Primetime 5.23.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, May 23rd
Suke makes the olds angry, again...Talking the NBA Playoffs, guess we have a conference finals now? 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. The right not welcome prime time with Isaac consume what is going on. It appears that never momentum and unbiased just short of the chairman and compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. He links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candid camera shot and he'd do my job. The best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on 1080. And. Thank you want to do. Wednesday it is Wednesday night yeah he what happens after Tuesday it is only snow and then tomorrow you know there's Thursday it's very special Thursday showed it today not now today's ordinary is special we have special guest in studio masters Peta ads I don't I've heard the legendary stories are now masters creative person for. For four days you know Mike's left fielder I don't. And get ready to be thoroughly disappointed I doubt you know yeah I did listen yet he he Kenny said he looked in his duties that. But it's different on TV that's code for it and it's got aggressive every bit like Vegas ego like the palms are shop you ever done that no that's not regularly access and didn't look on Jon no but dig into that when that show is popular. In the UBU go to Vegas is like let's cozy ball stars and you see it on TV looks one way and then him person so. GM is a lot of that not what you see on TV and then when you see it in person you're glad. Isn't there a noise you know on kneeling back. Are you yet right now why is that a doctor she couldn't hit the ground. Our Howard needs and I'm I'm I'm nearly you're dangling eyes it's radio you protesting yeah. Protesting in them kneeling right I do like a fist up is that laughter right. Wait I'm really wide can I do that. Now you look Michael has probably had in toilet enough points of its that's true mission I shouldn't be doing hat. So I was just reading the best of next door athletic thing I just can't get enough it is great to order follow on the big fan the what I saw today is so when put in a game. On someone's door handle and don't want to figure out. They didn't see national they just put a net gods of woods door handle and it caused a giant cripple awful you know that might be a May Day gift. But the egg. Well you realize that we haven't made it right get a basket yeah a mayday you'd give neighbors baskets in the zones but meg Amin I don't know I'm that's a stretch that. Now this this theory this happened and I. I need to get on these what is at the neighborhood watch what is the decide its next next door it's. It's I need to get on this because I sort of happened today in my neighborhood it not been livid in my old neighborhood for about two years now. And I have never had this happen where. I got flipped off and on one side of the street and then I had an old man Sheikh is walked in state GAAP meet. All the same time today line I (%expletive) them off by you mr. blossom well the walk while redoing here's and then I I I swear this was not my fault I didn't. I feel like I am in the right here I do every person who was that I did nothing wrong but I'd I guarantee that the next store app this is trending today in my neighborhood so the walk talk and me they're talking about me they walk. Every morning there out there in force. Old lady Richard Simmons grumpy guy that that it has the stick there's another guy the cure is a golf club for some reason and they're all very suspicious thrown worked. At any given time because someone's got to give. And they don't like it when you drive more than ten miles an hour they give you would dispute. 25. But if you go over ten whom there's going to be problems and they walk on the sidewalk they walked in the road. So whenever IC one coming. I go to the other side. I just I I go to the complete other side to give the old as much space it's humanly pops. So today I'm driving my son back from school on the back row there and only two bucks in my house and sure enough I sealed garbage guy Kevin. He's got the Watkins. So. I start to go. Left two of idiom I'm gonna cross the road there's no doubts coming to empty street there's no 1 there in the morning so I go to the other side to avoid him. But what I don't see is as I'm cruising here comes your crusty dude come in from the other side of the street. And so that I like will I can't go left so then I start to go back right to get in the middle and old grumpy guy with a walking stick thinks I'm gonna hit him. ABC is my card turning back and he does the like Wiki was dives into the bushes was nowhere near him so I'm just in the middle of the road. But ice were urged to Odyssey avoid war and an I was nowhere near anyone but this whole process led to two old men. One given me the bird and yet guys shaking his blocking stake out me at the same time and I'm like I can't win. I'm try and old people I'm trying to meet you halfway. But I can't if you guys are gonna take up both sides of the street there's nowhere for me to drive. And if you just drive kind of by like on the side of them all that is the moss. You have to give them space. Even though there's a sidewalk there the deals for