Primetime 6.13.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 13th
Talking the current sports news culture, NFL news and notes, and IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Prime time Mon 1080 they'll say in the bill. Of being this is the fans US open with traditional prime time with Isaac and suit. Rusty by area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today you're local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the trade. Here's CUS open week on primetime retires again soon gone 1080s program. This US open week. Hop World Cup talk the talk US of Jason's old lefty action network. Don't tell me it's like a big gambling side as well the action network okay. Join us at 530 we'll talk to yourself. Are lots of kids today and give us an NBA stuff we'll try to spare you in some LeBron talked. For people bitching about soccer we can talk about where in the bronze going for the next nine hours like every other show for the next two months good god I know Kenny just making announcements be done with it did you see you at the click pay. Of the day it was obvious PM today. Was that the Scottie Pippen thing memento there was a it was kind of it was chronicle in terms of the art that was involved in it but it was. A pitch for every NBA team. On how they're gonna land a wide it would land LeBron did he definitely click on it I think was bothered by the the Jeffrey Arnold article that I clicked on. The seventeen trades at the Portland trailblazers could pull off in the offseason pseudo re posted today yet did. Because of the coli rumor that the Celtics try to transform it if you probably worked in that mean our our three dumb ass is clicked on it got me. And I think I was so enraged that clip like when clicked they get TO. Aren't you then just. You're so disgusted that you don't wanna click on anything else uses you brush it off so I I I did not nothing got me click bait today. As I got sucked into the the blazer trade click page yesterday I'm glad I clicked on it because it had some really cool arc for each team they had some art made. For blow Brohm with the team for for. Some of the sells their points are trying to make. But generally released what I saw today was. I guess it wasn't necessary click bait I was just kind of scrolling through. It was like a big leader something and it's obvious that. There is the rumor that LeBron and his Q is kid in rolled in LA as a ballet private school it was gonna play with Gary Payton skid. And Scottie Pippen was on some shows today and I guess his kid plays on that team too and Scottie Pippen wouldn't say Curry's Kagan said he couldn't debunked. The room or murmur the LeBron skid was was gonna play with office. That was late. Scottie Pippen not confirming or denying the the drugs kid is playing basketball with his kid and policies in Gary paint scheme. That was the big LeBron no news today why is this on the front page of things. Yes and it's you know but not really that there's a lot of insular stuff that I'd rather the ancillary stuff that's actually sports related consent of that be on the front page. This is my own it's like them. It's the biggest deal like any time LeBron is gonna go somewhere it shifts the balance of power in the ambient pressure being the leader not a nice we will get cynical stuff whether we get here we'll do next. Did that let's get but the ending is actually quite interstate I got on this the reports that Boston was trying to deal for quite Leonard. When you think about it so LeBron James is the best player in the NB. And quite Leonard is probably a top five or six player but maybe outside of LeBron the best two way player in the NBA and one. Is gonna be on the move right yes I. Could be on the move he wanted to inquire Letterman only a year left him dazed he forced his way out of San Antonio. If disinterest get out from the super Max and of course Leonard turns that down the writings on the walls and Tony has to deal can't let him walk for nothing. It's at that point you know you could have a major shift in in power. There in the NBA and then you throw in Paul George and and in the likes that they could be moving around in the offseason and I think for a lot of people that is fairly intriguing. Yes I that is intriguing. But I don't care of the Scottie Pippen's kids go to the same school the bronze kids go to which may be a reason that's why he's picking the lakers. Like oh that that means nothing if like it's just DMZ kind of stuff I don't care about but that's I mean that is what. That's what we've become music maker into Mel because I heard it was awful and I decided to spare myself oh really. Liked anchorman to that was pretty funny. And the best part about a command to was they talk about. August and it's like a it's satire on how old. Modern news came DB. Rights of Ron Burgundy and Evgeni hired by a new news network basically like up a Fox News or CNN a 24 hour news cycle. And there's no real news to report. It's a Burgundy makes up news but the whole that's the whole joke of a dead he's he's on it like one idea he's on the overnight news. And he follows like a car chase. The car chase going on in Bergen he's like let's cut lie do it any just starts randomly speculating about what's going on the card JC has no facts. He's just watching a card chase. And in speculate on what could be the guy's motives or what he's