Primetime 5.18.18 Hour 3

Hot 5 at 5, Mark Teixeira on Cano, and some fun golf stories. 

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They are listening to the primetime with eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less love tires and are doing the right being since 1950 do you hunt cute. I. Private club I would love. I don't want. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Or classes mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate probably. This problem. Do prime time on ten ADO. Sarah. All right we may add to our summary of us. Boards here with got a club our coming up there is some very exciting news in one of maybe the greatest deeper stories. In the history of the world. With its local roots race here you see that DB Cooper. I. I discusses. We get into well more than anything great historians DB could. Let that happen in our backyard and I think that's maybe the direction we go with the group is not really any news though because like it is seeming like every three months there's a new break in the DB Cooper case and then. And now I've got I've also got Jennifer Aniston lesbian news. Which we get to the club hours a day you have my attention gives you get through this the salary of sports we get into of that I also as far as sports topics code with obviously we'd have no NBA today who we do of the NHL game right now but I. As I pretty feel good golf stories. Edit and that and the hour with those and and I wanna get into a major which. I tip of the cap is paid any attention to the Las Vegas night's pregame stuff yes it is. Amazing if if the raiders can do half of the golden knights are doing around the game just to make because the big problem the NFL right now is that game is not half as fun sitting. Your ass home watching the game in the comfort your own home but if you couldn't get any of this production value in NFL stadium. Yeah the performers at Vegas right yes if you remembering what their brain here to the NFL it would be loss. They are doing my goal like medieval tying toward. Think that they act out doubles kids. Like right now. Now it's six caliber yes they've god we're watching sword fighting on TV there is sort of fighting it right now on the eyes between a Las Vegas golden Knight and some dude distressed over the night for the Winnipeg jets. Winnipeg jet just got taken in the yet they think is what Monty Python and he got sucked up to the rafters. But there is no question is pretty they are doing an amazing beings with some of the preach games dove in Vegas and my tip of the cap. To what they're they're doing in our city is Vegas there should be some showmanship there. Torres the league needs to. You know to. This list in Vegas has been waiting for professional sports. Forever and it's funny because I used to live in Vegas and and I would wait tables when I wasn't doing standup comedy it's a talk to a lot of people. But what ice breakers when you bartender and you wait tables go up inflate some baby wearing Fisher you know you're talking about sports or whatever. Some as they could turn on the game like you written for a goes what's the lie like that you get that all of the time now but there's there's so many transplants out there. That you know they bring their own teams they lose the phantom it's easy to base skew too bad. But now that they have their own demons that you for the arms for a person it's one of the greatest stories. Of an expansion team ever you know but the AT this a pyrotechnic in the building big castle. Who's ever in charge that has ever put in on their. There their pregame stuff is is really do and they equal job about it let's. Coo coup asking him what to spread this. Might kill off acts. But it's I don't really have a football team that a big group for -- of my kids have stopped asking egg if I'm watching football they don't ask who I'm rooting for the kids come in and ask what I need a certain team to win by and it warms my heart. Like I'll be watching I'll be watching Oregon play cal the kids come in and they'll be like. Young organ by by how much of it like let's. You understand me so well. Well with with the legalization of gambling teams moving to Vegas who will become more prevalent that the spread will be the most important things though. Big big week for that. As far as what's the spread conversation goes but. Right now we need to get into the hot five at 50. Odd topics and opinions. I did and I'll bear. It's time for the iPod hybrid club with no luck on private Bible. Isaac consumed. Refreshed by frost brewed chorus line. Download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number applies. But we'll start with the women's College Softball factory shut down yesterday over Albany. You have a showdown over Drake the game just went final Oregon Ducks win five. Nothing. They're doing a little round Robin here in the first round there the number one seed overall it's a medal team as a chance to win a national title I think at any level. Yeah I mean it's and that they give to give organ credits. You know we said this to many times they have they have put a lot but in a lot of resources. In all their sports peak that it helps that Nike. The but they have they assume that a good job with that