Primetime 5.18.18 Hour 2

Talking about QB theories by teams in the NFL, aka, why teams do what they do with the QB's on their team...also IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the primetime advise against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to your the fan by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. If you can find it time. And you can find the time to spin your actual yeah primetime were advised against you. At home what they'll all girls and I'll go. Think hey yeah this is primetime. Not that I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. They're our eyes and Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time on ten ADP. CNN. Already admitted to Howard's new. Listening to Luke Anderson's just because as rob has better things to do biggest. That is better no idea who was given given the choice I mean I love you. One that's saying that I had asked my handsome you know that's not that big shoes Vegas over me he chose Vegas over you do that I have billion bring him that's a clear choice I would she's Vegas over me yeah absolutely so yeah I just I'm there when that I guess reaps the benefit I get to sit in with human and talk error. For a couple of hours but we get to that. Mike we we brought a little help from papered Peyton haircut yeah and and I mentioned if you could have that Erica would you take your back. And Mike's got 35 questions I don't wanna do them right now. But Mike with with very intrigued went into the break hot and bothered with all the questions about what players that would usually be in Milford Peyton is he beat plays for the suns. You sort of at the magic and he's got he's got the weekend air. It's I don't know how else you can just add it looks like he has a mop on his head that's flopping forward over his eyes yes if there's technology out in a deficit tsunami yet I can't reversible it. It's in instead of the business of the for a party in the back its business in the back party in the front yeah. He knows we'll get back to over means that maybe in the club yeah I think a white guy can grow. Dell offered paid listener is an imaginary scenario it's a will be fine with that blow bullet look at what did you write it. It's I can't grow that hair. But if you could would you get that later but I want to get to an article that was on ias paean today. That is Todd archer put together this piece and it's kind of highlights the change in philosophy Dallas Cowboys have. With their quarterback situation yeah so Jason Garrett took over in. 2007 he inherited. I Tony Romo as their starting quarterback so if you recall the year before. He came in because of an injury and played the last ten games that was the fumble against Seattle in the playoffs and Tony Roma's was pat had the job but the first thing Jason Garrett wanted to do who. For those that don't know Jason Garrett was Troy Aikman's backup. And he was in that Dallas for a very long time EU as a back government perceives that. Let's go out and get a veteran backup. Brad Johnson. Then they added Jon Kitna and a few other guys well. The time they had to use their backup quarterback in long relief I didn't go so well by that time they had moved onto Matt Cassel and Brandon you. Every member that cap is had a long stretch there where you know they think. Seem even before Tony Romo they're just they they were in that that purgatory held that is not having to quarterback in the NFL mean after Aikman. Up until Rome over the as thousands of raw like I think was an undrafted guy he was in northern Illinois northern Illinois but you know in between the two big big Dallas fan respect what guess that he does have probably does but it behaviors defend the NFL. You forget how long they wandering in the desert and how many different quarterbacks they have you know beer and appreciate the fact that you you have to at least two of gets in his book the Quincy Carter wasn't exactly a map and Vinny Testaverde was a quarterback there for a while a minute it was not. It was not the land of the milk and honey for the cowboys so it yet. And that's kind of the whole point is conversations is it's just not an easy position to fill so. The funny thing about Dak Prescott and getting the job. A lot of people think that he's a rookie that earned the job that's not the case at all yet Tony Romo break his back error and that McCallum was supposed to be the guy was gonna move and take that job brokers and it and he broke his ankle and now so. So he. Death threats was number three on the depth chart now well we will have exactly no one including the Dallas Cowboys had any idea that the actress guy. Was capable Libyan that the starter as as a rookie one. And he really benefited from a dominant offensive line nice ride sure and and so he had what 23 touchdown passes four interceptions thirteen wins and yes. Yes so. This is kind of the the store of their shift in philosophy because at that time they were thinking of calling around the league. Trying to get guys like Josh we now own and and making these big offers to go in and a veteran quarterback and they decided they like you know what let's roll the dice on this kid so. Now over the last two years they've done is their backup quarterbacks. Have not and veterans and they haven't even gone out to get them right now they've got. Lost in the article but they've got they've