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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time eyes against him. And it. Church. Compromise sports stuck without vision yeah. I think things are dropping since mechanic. And let me do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 10820. That is not exactly true this is kind of weird I don't know this is an invasion of primetime by the weekend show or this is warmup for tomorrow's show or what this is. But Luke Anderson and will dart instruments and and the saints on primetime with big soup oh look at. I don't know where it is it's we haven't got on the catcher I don't go anywhere I'm here at a news first baseman got a new guy on the bump. I'm just here to mind my own business behind the plate no problem that you guys wanna eat you guys are the star of the show exactly. To its when he gave him maybe get your home run every now and then my eggs and you know what best that is not good to read and not prepared how can you ever since we know right. I you know Taylor asked her for tomorrow and her daughter like thank god he's here that's that's a pork or former that there bad game plan. This is bizarre we known for weeks that we've been working on this appearance tomorrow it's Morgan got to Danner boots for the sinner and saint at a different times of anybody listens to our show regularly were going to be out there from ten to twelve. That's the dinner boots on airport way and you're joining us for that show yes I'll make my parents that love my dinner boots as I got there a couple times a year and this on the tenant in my backyard about five minutes my house right there at airport wait them. So if you're looking for a nice Father's Day gifts when done by the went up to 40% off so come on by say pricey degree broadcast you guys do a great job on the weekend people should be listening to the unused sinner and saint. Endesa come Biden and say hi and you know pick up that's something for the people that have not. Got any sort of present for your father which I'm sure is plenty of you I'll take care that you get a great products and and listen to radio show. What's the worst if you regain your dad. Good gift giver I should they get it matters I don't. Don't go half fast yeah. You know I did it as a kid though did do you do work to do a good gift giver you. Want a good Gibson and maybe if I was a kid and and I don't remember when I gave back five or six or anything like that I did tell excited. Ed two dads current up I was one of those stepped down to about. Nice and I titles or yesterday I opened the first gift I can ever remember give Maine and give some might damn near a big deal my brother. I'll give shouted to my brother. Did it's it's ridiculous. The stuff he comes up where in fact one year for for Father's Day you're mad at him a desperate in America which won by dad had mentioned in passing. That is a kitty he'd like this toy called fort Apache. Does is back like you know obviously my dad's 65. So you're talking you know cowboys and Indians knows a thing called fort Apache. He's mentioned patsy my brother remember it went on eBay in freaking found fort Apache. And I gave it to my dad he's he's he does that does that sort of stuff you said don't try to compete with the and so I don't have to worry about doing badly I'd like awful. I get it down their knowledge or whatever I'll come up with something that I feel like right now I've. In I've. I come to that stratosphere but a gift giving him my family is is kind of a big deal we put some thought and effort into it but remember the first gift ever got I get my dad a little polar bear from that does to like a little foursome polar bears like like half an inch high. I think my them my mom may have give me five or ten bucks to unite I bought this thing from my dad. And remember given it to him in like ten years later you know comic fifteen or whatever I went in in my dad's office and it was on his desk was on his rollodexes. And I think is that the holy spirit our enemies like yeah. And then like another get fifteen years go by my dad's retired I come home from. You know wherever I was easy to come home from college or just moved back you know I'm in my thirties now and I go back it and my dad has an on top of his computer and it was there until the day dot. I'd and so now that little polar bear is is on my shelf very cool and I got a Foreman I was like five years old so I. But stuff like that and then I got that might my son. The first Father's Day that I can remember my Sunday to be something in eager to do little shops at school you know they've they've they have like the little book fair sort of thing does. And my son at the same day we get my son a couple bucks and he bought me any English sticker that has a nice that the penguins eating in nice to go. Does the first thing he had these penguins do or he know did he know about the polar bear no home we'd be didn't like I'd like I'm in wanna know. I like England clothing and you know the ordinary day originally baby apparently the apparel. And so he here keep he'd put it together is like dad likes penguins certainly and found this little I was little puffy sticker. Any body of four music as a penguin ties and that's sticker was on the back myself owned. Until the cell phone died in that I took it off and I stuck it on my I have like. The memory board kind of thing your image back mavs open ticket stubs or whatever and that is still up there yeah I still have the first gift he ever got me it's stuff like that to mean matters so. When it comes to Father's Day