Primetime 6.13.18 (Club Hour)

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 13th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My bet that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job don't you got it. Do the right things since 1952. And should make him in teams and our children. Up the hill up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six so. Well yeah. Most pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. No well. Didn't play his time as Louisville. I had against. Now I'm doing all granny and I. Wow. I do it and do all the guys. It's. So let me finish to your. You were done. And at a time into the John Jones dome there. Are as excited doing this long enough sense to get your hate monger you know the olive garden. As for Kerry met all of guard defense. Some of those and we did say that good indeed the olive garden for Italian food is that doing to the pirates to duplicate. At tufts who compete with yes. But polar act. Every now and then don't you feel like going to the pirates goes yeah. I think you're my guy got Agassi was Danny answer is always no that's wrong that's incorrect. There are times you do feel like going to the pirates go. There are times you're like I wonder what stitches on a stripper who look like and that's why you go to the pirate's code. In every now and then you end up going to the olive garden. It is not good. And I'm not trying to say it's cut. What's interesting you should go to the aisle you're beside do you keep having to reiterate the fact I'll guard does not punitive. Is killing any argument before you start your argument it's not. And despite. That's not bad message. A good breast X. Suitable. Let's fix your good and some bread sticks with some of the Alfredo sauce in front and turning down olive garden bread sticks. It has since been great. And you could possibly make a it's terrible if you I don't see it as I've never had. Like an idea around the you don't really want the on the card but hasn't Zorn said hey I'm going to give the olive garden do you want some. You know I don't know give you some chicken Alfredo or like a I don't know what's the most mediocre thing on the menu that's not bad give me back the lasagna and maybe eat. Didn't. You ask me what's the least bad being on the menu. Only the lasagna and then they've got like the end of the chicken farm I its deep fried chicken with some cheese. The mud in song on its ear you can make this argument and it may be some people won't refute what you are not going to sway me to agree with your argument. I'm very passionate about my eye of 1 restaurant. I am passionate about not liking and that is all you wouldn't you wouldn't rob bull. Are constantly bagging. On the olive garden and uncommon to defense of the olive garden ice and stuff but yes that's. I'd say this is EE saw this on this is on Twitter I so a minute this is the the setup fork I'm not sure if this is actually aid. Plot or if this is a comedy bit by this to this guy on Twitter and he's just comedy writers something in you making this sound funny but here's what he said in between. I you can read along if you'd like him might was 27 accord treated its most recent week. He goes and forced to bot to watch over 1000 hours of olive garden commercials and asked him to write an olive garden commercial with so here's the first page. It's set up as if if the TV show scripts casino you know. The interior olive garden restaurant group of friends laughs at a dinner table the waitress comes to deliver what could be considered food you. You know what that's considered right that's considered a nice you need now with friends waitress. Postured our shows for you. We're seeing the Boston options they're warm and defeated a friend one of the menu is here. Waitress lasagna wings with extra Italy. I was only new means of Dexter Italy where we see the lasagna wigs there's more to believe are necessary it. Friend too I Shelley Italian citizen us. Waitress unlimited stick. Receive your limited stick it is in today it is all. Fred appreciate that we've put out me I'm home. Waitress gluten Conseco. From the kitchen wheat gluten classic joke we believe the waitress that it is from the kitchen. We have no reason not to hook. Friend for says nothing fresh blood what is wrong friend for friend force has nothing friends you Fred for what is wrong for him for. Friend from Chris Miles wide her mouth is full of secrets do. Announcer anyway voice olive garden when you're here. You're here grass you are but the. When you are here you are here I apologize for laughing through but I'm serious message that's one of the (%expletive) you dangerous criminal want to lie to you what. I'd be interested in lasagna wings with extra Italy. They're supported only goodness a pretty quick thinking you have more elite is it possible to have too much Italy I don't think so. And quite frankly I don't know of Costa Dodgers are but they sound delicious and I would like some friends who I Walid Italian citizens but a hearing your hatred of the olive garden this is. So it's usually too is not an irrational hatred I grew up