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Wednesday, May 23rd

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. My aunt if this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not but if do the right things since 1952. The following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's. But I know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Splendid story and the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. I know we'll. Didn't play his time as we go. I. What zero point. It gave me thank you wound. Literally masters he universally murdered yeah at the attacks on it's not been pretty just hidden yeah torched Abbas received three text messages from friends I mean there's not one person now acts now like every now they don't like it. Zero a man on an island master's feet. Fantastic however they would like a master's tickets if you could. Within. But here it's that's a takes this that if I take rob to adjusted market to do markets US DP yes about whatever coach at one point. Probably I think it needs dig route to a gust again like I don't think you get to do whatever you want. It's like T. Boone Pickens at Oklahoma State really did ever wanna pick the coach. Masters please go that's the thinking c'mon aren't corrupt. He tasted too nice view how hill highs football coaches than the knicks need to pick it. He danced OK. Here's the question. It ended its its some what's worse and over the club but. Who is the one coach. Do you think has zero. Detractors at his school probably coach hey do you think there's one person blind. One debate Harvard duke fan that thinks they coach K needs to get five games against him by what have you done for me lately no derivative. I could see how you lead criticized coach K for that TV put out last year like they they are really talented yet in May worse could he do aside you know. And you know he switched to like I had to. Actually good coaching it's and I don't I can't imagine there's a deep in his exit. It's is there one masters p.'s somewhere in north Carolina's is deeper probably every program that I can imagine you know he did say he's got a team at Kentucky for and he doesn't like how are. I know I can see that you can see now that talent. But like coach K and then the other one is stated in. Is there an Alabama thing hand so close came outside I wouldn't write is probably the greatest college basketball coach involved. Now the there's much debate to. It's David is viewed by most as the greatest college football coach of all time. And yet is there a duke or an Alabama fan somewhere just one. They'd just thinks that gave way that you know wouldn't say that we wouldn't have like six titles made out like nine you know. They're probably is the guy who didn't want them to hire him in the first place and he still sticking to his guns behind it. You know is that why Britney Chip Kelly. Ridiculous writer reason conservative Urban Meyer may be we had Urban Meyer would be we'd be three TDs I can't see that they're probably is that criticism Steven downs as they do open it Utley gets mocked their port Exxon he's won what five titles and you know. Many years but it brings into if it's just literally wills them back from. Huge halftime deficit champs in thrown all over it's just because say no matter how good you are there will there will probably always be one person there's a master's feet for everyone. Is is what this boils down to. I would love to hear like the coach K detractors hope I would let the years someone try to come on in that she's nice and all of its case personal habit. Searched the interwebs and see if we can find like a patrol for each for each coach. Is that there's if there's a coach K troll he probably exists on social media. You wouldn't you think he's probably at their split of the gods in like that one they want their they wanted to. Eager yet since Twitter account was probably like pat approached date out at some point there a fire fighters coached him. It picked up here's the texts is read Warren's some Green Day fans say it's time to move on from Aaron Rodgers. It is and how did you or your job they're people who unity and yeah I could see that but it bit. At least what Roger's right conceded that he won one Super Bowl and you know it's the team has been very good round but how many national titles is coach cam. He worked for. Aryeh Saban has six. Fight that Alabama and he's been on the it's got it's you answer that we managed he he's got boatloads of Tobago. Saban sic had one maybe say is the grass it is it harder to bash saving her coach K I think it's probably harder to back Saban at this point. Is at least you can do maybe you know the game. It was. Well yeah because coach K you can say look you're the you're typically the best team turn yes how do you not win. We're is you how we kissing aggressive when he's won in 09 at 111215. And seventy. The argument you can make against big save it is you should win it every year like we think that's the argument really kinda down. Yeah the last one that Leslie gave to clubs and so mr. and about the mock it is the Goodman about the mark the anti march you guys is there for it thank. And I I do you do pick apart his team's defense until last these last couple of times he's never won a national title if there. Think there's some good zag fans like avid as of this argue. Vero. Chris Peterson. Zero in on how many times has admitted for