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They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're up at the picnic. Do the right thing since 1952. She'll make him to speak to our children. Shut the hell up. You were seen Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. Are you drunk at 60. Well. Most pretty self explanatory. And alive is because I thought we were living at six. I know we'll. Glen his time as we've been. Yeah. Don't don't under doing their well I remember my first beards you think. We'll get dispersed Greg at the start Guidant in the good evidence each have fun of that thing a bit but it. And simply something went wrong. At the end of that it happened some time to time Wimbledon there that's a photograph it was well done we'll Americans. He can't even see it come manages. This happens you I would hope swept. That's what happens when you do do tend to go take shelter. Then to make a visit to these shares kids and then take. Think we're sure it's these guys shed these clothing and a jump in anybody's salary. I like it hasn't happened everyone's really good their gravity in Athens does everyone's been there before religious. Let mistakes happen you move on from there you learn to live to fight another day. I have a pair friends there Brothers on. Each of them like ten years apart on the bachelor parties they both had that little mistake come out during the bachelor party really win and Stanford for number two I told the story so much for the first batch of part of my friend of the villas they get those sort of events but can you only 9 in the morning shot Guinea appeared to start up today a boy before each of the Seattle out. That'll do it you know the drinking in that kind of go hand in hand later. Gentlemen when you listen to this program and your dream about hosting this program one of the things you wanna do is sit in studio with Tim Taylor from. And as what is today. Right now one of the my dreams coming true and he did not recognize them. Voice. Period related to whom did Taylor thanks for stopping by is that it's a big news yeah well like you know happy Friday thank you personal happy follows did all the dead zone there. And moved to suit you have kids two to seven month old twin girls I'll answer bothers me. Slower so I thought so it is one of Greg again. Again I have a lot of work to all of us and bite let alone on the show I want to the milieu pierced by you Toby receded and today at all that's cool idea we have so much program you have to give you some. All of it here and a final. I did have them hours to talk about. Saturday it was Brooks later I don't know I'd votes and this is the stellar show particularly. But I I wanted to share this story was sutra body would enjoy this. That and this is true. You know sometimes people get on the radio and they exaggerate for a factor to be funny you were in the computer Dieter of the mine corrected me testimony by some shows you might find some smoke and mirrors but this is a true story and I know that you wouldn't. The rock briefed you it's real duty and in Diddy out we did it dugout that's why would his guys considered just like you hear them on the air that's how they aren't person there and really those big nice people. But and if so does this sisters so this is Luke you know the sitting in today. For what two years and I I'm gonna be exaggerating how long you've been here yet it three years three years of the literally the first two if not two and a half years now he can confirm this. I called him I'll hit it really. When the two. Can I either that's not even intrusive for the first year and a half we would only see you this is when Keith and I were doing the sentencing on Saturday Yuxi on the way you have. Have no idea what my name was you would just say hello and then you changed pleasantries you don't want somebody walks away and go bolts again if you did that to me. OK so then and now my day job is also in the building and now I've been doing that. She argues it can't have it and so you just ran with Kyle did this or this we're gonna have to hold it. Or did you feel confident. Kyle I believe there so we did an event together so. 11 of the idea that kind of solidified the most I don't know maybe I better wrap my mind around the fact that he's not Kyle. Yes so the latest motors' latest Harley-Davidson does these events and and I go and do them with a match quite often we did one last night they view of these great interactive event tonight and see a lot of we got to do one last night and what about the events can do it again we what other kind. Polluter friends I do a lot you know look at all have a double we had them last night but we had one maybe a month ago is anyone actually below zero. Happy to help him out the food we hired our own yard which is indeed out by the pain went there the first one and you know loved him. And even medic and that in the I don't know India. Think that's an uncle being college the Garrett so bone yard comes into play and he's setting me up and then see if he's the best and I called dial 86 times. Could come up and grab the microphone and I corrected mega actually I go and blue today I get three of the four letters at the many times he told me is damn name was Luc he was cots that really. True Qaeda because a hundred people now know that there's musical what are people and then a week returned to work the following week due to a good job QB