in the Italian food Mecca of the world a much needed Albert as this guys says it's no red hot certain. But it's okay. You don't one million started down this road just know. That there are better Italian places to go to even here. There's many development. And they're also affordable yes. Yes there are you don't. If you have the argument that it's more affordable there are plenty of affordable Italian restaurants in the Syrian mills. Mama noodles better than all of my enemy is over their sophomores in is probably the exact same price of the olive garden in his. Fifty times better I mean tell if you tend to be pretty cheap in general yes the. That's always been rub with it is don't choose the elk herd and the discuss somewhere else. Well maybe there's some comfort. In knowing that you get an olive garden deal anywhere in the country the you don't know where the good Italian is NC you just use. Very very mediocre the critical time. You don't know where it is aegis at all come on. Big. Again if I brought in olive garden right now goes back to my best new road we view you food snobs. I threw some I would not tonight in my bride and olive garden red stakes. And Alfredo sauce and some pasta with a Alfredo sauce on you woody did it I would try it you wouldn't. Probably wouldn't even though you can't really screw bred stakes in and Alfredo aside breaking news cast you can. You can't here's the thing you can make it better than others. Which you can't screw up Alfredo sauce just can't you can't there is better versions of it yes. But you can't. I kid I told you you're not gonna convince me you're not gonna convince. I'm smiling wide in my mouth is full of secret super not gonna convince your name. Longer the player you're an olive garden hate monger you in the rubble of he has disgust me. BC filly to better what my kid wants the real but the olive garden like all over everything and it was glorious. And they were none too happy with this. Probably their phone for younger yeah who. That'd be fair out of the weeds or did you eat and she was sick before we got in there the to spoil the wonderfully deep never will we are therefore. The seminar Stanley's birthday we rolled into the unguarded in my kid let me know what they've done beyond. Thank you appreciate that you know thank you appreciate cart we come back we've got. Senior views Stanley addition. We've got a woman who may be the dumbest person on the planet. Don't talk about shopping chains when it comes to if you just find a few things at a the grocery store or whatnot. One today and as too insecure about myself until I saw the person right behind. All of that still to come thugs and eighty here on the fan. Club okay maybe we fried chicken soup for the itself what the tropics up a little thrill to get something. OK okay. On 1080. Love sale on the. But the banking clubs and eighty. Talk about it check out Sheen and we'll get to the Stanley elderly abuse and quite frankly the dumbest in cherishes woman I've ever seen except for maybe this lady today in the checkout line and is kind of my check I've Sheen is a real thing. They got by you but yet they give you ever in the grocery store you send in the line don't you Nash of the kind of checked out when of the people who buy. Yeah getting your just come aboard your weight and like there's lines how can look it up. I just suffered from behind unit when it's on there you know and every now and then it give device of the do some things that are more embarrassing divide and others. Don't like I don't really care but yet you're buying something new again boy does this doesn't necessarily look good. So what city they were. They were cashier for a while that Rite Aid and they feel bad for people may want to go Winn legged nearby a night. You guys like herpes cream or something no wants to buy bags of right Balaguer ordered that on Amazon right wing wants to go in there and it and yeah the crabs mitigation. Think that's is not offended anyone feels. It about buying this guy said he was working and he was the only real checker and a window. He was eighteen in a home Ryder twelve year old daughter to distorted by tampons and on the will be no checker. Mom takes Vineland and demands a price check because there arena for thirty cents to much the poor girl was die. Like exactly at that point on just. The bears are cute anymore that today. I got that working out I was we're connected to at crunch that's where it works out there yet you know I've seen those results though and only word gotta crunch fitness. Home of a major Johnson. Throws as working out and I knew that I needed to buy two of the camp. Again it was it was one of those where they they are like they'll Sammy was they gave by the way gratitude of the paper. It's out get them to Mars oops that was like number one on my list today. Got a bye to a paper that I finish at the gym and I was just gonna go back to it to my house news of Fred Myers replied that's right by most of my stuff. But I was walking out. And I went to a different cards and they normally do which went to condemn the because Wal-Mart. In the same parking