the tournament had a high seed and lost. The loser. It trump a loser people water who should warn users. But hey what would you give this broke out here or again. And then enemy in this series this is was going on this is in in. Thursday gets in India. So they're that it was going on here and I said if it had it here it happens that this is in India at least ten dead. It's called upon virus. And there's an outbreak that just sounds already it's killed ten people and left two people in critical condition it's in southern Indian state of Kerala. The virus passed along by fruit bats pigs or through human contact causes debilitating fevers convulsions and vomiting. It has no cure. No vaccination and kills about 75%. Of people affected by. A case that's real personable. Yeah endeavour's seven it's a U giddy at 7% 75% chance that it's your ass now picture this happening here looking like there are ten people dead. Q were critical. Those added you know that's that's its dominant yet when he. He just go about your business how does this cause you to. Look I think it that way yet you got it probably take a look so through fats. Pigs and what human contact now and the human contact and Ebola is like what. It. 5050. Boy how easy is it for me to contract. Like if there was one or two cases of that I would freak out then it. He and it's. You amazed derby get into let's wears some gloves and where the little mask yeah I know that's what I was thinking like like I'm not one of those people that free sound like the bird flu whatever and there's always of the in his calculus Legos freaked out. But do you. But a bully keys here or was it like in crime bill. Yet the bully case that we had we had a couple days the play. I remember that I got popped out. So let us have freaks me out but it eased or give in to that. He still probably takes him for gosh everything in sight. It is gonna sit at stake thoughts and prayers. October. You know our Rob Schneider do a damn thing is good as any in my thoughts and prayers OP get better at stake concentrate food Italian rape three bullets 52%. But depending on where you go. It the more remote it is gets worse and yet the less help you get but did you get it obviously was but here yet it's it's not it's not super fatal it might be indeed if yes you can get treatment here but you get like in Zimbabwe and in a steady development they don't have the most modern medical facilities and okay coming up next what's the name of this year so that he panicked. So basically out reason 794000. Not to go to India. They just say that of all the places that exist India is certainly high and my live like that's top five of I have no reason to ever go. Upon virus in 98. EH I eight I knew a friend of mine nurses treating patients are getting to. I had a friend of mine who went to India on a vacation with this husband. And they got there and it was like a ten day thing they left after two days just just said because it was so bad. They just said no what do you think that once and they booked a different trip and gave up everything they just they ate the plane ticket Aden hotel 'cause. And went and and booked a different. Destination and when spend the rest of their. Risked their time some routes and it seriously having not done any homework on I don't think they realize they'd be today and that was gonna be that. They just said they'd they or their world travelers and they said it was the worst place they've ever. It just sits it is an awful awful this is the Boy Scouts need condoms for. But we know the answer to that question and what do you do and cub scout camp in new hangover pill. It is showing promise and we have to talk about the guy that that got addicted to scare tactics. You haven't seen this I think I saw something about it on Twitter this needs to be decided and he's a story because it is this is the guy is right out of central casting. I. Assembly ought to get TS club hour on the San. Club Jimmy do you advise against you we just doesn't assure the leader and he doesn't you can't. Wheat or did you just say we just got her show our city. Ric OK yeah. On ten lady love fair enough. City boy scout world jamboree. Is coming up. That we learned to smoke can see your first corner and that was that that's what it's got to camp was all about it. The leadership of B Boy Scouts is mandated that condoms. Be readily and easily accessible. For the 24 world scout jamboree which will be held in the mountains of West Virginia. Yes from July to anyone to on this one of 2019. Nothing says two and towns like a bunch of Boys Scouts doing doing jamboree re do in the Appalachian Mountains. Yes now of course. You can imagine. Parents are upset by this mandate can add condoms around new producer. Bad. Why did what what. But because that you don't have condoms are opting you don't have sex don't you know it works. Kids only it's just that and sex once you tell them about sex or give them condoms. Is not the way it operates right it's abstinence or not the the program. Are you a cute once you have no Richardson yeah and that was like hey here's the content you're like oh this is Dana is this is a terrible story. But I'm gonna talent gap. And because I remember it and say I'm kind of excited about where this is going and I don't even know what you're about to say. Unfortunately I remember it vividly payable Bennett one of our scout camps. Any end no girls net. And I'd say we're