Primetime 5.19.17 Hour 2

Spending 70 mil to name the LA Coliseum, Oklahoma throws it out there that they may consider leaving Big 12 again.


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's time. And that you can sign this time. Dispute when you actually yeah primetime revise against you for your home what they'll all journalists and Al. Think yeah. This is prime time so I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are Isaak Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time on ten ADP. All right for a sixth on is defends his decision. And with Robbins is your sports pros what's up. So yeah. So out of sided rhetoric it. We were asking the question. Why on earth anyone would watch us on TV. And we have a few responses here and eating good. One man says I want you on TV because I work from my couch and I don't wanna turn the radio on valid point mystery revealed. I do think that there are a lot of people to just sort of have us on. Think in the background because it's well you know how you turn on sports like you either turn on news each hour on sports I did that with the ESP and quite a bit like yes let gimmick Deke around in the morning. Think he just you flip it on and what's with Chevron is is it's got there were discounting in the background there were part of your day we're just kind of there are no matter one right it's like I don't think it's. People like comment continent but. It also allow your your character. Suing those guys are talking about the Applebee's of entertainment. If you're a little bit don't want sets out to go to Applebee's beat his finder's of their young chicken fingers are bad press chicken fingers they got a full bars serve it is. It'll take out. And just we have here. Am building a deck with pop RJ right now and he asked me who that we listening to. This is from our dear friend RJ yeah people and he tells them. And he responds with oh yeah I like those guys. I think that's how people generally are like. You've been around lineup that I've kind of heard of the U never really heard show particularly some stairs in your little bed near like no leave from somewhere like probably not delete. Why. Do you guys yeah yeah. You know it's not the. I had about little showed little show the show it's cute we a lot of pats on the head it a screen influx near little players. But. Yeah I'm convinced that people. Don't really listen. But they hear everything right accents but if you say something about someone. It gets back to them it's like you don't like imagine radio like the old days. Where there were no cellphones writes a use so you do it seems the radio and I'd hear a thing about suit. And I can't text my bicycle tune it right nice to talking about you or did you know I mean yeah. Like all I feel like we just do the show and then people disseminate. What needs to be disseminated yet because if you if there is any easy talk about a friend are you talk about a story your sound and and whether that person is listening or not they will always find delegates back so they were always eagle in the bill and we talk about people in the building and I know they're not listening and the like hey you're talking. De hoop. Would shape men who broke. Months on my left that I teach save this. Dammit. It's not the I didn't you know it's at a context that comedy. No evidence of an assistant city it's a game of phone tag Nikita you don't know it's big cakes on tell you I was talking about the puts some sort of spit knowing that she's never gonna go back and really check. Yeah but it is hard to turn on the radio I get that garrison had. With us that is there radio in your house I do sometimes I don't have a radio in my house there are two things I'm doing if I'm listening to the radio in the house. Or listening to just music you know running down but not the TV's on. One is cleaning. And another is just like sitting out on the back. Deck and whatever you know yours to institutes and have a TV outdoors I don't. Honestly and Agassi could you listen online bet in actual you have an actual physical radio yeah it's a yes. And it is like an old school like boom box pubic radio right you are do you know that big stereo radio reheat it if it's a big it's a big wooden box that sits on the floor cheeks. Larson and I dividends but it is easy to AM radio yet I'll orient and the kids of I don't have a do not a loony radio. Up and you know clock radio and at least it. Here in radio each say I got I've got so many areas of radio my car to get history reunions and listen to this station all the time I don't like opposed saying that probably plays the radio but current problem. We allowed people is just on an app to enter run mean or if I'm if I'm at home and I wanna listen to defend and neither of those are the app or odds is like if I'm on my computer and I do that sometimes is I'm sure prepping like I'll tune in dig cam and dusty in the morning. He is gonna talk to Canada. Dusty camp and I say. He said Kamen dusty OnStar the program. Great came Cleveland. Good or as I decode them dusty bottoms aegis won't listen to it on your computer. McCain always managed to blow another sects have. What keeps happening here. I think as we played in lake luck lately Korea and Italy and frankly the minute before we