Primetime 6.13.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 13th
Ropp is out with a boo-boo, Looking at the World Cup...talking the 2022 WC in Qatar, the 2026 one that was just awarded to the US/Canada/Mexico, and talking about the growth of the sport.

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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Prime time months ended in the sale and that I was punching out with a five iron all the hey hey if that's right this is the fans US open with traditional prime time revise against duke. Roxy but area heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to areas needing dot com today and local train comfort specialist. It's hard to stop the train did see US open week on primetime went Isaak and soon come to an eighty's both Israel and. Yeah there's Iraq today. Oh boy. I guess that's why it won't go VoIP someone asked him what to do is someone has to Hawaii and a it is a rob with the addition of primes and today it's a US open minus Isaac crop which is. A little disturbing since. Got married that's the golf guy yeah that's the golf guy you literally just sits at home is like a thousand years old he's just at the moment watches the Golf Channel like YouTube videos. Casual golf like I'll watch the US open. I love the US open you know British the PGA. Hasn't anybody really care about talent he like golf guy get all his he about it like rob we'll get all kinds. You know fired up about that yell at chien-ming golf gaga about PGA it's. It's just as valuable it's not Australian Open in intense. Think will lead on yes US open the French sheer. But does anyone really care about the Australian Abe are opened now. Yes it was you don't let your from a straight even then I'll be to give that much about it it's like it no matter what. Anyone tell you there is a pecking order you don't have kids. But you have they give you a job animals grown up. But grown up yeah of course there's this anarchy you love all your animals but if you think back on it. There's a favorite until Kelly. Kelly Asia trip I took on me she kind of she was my cap which he grew to like me the most in my family so of course you amateur and parents will will tell you this you don't love your kids. Any more or less than the other and but theory is that hanky. Hurt even if you don't mean for there to be areas isn't isn't the pecking order as a parent usually shifting and ever changing as well suppose he can shift is the disappoint you in the financial burden shifts us. And why not like this year is going to my taxes and I left my oldest daughter who just turned 21. Let her sit down with me and kind of go through taxes and them trying to teach her how to adult they were working on them and adultery. And kinda cutting the court a little bit so let her sit down and kind of see. What everything is and we we have to total upper costs. So like you know what her apartment in Chicago cost me what the tuition and then when I actually sat down and showed her that number that's where like the ballot ships. Like my two kids think she's my favorite. But then when you see the financial burden of her in college and living away from home that starts to shift she kind of goes to the back of the pack maybe she's on the front of the pack. And it's a lot closer than it love it just it's it's all year you're right there isn't of an evolution there. But other parents want emitted not theirs is you get along differently. With each individual. I asked you which one do you like better your mommy your dad. You probably can't answer that question and you can't say I love when more than the other but there's one you get along with more than the other. Well maybe yeah exactly what it will say it though. I get along with them and I'll always go but there's one you get along with a better. They're just it's certainly talk about that there is that the clip going around about Stephen A Smith Snoop Dogg guess it does he like up top sooner than you'd like to bottom. And that's the same thing with parents you can let your mom a dad you sure that your mom and but there is one that you will get along better. And the fat and and if you just if you wondered which one it is just think about it which ones first pops in your mind mom or dad and ask you say because your parents listed. But if your beat us with yourself. It's the truth and I feel like back is even my golf guy. If I if you hold golf guy and you said if you could win one term debt which when you went no it says the PGA. It just doesn't happen you'll get the US open you'll get the British you certainly will get the masters probably there's one golfer that ever grows up it's like. I could just win the PGA. And that's not a great owner maybe that's one of for a like the average to mediocre golfer. Who knows they stand no shot at winning the other three but they want. A win a major it's just his car and that's the thing is just hard to win the PGA. The PGA can be. You know at any of these other courses. You know what I guess since I could be at the British and it won't be at gust at that you could have the PGA nation a soccer you can have a dip memorial wherever you want but it. And it's it's still it's still a major test I'm not trying to do completely the PGA. Mean hell I'm happy if I break a hundred in golf I shoot like a 92 on the static who am I to say that the PG it is a matter I'm just saying it. Then in the hierarchy. It's the bastard kit. It's the kid that may be