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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Find that time. And you can find the time to spin you actually yeah primetime retires against you. Home what they'll all journalists and Al. Think yeah. This is primetime so yeah I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are Isaak Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time. And on ten ADP. Sorry kids no eyes of rough today Luke Anderson filling in your welcome. It's excellent really appreciated it especially anybody who graduated between what 1987. And 99 from mountain high school thank you for your appreciation there on the sex life that you Bridgeport Beers excellent 55305. Couple questions for you this is my first Father's Day if you've got the advice on traditions that I need to set now and get them ingrained that way but it's and the kids are old enough. To run the whole show I still have a little piece for me if I would appreciate that will Americans that a question that we actually get to try to get to last time. What was your question about polo shirts. All right so in terms of polo shirts is appropriate to Wear one to use say a dinner party or what we consider eight DNC event. Do you consider dinner party a fancy event I think you use in the wrong verbiage there and I I really do I think if you're wearing a polo to a dinner party I think you wave the white flag as a guy but I think that the nice event I think fancy a big wedding I think you know rehearsal party years I think there's people that Stiller Paulus that can stop them and it's it's kind of pathetic. Yeah. I will make you being bowled by says I do feel like the polo shirt has become. Kind of battleground for the broad is it and make it's it's it's a standard AM going out some learn I don't wanna Wear a T shirt but I refused to put any sort of thought and effort into what I'm gonna whereas you throw polo shirt on. It's also I think important is dude. Draw the line between polo shirt and culture. Leave your wherein like your Nike golf shirts Mike is not a poll does not oppose or give you got some nights ago Michael Costa you got like. I don't know what they get Tommy bahama. But those guys that there's a difference or if you've got a higher and making elegant designer one like that to me is different then wherein I can indeed is orange under armour. Like golf shirt to a nice event but I I do feel that this is where I feel wheels pain. It it really has become far too acceptable to throw want an awful Peary khakis or bad pair of blue jeans that are wrinkled and throwing your crappy golf polo and then wandered to a wedding or wonder ended to some then. That or or like a logo and shirt movement and it's where seem like an organ Doug shirts. To a wedding don't just say noted that president wearing a white shirt under to catch all the sweat yes I had that I'm with you on that is it's not that hard dark very jeans dress shirts are the better if you don't wanna go if you don't want I seven nice pair of pants. And for heaven's sakes stop wearing White Sox. And black jeans or not dark jeans by the way the started blue watch and spent on the on the faded black jeans get to the dark haired guy don't put on your brown shoes and then throw once again some white Nike athletic socks on there and India right the pattern ones that the Oregon Ducks colors on them. Does that bring comfort fit and the well I mean I have a tough urge so if it over the assaults oxman marry my ankle starter. Hey I'll tell you where you can Wear purple shirts or collared shirt on the golf course. And that's what they are in Erin hills in Wisconsin. And we've got the US open going on kind of a crazy couple days off the path outside of the competition yesterday there was eighty. A boy and a huge for broadcast and covering the sport. Crashed and the guy is okay he was able to get away from the event and then today and an old man died of natural causes yeah. In the event wielded the blip could have been disastrous did you see the explosions. So I guess there's there's two night I don't know a lot about blimp technology. I've. Not right there with it I'm not familiar with the blimp a whole commodity and yes you are assessing once stood on the Hindenburg and on the -- makes me an expert if it let me say that the Goodyear blimp I. There's the MetLife blimp is the Goodyear blimp there's the Hindenburg that's not the only blimp is perceived that that I know Allegra does that Clinton's right leg from those Christmas story yeah. Zeppelin but I guess there's like two huge like you cook went I enjoy it propane tanks on this thing. And the blip catches fire goes down and the dude heads of a broken legs the and he is is like crew chief dries out there he knows his crash and drags it that way and like. 45 seconds later this monster explosion big fireball yet goes down a bit awesome and they got and then like a couple seconds later another one goes like I would have died. In a fiery blaze of our own glory and a blip crash had to do not dread about that yet today someone goes down on the course I guess in the in the grandstand yet we do have an expert there's a guy detects line bridge for Anders excellent type of through and a five. She's got acted. 