whatever reason refused to walk on right away. Mr. Reilly you know it's happening right now. You know what's happened. There's meeting there is they're talking about you right now about me listening to the show knowing you would bring it up today in oh. I don't need view I think I'll assume that I deal math. Because they come around in the afternoon and they're all very suspicious of me. But they don't like me I drive more than ten miles an hour but I try to give the olds the proper wit I. I think it's very nice that I go to that if one block on the right hand side of the road I'd go all the way to the left to give me as much space is humanly possible. But today that got me into rubble. You know you're very. You guys have conflicts. Going I don't mean to have conflict yet but I think this raises a question do you. Do you think there's anything in your general behavior that leads to this because not everybody has this I'm fascinated that you're always getting in trouble with people what I'd do. To lead to me getting dubbed miss her for more and well and a walk and stick shake from the others all look to face it. Now I'm second I'll be able to reach round Ingraham I people on it and released so I think that you. I don't know but it's prop it probably comes from previous instances with you why they didn't give you the benefit I think nobody in it was a big deal in your neighborhood. The way it offense situational yet defense thing a guy people riled up they weren't happy if there you go. And that was like your first month barely value and. Like my second day and Marty this problem ever had why would meet with you line quite built in a new fat if you opt to. I don't think that's because the offense was falling and and that was an uproar over it. Apparently in order to build the fence there's a whole process the you have to go through and a pair of goals all wanna be kept in the loop. I think he secretly like the scum I don't it's fuels you know it does not you thrive on youth crime and couple. I sat there and ours are alive today I think you've got to be kidding me old man you really get like I did not deserve the middle finger were. The show eighteen of the Joaquin stack I really didn't I did nothing wrong today. The Lyles looking at. Again it's that it's okay so it's the next door happen its is basically. All people. Watching out of their neighborhood and complaining about things yes but it's fantastic it's a there's a Twitter follow that's at best of next door and people just send them the ridiculous stuff that. In their neighborhood people put on next door and then they post it on to Twitter. So this and I'm not sure what city was from but this guy said that. He was he was looking for his run away rumba. He said. He said he left his up front door opening he had his rumba and took a hard and he feels like the rumba and Iran for its if anybody at CNET room looking around on the street then. Can their do you like a wild group. I mean I guess the rumba could have ventured outdoors in the current sent him that's gonna pass did ago Wes we're NBA like you know what I'm not cleaning your house anymore and taken it to the streets. That's alienated sound like any parent is that would like college your point with the olds this is the problem that I just. The idea that that guy posted that yet psych he had left a dope in my room left. And now I don't know what to do you gotta help do you really. This because this man's life this I'm gonna try this in the gives you said you think it's something I'm doing and I I didn't I ask you and I can't say that this is why a disagree I asked you if you thought it was something new and I said no and I don't think you believed me. See here's the problem is I live amongst the old just indelibly. And neither one of those times the first the last neighborhood I was the second house in I did not know that all the old we're gonna move in after me. Now this one here I moved because of location to be closer to family and it just so happened in the neighborhood I moved into was right next to a retirement community. So I feel like twice now I've moved smack dab in the middle of the gold's. When Britney was never my intention is I don't think it's something I do I just feel like if you move in with the old and you're not one of you will have conflict because the olds don't like outsiders it's possible. I think that's what it is I don't know suit I feel like if I moved in with the olds. I'd have the model medium annulled and I welcome Ben wouldn't like Q1 bid to love me but Jason and I I have holds in my neighborhood and I'm transit. You have all Holtz now. Definitely panels. Now I don't live in a retirement community. Somebody checks the defense tax on it iPod terrified and said maybe the rumba. I dreams of being a street sweeper and a better life you don't why can't upgrade to decent I think it's great and you know what if that rumba does go around and clean up the neighborhood. That I think it's up to that guide to sacrifice his rumba for the betterment of the community. Although the eventually has to come monks and tested doc. So when these do is leave the door open. Or like an outdoor cat he needs to put the charge is stationed outside and just let the rumba coming go as it pleases. A lot of well I did