smells a little funky the one the like lights fighters or the one the you have to worry about give a call from the police that 2 in the morning. Everyone has bad brother everyone has that family member that's the PGA now the you don't love it. Nothing you don't support them. Was honest rather have the US open and the US open is coming up with the stars mark fact we'll talk to Jason Sobel of the action network. Can I ask a question Mike go for a what is the action network. I don't that was out before Sobel used to view the ESPN and. Yeah he he used to be ESPN news via the Golf Channel now action network I've seen a couple of other bigger writers also have moved to this one. I think it's a new up and coming. Sports writing web site college the athletic I'm not paid for but in in the same realm. Now and I said to have to say geez that's a blip action network yeah like extreme Dirita says there's some there's some X is involved in it wanna extreme. Action network. You can say a Fella probably work out seeds over the Jason Sobel is coming. So that straightening your leg of the action network. Actually hurt a sea of I know there's somebody else that I follow. Who switched to that site at a C I can find it but yet they're trying to build themselves a little bit of area Wilbon of a group of writers. Okay we'll so we'll join us what 530 we'll talk about it all things Shaq hacked. And we'll see you know how that course in a plainly thinks is the favorite. A couple good groups you know going off when day one we get to. What Justin Thomas. Dustin Johnson in Tiger Woods. Right I think there won the last urged to go audio and fed is one of Omnia is I think the attorney starts at like 5 in the morning Pacific Pacific leave you wanna wake up I mean it's it's bright and early. Or suppose if he's wanna party all night you going to wake up and watched both the World Cup and the US open at the exact same time yes and so it'll toxin World Cup today Wilcox in the US open we've got this Major League Baseball. That would get into some. News and notes from college football's medical stuff it's so little there's anything like ground breaking today. And listen some decent news that there's will come a bounce around a little bit and then of people wondering rob is not a vacation is done in Vegas rob. He's got to be he's got a boo boo he's got the the sniffles. Or maybe as a sore throat I don't I don't know he hurt himself some six somehow. Well we got the the obligatory text I didn't you do I didn't find out except for from you and our boss he didn't even didn't even tell me. But he might be out. Shows how much I matter now there's a pecking order that there are a he's just got to value the PGA of this of this radio station Michael not a dude disguised as Denny's you can just realized on the PGA championship in my family base. On the PGA championship of my family my brother is the masters. By that guy can do no wrong everyone loves him me about your sister was Conroy. Just hang around kind of at the end she is I. And that they like her better and make big trying to protector there's like it to me if I'm doing in my sister's like the British Open. There's like gay. You know the course may not be as a manicure or fifth and maybe caught his guys that the PGA purse is bigger than that of the British Open but there's a reverence to the British Open that's kind of the way my sister. It is viewed the nicest person in the world like the best chance. To both of our kids if she's just kind of does the reverence there for her so she would be indeed the British. Now we only have three kids. So I guess like. Meaning and in theory you if you want to say like my dad or something was the US open but I'm clearly. On the bottom wrong. Of the family is so yeah I'm I'm the PGA championship so bad if you the PGA. He's except didn't can be happy god what is that the other big trophies at the Wanamaker. You're asking the wrong person I think it's the Wanamaker a big giant Tribune big cup. Suppose you could drink out of it he got that going for him the means so claret jug it's not a green jacket. Up with Danica now write about it after I'd be in the PGA and Mike you should be okay be in the PGA championship of this radio Russia. I am an only child so I don't really have this problem in my face it it yeah I can be all the belongs to find you get all the love to hear all the loving caring there and Bill Brock status foods that while agents and use and me a text message. Who say about one EH and I got this one right here but you know I'll just read it verbatim and by the way immediately ideal. That rob was not coming in Toronto won ten semi detects yeah senate so this came in at 121252. From one Isaak. So are they short notice I know that sucks. I'm headed to the doctor I ever really bad sore throat and if you people who were at the grad party they meet just graduated. Is his stepson have stripped down apparently. Gets swapped feel. Me but I can power through. Game time decision. Anything and I saw this and I started last day I'm like really. Power through new game time decision now because I immediately said you to the email. Saying hey by the way rockers out. Did you did say. Also out probably yeah probably. Slushy or put a line of some guests to help out for today yeah Allegra does Justin Bieber at a golf guy's Indian find maybe some died of the World Cup. And then then later on rob responded with no strategist viral but gonna be out today gonna fills