55305. Todd did you do I talk good words. But we have a gentleman on there that once dated the Goodyear blimp so he is our. President. XA hey hey hey no easy namely apt to then yes they tell people need to an elderly man large man and an elderly man what passed away was in the grandstands today and they just said it was natural causes heart and did that all people I guess is that a good way to go at out of major sporting event you're out there and join the US open. Have a good I think that's the way rob wants to go I hate would not be OK dying on the golf course. Quite frankly that would (%expletive) me off of I got to give his side know Mike that's how I went out I'd I'd be a little upset of that but I think if your. They appear adult bro rob I think would be more than happy. To die on the golf course either playing or watching me I wanna go out like that yeah that's that's that when I when I do it. I'm going out on the golf NEC where I've been dying from like a heart attack her like natural causes elderly man passed away natural causes there's nothing happening it would go well I'd rather die getting hit by the blimp. You could. Which got a little flair right yeah how written. Then there's the story for when people say oh my god Hannity pass well blip brain into I'm exploded his body parts everywhere if you see here's in the movie secondhand lions. No I never did once had a really good movie with Robert devolved and you from the success to get the sixth sense and I'm tending to Michael Cain the first Willis. Africa 66 senses my via Leggett and lines that did the little kid from the success always in an Michael Caine and Robert to vault it long story short is my to do all her. Michael Caine and Robert Ball. Old guys and they're like ninety years old and they die tried to fly an air neither one of mother knows how to fly an airplane that is rich old guys. They're like ninety and they die tried to fly a a plane that they bought like an old World War II plane upside down through a barn. And they don't make it and they just you know. And then so did the little boy comes out now he's a grown man and in the shares telling about how they they died he just kind of smiles he's like that's perfect that's perfect X. I'd be an old and doing some didn't like that does it make you don't want you must fight Musharraf. Switch wouldn't it to like 8085. Caution the wind just let ahead. Happen is if so if you're gonna go down go swing and see how well these styles go downtown and find the biggest toughest do not act like a theory you know if this continue to eternity he turns you into dust up. Yeah I had seen film good the last crusade I did in Indiana Jones you chose poorly. Your body just disintegrates as Brock Lesnar pledges through your chest. That's so that is where I've gone back and forth over how I want to die and I've always thought accurate ones say saving a a baby from a chart that's on fire or something like that you know lays it sharks expect if sharks the blazers on their heads trying to kill an infant nice save them that being good way to go but. What I do know is when I die I would like my friends and family to take me on a weekend at Bernie's trip to strip club to pick that. And I do you know. This on this guys is I'm gonna top trashy hookers so that's kind of the same sort of thing up this guys is I'd rather die when I'm eighty turn four at Daytona in the cargo is right into the crowd takes all of a guy. See because then they'd get in on Cameron at your funeral in his blue pit I. He just sit there and like the best the old man's just happy he's is light years -- comes towards them if they put the slide show your funeral it's actually the music did then teenager whatever energy was an old man and of the car just blunt might create any division I grown up was was married with children I yes I read your and there's there's never somewhere Al's going sky dive he'd shoot and it was all nervous in the bed think tyco's mr. bond you're chutes not even on the N Al's a school that is seated tea did you laughs and they jumped out. So don't care whether he lived there. Did you reach a certain point man and I have that I if I reach a certain age of my kids are grown. I've met all the grandkids and I'm gonna meet is gonna come a point in time where it's like SA insists. Whatever and wherever I wanna do is of the it's going down if that happens to give me it's better than die in all of golf course a natural causes. Or later in my bed rod no way from cancer. If you wanna watch a great cinematic death scene go watched the goods don't watchable movie. But just the Will Ferrell cameo in their when he dies with it and do you recall how we die yeah I do remember. Just got fed up I won't spoil it for you go on to YouTube would go Will Ferrell dying in the movie the good I was at the set they are talking about Jeremy difference career. That's it and there that's a slider but the thick of the battle back during the of their. Well here's one way you could die at a sporting event imagine a 116. A mile an hour baseball coming into the stands will tell you how and where that happened next. You're listening to prime time Montana to the fan Fair Isaac. Big Zeus big Suh can still hear. Every once while ruffle given them because they just for fun I always gets me every time we'll get that some people. People read about do they they drop it does look on New Year's us. But that he plays with the it's fun but it will be blessed me all the time like where did you come up with suit and I'm always like. Two to gimmick. Couple that superintendents. Don't know I didn't get super creative with a you know Broncos nod. Now I'm big with the my last name is Candace can. Not super difficult they don't think it was thought booking them. The documentary have you seen fastball the movie. I have