he's a little much on the Mike. You know our youngest super excited about this too and I feel you. Us all of the hallway and I whip and things I was kiddo hey Kyle knew Stewart. Maybe if I don't mess with your I was not it was kind of offers second that you religion did they don't. No they give you. Who we've had that where you'd you'd think he knows there will be no answers he kind of flow and out there but you now senior prisons with a thirty editorial like top eight. Soon. You just keep Connie in your hoping that they'll look at the grind you don't go you are convinced it was Kyle I'll do after a long time full confidence and Michigan don't feel kind of bad now. One of the more like that that that's what they give a social full Paz. That's that's one of the toughest you know and when you had been Collins owned by the Romney a long time going to slowly just call everybody brother do you go yeah gee that's funny that's right how dealer there are tons and tons of people. That I know of no. Own and see all the time and adjust camera rivers names and that's how you know if you don't miss it was a bit down again Gupta I will talk for two hours I'll never usually whatever I got a friend of mine that cause everybody buddy that every even tells me body and your Buddy Guy and I don't really key arousal when you pick up on its right. For every at the last couple like. I don't week or two I've called rob body once or twice on the air and it drives him nuts and I brought tries to played awfully it's no big deal. They heat like he'd be he'd Uga really call anybody be deep down I know did it pisses him off. Lake and I don't know why clearly I know your name it but he really hates it when I call him buddy would now slow. I've I've just taken to calling him buddy don't the city's assistant and you talk about it. One of those guys like it if you find something that bothers you then I'll tell you this Israeli and you can't you can't. Let Suk finality or have you picked a great point there is one of the things are an easy Tom it's one of the worst feeling in the world Jeff. When you meet someone and you're gonna have to introduce them. And you don't. And you don't know like Q did they leave there with a girlfriend a wide up to date and soldiers of the new spot and you're like hell which is why this is. Public service announcement to men women children whatever. They're needs to be some some recognition if you're out with your man with your woman and you approach someone. You're first instinct you need to introduce yourself to that person. So if if I'm there with my eight with my girlfriend her with my right now we hear you're there it's your wife whatever. And you go out there should be an instant recognition where the person. That your way it needs to introduce themselves first that way they get introduction back and it takes all the pressure off. They did the person that should know who that is a what do people do think you the quick. Hate stranger quicker and then your wife knows that's the Q and what evidence does apple are doing the same thing. I don't rely just on the it's like you run into somebody from high school they you know when your wife or girlfriend has never met. You need to have that unspoken communicate with you look where she did is she says hey nice to meet you my name's Gina. Then that personal messages themselves to Gina then you know who the hell they are. And Luke's wife how do you know my husband has finally tell the whole story in the new display allowing me yep I remembered that also was well. I have thrown my wife under the bus a billion times to give out the name thank you know what. It's like the pit but you know sometimes you just gotta say my bad people. Wanted to dictate your screwed that up well you know I meant to do not want your all that right same kind of thing I don't know why I feel so bad we don't. I just generally feel bad they couldn't get Barbara duels names so I don't wanna teach you know I can't if I've got a little better but it's still difficult why does that suit and it's. We'll use your old and you're dating scene there seeding you're gonna be dead set so when you drink a lot tip that the yeah well did you discover ball we'll understand. Why but if you. I think drinking can lead to that no I I don't sleep enough and binge drinking is horrible and I'm gonna do it again tonight and probably tomorrow. And that's about it and I make bad choices when you're competent guy go around scope and I knew your name and clearly don't I kept trying to send you emails make all through the connected the dots with too what did you feel bad you have. Really nice about it I have I came in literally. I know that he's drilled into my head in the matter how many houses do my name is Luke I was like I got it now the death pretty much almost. Let Maine these 7% of their Kyle slips out here there because. I call him twelve for two years due to NIC just thought that he just stick with Ka at this point only when it. At colleges. Right that. For most of my child's eyes and right that you're in and duke does a crime of Kyle and actually words I don't your dog he's good he's been pretty pretty good pretty good sport about it I believe people really gone along so that John Swanson is that when someone at work gets too close to call by the wrong name. Just so they know how little I care about you guys can't. That is a pretty good idea hey Tim thanks for stuff I we've