prescriptions and Allen had sacked. Should be back tomorrow and should be should be okay. It should the big question. But he could just say it but I got that tax about can power through game time decision. Going back to the Stanley pecking order that my kids ask me if we can go somewhere and adopt one of these Woolsey and maybe a same sort of thing I'm in now yeah. He got QE go to C you know glove ABBA and we'll see maybe that's around gave me that begun an end today. Seek game time decision but now there is no game time it's nice track. About a pulled hammy was gonna try to plan is Chris Paul yeah Chris Paul doubtful for game six at half I'm pretty sure we knew Chris Paul wasn't blaming game six never be an honest. Probably not a game seven either of them so rob right now out. For game six and again if we're not as withers and is questionable for game seven questionable. With a big question mark. For for game seven so we do hope he gets better so outstripped their of those strep throat according to him so we'll see tomorrow that we get the text behave by the way. Slug came back got Stratton. Are we out until next next week now got over under is long weekend right now we're playing in. Chambers bay this weekend what you are yet uploaded after NC yeah where the them. Did the kids giving. Especially radio talk radio there's people that did that on that's a mean hammer and a couple listeners are going out so that tells me. That he will be fine for that and probably that somehow. Via the grace of god or Tom cruiser Buddha you'll find the intestinal fortitude to power through. Find a way to make it out there that don't major threat to play golf now Toledo fingers crossed. Certainly the world to do wanna go USO one of them is a baseball era when a fellow Mike I'll let you choose it's do you. Be in the PGA of this and feeling in disrespect. Yes I'll let you choose where we start this rob with addition while has opened rob was addition to me. The biggest uses the the World Cup stuff now it's a lot of stored the World Cup about the World Cup can you know where speaking of like kind of higher keys I don't know what to do with the World Cup but certainly not this year. But it's come into our soil and it's actually coming within what 22 and a half hours let's. So intrigued by this I don't wanna be anti soccer guy not trying to be that I just don't know where to pull it. The World Cup we'll talk about that in Russia and combat Nazis we come back primetime here on the fans. This is a US open which edition of primetime where guys again soon. Rock isn't my area heating and cooling pond Jay Nady both Graham. And against. To break that was. Like I understand that. The biggest event in the world I mean this is this is the Super Bowl. I don't know times tent. This is the most watched event in the world outside of Jesus coming back you're not gonna get more people watch something and then you watch the World Cup. But as an American it's it's it's strange especially with the United States not being hit it. This guys that you for the World Cup we've put EM music it's a gift for your husband we wouldn't one we wouldn't riot if it was enough Morocco. And we wouldn't have gone there either because of course we beat out. Morocco and and now the what's in the first instance when 94 I think. Yeah Aaron. Not a moment the last the exact evidently efforts nominal while total starts tomorrow and it's gonna be in Russia the 20/20 six World Cup is coming to North America. Know they would do in the joint venture but I thought it was kind of cool so is Canada the United States and Mexico. All got together and they won the 20/20 six bid so I guess I was gonna do as a read up on it today and we were supposed to win. The what is that 20/20 two. The one that's an the one that's an hour and cut your car or cutter however you want to pronounce it which by the way I still should not be in that country now. It did that by the time they get them consortium of stadiums they're gonna say between four and 5000 slaves live and die. Building that thing. I don't know how I mean with the outrage that goes on in today's you know political climate and everyone's pissed about everything. How story hasn't gotten more attention is beyond me but we get there rusher probably paid. Fifa and a bribe to minority do in Russia and there's some some. People that are skeptical this thing it's gonna blow off that hitch in Russia. But qatari did such speculation they Brad. Mean that they bought the thing you didn't pay a fine than there's. I guess now former member of people who took money for all the Qatar federal yeah it's not a did it happen I mean they they bought the damn thing and we're supposed to get the United States is supposed to win it. So I think it was just between the North American. I guess coalition now in Morocco when there's no way they were given to Morocco. The north Americans wanted in a landslide sort of beat Mexico. The United States and Canada. But back to the Qatar I think. If anyone is is rated the articles and HBO real sports that a piece on it but you know what what. I still no winner college cutter Qatar and we go with Qatar is kind of sounds weird. It does so we're just yet some go with Qatar so basically what Qatar is doing at this point is there going into like Yemen. And their yemen's like one of the poorest country in the world there's no jobs and there are they're like putting up advertisements in Yemen for. Could social workers. And say hey come here will house you will pay you a nice wage good sense of the money back home they're making it sound like hey you know this this is a great opportunity for it so they're bringing the people over to Qatar they're taking away their passports or visas. Their ability to leave and there are not paying them. And they're making them live in absolute squalor like the smallest rooms well kept up yet and what their it's basically just like cement bunkers with no toilets like people like going to the bathroom and in buckets. No showers no safety regulations. 