they certainly have been that right now it's like gravity no trouble with their drug. Number or zero quickly console was one of those sports that I pay no attention to. But you'll sit and watch four innings today narrow view. Spin I don't all the time isn't my flip it around them thank you Melissa. Watch as relive it the next thing you know you're like oh yeah. That's there was a couple of innings that in college volleyball against U women's volleyball and the beach volleyball. It made it big can begin here. I totally agree with that this one is is kind of bizarre to me so the last time that you and I did the show together was the day after the NFL draft. And I don't know by brought it up or not but I had the show notes from the last when I just using Google document recycle it. It was shocks chuck Knox birthday the last time we did the show I was gonna ask you dead or alive. And that was definitely the head could that be dead if he's six years old it was. Regretful speculated on appeal by the Beijing government weekend for the past. It will oh I added as today enough. What you're right it wasn't made thirteen. I dishonest or just out today about a terrible person itself. And misuse but I'm in my book it's it's. That's the Ivins to its league baseball's Edwards contaminated. We've got the Padres. Refinancing of the pirates fired up to know the pirates leading that division after getting rid of and McCutcheon. What's more surprising Pittsburgh or Atlanta. I don't know I mean it's it's wild to think that you've got these division leaders that probably won't be at the end of the year you expect the nationals to step up. Expect anybody else in the in the central division and kind of take on the pirates right now with the lead over the Padres. The a's leading one nothing over the blue jays Orioles one up 10. Up 10 on the Red Sox and the cubs in the reds no score there. The Diamondbacks beat the Mets the Mets were leading the division where they is that they still newest villain the NetSuite and talks to the Mets were eleven at one and now they're one game. And they're currently in fourth place in their details. It got started out of that improvement and one he had their game gonna have a Marlins. And brazen sports. Number two number two yeah. And bury the lead a little bit on this but the golden knights are taken on the Winnipeg jets they have a 21 series lead right now that's your big sports action going on at that game. About to drop the puck guy here any minute when. BC sports last they have been amazing at home so chance maybe gravel in the series and on this side of things. In the east no team has won and a whole. Yeah that was say that a series doesn't begin until someone loses on on the road on the road too well here we we have a team that can't win at home so why she went into Tampa won the first shooting goes back to Washington. And lost the two day or so tomorrow night. He is the home team home try to finally win one in the series. And to keep the synergy going with the gambling and what's the line to see the empty netter. Lost people lot of money on the over under last night so. Came fifth in the final minutes that's not to their fourth goal and they get over under was up five and half for six to been in a way about it hearts. Very. It's time. Number one thing. An emperor wore him. Even though we're a day away and in the other case to days when the big story of course is the NBA playoffs and we've got these Celtics traveling to Cleveland. Tomorrow. That's a 5 o'clock if I believe. And you've got a Boston team that won the first two games at home. The way you're supposed to do them like the hockey it's got to right now on the east. But Boston's only won one road game in this entire playoffs and they couldn't do it regulation and overtime win against Philip bill. Be administered at too low and then the first series ended up having to go to seven games so I don't know what to write enough LeBron just yet in Cleveland was up what eleven when he took that shot chin. And never appeared to be quite the same now it. Get a chance. Did you get back in this no one's writing off LeBron James but it's certainly appears in the first two games that. That this is the Cleveland Cavaliers team that we sought middle of the year whenever it was write them off this does not look like the team they closed out to Toronto. No it certainly doesn't throughout their but also the rockets got their first victory of the series and they look like they're gonna give the Warners is who is going to be thunder I hope so we we we need a series the NBA players have been a bit of that does so far and no one's expecting much from the NBA finals so that we need one of the use of not hopefully bolt the congress files to turn into something that we can watch. If you're gonna get a job and you're going to be corrupt you should probably just be an AD at a major college program I think that'll probably it would get to that next if need first and had to tell you the 55 is brought to by frost bruise or slight download the cores like new rewards that. And started imports. Earning points toward one of A kind experiences and game tickets. We will talk about oh levels. Fallen AD tanger it's just how much money is he getting