doing an end and it draws a huge number. And that kind of becomes news but there's not enough news to fill in and that's really what I like the LeBron staff has become is. You know we have sports talk now we have Internet used to be when you were growing up in the newspaper in you you add you know ESPN or whatever but the good news cycle has become such where. There's just that such an appetite for it there really isn't enough news stories to fit everything and so you go off of the sensational stuff. It and that's whether it's clicked Bader kind of that I don't know what Wheeler won't happen and that essentially has become. It's become sports news I doubt make the argument that that is. Probably the biggest part of sports news. Mean when something breaks obviously it's a big deal the when there's a Super Bowl and in that gets a lot of coverage. I'll bet you that that's stupid or guardian article about the seventeen proposed trades. Bet you that was one of the more clicked on stories that the Oregon he's had in quite some time. Yeah but cedar there's still a difference between bat. Which is talking about the things don't work in the trade machine or whatever it as ridiculous they may have been that is they they're all technically possibilities. And then talking about were one of the MBA player sons is currently enrolled in school may be based on other players saying that maybe there are some are also enrolled there because to me there's a big gap between bad. And of the the Scottie Pippen thing. But there's a need to be first. And the only way you can be first it is by having some sort of stupid in like that. The the only people they know what's gonna happen is LeBron improbably a very small group of people you matter of a million prod but yet it. I do you believe him when I think this is gonna be a tough decision. Unless you have one of those things. The only way that you can be first on this try to find some sort of investigative. Clue to it like LeBron skit or when LaMarcus was gonna sell his home. It was always looking for an angle everyone's looking for for a scoop an in the rush to be first and there's really not a negative to. Being wrong right back I can come out today and say well sources close to me. Quite Leonard is going so and so in the brawn James is gonna go so. And so and have it doesn't work out who cares this is something it's a source of wrong apartment and he just kind of throw it out there but if you're right. Then you get to stand up Darren in an event Stephen A Smith Steve Smith does them is the biggest thing going on ESPN I think he's their highest paid. I don't know personality Stephen A Smith is the highest paid person Eddie has yet as far as on air talent goes. Attendant Steven Smith right is it southern yells louder than everyone else. You know that makes our. Makes a bunch of proclamations. And the guy could be around a thousand times but he's right once that he gets instead FBI guy don't you. And he did say sources close they have told the Kobe said this sources close to him say that Kevin Durant Indian. And then we got Kobe indirect and people like that Billie Jean whenever know when I talked to talks to Stephen A Smith. And then he go on their pick a fight with those guys again that's that's a that's a ratings bonanza that is what modern sports journalism he's beak. In some senses the same thing with happy with Fox News CNN or MSNBC. There's just not enough actual news to fill in the 24 hour news cycle so we. Be great news the brits are not news I what's Brett Favre gonna do. It's same thing with their brawn James Kennedy the lease LeBron but we're Brett Favre you know what where he was gonna go at least this. This is this changes the dynamic of the NBA we'll LeBron James goes where coli letter goes and god forbid they ended up together. That changes the fate of the NBA David peace NBA news is that red today is that big Golden State two years may go after Anthony Davis. They get like Klay Thompson and driven green walked and then go to Anthony Davis. About sudden it's depressing and I'm at the never ending a run of the orders and never ending run of that hole. You know what are we come back I promise NFL teams called Boston a football we come back primetime event. This is a US open which edition of primetime with Isaak and soup. Brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay Nady those spare him. In the news coming up we have an opportunity. Don't even notice today I saw this one that. Despite the patriots. Denial that Rob Gronkowski was ever on the trading block. I'm pro football talk candid stayed at a couple days before the draft they were indeed shopping. Mr. going cow ski although they've command said now there's there's no chance or possibly trade him but they were trying to move him before the draft. There's just. It in the in the world of the NFL. You know we talk about all the movement that goes on in the NBA there is no old. There's no other sport that is as savage and brutal when it comes to player movement. Then the NFL Rob Gronkowski is probably one of the two or three best tight ends of all time. But if you're not healthy and you can't stay on the field or you decide if you're all the pain in the ass to. You're done what's out there Thomas right now in Seattle. Thomas is is not even thirty years old and Earl Thomas is one of the two or three best safeties in