stuff. I just throws Dave birthdays or whatever I. I always say little effort into it. And you be amazed at some of the stuff like that the memories the can makeup that so I've I've always tried to put in some kind of ever you can't have winners like that every time yeah it's different you get older but. Little fired past yet it's you really love it so when you care about thought and effort into it and and I I think that's stuff goes along way it's. My dad we never got him anything for Father's Day except for we what do we got a ping pong table Lehman Brothers chipped in so you put ping pong with the got a basketball hoop one year is always stuff for us to play with that he could join in on the but for gift giving for him it was every year we did for Christmas we always got him a flannel shirt each there's five kids might damage get him one flannel shirt. And then when the summer months came around to cut the sleeves off that and in this by the time next Christmas came running in new flat Peter. Think that right you get like give every year it just becomes your dying yeah I love stuff like that never good when I remember is. Growing up we grew up in Alaska and we would always go we know is officially my dad wore a he thought it was a Lawrence Taylor Jersey but it wasn't it was a Darryl Talley Buffalo Bills jurors he wore that everywhere you knows is that that Evan name on the back but it was it was fifty signals that number 56 red blue line and he wore that where to go but there's a slight difference in the bills ended in the of the giants as before any team logos were. Is it like that had to know by the colors and their journey he wore that make it every pitcher we have growing up and like two years ago. My brother again and went and found it up a Darryl Talley Buffalo Bills 56 Jersey gave it to my dad I love stuff like that yeah that's OK if you can you put the time the effort to write your childhood recreate something like that just. Stuff like that is is. As well what here's some that you can help me out with and maybe the tax on bridge for Beers to excellent is 55305. This is my first Father's Day as a father yeah. So I had a pressure on the wife by the way it well ahead. And this is one of the things that we talked about it so for Mother's Day she didn't wanna do anything except for kind of get away we went wants to move to lift the girls what my sister and my dad they hung out for a little bits with twin daughters. And their seven months old and then what are we gonna get you. That's the thing I'm in a position where it's what I need to do is set my own Father's Day tradition so what I did with my wife and I went to a movie by ourselves that's been the middle of the day we actually got pictures taken with the girl's cousins rhetoric on the six month. Birthday and then we went out to dinner by ourselves in and grandma got spent time with the twins so that was kind of her presently on ice plant stuff but she wanted to spend time with with the new grand babies. But for Father's Day she asked me what I want to I have no idea choose what you wanna go play golf cycle my Brothers who have kids. No we stay home with the kids and they give us like a little presence in Iraq. Who's gonna play golf with me or something so now's the time when I set the tradition and then in the old enough to give gifts and celebrate fathers' day with me. My wife goes oh well this he's done this every year he'll go play golf. Get breakfast ready when he comes back so we'll get our Danielle the debt and perfect what they always accused are used to it right yeah. Like when it does have shared their ready used to and I mean they they know the sound of my yelled yeah yeah I know you've asserting your dominant again I'm all about establishing precedents we started from the day they were boards and started disappointing maybe we order were on that track were good then a lot of fathers just wanna be left alone. Isn't that let's say there's there is a lot of that on Father's Day it's just like it's like shut so yeah it isn't. Haven't we play that quiet game and that's and that's Father's Day so here's the trick if anybody has good traditions that kind of set it up but. Kind of put that no loving way from when the kids are old enough just Texas and throughout the show if you've got to put so what do you do with your kids for father's tenants. What we used dude it's amid a little bit of a weird situation does that mean so much of Father's Day is upon. You know build the wife. Well the fact that it's at now. We don't it's this is little old me now so it's it's it's a little different I don't know I don't know last year was so close now. You know when my wife passing that we didn't. Really do much like the first year is just your urges no. But yeah I guess it's like you're just trying to get through the first ever do you try to get through the first Father's Day for Mother's Day first per gallon standard and you know an hour in the year now we've we've crossed that so it's just the start year two so now I think we'll try to get into more let's let's maybe build some new traditions but. I don't know I don't know what we're doing. I haven't. One of those things that haven't put a ton of thought into Syria I guess here I mean look like you're just doing Father's Day for yourself and he has got a selfish dude should though. Thought I thought oh. We'll we'll fight this global prodding glad to eat and then again like lay around and in leave me alone will play with a ball then that's okay. That's usually get one on we'll get togethers and family using have some form of