break yeah okay as solely the medium Diana story here doesn't tell you. So you know the memorial coliseum or USC players. The memorial her. Let's call the coliseum coliseum whenever it's hole I don't think it's the memorial guess is called the coliseum deadly serious where USC crystal ball and the rams play football the rams the next leader yet temporarily. And perhaps that's why they did this but united just paid seventy million over fifteen years to put their name on that. Alec crass is going to be the united coliseum. Yes I'm I guess I assume that's what the United Center maybe. Policies that. I asked the question earlier if that's worth it and someone said look courses are companies wouldn't do it first off no companies in his own time then they're going bankrupt. Eggs like Citi Field in New York they yeah they caught a lot of flak over this a Citi Field it was like 200 million dollars to put their name on the message stadium. Citi Field is taking government bailout money and there are a lot of people like hell you don't it's pretty tornadoes put your name the building has any one. I think I am legitimately ask the questions like Safeco Field right Safeco insurance. Our look at Mota yeah but what they're going through right now. The have you ever I just I would love to know if there is it it's like the Olympics I would like to someone to do an actual study of whether or not. Putting your name on and they shoot deal like that makes a difference for your Dieter makes it different for for Safeco. Is saying it's better off because it's Safeco Field surely surely mean attack advertising saying it works. Surely there are studies. You know I'll think you just four from the kind of money without the guy now this may work adding date they have a really good feeling at that something that they insist that their company. Stefano is so this is like in New York meals are massive. Massive deals on some of those things just I think maybe I'm completely out of left field and is the best the best you can make. I would just be exhibit seventy million dollars is that a good deal for united. I can't imagine it is. I can't imagine and is nets. The think it is so. And I guess there head cheese is you know seeger and it's that's what I'm wondering is emphasis company that makes sense or is he just think it's bad asked that his company depends on the home of the trojans may be and a do you think that they're gonna drag fans down the Nile. And out of state IC promptly have you been to a football game you've been doing NFL game. I think what happened that was a doctor I was abused him Dow doctor Dow I think that's probably the nicest thing that's ever happened to a fan and an NFL game. And they escort you quite that gently out of lethal. All well and I just I saw that has gone man there isn't a worse sportsmen need to put your name on them that place is not a blizzard dumped the only place its worst may be is Coco. The the oracle coliseum or whatever yeah U assisted. Is that just oh Darko Palestinians of the Micah it is an oracle or is so it's no fraud is our commerce opened. Those islands to take Obama over stock you know it's death autos or that thing I here's just obviously money well spent chart get out of place Sox. The trop but what is Tropicana. It's that that's June did you cease yeah the little geez bags I can't imagine boxes that I did she pay like nine dollars is your name on that thing there's no way that's a big money deal. It this way they are referred be the coliseum though they are in the Olympics are coming out yet. So. Betty that's their play the Olympics all the international. Air travelers in such movies and than there. 7000015. Years means that. That much. The songs were corn and there's others that are right from over the city feel Diaw because when the banks were failing that was a big deal were a lot of people were like what lol. We're giving you guys money and your putting your name on a baseball stadium. This river that was that there's people were upset about that. Interest. I Jason sentiment on the next segment don't talk about girl's softball. On mr. right now. Do you really want to go so well known and just trying to get done. I'll say this regret about girls' softball it's the sport that I enjoy watching most of that I never watch. Lou. There's a segment. But I like it I like to girl's idea to NCAA champ should I like I like watching like watching them pitch I think their means I don't. It's it's just it's it broke spinning yet I never. I never fortunate. Anchor but what I do I enjoy it we knew Utley do you Brittany that's too much woman for you as a freshman can't handle. Brittany ticket. If she breakeven half. It's a lot of almost reduced use of bad if it's a it's a big man's woman right there you can't handle that. Are ranked is the big twelve imploding. Next for sixteen on the fans. Where Isaac can sue got contaminated so. It's more Tony yes the bus with his opinions though that you get in Bermuda right next. You us to do like I took the brunt of that again and I shouldn't have. You're sure sure you'll. Credit and you get all the blame to the quarterback. But lovable left tackle. I remember that even the left tackle Obama could guard. And thank you. Look at year. Com right now or. The yeah. I. Fellow