lot. As the crunch fitness that I judgments of our atlases let's let's go in there right there it'd have to move my car. So what can the Wal-Mart which is mistake number one that I want to do law. People watch she'd get the Wal-Mart and that area Vancouver. It's phenomenal so it's not a mistake he walked him and it was glorious. Don't just looking around you like holy hell. Like this I saw. A bite your in his old lady bike or had face tattoo news. I saw a lady that weighed about 375. In any neon green kind of spandex outfit I kid you not it was unbelievable. So I don't want there and I got to buys into the favorite I thought all right I'll pick up a couple of things while there. So after I get that organized to make you make make make the protein shakes. Not normally but I know I don't mean yeah I delegate did you blender and I like make a little perky straight. So as I could get as I've got them to the NS. Some strawberries. And some pretty proud that I realized the day before that nobody above them guilty of there will be. But it could add to the gap I was situation to situation that I just got bananas strawberries in some protein power. In total paper and toilet paper to sort out your government basket there that it pistol that and I kind of activism just kind of a do CPB to B campaign. I guess the government clearly gonna make some protein shake it up and have the runs but I can just like I'm I'm likely remember bad. Haven't really sweaty you know are ready like you your time in the gym like I'm dripping sweat. And I'm like that guy I'm I'm dad. Do you see the people them the person who the people there want to stand five yards away from because. You probably smell from the Jimmy knew he listened relevant again and I've got some very bro we at this point you'd like to do this drive there than in the my toilet paper. It's just one of those guys like John Kerry but some other things this doesn't look as bad she considered giving to shop regarded digging up a couple other things that I needed. So this didn't look as bad. And then as far as whatever so I get to the line at the damage with a paper in my my three other items. And I'm going to check out there and again for enemy is is staring back give me and he can't against the dirty looking and and again I know it's it's kind of a decent collection of items. And then I realized that he was staring those like it's bad bad right but it's going to be embarrassing about that. He wasn't looking at me. Lady behind he would put out the viewers to up my stuff bar you know. And I hadn't paid aides is that because I'm looking forward to your bears haven't got lucky to get out pain of being Wal-Mart to open the my attention is focused forward. When I turn around and I saw the lady behind me and her collection of goods. And it was simply wonderful and I imagine that this was not pay an old lady who was not the young lady she was not skinny she was not fat. Saved your life to be difficult. OK she had that look about her that might have been a challenge. To her. And they gladly she's coming through the challenge now. Now nobody so now I know the issues can be challenged so these are the items NI I I thoroughly enjoyed it as I turned. And I even like I didn't realize that I did I turned and I laughed. Like I did that come against a big tournaments. And it's the devil we made eye contact and that I felt like a real. Pass the smelling my items are a big spectacular either and then once again was forced to turn forward it changes that make no eye contact. Again picture of lady probably. Me and I'd probably say mid thirties but probably looked like she was close to the fifty again life was hard life has been hard for a she had herself. To cases of beer. Not good beer either candidate and in Modano the affordable kind of the affordable cut the affordable kind of beer. A giant box of condoms. Not like we're gonna have like the genome of like the three pack though. Like the box Karen I don't know how many times I mean it is Wal-Mart right see you larger undersized stuff GAAP. Not he was not by any small pack I don't know. How many cubs and a box but it was a legit box thank you could fit like a Major League Baseball in this box. Who's like that like I was final whistle ball OK but it was full of confidence. Then she had a plunger. To go along with its like he could include. Like the accordion style put your life and I go straight through dirty thing would then instead of the logical explanation I. We could see bond commons the same time bush torture that was. Like the normal wedge little don't let the accordion style you have like 21 match. Doesn't she work better a lot of time but it looked fine yeah like the super duper plunger ditched that she had working then. An entire fried chicken. Like yeah you can buy like they have the debt lead area. Like a whole fried chicken the big bucket of it encrypted it's like 1130. Indeed she needs an entire bucket objected to launch. I guess an entire bucket of chicken. Then on top of that. A very stylish and wait there's more bold there's more there's two more items I believe me I jotted