not seen so you need to watch fastball the movie it's absolutely fantastic basically what it is is it's his idea of the arms race of the fastball brought baseball history and how guys like Nolan Ryan and rolls Chapman I feel like like a little bit of loose Dooley here are my daughter. Who's twenty keeps telling me I should watch this. Like she'll watch said he thought it was great what looked amazing about it is that goes through all the ways he tried to measure how fast a fastball condone people have been fascinated at this for ever back to Christy Mathewson and and just watching these guys just up the ball recent motorcycles. And try to take two pictures at different times. It's wild the radar gun technology wasn't available I don't know. I'm single original Hudson think Iran a motorcycle comes down the track commit added time to throw the baseball at the same time that's fantastic it really so you really enjoy it and especially it relates to the stat cast era that we're now in an old idea that baseball's trying to promote. The stack F Derrick has the follow up to the steroids era is now this that Caster can measure just about everything and I think there'd humanize a talking about the earned judge home run that was hit the other day that they say is the longest home run ever measured. 495. Feet and how difficult that it's. One thing we do know in the stat cast Eric is Bryce Harper just hit the fastest. Traveling ball into the stance. A lot of drive home run. They went into the stands. At 116. Point three miles an hour. So here's the thing about best all the movie is the other thing would measuring it they also say how difficult it is to hit. His jab and 105 miles an hour fast 105 mile an hour fastball. So imagine being a professional hitter new job has hit a baseball and they go through how difficult it is and that the guys are basically guessing where it's gonna end up yeah. So now imagine three Beers in a few old and not Joseph the arm around your girl and two kids that next year here comes ball at a 116. Miles an hour. I realize you get a little more lead time. Verify HBO real sports wanna say may be a year ago. Sometime in the last year all of us do that because look I've been in the had a lot and yet ignores what the hell exit zoo is in it was wasn't that far chip are removed from the the current episode. They did eight aid they they talked about this problem and you know now the base coaches have to Wear helmets you know because we had the it was at the as the Colorado guy that died. Let's open dialogue to first base coach took one off the dome and and we we've we know about you know pitchers and you know should they be wary Christian helmets but this one specifically was talking about fans. And they did a study. And it was just funny they brought people out. You know cut it to the mound or down the bass lines. And they were just they they would be having conversations with people and tried to distract him a little bit and they were behind my Plexiglas. And then they would fire the ball and that whole segment on that how dangerous it is to be sitting. Down the baseline when these guys are hitting the ball it usually comes off faster of the bad netted does of the pitchers the pitcher's hand. And some of the stuff was terrified. When you realize just. It is about weird baseball game you're on your phone you look around lake city get a beer yet or not you talk in his own behind you it's very aware of the you're actually focused on every single pitch and even that even if you are. Looking at it I still have to keep my score book because. It is what they in the the whole point of this is there's unbelievably there should be netting up and down bulls bass lines to to avoid the sort of things hurt all the time no not best. But don't get her all the time to baseball games from these things going down without. One dum bass lines for sure at and even it's more than just the baseball for the bats every once I see about the outline in the crowd I'm sure you've seen there's a still shot of a guy putting his arm out from the kid looking down cellphone doubt wary kind of catch is that again the bats really were in need down the base like the home run this isn't about the debates like Bryce Harper I mean. Laser hole and run and you have a Keon Braxton just hit. A shot that was like 494 just shy of air judge you've got these guys that can do this debates have any obligation whatsoever. To her home. Runs no big things I hate. I'm not one of these guys such as over legislate things I think we spend far too much time worrying about. You know did the arts initiative is there would assure Dakotas but don't hockey does this now we have there was a girl because those short game she died and took a puck. There was ricochet back off behind the goal sending Asian putt easily. Not everyone is but those cuts can be going 89. Some of the harder guys hundred miles an hour but that's that's using competitions sort of stuff let's not regular game but you take a little hard rubber puck going ninety miles I had some little girl that now that netting behind him and does anyone. Do that when you go to over our game is a body that there's netting there I feel like if you put up netting on the bass lines like maybe to the dug outs. At some point you have enough reaction time beauty should be on the ball slowed down may be coming off the bat on sixteen but it will slow down by the time he gets there like I don't. There's anything about you know when you're sitting in the outfield but down the bass