120 degree heat for up to bigger scene between sixteen to eighteen hours a day on some of these things. No safety regulations as far as. In a CD Sanders on the construction struck construction site and there's in the by the time it's done more people had died in the construction of these stadiums. Then in nine eleven's. Yeah it's just it's it's absurd to me. We hit it and hit the years here in former years we'll be watching the World Cup and it will be on the back of of thousands of dead swayed slow. I do wanna say this and there may be this has changed this little while ago and I read this but they they were at least looking at. Finding a new place to play it. And quickly up a place that had the infrastructure ready that in need to build stadiums so I'm assuming a European country that has. Stadiums for an entire soccer pyramid that's in their country already. But they could just quickly changed to like say France for example some of Qatar. I haven't heard any updates on that I may have to stop in reading up on it but I know there were saying that they were looking at backup plans in case this doesn't work out. Imparted a thing too and this is way less important in the stuffy you're talking about but. The to be the the weird thing about it is that if it is in Qatar they're gonna have to play it in December. Which screws up everybody's regular season. It's like a thousand degrees right when you wanna play Malaga V if you play the thing in in June and July which is what has always played eight million degrees there that they're saying that they would the heat index. There. So that's who think about what windshield right saved with the heat index. With humidity and all that's the feels like it feels like could be somewhere in the 100 in forty degree. At age when this thing kicks off if you played some of these during the day and last time I checked even in December 2. Or Aetna because they're they're saying they're gonna play put it in December yes that's been known I haven't seen what it's like in December there's any if you played it would it was supposed to go down. You could have a heat index. Of a 140 clots. There not say if I was playable condition doesn't doesn't wanna play in a hundred in forty degree heat all and then by the way and you're running for and I'm sure that's basically I was gonna say that you the stadium that you're riding in was built by our ways yes and you know murder slayer and anger on a burial grounds it. Is no big deal. So a bit big for those or understand almost every major country. Their soccer. Season goes from August April niche. So the World Cup is perfect because it fits in some soreness in the offseason but if it was a December all of these Major League gravitational bump over a month off. Which to me I've gradually in the NFL there like. Take a month off down to convert gonna go play some international competition. They're for the Olympics he did and stop doing that they stop doing it. That weird I just food and the cup to music that I guess said it aid it's strange admit. Like it's been held in Russia and it's at Alec are trying to play like moral high ground here we got their own stuff to deal with but it is strange that it it's in Russia and in. You know it it's run by a president that murder. That murders people that don't like him and then speak out against him and other of these scenes some of the concerns there I holed that did nothing bad happens but if you seen like some of the stadiums that they built there. People are concerned that this. Thing. There's an old landmark that they turned into one of the big the main stadium where they're gonna host the finals. And in order to accommodate the size of it they just removed a wall and they built like this 150 foot. Basically grandstand. All that also sounds totally safe our blogs at the top about TV scenes on the photos and you know it's terrifying. I was reading an article just the other day about it saying naked if you ever a fear of heights don't go. Don't go to the the main stadium that that the World Cup is going to be played in. And up until just a couple weeks ago people were concerned about like high winds. And these temporary bleachers it basically just built a 150 foot high temporary structure. On the side of this stadium and they're gonna cram thousands upon thousands of people up into this thing. And when they have like the main guy who's kind of in charge of it over there and this is just on Wednesday. This is the sports minister is asked of spectators overcome a passion might have reason to worry about jumping up and down. From their seats when they're that high up in as a bleach is that haven't really been tested. He smiled and said these stands are made of the famous Urals medal. Does it really wanna trust the the world famous Russian steel. To be to be built it's just it's it's like this weird. Sort of thing when it comes to the World Cup. I