Primetime 5.19.17 Hour 3

Hot 5 at 5, and one hilarious Friday Randoms segment about ARod and his notes...also Tom Brady's new car sponsorship.


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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you hunt cute. Oh. Private club hybrid club. This is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan. We expect the best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. Oh classically mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate from a do prime time on 1080 I love. All right hello folks it is your sports pros on a beautiful Friday close. So aidid's side and eat randomness so many Freddie random some things never got into this week they'll get to this hour. Including did you see Alex Rodriguez. Notes that he has he's very detailed in his preparation Euro zone goes unturned or pulled out putting right and Alex Rodriguez's solo stuff. So Al said he is in re do the royals yankees game in the day up and they tweeted out a picture harmless picture of him preparing any news. Looking into his notebook and he had some some scrambles America in people decided to zoom into the scruples and see what he wrote and wait till you hear. What he wrote I loved to have retreated out quickly deleted it and as if that ever works right the Internet knows. The Internet news so that'll be a part of Friday ran items coming up do you have a little bit of trailblazers news today. That's broke during our broadcaster earlier own deeds then not tied it five and then in the club I would like to talk about the five day work week. Rob is rallied against this. Oil is that as it's one of my big neo Islamic major good luck with that platforms in life. You in the rock maybe you get on that did the rocks and run for president maybe you can be the vice run on the four day workweek have you ever wondered. How the five day workweek started. I have wondered this but I guess at one point it was a seven Dave acquitee. May be evolution of this involves child labor and people die even what yeah I guess the question is are we lucky to have. In five dealer and if we go back in history in the nation to complain about the five day work so the history of the five day work week. Oh but we're gonna complain about it's damn right because studies are now showing that four day work weeks are far more productive. And people are far healthier. This is science snow is gonna feel sympathy for us because we worked for errors today. Oh yeah I mean. Well we have our job let's not act like we're dig in don't forget about rehearse you also prep. For multiple hours or removes and rehearsal takes four hours and a stretching in the marina to really feels like a twelve hour and a golf. Mean it is I had to play sports this morning in order to prepare first fortune it's exhausting game let's play by the great. Asik and look at the sort of broadcast years yet bringing today one off my PR. Really cannot what's the PR. My personal best 172. So 73 today yeah not a bogey the last two holes. He's like a child punk. Socket Miami go a tad this course not even play. Okay so that's what's coming up a Serena do and some other stuff so right now the hunt at a time. Odd topics and opinions or. I did and I'm there it's time for the iPod hybrid club my love and private client. I see it consumes. Fresh by cooers life when things get high school love with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light whatever your. My mom and. Number I know Leo lady ducks the softball team they are in the NCAA regionals course there host team. You may not them for the number three seed correct not a need for profit but to read their risk to tell. They're played Illinois Chicago tonight and at that game is at 530 is like beautiful daughters institution until they heard a lower. Former treasurer she went there to as the university is noticing Chicago fire to plan for them she fiction like no no I don't think so I think she's on the bench because she knows there in the turn it. I'm gonna say no. Closer to Tex gets to Sheehan but I'm I'm guessing that's a no. That's a games at 530. Be beavers baseball team is looking into. Well I think able more series after this something's on. Now that is the last pac twelve series they're playing Washington State the body wrapped a pectoral beads beaver baseball number one in the nation they are despite an extraordinary sort of like. When the last and they work number one. It's been a lot of lives a lot of weeks with them they are in the fifth inning. I downing Corvallis they are tied one aligning more game one of that series with. If you want some of the civil war series on those other types of networks and one they swept the ducks but. That was a beaver home game that was at the PGA of park death and and that's if you duct fair I don't know what baseball means to you but that's got to be a little insulting that they they took over your ballpark and they swept. OK where we know before the before come awful. Tom Brady's agent says his client didn't know. I have a concussion but if that's who I do believe that. I think there's only one person to believe in this and