lines. I think that they should carry the netting is behind home plate already I don't understand why you wouldn't carry that that down the bid to the baseline because. The guy that they can't react to behind home plate there's noticing that guy and the guy they can't react to be a city. Two rows behind the dugout and the one going behind you isn't gonna become and as hard as the one that when you you get out in front of you head off into the baton it's it's ricocheting now way I wanted to subject everything right I mean if you put the nets out of a high heat were anything over this is going to be at least on a downed power or you'll have enough time to see you couldn't figure that out and people are Smart. That's out there. And does that by the nets should be in this is how fast the ball could be coming until you watch if you if you haven't done is see if I'll survive on YouTube may go traits weeded out big underscore suit that they HBO piece is is hilarious is you have people understand their knowing it's commie that. And their like K movie did the whole thing is can you move out of the way. So they're they're like down the baseline and they've got the plexiglass up and they're like can you move out of the way by the time knowing it's coming. And and half the time they can't and that it's it's funny they're like okay you ready in the guys like yes and then no bills they'll send it. And they just. If it's a face shot every single time you know go one at a hundred miles an hour and UC every baseball game you've got those people that are at risk and we see it all the time work. You know the announcer even says they've got its allies are cool there's what. And we kind of just we laughed about it led. This funny do you take one of those in the checklist well I think. Playing third base or something at softball mentally softball and Scola had just go out there and got to get a burn rope ones I don't know 160 miles an hour the ball's bigger the globe and I'm staring right that yes I've had a few Beers. But still it's sometimes hard react to that every once while the natural get a line shot back and there's a lot of people up on the wall pitch just for that I want. I am blitz often about what I did at that has a buddy of mine who was pretty competitive. And I will not pitch and Iowa not catch a epitaph ads that. Those decisions it ain't gonna happen. Is I've seen too many rec league Beers softball games we're dude takes a foul tipped off the face or that you said he's a guy with his thousand dollar Diener reedy trampoline bat. Please take a one of the jobs no no pfennigs to hit out of played first there is that they went down and comes in my head I'm duck and yeah I'm not trying to get worried that. I enjoy the triple buddy another step in the way of that I've laid things that shortstop I get a lot of distance and his co that thing with smoke because. Guess what I'm not wearing a cap and I'll prove it I will step of the way every time it's not even just you know it's state. This guy say this is sure went down to the blue. Super regional game know is there reason given the video gotta DOS and they do they have Nadine down the baseline some. And you don't notice it at all. And as good as said that the he saw surveys from the bridge for your sex finds a dead people no longer see the net. After ninety seconds to two minutes now a key just sits in that once she sit there and you and say that we go to hockey you may notice it at first. But after while you won't even notice the net so. Hopefully it doesn't take with a Major League Baseball someone dying. Like you did in hockey's it was said it was the Blue Jackets it was in the sharks and I don't know jackets. But it shouldn't take someone dying because people get hurt all the time at that and it's such a simple solution yeah extend the nets and the Indian problem solved well and and the thrill of catching a foul ball is not equal proportion to the future of edge you know 860. Mile an hour. How many Pete writes I talked to people down the baseline I wonder if you went to the average Joe Schmo sitting there in mariner game and said. You know would you would you want the net up you're not gonna notice is not gonna be a distraction to you you knock afterward about you know I haven't felt welcome your way or buy ads begin or bats but you're also knocking out the chance to catch. A foul ball I wonder how many fans. Would it would take the next I think a lot of them would rather have the chance to catch a foul ball and risk taking one off the don't ever catch foul ball. When I was real little but it wasn't like a line drive a cholera and other colorful lady's face. McVeigh. If they hit when we're at the old Kingdome and we're sitting right underneath the kind of did the upper deck on the first beside pat Kelly. To try to blue jays sliced one. And it hits the saw it. Of the top came down. And hit some old lady in the face. And then bounce and in my lap ever rule was scramble around for the foul ball and I had no idea and I looked down and it was sitting between my Alexia. KK. Do you this conversation we had Lou about Chris Iannetta getting hit. We had a fastball to the thing fastballs do you go to the weird part about it the background music that they play do you. Matter at the sued digital redundancy and no wind Iannetta. Got hit. By a ball and it was pretty daddy gotta hit nine on the ground and he three mount gospels that they really got now this is what was played after he got hit just listen. There they hit. Okay. The organ music