found a picture of half the seats are going to be blocked by the roof that already exists in the stadium this. They just I guess this is some sort of famous landmark stadium there in Russia. And they just took out one of the walls and built. That temporary bleachers. That that are above the roof lined. Up the building. You can't seem to gain from Matt oh. Do you really feel comfortable stand and on top 3030000. People jumping up and down on that thing I first thought is Mike gotta hope that thing doesn't claps. So it was just it was weird is that is the World Cup as a person I've kind of read more about it. The whole Russian thing and the cutter Qatar both of these are just scratch my head a Mike how was the biggest event in the world in these two places. Please you can hold it this is where it ends up. This seems I'm mildly strange to me. All of ancestors as in Russia I mean. Mean not that we saw the best things but Russia did hold the Winter Olympics recently and and I went out so well why not say not that we saw the best things but they certainly have the capacity to build. Stadiums and obviously they have their own soccer league that can already post games. So it kicks off tomorrow we're not involved in it. Go who. Oh Spain the Spanish but we doubt about that too. Chock full World Cup news plus you don't. Yeah exited as US on the bed and talking about it and got to the US because I think this is kind of cool and Spain fired their coach for seemingly no good reason and they were one of the favorites. And mussina yeah. No bite your soccer might well. I suckers suit because you did the research for this and I have just been following the World Cup from a from afar I'm globalize our I would watch the game tomorrow morning. On when us our watch and that's when all my information gonna come as a relic art and dive in the World Cup. I'm on me like last week or so I've been reading a bunch about the World Cup and it's a little disturbed Kaka but will talk about we come back once about what happened in Spain. And then the north Americans. Getting the World Cup in 20/20 six. And whether or not to we should care about it because I do it could be kind of cool I will make an attempt to go see a World Cup game because it is is not going to be a Portland. But it is coming to a city. Very close to us and then maybe I'll get soccer Mike Todd take on who are should be rooting for in the World Cup kicks off. Primetime event here is soccer Mike with sports. This is a US open week's edition of primetime were guys again soon. Proxy fight area heating cooling on Jay Nady both fair and this year as of this to attack in the world health. I didn't look at the. Cutters temperature right now is a World Cup kicks off tomorrow. That ten day forecast. On average the degree. In east over in now wonderful. I mean under right now today in various of the Hummer name itself. Me it's dry heat we got something going in for when I was on the Colorado River no it was hot down there but it wasn't it didn't feel. That hot on those weird I walked around a lot on Saturday and it was a 104 degrees out early swept. Autos were ordered to stay in the I sweat a lot I am a big guy. And I barely score do you like the U it to dry heat. I mean I'd prefer not to be that hot but it was much better than humidity yes see I've I've kind of grown to. Not mine humidity is much I don't know why you like to walk into a well blanket of heat when you step out your door it's it's just to double teams if well. On vacation. I guess would be different if I lived there I lived in Florida it was awful. If you walked outside and in you had to be wearing shorts her apartment genes as opposed shorts or are like a suit jacket or something. That to me is miserable like when I go on vacation we Ehrlich in southeast Asia. Wherein in Bali Indonesia it was hot is is is utilize and I was like ninety degrees at 95% humidity and other there's been a vacation if you're by a cooler in shorts or a tank top whatever that I don't mind but if you are gonna have to be like in a day to day environment. And yes the dry heat is certainly yeah the it's prefer if there's a 104 and we're in that canyon. Grew up probably collects the heated and the wind blowing value it was it was a little bit like enough the first day we are on the river and and it was a really strong headwind which sought because. When it was really blowing hard no matter how hard you how these weren't going to be there but if you stop how many believe backwards so first it was kind of rough but he it felt like you were in like he convection. They just like this hot wind was blowing out. And drink you know what maybe we but it would take a dip of the it was like 45 degrees says he did get hot you just kinda. Start your hand out of the water and threw some on year splash yourself and anyone that Ahmanson has been on Plotkin yeah. So and welcome starts tomorrow and then the big news that today is the the north Americans got its of the United States Canada Mexico especially were the house. So the joint bid plan calls for sixty of the eighty games be played in the United States. Including all the matches from the quarterfinals. On word. And the final is gonna be added to at least it's expected to be played at MetLife stadium. In New York City and I. That's where those two wins one was played right there brainy chest pain was it was in New York with liberal of people who. I don't know fallows. Mettler I mean I met life wasn't built