today and talk about rumba is. I'd do you ever and I do and I've used it wants really do it just sits in my grow to the room. I don't really know much about it seen on TV room is is remote control and you hit start and it just runs around and clean your house yet. But that's fantastic. Is the street sweeper the job over a month. Who gets probably the step up pressure car wash may be. It dreams of one day could be in that big spinning brush in the car wash that things fantastic. We rumba years and years ago and my wife one Nicosia wanna vacuum and then she tried to set it up now to be fair I've never attempted dissented. But she tried for like two days and then decided to not use it and then just put in the garage and it's the least they're resents. And then my brother bar and he gave it back. I keys occasion we tracked your rumors again I haven't used in my years. And so I gave it to him and he took it for a spin and for whatever reason. Meg they gave the bag as they do you want it easily and it's does things a couple hundred bucks yeah of the 3400 bucks a nice one. But it's so if anyone wants a very lightly used rumba. Let's giving it away. Let's let's Bartlett street let's make something happen here let's make an offer panel. Yelling and old barbecue is up let's let's let's work out a barter injury not a fair trade and it's all of those things that. It kind of looks like the concept to be cool but at just dealt. I hate it's one of those items that you look tango there's no way networks. Right like that then I the concept is fantastic. But there's no way that that's going to it's gonna like it stuck in a corner not in its is not gonna pick up stuff very well I I was always afraid to be honest with front door I was afraid that my dog would take a squad somewhere and then the rumba would like run over it like I was afraid of that. That it went over the dog the yes my accent and something weird would happen but to be fair it takes a little bit to set up and this in my house known was willing to go through that process does not just like you can. You can't just turn it on and then Mike let ago yet to set up like boundaries for I think that you should get on next door you know. Ended the section right that he smells a daily in the news update on what is what is on. The next store app in your neighbor like promise you that my neighborhood is a pop in my neighborhood was bill that would be Greg this sort of liked the roving next or reporter in. All let's let's get involved aren't sooner I can do because it is about community has might community in general again average age 72. And they do not like things that they go against the grain are not happy one bit that sounds like an old the only. And so when they are OK so listen now let's decent sports. Do you want do you want. No income talked today ice I would have to address it to him so that's an yeah I think we after actress I'm. Okay only the team amid sub. Predicts that I guess it's a big story. We gotta we gotta real conference finals. Oh yeah yeah the all the sudden the event of its like. They look at that there's a series also coming up here. How the FBI case against college basketball could crumble and he red eyes he had read this. Off because of one guy one guy this is going broke this is interesting I don't know how many people have seen this yet but Sports Illustrated put a piece out and noble will DTL. How the FBI case against college basketball. Could. Chet could come bluster give vehicle outselling let's do it the warriors lost. Tear rockets in their crumbling before it's it is 314 on the. When rising consume content maybe go. His attacks has signed up to that next door to gain. He had. In immediately opposed pops up relating pulled in my local Safeway and the person parked across from her waited for her to go inside. Dumped yogurt on her door and wrote her a chastising note for pulling in with her lights on. We're surrounded by idiots and I'm enjoying every second and it. That's pretty much what to be capped. And becomes the next door while currently studying up right out to sea with apps are in my neighborhood in a year and it instantly regret it but it begets the show. Because I got broken doing in my neighborhood out and make sure you turn off notifications to Minogue had. Yet you don't want that stuff popping on here phone every five seconds is it is done. So Jason yes. It some sports sports. The lawyers lost last night yet they did and now people are like kind of freaking out don't. When what's wrong people and and what's wrong with the warrior as these street are felt like there are some national writers and babies is 'cause they finally have something to write about. I saw today that one of the the good ones was the warriors biggest nemesis complacency has set in and yeah yeah our religious that in the fourth quarter NAFTA could you want to fill out a boat to place. Staff I don't know what complacency had to do with the date they went on their third quarter run got up by ten and in the fourth quarter they were dreadful and canoe hit a shot I don't know how that's complacent I thought grant too many writers. Why I feel it too many pundits everybody's got a new got to have your own little spin on it so therefore he got to go out. Side the box and Susan stupid on