coming in here. I. And now Chris and veteran guys sitting. I'm running my and his pain that goes to the live event and their pension plan like the baby elephant larger whatever it's. Pitt left and Chris. We did the yeah this is the tone deaf thing minute that you tiger might go put a good man keep people saying we don't need the we have his wife might be watching him dying here on the theater there. Area results. It's here and start having. This area trying to get a towel to. And her children. Man I Jeb Bush it was a good day embody. Fisher what I guarantee we looked up through the organist was in Arizona and its body placed. McCants a year doesn't look it should they can I like we got fired that day they're like look we need you to stay around and just do this last one in any season get ahead he's like. Well this is how I'm going out payrolls. Well I NAFTA summit saying that he what do. We get to the home run. Is not traveling a 116 but when it goes on the baseline that's stuff is legit guy by the time it it leaves the city yeah I get it it's not going a 160 miles an hour. But there was this was not off the bat this was indeed understand yeah this was a stack guest into the stay in the stands so if you can easily and then what started and that's in the outfield and about. How what you're talking about when it's it's going the closer you get bad. Have you hit the better reaction time the faster it's going to give is it's it's scary stuff and someone said that the reason they put up and I don't know. You know if this is issue but someone did say that a little girl got her noticed you're and that's why they put up the next eight. And Demitra took a hockey till it's died at a hockey game like a little girl's who's like 8910 years old someone that initial adopted it and. Hopefully that's not what it takes a Major League Baseball is. You know ma upon or some little girls a little kid Donnie Yen in all of them to produce and down nets one you've got the safety issues off the field for based only got safety issues on the field for football with all the concussions if you could go back and choose baseball or football would you. Somebody just made that choice in. At Oregon State we'll talk about the next you're listening to front and on today the fan first will sports. Trying to think of what could make this broadcast better and imagine that us take all three of us. Pros into a bookstore. An ad timber Joseph week. Problem solved that's oriented tomorrow bid and a Beirut's airport way fixing join in this and in the saint. Since we were nice have to join your program you're gonna rip rip repaid in kind reciprocal it's like a home in a way sort of thing. Did do one of those you came out to a big cougar stamina come out of Portland's depth perfect so tomorrow. Run ten to noon so different hours for our show tomorrow will darken as. And I will be at Danner boots simple joy to send timber Joseph is gonna join in 40% Father's Day savings going on throughout the store there's going to be giveaways a chance to where terms winter boots. It's going to be a blast it combines is seeking meets big Snooki can tell will and I always think of us. Bill hope things will be a blast pick up some for debt it's could push to pick a day and a half so you view that what. Yet appeared in boots you favor her boots and I told the story before and we've done this before with banner but your favorite curvature rapist Andrew it's my dead but I mean my first period dinner boots. I think I was probably about. Fourteen or fifteen he Bob do you size up so that I would grow into them and I had them. From the time I was place at 1450 years old I had until I was about thirty. About 3334. And then my dog by American Bulldog. Finally. Did a man and says she had deceived when she was a puppy that's about five now says she decided that there was enough was enough and she murdered. In cold blood just destroy them so great nothing left great Father's Day get some the last of burial long time. The stores this year having the two view on this show wide receiver part time starter for organ state energy Armon has decided to forego his senior season a full all. And you're probably thinking we probably get drafted play baseball when I say that he would split baseball is actually an undrafted free agent with the San Diego Padres. And he's opting for football or baseball over football and I just wonder willed organs for those who don't know played at Oregon State. Obviously people should know that to put at BYU and put a little in the NFL. If you guys had the option. Egg going inducing here to put baseball or football when you guys have done with that information. I think we've both agreed on this before that we got the Wii because you know I had this conversation where we watch NBA players and TV get jealous because they look like they're having fun and then we think back when we had to warm up before games and just being like. Cannot I hope this to skills went to like. I I every Jay will because he can be honest there are some guys that love football like Josh Wilcox would still played today if he could. But I'm I'm here to tell you as the dirty secret of football like 75% of the players hate. Plane it socks. It hurts it's just it's it's not that exciting new agency you'd do it didn't. There there is enjoyment in it but I. I every game ever played and I think this is the conversation I had as as we approach the half. I turned my Buddy Guy cow awesome to be if this is the end of the game and not a task at. Occasions. It is