got some Danner boots to give way I think we're gonna do that. Next you listen to primetime this is a club hour and 1080 the fan. Yeah. Club Canadian revise it consumed. I'm just made it. Since all sinners on 1082 love and none. So I mentioned it we're gonna do a big flashy contest for somebody when a pair of boots. Its ultimate sue Kenny must do something big grandiose of we're gonna say. What third caller who go out certificates they work. Jorge pair of Danner boots and go and get a very Bhuj once it's gonna be awesome. Generate here so the number 5032501083. Color. Will pick it up revealed information and I can collect that we going to be at Danner boots this weekend. A last will and I in the sentencing tomorrow at a different time attention news now later. Run now longer secure joining us that after the Father's Day Sylvia there's a come on by up to 40% on some great gifts for dad new shirts sweatshirts socks boots all the wonderful things their hats to come by C analyst with severe broadcast and then pick a dads on Father's Day and you can winter boots out there as well and a timber Jill we. Mascot of you were born Portland Timbers agreed to gradually and he's a joy is shortsighted talked whom I don't talk to enough mascots in my daily life and I think will be funded the kind of learn and that's about it that's a crazy environment. Yeah regardless of what you think of the duke bananas that is a absolutely insane environment so she's got some stories. Go to match the level of the army in Canada. Apple won't bug you about it collapsed we got the news in during the break that the director of the Karate Kid. Rocky. And can you throw eight seconds and there is the rodeo movies. John G add Wilson is an ad. Have a way who and to adults and John G apples and it. Boy just mix up letters this dyslexia through catching up today. But he passed away. And the so that's a that's sneaky good resonates I think it will rock won the Academy Award for best picture did not I believe the 77. And extort 11 for screenwriting thing yeah. No idea. That he directed the first encourage kids films for credit kid movies yeah I know it is in guy and that I was looking at the rocky didn't rocky five and the original rocky. A game of first off. Rocky five didn't happen I I like to pretend that didn't exist. I just a rocky 124 which is as good as as any foreign movies ever made in his series. And then I just skip right to Rocky Balboa which is actually again and it really good movie and a fight Rocky Balboa fits well. Way better in the time might you just need to take out rocky five so. One dental resentments graves was just pretend that there's Rockland high. Did not happen and I feel the same way about maybe Friday kids part three with crabs and I've Boies yes just just kinda. Like that went out like we can believe it subway the day users have to kick anyone's ass but after the second or third movie c'mon. There is a good beat up my daughter let's let's stop we do although that would of how that would have ended Johnny would have ran has kicked him in the face and the thing was. That's the worst cried in the history of movies well did you watch the Gene Smith one. Now I can't see who they I'm just guessing I've seen it either but I imagine that our cameras and out outlined know that your Eugene Smith fans I. You she insisted that bothers me maybe more than anyone else in Hollywood what he is such. A little. And I hate there's so about the rich. Spoiled screwed up your ass celebrity kid. It's like you'll. Due to a movie or do you Duma own failure of you know just some. Marimba own personal and the big you'd art and I don't wanna. You don't wanna get involved in the end anything other than just what I feel meanwhile you sit on a hundred million dollars that. Dead guy Castro. I can't stand Gene Smith that. He just he is everything about wealth and privilege. Jealousy is a I should be east saint. Will Smith to be there's no Joseph your Beckett earned every dollar of that it Will Smith busted his ass got famous music group you know TV. Movies whatever Will Smith earned all of that death there's no. And I hate worse than the person that did some like Tom Hanks is Kennedy's likeness but it did crappy Tom Hanks rapper kid. They. I think Colin Collins trying to act reason downgrade ad that you grew. In Beverly Hills you have never ordered for anything it day in your life. EU dress they can't think I remember an interview I saw with with Jed Smith was like I'm the only one parachute can can really has faced you on one pair issues. Something tells me that the hundred million dollars the year daddy gave you I don't think he won't one pair of shoes. I've sold up some of the best tweets from Gene Smith the only thing he's such a protect our. Pretty gray like to go back to 2012 he said I watch twilight every night we did that out can't that's the we did 00 geez I don't have the same with duke is that we didn't go through this you and I know he is video where he basically present Ellis Henican under him that would blow your mind or something like what is. Error that were breathing is just poison and it shows you really slowly. I said they let that I think. This illness and their findings are not as punitive. I think since this weird DK is he really didn't grow up to be anything like his dad which is strange to me. I really don't look at new grooves something like that we're in your dad would she win