the NFL in Earl Thomas can't get a contract. David Johnson aside today the running back out of Arizona. He's talking about for is gonna David Johnson has been one he's been beat up a lot that he sort of rookie deal. It also has been nothing. So far in the NFL and David Johnson wants a new deal that was like and that's a much. The lady on Belle baby bell is phenomenal and has been phenomenal and that I can't get a long term contract. And you look around the MBA yeah engineer paid a lot of media franchise tag doesn't show that is true but it's a one year deal for him gearing T. Does does it just innately buried in New England like what's going on withdrawn like that marriage will end sooner than later. Mean whether it actually happens this offseason or not. Gras is not long for new ink and you eating is stuffed with Brady now Brady and ground what's going on that's not gonna end well either. They did the whole Tom Brady thing because I guess in the Gradkowski story that they were shopping supposedly to try to move up to give baker Mi fi. Like baker and this was before baker may feel they guess was considered to be that the the number one guy. Obviously doing didn't have enough to move up get number one bit. The fact they were even considering that supposedly to to try to make moved to give me baker mayfield. Just it made me scratch read whatever that today you had baker mayfield did Jimmy grapple. This is that the that the more I read that story and the more you read about some of the no dissension that's going on in in New England. Between Brady between ground now that human being busted for the unknown substance which is something in its own right. We didn't know they don't know what Andelman tested positive for did you read I didn't shoot a man and unknown substance. Not certain I got to try and this was 23 days ago that I saw this I tried. Bigot and a little bit more today and I still can't find. How they suspended him when they don't know what it is they don't know what substances but they know that it's. A performance enhancing substance. That seems almost as if they're lying about that. But there that they're lying about it being an unknown substance. To me because that you can't I don't think you could suspend him if he didn't know what it was simple we understand what all of this we don't know at this is suspended him. I don't know want to make any sense I think it was as testosterone level super high the ratio often their legacy clearly you're on Sunday but we don't know what it is. Again I'd I horrific can be gospel I was a bit eat you look at all this is going on in new England and clearly. There is there's a ton of drama happening there but I just thought it was is strange that if you were willing to give up rob from house to rob and cow ski. To try to end and other assets to try to move up and take a quarterback in the first round. Why on God's green parenting you just go Jimmy grapple. I drop who has got everyone's pants tied in San Cisco right because Bill Belichick was really angry Robert Kraft and said hey watch this and traded him for nothing. Robert Kraft actually is the one that makes that decision. It bit by all accounts and it was Belichick wanted to move on from Brady. It just it again and I. I get that you know you almost consumed last year with Tom Brady but really as you could've made in other run with Tom Brady and then moved on right now. I just meant. We talked about that already didn't we we don't know actually happened but didn't we guess that there is some sort of Bill Belichick be Robert Kraft twelve if you're not gonna let me do this number's gonna do this kind of like. An undermining of Robert Kraft with the grapple stuff. Robert Kraft has a sign off on it. And Robert Kraft had to make that decision. But if I told you right now like look at the hype that's going on and serves is right now with Rob Lowe gets him Cisco products not gonna be like a Super Bowl contender. But you five to know withdraw blues is starting you look at San Cisco is roster it's pretty nice. I don't Pete Carroll came out today and instead he really likes this team in Seattle which I mean exposure supposed to say that. When you look at what the rams have going on and you look at what the 49ers are building and some of the defections there in Seattle. The 49ers in a year or two easily could be considered. That the best team in that division and if this roster keeps getting built the way it has over the last couple years in a grapple it turns out to be the real deal. You're gonna look back on the ice at the time ended today just say it confirmed in me in my it may Stephen A Smith hot cakes. Do we look back at this Jimmy drop low think as the worst decision they made it. Then if if I told you right now they get if you were starting a franchise right now in you had a choice between at this point in their career. Jim and drop lower Tom Brady would anyone take. Tom Brady no of course not and Tom Brady has in multiples bond like what one or two years before is done if if I may be placed Kelly who knows. But it is they're in the NFL. Anywhere that would take Tom Brady are receiving your upload and yet that's exactly what New England. They didn't have to make that decision last year they could have the exact same year they had last year with somber. Made a run that's suitable and then this offseason. Made that switch. They