the idea that he makes a Golden State. Is it dogs he really good Houston was the best team in the MBA at the best record in the NBA. Has an MVP guy has one of the better point guards in NBA history and Chris Paul. And yet somehow I Golden State sums are with them because they're tied 22. Got that this is EE thought still down there to ignite things round. You thought going in this should be a good series. Fact I was I would have been more surprised if you would have told me this thing ended up being a sweeper a five game series and a day in and a goal in six or seven. I thought Hughes and could give a run for their money in. And last night Hughes and executed in the fourth quarter Chris Paul was perfect and gold assay expressing Kevin Durant and staff curry couldn't doing in the fourth quarter. You mentioned Chris Paul Mann now as a big game for him out was as we we talk a decision before the game that back I was what five to twenty from three in the series yeah in night. Remember what is she is shooting percentage 40% he had not done much. But he stepped up when when it counted then I mean that you know the rockets could lose a game they can't go back home down 31. And assure LA sheriff felt like in the third quarter that that was. That was what Golden State does right they. You know that they they go on one of these runs they bear you they're up by ten you're like OK here comes gold state pulled away and and we kind of thought that Houston would fall a little bit. He saw that the play's been going around were Harden had that wide open three any wouldn't take. And Harden kind of looked like he was checked out a little bitten and may be you know is this is this old the old James Harden he's joking again. Is disinterested knees get a full this tent. And Houston didn't Houston didn't blink to come back from ten down in the third quarter against that Golden State team especially after you lost by 41. What happened in the third quarter in game three I accuse them a lot of credit at takes a Muslim waive those that do that. Well their defense was really did yes I mean nearer they are playing with with a sense of urgency their plan. As if it was you know their last their last stand this this deal was in their. The warriors won the first quarter by nine yeah I date they were up twelve to eight Easley couldn't wanna yeah but it at the other women's god here we go. Well the warriors won the first quarter by nine the rockets won the second quarter by sixteen. Then the warriors won the third quarter by seventeen. And the rockets won the fourth quarter by thirteen residents in the game runs that is so weird will be MBAs a game of runs not quite to that level we'll Kevin Durant was talking about this and we are talking yesterday about if they should move the finals. To a neutral site because the home teams are winning. And with a three point you know the big game has changed the point where the three pointer now. In the prevalence of the three point shot in drab sameness that runs. Can come out of nowhere and making they can be bigger and faster than ever before. And with these two teams you know cheating as many threes as they do. I you saw that last nice is that that system. That's just a bizarre. I quarter by quarter sort of back and forth I hate it kind of so maybe it is the three pointer Mina you know that's that's what. The three pointer in the waiting game is played particularly these two teams politically the game. It does manifest itself in games like this for you do you have 151617. Point swings bike. Order well and that's this is kind of way I was gonna ask is the step curry in the third quarter is unconscious right he can't miss. And and then in the fourth quarter right I think what was the one of yeah he was one a seven into rant was old for sixers say were the three of eighteen as a team in the fourth quarter of the warriors yes sort twelve point so when you take step curry in the third quarter and he's knocking down everything is the only difference between the third and fourth quarters the fattest of Korea's an eighty shots. Mean I. I hate to be is as simple as that but I now he has to your point though right when one guy likes to have curry gets hot he can he can have a twelve to fourteen point swing in one quarter and when you can't -- water you fell out of the bowl in the fourth quarter it kind of major team high and dry especially when your offense is predicated around. A couple guys shooting jumpers yeah I. I always yummy eyes go back to shots Election Day out and that's I mean nineties think that's everything meaning the spurs were the word that means is that. The shining example of good shots election most of the time. And that's a lot of the reason besides Popovich and good players that they were just very Smart to good good shots that helped them lots why they won five titles. I I have a hard time with just that well we just got to make shots there. Because Terry Stotts Ollie says that stupid stuff that is they had an that is a blue lasers staple. And it's like EE you gotta give the deep okayed that the warriors did it. Take some really bad shots in the fourth date they did it. They didn't force the matchups like they want to. And they settled in didn't move around and pass like they usually do or they can do. And