got two young guys they just got them sitting there just waiting. For their opportunity to play Jerry Jones switch and philosophy is listen if we lose to act Prescott. Instead of putting in a stop gap that's not gonna do anything the only way to truly evaluate guys because again they had a third string evaluation on deck press got. Rome in the NC they do in game. Action via the only way to a value so now what they're doing is they have no plans in the immediate future Stephen jones' is Jerry Jones son. And he helps in the full operations and he years according naral her praise. But he said basically the idea is let's just make it a competition let these guys come that they're better they can go up they can start a game but have that competition in their and if they go women do well. Vs a veteran so let's say you have a guy that's you know 34 years old you get a 24 years old they both win. Well the guy that's thirty Ford does well but has sold any of your problems moving forward. The guys at 24 goes in employs well well now you can develop him into better. It is interesting it's one that you you don't see many people you know do you try this this road and by the way that the backups there are Cooper Russia that's Mike White and I didn't. And Dalton's. Rome. You know it's and you know you BC got two rookies. And you've got my life it was 15 round pick this year at a fifth round pick and then there is a free agent in the Cooper rush kid I think was also a free agent in seventeen. I he's out of central Michigan so it's. You don't even have like high profile you know draft picks her whole are high profile free agents. But you got to be honest with you in it there is some some sense to be made there the only downside to that is if you are a Super Bowl contender. All odds to suppose that the Dallas Cowboys. Right is is there some value and have been. Nick faults and that's I think that's that's the best example right cars Wentz isn't MVP probably would've won the MVP Carson Wentz gets hurt or zinni's ACL. It's like oh my god Philadelphia seasons is is over will know it's not. Here comes nick foals you run admit there and you win a suitable with him or at least you know let's say your quarterback goes up for 68 weeks then did the belief with a backup quarterback in the NFL if you wanna get a split ya by gays would your quarterback is gonna be out you know that six weeks your goal as a backup quarterback is to try to go three and three and keep your team afloat until back guy comes back. The next falls one he is is a little bit in that that that's that it's kind of flew key like you guys that have done it to her Kurt Warner or Tom Brady without back frank Reich and the greatest comeback and I don't play that caused other wanna sue Dell regularly at York. So it does happen but there's very few teams and expect your backup quarterback to come in and in light the world on fire. But it is a pitcher Steve philosophy to say. You know what we know like Matt Moore it would be the primes and I probably now more side I think that war is a solid back up in the NFL always kind of wanted to see a map work could. You know could be a game manager and and and be a starter you know felt it does look very easy to get that shot but basically what they're saying is we know what Matt Moore is. And Matt Moore is not good enough in elected to delete is anything so. Why run the risk of Matt Moore we know he is and there's simply don't Wear is we don't know what Cooper rush task. Maybe a deck press guy gets hurt may be Cooper rush is the next Tony Romo or the next Tom Brady it's an interesting philosophy and aided I can see either some logic behind it. But I I to meet to be a Super Bowl contending team I think Dallas has one of the top six or seven rosters in the NFL. Rosters really good. And it's it's interesting that you don't have. Someone that you feel competent to run that shipped. If if something happened to deck press got for extended period of time. I think it's a pretty bolted move a market this hearing kill it but it's is it certainly is risky. There's a whole another side to which it's a financial partner don't really necessarily get into that here but it. If you think about how much of luxury it is this off season you have Matt Ryan who's now the highest paid quarterback ever making over thirty million dollars before that it was. You had Jimmy Rob Lowe took it Kirk cousins signs this you don't the most guaranteed money we've ever seen yet we still have Aaron Rodgers is gonna get signed. And you have these teams that are overpaying quarterbacks. Or at least ham stringing what their personnel people can do with the rest of the roster when you pay a guy thirty million dollars they're taken up and twelve. 