major leaguer upload the highest paid quarterback in the NFL off of five games that's how much are Cisco thought. And ringling gave that up for the fifth round pick I was the second or third prepare. Game for one pick. And you were willing to give out wrong again best tied into the game no there's some health issues there and supposedly literally over your health issues yeah. But when healthy. Maybe the biggest matchup. Nightmare in the NFL. And that's the report is that you were willing to give him up and other things to try to move up to take. Baker mayfield. I six foot maybe he will maybe he won't know risky. Risky option but you all would tell you were willing to give up. Even got to give up anything. Other than saying goodbye to Tom Brady. To have Jimmy drop bloke who some people right now had a top ten quarterback in the league icy calm my brakes on that I received your gravel as the top ten quarterback. If you were selecting quarterbacks right now ease had to be a blank slate grapples with sooner than later. Mean there's a lot of guys that are getting older me obviously you take the Drew Brees is in the Tom bradys in it and that over him. But if if you're taking all things in can in the consideration age. And your listing the quarterbacks you're gonna take there's not that many you get to before you take Jimmy your outlook in New England had to give up. So you're saying is the patriots. Don't know what on earth are doing if all the reports are true. They're just they're kind of just all over the place right now. The kind of in this weird middle position of oil and got Tom Brady is the goat. But we also know and Rockingham a couple of years only got to be got to make sure Thomas happy but we also got a plan for the future what it. I was reading today that's what was going through my mind. Is you look at between elements suspension. The detention last year between Brady the Guerrero think the fact that settlement is a Guerrero got so it was gra. And some and now we've got all the stuff about whether ground is there isn't part of their future plans. That that can come from nowhere that they were indeed shopping him before the draft to move up and take speaker may feel. We keep wondering when it's gonna end for new England and we thought maybe last year you know with that that would do it and do demanding clearly didn't write a came a player to way from from winning the Super Bowl. But you look at what's going on in new England and it's starting to look like other franchises the things that take down other franchises to mere starting to creep in. Two New England seem valid with the Golden State dynasties end. Don't crumble. Whether it's financial whether it's injury whether it's aged just that the tentacles of winning eventually choke out every organization. And up to this point for the last 1617 years nothing's been able to get to New England. And yet every day you read something new you just wonder if those vying to start just creepy answer to strangle just a little bit when new England and his one bad year. Takes is 11 bad year what injury. And maybe this is the end say it's. And everyone thinks that means gonna be back. Maybe last year was it last year was the the final curtain call. To what is. To me the greatest modern day dynasty in in in NFL history that is helpful premier cities may have to do with the jets dolphins and bills that are certainly makes it easier now. But it's not about making the class a few doing well for sure I went to Apple's. Are we come back I lose here though. Lynch with sports. This is a US open which edition of primetime with eyes again soon. Rok T by area heating cooling on Jay Nady program. What about again it's in. I think seven out right now is kind of flip on the you know fair game so my brother was tweeting about it. The the answer. When it with a day game here. But it's not on brute went to flip over and have got West Coast sportfishing. Whether we're gonna as the Mariners game I need to know mill is just does. Alford headed in is watch on face well. For All Saints or computer to an auction owner of FaceBook. Well. There's still just have to follow it like we used to in the old days on your phone. Hell. Following up with a little game cast apt way that pisses me off to no end this six game Rite Aid spending eight Diddy only for the sweep. Right on I guess just hit a home run ride on it when Bryant with a Nokia. Refused to call memorize and to ride on Healy I guess is tied to the ending up if I can want to experiment FaceBook. But she's because last time they did this part was pitching against them. And Cologne was dominating in some of the while I was I drove in SA big it was a day game and I was like hey why is the very game on return to root and sure enough it wasn't on. I couldn't watch part two exits FaceBook. People can possibly be wise if you watch that right now. Please. Let me know how many people watched Benito look wrote quick aside you have FaceBook unlike you. And I can tell you hundred world. Seattle Mariners yet that's right now are currently 40000. Viewers really he could have 40001. But instead I've got sport fishing going on and get a guy on the bow of the boat and waders by the way who the hell watches fishing on TV. Probably people who like to fish. Like to fish in a bit or don't like a sport Fisher do you go casually Fisher or so while the fine