low willful ball game and this is extended his benefit to get together to go see might have we you know my brother comes over and sister and all that. We ended up with some sort of kids vs the dole with a ball game that is a fairly standard C can make. Holiday outing is some form of dead animal. Are being eaten some form of sugary dessert being shoved down my face and then Emmys since the launch your plane with the ball. Is is kind of my my go to I gotta say imagining John playing with the ball. Is there it goes runners running involved that's how you play Whipple ball how I was gonna say I think that kids who at that point. John on the first is runny Whipple bullets not based and or else he's still got to get the first how old are you don't know where you get the ball's gonna Strider have you ever played with global with there's a Whipple ball ES and what you do you have zones where the ball lands that equals the number he's OK a little angle. Yeah never heard that it's it's like a door were kind of going away from soaring home plate we get a ground ball. And if they don't throw to first and in so it in my wanna throw it out where we play like we go to my dad's house if you hit it they give you make it to the the deck. It's like to raise deck if you hit it to the bottom part of deck of single. You hit basically pass the infield single give up on the deck good double you get it up above the second it's the second story it's fun. Now it's it's added it's too there's no. There's no triple is it's going up to triple uttered it began betrayal and in the gutter but does is look this is how I will fall I'm not kidding I take on chair. I go planet's. Around where kind of the third baseline would be busy beverage in my hand at that point now and I just kind of sit there and hit the ball comes my way. And it does quite ridiculous with the ball you're gonna hit it on the third pays line if it's in this general. That he let me make the play and have been up there and benefits out there I don't Mets beat. Do you ever played with or. And then go don't you go to the call the second year right lay a series of electrical cords across the street. In whatever fashion you want the neighbor's tree is a home run did it up there your outage hit the other neighbor's tree because they don't like the bull being in their yard people trampling through it. You obstacles to pull out those you hurt your hand. It's all they can go for us that's what. Coming out and at throw a question from the tax why do you see and it's a very stupid question thank you Anthony does it get competitive. With my dad my dad's the only one and so we play adults gets kids. And I think it bothers my dad but I play left handed. And I am not lefthanded now and so me and my brother both hit left handed and then if were witty I had left handed one handed. And let's let's PR exercise if we get a big lead. I get out on purpose adults against the kids again through my jazz in it I really think it bothers my dad Michael Vick comes down like the final any day and we're losing my dad gets like really serious and competitive. And it bothers happy to see scream at the kid all around other like that he's a great guy got it he wants to win like you can tell he he he is not a happy if we lose he wants to win the game. And yes every now and then make you just groundout you think that it's time to end the inning I'd say yeah we scored 34 runs and here comes the ground attitude you know until my dump. Yeah it might or might not happen no motive yet but please don't win. Bid did just getting the other doesn't get a key comes to whip he comes to weekend is that skirt around. Hi David Young Jason's Canada he's there he's there to be there to win. I'm there to sit launch here and have a beverage one more question on it from the bridge for Beers sex on 55 through five participant in the show is this the one year mark of the John and dusty wonderful blog and that was July 4 OK gotcha says you have to calendars. Dates that are circled for Whipple ball in the schematic panel really everything involves with the ball I. He's alive Barbeque in my house whistle. Father's Day it will fall. Yeah I mean just. Really Mother's Day we will fold if we get together and it's nice weather but there's a whistle involved a little till the tires c'mon that's what we do. I have to time outlets on night during December dish out with a with my kids four of the five days of the week auto whistling yeah we do they my kids love like a moment like before I can be except come home make dinner. Like bill that they can we just weighed on dinner. They they wanna go I'd get as much whistle intelligence didn't really gets dark did did the west all is a huge deal in the C Kennedy clan. And the hair is did come over last year for the fourth of July barbecue and a I say MVP dusty here. Just hearing is any superstar apple did this is an athlete he's very got a certain level about lettuce is and that this get a field had not YC's Charlie Brown memorial field knowing it's seen that sort of athletic schism for a long long time is mainly it's like me and my brother and then like athletic does he comes on blew the doors off so. Athletic Jesse but it's goes Turner's yeah. Yeah he's he wears the atlases and come from Feliz hits it unites all about me the ability to. To swing the bat now be the income opponents argue with the balls in place right. Those of TE. Yeah the supply you get your plea of play defense you can make play ball it's on a team right now out on the tee you're throwing it with you you know Heathrow Whipple ball. Or do you