50% of your cap space. It really nurture raw. It does it's you know did the nice part about Dallas though I mean Dallas and is there in the in the best cap position detect Prescott doesn't make Jack squat out of there was a team that could afford to pay a backup it would be. Does and I guess. That is what they're about like Philadelphia late date they can sign Nichols because cars went on a rookie deal. What she gated that the you know your pain Aaron Rodgers. You know here you go in and you may not have the money to pay you know 4567. Million dollars it takes signed a quality backup. But you agree they found this out. Aaron Rodgers goes down Brett Connolly is a awful ot read only socks but but also you have roster in Green Bay that isn't good because you're paying your Rodgers so much money yes but if you had a copy it degree it was what a game or two away from making the playoffs have you had any reasonable baca quarterbacking Green Bay you're in the post season and Aaron Rodgers probably comes back in place. He came back remember they were they they had to win their final two games they didn't win their second Alaska and so then pulled shoot he disappeared yeah I think that was yet edited. The circuit of events. But that this kind of led me down a little bit of a rap can stay with this is for another minute. And will hold dive into kind of some of the financial things that was surprising to me when you look at how much money. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks may yeah. And then looking at how much the average team is paying quarterback we will do that we'll do that next it was in prime time right here on time. Prime time where Isaac can sue gun sanity though Israel. Back to prime time weekends billion Verizon dropped a little conversation about the Dallas Cowboys do lots of the on the back up quarterback position they are going under groove in it young unpaid guys. And hoping that they've got a little you know a little bit of magic in one of these guys like you found in -- press Scott and Tony Romo. And as a philosophy that they changed over the years we kind of moved into little of the money tock. We're just throw couples that's because I read this article it's gotten on this rat hole kind of who were those backup quarterbacks came in and had these great years like Tony Romo and we talked about idol Kurt Warner and Tom Brady. And these guys that went on to wins who rules when it with a pulled up day. A list of all the quarterback winners back in 1994. And just seen where these guys got heat and the the U look at Ron Amadon who was the winner of the Super Bowl in 94 is one and even still the highest paid quarterback he of the largest percentage of cap space taken up. Of any quarterback to win a Super Bowl that I can (%expletive) yeah and Andy. You don't partly because they they've got a great team and their transition away from from Joseph Montana and in the monkey back open. Well after that you look through and some of these quarterbacks especially after Brett Favre won it. John Elway didn't make all that much money when he won his super doubles and then you go into a stretch where did Kurt Warner Trent Dilfer and Tom Brady when super doubles. The guys get paid next to nothing. But the funny thing was they averaged out though I average out the winners of all of the Super Bowls. Six point 9% of the cap right now in the NFL up on the screen article kind of outlined it. 8% of the average NFL salary cap and some teams have as high as 15% of this though salary cap. Going right now out just a quarterback position yet this is this all levels. But you kind of wondering if there like right now if if I if let's say the Seattle CX quote called you up in any team in the NFL quarterback. How much would you give for Russell's. Well it's it's it's. Here's the thing. The NFL is is constructed. One of two ways we've talked about this. That it does the mob in the NFL is is one of two things either you build a complete roster that tries to carry a quarterback or you have a roster of holes and and you have the quarterback try to carry it yeah those that there really is it. Any other way it's it's DD year pain at quarterback twenty to thirty million dollars or your pain at quarterback on a rookie deal. Next to nothing or I guess if you wanted to go down the road you could you could have you know up the good Trent Dilfer tie shirt right where you're cued up attainable laden he's just easy easy game manager. And you know that they're there are different philosophies. But this is such a quarterback Jim in the week that the best window you have and it's why UC quarterback strapped in the first hardy and if they debt and it don't acerbic carrier for Strom grade. The best window you have to win a Super Bowl is in the first five years when you draft a quarterback in the first round because your not having to pay him. Because even if your decent. You know the Joseph Flacco is of the world is a good quarterback Jeff and and Flacco won a Super Bowl and now you got to go play Joseph Flacco 23 or whatever was million per year and he's not worth it. But in the open market someone else is and they're just isn't a lot of teams outside of the Denver Broncos but it never said word not gonna pay this guy and by the way once ever decided to not pay brought us why are there any left not that was the right decision to pay him. But if you've noticed that Denver hasn't been very good sense because they don't have a quarterback. And how did they win those super bull that the last Super Bowl well they -- would defense won't but I also paying paying on a money is Manning so to get to the first one would get actually through the Opel all of Rupert yes when I got how most and that's why executives paid him a ton of money he took less money to treat you get back but he's still getting paid well above. What you see with a lot of these guys that's Brady to eight he's always taken a little less money gets trustee is but he didn't even in in in New England