sport fisherman I didn't trophy fishy. I've been on the road the IBM I've been on the boat you are right in the Gulf of Mexico my unit. Own a boat and go out every single weekend and try to catch your dinner. Every single weekend and also enter competitions all accounts I have no idea not almost you'll probably love watching fishing on TV every. Well you talk about rob watching all the golf shows all day every day there's got to be an audience for this in the same realm. I want to MLB network all the freaking time you know plotting of ways you don't play this I fishy. I just don't wanna watch it on TV it. I wanna watch the manner. We're just waiters. About a boat to. How was he got his. Until now. He really need to Wear those at the cycling god it's going down to the in the market. He's got his Lance Armstrong Helen on these units are we need that in it. But don't you on some nice bike outfit called. I don't about you had one of the good federal ones I've got to do which protector but we're real shorts over the top actors protester or cats would like little like foam pad underneath all it's not a little one about like the big dog a slight. Things like quarter inch stick. Like sit on the couch cushion but but but but but but but but the Clinton normal shorts over the top then went where's site clean outfits did the little issues that. And where very often doesn't. I'm not someone who motorcyclist literally ever. Outside of learning how to brought about school as a kid. Doesn't. It's not hard to use when they latch your feet onto the actual puddles. But what if you slightly fault and your stock Cuban pitcher laid out you have to push down and twist but I will tell you that I guess so when your falling you have enough time and reaction to push down and twist it Julia and catchers. It makes it a lot easier ride but I don't my petals have normal on one side and then there's the clintons on the bottom. Seeking turn the title oversee our flats like just regulation is if you want or you can clip in there will tell you this that every time I've fallen on my bike it has been. When I'm clipped them so I am there's no no way on earth they're gonna stoppers you can't it just it's idiot like if savior to swerve to miss something. The first instinct is to not. Go down and twist your first instinct is to just reach your laid out yet which has been started and it stuck in yet you. Democrats that many times yes that'd be a handful of times that I have had you taken evasive maneuver in day and eat it I have been wearing. The clip it's. So I don't Wear them burial. And now just like say with skin FaceBook sucks. And I'm pissed off that I have some guy and waiters fishing on a boat. Instead of watching a tide beats the baseball game but I digress because right now we have to get to. Moos. I am not your noted newsman I gave you noted news contributor yes. Is there noted news minutes out. He's got to give something. Drives dying know no is enough hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. And by the way you still have like an hour and a half it's free talk house. Did you see this day I do not now. Until 6 o'clock I should've said this in the start of the program or it doesn't matter to us we can't get Ricardo like episode wants to go pick us up freaked out there bring it down 700. Bancroft. Bring me today everyone in America you can get one free to read those low goat go that's the crazy talk about it. The case you're wondering he didn't speak Spanish thank ideal. That's the crazy to get goes crazy town guests I guess some of the gold they did I don't know it's well revolved around the MBA. The finals they stole that they faced only gave Mullen on Cleveland's home court. So today's the day from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock. They got like an hour and twenty minutes and change. If you wanna cruise on over and do talk about you he's FE three. To read those low coat pocket which I've never had no I haven't had Taco Bell remains very long time look I get that people have talked about IE. Can't let it drops a fast food snob a graphical fast chipped it excludes delicious. Pretending that it's not I mean I've kind of drops all gravity and faster for like three years because. Don't wanna beef fat they've left it right. I put a Wendy's chicken sandwich stand in front of you right now and I told you that it wasn't gonna make you gain nine pounds you showed that adding your fat face so fast suit you remember when I was fasting and you put it McDonald's in front of me for hours but that's because that was a religious thing. Tommy did fast food isn't delicious. It's horrible for you and it probably makes you feel like hell afterward I will say there isn't a reason why people ornery it's delicious. We'll say I had won by. Avaya Carl's junior murder. When they were doing the Special Olympics stuff and it seems fine but it was just colleague. Hello I think when you stop eating fast through it just doesn't taste the same way as when you eat faster regularly you know I mean it loses some of the added. Benefits of the only obvious is great and had a big Mac you know. I try not to eat fast food because I like I I just in the naturally a big guy. And invite you you have Mike treasonous and to invite you to pass through all week 340. Yeah. Me I just I just can't eat like that. I mean I can't eat I eat actually pretty healthy