probably. At least there's girls a lot of this gym Peru well that's why they're saying yeah economy got us. We were young you know and again 1011. Well once I tell that you could probably. Tell you can't. But there was a two liter bottle gain. Spoon. Yeah. You know old answers. We did that. And then the big story was. That one got one of art one guy inner truth yeah and kid couldn't. In that was back amp amp amp act act a bit. Yeah likes it's now on I don't think I have to clear. Miriam. It yeah it. And was this like in open view would you guys like pass around. On the mound you know it was like I didn't do it in ways that spam it's designers. You would never you know and now. But it was it was just it was sort of like AM. Is like he'd used it to TCU doesn't it but you know now. Wow that's the kind of standing in that announcement panel of capital about scout camp wow. And it went well let's look I'm just saying that to tell you that this stuff that goes on it's got camp that's what is. When you just can't it was about again learning smoked. Learning what tobacco was and the guy that brought his dad's place of duty bags that was the big benefit this guy can't. And then the hope that so we'll let you like shoot it 22 were a bone marrow. The only reason to go to scout camp this guy he wasn't to build crappy furniture there to talk to squirrels and commune with nature. His name is John stem burger Florida family policy council president chairman of the board the Christians scouting organization trail like USA. He says in light of the mandatory condom policy it's not clear. How far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts and continue to follow with the addition of condoms and alcohol the world jamboree is starting to sound more like a 1960s Woodstock festival. Rather than camp about the parents of wanna send their children were little there's Goosen. All of this should be deeply disturbing to be churches that are chartering boy scout troops. I called and tried to scouts get condoms and do they did and any easy access what's in here. These girls got a lot cooler these policies presume that present a clear youth protection problem. That the BSE absolute peace recognize the fact they're requiring that Connors be readily accessible. In her communicating this to everyone including you participants shows that the B essays bulls anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors a dissident we'll these policies of both outrageous. And completely irresponsible. I'm fascinated the notion that writes you get a book there's someone more conservative was yes well it's you get to get to churches and having grown up in the church I can assure you this I'm no stranger to this when I'm fascinated at bat. And I never understood is during up in the church. Was this sort of notion so we're gonna put boys and girls together and I can assure you that twelve to what. I had 39 year old meet the whole focus of my life. Has been to. Be around women. That's like that since you're like about that age like every decision I've ever made has gone towards back. But I'm fascinated that is the idea. Betty if you eliminate condoms from that equation. Did that somehow a changes. That mentality. They cave you don't introduced I can assure you that Miette twelve Miette fourteen zany side with the Boy Scouts. You're like hey look yeah it's not these kids are all not as let's make sure we have Cochran can I make them see you made your embarrassing one I will tell you mine I was in the situation once as a youth. Did not possess a condom but you know what was their a rubber gloves. And that was good enough car. Why do you find what you can put up a pack it. But the home my gun that's what do you think there's like those latex medical gloves and a first aid kit that don't work. You adapting you overcome at that point you're like us Marines doubt I'll do whatever you have to do. You're trying to tell me that because they gloves do you keep your hands say yeah else. They did the virus reported an operation I would have been so cheaper Urquhart. Appointed whatever but it's it's Saran wrap defied a rubber glove. To be realistic about these beings and stop fearing that somehow. If I conned the ball that that's gonna make kids interested in sex definitely his view that's not what's making a kid interested in sex. Lidstrom with big dimension that is the fact that he's a kid and its boss I think. That's what's making him. You're standish Jaffe reports on the fan text line we are talking about a organization whose motto is always be prepared to bingo so. Okay this is there's got to be a badge for that. Williams a naturalized bird my injury really weird is that we that's scoutmaster bad change teaching class simply went on my little sash. In my sofa Fanny pack. I exceeded plan and tonight it's nevermind that. You editing yourself I can't server they with a blazer thing I did yeah you're gonna say we all know I was not that's not when it lowering it assail as though. Don't do it right there you wrote. Don't Damian Miller spent one defensive team vote came from Brian dealers growth that's not only a tiny little scrutiny that's not what I was gonna say don't act like that wasn't what you were saying it's not. Would those guys. All the you've you've compliment you. All right that I did pop into my head though it is because it unions and B let's talk about the guy yeah I was reading that you