that's the gal that was actually telling the truth about with the wife so his wife says he played with a confession that he gets all the time. In everybody's like wait a minute. They were hit he he was on the injury report anything we did know of any confession and now they'd like 98 enough. Every player gets because she loved fisheries back but it is. It's yet we've paid billion dollar. There's still work because it notice. When I say that the agent had to step in saying that he knows that to the aged his worry was is that he never reported that they thought I can read this day because he does about Citi never had a concussion. I think it was that he was never diagnosed I with a confession. Lawyers speak. And also Tom Brady is hockey has the virus that I know that yet that's in that's in Fred Iranians second guess he beat them. The browns have come to terms with the number one overall pick miles Garrett. Four years thirty point four million fully guaranteed yet this is kind of become fairly commonplace and a lot of people who likes to guarantee. With the way college there's been slotted down in that the value is what you know it just there's really not a lot of room for negotiation there. That more and more these high round picks are getting their first deals fully guaranteed so. Some people were given cleavage craft for this in this is the most Cleveland thing ever it's this is actually. Starting to be fairly commonplace so he gets four years thirty million yes it gets a twenty million dollar signing bonus now is that in addition to thirty million bill. Does he gets to any of it right now yes and so he basically as a four year ten million dollar contract and then they'll have to pro rate the signing bonus over the length of two so it it's. All that is is just basically. Salary cap structures friends and orchestrated out but he isn't higher than thirty million is in its entirety here. Turned off by the way LSU got four years 27 point nine fully guaranteed. But yes gave up 13% taxes California but against seats fully guaranteed again it's a teams are giving back some of the things like us that language. And it's so there is some give and take let. This is good to become the new norm for these tough first round picks his and guaranteed view tax rate in Ohio only about 5% for miles here. So he's making now yeah. May get down to. With a low of one of the radio California do you have to pay the taxes even if you're visitor. Alien of course one other note from the NFL discuss this applies to three even though the music for two is almost over. Ryan Fitzpatrick one year three million dollars. To Tampa Bay and these days could be writing to be a stable pony and try to help about it. Cavaliers Celtics tonight it is game number who. On the bus than anyone watch. A launches. CNN the hockey game tonight's. Is on these. On the ice out there in minutes they NBC Ottawa sports. On it's it's Ottawa Pittsburgh Ottawa and Ottawa Senators lead to insulin. And then every until you are you're not gonna watch the Celtics cavaliers failure and I'm going to dinner for its. I DVR to go away noted. It's beautiful thing about Friday's. Is you can kind of skipped out on the sports he's done showed next week. Expect him again I you know that if I if there's anything any you know. I'll read about it you're watching video did you. We'll tell me. And number one is a note from a gym which aroused little blazer news today. Is reporting that the Atlanta Hawks requested the opportunity you talk with Portland trailblazers president of basketball ops. The GM row and the blazers sales change the blazes that denied permission. He says Atlanta tried to take a big swing for all say Portland's president that's thoughts blazers ownership did nine. They would much Atlanta topped. You all should which you can illustrate that's. And good so I don't know what he thinks of that may be wants to be in Atlanta a bit at bill like that would let me know you feel like a prisoner. But it it lets you know they're not looking to can't you write. Come. May be well look yes if they fire you they have to Pena if he goes a relative to work at a trade someone there off the hook for the ring salaries of the I would think if your Neil this means that you have some semblance of job security so I think appeared while GM bro this he's worried about job security I think he he's. He had something that's a big worry it is I would be if I have important. Yes a little weird here with. And I was all alone I'd always be worried about my job security here in Portland. But I don't know like him. What he wants the job you don't like the would you rather should probably not I don't think you'd want to. I don't know that messy organization down there are no fans support I think of the clippers job comes open head that he's gonna be yes Chinese attention I think she would be happy to go back. V hot cited five refresh by frost brewed Coors Light when things get hot too loudly frost brewed Coors Light folks. About that concourse light yeah in the daylight to date on the rise silver bullet will kick off Friday rhythms with Iraq talk. Commend next on the thin insanity