and we 265. Pound thing uses you up. I suspect but just I'm not naturally meant to be skating I have to work hard to beat this fact. And so I think like that's why don't need password so hard you as I work out every day I work out a lot and I. Really healthy most of the most days that is Rondo little nuts when I go out I go 45 days out of the week I eat healthy. There and yet this is what the good lord gave me it's. It's asinine. Dan genetics but. Taco Bell I find to be the most offensive of the aspects. I I want net I. I never I never ever craving for for talk about like I drive by chick filet of that particular day. When he gets me with a spicy chicken sandwich. Like you get like a fun I love five guys I guys agree burger. Yeah a bit now rookie and never do I drive by a talk about them like them diarrhea it's it doesn't it doesn't do already being formed. My kids love it security that all drive through then through the drive through at night I don't get anything besides. If you're so inclined. You can get for the next hour and fifteen minutes he free to read those local taco. When I it'll say if you guys greeted downs I'll try one. Wanna look. Spree after all we each actually again. I've never had a couple of pipe will then I this week. I'm going to bring you any chick fillet sandwich. And and you try to tell me. Did that's grows. OK and you well it's it is so I guarantee you I won't think it's gross I know that for fact. I think it'll be fine bond is buttery goodness that chicken sandwiches it's it's crisp in juicy I'd have to give them my way home. Are there so good OK if you're so damn good they did to me there was a free chicken sandwich available articulated is that the readers look at taco. I'm probably there. Alessio we get a break we come back we've got a man shot in Vancouver. But more importantly we get to the raccoon story. Did you if we follow the raccoon the the one that's on the top of the building lets its we have a resolution to by the way. Mariners walk off home run motivator to run shot ninth inning and winning six I would have loved to have seen it. I imagine (%expletive) I walk off home runs I'd like to watch it. Have to watch this don't give hip waders finish. Thinks about Zuckerberg. Freaking FaceBook. You might just seen it can't. He ranting about something else Americans we come back primetime here in fan. This is a US open which edition of primetime with eyes again soon. Rock you've by area heating who. On Jay Nady both rare and. Back at where it's been in the news you might work fat shaming ourselves during the break. I would call affectionately call it supporting our own issues that happened to us that we weave is. The amount that I eat healthy and work out. I should not be as heavy as it agreed. Thank you do you think they give you you see those people that like elves and they lose a dissuade they get shaved nearly what did what did you started Joaquin and I worked I had one once I. Asked for an hour every day I lost thirty pounds yankees we had went punch him right that they use a piece of the period agree. I think we got together we've there was a there was a common bond there is a common bond however I gave you indeed the light at the end of the tunnel to not feel shaming you said now I have to keep him myself and absolutely. I just subway myself bout that's my thing than me I get right on that scale Lindsay and steer myself and be like guys like fatty. I gauge it based on how I look not based on what the number tells because that is always misleading either good or bad it's misleading. Like that's Jamie keeps you out of the fridge. Like K again I go to lake when you get done that like it from me think in the 260s Nabil Al good you know that skill limits as to seven being like right that he. Good debt bad slice of pizza Teddy I'm gonna happen today. Or extort guider Durham this week let's go to do some birdies I don't know that's the thing is I don't really have issues with will power like a fine if I know I shouldn't you some imminent don't need. But it still doesn't work. So frustrated. At the I would like you wife is as the Minnesota right she is sort of army and two of their for some of her life did she got up in the end the raccoon dog I don't even nothing she knows what's. Did you not see this thing this took the Internet by storm. I saw and I'm saying she did Providence and I love racquets I have gone on record insane that I think I would give them one of my kids if I can get a racquet. I just been the most adorable things ever I wanna trash candidates so so bad. And this kind of the nation by storm that against that's who did the US be building. In that downtown Minneapolis. And I don't know. What the bill medias but it's a giant highrise the 27 stories tall. And correct who own client to client he went Spider-Man. I think there's like there's like texture on the walls Stucco wall or something. Climbed up the top it. And he cut everyone's attention because he was just hanging like on the 23 floor. And people were terrified when he is gonna fall the fire department wouldn't say that these that they wouldn't go up and try to restore rescue. And it became likely to see we're getting like light output by our update. It's the only thing I saw a bit. Good I didn't see this until relate to was on my FaceBook beat one of her friends or family from Minnesota scared to a live