movies. Open your dad is so awesome place is you just don't do anything he's just that's my point is this is this pretentious reject dean of celebrity yeah be all year like posing in a skirt for Louis but on. And here you think he'd be here. Here's just like here poser of galactic proportions. Here's the here's the list through blood speed when I party I'm on the treadmill. When I sleep I'm on the treadmill when they tweet I'm on the treadmill. Remember this. Because he's a hard worker. Lower he had he is it terrible actor to you each other's most trees are blue but it. I student spent you know most trees are cut it goes on there and indeed as is little whacked out wonderful thoughts of the universe thing DL. Now IT judging team may be my most disliked celebrity. Solve that so harsh statement it is our stated so you were to have dinner with the Kardashians for he had dinner with James that yes I would much rather have done with the Kardashians. It would be bigger the Kardashians at least the Kardashians do something it may not be much but their business people. A big talk about that that's stupid family and believe me they'd they'd drive did did it's it represents a lot of what's wrong with society but they took. I'd I guess a dad who was some what known because the OJ being and then like a sex tape and they turned that into a billion dollar business yeah. Mean I'd like I can appreciate that as the capital his brother do you not one of and that's suspected talent. And yet they make millions upon millions of dollars have all these are businesses they have grown. A brand unlike maybe any team we've ever seen before basically are nothing I can have respectively that vs the spoiled brat kid. That somehow pretends that he doesn't want to embrace mommy and daddy and slay every other than the fact that I want the money and not having to work and then I get to go live that. Lifestyle whatever I want I do wanna get to this quote that the pair of shoes he says I either only have one pair of shoes. Or every player you choose. Which. Have dinner with Casey Anthony or Gene Smith. And improbable but then they let out celebrity that Johnson and she's a celebrity well yes but the reason she's is is badly she started a movie. Then it became infamous it's she's kind of famous for being. Why should terrible. She was acquitted the perfect but their point yeah she didn't do it okay what about OJ I think. It's got some stories brother boots tees OJ CNET news is that these you don't have to go past that whole murder thing. Yeah I don't think element of building at this story wanna know more and. That's the thing at least he has some big interest in things that happened to him in his life Jane Smith is just league you're saying there's no nothing behind. This basically blank facade of the areas that he's out of the zone he sees what's his best story what's Jay's best story. But you're sitting at a table with several people and OJ starts telling stories. Even if you don't believe him and you know did he murdered people read this very night I went over to go see my wife and her boyfriend got a it's good sound bad to get into the what's Gene Smith best story. It's just there's there's something about that. But I don't care if you're rich they give you think don't be ashamed of being wealthy right that's where younger that I should be earned that's where I was like I laugh what did the people that. That developed into like this. The tough he tapped in things like the and I miss Tom Hanks kit right. He do you Tom Hanks is kid you read everything relating your feet right you you had every. Every sort of advantage you could have and Tom Hanks is kid wraps. Hardcore like hardcore like you bracket busters that we have to grow it up and know to stop Manning. Get you want to identify I was on the do you wanna be hard it just seemed to where you can ever you're never used it decrypt makes a skit. That reason to be ashamed about it rap about that medical more big star turn was and did the thrift shop yeah yeah I I've always been. Another something about it that bothers me when you have so when it comes from wealth and privilege. That takes all the benefits of wealth and privilege that comes along with it but then somehow rejects. They Jed Smith has never worked a day in his life JJ Smith is never had due to do anything on his own ever. And yet he acts like keys just this this free independent spirit that debt they can't be bothered with the trappings of the world. It meanwhile you're sitting on probably a fifty million dollar trust fund that allows you to do that you reject. Do you reject what allows you to leave your lifestyle there's something about bats that's sort of dynamic. That bothers me I think more than anything else would encompass literally always going to be something or not. My I mean I suppose they get just be who you are I guess it's kind of appointment I didn't grow up wealthy and I didn't grow up Laura come from the middle class family in Vancouver Washington. Can't tell you what it's like to wonder where my next meal is coming from. I sit here pretend they grew up and like I came from. Because this awful Stanley and maybe achieved all this. You know all my owner that they play football stories like the blind side right that I I thought in the end it's scrapped for everything I ever. Always want to way to reverse the lives that yeah for like a black barely two Q is good I've president a