you. Showed me this story to. A piece of the parents. Our kicking this guy out of their house he's thirty he's their son. And he wouldn't leave so went to court and we did hear some of the notes. This is it is rare to even try to get him out of the house since February. And some of the notes are fantastic. Well we have the judge's ruling yet and commit next you might. This club Jimmy. While I believe back and talk to anybody doubted it picks up women and the Sox feel like I can't give. On 1080 close. And the. All right not a very sad story. Or is it. A great story is it's not a sad story. If thirty year old man. Was being evicted from his parents house. Where is this the New York, New York. Rochester New York the root condoms are the years the family. Their son is thirty years old and on February 2 there's thirty year old son got this note it. After discussion with your mother we've decided you must leave the house immediately you have fourteen days to making you would not be allowed to return. We'll take whatever actions necessary to enforce this decision. Well he ignored that he be wanna know to do deaths of five days later. The parents gifted him 11100 dollars. And advice in a note sane. Organize the things you need to move for work and manage an apartment you'll need stuff he must arrange a date and time through your father's he can set up with you. What you can take it what you can't. They said so that things that you have a significant value stereos some tools all the weapons that you have is the caches of weapons. You need money you have no need or place that other stuff there are jobs available for you even with the poor work history get when you have to work. If you want help find inflation mother has offered to help they leave that note form. That goes unanswered he's refusing to this point to communicate with the parents. But it isn't but he lives there I doubted a basement. So on March 5 they write him another vote so far we have seen no indication that you're preparing to leave. But we are where it but be aware that we would take any appropriate ice is necessary to make sure the media the house as demanded. The fifth and final notice came on March 30. Where his parents to yet another one saying that they need now does he need to leave but he needs to get his broken down vehicle off the property. And that all the options are on the table including his parents helping him pay for repairs and to help him finance and find the department to move out. That goes unanswered as well also surprisingly. They took him to court they kept writing them notes the he wouldn't respond anywhere at any of them. Offered to pay for his car to get fixed offered to pay to set up the apartment form. No response and eventually they just take him to court tonight read write that this went to the State Supreme Court yes. Absolutely. The new York State Supreme Court the judge was Donald green. Finally had to rule on this they've been trying for several months to get their son to move out. OK so he's OK so this says. That this guy represented himself yes thirty year old guy and he cited the case of costs of verses leg did there is common law requirement of six month notice to quit. Before Tenet may be removed through it Jackman action. Yes the also claims that it should not be admissible in court that he doesn't do anything because he claimed that for eight years he has never been expected to. Work or contribute to the household and anyway including expenses or assist would chores for the maintenance of the president premises. And claims that that is simply a component of his living arrangements. So he doesn't work doesn't pay any bills that he does that do any work around the house and he claims that that's. All part of the deal while the judge yes as you mentioned is Donald green lit up. He said I'm drinking the eviction I think it notices suspicions that the. They gave them they did say there's under the State Supreme Court to get his lazy out you on here from the guy gap. And by the way he looks exactly. The way you would think he's he's he's pretty overweight he has hair down. Probably capacity shoulders. A really bad beard and glasses. This is him talking to CNN. It's my understanding you've lived you know act your parents' house rent free for eight years and I know you do your own laundry you buy your own food. But they asked you five times. Please move out why could you guys resolve this without the court. I would consider. Much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks. And what I was trying to assist you know was. Trying to preserve. We'll try to do what's best for me which is just you know look let's try to do a reasonable and I'll I'll leave I don't like living here. But I need you know I need weasel time and is an example of this the first. No prisoners in December 2 notice. Was basically it. You have fourteen days before you're outside in the winter weather so the first thing I did when I got that was I. I tried it and and hatred that was going to happen I. Added police department says there's some minutes you know this can happen and now I know you can just call us. That they can't do that as an arms and all right and. Now I'm listening to you I really am but let me just understand it because I. I hear you on your parents giving you notices that you are on national television talking about moving out of your parents' house you tell me you want to about