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Friday, June 16th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. I. Private club private club will. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. Oh classically mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason six Janice Harmon. Prime time on ten AB CO Sarah. Welcome back to prime time weekends and filling in for Isaac rob. Will darken my cohost on the senate Hussein is along for the ride and the crown jewel of the show. Big city. Beautiful. It is wonderful to be here this is what we do it again tomorrow at a dinner boots. Come and check it out you can meet timber Joey is there if there's no other reason to go out clearly. It's all about to every joke he is he's gonna be is it gonna join us on the air read it's our timber Joseph we're gonna figure out of his ever dropped from those blogs and his foot. What kind of chains uses if you have indicated timber Jerry had in this if I can Ned jacket from the take up front and well I'll bet if you have questions for timber Julio and use the tax land bridge for Anders excellent 55305. Let us know we've gotten to a lot already on the show a lot of sports topics of the day if you missed any of those to bring the let's Schwab tires. Podcast is available at 1080. The fan. Dot com on a sports topics. We haven't mr. Douglas looked at amends fast I have local sports team he has seen those sports he's talking. Like. He would if we just got a sports that segment on our show. Last week we talked about different types of mountain do last when you weren't even here all you don't even bother showing up before that Hewitt's have you win in depth on the code red did you yeah there's only one man do and that's the original. That's Verizon. I won't listen anything else although it dead edited the the real sugar Mountain Dew way to save my dad gesture reverse course on what you just you know it's. We will not accept. Sutherland and that's the original amount way do. This that's the original formula with the day actual real sugar you let me know they remember the original formula of Coca-Cola the one with the the cocaine in the wine and alcohol on that whole thing and then we're taught us I mean when had a Mountain Dew. I don't know. Will decided he wanted to talk Taco Bell a Mountain Dew. Kelly not a fan code red and Bob blast which you cannot eat Taco Bell pal Bob Black paid. I don't think I would avoid none do you like the plague death I think it's our policy I'll bet you it's been ten years and that out of Mountain Dew. And you haven't done that do now since ten years ago now it's at if you and is there aren't you just look at the man you look at Mountain Dew and it's like and l.'s peed in a bottle that. It's is there you know radioactive. That. Have found a moment ago then bats have got absolutely no appeal there's nothing about Mountain Dew this am at the at no point to ever sit down and think you know what I need Taco Bell and now. Do the dad did just get a attacks on the bridge for bidders Tex I do rocks is if and I think you're wrong goods that are and I will move very strategic leak into the hot five at 508. Odd topics and opinions or. I did and are there it's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot and private client. I see consumed. Fresh light Coors Light when things get high school love with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light. Whatever your. Number flies. Greens Susan baseball stories today I came across one that seems like it should be good when your superstar hitters it's a game winning home runs on Thursday night you go into Friday feeling pretty good about ourselves. About the tigers' Miguel Cabrera has reported that his back has been hurting since participate in the World Baseball Classic. He just ended 822 game home run list streak. With the game winner yesterday but he said he's just an employee through the back pain I don't think that's a good sign also Victor Martinez is on the DL with a regular. Or the other on attended DL and and by the way I can and I can extend easy for for an indefinite time here so yet not a good not a good day for these Richard Taylor for the future retires awesome Matt Harvey. It's gonna be out for several weeks he's got does stress from the has backed. Because the entire Mets team and it's just a mash unit right now I think if you're mariners at a Mets fan. I don't think you've either one of those teams had their full line up on the field. Ever this entire year maybe some opening day then you're James saxons throwing it like oh they're bringing back the original starters that's. Number floor. Minnesota Vikings wide receiver. For represented of the Scottsdale city court told TMZ that points alcohol monitoring system. Flagged five events the two between June 11 and twelfth. And this could put him in jail this is all going back to a DUI arrest in Arizona last December yea he's had some real problems with the yield clues he was GO though I have for. It is his version of any he was not aware that Jack Kemp who action team. Contain an out call these days. By the way I'm as your boots that doesn't have booze and it's bridge. The best know for the true as the Bruce doesn't really. Government agency that's when. They just think you have to be 21 to hit now you just gotta be a bitch breath and her. That Camelot. But yet does have some some trees believe that that's what we're goalie gear