can't leave Sobel. So if you wake up at 4:40 in the morning you concede that group. Us and other notables at 5 AM you get Rory Phil's speech go off at 502 AM. Where he got Rickie Fowler Marty I'm a lesion in the air another underdog to be said that's about 515. And then kind of the feature group. So this would be what 1:47 eastern. As it was avenue Pacific we've got what eleven. 1145 and 47 Tiger Woods Justin Thomas. Dustin Johnson so if you wanna wake up at the cracked it on there the US open low will be waiting for you. Are we come back one final segment. Maybe it was pieces of soccer may be another in the B note. What short little segment there and then we move on to clubbed 1080 prime time here and fan. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaak in suits brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady prayer am. I went a little long there was so we'll preview in the you know US open shocking I know. It happens we have guests and look any idea to throw this out maybe I can read in the club but if you rather read it. Yourself I did quote created on Twitter at Michael is 27. This guy says she he's claiming that he forced Obama to watch over 1000 hours of olive garden commercial and commercials and an ousted two right develop garden commercial ovens so. We will do this in the club you need to read this because it's it's freaking Gloria is. Even if it's not a bot even if the guys to comedy writer he wrote an emblem in the voice of a bot. This is the funniest thing I've seen him to hiss it's it's well played and we'll talk about this kind of defense of the olive garden. That's a really hard for me it is I don't understand it look into what you know I can get any support from because you know how I feel about the yellow and talk about you drop the garden is not good. Not gonna try to say that the olive garden is good. Greater optimism that it does. Does not deserve the Xiamen school warrant. They UN rob give you sure about that yes. We'll talk are you really real after about the help but I wanna get this will be my final story right over the cinema club you can still look up on Twitter yes because I love making fun of my princess you know like Fred says is back by the way our number one. He's like beat the likes Sports Radio guy have you seen Avaya forced him to you first tweet. In the habit out of his own yes he's so out of touch this is the guy by the big don't know he's on the W fan out there in new York and he was. He's probably did the most famous or most I don't know he was the the first. Like Mike and the mad dog Mike and the mad. Read they they kind of invented sports talk radio. But he's like a thousand years old. He falsely dirty to music has no idea what the hell he's talking about yeah security in twenty years he retired or was forced to retire and then decided no I'm coming back in the the forced his way back. Onto the fan and I guess when they're freaking hates. Listen to this so they were talking about gambling. Which has been out BC of a popular topic especially back there in the New Jersey. So is that and by the way did this is not satire this is my friend says that. Actually thinking that he has come up with this idea and I'm gonna read you verbatim what might Francis is that on his program today. Boy. Gupta sixers Smart the talk to people who really understand this stuff. And don't create games that would attract people. Now if I create a game that plays into your football or basketball or baseball expertise in you could save for twenty or fifty dollars in total. Have a chance to win big money depending on how you play it. God be exciting play for you I think you could create some dean where the payouts are not a dollar. And not a dream like a lottery where the odds are you've got a better chance of getting hit by lightning. But if you're a skill like you create ten games in fifteen minutes if you gave me fifteen minutes to do it. It does games are created properly they'd be very enticing to the public. Let's creating game we you got to pick five players tonight in the major leagues. And if you're five players based on the numeric totals of any other five players UN's 50000 dollars in the few like ten dollars to get it and people would buy that they would play it like crazy starting to sound familiar any. Mike princess just created draft teams is what. First of all aren't you asking you kidding me. Didn't create draft kings he bumble has played their description that makes a literally zero cents for 90% of it and then at the end ghost. Well yeah I'd like fantasy and great draft he's created for issued. Haul you how old. You just described. Kings. Look he's older he retired he's back because he was bored and probably he had his wife. And do what is supposed to now. This is well Albuquerque over Jim thanks. This idea follow me on this when guys. Discuss similar crazy. But what we do is we have these things called computers. And and then well now you know what is what is a computer Jason. I don't know I'm not a detail man on the broad thinker OK but I burn these computers are screaming there's a box yes got it. And instead of waiting to get your information from the magazine or like a newspaper would have all the affirmation was available to you wall wants. And you just paid a small EU and then you got whatever information you want people would five out like crazy and this guy still on the air books are definitely immune to run with that idea were gonna make billions. That's just the best part of that drag kings on Twitter put up that clip from his show because it's on TV you know and they just put it sounds familiar and ended the thinking facing mode and up. Are you kidding me Mike friends Sosa. Critic game you Big Five players tonight in the major leagues and if you're five players based a numeric totals. Are better than they don't is five players you had 50000 the fee is ten dollars to get into. Is that drug kings dot com. Lady what are trappings dot com and there was a sever and how to play that's what my friends as you said today on into today you can pick as as little as five players ten dollar entry fee you can win and now the heat is. Unbelievable he's one of a kind that you had between fallen asleep Garrett interviews. Not understanding. Anything about what he. Talking about and apparently dreams fantasies boards just off the top of his head. Rubble my friend says I don't know what we did without you are three teen oh are we come back but did eighty. We're gonna have to talk about. Does it put it. Check outlines. As supermarkets. OK are you ever embarrassed about what she would have. In locking you don't think about these this specific items that you're putting on the conveyor belt now because I really don't care but. I I can also add V. The check out story I have from target once were stuck behind a coupon or an extreme coop partner because I saw something today. Then blew my mind I was a little embarrassed about my 84 items. And then I saw the lady behind me. And I felt much much better about my hands in my can barely eviscerate. The olive garden because I don't think jerked let's not sell it incorrectly I'm going to read you up. What they bought a allegedly. Wrote as an olive garden commercial and it is very funny that you support because your hate monger towards dealing gargoyles also a quality towards vulgar spam beauty friendly. He's telling him you know it's up now collected eighty when we come back.