paid. A lie to you in scandal that's next prime time on the. We don't recognize the name. Church. He is the former. Athletic director for the loop hole par. If you're paid attention removal did not have a rate college basketball season on season. Recent history. And so he's Ben. You know departed ways but. He is part ways when you have a job like that you have to go through the whole process in how much money you can get. Before you leave. One of these programs. And you're shaking had a pretty suit reads a radio program for those kids he would. It's it's true if you're in one of these high profile positions. Whether it's it's at a bank some hedge fund and certainly if you work for an NCAA institution. It really doesn't matter what you do things you you can be the worst human being on the planet and you still walked away with an. S ton of money about how disgraced. U lark. Jurors will receive a one time payment of four point five million dollars in the next and it's them them additionally you paid sick two point 67 million. You need deferred compensation. By the reds seven over seven million dollars combined church. And his wife will both keep their school funded insurance plans until we qualify for Medicare. And they will continue to have the a lot of club seats at global football and men's basketball home games for the next. 12 years. And that if he wants to ensure that he can sell those for a minute if he decides that he doesn't wanna go to anymore at Louisville football basketball. And by the way this is after the numerous scandals under his watch that Louisville including the FBI coming in yet and taking down your program and firing of Rick Bettina there is a. Either of prostitution. Patron program for recruits you have the FBI coming in here and things down it's like how much worse. Can you ruin the image of an athletic program. And a little bit for those who don't know rules that by far the highest paid men's basketball team yes it's not a close causing collect revenue from the AFC Yi on the senator. And so they just made money hand over this so this isn't a big pale global. But imagine being fired in disgrace amid the FBI's scandal. And your punishment is that you wacko it was just a mere seven point two million dollars always. Don't care in Hilliard each Medicare and they couldn't the university one is willing not only to have you back but they're getting used premiums Eads. There at club level for the next twenty years kids let's that is not the same program without you around here on now today. I want everyone to remember one day. When it comes to the NCAA. About student athletes our eyes student first live look emphasis on student student first and I'll be damned if you pay goes can't die. This is about amateurism sue yeah I don't wanna hear one word about these kids being paid L winning the purity. Of this behind sports program we have going on here as. So if you're a football coach you know of your vows to look at your AD committees he whoever the hell you want because your millions of dollar is guaranteed regardless of what you deal. But if you're kidding you take. A lot of know you take a couple of hundred boxer may be take a couple of grand or I don't know you try to get something for your families that they could live and a decent home that's. Sir you are criminal you get the hell out of here I Chris Webber is he has is not welcome back at the university biscuit Reggie Bush getting stepped foot on the campus USC but Tom Gerri cheer apparently he can get for the next twenty years. He gets her role in with his club seats Ted of them by the guy to whatever football and basketball game wants kids turn out seems too good yeah yeah Bravo. Yeah this economy should stomach turn and they the idea that you have all of these coaches they can leave you know under a cloud but if they've won enough. Job wait for an NFL until a scandal disappears and you go right back to another high paying job. But yet absolutely amazing I can't wait to see how much they have to pay pour Rick Pitino ago. Well let's suppose they were willing to fight pitino like they're that's going to allow a series you're just kind of waited a ballot in today's it was like here you're already in a lawsuit with the Jeter do you really wanna be in a closet with meek just seven. Sound well and by the way insurance and all the tickets I can get when you notice negotiate with his book goes like I sure why not here take it. But the petite one that's a hundred million dollars a date. I got the one they'll fight to like Hunter Mahan now we're gonna fight that seven. Some insurance shirt he irritate getting ago. I did not see what happens sixteen minutes left in the first period in Las Vegas on the golden knights are ready up one goal didn't screw around Vegas when they don't lose at home. Is there something about that home ice advantage they during the great season they called it the Vegas hangover. Because there is the sense that when teams came to Las Vegas party Italy pardoned a little bit. But in the post season it's it's it's held up I think they've lost two game. At home and in the post season if I'm not mistaken and and I would sit home. They're in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that you're