they you've looked horrible but I think you really got to give using credit. For forcing anatomy Houston's defense was all over the place and has this is why some thought producing could compete with Golden State. Because they do have defenders if they're all playing well as a team at one time. They have lying thing guys that can bother a lot if not all of the warriors shooters and you saw that with you know a reason all these guys run around out there. That that was their best defensive effort by far the series and that's why I think they won the game. And even Harden plays defense. It's he's not only defender but. Any certainly like to Shaun Livingston one think there was some game three it looks bad but if you watch hard and play it is a it's a little bit like littler. Although I'd includes a much better fender defender than than hardened but Taylor got to vote for the all defensive T yeah I. And and one vote he he played his ass off on the defense of any not a great defender but he got better and I think you can see that from hard yet a nice pitch. And and went down and got an open don't you can see Harden attempting to play. The the the highlight or Tennessee low lights of his defense are getting less and less and it is indicative of that teen just the defense a mentality that at least there's effort there from everyone on the floor and then as you messner is a couple lead lead defender starting with Chris Paul. Yeah that well they just defenders that are skilled they match up better with the wars and some teams now in just their length and their athleticism but. Yet I just the I think it was a bad quarter troubled state you have to give Houston all the credit in the world for that. But I I again on this I I don't think she's and is able to do that again. Four enough length of time in order to to win the series I think Golden State wins the next two but. You know this next one at in Houston huge it could be a really good one just like the one here here it is in Oakland last night and I think. I think. Golden State I read was three and three in the post season on the road. You know there is there's vulnerability there. In Hudson who is there there may be some blood in the water I don't know why I doubt Golden State is questioning themselves in. Some people act like gold states never. You know been up against it than they've never been against a wall and that's not true yes largely Dave kind of breeze through these like a bag down 31 Oklahoma City didn't blink. They did have the collapse against against Cleveland but. There's this their son. Andy and narrative out there that big gold Mercedes knob battle tested and you don't win multiple titles. In NB in the finals yearning year out without being tested so I don't think the goals it's gonna fold but. You look at their record on the road in in this playoffs it's it's a 5050 split right now sort of your Houston. I think you feel pretty damn good you've taken their best shot in your stolen and used to hang around you've got home court two of the next three are in Houston. Well the two got to get one of the next two and yet he's network you know they I think you gotta get game yet you came five days they only just now made this series they had to have that came so it is only just now series and I think that's the way issues like. Okay freak out well they were done say Elvis did we were we're kicking their ass and what do they have I thinks was at four possessions. Where was within 11. Score either two or three points at the end and they didn't the only basket they got was a dream on green free throw him they were bad in the fort there's no doubt about it and I think he dis credit he simply that. So let's wrap up this discussion and look at tonight's game in the east. Coming up next and then we'll tell you how the FBI case against college basketball could crumble now here's Mike. Prime time where guys against duke on generated those. Best of next door rap music guy in Louisville Colorado. Which is assassinated numbered and he posts. A new event. Posting C can all come to president. And it's north teary invasion preparation. Though look at to get a group for the best and brightest together to plan an invasion in North Korea. Photo planned and Indiana he wants to plant in their meeting at 10 PM changed sol if you'd like to go you know what they're making good sauce record. Quality bird. I kind of thought it was like like a red dawn situation like they would be preparing for North Korea into invade us another billion. He should stick Louisville Colorado yanks and impassive. Now there's a look at militia like regulate those containers like Barry may in my yard and fortify after the apocalypse and then come talk to me you probably have one like Pia jags are there. So the lawyers wanted time out last night yet on that last possession the bidding get a nice puzzles and a a clip of Steve Kerr who just said. You know we did wanna time on dream on green was trying to call time out but you know the officials aren't gonna turn back and books though. You know if you wanna you gotta run and get it but he said he didn't mind it. The dating get it because he's like man a lot of times we get better looks in transition and we do drawn some up and and I agree with that I'd I don't think that's. It's horrible idea now it's it's years and coach is quite a bit not so much in college but in the MBA. You know been able to get out and run before someone has chances that the defense yet you can get a better look sometimes in transition and this Dresser with a with a as many playmakers as you have been Golden State. Mean for heaven's sakes the EU get the ball instead of courier Kevin Durant hands and you go one on one. Or you run some sort of pick and roll form it's done and two it was deadly guys in the NBA. A man they didn't they didn't handle it well though they didn't get a good look again I credit Houston's defense I just was watching the game kind of gone. Mean that is in Yemen to be old fleet Eddie guy here for second again. Just hate how it looks. I just this iso ball this hero ball with which does nothing but three pointers. Short of James Harden driving on it just. I just watch and I came us like man I just kind of I hit my head you know like Google should had a BA thing here just the way the offense. Not all of the time but the way it looks a lot of the time for both teams we'll gold. Stayed has had this for years that when they play in and I called the death star when the death star is fully operational. You can't tell me that that is not as fun. A product to watch maybe since Jody I'm ladies in his suit accusing get a get a very fun user runs away more iso do you when they get out and run it it it's entertainment and I'm saying is this just don't win when neither team is doing that yeah and bulls defenses are really a -- defense is came to play last night out so that force a lot of ice so it forced a lot of hero ball no ball movement fumble all sides what are depending on what -- you're watching I just hate how that let it just looks awful what that was kind of my point I was I was going down is is that when Golden State gets lazy and they get complacent and that ball movement stops and they they don't run they did and they're not out in transition. In it does turn into one on one bad shots. It is it is mind blowing because you can look back at the third quarter Buick could look at what you would do lean. Why you go to wait for that and they go through lulls where it's it's it's like this they go for long stretches. Where it turns into this one on one in their tried out Houston Houston. And you just you scratch your head about it because when huge win when Golden State is moving the ball they are unstoppable. They actually are there it is too many threats on the court. And yet. Yeah that we it would Kevin Durant mister curry gives the ball and it never gets back to me like why. Why why isn't. Don't the ball in their hands 90% of the time and letting them make a decision with it and they got a they got to force the defense and make decisions as and they well they are they well I. You know thought he tells me Golden State will be fine but. I'm intrigued now because finally got a good game that's the first close game we've had in either one of these conference finals it's 22 now Houston is regained home court and there's. There's the challenge here there's there's actually some drama and also in game five to meet is must watch TV no question hopefully it's Gilman. Why didn't Chris Paul missed that last Rica. August I didn't think about that you know the did I it was a mistake did goals they have any timeouts. I. On the last play so date they got the curry got that cannot. Weird look with point five Latvia I guess wouldn't have counted. It looked like it would have counted but I guess you're right I mean had he missed it there's no way you can grab a rebound in college they they would have yet know they would have had to throw baseball passed down and hoped to hit you know hit it. Hit it three quarters court yeah right there's enough and are from the yup I mean like. I donors killing me that's like a preterm. Made no sense that is agers I guess I didn't consider that be outrageous or off the back Graham and basically the game's over. Didn't cost him now mean us. That was of the least of of Golden State or are Houston's problems in the pass game with that final play and how that past the baseline. From Chris Paul when he threw that thing crosscourt that was the one thing about this in with six minutes left living that's the one that they took the lead for the first time. Said schools that'd been up by whatever was ten or twelve about. 56 minutes to play he would stand at one baseline and he threw. One of the best passers I've ever seen and and reason had little pump fake and stepped in and hit three. Much English was all that they he has played the game a snooker. Chris Paul's pretty at point guard was freaking amazing it might look like count me back in my day act to set their little English on it. The next two out of three games are definitely where legends are made the on this big time stuff doubts on mission to see who will be you know we'll be hard and taking over and saying hey were we up yelling get them actually over the hump as opposed just making into its series will be Durant. Because Kevin Durant. It's the bush tardy start to talk about Kevin Durant like way to. What's that we're debating LeBron and Jordan now where does Durant enter into the top five players of all time discussion if he gets another