it's not. It's not. Like baseball for a lot of us were you just have like this un bridled joy is up to give graduates and I was equally good at baseball or football it would take me all of it out like eight seconds to decide to go play baseball and you put an offensive line whoever jealous of the wide receivers because they have a very different regiment they have a different game pretty well. Probably enjoy football but a full IQ was he was. Don't linemen do he said longer run the Clyde was someone they actually just put me in the airline meetings you've been craving candidate five in the running back meetings they forgo they had four went the idea of actually giving me the ball and they were like well. You know you should go to the O line means but then all the O line means her basically about you know slides and our response to a line and as I thought don't do any of that. You know I have got blood Saturn I had to yeah I have ten plays and need to remember and then if I do that than I did my job. They're the real dark it's package show bunch that'd come and no of them that get us get its third in line and we need somebody did you run into someone you meet head. It's true it's really the best I can describe via conference alignment is. At a Mets like some of the worst pain that you bid and right it's it is like your your neck Kurds your arm hurts your shoulder your new country I got a car accident yeah I got a car Anke feel that way and then you wake up and you realize that like in another like hour and a half you're gonna go sling your body yet another big fat guy for like three hours it's just it's not. It's not the sexiest thing in the world is not the funniest thing in the world there's nothing I miss about actually playing I missed. Hang with my buddies and miss in a kind of working out and traveling and that sort of thing but I have not played a football game since like 2000. With three year for some my god never wants. Since that time have I ever watched a football game and thought you know be awesome right now it was I was played. Never had that thought occurred what the German I mean. Lucky he was a part time you know player. It'd never quite popped the way he wanted to. I guess ten and just for those that don't know he started playing as a two way players yeah freshman but Gary quickly left the baseball team in favor of football so this kind of another reversed field could be too that the guy at the guy what's gonna go on he's not he's not gonna have a huge year organ states and be another. You know roll roll. Player for for OSU. Not an NFL career away our dorm at the end 00 chance of him going on to the NFL so what's wrong with taking a stab in the alike it was a really good baseball player. Sandy is wounded to go to give me a shot at a unit change revenue dreams. It's different than a guy they did that is the role player and embody this happened so lost tonight as the it's sad. The guy that's the role player in the and he goes on edge Indies I Armitage she's my football dream and you know it's like you go to did that crappy arena leagues are you need you go to Canada and it's. That you can't give it up to secure hold and under for grim death dividend guy's gonna try to do it baseball. Let's do it if you're gonna Jason James I'd much rather chase the baseball dream that it with a full Audrey at least then united you've beaten the living hell by the yourself for four years Macon zero money and future. Have those conversations with former guys that you played with where you'd see them after may be like a week well then becomes are like maybe year or two after you had played Indian glory years now well you know extra specs are times hardening give him yeah. C'mon now play out but then you see even after a year and they ask what you're doing the guy you know give them what and then he says Hayward yeah what's up with you I think up. All still trying to make gay you know I got signed over at this Canadian team and yet Andy how this is such excitable spirit about them you just stare him knowing they're dying on the inside the government yet just. I'd believe that happen all the time we have these guys come back on the campus. The as say they they've come back towards work out and and I just say you're never gonna make it you feel like you've got to. Find something else to do buddy like I remember my eight the last time and I cut it in Tampa which happened like every other day I wrestlers get cut them because then you get the couple days like hang out aren't yeah I'd like a good at the beach in and like lay around saying they didn't want to my wife that I got Tenet. So like I just lied and I just like go and hang up on the beach. And the collier had Agilent Europe practiced as reggae you know exhausted that I really busy day's play a lot of volleyball so you sound tired and she tells I think I got cut from the Buccaneers like nine times I got large cities. A guy guy got cut. All the time and the like a week later I'd be back Asia's they just it was that was my life better remember it like. I wanna say it was the seventh three it's time biding time and like a year and a half there. Ever log in above it's like coach is the best advice I've ever gotten from this bit about this kind of topic. And I just said you've seen as an old crusty bastard he was like he'd been in the league for like fifty years he's one of those guys sigma to his love master of that. Forearm shiver technique and bays breeze pretty good guy and I said I'm just wasting my time. I said all right