though. I commenced Friday randomness it's Friday and get a lot of stuff when he gets you this week one. He's a news is Alex Rodriguez's notebook. For desert haze a present. His we college broadcasting its first ever time in the Booth. Yeah it was his first actual game that he called as the as the color guy I really liked him as a studio analyst when he did the policies don't he was really good. So he is in there and they shoot a picture. In tweeted out. And it's is it also is a rot in the Booth prep team LA what does it say. We'll I needed at some have to go find it now and I got his green shouted at. This is getting ready for his debut in the broadcasters that's their reads in shows him he's got sunglasses on a suit. He's got a notebook open in front of him is got a pin in his hand it looks like he's reviewing some notes via somebody it's zooms in on the notes and in his notebook. And he reads and expect it reads. Birth control. Baby. And pull out stuff. That's the best thing I ever and that's what people sort of pick this up on the Internet than they deleted the tweets. I love that how they're just totally out ways to leave it didn't happen oh no it happened in their screen shots of it everywhere. I'm these great start he's planning. In his mind slow the options for whether or not he wants to get jailer pregnant I assume he is with Jennifer Lopez yes now. And I just find that like that's fascinating on so many levels one and why would he have to write that down. Is he got down. Maybe cut up the heat of the all living you need to remind ourselves that he's got to get out of the record option to his baby. Well I guess I could giver than ever get on birth control Ortiz had a baby. Eight B eight not Beatty all out. Pull outs and none. Kuwait nose into rep today. Maybe there is more important now that we know I don't know I media rides ahead of the game maybe he's got themselves on the cool we all need to go back. So some of the tweets are funny someone give this man a thesaurus. At least A-Rod prepares dammit Brad Evans said pull out stuff as many fantasy team name you are American hero Alex Rodriguez Estes and by the way someone needs to start making teachers since they pull out stepped up front. If that's the phrase that pays city as the phrase that pays I mean why is if you don't you're gonna pay for eighteen years I mean it's almost as if like I can picture in my head how he got to writing that down right is it looks like he has in the book where he scrambles a bunch of notes certainly. Most of us do that and our phones nowadays but you know what are. Tells an old school and it does look like equality pen either let's talk about that. He took a guy like era what but I think it's a nice pan. I feel like he'd he'd written that previous like he's he's flipping through his notes and that it already did their and I don't like it happened at home and they're in the kitchen. And jail those saying and he's so dumb he's asking her. Stood. Whoa what are the options. She's like all right idiots and I you go on birth control I don't wanna deal we can have a baby or he can pull out and stuff. Any wrote it down. He's LO always doubled on mommy mommy jot this down. Next it's a put in my notes it's just food that's being have unbelievable that so good so good and the fact that they tweeted it out. Yeah used. Its its glory what does that say Art Bell and then on top of it. The best that is a pieces got to three things listed the three options that he has yet. And on top of it it says Childs for. Don't think Casey didn't know right so here rations for a child one of them is a baby who couldn't. Want to go like into BBP Redick IBM ran across that later are usually more blows up. Oh well AA Giles. Yes oh this isn't the old isn't the childless travelers you know. The child discussion thing I've ever been one of those lists and ended up with three maybe I should have taken a page from Iraq. Good point jotted down some idealism. I if you don't want these laminated it put like kind of overhead projector in the DPB takes these two. It we can sit down and have a discussion that is that I PowerPoint presentation. He's taping this on the wall in the bedroom so that. As the act of intercourse is happening he can look on the wall market is toxic and it's true. Did you get caught up in the heat of the moment you need a little friendly reminder keynote I think we don't number two tonight Dave. Rick where have a debate if it's your pick it it was dvds. Books I hear my child notes. So I have clearance or. He's an idiot and I agree with you that he's a really did. Does analyst I think he's really get there is no effect he surprised to mean based on everything I've heard about him. That he was that good because he just seems like a total bloop. There was a one of his I was at the veritable quandary one night. Haven't had a few drinks the doctor about pull out stuff but yes ready my childless the app. And I was sitting next to a woman. Who was I singled shoes is in town for work she's from Seattle. And she said she wants to bid she is a long time issues that are forties or fifties Nauman that we shoes in her