you don't have a complete team all these teams the ones who troubles with Tom Brady had had a holes in them ended the belief is that you can patch those holes. With the greatness that it is Tom Brady and then the schemes of Bill Belichick. But did there's other teams that aren't very good at it I think big Green Bay has peed away. The prime of of Aaron Rodgers. Now I still think got that Super Bowl should have been theirs when when Seattle beat. Dads I think that Green Bay was the best team that a year and I don't know how they lost that they should have to they don't know how they ought to be there I don't I thought they were the best team nation of one but I think that big Green Bay has been a really poor job. Of building a team around Aaron Rodgers and I get that his salary and can handicap to a little bit. But she does so much for yield to me there there really isn't an excuse for wasting his prime. But it's it's why Iran restaurants assembly in the NFL is so damn hard. There isn't an easy way to do it as Woodson I think its interest in the Dow's has taken this approach of we are not gonna spend five to six million dollars on a backup quarterback. We're gonna go with the young unproven guy and if they're young they're driven guy turns out to be something he gives us a bigger window gives is a big winner will we don't have to be our quarterback deck press god. Was not a first tropics are easily be controlled for four years he's already played two. You've got two years left before you have to pay deck press got 24 million dollars a year or have the balls to let him go which. Holy cow and by the way Dallas is the second highest dead cap money team in the NFL. Dallas has over 24 million dollars in debt cap space this year. Not only can Dallas not afford to pay deck press got it now they certainly can't afford to pay. A backup quarterbacks this this may have you know may be out of necessity and just it's too. Beating it as a lot to be able. And don't. Because we have no choice as you have no choice but it is interesting let's say. Let's say for example that the actress god in bounds play devil's advocate here let's let saved actress god. Blows in the church cares let's say like week and thirteen. And dallas'. You know at the time that's in a dallas' you know on 910 win team they're they're flirting with first place in the division they're flirting with first pays compressed guy blows his knee out. And Carter rusher is that Cooper rush. Whatever whatever rush Cooper Cooper rush the kid out of western Michigan. Cubs and and and plays real well wins playoff game comes in next season and starts the seed starts the year in and and goes. Five into six and one. And also deck press guy gets healthy again and you really don't see a huge difference in the team's performance may be ballot again the first or second round. Actress got contracts do you paid actress got 25 million dollars or. Do you say. All right well thanks or comment. Good luck somewhere else here's a franchise tag goes there transition tag goes signs of world war Cooper draft pick to someone else assigned actress god up. And then you roll the dice on a guy that you're probably paying two million dollars a year when this I wouldn't be be the biggest balls he has moved. Of an NFL team ever to try to do something like that because it's it's never been done before. That's my question that goes back to kind of the question I started this with that if you if you put a franchise quarterback up on the trade market and we see how much. Washington had to pay in in franchise tags to Kirk cousins who didn't wanna sign there yet and he had driven his value so much that he got almost entirely guaranteed contract from Minnesota. A team that's right there it is going all in for this little window that they have try to what do Super Bowl. Which in May or may not because they've been great before. So if you were a team out there that was a quarterback away how much would you give up every first Olympics would you give up and Aaron Rodgers with the. The treated like if here's my they had to to me if you can win a Super Bowl you go all I think what Minnesota did was very Smart. I think Minnesota looked at instead we have everything we could need and Kirk cousins is gonna put us over the top and it's gonna put us in a window to win a championship and I put us and as James your window for three to four years of Reading of keep this team together almost what Denver did all whatever it was paid Manny and by the way Minnesota has a reckoning coming into three to four years Minnesota will have to blow this up because there's too many guys that are gonna need to be paid and Kirk cousins makes it S kind of money but you've got a window here where you should win a Super Bowl or to. Kinda what Seattle did whip them up you know with Ayers they have a window into mean that's that's definitely worth going all in. The more interest in one to me is Seattle right now yeah Sarah was not very get go. And probably will not be and European Russell Wilson a lot of money therein lies the question is that if someone cam comes to Seattle. And says I would give you three ones. And to choose for Russell Wilson. And you look at Seattle and you say well we're not gonna be very competitive right now where 500 football team at best. We're gonna have to get younger were gonna have to retool this. