Primetime 5.19.17 Hour 1

Hot TShirt talk, backup QB discussion, all of Ryan Fitzpatrick's teams, and a little breaking Blazers news. 


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Right not welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going. Her appears they never momentum and unbiased. It's just short of the chairman of a compromise sports stuff without booze sugar coat okay yeah I think. He links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's again this kind of show. And let me do my job. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on ten. Love. What they do both. He's a Good Friday it is a Good Friday beautiful day out there and Shannon it is it's out there and shine in down on the people's yard work was done today. He and isn't that funny get held down into the weekend Dan. To skid outside the dog and enjoy it dogs roaming around out there he and I. Bike a little bit alliance it was a good day Q. I had I did just massive quantities of double blow good for you and then there in around outside lot of energy lot of energy now I got in some guard today it is just. She just wonderful luck they'll scheduled for Sunday at 30 yea getting out and get tee time I'll get out and it paid. Has everybody. So it's a good bike a great. Absolutely we're like Catholics Emery close no leg light colors in the Mikey in his drab green T shirt on Mike Smith it's a T shirt and shorts students to win this summer festivities. But thanks it is but none of us wanna be like that. Stereotypical guy you know. That's like for the most part. Our entire station. I really feel like does not necessarily fall into the stereotypical. Sports Radio guy trap like a hole like all of us. Mainly due. Dim babies don't know it but I don't thinks. Mike is a radio producer. And he dresses like if that is true. Yes that's our radio producer stress dissidents. Is just it is what it is Mike likes themselves some new bells and cargo shorts and might get little T shirts I do enjoy those quite a bit they're very comfortable and I enjoy wearing a taillight if you line up on the radio producers all across this vast land of ours out. And just looked at what they're wearing. Roots. Mike's SpinRite. And the best part is those are new teacher it's either knows the new teacher there verses. That's that's nice of warning here it is sweet spot but that being archived audio on December this when I'm warm quite a bit hey. And we all have a favorite T shirt oh absolutely and it just fits right which you don't where most of those two work usually that's more like around the house sort of thing Lamar key again the all races it on unnecessarily I'm very. Regularly get rid of T shirt that no longer fit but this one. There's a couple that I got from the same website that just barely perfect. They don't stretched and act as a stretch and they fit perfectly and make your body that great so let's trust I tell you you find yourself a coveted leisure you get that's a view that brave blow it up to get one in every color. Via easily do you find a good go to T shirt you gonna kick yourself because that you're gonna go back to try to find another one and it's gone. A quality teacher to me means a couple of thinks. Want. The next must not be constricted therefore I generally side with the vina. Well plus when you have beautiful chest there try to meet a little salt in semites they're sticking out EMI testers turning white it's. And I look it is in my life. She almost can't stand it. They make she wants to rip my clothes off its cement its its hot I have to steer added everyday imitate something it's tough to not come across this constant input new ones on it and covered up. Now and then so's that and then links. Down year your your torso is important it is you don't want you can't have it too short because that you were in a belly surely head because we have belies our age but you also quite the you also can't have won the goes down mid thigh right is that you're wearing your dad's teachers EA needs to hang perfectly off of the beer get to half a pitch and so basically when you do any sort of movement it should not lift above the belt I don't know rice at the belt line no question yeah lifting your arms if you're running or something make it stays steadily repair guy. I also taking this stance and it got me my brother have come to blows over. This like it's its fight words. Why on God's green earth would any one in today's day and age where the uncomfortable. Scenes BTT cotton TY. Would you do it well because. I think there's only one reason and it would be. Ignorance of false. There's so I haven't there's so many better ways. To produce a teacher now. Why would you buy that generic like ballpark giveaway Wells Fargo blazer fix it she'd T shirt and that's all. My brother wearers in achieving it is claimed his wayward tee should I wanna know it's there. He refuses to Wear soft T shirts but like you said I just don't think he's been. I don't think he's being given the tools. To appreciate. And try out the nice news yeah even if the teacher technology look if you're if you've never experienced the tribe land you need to. The American Apparel track T shirt it's a it's a gift from the gods. But even if you're you're cut mad you get the rings spun cotton now you get like that brush cotton like they make sheets out of and it's super nice and comfortable there's just no excuse for Hanes PDT there's a lot of cool stuff going on T shirt there ain't easy. It didn't have to pay a little bit slower it's worth it really hits. What's the most you should pay for teachers etc. remember it is to show it is a teacher that's controversial statement. Tony lots. Well depends you know at a concert you know you mean did indeed had there and shoot you know you drop at Yad normally I think 1995. Is probably about for just your standard T shirt. And if you do find one that super soft like you just YouTube touching you like holy hell I'll go up to thirty. Any more than that it's I can't bring myself to do 25 dollars for spot if you've got one this just super soft you can you can splurge a little bit but it. In aids is that the fifty dollars or seventy dollars for T shirts that's it it's it's a bit tight as Google. Most expensive T shirt the out. Com. Wow yeah I'm wow Dino have you ever Google had I have a buddy of mine that is some. Speed and fancy lads. And he wears. Super designer. Mucking about sort of stuff. And so every now and then they QE you kind of see what he's wearing and I it's I know the price tag on some of those things it's ridiculous. I'm guessing your probably see in you know 6700 dollars. Well I'm seeing thirteen thousand dollars hole but. These are like special T shirt so this one isn't a run DM CA deed is after that children in -- gonna. I'm guessing that is like did run DMC like wide themselves without her due date while they make that. I can't and held it for some reason it cost thirteen thousand well this gets because. I did you get the free magazines as well right did you show pictured or some sort of credit card thing yet knowing until like their tree and took him being charged somewhere and you just don't know and his. Will can't find GQ comes to my doorstep and you ever could do that the thing about GQ is whatever stiff current by the way on the latest issue. And it's funny you miss this I was just reading this the other day is take geared to business and was flipping through his read the article on Seth Curry and all the photos have. And a little side bar next and it tells you what they're wearing green. Like they Ku made and what it costs and stiff curry was wearing some sort of hipster suiting me and a tank top the tank top. 795 dollar golfer heavens for a striped be Syrian tank top gaffe. I'll bring it and I just I remember there's Syria Libya might want it's it's it's tanked this is malicious tickled this for me. Us retain top here is the most expensive that he shares and I think it was a is attorneys. Let I think that's the the brand I may be a nice announced that it's a luxury brand that's out of my league man and a blood at 800. The most expensive T shirt in the world as 400000 dollars. Is it made with you know corn for. Yeah course on existed. Not anymore because it used and to make these T shirts. I'll Regis the title of the world's most expensive T shirt goes to these superlative luxury. AT shirt that is yet to find a donor. The teacher largely bears it's huge price tag because of its luxurious brand. But it nevertheless is exceptional many aspects to start with the T shirt is made pure from green energy. As the process utilizes solar energy and does not emit any CO2. So it's one of the close all right to this end it is made the good course. As is the case with the UNICEF T shirts. Now this is going to someone's pocket. These superlative luxury also goes a long way to include an eye catching design. To start with it features a around pattern symbolizing a shining sun. And what's more. These circular pattern is complemented by sixteen certified diamonds. Which held to just by the T shirts exorbitant price. Decide that however the rest of the seizure as a plain black color. Could lower these superlative luxury goes for almost 400000 dollars making it the most expensive. T shirts. In the world works is an an unbelievable. Is anyone bother notes it said it doesn't have an owner. Said that you know as they assist of one of the kindness and it's somebody is someone out there is boulevard would you pay for I don't now. TV you've ever been like for fancy malls kind of think we have one around here. Well maybe seem all the fancy mall where you walk around and it says the store is have like three things that don't. And there's like no salespeople everything's white there's just like three things hanging up in the store and nothing has a price tag but that's. That's where they that surety is being sold. I when I lived in Florida there was one of those I 'cause like go to the mall and you might be wander around the mall and then you quickly realize that there's nothing in the mall that's for you. The other thing that did DG in the corner spin it. He had that they'll know where these calls exit guide you live in another world now I'd never seen that. Another thing that is key for the T shirt is the sleeve links to. And on sleaze cannot DT tied around my big bulging bags giants. Man armed those are my three. T shirt requirements and if you find a good one. You stick to it no question most sectors might might go to was the American Apparel track T and but I'd their. Doll and American Apparel wept look them. Am but when I've when I see that some. The double XL the mayor and when travelers the American Apparel strive blend track T shirt. Is that I see that no matter what's on a combine. Magical. Well folks Chile get to go on here we probably should. Is sports not just T shirts for it stowed my air by the world's most expensive T shirts. Yeah you should see it and the dilution that would buy it it doesn't look. If I were wearing that shirt. You would just echo what's that candor something that he wouldn't be one of our dollar to sure up yeah you'd make what yeah what UG that. Who's his band whose symbol is that thing is if you Wear that do you do it is that bedazzled her. I think you almost have to tell people that your where that right. But the whole time you'd be you walk around just yet because no one would know what went oh and lest maybe maybe it's him it's a thing in the big. Again that rich guy world and the in the hotel no legacy it's like to have in the black American Express or something do you like this is the new black Amex card lonely walk again with the green energy teacher. But it is T shirt but this guy's got money. Yeah I would say that it said no one ever. I think if you Wear this summons probably say it. Okay we'll pay. And the man I don't. Look I and a whole thing planned there and we'll get to the Slater in about the five day workweek via because I I'm pissed that I have sort. Your sleeve in over four big hours of radio am just about. Hate to say this but I had I was taking a nap on fire up emotions ladies' couch today. Just got to lane in. And those during rehearsal he Cirque yet yeah got a little early for me and has time to kill laid down on the couch. And I didn't mention something and along those lines that maybe just maybe was a superstar to be here today and I was quickly put in my place. Bye bye promotions goddess I'm stunned she's here. I think they're trying to do was close to kind of have to be here he goes report stadium yeah it onto the the watch them like Condoleezza little all of us that is true I think someone they don't have to be here at ball that they put the fear in them where when feels like they have to be here at least make an appearance. Well anyway. I have in a have a segment planned on the five day work week can be ever. Have you ever had the thought. But I was thinking driving in in my and the sucks. I did good show today but the suns and then. Has gone well. Who invented a was it just to a guy who said yeah we're gonna work five days and what if you just said for her. But if you said three and why can't we veto on at this point kind of feel like you're gonna go down this road of like the whole six been an absolute. I TS seven that it adds that six minute halves and eventually get down to the point where there's no more reps so then Jeddah for the data that's that's ridiculous. So I researched. Have you ever. Done any homework on where the five day where we came from assume it's a bit involved in the Romans where they greet us doubt the Babylonian came out I've might go to is that did the DM Romans of the Greeks came up with something. Yet at night I feel like there is a window. For us to change it. Is is gonna take some courage. On the part of it takes a momentum on the part of the seventy whatever bath and showed in his in the country and we're starting Iran started courier or he's gonna want to ask does not document. We are I think Howard Stern only does four days now. Lot. Pioneer you have that they gave him like 300 million dollars when you're doing that than I think he can decide to work you think speaking on the buses with us. It's do you feel about this Friday with Mike Lynch. I feel great about us screw it he wants to do and a again it. We got to get the young talent would see would have yes up to speed give him some reps when some innings Tripoli Tacoma let students set his down for a day while still a baby. OK well anyway we'll have that later got some sports is the big twelve imploding. Cornerback news let's start there user according to record breaking news correct it's a 316 this beat the fan aid program. And make no mistake and he forty workweek would equal three tanks and an equal or greater productivity. It would people. Higher employee retention rates. And greater happiness and improved health. There's no question. Studies showing. The Europeans in some places have the the forty workweek they do where. So I'm probably had the Scandinavian countries you re can Sweden again. Andy spade when we're over there and and get this was so many years ago is over their but I remember talk to people and speed and they of the forty workweek. The venom and take like four hour lunches every day this just you have Barcelona was a great. Pace of life if you ever get a chance that's. What do just kind of a laid back group of people I recommend that. There was really adjusted to working. All of their style with a doesn't need to go to like islands rightly know that artery on down and distance forget they may or may not go to work any given day down. Big fan big discussed on the got to keep your job. Right sort of I wanna move to an island somewhere not really do anything. 1080 the fan dot com scroll all the way down to the lower right hand corner. And there you'll find our poll question. Everyday. So it would we have many we get that moved up. I don't think anyone's really trying. Now again like at. I like the poll question. But they let. We need a sponsor on that bad boy hit also a good guess I guess it's ended up that's the key. Being a sponsor as opposed the mental scars of the we currently have so if you'd like to sponsor a pro our poll puts it he gets read every day wonder big Boller brands interest and it's possible. It was a Asia in sponsor in our are fine pull question which trash receptacle would you most want as your backup quarterback. That's where we're going with this. That's exactly we're going with us and a Smart human there are six guys on here. Option B is typical trash came from target is there an a ring detained NBC's mark chimp that I could yet do you guys have those trash cans where you just wave your hand yeah it's freak in Austin medical dry out for medal money that only GM one yeah rich guy. Yeah they're like fifty bucks a constant flow used an eight dollar trash can you know the best part of it is not Ohio yeah you know Hillary got ours. Autorads for her birthday yikes those. Well my brother had won the high flu in county employee of that is Johnson can't make him and my daughter freaking loved it adds she acts Ruben for her birthday and my brother bought one physical it now resides in our kitchen. Do we do you like him better than. Oh yeah this step on the yet the little's the bulls that that pops up the FB can't have an open their garbage now now. Got receivers. You're saying that it's more convenient than placing your toes instead on normal and it's been a congressman about. It's way better to ask your feet to do all that what I want is if I'm assuming when you wave your hand it opens slowly. Yeah kids is part of the life of being opened it and how it all what I want is one that like makes the Star Trek sound like the little door opening. If I want that. That's the one I really want. It's it's it's awesome I love my automatic trash can and I did pay for gun is a gift. Cool moment I actually really good gift. Kind of sort of when she asked to trash can when she asked for an I was like as a one million might change and it says that honey. Do you wanna ask him does he does know I want one of those trash cans and might and I was like mom again your trash can for your birthday. And member of merit member there came through and you can't get some idiot trash can now. Prosecute even when they asked her to keep your wife and iron but I feel like if it's one of the way it one of these loans were talking to you trying to may be canceling it's a pretty gift I've we heavily putters for years and I look Ryan Fitzpatrick. Calling cabernet each. Jacob Blair. Mike Glenn then. Matt Moore. Did I do elect me some more and RG three vote. At 1082 fanned out come which trash receptacle would you most want your back of course about overtime. A get. I certainly can't read a Ryan Fitzpatrick now calling Catholic threaten. Matt Moore. Michael Lenon. RG three I think at one map more. What may be a side of my Glendon. If I if I was gonna go really well does your top ten things. I think those are my top two over K I was my top two ball that well with with Cutler he just doesn't wanna give back up and I don't think his preparation. Is is what you want out of the back up quarterback. You need a backup quarterback that is is really gonna be detailed in one you wanna be able to help the other quarterbacks in the room. MBA kind of but an extra coach from the sideline everything I've read about Jay Cutler I don't buy that saved you can't predict other ID every can be effective. I think he does limit what you can do once he goes in you have to rents a certain packages form I think Matt Moore is a good solid quarterback. I've always wondered why edit add you know with with at the bright testers of the world. Like to see Matt Moore on a good team get a chance to be the starting quarterback. I think Matt Moore could gay manage eighteen and and and do quite well I got the Houston Texas last year right. Number one defense in the NFL and they had warmed over garbage at at the quarterback is but imagine the post season between the crappy Oakland Raiders. Matt Moore on that Houston Texans team I think Houston now the what do Super Bowl that more but I think Houston. We would have been a real tough out with him as their starting quarterback was a weapons on the outside. Besides I've always I've always been a fan I think he's a good quarterback 1980 this in dot com reasonably done at their rank it's Patrick got a job today at one years three million. Is headed can. But it was pro. Bad last year for your jets here replaces Glen after all blues the rate lean over. You know his salary and wanna warrant term deal in the ad that you don't kind of the goal improved year. How he was bad so really gave him one year over there one year in three million bucks now on me now with the jets yet you jets it was a one year deal. And then now he don't it is numbers because that guy he has used these terrible but he shown flashes though yeah he has had good moment yes but we're all wonder why no one was willing to give him. Money last year in and he went out and proved everyone right. He proved everyone right this nation yeah given him money union. So twelve touchdowns seventeen picks and I I wanna say that in two weeks I think he threw. Eight of them and get up five and three interception gave him back to back worst career completion percentage. Am. Only 2700 yards. And his overall quarterback rating was 69. Point six eve was La yes that's horrible okay as I was wrong I said five and three no he had six in theory. In back to back weeks. Well people who played against Seattle when he threw three picks had a quarterback rating of 41. And then he followed that up. With a six INT game against the Kansas City Chiefs would you care to guess what Israeli wasn't out one to eighteen. I want to get eighteen of eighteen. But he protest on national more no he did not protest down. He was but he seems like DeGeneres number 36 exe way to what do you 44 for a 188 yards that's 45% completion by the way. No touchdowns six picks. That is a quarterback rating of eighteen. Point two. He knows Siena had he sacked and yet here's the beauty part the year before he had 31 touchdowns and fifteen picks and I had it was almost 4000 yards that he was good that's crazy the weird part is about that so those guys so inconsistent is that is 'cause there's not that there's just not that an and so much he could count on the inconsistency you can't even count the inconsistency and a lot of it is predicated on on. What will what's around them and how well their profits of lines plane how well the run game is and it's just and you you just not consistent that's the difference between being average and being good being good at being great being great can be you know beat. It did that we did about Fitzpatrick is great you can be he could not have had a worse year last year as has died a year is there was for a quarterback in the NFL. And he still got three million. That's yes that's been Ellis and strangest position in all of sports in his every one they get signed. Basically I'm not everyone but the vast majority of them suck and we all know they suck and yet he's gonna get three million dollars well. OK so I think we can. Did you stay cabernet. Is wanting more money than three million that's the only thing I can think he wants time for treatment so that's why. It's Patrick has a job and capping it however. When I saw the same neatly side. The white. Ivy League kid him. Gets a job before the black. Who now for the anthem shocking. Right. Unsigned or something you know that would else's is gonna be the perception in addition to money there's something. Well and and I even saw this today were somewhat said the Fitzpatrick was exactly which Davis Winston needed and it's basically they want a stable pony. They want someone that's gonna come in the united the year you know bring in an ivy leaguer either bring in someone that's calm someone that is is level headed some and it's a film nerd. Someone that's very makes sense that that's the stated and you want that to rub off on NC you're not paying him three million dollars to to have to play football their pain in three million dollars a cavity basically be. Be a dubious they want to be a baby sitter for James Winston. And that's the thing with cap really that bad off like little wild child and figured just that sense of do you want. In an every room that I was ever in as far as the NFL goes every backup quarterback that I ever saw was basically the same archetype not that talented. Very Smart very. It'll still oriented. Understood the offense. And understood his role of being a backup like. Steeper line was there in Denver and the forgotten more about football than half the coaches in the NFL. And and Steve I didn't have any sort of he knew we was gonna be a starting quarterback at that point in his career is happy being a backup. And that's is that that's that's kind of the back corporal in the NFL and with cap for next. I do think there's an element to you feel like you're getting a guy that. One wants to be the starter may be is gonna be content be the backup maybe isn't willing to put in the work certainly doesn't have the the full understated guy doesn't I can't make full a field reits. What he placed she got to wonder what he's like the film room is he really is stabilizing force in that room. I think capita for a lot of people is probably a better option. If he had to go and in play but a lot of these guys that's not what they're concerned about they want to back up quarterback to basically be another set eyes and an aide to their starting quarterback. And I do think there's an element to where teams aren't buying into the cavern a key is is that sort of player. All right that simple question it's an eighty to stand I can't check out Ryan Fitzpatrick it's a one year deal three million. With Tampa Bay I heard some fun facts on leader in spray Joba him earlier on Fitzpatrick you're Catholic on them. Fits magic Kia coming up I'm like DB does it rained its magic and his ex Libby does have what does beards illiteracy and I have. A puzzling use of seven million dollars I'd like to bring to your attention that stood. I'm sorry I. I've got no I side a little crazy idea resilient. Tough let's hope we can now. That's Iguodala but that is well played that is welfare let's just kept Provo. I don't have a very good. Thank you thank you. Here is Mike was sports and. Answered your newspaper talking about the those driving into the broadcast today. 87 statement. Lifted them. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Will have now played for seven. Teams you the best run quite a bit and according to our mid Asia. There are only five other quarterbacks. Who have thrown a pass in the game for seven. Or more teams. Won that first popped into my head ever in when they were doing the list an eminent try to remember list up cup in my head. I only got one. Well actually get to Vinny Testaverde was the first NIC easy on they came to mind they missed that one skinny mini. And I got him trended to think seven different teams. It just George bounced around quite a bit as he is not one of them. Does Barack was in line got. Us for a I don't to go at a gun goes for a. And see what else to I remember about that. Lou Jeff Blake I think was one of them really Tina. Had no idea I remember him with the saints and they needed angles of the two that I remember him I didn't know he played for them any teams Rodney Pete maybe. Now think he was on him and he Pete played for a bunch of people and I'm gonna have to solicit to listeners still text in the Walsh. But remember you know Stephen bit Steve Bono was one of them. Would've gotten that one now. How many do we need we need that's like three year for nearly one more I forget the other guy. But they've played for seven or more of storm passes for several more teams yeah. And civic group it Dino Fitzpatrick seven teams they did this to and I did not get this. The should be easy and it's not we've played for buffalo yes it for the Texans yes it's for the jets yes. Who knows that he played for a while Tampa he's going to campus that's for but he hasn't thrown a pass nobody will. Well actually he may not in on it. And it's a seventh team. Tried to think too LT played war. Was the only ones that they come to mind Tennessee. Saint Louis I briefly remember him in Tennessee I started with the rams I had no idea I don't remember him with a rare at all any also played. For the dangles which. Was 20072008. And I bought that straight out now and remember that he there. So Tim they will be his seventh team. Inning he's got to get in a throw past oh slang technique it's. Chris Chandler as soon. Well traveled. And those are good those are great careers I said all are indeed there's the there's maybe not a better position and all's words ONB a back up quarterback I have. Another hot Ryan Fitzpatrick facts of the put them there just flooding in. Our morning show host. Kim Cleveland the catching a touchdown caught a pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick rams. Rams the X Alice in the cameras with the rams ends with the saints and pats I think it is. Says accountants from belly. They did great Ryan to spread yet another thing that separates camp villain from us it's so much better than us I am not cut pell grants it's now ignored by. But the you know what you know we have come and Ryan Fitzpatrick never been in our kitchens. One of his right especially redeem your kitchen. Now know this your bidding can't Cleveland's kids you know maybe maybe you didn't ordinance we're all the same. We always have will always have that there's always common ground you can find with someone that announced stick with that Ryan Fitzpatrick and I now. Neither of us are named bill you seek that are picked up. The similarities are striking it is amazing the comment if we can just think about that we always have something in common with people. I have some breaking blizzard yours brother or it's maybe like half presumably serious Japanese journalists are asking all. Atlanta has requested the opportunity to talk with meals say about it's they can GM job but was denied permission. I whom the blazers. Yes there's that policy they said Merrill it's got to be part of McAllen is and the calendar says that DePaul. Polly said not yet is it not a Nydia. Let's go low and then that's probably a good thing if you're Neil oh sure you read it hasn't wanted him. Look he wants to be back in LA but if he wanted that job that's a bullet confidence though. Well yeah like I guess so yeah. If they give you can't get radio station from like Denver comes and as I we'd like to talk to guys grow up and our management's lack now. And done and done now doctor Maya will run barefoot and flat out there that doesn't make you feel good. The right. Again like being at a bar with your woman and some guys like hey gonna dance with your with any in the husband's like you're absolutely. You can't I just acre for a split okayed this brings a whole other thing. Since. It. How does that work they you have to ask permission 'cause are under contract I know but guys move around