twenties she did. When he arrived was was in Seattle. She did not at a charity function. On a deal to go out to dinner with him and he would pick her up in the Leno okay and she won it. Please tell me this is going somewhere awesome. Well it happens look at it yeah and she said it she said that he was the dumbest person. That he would do that she'd ever met she's a total. Moron. Buddha Buddha. Attic like girl he can hit the hell out of baseball but she slept with them. In Lima. So she said anyway now did we go birth control baby your pull out stuff polyglot celebs that both. It's about imagine. There's no other option the warm the most standard aero bits contract and the like four or five different things that we can add your list them but for he I think them I'm ready debate you down but first let me pull out my childless. Do you do any of these guilty of like the way that he has on eliminated are a big is keeps it isn't all it's just for reference material. I didn't like that condom is not an option no molester Oprah if he went to her and went like look. There's turbulence let me tell you that there's no comments have been here many years she did something else off the Lister says both but it's just so you know no. That's not happening either well you can continue analysts like maybe he maybe it's on their back now. And babies are thinking it takes him time to think of different things and didn't think he was. Friday medalist when the picture was taken. Well that was the one that was being written now like I said I'd I think that that they had. And previously written when he was talking to her I'm not kidding I think that that's what happened right but if he's not finished with the and I wonder if you lose. Adding to it isn't A-Rod if I was like it deadly Jennifer Lopez I would Tug need to write something down to glaciers that would be paid attention to anything other than Jennifer Lopez. Man that story's wonderful picnic. It really yet it's just one of the fact that and the fact that that'd fox medium is the one that's weeded out. I'd love stuff like Verizon did they just took its like the the deed oh that was in the back as matches theft. But at the bit. Remember who that was. The data analyst Elvis like Kevin collect political late years something in. Yes it's like when we knew. We knew as a company do it yourself that's the best part. Treated at Michael look at his great photo admit no one bothered to look a little bit closer content pull out stuff. Yes I do think that I need to unity should made up this is all about stuff. It's somewhat out their kids how do this is that when as the teacher business libido because I will pay for it I would like he's soft out T shirt with a lot of stuff. Okay up next Friday random it's a Mike in my can no longer on Sports Radio soon about that that news came out to speak out. I know we news ending it was now we know how you see the that the little. He is the show where they discussed it. Really awkward talk about that took a lead in that and Tom Brady has a new endorsement deal. And it's pretty good bye and one. You know holding a picture boredom on the list at. 528 years Mike are rolling through some Friday randomness only got 21 there that's fundamental. That's. Tom rating is in a moment Mike and Mike Mike Greenberg Mike goalie that is not the spirit in the right stuff. There radio shows officially ending may have been on since 2004. But no one knows when it's indeed it's just. Later this year listen via there's no specific date and Greenberg is gonna go on and host A I think a morning show on ESPN. Yet be a morning TV show any ship to Angola will stay in the exact tapes exact same time slot and he will do the show a tree window yeah and then his kid. Will join him for an hour. On national skin yet gold skin. And it's it's weird because I was always under the assumption that this was something that they they both want that after twenty years together religious enough was enough but we knew when you. Listen to them. They address it on a show. Gold it sounded list and that is kits was was on their tickets and shots I don't think it's one that's joint and it was a different goalie son. Was taking shots at ES PNC how stupid they were for breaking them up. And and Michael wouldn't talk about our theories that it's not my story to tell. I'm gonna keep doing the show but it did not sound at all like this was a mutual decision to split this partnership public and Greenberg was really awkward about it. It's like any kind of got me wondering did did they want to suited ESPN come in and basically break tomorrow. Well I mean we have been under the as an umbrella before yeah you know we have the ESP station over nine tenths and we have your relationship with ESPN. And I can tell you. And you notice. But the listeners may not or may not have never thought about it. When you or ESPN TV is more important radio yes. And they're going through a major hemorrhage on the TV side obviously Pacino layoffs and stuff. And they it it just seems to me that they view Mike Greenberg is one other key talents. And they are asking him to go over and help them on the