not going to Vegas and party ended it's actually a business you take it seriously. One would paint. I'll make up Western Conference bump you began to pepper series let's that's always been a real thing like well when teams go play the mixer you know not the knicks are cute and Los Angeles as we go to LA you go to New York you go to the cities there there is that especially if you have a day off before. Like it in Vegas knows this I'm not saying like the biggest Golan Heights but like the book the oddsmakers the bogeys. They actually take that into play that if if you played in New York or LA. And you have a day off the night before the game the the point spread will change the same thing applies. Is if you play like him a back to back or you play in. New York the night before you do you go and you play Philadelphia or whatever it is you do on a road trip and you don't you play in LA than you come of Portland. They probably had a good time essentials. So yeah as it should it even. Even to. A lesser extent. I don't know how often this goes on around me have my one little brief experience with a good. Talking to a lot of guys that actually you know played on that that Buccaneers Super Bowl team what are the reasons why they now do that the two weeks. One in media obligations and you kind of hype it up a lot of it is. I skipped. Really really bad out of shape that first week. Like it is the big unit they call it Super Bowl they'd they'd trigger a trade is very. Business like and it it is not given us a it is anything but like whether it was and I and I don't know how much of this is still around and I'm sure if if any of these have gone way new woods just popped up. But like that but Playboy it was at a party and was that maxim. And like FHA and and and make all these sorts of things and and guys would show us. Did a literati did this was before the families like the wives are coming to town and so then. But it does say girls were back at the hotel room and that that first week leading up to the symbol is a Ed show and. That's before the Super Bowl I talked to linking Kennedy played the raiders got in the Super Bowl he said the may or may not have been any floor that was just dedicated to. Response and a bunch of ladies yes of the night to up to this these two floors in the hotel that we have. Object so this this sense that because all have a good because that's the playoffs or is because it's you know it's it's you know a Super Bowl week that somehow guys like on their best behavior is like us as fans projected onto the athletes. We wanna wait oh no IDD super serious and no one would ever won ever. Trust me booze women pools whatever you did it all goes on and guys all all of them. A lot of the guys participate in that whether it's it's the week twelfth. Or whether it's the Stanley Cup finals or whether it's the Super Bowl. There's always an element of that easy Eugene Robinson and these are NFL man of the year was that like the night before the Super Bowl. Eugene was not in his hotel group studied his playbook yeah. There is saying. Something happens when you have you know a couple twentysomething millionaires a huge party environment around them they're going to be drawn into light like I honestly I went of that about Vegas is I've always said -- Vegas when you go to Vegas. Back me up on this one when you are the plain don't you wanna do some team. They're slot machines up to date. There's a feeling when you get in Vegas that you want to let's just say you want a sin you'll like day as it's like it and and then there's something in the air about it where it makes you wanna do something that you normally don't do I lived in Vegas bar tending Heidi got off work at three voice miles off from my brother beds which led airport and the Klondike meet us there as friend or order the clock and were good set of security up. As for me just thrown out of the club there are German agreement. That's possibly true story 100 is that true I save the voicemails. Many took a nap in and out burger and adamantly bingo. Market share at them insisting words about Robin thing can knows. The bench and give them that next instant primetime from the. Prime time with eyes against duke on sanity of those fans. Bill Isaac drought we've Anderson. Sitting in a. So Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano played together for five years the Yankees. Robinson though if you don't know just got popped Ernie game suspension. Broke his hand in the yup property inspection of the great great we don't see department said that he's not guaranteed to be the second base when he comes back. Because he's he's not gonna be eligible for the post season their their you know so they're they're preparing. Al means is I guess he didn't say not he said he's not. Yeah they're not planning and I guaranteeing me a spot when he when he does come back you know being in the every day's second baseman nice was it about twelve million dollars the suspension. Boldly is not good but at least you have former teammates that can you know stay in Korea. We can go under the bus but does. Exactly what I'm about to do we might Israel does here in his own words. Now he's surprised that you suspect it would. Yeah I mean I don't want it