one here and there is good as he's let now last night. Of course puts a blanket on that for at least another game that. These ideas said these next two to three games there where legends are made what history and do you have does curry. A re emerge is it Chris Paul that finally has the moment you know I just think that's that's the most fascinating part about these next couple. Well so that too is. You know players they did the story will be Chris Paul and B James Harden it'll be seeps have Korean in and Kevin Durant but even you look at it you. In a clay Thompson was four of thirteen game our green was only four date and and wasn't doing a lot badly every checked. He got dunked on by James Harden and not a good night every checked so was the big night from from dream on green. And do that they didn't get a lot from them kind of role players and of course it would dollar was out so. Yeah I mean obviously it's the stars don't we have seen it sometimes it's you know roll guys factor in that the game to. Win for free Houston it was because PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon in. Ries all had you know career games last night it was it was Paul and in Hardin kinda carrying the load although Gordon did have fourteen off the bench. But you know for for Houston in you know as those role players are going to be big for them you're going to need especially at home. You're gonna need PJ Tucker. If you told me going into that that that reason B two for four Tucker was gonna be over four and Capello is gonna be two for five are tied to that they're gonna lose that ball game. You know you're not gonna be able to get 35 a night fumble for James hardening Chris Paul going forward here against gold states are articulate these next and then down. In addition to the FBI story the FBI case against college basketball that is so it's got a crack at it. They with that is velocity like littered Kyle dykstra is back and not for good. Thinks no he. Well is he ever in line with anyone think that if I mention money dyke show that he Libyan news for something I can stop and inspect the humanitarian mission to Haiti now. That did it mess he is a dirt bag now Galactica proportion they got arrested more taillight all coming up on the fan. Primetime where advise against sue god 1080 bills ran. All right well. We also have the east finals going on in the NBA. Oh yeah forgot about that so having. That's to do as well in game tonight yeah I think this one's gone seven I don't think she's single state is an angled so it was next few but I eight I feel like have Celtics Mike ness and most fans are what cavs. They're team shows up a quick Houston and Golden State is just too good teams kind of gone back and forth. For the Cleveland Cavaliers are the most puzzling team I've ever seen in the MBA because at times they just. They look great and obviously with LeBron. But when other things are clicking date date before you and if they can that they are you really really good team. It's it's the biggest swings from good team did just god. Awful that I can remember in my time watching all MBA put it this lady of the day they're the team that when they win you wonder how they ever lose and when they lose he wonder how the ever win it back it really is about. It's about they're they're supporting cast making shots because I think what happens is easy have that that tank in the middle LeBron. And then you put four shooters on the floor you hope to make a bunch of trees if they do that. Then they're really tough and I think if they start making those that's what gets their defense on and guys get locked in on defense and they can actually played pretty defense at times. And the key get here without. And without any defense. But they're not a great defensive team bit at times when they're locked in they looked pretty good defensively and I think that just comes down to who's making shots on the other end so it really. It's LeBron. In the bronze in the Bryant LeBron and then there's probably another LeBron and LeBron you know but after that. It comes down to use that those guys just knocking down the shots that they do that they're tough I just don't think they went in Boston Boston is so good at home now. In that it's gonna go back to Cleveland and Cleveland's gonna do it clearly does this dog boss is an act good. On the road than there we go there's game seven in Boston and then that's when all bets are off that's when all the Brodie can do his thing. If you took LeBron off is their a team in the playoffs that they can beat a seven game series. Say that one more time take LeBron off let's say LeBron gets like meningitis and he goes down or a free Qaeda that accident team loses they hand. And is there a team that was in the NBA playoffs that the Cleveland Cavaliers could beat. In a setting gaining having games there is so who would take over for LeBron. I mean I'd with Dave put. Would Korver coming. Probably law gives you probably Clarkson. As yet. The end prince Michael I know I'd in the end in the entire playoff against higher playoffs east or west who was the eighth seed. Who were the eight seeds. I forgot it was like two months ago. It like now. Let's look at the NBA play after trying to think who is the the Washington Washington as the day watched