veteran broadcast excellence. The pinnacle of this big twelve story for you get sued big twelve. They're not big twelve commission at the end. Oklahoma eighty said. By the about this I'm not leaving the big twelve. Yeah yeah I saw this they have no intention of we quit not an odd. That's the dreaded vote of confidence and it's a very viable league we have noticed W elsewhere Intel we do and then we're gone. That is the sinking ship the big twelve is terrible here as I said. They told is terrible but it that's not why it's sinking ship some money ME conferences go up they go down yeah right it's not about. Although what they have like. When he traffic system of one say that the American. Whatever the hell that thing is the American League conference sort of whatever that thing is they had more draft picks in the big twelve. He had mean they're they're league live socket when Oklahoma and Texas. Are on top it is a little period now. So here's what he said his name is. The bubbles be right Owen now. That's the commission as the commissioner of the between the president of Oklahoma is David Boren who Dave and he said this was after a board of regents meeting. Any news talking to reporters he said I think it's very important for us to always have the possibility of making a move we want him. But I assure you that we don't have any plans to make a move that's just my responsibility to the institution not to get us into a position. Where we can't make our own choice and the time comes it's in our interest at the big twelve succeed so now. We're not desperate to go anywhere else Connie I'm not actively looking to replace you blow it just with us so you know. Check out check out what's happened around there and at the better situation comes along and got that cannot make. People in the big twelve fielded no he continues that is the most passive aggressive like that's a LeBron james' playoff tweet is what that is he says I've been thinking three or four or five years down the road if there's any need to make you change but I had. I haven't wanted us to extend our grant of rights by twenty years or something like that so. That Oklahoma would have no choice it's yeah he's Oklahoma has no problem going to more they're looking for greener pastures and I've said it we've been saying this for years. I think it's only a matter time before Vince in the big twelve it's Benny says. I would ride the big twelve off yet. It's had its struggles and obviously. Are losing the opportunity you're letting up any passes by and have a network land back at the time the networks. Would've been anxious to have us do that's of that's pretty choice that's shot right at bats like we made the wrong decision and our street diamond. Many says we wouldn't walk away from the big twelve lightly. I'll put them. Don't have any plans to leave right now there's not any active conversation. It is it honestly that is the most. Passive aggressive statement you could ever make. And you know what it's good enough for now. A couple years down the road. I it's only a matter time before someone. Grabs Oklahoma and Texas or Oklahoma or Texas and if either one of those leaves that that that conference fall don't you think if you're Oklahoma. OK so let's let's put ourselves in the issues ease of all the schools in the big tough yeah. Right now Texas has an interest in keeping it together for a couple reasons one. They get the most money they have the most control and they allowed him to the big tour allows them to have the Longhorn Network which has been a debacle for everyone but Texas 'cause they be might have sent us a sense that they make the money they have the most control. And make the most money and have and have the most power. And the league is not very yet now so they can you know if they made the right higher here a Tom Herman they can be back on topic just to psych. Did you do to keep their thinking and Ellie anyway yes he should be and it's innate but if you're Oklahoma. Why would you like what are you care about Texas and I get the rivalry. I understand that region would be sensitive to splitting off a little maybe more so than some other regions. It's if you're Oklahoma why not. Feed the leader and say screw you we're out here. The only problem with that is an iPad I've read this couple times at Oklahoma still has a lot of sway in the big twelve. Mean outside a Texas Oklahoma is the other big swing and you know why was he yen and they're both use the lynch pins and if Oklahoma goes into another conference they are no longer the swinging you know one. They still get a larger percentage much like Texas they run the roost there with a towel long wait a minute Oklahoma gets a bigger percentage. Of the revenue yeah I think any other schools I think it's like the number of times or on TV you would ever say in Oklahoma basically gets to make a lot of decisions that they did that happens in the big twelve. It's it's made by Oklahoma and it's made by Texas. And if you go somewhere else no one's going to give you those sort of cap the odds idle time necessarily that Oklahoma has to be tied to Texas to go somewhere. But. I do think that there is some interest in Oklahoma to remain a huge power player as opposed to going somewhere else were not that you just