about a minister would have been giants they would have been giant stadium herb what the meadowlands. Everything we looked up for me that's gonna drive me nuts ends. I would say that did the World Cup always grabs a little bit more than the men's and that's like I must say NAFTA like out like hot chick factor but the fact we're relevant in women's soccer Timmy ropes Meehan a little bit more than then. You know being an outside the Rose Bowl that was at the rose likened members that was that was Easter west. But you know that's the only soccer game than I've ever watch start to finish. Ever. On TV commitments and timbers games and I when I lived in Europe. I got to see. Some are Nazis in World Cup qualifiers so a couple friendlies. I saw. Let Celtic Rangers which is like I guess oblivious robbery in Ireland it's unbelievable Scotland yeah I mean they just it's it's insane armed guards but the stadium. And you have to enter or exit it's it's freaking nuts. But yet the as far as a TV game goes that's the only soccer game that I ever sat down with like on the watch this start to finish as in college as a BYU. And down. You do where in the finals and some people want to come over watch and I had to be TV so that lets all sit around and watch it. And that turned out to be obviously have a huge game in you know. Overtime merit dude penalty kicks shirt comes off and that was cool and that was mostly when the kind of like roped you in that kids so you didn't. Watch the 2000 and fourteen the US Belgium game that went to extra time and was. But the US got out of a group amid played Belgium was one of the top teams of the time I've seen you can watch it from start to thin enough is happening now I remember Watson USA and Ghana played a big game I remember the group says in the group stage I've I've watched part of it bit. To actually sit down and say hey I'm gonna wants to start to finish. Now I think that's the only one god like I don't mean to be like at a soccer deterred I think I don't hate soccer in just. You know I I didn't grow up with it it doesn't grab my attention I don't find it all that interest. Is is fun I've been to a couple timbers games and it's great that environment completely rubs me and I never import. I'd never get bored going to in my sock in all those games in Europe that I went to. And any of the timbers games I haven't seen anything other professional in the United States other than Matt. A scene of a collegiate game two might be why you complain you piece of my daddy tickets to it I'm never bored at a soccer game live. But soccer on TV has just never ruled to be able with the World Cup. It's different because I know it's a big deal and I like spectacles if you tell me that that. Did that something is is important in its in its major all find myself gravitating to it. This year without US being in it I it's it's been a little love of the soft build up for me I'm waiting to see if something will grab me but when it comes here in 20/20 six and there and some of these games will be played in Seattle. They got a huge list of cities and they'll be I have polemics going to there was only three was Guadalajara. Does an extra on today and moderate with a three and then true there was try to Edmonton and Montreal Arturo and there was just three in just three had Vancouver wasn't in I don't think so outside and there's three may be just on the East Coast and there was in Seattle and and now the US list hasn't been fully pared down yet it's gonna go down to sixteen yeah from the 25 it is Simon I guess tactically Seattle could lose it I ha I but I think he'll probably do and I think on the West Coast and how passionate they are. And here in Portland jazz and thrilling vacant houses are huge crowd and the reason it's not coming to Portland this is simply that we don't have. We don't have the venue if we don't we don't have the size. And you could play down Eugene but again that's not gonna be any major city so portly just doesn't have an outdoor place otherwise I think maybe. The Portland could get through tat that ring but I'm assuming it's gonna come to Seattle they were one of the cities and yes they're gonna pared down. But I would think that they're gonna spreads on these games around an if if there is one in Seattle. And that is an affordable ticket. And affordable our goal 100 bucks am hundred bucks. All to a C a game in Seattle at the world Celtics aren't I'm not gonna pay to not repeat your bugs me regularly to media pass something like that they can weasel might win that way. And I'm sure it won't be at a BMW a crappy seat if he'd ever sat at the top. Of that stadium it's horrible view. Again if you've ever gonna differ CI a gamer to the vet said the top that it's terrible. The kids. But the the fact that it is a spectacle and it's coming to the United States and it's the best in the world especially if we get. Like a good group. If you tell me that there are have to call a port first well assuming that the US qualifies. Even if you don't get the US and Zain I give if a team in Seattle if you tell me that like Brazil. Or Germany or Spain great I know the traditional powers right. The date if you tell me that one of those teams is is plain in Seattle and I got to go sneak Alia that team. It again if it's not an arm and a leg because it's gonna be a crappy see how all checked. Got to say that I was in a World Cup game a win travel. Necessary to go see a World Cup game although. You know maybe