all the time. Yep do you have in my home to me you can be legally do it but it's tampering so if you if you are under contract he believes it take of the. Pox job yes they have to treat form. Like anything else I can't go talk to Coca if I'm the Boston Celtics and I've pitchers did in. Paul George I can't go talk to Paul George he can't just leave and take that job no he cannot he's under contract. Cannot do it. So in order to have that could have easily answer and the blaze yet the blaze either after cutting him. Or you have to trade for sort of shouldn't mention he's probably. I don't know of GM this have been too I guess Doc Rivers mistreated he is tightening of the GM. But coaches do get gum okay are so we don't know. Illustrated for Deanna that. We all know that all Shea. The GM bro wants the clippers job yes. What if they deny him the opportunity to talk to the clippers then he can't take clippers shot. Humid chance a year dispute. I think he'd be as always you can go I just get fired if you're Neil he would yell. We you can go in and might take we could quit as more of all we can't eat it again it could like resign Lowell can you can't. Player and I have a three year contract and then Paul George let's go put the lakers he can't go into the Celtics and they I quit regaining his fetish of this is like. There's a little bit of the number of news we're I've got out of my head is a guy really guy he's really bright kid he just quit. What is he has he has stopped working. This Eric in the thanks for sure getting just quit ticket know what what if you can what if he'd just decides to move to LA yeah rob McCullough treasonous. What if he just moves to LA and still runs the blazers but also removed the clippers and the commission that would he takes both jobs but to decide contract. Both side tons what's that answer that BC awarded three words like Tim similar to the clippers for cash to get into all at once well. Little uneven it's like the NBA two K seventy trick Pickens the I don't know that means. Well you'll Bosnian like in video games they put that back in the day you reduce trade for all the best play makers that like you do what you can force traded yeah and of course history it's a fight your favorite team that the Utah Jazz. Yeah good trade like you know the worst player of the Utah Jazz for LeBron James you like it since it appeared real to me make this happen. You think they'll say tanks the dressing attire that you could do if he knows that he can get clippers gauged the heck you can you can do that if you would if you wanted to. You can go ahead and get yourself fired then. Steve could go and take another job contracts work that wins ports that you think you then you're angry you know OK you don't have to pat tonight's us anymore okay they're. Will that. All right we get that we should have known that. Sorry BS I don't think it's a it's a big mystery that he would be happy to go back and and not over. All of them for the LA job a hope that this is Paula on. On the big baby called doesn't want in the piazza doesn't want him to go get another jobs are resistant to deny him oh is it the worst thing if he goes to exclude pre John. So horrible the Pennsylvania blazers pencil lead and it. Well I think he's a bad GM I don't either but he's mean he's not like freak in Jerry was all my own so it's like. You got to Kabul. You got your core guys. Yeah but you could make the argument that the much harder part of it now is is is to begin right and then why is he qualified for that and not. Like Larry Bird. Who turned down four picks for all George. Well again but if if you fire him and illustrate a you can. And I wish to do that I'd I don't grow a huge market for and for Neil. It'll be comedian of the gains of being back in return hawks woman and four picks and I doubt that that is. He's going to be a big giant hall can be UA and has a great signs that the Herschel Walker going to the Minnesota Vikings at that point oh Zuckerberg is gonna get camera itself trailer clippers. It will those with the Chris yeah return that will be interesting is who happens down there I. I do think Doc Rivers was treated for if if I remember correctly that's right and he is their GMs that teach you how to G entry I've I'm trying to think of tubman had another one that happened and I. And I really can't GM traded at GM traded. But it does happen in the coaching game. That's that's only when I can think of the I have some I have some more breaking news you guys out there colonies can end testifying. In an open session. Before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Most of nugget to watch. On currency. Says the concession god the posturing it's good to be involved in that anytime that there is day there's I remember like the steroid hearings. You have all of that on hand you have the people there that are just like here is right make my name. Like they just they just like Biden did that ever so Hilliard oh you mean allies sued Dell the guys like that Waxman GAAP labor and Laxman. Ever Waxman but Biden was up there too this is before like Biden with the vice president he was just got real on just grill and I'm like he's just like you do what I