be another team but he won't. Won't hold the sway like you do in the big twelve Seattle I. No not that it's like if if you're talking about. Income. Just total monies out taken in. Oklahoma could make a lot more elsewhere. Yes. They would give up some power. But so like you making more money. Of course I getting in to think and and and the thing about it is is if Texas decide Texas can do whatever the hell wants. And if Texas leaves your group ebitda figure that Oklahoma's not worried about is that. Why not. Let it control your own fate but Oklahoma will always controller on tape because that it it's it's huge if if if the big twelve broke up tomorrow the only two schools it would have to worry about anything. Our Oklahoma and Texas they could literally take any culprits they were so there's there attacks seemed to Texas. So you're saying like they're saying wall. Texas can call the shots will be fine no matter what I don't know man I don't know about that I don't think that there attaching themselves to Texas necessarily. But because there is the sense that Oklahoma wind when there is a result talked about leaving you know with a big twelve. It was was in trouble in the pac ten was becoming the pac twelve. It's not good it's not a certainty that Oklahoma Texas have to go together. But yet. There is there is an advantage in Edmonds some people's minds to Oklahoma being a major power player making sure that there interest. Are met in the big twelve that they are. Outside of Texas those the only two schools that really matter in the big twelve in my point that I make you with a Oklahoma is why they don't need to control their own fate is because regardless of what happens we will. Always have a home. If the big twelve breaks up tomorrow in Texas as an added here I'm going to the SEC. The SEC would be glad to take Oklahoma along with him and the Big Ten and the ACC in the pac twelve any of those places would love to gobble up Oklahoma this is like Texas. Our cars is new like Kansas or Kansas State if the big twelve breaks out. Those are gonna be the schools like Baylor they're gonna be script we've tried to get into a power five conference. Well that what I'm saying is why not go now and make more money. You make more money in other congresses. Now I don't know if there's an opportunity to go now in the may be its necessity that Cindy told because pactel doesn't want them with a dates in this one. Because for those leagues thirst and bullied and it does it really make. Financial sense to split the pie another way right but. I don't know if I'm Oklahoma I'm may be looking around to kind of control my own fate here and say we don't need Texas. Diggs they've paid out about what is about nine or ten million less than yeah the Leila the SEC. But with the big twelve you know big Oklahoma still makes more because you know not everyone that the full share. So Oklahoma is gonna do is do is still doing a little better than some of the individual school and they only split the pie ten ways and ways is supposed to go into the SEC we are split that fourteen portrait of whatever. How many teens they have I think is it 77. In their divisions but doesn't the Big Ten make the most money make a big tent outside indefinitely as easy big ten's given. Well yes really well but they've always been ahead of the so it's like a case but it. Records is in the Big Ten now right. Yes Rackers then. Maryland's. Think if you Oklahoma you're looking at records America Maryland gone really. Why isn't that us. You know worse sit down here in the big twelve were better than records were better than Merrill we got we were Oklahoma were boomer sooner and those a holes. Are in the Big Ten now doing better and make you more money than us see if I'm Oklahoma Mike that's a right. What are we doing here. You know I mean yeah I mean I'd definitely say that the Colorado. Moved to the pac twelve there was some talk that Colorado. Was a regretting that decision yet. I don't know why you wanted to go back because the the TV deal it hasn't worked out the way necessary that everyone thought it was in the pay outs in the that hello this is not as big as it does not as big as they thought had slows down there with like their fourth ranked so he's got total revenue. Big Ten one SEC to you or or will. Those are the top it. Then ACC. Then pac twelve then big twelfth. Yemen a look at the actual payouts. For each car Colorado thought it would be a boon to go out last that is a tax on network thing and just really hasn't paid off now it hasn't quite worked out the way they they wanted to but aren't they in a better position than. Kansas Kansas State. Iowa State Texas Tech goes of Oklahoma State aren't Dana better position because they're they're finding the pack to a yes they are right so that's my point with Oklahoma Euro Oklahoma you can do whatever you want. You'll always have a home go find a home now make more money now. It's interesting I think there is a lot of politics is going to tune in and wanting kind of that tradition ends in Spain down there as opposed it to going somewhere else but. Big you can clearly hear in a note that was did he wants EB he's he's not tied to that I think he sees the writing on the wall. And I think it's only a matter time before