video of it. And if things and we're back we're gonna live video back and still out there the third floor and just like I don't think people like like if it feels like old fashioned college looking buildings it has Lloyd did its near the windows there's like losers like sitting on Tyson traction. And it was just the best thing ever like people were like he's taking video outside their office windows. It was like my dream to have a raccoon just like climate in my house and hang out with me well. It's over. Directly inside me made its way to the top of the building. And they were able to capture it daily sorted out there with some catfish is pretty awesome and got all the way to the topped without falling off Clinton's thirty hours tonight in the people risking everything gets it went 24 hours without food or water. I'm good it was people thought it was stuck it was just like hanging out on the ledge of the 23 floor agreement itself in this started to climb down. And it looked like he was defying gravity. But it was just it was climbing straight guy like oh my god it's gonna fall and they were worried about go to the Mets with him for fear that it would lose its balance and in fall off and then splat. But I guess in the middle of the night it made its way to the top of the building client the thirty stories and is now safe and sound. That is the most bad ass raccoon that is ever existed probably. Of them muscles climate entire thirty foot building will be fine and getting the inevitable well you don't wanna raccoon they're gonna do this to gonna do that whatever. I won't want you wanna deal with the consequent. Deal with the consequences there's a little beamed out there of a guy eating popcorn with a little raccoon city next and eating popcorn and the thing about it. I didn't. I get it it's gonna tear some things apart like get a racquet in the first thing you do is get a bucket of popcorn and recreated picture yeah secret that at. Wanna train wreck tuned to ride my Bulldog. Thank earlier PC like a little rally monkey that rides the Border Collie why can't they ever read through that hangs out with my Bulldog. They're like right around and be best friends. I want in this world. Will that again. Possibly many don't. Did you have you not get Fabian now I think she won a fault. Evident what her own zoo and live on a farm. I don't want like a bunch of different I don't want like a bunch of the same farm animals. Just see one musical director of personal mint museum little bit yeah you know cop just my ghost they were murdered by the Russian mob we got kitty we have heard that story miss them they got this tax and everybody talks about this but I want to reiterate. For superpower would you guys rather be a little slider whatever you all about gaining weight the last. You ever oil and gaining weight back on the flip the script on that. That's not good enough I want every domains of these bad for me I get in better shape them that's that would be in my superpower like. I don't know. I just want that I no matter what I eat I'm captive for healthy amount of calories. For that day and I get deep I guess he is exact amount of sustenance. And vitamins and all of that I need but I keep however much or. That's what I want I perfect superpower. I would be like you know I'm really want these apps to come in. Gotti dissect your rack of ribs. And don't want to get a feel segment you know let the games and I'm gonna make after it yeah I was going to be worth dads are gonna be worth it like the worst I eat. The better I luck. Again beating your real look at as time goes right now like I'm gonna pay for this in the morning. They paid for with some ads this week by senate pump. When that. I was down more than any other superpower that could possibly be and is I want compatibility because I like good food. So I want to believe it all the time but I can't because I'm I'm having. To sit down at a good Italian restaurant just read loaded up with screen size. Dude it's. Hey I really relaxed as possible to cut party won about one to the most in a bowl but not if there's some cheese on that garlic bread lawyer at it. Baxter she's pleased that. And day out that we've I had some of those meatballs data what you have Bryant yeah let's go dad and them the bread trucks. But since these ballots they depth review for a gonna be bullish mix of the want to butter you put in the coaches and oh yes and then Mike thank you to join this Minnesota's unorganized. God for the first time in organ history and I use them. On 88 full time salary you cannot afford a one bedroom apartment in the state of Borg. But you'd appreciate that you're talking about the whole housing things. That's what they said that's the first time that this has happened in organ a medieval times sorry you know I'm sorry you cannot afford a one. Bedroom apartment and then on a national note I saw that anyone making a full time minimum wage cannot authority to bedroom. Park it anywhere in the United States. Some. Good it did great courage and evidence for our country right now we don't really appreciated it. Appreciate all the works to help my generation of people who make a lot less money than you did into buying homes appreciate it. He's we're talking about that you know begin today with the housing payment that you appreciate that. That is in the news he hot five of next prime time event.