it down and I was trying to do like the sideways look I think this is fantastic. They asked him that what you planned for later on today. Does this she had a tank top and shorts combo is member it's Wal-Mart you buy clothing as well. And very classy. American flag tank top sure. Come up like at all on one hook those who wants who really patriotic yes so she's hunger for lunch just tore the problems yet she's got a guy coming over probably. And hopefully yet and she wants to drink a little bit issuance have a good time that are American help but okay. Then they can be grown. Is that the cherry on top the big thing a baby formula. Just drop you magnificent. Bastard. Just Baghdad on big symbol lacked baby formula. And I had so again I was like and one is balance that I was like is this your baby is this the grand baby. What's happening here but debt collection of items and this is why I've been badly he's an American hero. Because I would not I try to pride myself on not really caring for a what do people think. This is not a chance in hell. I would have had the guts. To rule lumped win those items on my list. If I had to buy those items I would of bought 300 dollars a group of other things. Just did this guy is. Those particular items because if you mix any of those in with a normal grocery order that's okay we need these things it's probably not that big deal. But when the isolated on sometimes isn't my orders of abides strawberries bananas. As a protein powder and both good neighbor is a big deal when it was justified those items I felt a little weird like I had to go to the stores for those specific beings. This lady went to the source specifically for large quantities of cheap beer. Giant box of condoms super plunger Americans like tin top insurance some fried chicken. And baby formula and she just would like whatever I'm real live with it that is a I don't think I have ever seen. Anyone check out of the supermarket with that kind of combination of items never. Ever. He hit thank you for writing it down you'd probably would have forgotten what you do and that is that is more. Just because and again I feel bad that I laughed I thought that that my first reaction was. It may turn and then I realized that that guy in front of me was staring at her but yes they can do that lady for. You know what just do you use for being and have a bull bold American and a proud one at that. I wanna know what she's doing to. Let what is what is heard criteria for the evening. I'm done very curious. 'cause she was great. This guy is seen in the nicer judge people a lot every program did write a judge judge jury is awesome. Shame and scored coming your way. I wish center at a given her highest have been my Julia. Come over here place the night party. It's going to be a good time movement that baby formula bit as good times we come back. Possibly the dumbest lady than I've ever seen and the Stanley. Not good news about stint but today we come back here though like with sports. Club Jamie do you advise against you we just does assure the leader. He doesn't you can't. Get used to it week or did you just say we just got her shower. He. Rick okay. On 1080 I love fair enough. Welcome back in I've got detailed by news and Stanley. But. This damage to bridges I was talking about the lady in the the Wal-Mart line and suffering. Well lie machine if you will give people there are there. Text and ended that everyone has experienced. Lie machine at some point and that the subject got really has become a lifesaver. Poorer self shame but you have to buy it and there is an item reduced the self checkout line is fantastic to believe that I saw. Was behind the American flag outfit and this is drag. This is that you smear that people a bit excessively river that the US flag generally lag class and self awareness I don't trust them. Amen to that. Love America. Love the American flag but it depends on how. Extreme it is but I don't I don't mind if you're wearing American flight uninsured or something newer life. But this is this is very says excessive like she did in my house. We have a big American flag up in her kitchen looks like a that'll it's like a wooden art piece kind of thing that I made for good old gave me into the every reason American flag thirteen stars. Dad like almost four unpatriotic USA USA all the way. Again you Wear an American flag shirt no big deal. But the excessive. American flag guy that drapes himself in the American flag all the time. It's the guy with a small. American flag like a nine footer I saw one of those trucks recently that had to hang in off the back of it yes as well as like multiple bumper stickers with the flag like outside of the flag on it yeah it was a super truck. That guy. With that I don't trust him entombed. Bothers me that somehow bat like patriotism has been hijacked by bad deed she. I was a day it was maybe a year or two ago I was at a it was the concert turned a member. Whose it was in this country concert. Member who was the big guy to my ass I think it to be taking my girlfriend or might make. Kids who are not sure which one. Might have been