a better deal comes on the makes sense for him a name they bolt. He had just wonder what the deals are announced you know in terms of what it what it team can go do. Andy Nelson well remember there's buyouts and other things and it's it's it's it's it's more complex than just say the grass is greener on the other side. But I've I've believed that in a matter of time I've I think the big twelve we'll eventually fold. Or this version of the big twelve beds is makes more sense to have four big leagues if rank. As I can with sixteen inning I could easily see. In Oklahoma and Oklahoma states and may be maybe two weather teams going to the pac twelve. Or maybe just two to two into split Oklahoma Oklahoma State go to the pac twelve. Texas and and someone else Bolton the SEC two of the team's goal you know Big Ten Texas is he would contact well that's your thing from the titles perspective. It again they're probably Wayne but can we don't make enough money to split fourteen ways now you know. But I've got my contacts I'm trying to get Texas smiley yes. Everyone wants Texas I. I don't know why the actual would not be right now trying to get Texas and Oklahoma that has a fairly because Texas isn't going anywhere Texas is the one school in the big twelve the benefits that that they are the swinging you know what and the Longhorn Network exposed that was the deal breaker it why would they flirt with I told them. Well they were over the pac twelve but I said if I'm remembering this correctly the reason that that kind of fell apart is the pac twelve wasn't willing to let them have the Longhorn Network. And the big twelve was the big twelve was desperate allowed Texas to have their own one off and that's ESPN backed yet I which is a disaster. It's been a disaster but they still make money on it because ESPN pays pays import it if they got that in that be they a horrible deal for ES PM but Texas is sitting there collecting money allow. Wonder when that's up. But anyway that's why fewer attacks off go after Oklahoma. Yeah right now you have seeking go get them. But the way the Big Ten last year paid out an average of 34 point one million dollars per school gets most right pac 1225. Big Ten has let 31 point one. Big Ten was 34. Million odd. Pac twelve was 25 has huge big twelve on average was 23 other some of that skewed because it's not all equal shares in the more than I thought it's it's not always the SEC Ayers. The SEC. Where they got cool yet this is forty. SEC was good 41 point oh OK they are bigger and they're bigger and then what's that what c.s is he doing down there. I'm looking to see if I can find the ACC Middlesbrough was searching searching surge are you look for that. I text the bridge for Beers Tex signed by fight through a fine also coming up we have A-Rod news here's Mike. Isaac and synagogues and maybe go okay. Lot of want him through this whole conference realignment think as the Oklahoma. AD who's basically sand look. Now we're keeping our options open but we're going Taylor right now. We don't I wouldn't commit for like ten year is about three if you. Can't just think Hindus there are ranked in in helping. If you are the pac twelve. OK so one other reasons like conference realignment has the dust has kind of settled little bit and nothing. Isles has been dusted up to me seems. The the reason for that is. Everybody's looking out for their own interests guys. That's also able what's good for wrestled big toes and must not good enough for us we want this and so there's kind of a stalemate but eventually we know. Especially with the instability in the big twelve we know this thing is gonna shift again. Which is why I think the Oklahoma AD is on the right track by saying these things disease and look. It's common age just right now we don't have a great deal we're gonna try to work up the better deal or whatever you know yet. So which is why I think that it seems to mean logically it makes sense for Oklahoma. To be out ahead of all this and say forget taxes to get the big twelve let's go get a better deal for us which. Would sound like the big. I tend based on what you mentioned the thing you've got the Big Ten saying well we're fine we just at Rutgers Maryland. And what they yes fourteen. Who you look at these conferences yet at different numbers of I think lives I think they have fourteen I think they have fourteen with records America analysts. So they may be like powerful right now but it feels like it's all on a sixteen no matter what but he. And so there that's why they're not go anywhere yet. Why if you are so so you can see why the big twelve schools. The your credit fourteen schools. See you can see why the big twelve schools. Wouldn't be all that hot on jumping to the pac twelve right now because. You just read the revenue numbers it's about the same yeah it's it's there's normally she huge difference other than did the SEC in the in the Big Ten. Our are ahead. You know I'm saying I'm saying there's there's. There's not damage to restrict the pac twelve and the big toe so if you're in the big twelve right now you're saying while we can jump to the pack two of putts. The revenue numbers right now they're just really not that much different which is why Colorado was this is Colorado thought they were