wouldn't know what the little ball was and I'm I'm blown away I. Doesn't have trajectory of your your Lago a kid I'll get a grip to wealthy yeah like you're not a bad united out for kids with the iPad you have a Whipple. All and then Intel it breaks and half than you have any electric tape version of the same Whipple ball but if you hold certain way to break either direct. There's there's a 1950s. Documentary. Or like instructional video for with global pull up in the break. You can take a look at it there's a lot of sports to get to today that don't include with the ball but we will have to revisit this. We will talk about the drama between drain Monica LeBron James next this is prime time with the senator in the saints and Suk. On exit from the pay no eyes aground today Luke Anderson filling in for. The usual captain of this show you quick stick with us and we'll get will Barton's bill and an end. Producer chair no Mike Lynch she's still on what is West Coast holiday what's he up to you I think he's doing California anywhere on route to he's just he just stopped due in Friday's is that any air I think. Crop actually I think he has taken a bunch of he's on this why Plavix is taking a much of Friday's. He's used it now this is always a source of great contention. Because it seems like everyone thinks robs gone like every other day but according to erupt he has not taken a vacation day yet this year. And so we we have to use and like it they they tell us geez every case like in the summer and then. Outside of football sees a sample policy and the like at the end of December so. Because Ross is gonna burn some some Fridays I think given his buddy you're just like gonna go home play any differently seven duels in golf today actually not going anywhere he's just he's a golfer yet that's the Jason Zweig our model he does that starting I'd Memorial Day weekend I think we have as weird jobs where. You keep your goal line. It's it's it's it's it's odd to people. They think about how Nina year you know if you're working a nine to five job and I guess we work a three to seven jobless. Knowing your nine to five job it's not a big deal of someone's gone straight days of takes a sixty day year. You know your your kid and you know is home to your your ball out or the whatever but when you have this job it's like. You know we've been doing this for twelve years think this is where you're fat lady of one of us is gonna have looked at all police and the tens of people don't listen to this program or go and where is my guy we get all the time that we inevitably get that it did rocket fire he's he's carried out take and they offer I was gone for two weeks I was and in Bali and and I when I got back like I'd get on Twitter people like what have. It shouldn't. And somebody misses the explanation were talking about it right now he's gonna tune in at 330 and have no idea what does it rubs Carlo every inning as we can't do this the beginning matters segment. And I think Ambac next Friday with you as well I think we have lynch back lidge is back bay went back on Friday because I guess that I think routes taken by the next couple Fridays and I think he's just. Dick smile makes three day weekends that's I took yesterday off my brother was in town to meet the babies for the first time such a yesterday often it's great but you have to do that Iraq nobody noticed that I was gone yesterday because my show fears on Saturday it's the effect the so. The NBA. Finals is over I don't know if you note Scientologist talked about that on the show but they played them and their feet and shot I heard something about that but the antics between the Fremont and LeBron continue and today. After being accused of creating these super team phenomenon. This is what LeBron had to say about that accusation. In 2003 to lakers. Combined Karl Malone Gary Payton Shaq and Kobe and me in 96. Points or was retired due to raucous. Joined Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler all of the same thing. Well. I don't look at it as I definitely didn't start the super team. Is that what he's trying to say but I just don't like. It's great on a day that you're celebrating their championship. My at Mayo like this in my name is in your area. If so this only the latest after Andre Mann's showed up. Wearing a quickie church that would be Quicken Loans that the Quicken Loans is the sponsor for that stadium in Cleveland. So the cue from that it's that quick yet on the championship trophy on there and then the brought the Broadway like all twelve straighter and Andre Bucher anyway like eighth grader on admin and put on mr. Graham. That's what she says you have the quick job Michael Scott's death from a dance that's what she said movement. You've been Rosa but this is it's this is actually kind of fun like if if this goes on. I I I enjoy and make a good 'cause I do think this is fairly good nature don't do this is this is evil. Or or hatred I guess I mean they'd done some stuff it and I see the Barber's shop had this shot it and like away from the court that it like. They can kind of like Q&A sort of been thing with each other. But this started member driven green after the first one serving greed and I'll drunken did that. No. In an open car and it's on dean and then. Last year I Johnson just sat there looking even more led all of you remember that did he just looked like he had a thousand miles there with somebody chocolate milk than he did you know about that don't like about how drug you've ever been in your life and then put yourself you just won an NBA championship on a beach you all know. Rule that you're just house that is ass faced. Beyond belief in the and the next year LeBron wins if he were the ultimate warrior too now hurt. To the championship parade and then they had the tombstone the 312 stone turkeys at like they cavs Halloween parade so nice to get this this that's that's. So true. Suppose just carry taken a deuce Randy Moss out on the court after the the big Kevin Durant an average of around the school on a pig did they did do weird. He believed they use is editor randomly just like that was your celebration he's decided to like do a wide stance squat of the duck boat load of several. We know we you were doing their. Message so this has been kinda. It's kind of fun going back and forth and you know it's it it's fun if it's an actual robbery I can't Cleveland lost all three then I don't think this is does that mean the fact you've now played three times and you know it's been 21 and most with the they're gonna get back. I think this adds. Some. In LA were later widows knicks teams that were you know the Nixon and the bulls are Detroit's. When Boston it would ever sort of rival you had. You play someone enough times to learn not to like a release she learned that there's a little bit of an edge you're gonna get some eight holes and blows and I think this is this makes it all the more entertaining and gamble now's a great thing about Jordan's a sense to where he got twos you had to go through first the Celtics and the pistons up and then of course the first championship against the lakers that makes it more intrigued but is it enough to sustain what was the boring NBA season overall I don't know if that's enough to sustain it. So I mean in the in the end yes right now it's literally a week removed. That it was a bad season it was a bad playoff. You make your argument is about finals. You know because it only went five games and I thought it was entertain you finals a well watched final. But this is and I just think sometimes we we get a little higher and our horse and we wanna sit here and in fondly remember the old days the MBA is always like this yes it's just that now we just have to clear cut as opposed to maybe three. But I mean every year you go into this and and theirs at the start of every season there's three possibly four teams. And this year you really had to but funky things can happen. Remember the lakers play in the pistons and in the NBA finals and magical on hand in the Byron Scott going down. Kevin Durant that's been injured before Kevin Brown breaks his full use injured at the end of the regular six active Kevin Durant braces put at the end of the year any is an able to play I think we're talking about you know Cleveland being in an or abroad ever goes down and abroad to be 33 next year so what we're gonna have this for the next six years. You know Boston is is rising up or know may be out west of Chris Paul wherever he decides to go or play Griffin ends up somewhere. Since it's so does this doom and good notes the aggregate like five years this is all we're gonna get I I don't know if I buy and any of that and I in the two thousands if we had that same kind of opinion when the spurs were winning. Like for Ford. Now another big cruise so much remind you they've ever went back to back by the way up enough championships like Elvis and are here is that it was just kind of like okay the spurs are definitely up or like. But that's that's my point is that if you look back into who wins NBA titles it's not. This isn't some sort of the participation drew who we all get one. May have they'll dug out wire may be the Dallas Mavericks and the mavericks row one and done I guess Detroit was a one and done I mean they were. But the good it would be good luck and they were knocking on the to orbit they only got the one but outside of that to me it's like amid the sixers with the Iverson popped up from one but it didn't even win the Daytona but you look at if you go back you know Miami won multiple San Antonio won multiple the lakers won multiple. I guess Boston only one the one although there again same day when Detroit they were there but they only got 21. But that team was kind of assembled in a late I don't know how. Long that was the last that was some aging guys kind of being put together. Speaking of super teams and that's kind of treaty now when they but he made the trade for KG and and reality gold Paul Pierce put. Think if you just you have to go back a long way and that I don't know how far you have to go back to find any sort of real parity. In the NBA this it's it's a star driven league there's not a lot of stars to go around in if you get one team that throws a couple of them together. And that's that's I that's the different there's always a late. Ninety's a look at Bill Russell and the and the Celtics I mean that's that was you rituals Super Tuesday but take all the best players in the league put on one team rattle off eleven championships. And yet it's not new but it remind people to think a lot of people forget the wade though the warriors got a yet they swept all series. But it with the blazers without America it's not saying they win but maybe they pick up a game. Reveal their lasted five minutes in the series against Utah may be that changes a game not a whole series I realize and know why lettered for the spurs so the idea that everybody's thinking this is gonna go on for ever. I think what's nice to see is that the the cavs and the warriors aren't taken too seriously. And specifically drink Mon and LeBron you think that's not X if you go all the way back. Too old. Church