that would be the ultimate spectacle to be in a city that housing the World Cup final an international city. I can only imagine what that scene must be like make up a party of all parties. I mean I guess you could try to figure out a way to get to New Jersey for a and decide international city or might not be the same bug but I'm thinking a lot of the fans of those countries that are in the World Cup final will flock to New York first ball. And two to go see that match. But I'm with you I I saw the story and I don't really really excited because I didn't use the likes soccer so I mean I was alive in the last World Cup. I happen but I was pretty young anyway but in the US army and but I I I used to like soccer but now that I've grown into a soccer fan. The fact that. We can watch it in our own cities that we've been to and we have a chance potentially to go to a game. Or that the US could be in the World Cup or hopefully will be in the World Cup a year into the play at home. Which gives them such a big advantage because they they already disadvantage against some of the big powers in the world what you're talking about Germany results that are. But. To give them an advantage or maybe see them advanced further minute mirror on before at least for the recent long time. I think that the music and I think that right there. Would be a huge. Opportunity. To gain soccer fans in the US. That are watching casual. Some people who say in the dead a host countries get automatic bids. All that's right so yes we're in her. No word to three in Mexico and Canada are also host country than maybe altering your pets. We're all in order a degree that might be true there are expanding the World Cup field yes it on TV then all three do it automatically and secularist the world we're coming whether we're good enough for not thank you for the correction text on USA. USA. We come back I do wanna add touch points. You talked about roping in other soccer fans and wanna explore that. Avenue we come back. They believe it or not a World Cup first hour. A primed and what happens when rob leaves we get soccer Mike and soccer suit. It was circling soccer Cedric. Well rob can have hot hockey takes why can't I had a hot soccer takes image of having real soccer takes not sumo wrestler goalie takes us through this of all the major sports. That are out there I Knowles foreign away less about soccer. Then. Any other and it's not even. Lopes. I'm not cinnamon expert at at anything I think obviously I I have a fairly decent knowledge of football hall. The rules and regulations and strategies if you will. Follow baseball follow hockey try to follow the NBA the best again. Soccer god and I didn't interpret hand. That I know what the hell's going on soccer you kick the ball that way give it to little Argentina guy let him go it to them missing guy he seems to be pretty soccer tat if you ever. If you ever find yourself and sit in the game her fearless are out there soccer tactics are really really interest once every three years I get like a really good soccer game like on Xbox or some then and that's about all my soccer strategy. I just those guys play the attacking style forward. Use a push forward pass into the really fast winners because they're fast from Reynolds down Turbo in a way again run and and you cross the ball and you're not a man Google's dispute with the terrible soccer soccer football you know soccer might colliding with video game Mike. I keep a sucks I wanted to be good but it sucks more hot fifa sucks talks become back president of in the fence. This is a US open which edition of primetime where advise against soup. Brought to you by area heating and cooling on Jay navy program. Quarterback indeed it is the soccer. Soccer dug pretty much all hour long. What got kicks off tomorrow the US essentially along with Canada and Mexico. The really like their their shoes in the hat the main body is the United States reads sixty beauty games including. All the games from the quarterfinals on the violence in Mexico and Canada weight really attending games each and all the groups inch. Just happy that you're involved are right Canada. In Mexico there especially if they get to play because their host country Canada soccer's not like Mexico maybe they they got to screwed out of the deal little bags as a rich tradition there and they got a pretty decent team from my understanding. But can't. It's happy candidate you're right her coach bills once again. Stupid kid who. I should like camp owners a candidate has the nicest people in the world. But you you kind of brought up that you think that this old. You know kind of re energize the US soccer I feel like I said I hope that you know I feel like this whole the US soccer fever thing. It's like finding bigfoot. But every one of those shows promises like on the Discovery Channel but they're gonna find bigfoot like Rob Lowe and his kids are looking for bigfoot. Let me tell you did this show the same way every time finding a if you're gonna find bigfoot they don't. Right now honesty heard for I think my my entire adult life. This soccer in the US is about ready to take them that'd that'd it's gonna be ago. I from what I was a little kid the numbers all soccer it's that the number one you've played sport in the interview that still true to. Use. I can play soccer when your little kid I mean what you do think the bears for sport you play and then. No the new one is notably football anymore so they're