and no dual Ed that's the good excuse them he filled it Judy Kim blue chip. It's. Very popular among the Minnesota Vikings wide receivers. Urine smell the commitment to the nice did you. They're the number three I don't know the musical cues well enough of that number 332 let's move on to number three boats bombs dropped and all over the place and heavy. Adrian would announce he most recently reported that Boston is. Boston is talking with Philadelphia. About did number 130. Number she's talking is hard and the number three overall pick possibly packaging. Eight sixers play here maybe a few other draft picks. But certainly have that number three pick going in and going to the Celtics for the number one pick something go from off mark helpful to a few Boston and you're not sold on unfolds. It's Indy you look at if you think gale is using loans above may be your judge Jackson guy. Where they was detained in the kids from duke why not why not trade down if if you don't feel that that there's a guy there were the number one. A Boston holds all the cards here and why not listen to offers engine and you know the Boston wants to add more draft picks and they wanna build a roster this way it's. Pretty program. Competed seeing here in the in the draft is that. Sounds like you know as is regular person do there's a lot of rumors. Come a lot of rumblings and really not a consensus. You know top one top two guys have made his it was just where the blazers can. Can move up in and do some things and and it'll be enacted draft night and went into a three years when these guys are ready to play NBA basketball will know what that meant to be great. I it is Father's Day weekend coming up and that he's US open one hit a couple off. Course near course related incidents we talked about these already but he they blimp crashed. All reports are that the pilot is going to be fine he did suffer serious injuries but he should survive. And then an elderly man out passed away in the grandstands at two things kind of off the course if you will that popped up in the news that in the course showing its teeth today plain. Much more difficult than it did and in the previous round he had certainly is an ever re talking about the first Cuban also just played in the afternoon round I think every over reacts on Thursday when he gets put up morning after a rain the course softer refusal. Ease fears. Number one. And her war. So speaking of the US open taking a look at the leaderboard right now you've got Paul TCU with 87 under tied with Brian Harman Tommy Fleetwood. Those are Brooks cap cut able to survive that afternoon round the Rickie Fowler dropped all the way down is only one stroke back now tied for fifth. In the leaderboard so there's still a lot of golf to be played no go into the weekend but I like a lot of names on there should be fun to watch what you look at the core. And again just with the Russian and Indian little windier today I mean you saw it all kinds around yesterday that we're at war in the U. In the mid sixties and you look at all the leaders today evening at the top ten. I think we had one guy who shot in the sixties. In that was JB Holmes shot a 69 US 7071. No this is more along the lines I think what people thought go we did this US open course. Give that big hit kind of hit one to wonder fur around is gonna keep you in contention so. The BS EC is if the course continues to play this way new do we see the scores come back or is gonna be a seven or an eight under the leader yes they go to new cub that's right seven under the leader after round duke seven under yeah. So all of a sudden you know par start to look pretty good out there and in maybe not thinking about shoot 66 but just going out and trying to give yourself a seventy and again by all reports the morning around a lot easier yesterday and a lot of rain coming off the weekend everything was softer because they want these greens be as fast as they possibly can have been able to just keep it between the rescue yesterday it was a huge benefit to anybody and get to those greens earlier in the day the better off fuel and also some big names missing the cut. When you look at you know Rory missing the cuts. Dustin Johnson missed the cut he ended up at four over and so he had some issues that I've seen Jason Day who you need imploded. But you know some names that we just we kind of assumed we're gonna be there in contention not even gonna be either over the weekend. But there's enough good young golfers even without tiger should be worth watching can you imagine written for Rickie at all yeah I'd I'd like to see Ricky ML I look at the leaderboard and I mean casual golf got like robbed watches golf night. Year round but I'm golf and tennis Mir both major championships a lost world and wants serious open I watched the masters. It's some of the guys like you know Tommy Fleetwood boy I couldn't take Tommy Fleetwood out of inaudible out of a lineup that's where's Waldo but when you look Rickie Fowler Rickie Fowler to meet one of the good young faces of golf. And jagr energetic brings in a younger of crowd I find very likable so when I look up and down the leaderboard. I'm clearly pulling for for Rickie Fowler I'd I'd like to see him pull it off in the guy's a tremendous golfer but as a daily get over yet one of the majors. I think I saw was it like 538 Adams the third best golfer to not have to have won a major at this point is current he's young he's investor gonna get one and you know hopefully to me it comes at the US open here to let Ricky Fowler's less appealing colors coma for the. No I did this because that's gonna say don't ask I think it does make him less appealing like she should be a lot more popular here but he wears Truman I think that Kennedy attracts people from one to get to know I think he's as popular as anybody in the game I mean we'd many certainly for somebody that hasn't won a major and to be able. You know to be in these conversations without all of the top golfers I think he's eighth on the money list. And who was paying him just fine as well you know this appear to be ready lollar if you locked car somebody young on the course who was just decked in puma. I'm talking and like. Real bright orange just pumas everywhere. Whom I sure. Puma pants. Look what sucks is their puma site out pinch you're gonna go up and talk that kind of thing. And that's probably a little bro we for medium build so. Yeah I don't have any Digg actually whom I don't blame them that move it that the the order urge and hipster kind of I think whom I think like twenty forward 25. Get like bridge each other flat brim probably got a creek or stash going on I think I'm European guy. Smoking is sick I just think it deals light anytime I think puma obviously good deed is light the Monmouth. Now the orange had potato that look. And nowhere I'd buy a coma. There's still retailer would burn my outlet all really is is. In the whom Allah is that a good place to charge your phone to great plays to charge your phone and I'd give yourself a new term puma golf shoes at the Rickie Fowler I have I didn't have a piece of like I have ever period I have something that's new balance Nike deed is under armour. It may be the one athletic club Eric Russell I'd that's one of medical clothing company that I don't think 01 thing we'll deal a massive cat just. Everywhere on what you're wearing a panel that I'd kind of feel like I need it to the south and the thing with sweatsuit. Ladies regulate approve ahead and I looked like I said the two missile that game you have we'll give you whom I had grandeur and dancing if you have a choice between investing in puma. Oral blue oval basketball won't take let's answer that next prime time on any the. Or they hear about this move full basket. Home. Curve awful you know with all the you know young man prostitutes. There. Thing now familiar with the story as we go on for awhile to between 2000 and in 2014. As a tactic to lure recruits to Louisville they were using sex workers genius. So the mother daughter sex workers as well let's well forget that I mean if you can do it do it but I just appreciate that the mom. Cook got the daughter's into the Stanley business congratulations mom. Any acts they're starting to put down some punishment our friends at the NCAA. The almighty all powerful have come down was some punishment some global. And you've got eight potential. Of vacating eight championship the 2013. 2012. 2013 willful cardinal won the national championship they're talking about vacating that and the interesting thing is Jay bill is too I think is. One of the smartest people in college basketball on and off the court the way you guys tactics energy bills and he's got his law degree and he talked about this and or intern looked it up but it can tourist from but I wanna hear or employee. So JT it's clear cut this banner is coming down. I don't see anywhere around if they're saying that you know players. They're gonna vacate wins print multiple players but let's make it shows that every player though although the player party equivalent to about thirteen chief then that I think I think it likely cut down and that backed. Should be that's a very harsh penalty and in other cases and the craps where you pat issue of this dollar value it's not automatically mean that banner drop down but we seem banners come down before for a bottle form or other sorts of championships we pristine and NCAA championship banner about about all this would be the first but they're not local cut 45 days to a starts whether ineligible players played in games from that time period. So this. He mentioned something in there and there's a there's a much longer interview I heard of him talking on pretty Coleman last night but that this was from a different interview he's doing the circuit so just look at. There's two different ways they can go they can call this improper benefit some. And that would be something like that tattoo scandal that we sought Ohio State where the players recently paid by other means and how bad cars or something like that but they're saying they're ineligible. Because they're making this kind of a higher penalty than that Seoul have an apples to apples comparison to a media and you know and at. Extra benefits. Case well yes you know sex with the trust who would be considered an extra bath to benefit that does cost. If you're gonna go to professional and they got it for free and that and that's what. Asked to take now no matter how much have make your skin crawl in the next 45 days. You can see a loop hole trying to hang on the national championship by doing these was G is the extra benefits. And try to make that case Alice in that. I mean if you did you think about it right you pay for tattoos you don't pay for a service that's being done to you. Is an expensive service I have tattoos they are not cheap and and I suppose that a lady of the evening given over in performing a service again it's. Pains over to do something into your body and it falls in that same sort of category. The table either the ladies be mean cheaper than getting tattoos or car or other. Other things that we see now I did it again anyway and it's been this it's Rick Pitino did where each and make hookers were. But this this is this is basically the argument that they can take and there's precedent. In that case for work the extra benefits where they can hang on and they won't vacate the wins. Walker and selling your soul to keep the banner up the liberty no joie de de sold that so. Yeah and and. Time ago I don't I think Ricky soul left town somewhere we Serwer that colonel Sanders white suit and red tide that's that's long gone when he became a vampire. I think it's crazy that in the NCAA. That I I've I've I've mocked them I think it's the most. Stupid archaic crooked ass backwards organization we have in this country that's saying something because we have the nuts is government. But I I can't believe that they has never been a vacated national championship now at that kind of stuns me to be honest with you. That we've never had one. You're telling me that would you know be your telling me with the web like to read everything that went on like with North Carolina. That's the other and if on the live arm a little pissed that this might OK you're gonna they gave me because that is is in coaching and after a minute give back my national championship for ineligible players. Meanwhile North Carolina for like ten years maybe a major. Like everyone in my basketball players on Roy airways' first as a championship team they are not going to class they were taking fake made up classes singing classes so how. Is how they able to hold on to their national championship because they had quote eligible players. And bull though does it and that's the problem I have with the NCAA it's like the US seeping right. You put USC did when they got him with a Reggie Bush got one guy Reggie Bush in his candid about 250000 dollars worth of goods. And in cash. And services from was it Little League was Lloyd lake or whatever his name once you have one guy in USC had their program just ripped out from underneath him eyes and children take away. National championship all Assange ripped out from from USC. Meanwhile like mine did me. Who just has like hookers and blow an abortion and make everything going on tonight the last thirty years of Miami at its squat. North Carolina as the greatest academic scandal of all time. And not one forgiving happens to him it's is it's like that. Miami get a bunch of bull. And for you know not this last one but the Shapiro's that nothing happened to a source so eager to get punished North Carolina is still way to get punished. You had what thirty different kids that were accused of sexual assault including a couple hundred prison right now. And nothing's happened to Baylor health and yet somehow. How old like the little one is like where we're gonna draw the line now we detained by national championships it I I I don't have a problem with them taking it away I just wish there was some. Semblance of a. Of uniform. And discipline it witnessed some I don't know urgency to it yeah will when it comes in the NCAA it's just it's it's it's a bears in the Louisville should be embarrassed because. You run in hooker parties at a your dormitory and you did it for like five years yeah and now you're all pissed off the one here's the crazy thing about it is if you look at the most profitable. Programs in college basketball. It is blue oval and it's not even close they've got more money than a lot of good football program so they have the Jews to go and fight this. And there again if they argue it as just additional benefits case they have a ton of precedent. And this whole the way that the NCAA puts down these punishment ago. Rick Pitino. We think that you knew something about this and this is penalties for him keep that in mind like elected its views of literal failure to monitor it is and and it's so easy to deny knowing anything about us when he walked by their dorm and there's cars parked out or whatever it is is going to it was never read any those parties which by the weighed 22. Of these parties with sex workers and recruits. And only if you say I didn't know anything about it and he couldn't even get off on this. But he is penalty essentially is five games out of the ACC schedule that any time he tried to ban somebody from league play. Which in college basketball starts. Halfway through the season they've never been able to make that sticks a bit NCAA has even made a real attempt at as we don't know bit. What the game's vacated will be and how is that a punishment. You don't you don't take the banner and hang it up in the second. The runner up Jim and they have now a little banner. With national championship on it's it's both the seven yellow jerseys from Lance Armstrong who got those for second place. Because guess what they were cheating to hurt her at the a look at Louisville beat that year I was trying to remember that I can a. To those who have been the phone cards go dig into their program and find out why it. They did it see how far we have to go down to find someone cleaned. We did this once you mentioned Lance Armstrong we did this once on the program after