gonna jump over there make a ton more money. In I can see why they thought that but it just hasn't worked out that way so the pac twelve needs to get its revenue up. And if you're very good if you're Oklahoma and then this kind of goes back to the other point is if you go to the pac twelve you no longer have the sway. And the influence they you have when you're in the big twelve and if the money isn't that much different yet and then there's IC IC does is is an an a okay ago. What is stop being taxes. From jumping to the pac twelve. Like. How much at one matures it. ESPN. Covers the Longhorn Network cracked yes that Longhorn Network is a float even though nobody watches it. And it doesn't have great distribution though it's a float because ESPN paid them for you. So why does that matter. In keeping Texas in the big twelve. Because like why can't they have that in any conference at their the well they could if if the other scores are willing to to let that happen in the big twelve they were. That it sounds like when this was all going down the pac twelve was not willing to let them have their own because the whole pac twelve network fans they wanted him right they want him on their wanted him on there and so that did did. Did the Longhorn Network is exclusively. Texas and the big twelve signed off on it because they've. All the other schools were desperate because without Texas there is a big twelve. Save the text is basically held him hostage okay and it doesn't sound like other comes as are willing to do so. I am sure this is why others guy gets paid the big bucks but. If you add Texas and Oklahoma. Via two arsenal's William. The main hospital is getting everyone in the pac twelve to agreed that hey Texas is coming over and they have their own network via. Because it's done right it's. Tardy in existence yes. I don't necessarily see that as being huge problem but then again what do I know if Larry's got runs the numbers and says if we add Texas and Oklahoma. Do you know how large our next TV contract will be. But by eight by increasing our platform did you do with taxes the biggest brand in all of college athletics. And boomer sooner. I mean so you said there make it that axle makes what 25 million words seem roughly in there and indeed it changes verses in as the bowl payouts in and in almost every conference there are there is a little wiggle room between the top and the bottom. But yeah it's it's it's right around the 24 million mark for the pack one or for the pac twelve so would it. Texas and Oklahoma would it would it be wise for the pac twelve. Two to say right now look this things eventually gonna expand. Let's be out ahead of it and get the two best schools that will increase our revenue the most and that is this it's the same two schools we wanted back. You know whatever that was five years ago a Texas and Oklahoma let's go get him let's be the first domino and then when we when we're up for a TV contract. We can sign. A much bigger one. What what why why is that it's it's not a thing to do you still have to convince the other schools that. That the Longhorn Network is gonna fly because it way you do it is you say Texas is gonna come again. And Texas will make it that much more money didn't know what of the Longhorn Network what ESP and paid for that. Was it like 30300. Million dollars 295 million dollars Asia and it what does that that someone timer no it's over a twenty year period OK but Texas is not giving up so they make so it doesn't even matter. Distribution. Or what's on it now. Date get that checked every year from ESPN yes and they have their own network that aren't what a sweetheart deal and you wonder why you spins fired all these people well do you know how much it lost in the for so defy in the first five years Connick already eight million dollars. That that they love lost. So ESPN's take a bath on and there's a negative. Mean it's 295 million dollars in taxes and Evan I go anywhere now I think if I'm a Colorado or Utah iron Oregon State or Oregon. I want Texas and Oklahoma Miami yet if he if you're telling me that this thing is gonna expand. Dude. Bring in the big boys but because the alternative is picking up the leftovers. Or adding like a Boise State or something. And they don't bring as much revenues as other schools never happened when boy it is there there's so much that goes and this is this with the pac twelve and academics come into it. Where remember this is viewed as a very academics what do you are you will never be an invited into the pac twelve. None of the the universities in the pac twelve think BYU is a real school because a lot of research institution as and you know I mean they wanted them out one time they do they want him but already have been obvious I was saying to the other schools like Boise State. Good luck getting Stanford USC he's delayed a vote on Boise State and there are academics joined in the pac twelve ain't gonna happen. Wits with Texas already they might going to be an abuzz about the coaches are already because they wanna do away with the Longhorn Network mean this thing they did this all. Boils down to work with Texas it's the Longhorn Network. And did you get any other conference it would be willing to allow them to keep it is as long as an