they got the jerk. Steve Martin's the jerk out like you were in Detroit defense like they were just pour into the black they would take you editor he like went to high school they're like who the hell's that guy. No loss to just admit to they just live like we're on sort of the parents were divorced aid to be able I would think all of won't. Got to step dad didn't raise me and I loved him I've made be given my dad we're good friends that we. That we went to dinner together that we went on vacation we can't we fish they've played sports I was a decent school not critics. It's just normal life but no one can accept that. Either you everyone's trying to be greedy right of or wants to just be like the bad ass but Jane Smith has insights lake. The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest movies of all time Kama Coachella. Situation I hate him so much I think he's just jealous of despair I want him to get hit by a box with low. Like dead but it just you know enough to go away so called bus like what does all of the actors just the small book that's. In this a good is a good points or brings up on the the bridge reveres tech's program. It puts it doesn't commit those murders the Kardashians don't exist and truth I made that's. I don't know if you can do the only I the only reason occurred actions were a thing. Was because of this celebrity came from their dad being part of the yellow tied into that I didn't anonymity you know all the Paris Hilton model and a did a better but the sex tape every element. Well but I'm say no one would have known yeah Kim Kardashian and was to have a sex tape that's just like a a porno tape would like it delist wrapper at tap out. But she was somebody because she was one of those kids standing in those photos next OJ. That's a mind blowing down there you go there's something to that another reason to hate OJ. If you choose to it's good that way they would get candy bars we've got a whole foods been taken over by an online giants Woolsey we talk about next. This is the club hour on 1080 the fan. Yeah. Club okay maybe I would advise against him. You go OOO. And 1080. I love it. If everyone dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society. Jed and Stan Smith ladies and gentlemen Smith. That's adrenaline. Yeah. Firstly gates of a cent to go to school because we have to go get jobs. Yet they kind of kind of works that way again when. You know don't have millionaire mom and dad samba and announces. He sees the world in different ways to share with people and to your original fine with that. I think feature isn't live vicariously through late Jim Morrison. You know an Indian like I think he thinks he's the area incarnation of Jim Morrison and he's just living each moment until he could finally get a band together and you know makes them. Make something of themselves would just say he's I think he's will Smith's son these budget hangers on that Ellen what everyone's figures they give continue to hang on that Will Smith mansion. And he listens to what they say is if it's actual true with what I just think he's in this bubble Hillary has no actual reality he's dead instead of going hey dummy go to school. He does anyone of being a movie will make a movie together it'll be great. I do enjoy that he Kelly killed will Smith's career with that after earth yeah he was sold batted it like none of the Diddy real gene Smith's career Eric gets there there really was one but he killed Will Smith that's how bad an actor you as. Is it killed two careers with one stone. Or one really really bad movie how much would you hate being director on. Wonder deathly fear it appears celebrity you have to know right when you're very keen. Like a hunk like if you're late Gina Gershon on make your make and make showgirls. But you're an actual real actor that the other GeMS and there was that cows in the golf for the guys and twin peaks deaths a year make it show girls relate Jessie spano from likely saved by the bell. You have to know like in the middle they like us this is. This is diseases not to deny going to be degraded that likely wins the point where you figure out that the movie sucks. Quick because I think every actor the gets a script that they like generally like gets put in front of them and they have this glimmer of hope Brett where they're like. You would be this movie pretty good that there's some point in like three or in the middle of production where scene happens or interaction happens and they go. Got this is gonna suck I figure is watching dailies and you have no confidence in director that really think that's what it is when you go in and year director discuss today this is great you watch the dailies. You go. That's the shot the victim just like I think that's what this could really mean. Anybody can make a great movie bad it's funny the fairly Brothers. They made dumb and dumber they said the first edit a dumb and dumber through it was just three hours and was almost un watchable. I think there's a lot of people would consider that among the better comedies that exist and Jim. Kerry got a huge launch from that and yeah it's it. There's so many things in the process they had luckily they had good enough performers that they had all of this material out there they were able to recount it. And put it into something but that's one of the mistakes a lot of companies make. Is just too long did you have a good guys this is separate the