the Oprah interview aired. And I don't remember which because he won seven number one of the years I would I wish I could give credit to who did this. And Michigan the runner up for that cone yankees I'm sure Michigan was all on the outs and well we know that they've had their speaker of the final fours yeah vacated. They belong to Michigan the mission is their tea but one of the years that Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France if if you. If you went back and retroactively looked at every one. That debt finished I think T date it was you had to go to the tenth or eleventh place finisher to find someone that was clean. Somebody that finished intense so they didn't look up their records needed to do with the scrutiny they did the top ten and every other person that finish in the top not mind. And net out it was and at that time but since then says that the that race they had been busted. And suspended firfer PDs. And it was is laughable that like. Yeah I know Lance Armstrong cheated he shouldn't have wanted to lead then who does waited thank you go look up to 36 place guy I give it to him he was clearly clean. One Floyd Landis still maintains is innocence to this day and he has none of the money in the homes in the the benefits that Lance Armstrong had being this great American your pro this year's forty Landis was almost immediately accused event and he still goes southern maintained that he doesn't do with a teacher to cover -- mile zones are good for all those years. So you wonder you wondered you can trust anybody certainly in that sport but like you set. With college basketball yes let's go find the cleanest programming give them the trophy is that the way were blaming game give it to Butler maybe. It did say it's an it standpoint it's actually good point again is that too is not illegal paying for sex is so. To shape and yeah. Those probably had some trouble yeah particularly turn to make the whole prostitution thing work so well again it doesn't. You don't wanna give peace are on that they didn't go my soapbox the libertarian day and I mean it's like giving him a lawnmower. Oh yeah there. That anger at the pin there and get that box peso Rickie Fowler according to one list is the third best golfer to win a major championship did. Kevin Durant do any harm to the value of championships by ball joint in the warriors. All of the discussion actions and a prime time. I'd say the fan first will with sports. A couple things in the last week of sports. So maybe ponder the question. So. How valuable are these championships in team sports and I think everybody agrees that Kevin Durant was the best player for the warriors obviously the MVP trophies highlights that more than anything but a lot of the Talking Heads were comparing now to rant. To abroad as he possibly the best player in the game. All of this. How many championships Kenny win with this warriors team it doesn't matter how many he wins he'll always be one behind. Dream on staff and clutch right. So I wonder how much or how likely it is the actually devalued. Championships and the game of basketball if you can just go and join any team you want let's say he ends up with five or six. And staff ends up with seven are you still putting Iran ahead because it's a best player on these six teams. Harrison talk about that's an interesting that angle. CI. This is our differ I don't league championships it's it's the end all the be all. Robert Horry has said and I think Cherokee has seven title Steve Kerr as well it Steve Kerr seven to think maybe count the ones as a head coach of five there's a stretch where him and Robert Morey says Steve Kerr and robber or his players for ten years in a row. One of them was on every championship team I don't I really had a bunch because in five as a player but yes it's got it to a six so even that argument for Jordan's throne rent on the window yes it's like so Charles Barkley right never won a title is Kenny Smith a better player Kenny Smith went to he was on those she's indeed they embark became later and and and did get Diana I think Drexler did get one though I think he I want and using the second year in in Houston so. Is is Kenny Smith the better player than Charles Berkeley have no Charles Barkley was phenomenal Karl Malone. Is one of the ten greatest players of all time and John Stockton right not far behind it it is is it. That let's take someone on Nazis Steve Kirk is that that's ridiculous I mean we know but they got a guy that won. It'll make maybe two or three that was that was a a really call the player. Could ever tried this is in the hall of fame Dennis Rodman has about she want to with the pistons and I did 133. With a visit thing Robinette revivals now so is Dennis Rodman a better player than Karl Malone and he was all those bulls teams that beat. Notified that he was one that did that I was guarding them alone when when he came in Georgia restrict the ball from him. See it can't just be about championships LeBron James. Is better than anyone on Golden State's roster LeBron James is is been the best player in the finals pretty much every year other then. The the Dallas Mavericks had a bad it was a bad finals and it's just because your team is it better than the other one doesn't mean that you some power are lesser than anyone else. The broad James is better than every gold say a word is sort of close with the argument now to be made for for