church. At sea here. Yet about today if Phillip did you go back to 1983. Philadelphia slow go back to 1980 theory. Since 1983 to now. There have been three. Reel one off NBA champions Ferrari. Everything else could be considered. Some form of dynasty or via multiple championships. And if you back to 1983. And we're talking about three and that was filly won one. Only about one. And then I mentioned the dude give the lakers in the Selma Dallas Mavericks who were one off. And they can make the argument that that that Detroit Pistons team that was a one off the won't withdrew with she'd known onset of some have ever since then so we know the right after Philly Boston LA and we know what that happened candidate they just traded off the Detroit head to Detroit had to and then she did right after Detroit so that was so Boston LA traded off right Boston got their their three LA got their shot up with fairly be in the with a one kind of in the middle of that. And then after LA's run Detroit got there are two. And then Chicago got three Houston got there to Chicago got their three and then that started basically the lakers and spurs now and then the lakers and spurs led into the Miami Heat. And now of the of the Golden State Warriors with a one off being do you separate the deal's original Miami Heat not the original but the Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade Shaq gets you call that one not even though moderate to join in Baghdad I didn't think about that yeah that would. I guess that two years that I have a sacred doubt by the I guess you have to throw that is a one off because that was at an entirely different team. Then the one that's. One with with with LeBron yeah bed and you can't do that for Katie no matter how many championships he's when he'll always be part of this staff. Clay ray Mon warriors team that will always be added to and I think that's. May be one thing that you can look at how many of those are are small market teams as someone on the bridge for Beers text message pointed out I mean. I guess you can make the argument San Antonio bit. That's that's it it's one it's it's Dolly that's Utah are Milwaukee I think I don't know how. Yeah you got Popovich meant there's no state income tax people like being in Texas. And by the way that just some of that is his. Blind freaky luck because they were good in the dirt dogs are gonna hurt him and they ended up falling their way in did to Tim Duncan didn't but it meet eagle back in you look at the do you look at the markets. Because Cleveland is an asserted destination city but again they got described by the name LeBron James. Mean they're just. It's just it's horror in this league for a team. You know whether you try to but the jazz are the box or New Orleans or Charlotte or Portland says you know historically speaking you'd just don't wind yet you don't not not titles. Well and you certainly don't change your fortunes in the draft but we look at that next you have Wiki Andersonville enterprise it. On prime time would bigs who pray here until it is fan first will Americans of sports and dropped. Here with a big suit. Man if you are paying attention to Adrian would you now's. Vertical or just any headlines across the NBA. All kinds of things going on at the top of the draft. Know those known as of any of them are real but it's always fun to do it do you have any faith that their real industry you're a couple just so that we've got them. Lawns a ball is now considering other teams as if he were in charge of where he's drafted in the lakers have fallen in love of Martell faults and are willing to move up to number one. As are the sixers civil lakers it to the sixers at three both looking to sell the farm move up. The one I clearly by his citing the balls are a little worried. The key you you've taken this hard line stance Allen Boston don't don't draft me I'm not work now for anyone else. The fact that he goes in the lake or work out suppose he is out of shape doesn't look very good there haven't invited back for a second one and I guess there. The reports are they wanna show in this training regiment that Iran. And now all of a sudden it did this they brought in Josh Jackson for a sec work out. I think there is some real concern if you're the ball family that the lakers may be serious about looking somewhere else. And I think you're about to place NIC nice because like the worst thing that could happen them is known DB pass some of the lakers would have been silly passes on the new drew you drop a little bit mean terrible thing this brand. The worst you do a breath that there is is to go engage kick in the chops on draft night so are taken a tumble so. That when I've by the bus when his interest ain't got with with Philadelphia give. I don't know I don't know what smokescreen normally when a when I hear these things always try to it to take a step back and as tried different say take a 30000 foot view adequate. Boston's motivation be suited. Edited to be in to be a discussion that they have the number one overall pick they may all they have to do was listen to anything anybody saying yeah. And so you know maybe Boston is in love with false is Ali keep. Eleven Washington two and don't fame and fortune I mean I'd like you they let him to more than nine wins out it double digit wins you know right now you're taking a gamble on Isiah Thomas. Well but they know about getting another player the top three you could add a second pick and moved back one or two spots why are you that you're if you Boston you're sitting there and you think that Josh Jackson. And