UA the dressing up. And then sometimes see a movie about a minute inflicted critics pitted and then it goes on like I was trying to think comfortably ahead. What was the can you mention you dumb and dumber. Tommy Boy is one of those cult classics the people did it didn't do well in the theaters cable got kicked hurts cute little guy. I was trying to think when that was just cause he's more involved in the hope he's out driving me nuts. And I had the right after the tip my tongue that government really pull reviews. They handed it went on. Only difference is pride yeah they yell at the princess bride is like. It is is considered it is that an absolute classic take a lot of you have it like their top ten there resisted 25 anniversary where I put on all these vacuum sealed and the Frances Wright did not do well at all the box office critics didn't like it. Donors who what to do with it. And yet. Here we are 25 years later and celebrating just celebrating him right you were pitchers show the same thing big about ST yep all these movies work. More well reviewed at all so it's like you make some then and you think it's good. This causes the odds of that right you make is that you think it's gonna be really good that it gets released and it Christine bonds and in the like all the press and then you realize that 25 years later it's still has. Legs in fact I treated wrote his own this surge of pepper. Just keep you know they're gonna re releasing that they see the fiftieth anniversary I was reading some of the they've posted on on roads own. There is guy you just hand it yeah. Big you're a ton of reviews like they had the in the magazine they've treated as the one name whose name escapes me but who rose today that if you go online that when you get the magazine you get the government's description. And they were posting reviews sorted it like there were critics all over there was in the it was dumb it was confusing don't understood it. It here we are whatever his four years late forty years later it deep into fifty and people call it a lot of people call it the greatest album. Ever made that it's like musical perfection. Yeah and any and it's it's wild that you know in its time a lot of things miss and they just kind of hang on you go on to later appreciate it but there's a whole handful of my favorite movies that I don't think people knew what to do wit and after time they've really wet hot American summer yeah. That movie's awesome yeah but at the time. It's well it but forget he's a good reason but it's it's one of those things where not everything's made to be a box office smash of not everything is made by Michael Bay and has all of these elements that make it what is the thirteenth transformers movie today that he's gonna make a billion dollars a transformers them with tonight's. Yeah did you rank numbers with swords and dragon's eye as you're not and that's the new transformers but why we didn't. We the fans except that it's his can be. What's his face down. Who's the lead than a quarter well except that when did. This they like the transfer happened where they're like it's not child left anymore things like that rat tail down and do whatever little is gonna make a billion dollars it is going to be. Horrific yet. They people in China will pay it a hundred dollars do you see that a kicker how easy is that through the sound editor. It's and transforming sounds here and here and you're here. And then if you could make a hurl moaning there. And two people voting. And a big fire burst handed we got. And did you everybody under for the day path well anyway it's like the actors to show up tonight Arianna green screen imagine a giant robot dragon. Chasing after you and then there's there's. Optimus Prime and the giants sorties gonna be a drag it to just. Put that all mind right and go just seem to be field. The days and who knows me figure make it's and the great and it's a beam and you think you may get like a giant deterred and they beat goes on to be some great or you realize they're on the U making sure grosans yes indeed. It's gonna ruin your career yes but again how where's the scale again you know I mean that's the other thing too is a lot of people make movies like you said. If if you said the big old house he was going to beat this revered classic the day came out in theaters and Bronson and but that's how it works out some of those is kinda disappeared never hear from again some of them have. Festival limit of about ski festival and have them all over the country M and it's it's a huge thing there's a brewery vertigo brewing makes a beer cold dude and the super dude it's good Peter Hamilton has gone on they've released the did they have did they called the westerly candidates answer them about ski sweater and like Aaron Rodgers was learned a press conference and that movie has spanned so many different things. And it just it was loose it was commercial flop it did not like I said John Goodman calls it his favorite movie that he ever that he was ever end. That's under the new said he was bombed yeah when the movie didn't do well because he eBay or make an added he thought they were making something awesome. It it didn't do well and he was all bummed out about it and to this day he thinks it's great that. This is that the one movie thank you becomes on the key can actually sit down he can't watch himself and many think certainly isn't as loved about -- come on and he