a Brad Paisley costs if I remember correctly I'm not certain. Where is the country show 'cause you show. And there is a certain amount of patriotism that comes along that right. Country music much like the NFL they wrap themselves in the American flag pay more power to you want to feel good about your country. Sells about themselves and take picture whenever. But this is my point at some point during the opening act to listen dude that I never heard of some duct dynasty look in. Guy came running out on stage. And you know what I'm talking about right yeah I know look you're talking you know he was like she was wearing a vest with no sleeves no shirt underneath it beer guy that. Long here American flag bandanna. You know like drink it like nanny lie eighty came run it on stage as part of the performance. You know it's there in sweet home Alabama or some some coverage waving this giant American flag. In the crowd loses their ass this. America mr. Allen who Revere and the. But this is what does that. Become the symbol of patriotism. In America but it's been high jacked up by these toothless hillbillies but somehow that's patriotism. And everybody went to the Indy 500 a year ago there was a lot of that there was a lot of fat drunk and stupid. Like where an American overalls. And drinking way too much and then we're like an American flag to add to an end to fly and and it is a marriage you don't fit into that. Realm of patriotism somehow you love America less. Then that it's because that bothers me immensely. Well it's it's because everything at the moment. Is. Divisive literally. Everything. Is divisive. If you do one thing there is a very very very easy to define line that someone else on the other side and there's no meeting in the middle. So there's always been people who have done there's always have people who just like out there's always been people who wave the flag around. And it's not any more patriotic than it used to be but because of the times ran right now we're literally everything is a fight in an argument. Now that is the only way to be patriotic. And if your patriotic and a different way or you don't do that then you're not. Patriotic or not as patriotic as a person because there's no meaning in the middle anymore do you either are you are you read that you either are one thing where you're not about one thing. So it's it's just kind of a microcosm of where we are as a country right now they. That should not be the symbol of America. Some fat drunk idiot waving a flag or driving around the small penis struck. But with two American flags like blasting big that shouldn't be the symbol of America but it. Yes like that to me has become the symbol. Of patriotism and its ways it's kind of fun like a tongue in cheek. Like America. But we could do there this fourth of July rodeo out of Saint Paul dusty was where is is Americans is that it's a it's a sure with a bald eagle like in a fighter pilot outfit. Think that's kind of a funny sort of thing. It really has become. The image of patriotism and and I just that blows my mind that I feel like patriotism has been hijacked. By like film but. The lowest of the low. And somehow it's Yankee said if you don't fit into that its form of it that somehow you're not American. Well up or marriage in the new not a woman's got an American flag thought dog right now aided the that they're out America. I also think though that. Although that may be true to some people. That that idea that if you're not that you're not patriotic you're not American enough. I think spent a lot of a lot of the stuff that's being kind of blown up to be the thing is nowhere near as as bigger as true as that. Explosive idea is it if you're calling me you know like I think there is a wide swath of people. Who don't think that's what being patriotic is they don't care that some of doing that either like me that's it's kind of like me you do you if you wanna do that. Cool but you can you can dress up and all that all the kind of stuff. But I'm not gonna say your anymore less patriotic than some and who's not doing capital also does likes living in America just think there's a lot more people who were. Hopefully reasonable about it too. Even though work in the time that is so. Anger in unreasonable. Just. That I don't know why Harry man got on net that the test detects get a text is the lady was buying. The American flag out then maybe she invited for the fourth of July whatever maybe she's wanted to Wear the American flag. But yes I did that guy said it anywhere that over uses the American flag he doesn't necessarily trust him and I was like yes amen to that. Is they just see that out there all the time and it's just. It's very bizarre to me that in some way that has come to symbolize. What people in other countries think of that's what they think it's. Well I mean to be fair people other countries never really thought that highly of us as Americans anyway especially based on how we act as Taurus and their country. So probably not much worse than before her live if it's worse at all I mean seriously like you if you. You keep your stories are