too much detail on a book while probably but. Yeah and on this much applied so I don't really wanna go. Too much further. But I think a lot of people are are kind of saying the same chain and found cash kinda. Yet to catch itself in an interview a couple days ago but yet I'm not surprised. Let's bring incriminating did he say anything oh not at all. To save my pledge sheets on his wife I don't wanna get under way in now I just the calcium and I'd like you know I don't and I'm not surprised. Their blood to you why did he did she'd argue I wouldn't be surprised me and I cannot as you know I'm not. Not comfortable going there is so old. In Al Luke Luke you had to catch himself Luke was gonna say that he she'd spent yeah dedicates himself was like guy and no I don't mean this heat I'm not saying there's bodies bearing in six backyard. There's more than one through a number of dogs the way people around run the unit we're patches of dirt that was missing yes it's series to series those blood on the knife and police that your shoulder blades. Do you have the other day that there might did dating when your team is in the noted yet he's back did he give you guys have to give the user rates euphoria this. It's from and stayed dot com home. This is more Teixeira went on the clip of it's those freedom for. Robby can those assistant was on the list from Biogen mrs. of course he had an assistant buys stuff for rim Alex Rodriguez got up by Biogen is Melky Cabrera got popped. There is best friends. When someone gets lumped into that group it's it's because there's evidence the paper trail you know it's gonna smoke that it does not look good when your people as I guess he was best friends of Melky Cabrera I guess they were like thick as thieves they were. Like they were on sept yes Barbara there would be an inseparable yet they were Brothers. And they A-Rod took them both under his way yet. And I can hear his stand is big juice down wing. And then robins again as a says that was tied I guess was was also working with wood by Genesis was should be don't remember that was the clinic down in Florida the anti aging clinic. Dead that obviously was supplying guys including us Rodriguez with the with the the secret sauce so block active. Clearly Robinson can no. At this point I did there's no debating that that wind. Rob you know got caught and NRC was doing terrorism as he's in masking agent. But clearly this is big going on for quite some time because he's been in Seattle for five years. And this stuff going back soon in this this puts the whole career. Under a cloud of suspicion at this point and and contrary to popular belief at least from my experience. DA did it did steroids is somehow secretive amongst teammates is is not date than not the case yet you. Guys talk guys know. It is it would really just isn't. Something that is is is kinda kept behind closed doors far from and in fact. A lot of people are are pretty open about it and are willing to. Help others yeah. Yeah let me look it up with my guy plus anyone that's been in a clubhouse and it's been in the weight room. I said it I think it was to orchestrate straight conditioning coach the time member remember he was old is he let me ask you what his name was. But we're talking about a series a number of years ago there's article for the Tribune I was quoted in and he was like. It's anyone in my garage and those steroids he goes all all all my job and I was like that's the biggest joke in the world like going to your dog when you weight room and give me two days and I'll tell you use on them. Think it's the easiest thing in the world to see you Mikey we all do the same work outs is athletes. Think everyone works out to get everyone in the sweet together every one is is is familiar with that we have out. Liars when you have guys that look one way and that also look at different way when you have guys that it would during the season lose twenty pounds that in the aussies they did it right back. We'd see guys that all of a sudden show up and they've got sits on their back the size of my breeders'. And you can see changes in India and Indian bodies dated date. It's the worst kept secret in sports coaches don't serve dishing coaches know. Front office those and other players know and if you don't you're an idiot it's just you don't wanna know it's possible the liability you bury your head in the sand. Plenty of my friends that we're doing in there wasn't one of bomb that I wasn't aware nor was there a guy ever that I played with that was on and that I would've been like I don't I can't leave you with that. Fourth of the opposite is I can't believe that guy hasn't been cut yet the changes are so dramatic. But this that there's a reason why people take his view works at a and so I think you would see a guy. In the offseason program. And he would go away for like a month and he would come back a mile. I call aged two and ever and got a smile lab to god like I've been working on a mile and my guess you. But we are doing the same program might might bench is gonna have ten pounds here is gone up sixty. And get bored doing the exact same work out like it's it really is. That terrible kept secret and so effect you've got to share at the fact you've got Brian