do you think it at all then I I can play this gamer might just wasting my time. And he looked to me and said Eagles clearly you can play we wouldn't keep bringing you back. Pretty goes let me tell you something he goes you'll have more properties to played this stupid game that are good for you now and it's up for you to decide when. That. That time has come when you have too many opportunities. And I just kind of sat there and I was like long. Oh because you can chase the stream for as long as you want it because that can be really detrimental to you now and I think I got cut one more time and and that was and I was at I was just like yep as I got brought back in the like two weeks later after that comes as they got cut again. I'm right now I'm good I'm done now are. Way and but so many guys. They just it's it's like his boyhood sort of dreamy aegis chases and chase and Jason Jason. And they just and in the separate sodium go to college and they don't take academics seriously and they don't have a degree because they left early to go train for the NFL before they graduated. Or it and they have no real other skill they never thought about ending outs it's like to single minded focus. The problem is that there's these guys they're single minded focus that aren't good college player to staff I think you will never play in the NFL you better start figured out so does that do right now. Won't ask you both one more question just on this and I wonder if it's a larger trend in the DC because even I mean I don't know necessarily the difference in age but you obviously superhero older. But when you played there was a lot of that macho bravado that you don't give up and you keep going after this dream and if you're gonna be a football player and I think that was probably a little less. For you will when you played your very honest about it you kind of got in the economic in the NFL. Guess they're smoking pot do we do either of you see a trend where there's going to be more people look at baseball and that's a lot more attractive if I'm going to chase my dreams the guys at equal shot both do you think based holding his revival young American players choose to. Purple or no because sort of those boring sport ever to play up a I know I'll say that right now and I don't really care if you wanna be a baseball purist and tell me that I'm completely wrong and give feel these stupid statistical ways to prove that it's very exciting and if you keep up that way it's it's really being gauging game it's really not it's a bench people standing around for three hours in the relatively moving. Maybe once every five minutes take up the filter to Manny really feels now that's that's that's sure what it is and that's what the whole kind of boyhood dream thing is that your gladiator right in football where you're going to the stadium you're actually fighting for something in your physically putting yourself on the line. To write you something for and courses when you're younger for the team and then when you to the pros it's for that paycheck. But in baseball. No god know it would be boring as hell player. Of the people out there who are playing it looked old. I was in I'm I'm down as I love baseball eyes was being good at it. Had I added a two to play baseball I would've done that and heart because I think the the older you get. I think there's an appreciation for at least from me. They didn't know when hitting me like I just go stand anyway I get this stated first base yeah and like. Like every now that ball gets it to be in that I get to hit a runner on the base like I don't have to. Out of to play with like a broken hand I don't have to play would like my neck elect. All messed up like Jack have a player or liking you your polling and like the whole time you rocking of Illini now crap everything that's out. I'm not I'm gonna have to do this now just sit there like that you just know the middle of the safeties glitzy do you like that it's gonna give an eleven yard to head start and I'm just gonna plow his head right into my neck like this is awesome yeah it is just. Would have collapsed the suns have denounced the the the problem was that I weighed 300 rebounds there weren't a lot of other sports. Then that I was and get them were built for full final and there's a question about that I do think that there is. I think in college especially I think there is a real problem. With the we get sold the lie that every one of these kids it's in from Morgan State to org in. To Washington State to Kent State to southern Mississippi. To Tallahassee ju co every one of these kids it's playing college football believes in their heart that they are gonna go on and play and I think that is such a disservice. That's. That dead at that lie is allowed to continue. You know sometimes it's okay to have someone crap on your dreams and icy give you a dose of reality I think we we spend far too much time in college athletics. Focusing on the wrong thing you're there eight if you know you're there you're not an NFL guy can look it should be pretty clear early on what you are you aren't. Certainly as you get older than it really should be become clear you better start thinking about do we have been out you better have a coach you better have a program you would have an athletic staff and academic staff that's helping you start to make that transition. As opposed to live in this stupid dream. Where you have to go to the your you're your team's pro day and you're gonna run a forty and somehow that's gonna while the guy