gonna have to play soccer instead well that's great. Kids play soccer and they're young in the nugget to high school and realized that they wanna be cool and pockets if at all. We just that this notion that somehow the World Cup is going to change. Your opinion on it is just. If that's like saying the NFL is going to take over. The rest of the world won't get it is never going to be big in Brazil is just it it's not it's it's a cultural thing that goes back hundreds of years. And I mean and I guess in our country the sports is go back quite that far because we're not that all the country neither is the sport. But each year I just that this notion that somehow. If our US team does something or that we host the World Cup. That this is gonna be the thing that kind of like were on some sort of precipice and this is going to be the thing that shelves. Are fanned them over. It's just that to me it is absolute fools gold I told you back when I was I was what 20/20 one in college. Is that nine EU. What was the do the women's World Cup. I would I'm 99 ish 2009 was the year I mean I wanna talk bridge and get around to see one right and I say I like women soccer more than agreements like women's tennis. Thomas are gravitating more words rooms as the did you bats. But like that game I sat down and really enjoy it not help that you know. We had women over and we are trying to impress them but still. I had a good time watching that game had a better time after the game but I digress. That wrote my attention it got me and don't. We're watching that was I board. I don't caught up in the two how great was it what you couldn't have a more iconic moment. For US soccer and I give that it was women's comments but you you couldn't have a more iconic moment right. In all of soccer. Overtime. Penalty kicks kicks it rips off the shirt one of the most famous photographs of all time and that do for soccer. Not much needed change it and change it young and impressionable look for you now. Turns forty this year other course so you set in my ways that never you. Not quite but I'm getting there a chance to get like John like 1920. Year old Suk. When you could've like yeah I was actually probably. A bullet in double OK but it didn't it didn't do here's the thing. You yes. But I'm the opposite example I had no interest in soccer really I never played in beyond may be one season in in Utah and I played goalie and I sucked and it. So I had no interest in that I didn't care about the MLS I didn't care about European soccer I barely cared about the World Cup unless the US is playing. And then in 2014. I got roped the belief in to the World Cup. I was so sucked in that I went you know what I'm still the Premier League is on NBC sports when when the season starts August I'm gonna launch. And that's sort of the soccer famine for me Bob fifa for the first time ever. I watched through the Premier League I watched the MLS I would played fee if I watched the World Cup. And a new soccer fan was born so for everyone a view maybe for every ten have you. Or hundred there might be one of me and the what the reason I say maybe this'll be it a difference. Is. You're right that people have said soccer's about the pop for a long time but in reality. The MLS and soccer in the US is any really really solid spot right now there's a lot of talent coming out we give us we didn't make the World Cup and help. But did did anyone care the axe I think a lot of people cared the actual state of the M alas is in a better spot. We got a new coach and that's eight years from now. So many years. When maybe soccer has grown even more. And then you have a bunch of people who live in this country going to see the games. That's why I said he could certainly increase the viewership for soccer moving forward at a lot of time in the future in soccer has been growing pretty rapidly. Over the last. What 678 years in terms of viewership here in the country so you realize that they give Alaska it's no radiance. The amount document the analyst specifically I'm not saying soccer is getting more viewership was. We'll CIA has set out all right we need big foot and look I'm not Lutui soccer I don't wanna be anti soccer. But already I'm getting the almighty god stop talking sockets we try our timbers on the program people show up here with torches and burn the place down. Let's show. Been doing this for fifteen years. I I'd open the idea I'm not gonna be a knuckle dragging Neanderthal lewis' soccer. Is is Dahmer that it's its it because it's not porn to me it's not appoint anybody far from it to mr. great job of the timbers go tempers. All believe soccer becoming a big deal when I see. When you win when we call the Big Five instead of the big four. Let's DOS is the Big Three. In hockey is is barely on the the the outskirts of the of the big four. And and and BM LSU the good salaries and in revenue in TV deals it's not even in the ballpark of hockey. I'm may be in 2030 years I just and I'm tired my whole life I've heard that soccer's coming form the MBA it's coming from originally baseball. I don't buy it I just I don't buy it open to it. But about sold I'd be instead went 26 get a game in Seattle and the injuries occur and appeared in a box that. Micah she joint venture continues its gonna be a Michael lynch lynch show we can tock of different listeners love that we dug NCAA. Major League Baseball. Who were in Russia. Let's go until our medical news notes we come back primetime here on him.