Cashman did you know it's. Kids every everyone in New York do which means everyone in Seattle knew you just have to play the par because not a lot of people wanna be Mark Teixeira and derive he can no under the bus which is why all of the mayor's gonna be I. I can't leave. All you mean. Come on six I wondered this is a culture change where guys aren't as worried about saying it like it. Obviously nobody's gonna pull the entire veil off but I mean the NFL we don't get upset when somebody gets popped its four games yeah really is it's not eighty. But you know it's still a quarter of the NFL scouts and move on from a very quickly baseball. I think it's so much damage to themselves by bogging down ago we can't let this ruin our sport and you keep telling people what it's going to ruin your sport and think that it is. So I wonder if this is. In a kind of sideways. Way a good thing for baseball people in Detroit as people do it and some some you know. Being ideally it would be a little more open the other question I have to speed of the you know ruining the sport may be your new career rob you knows 35. When it comes back. And it is easy go to I gave brought has to be clean. You had 35 years old Justin Verlander. People don't get better. And Roddick you know has not fallen off raw and plays Robert magical touch player he is clean he remembered Clemens was like under an untreatable and about it. You know if of Robby Cano has to come back and play clean at 36. You know he's. Contrary to Seattle for another like four years look at what happened Ryan LeBron yeah well it is right LeBron gone is the most average outfielder and didn't just that's that's its agencies like if if if can no. Has really been doing this for the majority of his career and given you deals lady BO Mark Teixeira timeline and years ten years. So this is if this is Robinson can no. Men Robbins connote needed this it 24253637. What does 36 year old Robinson can no clean look like in if you're the Mariners in Euro on the hook for 22 to 24 million dollars a year. I think that's a big question not should play second base when he comes back can. He play. Apps or question. I've got three feel good golf stories to finish out the sports segment and we dive into the club you listen to prime time and anything. And. I don't know why it feels very appropriate to end these words portion of this fine. There was three stories. And that I saw that a ball made me. And I will start with the one just. Kind of thank you to the Internet bidders been an evolution where when you just need to show a short video. Whether it's a gift or a vine but having something play on 62 loop and it restarts and automatically when it finishes. That's kind of one thing that enhances my viewing of this for story. Put Jordan's feet missed one today at the Byron now Nelson clearly you and it's the video just on a loop on the PGA tour web site. Is. Delightful. Though look at this thing they do that make you feel better course it does again it's a feel good story for me there's few things that make me feel better the guys doing things. That idea when I golf that the delft. Ship. I do when you just chunk it yeah it's a big hunker grass and it was two feet in front view is my favorite. The second is the missed short putts. Followed by the very very teach it in order of the things that I love when when tiger is having his his remember shipping yet shipping I love. And he had crisscrossed the green bystander responses and I did have to think. Citrus people like thing gets created out of likely to US opens and as you are so we just is punishing me difficult chair and somebody like I don't like to see the pros struggle like that and then others are like great day you know it. Nice to see that they're human bed. I guess it's you know it's just depends on your your perspective but got that bad fifteen inch missed cut. Yeah that's. Well my level that's wanes after six or eight Beers and golf and admittedly I don't take golf all that seriously but you know that these guys do so when they make the same mistakes you do these kind of don't you know what. It makes it easier for me to enjoy golf the next on God's gonna listen nobody's gonna make every shot just. Another body bag and swing away Demi you're not going to be about all the times. League you do stuff throughout your day in and then you you drop some Diener you stub your toe or you bite your tongue that. Thank you how many times have you chewed food in your life in that you still like bite your tongue from time to time about how good you are something. You know occasionally you do you do Duff one ya mean it happens although I remember we are talk and Monica Sorenstam once. We are out at the the Safeway classic right the LPGA tour that was here so I never years ago we're out Ed Columbia Edgewater. And we are we are talking her she's really cool and and we were watching her warm up before she came over it and I asked her I said how often. Do you who do you Duff and there and she was like. Lot and I say we've just like a tough one if she goes to me like shake it. I don't know I don't know not shake I mean chunky like you just you get the grass not a like that the divot goes further Mike does that. Ever have happened like