I did that seems to be the consensus top three or maybe give fox you know let's let's say that may Josh Jackson or fox. Is most who do think the ball's gonna go number two or you know who knows maybe even Michael on the ball but if you think that that falls. The kid from Washington isn't it. Isn't a sure fire star or even if you grade someone to equal right yeah same grade on two guys you can collect more picks and just like Al Gore picks you get a young talent from Philadelphia to come or bad I mean who knows. But this is that we're we all fall into this trap we do this in the NFL more than anything else. Segment we we hear from melt hyper. Or we see you know because. The NBA witty I don't feel like you have the milk hyper Todd beach days. And they like what Joe's tried to close thing happened on the won't Joe's in there like he's more Adam chef is there yeah. So bit shaky. NFL analogy saying that it's a little bit easier. We've we sit there and we here are tied for we hear me shape or or one of these other guys just sit there and tell you that you know. Player X from LSU right some defensive tackle that most we'll probably haven't seen or paid any attention to no way this guy you usually falls be on the top five this is that the third best player in the draft it what value all you'd be beast. You productive draft a guy. And we don't we all buy into that but the truth of the matter is you've got thirty plus teams in there and it's all based on what they think. And it only takes one teamed overvalued oracle teams to under value someone in a way they toppled right at all Aaron Rodgers ends up being in the twenty's turf or try to member who was that he virtual Lima a couple of years ago that they had as a top declared what the second round and the Davis harmony he might have been out of Missouri and I'm trying to rose that he might have been the Minnesota kid. Who went tumbling down the boards like we we do this every year and we're like man how could that happen what the truth of the matter is. The teams didn't feel the same way that melt hyper and oddly shaped it but your leader so we can sit here and and say that folds his sure you know that the number one player. Why yeah I saw the kid play. Two halves of basketball. But maybe twenty minutes combined the only reason I think he's the number one overall player is observer so many pundits tell me that he's he is that they're the closest thing to a to an NBA star but that doesn't mean that Boston views of doubt because Boston has certainly taken a lot harder looked then meet a lot harder look then. You know Stephen A Smith or anyone else covering the NBA draft and they know exactly what is going to fit into their system. Well and and you look at the NFL comparison just when you're going through that you're also playing one position every so specialized going in the NFL draft. Where you going okayed this guy can do this one thing that we needed to and even if you take a position like defense event. You may need one guy that's a run stopper and one guided to pass rusher and yet the pass rushers get a higher grade but the best run stopping defense of any college football. Is going to be lower value because of the way we look at him the different basketball there's only five guys on the court you're playing both ends of it. This the interesting thing for me is the way that these guys are evaluated is. Yes I know there's a higher likelihood the word watch in this this this super team right with the warriors company those guys are number one overall picks. None of depth to rant was a two Shaun Livingston's your next highest draft pick for eagle dollars in six than you have 7-Eleven 35 we know that with. Staff Fremont and and and Currie her Klay Thompson. But those are your Big Three before Ford Katie gets their nobody knows exactly what's gonna happen and how hard these guys are gonna work them when they get him. It was a little Gladys did the latest mock draft that I saw it again there's thousands of these after the one of those good news NBA draft at Texas that it's the one that I happen to go duke. Not a wide that became it it's just it's the one I check and they just Jackson going number one overall now. They've got full scored two to the lakers in the they've got Tatum in Philadelphia them on the ball fall into Phoenix and no I mean. Weird weird things can happen I just don't think that there is a consensus number one every now and then you do get to Tim Duncan gets LeBron James. And it's it's a no brainer of no breeders' rights are guy guys are franchise player on the you say that about anyone of these guys in this year's draft so. I you know maybe it's it's gonna be a weird funky draft and then Portland be in there with three picks in you know they're gonna try to deal because they're not gonna take all three critics on the roster there on the roster space and it's going to be the most expensive draft pick in the history of mankind if you do take that third pick so there are going to be there they're gonna try to move. One of those and maybe taken to an end and move up I think it's gonna be exciting year in the NBA draft and and all the different rumors have swirled around right now including with Portland. Hopefully in the mix to to maybe move up this this should be a fun draft. Oregon State is going to College Baseball World Series look Heimlich has decided to stay home he was undrafted. Is everything working out the way should it should for this kid we'll discuss that next. Prime time on any defense. The break we are discussing men's fashion as often happens when exit that