maybe Kevin Durant as is be in that next guy so. OK Kevin Durant and how much easier it was for him in the LeBron I mean his numbers were ridiculous but stepped curry also averaged 27 points up in the NBA finals get a triple double in one of the games. He had to ten assist games in that I mean step curry as your wing man is a lot easier than the tyrant Erving as a way to match I just wonder if if by him moving and you'll get championships moving forward. Does it matter if the the only thing that matters for the warriors is if they don't win at this point they. They have to have some resistance and if they roll through let's let's say they win two more are sure. Repeats are our data on commoner god forbid what they want for because we haven't seen foreign -- never seen for around I'd be amazing you know modern day you know it now it abuse are also Warner row. And they met no resistance. Then may be the you'd get some blow back. But I don't think that did that dated cheapens any thing they give to rant ends up with three your for a drink ends up with two or three. I don't think he's gonna be viewed step Korea's not to be viewed in the same way as governor has Seth Curry has two MVPs and no one big step Korea's part of the Kevin Durant Steve Nash has two MVPs and Andy is gonna be viewed I think Kobe by the way may only have one thing Shaq. May only have one to node view Steve Nash. Better than better than those guys. I think in terms of how great you are how great your remembered in the NBA don't I don't think it really comes down to just statistics are army championships you've made it how it's how you're played defined that generation of what team DA was the reason my that I heard and was so. Is still revered in considered the greatest player in the game was because nobody during the 1990s and late eighties played like him he was something completely different LeBron James I think is the same way you'll always remember that LeBron James. Was the most unique player in the NBA once he has retired to meet Kevin Durant. I know there's has. Uniqueness about it the fact he is seven foot the fact he can shoot really well but I don't think that really defined what the NBA was at this time. I think LeBron James Tilly quits playing basketball will be the definition of how the NBA's played you can have this jump shooting team like warriors are. Any activity it really won't matter because all the attention will be drawn on a six foot six freight train who can move anyone if he plays any position yet. Look he had a little Swedes are known can stomach post game except for Shaq in his prime in GS and he may be right. If step Currie says superiors to MBA tauzin has two MVPs that. I only buy you another MVP is he seems very unlikely and less like you said Kevin grant breaks his foot yeah I have a game and I think Jersey unless. LeBron James for. The fellow that LeBron James kinda has this thing more than like yeah we know bronze grave but let's look at it and by that I don't have a no brainer I don't think governor Randall ever win another MVP maybe not air or everyone will take it away don't know that's that they'll split votes to someone from goals as and when was IDs that courier be Kevin Durant. He's the best player. But if it's their curry goes on wins two more rings and and never wins and and LeBron never wins another one. There's not a person on the planet that's gonna even if he beats LeBron the next two years in the finals. There's not a person on the planet is gonna make an argument is that Cory was a better player than LeBron James Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant both have won MVP. Steve Nash has two MVPs no one thing Steve Nash is better yeah and then I had I think. To Jay kind of wills point there MVPs and championships yes the party your legacy your party your history but it doesn't tell the whole story the only time the that really comes into play. Is what Michael Clayton no one wants to admit that someone could be better than Michael unless they match the six championships. But it's only what Michael because. We don't dog Russell Bill Gross more importantly current queen. Six and he has the Hyatt is the best scorer in the district the NBA and he played for twenty years and he played four years of college and he had only a seven footer. During that time he does just that it is also the only eighty as more of BP's he's the only guy. You can't fault a guy for being seven foot thought how is it all but he says bush but does the same thing I have with Kevin Durant I can't fault him for being seven foot fault him for the techie plays absolutely no post game and once you actually drive him to just one side he's actually pretty stop double. Ran it had eight minutes at a time during the finals where he could just take breaks here is my hope with Kevin Durant and what he's done by him moving right. I was one of these people that I would say I did not like the move and I was fairly upset about it and watching these finals made me think. That if Kevin Durant has changed the conversation away from Deke let's compare championships with Jordan. Let's compare his perfection through it because it this Warner's teams rattles off a whole bunch you have to find a new metric. To judge who's the best players I think the best way to do that. Is to go who's there are contemporary who was the second best player when Jordan played. And how far were they from being