where you really like the as she kind of smiled and as I guess I'd just be honest and she goes. Never happen. At a at and I was like F. She does know not like that she goes we miss hit balls and you certainly shake out but it like if you're talking about are really CC AG's quotation goes. Duff it here and there have been an exact look you get your regular use sweeping that. I think you'd have earned enough points he has now. Other well last time she DU dub when she goes it's it's been decades I all right fair enough I wondered I I wondered if if if I have pro golfer. Doesn't miss it. One pledged just pulls a drunken Luke average thirteen and well at the buzz at a couple of seem completely drunk that's irresponsible according to it's a ms. Sorenstam know that does that does not happen so yes I. I can series you mean like when when tiger is crisscrossing the greener speed missile one foot idea at this episode is part two of the few good golf's. Horry trilogy that I have for you and this is the other mighty news golfer witches. No matter how well you're playing you're not going to be a pro golfer and this comes from the Web.Com. To. And what dot com these guys or mis and they're fighting tooth and nail trying to get their tour cards and wanna be in the big show up. But this guy's name is Michael Oren on and he is 836 year old. Aspiring pro golfer he's playing. In whatever championship they got the BMW. Charity pro am sure he's playing. They released his scorecard on Twitter. And they had do follow that up with a I know these are the real scores this guy could not be playing better golf right now. He cannot get on the tour that no matter already tries. In the first seven holes he shot nine under. Again if you react that way and the news it's that he had two Eagles. Had five birdies. It's like think Kim Jung and round it. Very kinda like key. He had everything easy said he shot like they built the one time he played golf he got like seven holes the wind here is why I asked for this game I'm walking away now what's best round of golf fever which. The best round I think it was like an AD. Losses like maybe like an 85. Yeah I've I've never come close to breaking 8085 maybe 86 something like that. And that's about the same for me but the best nine holes that played was 36. I was out of my mind I absolutely could not miss a shot now of the bowl back nine fell apart. And get the Bullard and care because as part of my Brothers and we get to point was competitive urge them on. And it you know once the wheels came off they came off. But I should 36. Points. It end and I just I could not miss a shot and I quit you yeah that's kind of had a kind of did I just on the back then what they missed a couple shots might my attention just disappear and it didn't really matter is the best round of golf. So this guy having this stretch gulp the will come had to go go. No this is real we've bitter fight his scorecard don't double check. I'd want to weigh I would does it that accompanies it the first first seven gold and nine under I would just walk away from like a good I'm done. The best I've ever shot on nine I played nine holes quite a bit in I don't like plain eighteen. I just I can't idols is curve for me. Our shot may be like a forty ones 42 but I can't with my back in manes. I wanna see I struggle like by the time I get to like fifteen it really starts to go down and have a hard time I have a hard time. Get out there and walk around and in swinging the club. But it if I shot invite. I begged like that is the front nine at 3233. Some of them I that I I would there's not a chance in hell I even or do you. See ya to play the back yeah. People like you like guy sure is to me by governor go get drunk right now and I'll never play golf again I'm leave and on. I don't doubt what the thing was this was at its main Elijah woods is a notoriously difficult yes or is that why so many golf balls it's odd error as hell but I worked there and I would go matter lock the front nine all the times I played it. Probably three times a week and I can just go and play like execs holes into it so I played that on and I just went out of my mind. The final final bill Soriano we got to get the club but. 893. Year old man in his final round of golf. After 65 years of playing golf got his first hole. I'd that's pretty kickass and here's a cool thing it was his last run of gold because he died after the round he was going to play one more brownie has the site is in his hip. We decided this is the last round and ever played before he went out to play. And got a hole in one at his home course in Zander Zanesville Ohio home. 93 years old after 65 years of plane never got a hole in one and lowers yeah pulled out a five wood I haven't ruled it in but how awesome is it that the the he had hit a five would probably like a hunter and. Like. You 93 and give it to agree no matter how short it is for you that's that's the tip of the cap and he can die happy now if you've played any golf and those three stories don't make you feel good about it I apologize that made me feel fantastic and in in triple kit I thought it was great. We'll get to Jennifer Aniston lesbian news in the club we do that and activists if it's in the deprived them and then.