TV side they need they need to stop the bleeding on the TV side and it sounds like maybe they just picked him to be one of the guys yeah I just I try to. Was under the assumption that those two guys were were could this was because TV they are more and then radio but it doesn't sound like it so I had no goal Exxon happy about it I wonder what Greenberg thinks about it if you could be on someone if he's excited about it if he's upset and that he's he's out and a twenty year run here broke don't they let those guys done a lot. Well they eat yet I guess it is. Well seventeen not quite there yet out there to go on eighteen years that's a long time in radio man yes and those guys they're good together. Dare show. The different kind of show. Black eye. I don't think it's a different kind of showed all I think it's actually the most mainstream Sports Radio show that exists. It's that's it's like right down the middle which is why there's a successful as they they understood that. It certainly hits talk about the key topics. I have opinions. And keep it moving it was a different show then this stupid program that we yet if I wanna say one of the two shows is different it would be it's probably this one I wish I guess so that's. I compared to the radio that we do. Movie of the woman I was gonna say is it's Jay Leno. They're just. They're kind of is PB and it's not well if you want sports talk radio via if you will want sporty sports in or know what's going on in sports when you getting your car. And get some. You know. Decent discussion about it. They did that wonderful yeah they are the Jay Leno radio sports talk radio always topical doesn't offend anybody Smart guys yes they knew how to do it by a they presented it well they're very clean in just clean in and Greenberg kept I think movement and they are young to get shell and they were they really get yelled you don't get to be a nationally show a vastly syndicated show and indeed decently for seven years that have been. Some got a talent it's it's just a little less I think than knock on the abuse is not personality driven to Saddam and then. And that's kind of ESPN's much although it sounds like now ESPN's confidence diplomat on trend saying. We want personality and want Neil Everett give him off with. Kenny Mayne on sports general you know lawyer you know we've seen Mike for years that they didn't want it that's why damned magic left hip it's like column level. I read the ES PM book and it was those guys have all the fun it was John Miller the wrote that. One of the things they talked about is that Berman had become such a pain in the ass there ESPN. That they were determined to never have another Chris Berman that they decided that they didn't want the host becoming bigger then the show's. And I think in the last couple years is we've seen what ten million subscribers bill from them now the people are cutting chords and viewership is down we don't absorb new as the same ways sports services in destination anymore. That they've had to slip that and they said look if we are getting give is turn around we're gonna get eyeballs. We have to have people tune media and not to hear sports updates not to get information. We have to have people tuning in because they want to watch. XYZ where I think ESPN's monster before that was. You're gonna come anyways we have the sports you're gonna wanna come to you in his court we're just getting TV sports and that's where you're gonna come for you gonna come due to see highlights and find out what's going on channel and that doesn't work anymore. Our sport sports. We have Tom Brady news. I heat according to Darren valve Has signed a multi year deal with. Aston Martin it. I'm sure you'll be on the top of the last year to get one of the season and it's just easy just endorsing them he's creating cars are so. He's gonna endorsed the I'm not familiar at mass to normalize. But that's car that cost 2121000. Dollars a there's an awkward photo with Tom Brady lane on the but it it. Oh yeah well. Let's be fair he's he's. Sitting in front of it no he's laying on top. Announcing on. Messina. Julia OK he's wearing heels attributes he had it in a very seductive come hither sort of British Christine I don't certainly turned me on Gordon and IM OK so then they're also gonna. He's gonna help generate a special edition vanquish S. And they are only gonna make twelve of those cars. And they'll be made available to boot to the public a and I doubt that those are going to be made available to the public I'm guessing they aren't says. I'm guessing that in order to get one of the twelve car hers that are being made to Tom Brady specifications. You're gonna have to news and some people penalty not at all know that you know they're gonna do is they're gonna it's gonna be bidding war. Here's what I mean they're not gonna I mean maybe Brady will be like you know a sneaky one bro. But. Revell says only twelve of the vehicles we produce and they will be made available to public what that those things are gonna go. It's getting they're gonna go to high Spinner. And they're Smart they know to Dylan that is for referred DC car collector