bigger if you go to some other countries and you can be very easily spot people from the US because the address is certainly an act to certain way and I mean look at. It's a different culture here but because of bad they don't. He a lot of people other countries don't necessarily respect America. Or in this case America America America is the americanization. Is when I called this is. Mount hope that that doesn't become. A permanent thing pockets of thieves like parachute pants the that it just a and it phases out the speech. We'll release were over the idea of multiple forms of patriotism admitted that maybe they'll come back yes wolf. So you are we come back put a bow on it big Jon Mills live with this exhibit here with Michael lynch president infant. Yeah. GE. There are mornings. C arrives 66. Ways to avoid. Grown children that AM they have a lesson didn't you know. This is millionaires and big John's agenda and brought to you on the stand by business and insurance and get the right insurance for your business home were all though isn't it offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value online at DI SN ETT dot com. This of the program with the big Fella probably riding high after the miss him a girl watch golf you know what's going on big men. I've read iron right about twenty people over 500. Q what did come in third best record in the bigs 21 and seven cents to know went down. Twenty you know what it's all looking at my parents are optimistic I tried but it almost immediately. Yes I'm absolutely. I'm unrealistic. Are ridiculous but he you order hold. Spirit spirit would be when he gave the pump 500. In the middle latitude. How to figure treaty that would just drive all the oil. It's freaking nuts man I mean it and you look at the roster up and down at least on paper. There's just there's there's no way and yet. You that you look at and indeed you don't think it's it's whose goal beat your concert to leave they're capable of doing this. Pick out they have a good lineup on paper male he's the bad they got off. Aired in the if you look at the persecuted and the crews who are currently using her early you know G Gordon went on the DL. Nose guard obviously with his problems. And so. You know they they had a myriad of reasons to buckle and they'd never have sparkled. If they're not little people out of the water they're really close game you're despite you know like it's really where it's really different person every night near record. But just talk to them like your record the last month an awful. You do below replace. All the sudden the last Greer for aids. He's gonna get off so it looks like he'll period for awhile and it cools off it'll be somebody else's. It to here or achievement like I've seen it along one time it's bare bottom of their exciting. What you did today they they got down to broadly the game. Kyra back to my body had to pick out there and I don't remember the last time I felt that Sri Lanka at their candidate it's great right now. And you get phenomenal pitching from the staff did. No one had any real faith in decides to Kyoto and then Diaz is just let's. Step. Doubtful there Victor so what do interest. It is I don't don't think they can run their usage is that good but this this sleep but there are immigrants evident at apple and district. AM. That's all them did what do we have just seen it I still see. The total certainty because you create forced her sweater for another bat Florida starters. They had the bears used you don't have anybody in the farm system so. Albeit as it used to totaled just pull something out. I babies and big leader in this deal but for right now get 30000 people as they took it day Arnold when they asked to do is unbelievable. You know when you get Red Sox yankees Red Sox next three cedar crest dark. Red Sox start tomorrow pork either they go rescued baseball probably. We don't really hear you in person let in the mortgage you're gonna it will be area. It's certain to pick you carry these cute they are at thirty. He's displaying your dad I don't know there's this good minutes. United States yeah the mayor kid. Yeah they're good enough right now in it should do it that is up for upon the current hole we're opponent push him and believe all they hear it all. Yeah men go on Sunday and in pitch a game in the hazy very fever is swept the Security Council's. Some world. I don't know I don't do it it just to better learn the stuff over there I'm mentally we'll get to be tomorrow Thanksgiving and are thrown into my body builder who he knew. Speaking Seattle Mariners. Mineta jump back on the show on the hot corner and that's because Obama's been plenty of time talking about commanders. The 730 here's everything not just me and Joseph today threw me. They might image heavy edition. Of the hot corner coming up next rob potentially hurt or. Doubtful to probable what's your question questionable somewhere in the middle there and listen to prime time. Right shin so. Okay okay. We need to solve a scene Jason tan who could chew it and volatile bond bank to bank. DD DD DD said the book he said a jump of the key.