it was the eighth and they took Boston to seven games Minnesota. And a -- has dropped in Kansas I equate it maybe Nieminen beat Minnesota was Butler back yeah Butler is back you don't beat Minnesota. Minnesota's now. In fact I don't know if they could've beaten the ninth or tenth seed. In either the eastern west if you take LeBron James now upstart nuggets. Chicken nuggets. You take the brunt of this cavaliers team you're telling me that you're taken them to be Denver a seven game series because Arafat analysts say they cavs won fifty games. Nuggets 146 as you take him off now. It is amazing that they're probably not play out team with him if he gets to the finals if he finds a way to give by Boston and I know they won't beat Houston and no they won't beat Golden State. It still will be one of the great accomplishments in his career peas show this as he did and finds a way to get into the final is he get credit. For getting seat people always say well league goes the files being loses. But why should we look at the other lingo he's taking teams in the finals of numbers is Keener yes actually look at it that way I think it's EU give him a pat on the back I mean I've said a do you think you have to. Look and say look and you're not winning titles you're getting there you have a losing record in the finals and that does. Dampen that the legacy of bed but. Absolutely you should look at that Billy did give Beckett ton of credit for taking teams and had no business being there and and making the finals that some of that too is are so did the east lake. If she was in the west this entire time he's not he's not in nearly as many finals right. Mean agency wouldn't you mean he is obviously benefited from playing in a very very weak east his entire career. I don't think the doubt that completely diminishes what he's been able to do but. There's times adding that Cleveland team would have been the third or fourth best team out west as opposed it to go into the NBA finals. As did you the stat that LeBron is averaging three point seven miles per hour in the conference finals. And that makes him the second slowest player that's laughed. Behind. Is Pachulia Zaza Pachulia come and again. He's averaging Leo he's analytics soothed people like pavlik a radar on these are some. That note it's their it's you know that Tom we've talked about it before I think. We even talked about it when polls say. Mean his one and only appearance on our show pro. But it's that. It's that it's this that they cameras on on all. Sides of the court in the film and it they track how far guy run yes they can measure how we asked here and into you know yeah it's like any of it all angles evident the news is its IPO with a college but. That tracks. Play how fast or slow players are certain LeBron is the second slowest pace in terms of just his movements in a game. In net (%expletive) him off so that today so CBS wrote about this in and asked him about it then. And that is Josh guys the slowest at 3.5 nine miles per hour the bronze three point senate because LeBron does do a lot of standing. Yes he does but I think some of that is I think as he's gotten older and because you can't leave the floor manager when he when he goes off its is that everything falls apart. I think he has learned to pace himself better than any player I've ever seen in the NBA days today and that's a lot of it. That he somebody brought it up to him and he said that as the dumbest ascent ever heard. That tracking ball asking kiss my ass. The slowest guy get out here tell LaMont and tell them to track how tired aim after the game tracked that as I'm number one in the NBA on how tired I am after the game. Liberal take in this little personal vote yes shocking now watch him come out and be like CJM a columnist thanks came just not nonstop. Run and around. Yeah thirty miles an hour he is always out there and it's amazing that he still plays at the level that he does he is the hearing all the minutes. I'm assuming it's the same in the policies of the regular season he led the NBA in minutes. And I I doubt that that is changed in the post season. But he is the oldest player in NBA history. To ever lead the league in minutes. And that shows you something about that the shape that he's in the browns the man he had the conditioning that he's in and the stuff he he goes through me his offseason workouts are legendary. And he's changed his body multiple times you know he's ball up be slimmed down. Depend on on what his team needs. I still think ideally for him as he gets older if he ended up on a place I had definite team where he could play. Kind of like what he did Jordan did this at the end of his crew were you bolt up with a baby went in the post a little bit more didn't have the handlebar ball as much you kind of run up point forward sort of thing. Allow him to ball up and in in heat he could he could transform his game if he wanted to let someone else carry the office of burden. Because eventually this this can't keep happening right but eventually father time is gonna give him well you'd think only a cast of course that's gonna happen is just a matter of land. So the cap Celtics tonight at 530 coming up next how the FBI case against college basketball could crumbled this is interesting 356 on the fan.