Floyd Mayweather will buy like nine of them that. Man. It's got to be to number I hope they check the tire pressure though. The tires make sure he's on the open up. Issued his now soft tires were horrible joke I I did not stick that joke now I'm sure Tom Brady will get one of the cars though. Mom yeah I will course that is a pretty get seems to me a pretty good endorsement move by Aston Martin we are talking about earlier the moral calls her a call seen in LA you know United Airlines but. That were put seventy million. City nine over fifteen years like why. This I totally get that man you want. A pimp like grades roll around in your right you need to advertise Aston Martin's. Kind of philippoussis. I think you do if they just sell themselves like if you're gonna buy a big if you've got the money to buy that we. It's not this I don't think it's as much advertising is branding yeah you're branding it with a rich like Tom Brady has everything. So for all the browser out there that have everything in wanna be like Tom Brady ego. That's what you buy that to mean makes the lessons yeah it did it would James Bond. It was Aston Martin's yeah so that was branding it's. They're Smart move again on that list is get his tag. Ploy here power tag Hauer what is happening Gaza Imus tech. Tech employer via tech lawyer watched since a bit he's got his Stetson sort of that's a fact he's noticed that this does Stetson Cologne. I know he's got that on. The man is. Brady is an Angel please Brady you know that he would drive one that offends me is the the LeBron and Kia right. Bothers Wright bothers me a minute see that's stop LeBron. I tried it it Kia. I'm sure it's a very nice cash in the Jackson now but you're right Tom does meteor Hough in key it's got to be a fit. Yes and that's a sitcom readynas tomorrow and that's pretty. It is a boots. In his Stetson hat and they're being spa neutral stockman. That is true I don't know unless avenue and talked about an Aston Maarten the yeah now we are. Now we are I managed in one in the past. Yet they're totally suited taiba to a new grants and morrow Clement you just stood grew role Aston Martin DB eleven and then you might change of mind. This car is. Beautiful you know it's getting me on hot bothered recently in the car department with the saudis. Do it right I could've done. But I've got to buddies got on and it makes need. I like it makes sports fans outside it makes it makes me right down Mike picked childless is a unit. And so my doctor friend has an. They're great and I'll see you it does get a lot of attention when you go places and it Aston Martin now and yeah I'm with I looked at that. DB eleven I just think of dish drag eleventh but that's. But the car is very very nice. OK but as these remote when you when you see a car like that you. Do you think that the person driving is probably. Well a huge this is what I was gonna ask. Belongs in my. We talked earlier about the world's most expensive T shirt yeah and it's 400000 dollars and editing getting looking up notes real deal don't want to know once it's made of green energy its main street energy and it has diamonds and it's a no one's body yet no but it's out there. Is is the Aston Martin to some extent. Like that in that it's like he. You can only. Do so much cool things to a car now right so. At what price OK and I guess last intensely at what price points. Are you just pain. More because you've. Like QP money but it's just you know like whatever you know what I don't wanna pay 2121000 dollars this I'm going to pay 300000 dollars for us I. I viewed that when you get into this line like that really nice I'm sure they're worth. Well I see worth every penny I guess that's the question we're asking. Is it just ache can it be that nice right this is my view on cars and if I see someone they might as in my body as an operator of seven series BMW. Or you know whatever that what is it to the SL 500 the big Mercedes. Whatever the top brand is for whatever luxury car that your body as I'm Alexis is is but. Whatever it would I see those cars I don't. Look at that day can teach at a Mike that's a nice car but when I see a Ferrari or Lamborghini or something like that. I instantly think insecure do you wish. That we are I was I would decide until late two weeks ago and I was at Ruth's Chris of their by the stance Qaeda and their quotas must be good edu. It happens they have good happy are ask Mike what he did that night. At first ever sixty or doesn't. And Larry I sit in the neighbor's cat but you know I might tears to cook or dominos and it's like nine dollars and out art air parked right out front of the restaurant there of LeBron wade was a really nice Ferrari that's cool and I just I. It's like why do you buy that in or the only reason you buy that. Well I mean I don't know I. I'm asking I'm not saying I'm just asking because I'm not a huge car guy but you're buying that level a car are you a part. Speak. Talk Yuri talk show host you can you can spit this out maybe aren't. I. Are you buying that. I feel like you to show off that I feel like your. She probably not trying to impress you and that probably