your parents' house. While just about your parents' house like you tomorrow. My I don't have the means to do that. Tomorrow but how do you have a job. No it. Are you trying to get a job because I read that when editing your parents ask have you their jobs available even for those with up or work history like you get one. You have to work. Are you working on that. I have. I have plans to Neal pro ride myself. With the into my need to support myself but it's not something that's going to. Come together. Tomorrow. In needless expenses aside time spinning court I'm sure you're that your parents are irked but you know you only have one mom and dad. And I and I understand right that you are probably more upset than even your letting on but but don't you want to reconcile with them. No. Real life stepbrother facilitates and many that movie he did that. OK first of all why is CNN interviewing that clown with the quiet life. That what they don't have the parents on Mary thanks. Giving them an award yes right. Already interviewing him. I says he was great though thank Ed do you have a job. This at this as a planned and executed yeah I guess he had hit a get a kid and then the they removed custody. He's he's no longer allowed to have keep it. On. I thought that was agreed stir Ike I didn't know that was the real thing let's assume that after your kid was eighteen. And their legal adult you can be like look at the hell out. I don't want you here anymore. We got to senate when years like I can't kick out like my thirteen year old but I got a 21 year old I think I give her the people anytime I want. But apparently in this can go to court. And look that he says he came to pick it if I don't wanna live there. The yeah I'm gonna fight it tooth and nail. Now can they force and but I guess now they can you know I mean night physically. I don't see why you could just change the locks which I think is why he wasn't responding to the notes it was barricaded himself inside the key would not communicate with his parents. Since February he was like yeah I'm just gonna hunkered down accuses dug it like a squatter you know there's no change in velocity never leaves the house yeah. These students are you think he'll make money out that this. Now that he's been on CNN national news story he's gonna cash in some months I would assume so. Like you'll probably make it feels worse thing that can happen I think he I bet you he ends up like on the Jimmy Kimmel older that's particularly the talk the talk around it. Like I don't know if can you make my my keys appear he was on CNN news on fox people give money to. Other people were literally any do you think do you think it goes fun meteor like a kick starters and then I don't know that I'd just like to see somebody. Beyond him now because they nova you know yeah. Well that's the thing down to be famous aegis. Do we have to do anything you do is be a total moron is that. Is that any more egregious than the Kashmir outside girl who makes like forty grand for short of the club. And to reach his nose and look she's capitalizing on yeah. I didn't promise her that maybe this guy needs to be the new Kashmir outside girl and what he needs is the catch phrase. Maybe he can say this make. Us start make it appear at the gloves. B visas there's let it be dealing with like thirteen year old girls. Guess as he got new luggage on his eighteenth birthday hints he can. I had this guy near incident and his eighteenth birthday his parents got them luggage. Duly noted that it aha it's did I get it. The law. Time ago as a city UBS spokesman flagrant dot com. Yeah and it's story he Brothers can and in next. Covenant not yet. Debbie takes. Like masters Pete takes who have. He doesn't like Scott service and know that. He does at least got service. And wily leader only ten games over 500 and hanging with the Astros Miley like the manager Dan. I don't think that's quite as bad as best as Pete when he did all the fired bit. I explore that John ratchet up next on the Dan. Time to build small. Yeah. This is a mariners momentum builder will. Big John satanic. Brought to you on the stand by business and insurance get the right insurance for your business home or auto business and offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value on life ended VISN ETT dot com. You can't go your sister from the urban about a worker and I know it's. We will. State courts. Pay as stormy Daniels just got to keep the city in West Hollywood on. Why they need big news certainly this Prius she's going to be here next week yellen that she was here last week that last week. Yeah and you know it. If I'll let me say this you're that you guys know that I do I do this to every Christmas card every year in yeah. If the opportunity euros for BP get a photo derby gaggle I'd probably put her cart and you feel like he'll. Well that's the thing is I'm not gonna go. I'm not gonna go down that the beauty Bartley I'm alt key priority being let it out. You guys that are in yourself and I come better get a photo there. Don't make in the end making this Christmas creating grand third grade again. Right here right itself into you know she relative this year it's become a particular yet and it's kind of funny I mean the holster he did nothing is kind of funny so. Again I don't know that I go to any trouble. But if the opportunity presented itself to get a photo with there's Daniels I probably do that. Did