the best player Reggie Miller. A line. On August it's at the beginning it was bird and it was magic and then when Jordan kinda came into his own that you got into the Charles Barkley is the key allies once. Of of that air was the who were probably the second and third trying to download that late ninety's it had Reggie Miller because John Stockton was passed prime source Karl Malone there were on the Taylor and said that's the thing about Jordan is I don't think there's any dispute that when he played he was the best player. And you can look at Bill Russell he could say that will it was a better player you can look at the magic bird conversation you can look. At Kevin Durant the LeBron James Kevin direct conversation we had throughout this finals. And I don't think there's as much separation between LeBron. Even though most people agree that he's the best player and early on between him and Coby I just don't these ever bent head and shoulders above like Jordan once the votes than it did they argument to that is that is Wilt Chamberlain because no one no one was anywhere near wilt but the sellout that was the that was probably the biggest gap if you are talking about raw talent between one guy and the rest Leo it was probably will edit any evidence championship so we never had he's never in the combination though that the one that bothers me is curry cream has five MVPs Kareem has six NBA titles he's the all time leading score. He's top. Five digit rebounding I mean news is in a defense of forcing keys top five in blocks. Kareem has it all and yet we don't. Well we're freezing cream doesn't get lawyer did receive I think it was the height difference at which time he played then also the addition of magic later in his career I think that kind of I mean I review that he should be he won insider but again let's look you won a title without magic magic never magic never won without current. And all of that all five of his titles came with Kareem cream 11 with the bucks before magic. When the bulls lost Jordan after their first three peat gimme games fewer they won the next year. One with Pippen leading that team they lost one fewer game but never won a title. But it it yet exactly the didn't with a chip beach and they were to game seven with the knicks to go to that final against the rockets. And that's one of the big things that Pippen you know beat his bonnet is he dating give him the final shot it was Gary Jordan sat out. Well they were only missing Ron Harper. I think just one based on Mitt EL one peace they were missing Ron Harper to do nothing and those gave you're Russia's gives is akin Arrington think I I knew that Ron Harper was their point guard. Are you technically he was Bjorn due to probable up every time. Every Pippen brought the ball all the time as well Goodwin journalist Maria and I watched the ball was in Scotty could convince god opens a great player. And hall of Famer to have back guys you sidekick is equipped is twits all four bit LeBron does the same thing that's what I'm kind of sane about countering and that's why his performance to be relieved it's stood out just because of the numbers but it didn't stand out because he didn't really take over the game it. I think he did he told to go he took a bogey that every bit late he took over what I meant because he took off massive parts of those games eight minutes at a time she went touched the ball and just let's step toward school. Kevin Durant is a bad managing them but as there is a good west player in the MBA there is no way that we'd settle the argument of who the best players let's try to move onto an argument we can settle. Who's faster Michael Phelps or a great white shot a damn time next on prime time this is Tenet expect. Love our just disgusting things that we can possibly disguised. Good evening that we can discuss later on. Experience maturity that was a discussion that we're discussing have discussed the play but that's the meeting to set up the meeting that's going to be about the meeting. It's important to have these but I will save those just for a moment that you wanna get to the final sports is sports story of the day which is Michael Phelps is. Racing a shark all of the dimmed time what else does the man had approved 23. Gold medals followed as the shark really know it's in a race. I think you're racing gets the sharks' top speed and in doing a separate swimming with sharks specialist law for shark week coming up on Discovery Channel and little else in the shark in the same tank C that's what I wanna see young Colin horse nears on this I. They give your gonna raise the shark you sure that's in that pool and used they give your kids start. But again I guess he's gonna do a great white great white shark Max speed for rate like 26 miles an hour yeah he's dying. What's the Max speed from Michael Phelps they won't say that's what you need to tune in like you can't look it up all say I wanna see Phelps have to swim away from something. Want separation or so adamant against it I know. No no no no would you rather watch it looked like a piece of tuna and I came from the back of the ankle was averted Michael folks least that much give. Else that you can get charged your kid. Let's start then let this now that's. I would tell any hint we job otherwise they would be the greatest spectacle in the history of sports drink too much shark recent sharp writing and good to see Michael Phelps