will sit down and you know watch and so on John Turturro and CBC meet every CEO of them I mean I would did. He regrets fingers then what. I think they're really doing well and you know I heard I don't need that any of course they don't need that couldn't. Why do you get approached with that and then say OK like why the hell is their right mind is John Goodman when you have plenty of money that somebody comes at you and says. Let's redo Roseanne do you say that's a good eight still made him a household name that's a John Goodman became John Goodman it was greeting now. Hungary and you can go back and rethink history as much as once king Ralph is not the reason he's John Goodman it was Roseanne. Yeah that's one. It's will crash we'll discuss. How old human rules and went off here. When you go off do that Roseanne and did. With Roseanne saying that but the whole entire shows her writing a book yeah. They did is it gives the JR is awful the Dallas right they can only dream dead so it was one of the worst anything TV. That there signed fell and for some other that in the way they ended was nobody wants to pay what people actors want to and then once just and the thing that nobody is then might have been the worst any for a big time it was a big middle finger I haven't thought of it was. Let's say it's time years we've talked to big John we'll do that next to wrap of the club this is primetime on 1080 the fan. These ball. This is a mariners momentum builder with a big John satanic. You can't younger sister from both bush about. Worker and I don't think. I. Hey John what's going. Embodied. So great blues standard and it is a pleasure to talk. Human growth. Yeah thanks I got about three minutes of the show towards the end yesterday and it was Isaak mentioned a minute beyond your new put a little rants into going out to me don't call me what Baghdad doing coming on how that. Look well and then a and then I was told that you actually worked for the radio and you don't you did not put up much resistance after that. Pretty good I I really can't put up much resistance hero it. You work here you know that the only reason they're different and to the. Story the other is and I say yes to this gig every time they asked me a civilian touchy at the end of the show but I. The the Mariners they do in the gays people watch him. But talk about that they're they're being real tight lipped but talk about the whereupon I heard you guys. At the beginning by the way you've done an excellent job in addition the right to speak. That's really nice time to say 5050 if. I. I heard that you're talking about a year mechanic Whipple up all game that speed and show yes. And I just wanted to hear little insight my brother mentioned earlier our series my dad take great gal. And then I have a little input from last night didn't that would prove that point so might we clarity and don't forget to get that my brother told. And my oldest under seventy and he's kind of the big slugger on the cute. And might actually pictured. So we got together last night my son had a kind of concert school and so my gap there and New York. Had an in grown toenail removed you're had that happen. My brother had won Houston he was in mobile. Yeah foods or call little bit and might have looked down it is the utilities at this you know grown toenail. And the first bought her for not how you do it. Are you going to be able to play the people who can't. And JR yeah I'll be out there rocker you I have to do it in all booked their tickets. Great and money cap and you know these joking that they're. In my brother period of about 70% truth and my dad says look at him and says. Would you start hitting the ball on just give it brokerages that your show. It might it could throw it is injured Tahoe. So that he could get him out of negates that how you're my real mandate. Like I like that he's always thinking about how you give an advantage I mean that's the game within the game and that's what we'll watch for writes the. You've read you've written it got reported that. There's been grown toenail removed this week may be a little awful good to go right we. And it's it's the duo because of my brother bull hit left handed. And neither one of us is left hate it this year. Ice swing in my mind he's like my daughter pitches and I tell Iowa swing at any pitch you throw me and I don't care where it's at Iowa swing and if it's bouncy. If it's above my head I will swing at everything and try to hit it. And my dads out there are just. Right here they just swing for the fences every time look and hit a three run walk off that the well John let me know when you're doing the show just you and I that's going to be the fun ones. It under the spirit maker upper. All right sounds like good deal thanks for joining us I think everybody we're gonna do the same thing in a different version tomorrow at Danner boots to make you listen sinner and say ten to twelve. Special guest makes duke so it'll be a blast come out and meet us will be at the airport way location I've already have a wonderful evening this is Luke Anderson prize Iraq. Think good night's primetime. Okay. I. And I did not have a chance to get a. I'm a wet I Amy dish things crust lawful. So upon turning forty of the first moment it doesn't come in contact and he was a woman and I do it all out radiators and now he's got either commit logistics of it's all nice house. Only load you inform me of her.