answer is no and everything appears is to say no everyone knows that this was a horrible decision. Except for Texas is pegged this is great. And I can tell that domino falls and someone says yes we can have her yet or it. ESPN buys about a bitter debates that just goes away Texas won't go anywhere. Cassettes is just sits there on the on their pile of money and they make the most in the big twelve and I'd be before they ever distribute of the Longhorn Network much. So just. They they were gonna we're agreed to it before hand the pac twelve wasn't I don't see why they're gonna agree to it now. So by that theory then the big twelve hasn't gone anywhere and must Texas wants it to blow up because otherwise it. Well everybody's at their mercy and unless you had an investor at Oklahoma and a couple of the schools finally just said hi. After this and we're gonna go somewhere that's my point about Oklahoma is being aggressive and call on their own shots gospel. On on it would need as if that happened I'd Texas at that point would probably have to do something unless Texas wanted to be balls in go independent. No wonder if there's a relationship there where Texas and Oklahoma even other rivals. I wonder if Oklahoma would be burning Sony bridges. By doing that its policy that they don't wanna do that you know I can give back LaDainian member of the whole flap when an am laughed yeah diseases to deal deal well if you remember correctly you know. Just a year ago everyone was set for Houston and who is the other one that we're gonna join the big twelve. Misuse could end. Was it Cincinnati. And others like there's good schools and applied to an office maybe it was Memphis and I know that Houston was one in the there was another one supposedly that was it was a done deal. And you remember what happened to that Oklahoma just say no oh well as written now. And then they got Texas to agree to tilt and they went in there was Oklahoma Texas that not help and it killed it. Never got pissed at him because schools already put all this money in presentation and they've done all this research has done all this money and it was Oklahoma that started it and then Texas followed suit or maybe his other way around. Russert was 11 a bomb decided no got the other one on board that's it. And that's the beauty part of Oklahoma and Texas is. The only thing you need to get something done in the big twelve is to get those two schools. Every other conference in you have to get. All everyone on board and in the big twelve if you're Oklahoma Texas you basically I work with you know autonomy liners might not take to wrap this up. And it is that. Conference realignment is gonna happen again. The big twelve is in trouble. And whether it's the SEC the pac twelve Big Ten whoever Texas or Oklahoma whoever strikes first whoever cuts a deal for whoever is ahead of this. And and starts it is the first domino is gonna be the winner. That's that's what. That's what I think Jason in you know the only thing is so who's it going to be the only and the only. Teams that anyone really wants to offer well well but exits and I we like it. Room for again in that showed just comes to screeching halt because of Mike. On us being grossly off the clock so what. Tired of the clock. Do another segment times to be here you go. We'll come back. I was asking too like I don't mention it yeah. Network went to expire at its twenty year deal. And it's only like five years did so by going anywhere fifteen million a year. They get so even if you put that the big twelve in I had like to 25 or whatever it is 24 million. Texas gets fifteen on top of that which puts them right in line with everyone else. And so Texas has no incentive to do anything because no one else is going to allow them to have that you know is every one of the big twelve practiced about it. Interesting stuff it's sums gonna happen. Yeah and don't be a domino that falls in I think it might be Oklahoma to win against Hawkins era goes in cycles the rights like that the talks heats up that kind of dies down get beat up again give in any given year to and then somebody makes a move everybody else gets scared and I took it what are we gonna do and then also in their Bay's jumping on that produce that Larry Scott and ended by and bubbles B and every other commissioner that's out there. How as a contingency plan. Evan idea of millions on it and it but the scary part is for some of the smaller schools is like the let's that small school is a good word for the non. Football schools Kansas is one for an instant. They give the big twelve were to break up that it campus is one of the top five basketball programs in the country but we all know that it's about basketball this about football. Andy is there a power five Comverse that's willing to split an extra thirty plus million dollars with the Kansas team that brings nothing in and revenue for the football side ethics. So that's the one and at least kids has best bullet to hang onto it you're like Kansas State what the hell do you bring to the table. It's a state may be the Biggest Loser in all this that no one wants and needs goal way. Our rights outlet next Fontana five. Then Friday randomness got a lot of them this week like the Frederick and Lotta things in a gun to 48 on ten.