remember specifically Biden dropped the he knew what this is beyond it kind of goes I go was taken out by guys like this a I know because they were better than me because they run steroids really Joseph you are right now save the you'd be in the big leagues right now that was the first yes Mark McGwire on Roy yes because Joseph Biden was also like Ireland and devious buddy that's like Waxman had no idea what steroids even word you use up their run in that range I utilizes and it yeah. It will come so this press was up to write this I promise you that they'll be what did you guys up there so he'll be dressed in the diets and it's like this is where I make my name. And they're just it's gonna be such an S show the ceramic planning on C span that channel and everybody watches. On the you know the clips will be the clips will be circulated if you get to be to gagged as the Clinton. And everyone's gonna want and if there's going to be a lot of theatrics. You know there's going to be able to like with like big. Bold sweeping statements that they did just upholstered. And they're gonna try to pretend that it's spontaneous do we all know they sat in the beer for like a week prior dislike just to make sure that it's ready to go at the opportune moment you know Theo Epstein got traded. To the cubs. They had to they had to give compensation for him. OK so there as a GM and they got relief pitcher Chris Carpenter. I would make your Red Sox did that in the Debian a very good deal for the Chicago cups. Okay well way over to we have little breaking news there what were we doing we are in the Fitzpatrick stuff yeah well I've got a seventy million dollar. Stadium naming rights story for. You know were over when someone on the takes programs says that works well for her detectors it's almost break it here rich I did did indeed yes the question because are you is way over. Question mark. And yes rich so. Yes we are gonna ask that knowing that you know the answer I don't like to be passive aggressive IC that's a congressman who are hate rich. Request that you already know the answer to you. Don't we don't need gas and tax amounts make him aside the last owner yeah see now we had to notify minutes on that. Gold rich backed up. Rich. 351. On the fan. I coming up A-Rod news. Is the big twelve imploding. This wide Sheen avenues. Most of them the cash Hussein no. Noted in atonement for the key thing that went. You'll be talking about notices right well this particular happened. If she's got the it's it's QYC Dr. Phil. I'm I'm trying not to get on a Dr. Phil were asked why is not. About that first off he gave us that Syracuse and go away Dr. Phil. You gonna live all those ladies love him. They love you my ex Dr. Phil all the ladies that are Holm had three in the afternoon he might be the biggest pompous ass on TV and that's saying something. The work on TV. York. Loves. I think you're on TV right now the star of the program. So I can't prepare. Do you ever get asked the question like when people find out we do. They ask why anyone would ever watch radio on TV I never a good answer for now with. On launches as opposed ever like to people watch you my dad. I guess besides there's cameras. And watching us talked to one another you know I radios on TV. It's cheap but yes this is it it's as line. Because we have salaries of zero. Now. And low overhead I think rust who's run in the recipes in there Perez is in there they are paying him a lump sum if I think five dollars he's I think he's gave a quarter. And they've got four cameras and some lights that they and so that's your concept into Cameron here so 505 cameras. And listen up equipment it's cost effective programming and they get four hours every. Day like why reality television works at the pay anyone. Whoever decided to do it was Bruins. Genius marketing scheme although you know what because you know be running otherwise the little latter giant system the that the little letter thinks the commercial and commercials would be running baby at least lower. Although you don't want some puzzles are rupiah to its better ratings. Infomercials there us depends on what it from Herschel it is the slap chop as the ship well is that latter system it's up to you what a ladder system. He put an old candidate B configurations to hell of a program. OK well maybe the convention I was at the convection oven. Cook is tired meal and minutes drop. They didn't forget it. They need new. Infomercials I feel like I should be a host of their for their own saying I don't their let's do it I can fake excitement about a product let's go OK we've got some stadium naming rights news to kick off our next hour he sad about that yet excited about that all right. Seventy million dollars worth seven million bucks a retired Jersey talk rest for sure I would love to have some sort of study to find out whether or not that's. I could good investment at all she also didn't finish answered about. Yeah we deleted I deleted it do for my Nazis at far it's like Citi Field right New York well let's just put it in minutes. We have to break her again he and a tell me about started over. And we came back 3-D nine folks we've got another hour coming up next on the fan.