trying to ride a shark only a shark gritty saddle about got it done now yeah that's wins by far you put a great way to gauge this like you do the bullies strap the guy on top yep sure gritty and I wanna see who the shark rodeo clowns are for that come. Well I think this is a let down because they're not gonna show him. You know being murdered on my thinking they don't save they wouldn't show that it's gonna enjoy him being murdered on line see you're just assuming that they won't show one of the greatest olympians ever be eaten by a shark on a payment program does see some actual real like risk we now have these animal competitions. It just does a disservice to the animal not I. I wanna see like you something on the line hagel today I was read the story of the day about the the guy that he free client L Cappy talent out she's just sit out. Ben do you semi that is. An impressive piece around it several thousand feet and it's it's vertical like it is it is ninety degrees it is straight up its consent and this student took him like five hours and he climbed it no ropes no nothing. I don't balls man that's. Figure out there and hey you slip you died this there is no. I can call timeout IE you know I've I've met halfway up I hurt my hand. This held yours is do you any cameraman filming the thing you fall you died whom we need more than fat did you see the woman who. Hung by her teeth over Niagara Falls this week. No what's the she basically got in this little bring thing and she was in a helicopter over north Niagara Falls and then they have like that you piece for picture and she alleged it down on that thing just really got lips on it and then let go all her extremities and just hung by that Mel how long deceit and was where is David Blaine well that's the trend Velika. Now she called out are you CNN's. Yeah and I was I was busy look at a Michael Phelps the top speed. They're look at his body is how well that two TV has paid a bunch of idiots that had no Famer any money to ride a shark at that that would be far more entertaining and you know you'd have volunteers how much it cost to each year right shark when and no there's no price of not doing it. You're way ahead if you're dead you're dead. Did you all that money I feel like we need to allow more. We've had we've come as far as we're gonna go receive insane I think it's time for dumb and dangerous and I think we need to step up our game here and allow idiots that want to risk their lives to do so for our entertainment like shark rodeo and they'll never vacated Darwin award. If you're gonna have you heard effort if you're radio shark radio you shouldn't be alive should you. No I don't like you willingly wanna put yourself that situation you really didn't deserve him walking around maybe we can do you like one of those chain mail suit and so that you only get like seriously hurt but not like dead. I could get it down like a 40% chance of death. Now I know you're dead with the thought even care its statistics tell me you're dead you're not getting out of it. He beat far like about this like what anybody that's excellent bridge for recess on 55305 how much to write a shark teeth as he does that tire out there you get the shark I'll get to do we get somebody on their wills Wilson wants no part of it's getting kiddie pool couple sharks like two minutes the us like does like he. You Austin I'm gonna hero that is though that I know the short doesn't know hole. Like peer to raise we cannot every time you're in there with a shark is the shark and among all you people do swim with them yeah yeah I think kiddie pool and the shark and you lower the water to we're the advantages about even so the sharks real Max is not enough water. And a guy has ample opportunity to get like three feet of water and a sharp both sides of Great Dane let's go OJ Michael Phelps top speed six miles an hour. I'm pretty sure it. She can hear top speed beat the slowest speed shark movie that I want congress I. Really thought that that was a key would be way faster nag here and wanna do it six miles an hour work. Well that's the best that win people like wide receivers who were very very fast and they're spreading like they're forty speeds at the top. You know top not that they can it's usually only about thirty miles an hour. That's it and so think about that the pool and that is they're saying bulls' top speed is 27 point seven miles per hour yeah you know I mean barely beat a shark then. Well we need to do is now looking at times. Great that the grey wolf is 35 miles per hour there's a certain race I think what we need to do is give the wolves like you get a head start. And then we released the wolf Bastia yeah like kind of like the the Greyhound track jobs and we have the human rabbit and then we released the wolf and let's see went out. To end that I know that makes me proud of the estate is. Ali I like it got I got some definitely it was stuff going on if you told me that there was going to be a walls there is gonna chase someone down and say Killen to just catch even a little. The loan problem caution like inept yet and I don't spike in aggressive net game test ban wayward just in that any sort of real housewives it's on TV Sonja. Nestle may be getting rid of some of their famous candy bars Amazon is buying whole foods all kinds of fun things to talk about when the club our comes on this fine airwaves. Isn't in prime time this is 1080 the fan.