you ever had the opportunity at any point BC now being president is different but. Was Donald Trump ever on your radar for that. That would be I can see you this movie caddy that Mike Tyson and. You can act. Quite beautiful on Henry cleared upon. Our letter B Lori. We've. Gartner community if you hear any Urquhart or people I got Ximian trump before being president was was right in that category. Yes I would have totally done that I've never been any written to work wants this city and we up but it beat by trump tower. And we went in the lobby just got to check it out you go in there. Property be taken out the option that that's probably. At the closest I've ever come trumpet pre presidential thrown I would I'd go photo put him on the cart pusher. My body got to shake his hand at a hotel when he was president. Barack that it be vigilant of tiny is that. Breaking news and he said it was Brady's that he was or was tickled to death. Well and even look I don't you know he could just say what you want about him and I'd I think he'd you know I neglect and current. But I stole. The office of the president of the United States still has the off. Guard it would still be stumping to. Median deputy press beauty sick you get paired even if it'd be kind of a cougar. Well that was kind of my buddies thing is he said that there was something cool about getting to shake hands with the president. But I got to meet Jimmy Carter once they Jimmy Carter it was a terrible president that he read through some people think he was one of the worst modern day presidents. And yet the same thing by when I got to be Jimmy Carter. As I wanted to improve the United States Jimmy Carter I come that was cool I was I was people. It's a good opportunity to sit down in and meet any president I would actually take that chance. Yeah that would be I would I would treaty that you know these sports teams that win the championship that it becomes a big debate about going to the White House's stop. Look like I get that they'd be and if you feel that way I'm pocket so eager are wrong but it. If I have a chance to go meet the president in the White House to give a tour cruised easily could that group product how often would that be. I thinks I'm with you but I think I definitely see the is that these were people just can't get on board with winter as a human being and I think for some people. That's really hard to get by the is one thing for people if you don't agree with policy I think. Just EU as a person I think people just. Have a hard time would you guys on a tour that tickled pick. If there's a sinkhole on the White House lawn the art world. I would get a pitcher in front of the archive with a consulting with the Nicole if I was in the. A but I do get a picture inside the sequel the pinky like for the road to mean school's terrifying looks im missing coal. The workers I who knows how far you guys it. These are what the guys that are into the White House. I am in I've I've gone by it but I haven't done any kind of two or whatever and I literally just drove by and I need it to get out walk around in barely been in there I stayed overnight in there. Are going to bed I don't pick out but it. We didn't hear I'm really rich. Joseph you. He told you cool quite a story about like the we've getting what was it like you were redoing your vows or something. The yeah we went. But my wife is infatuated with the White House she thinks it's been this the president and that whole thing and for our tenth anniversary. We have to beat Washington DC. And it's so it's a large story for another time but I had a really bad proposals story burger. Like when we got married. Twenty years ago it that it's a really late story and so I don't want it may get a pure and so I've bought it you agree. For her and I was going to propose. We propose. In front of the White House. And so we got down there one night and her long story short bit. We we got the other night everybody was gone or not that are now right there was nobody out there everything is gone home that night it was just literally to a and we were looking at the White House that night it was pretty cool. And we got down toward the product itself gave it stops you're not actually on the ground but you're product it. And I did the hole I got out of Indy and you know I love you it's been ten years and bureau. You'd apple figured she was like oh my gosh and then like we hurt like the Secret Service clapping like they started clapping for a and we couldn't feel we did know. We didn't know where they were bigger they were like up in the tree like with piper mark that we never heard of never we never saw that no idea where they work that they were clapping for. That's it and I was like dance that was cool theatrical. All right well you have one planet can't. Erica order from art to go you're. OK so we analyst what's. Your caps Philip too little too three million. It's gonna happen all the skin. Against the night's first. I mean his career second as clear of his generation. That over seven in game sevens up until this point first time in the congress finals and now. Let's say major class your first time in Seneca. It is halftime cabs are losing to the Celtics buying eleven inch led the Celtics have like twelve threes in the first half their. Such a baseball coming up next is hot corner with Harrison lynch we are back tomorrow three to seven on 1080 thing and. Right shin so. Okay.