from the Jacksonville Jaguars and they're gonna draft him in the sixth round and that you gonna going to play for ten years to fame and fortune. It's just not reality and you have so many of these kids that are wade steam. Education and wasting opportunities to network and actually find something you can do for the rest your life. As opposed to just running your head in the someone for a couple years than Bibi not been able to read write and and leave without any sort of meaningful degree hopefully Andy's the rap career has. I think there was for you how bag so I had unfortunately I saw a lot of friends that worries needs. You really do that really if it's not if it's not gonna be a special happy that I'm in a B and entertain them right now it's I come I'm going to be a musician I'm going to be a rapper remedy be an actor Charles Barkley talks about how detrimental to urban society you know you can be that he be an engineer you know you can. These crew that harming any at six is an engineer I had engineers give pointed shake shall do do it I hope for the pencil I got I don't I want calling him up by affirms Morgan State couple years ago we had an interview with someone. Who has that. I'll tell ya did here just saying I don't I don't wanna call amount respectful but I remember him morally there. Now and we ware interviewing him and his fourth start of the season and so he was not a good pactel player ET. He wasn't good at Dorgan state or is it was not to. And all he talked about was the the NFL week and asked him we even asked and his again what do you do what's football's over. And just the look on his face that you know woody woody talk about that you feel for men would go laments the NS does against this is a word I just sit there thinking of Mike how delusional. 00 he goes though but I guess that that's an odd but it that's the mentality and you do have a ten year NFL career. Then you go through that now preparing for what outlets like best case scenario you'd Tom Brady you make it to forty. Live and after that word is this notion like if I have the pled yet don't really believe implant a paid that's way to live your life by these bumper sticker philosophies guess what buddy you have a hard time started organ state it's a two win team you better figure out plan B really damned quick. Because plan ain't gonna work just Korea Beatty crabby maybe you come up with a plan C and I thought platform. But I did because. Aids is it's. And eventually that reality sinks in deal but on foresee from of those kids a comes after you've wasted. So many years in so many opportunities everybody is looking for a. Club may have figured it out and I warn you it's racist that's next this is prime time on today the threat of for wants listen to it your your fine radio program here with eyes Exxon comes back as this two minute segment to play with. And our form that he has I'm not sure what direction to tackle reform of the time to break. It is it is basically tend to break right now. Wonderful thought to what will was saying about baseball and having three hours of just pure boredom and you're watching it nobody's doing anything I think as you get older. You'll find that that is a great time we don't know what am I doing with the next three hours. You can just sit there and watch guys be bored. In your words based is a great time it's a great way to kill time. The same way do I about how boring it is likely Beasley sent around a lot of football practice except. Plays and you're going half fast because her rails has the same thought on the minutia of their older than a sophomore it's like yeah but I'm not gonna hate you kid's image has to be like nine on seven are you doing Mike blitz pick up an and it's always that hey you wanna go tried his baseball right now yelled out fifth place beside me up I just wanted to have a moment where when you were doing one on ones you can just like say across lines they don't being in the hole I got just a mind just kind of swipe around. All push you out you can link barely touched the bag and then we'd breakeven. When now when I was and amber Chester McLaughlin. Who's. Maybe the best even Islam and I ever saw including Mike Warren Sapp like Chester. Eighteen back when he was in shape did the guy I was already passed away unfortunately. Not too long goes eggs coached at Stanford. But the guy was like six or seven time all pro you just. He was amazing. He didn't care but keep literally didn't try now and when he did he was unblock able we'd go do one on ones in practice. And Chester would tell me that if if I hit him he would kick my ass. You're just like sitting there like. Any minute and like my office I I'm just some rookie. Puke trying to impress somebody in my office of my coach is you shut up you didn't write them out in gestures I don't do it. They don't do I want murder you've been dead before Sonny you're just kind of standing there and likened his European MI let held to do they can. So is Iraq here's the hard place to do it ourselves in the middle and have a good tumble as a you don't hit me I don't hate you and Mike. I I guess they don't I guess maybe certain kind of we'll go live on the ground now and be scared. Oh boy that just sounds delightful if local recruited you would you gun play basketball for them I think. Think that is they quits in the ought to be able running through the minds will get the that would get 55 of course club are allowed to come. In the final hour talk and sports you're listening to prime time right here. A tentative.