works bad guys is it's. Whatever racing cars at that you'll see it right here very often. I just my mind instantly goes to that please and sort of prickly points out you can add to Aston Martin DB elevenths for the cost of that teacher spend Lille. That some live you get into Aston Martin's or. You can have a seizure made of green energy. The point where you're paying for a badge. Is sixty to 75 grand what does that mean. Over that you're paying for faster than reasonable. Improving you have to cash I think he's saying that when you when you get up into that range should you get over 75 grand you're not biased opinion for bran yes. I think that's what he's saying there. So any time grant yes it's like I'm sure that car super super duper nice now but is reeling or 200 pounds I'd rather have teachers. I would have to teacher can I get for to a guy can I get a tank top version of can I get to capture says Y 85 on it I'm Miranda was next on him. And time where thighs against duke got a 1080 bill of fare hikes on his game appears. Carolina in the far speak at its card it is and. Atomic Aston Martin. And as a really worth it you know a guy who drives super expensive car and I can't card dude says. Il look I'm McCarty in if you're not one you don't get it. It can be as much about the driving experience says it as the camaraderie enjoying the cars. And mining beer taste that said with most real expensive cars they are car people. And then they buy yellow ones with the fact that. Your brain age is because you can buy it I see what he's saying there though because I I have some friends who really are cart guys Boehner ballot they love it. And I totally get that I I I do get even though I'm not one night I get what he stands and I get that. You know like super target I Jay leno's like that yeah that it is like an old fire truck. Boys got a collection down he's got a cause I just think that that's come. I think it's really cool and it is definitely more about. You know other things. That it is about the you know the price is still the only people you're driving issue opening yellow layer bikini you're at finish the let's finally sane and those are car guys that's the guy who's shown on Justin Bieber is a difference between a guy is shown not any guy. Whose car guys rhetoric that NASCAR him because he's a card any loves. I suppose if you got that was put the money you spend on something right. I guess I eat it say that I mean there's yeah but if I mean that's my point is if you've got that much money you're dropping two or 300 KM look at our look at our Buffett did. They just an Oldsmobile that we Amro don't think he ever but was. The jet is got. He's got a private plane. This fifth what third or fourth richest in the world he's strapped around an old mobile were in the same seat for seventeen years that you understand the use. You don't wanna like. Go too far the other way but also feel like a Warren you're worth like thirty billion dollars you can buy a new suit it's decently sick that's possible. We can enjoy life you've worked really hard forward. Tourism all right well we've grant time for other random here like the guys cropping and is built the mote out of the rob state yeah the city guys mad at us now. Hole yet because we're wearing out her welcome now we're too we're too word were to lead is now I think it was your story about seen Jerry so I'm telling going to Ruth's Chris for. Happy are minimum because maybe you should take note of what's happening with tears can relate to your audience not to pay pay what does that mean analysts. I would like to point out that aid the happy errors takes Erickson at Ruth Chris was 950. And to take its decide filled were like 56 bucks oh. I'm I'm okay. Wasn't what is Simi Matty is incoming round itself I think says the whole you know ESP NS flounder right now because they they're doing nothing but a liberal garbage. 08 now it's oh wait what am lets people are saying the one of the easiest pins failing is because they are I don't know but that's not what he's is that what he's saying. I don't think that's what I don't understand when he sang the keys to will work forty to what you now. Yeah we are because we're talking about expensive cars even though we both drive I drive a dodge truck that is. The seat and it's eight years old and has written McCloskey I have the and it's got to rip in the class seat the seat belt doesn't work. But some say it. Well it works is as it does doesn't it doesn't call will back in doubt so just come dangles. But the rip this crisis is to thank you make it's that we get Cilic is sheepskin covering the character and does does add character to. Quit being all high brow. You year old truck. You elitist bastards. I did before 2000 teacher. And I was trying to stop going about it reasonably priced apnea and it's. The seven to be Red Cross the feud that I'm going to deadly. All right the club is next let's have a five hour work week terrified that we'll find out what that's gotta say I am more Mort let's talk about that. The five day work week where did it come from and can it be changed to. Next. Candidate B six on the fan.