would suit for some reason by the way new glasses. I don't know where that Austin I'm supposed to catch I feel leave this contested field DMV. And the lady was nice enough to just kinda. You know I listen to the show just this is really good assistance of glasses I was like all right so I've got up and I'm supposed to Wear and I betcha I do like. Once or twice a week now. Because during. Servicers receive it well you're gonna slow time like with the sun's out I never put on so we're sunglasses yeah I don't Wear sunglasses I just keep. These glasses on and actually I did notice the shades. You've been wearing for couple weeks now and I wanted to seller. Welcome you to the company why kind of let it never did pound heavy manager for now watching on television ball dark grim PI need placards referencing books you haven't read yet to you make other people feel about Z here's the problem is though willow looks like a Smart academic. I just moved. And like a like I came out of the prison yard. I v.s like the standard issue like you go to prison Mike did the movie out. Like I I've I get that late bill gets he's Smart I get I'm white supremacist that just got out of doing like a five year like deity but. While Hillary repair your not back but yeah. But I think you have the look that while you were in the area marine some pretty intense stuff like you know what I changed I changed my life you know I I red white Malcolm X I read some material and you know I've I've I've I've matured grown during my time for its American history acts it's Edward Norton before and after I mean he didn't even use the glasses but he -- the hair out is no longer the skin yet you you'd have that might not have the option to grow this good this is your Edward Norton lives are categorized some side here. Which what you should so. Find it like LeBron just Reese they win ball right LeBron did the did you see the LeBron James had video do you think go all the I didn't even look like my brother of the shaved head so he's very critical of this but did not look like oh equally heated clippers dads and 00. The clippers he did not like I do the died in his freezer. And I'll do elect to two times we key just to the clippers but he's essentially joined the ball club he's given up whatever crappy play. That he had yeah it's it's I'd love to see that just the bills for that like how much money he spent trying to keep that care and fail think about how lake. That's this is why I don't make the attempt they have some that I could do to grow my hair I would. But I've thoroughly in my comfortable bee balls like I Wear hats all the time of its you don't you don't hide it is that it was like they won't won't. Either they don't show the head at all it's like they were there were hat in any situation now I'm perfectly fine be involved. Decent shape Ted learned it's been like ten years I'm fine with one buttons can saint ticket I mean I'm glad he's trying to describe white supremacists just added pressure to jail who's gotta correct you go that's not a good look for this year I did look like that yeah have you tried Bausley hypocrite. You know they take her but heretic. This is my point like there's so we got extra did you there's so people bit vague kind of pulled everything off but like LeBron James Whitcomb. Is worth almost a billion dollars and that's the best he could do what chance do I have to get plugs or you're you think went bald terrible. Okay. We had to be tougher for black guys to did you do the comb and can't get away with the Joe Buck if you're black guy to he's got the wispy hair did he needs it's is it awful and Mike if you like what are the like McConaughey you like Brady has plugs. But like Vick got it like we're sector receding hairline in the they just kind of filled in as necessary. Receiving here might airline left. Like you just it went ice it's like a disease a lawn there's this large patches that is dead grass everywhere. I can't just decided to break till that end. If there was an option LeBron James would have like an Afro and I would have like big about Pierre. And it's right no when the brought in Mike rich old dudes start getting an awesome here that I will know. That there is like hope for me until that point I'm just. I'm live with the ball so rich old guy gets the new head of hair and then what like maybe 23 years yeah affordable for you. Big screen TVs right right when they first came early Dina players don't go to Fordham. But it eventually another like they're giving them away it's like to thank iPods right where were given away like four bucks if you and I go in different paths which I'm sure we will at some point when that happens nominal queue up just to see the dude hair color you have on. When you first of form right now of the date they came up with a did they come up with a million and a full. Fled street yeah I gave this will cure your ball that's about the way not certain I'm not. Not to do hairs on the back and haven't thrown on top the data came up with a cream a lotion or whatever some goats spray. Whatever I can do and it grows me like cannot like bad blood with spear. I get like kick ass out again by Jeff Bridges here who signed me up on let that thing broke. Blow in the breeze I turn on PTI haven't had hair like dusty I wait two years I give you calls into the picture yes of the the dude air that is fantastic. Hey we economists are based also get to that somewhere else that we needed to IQs open it's Father's Day weekend it's an American tradition dang it. We'll talk about that Nationalists in primetime on tending to the fact.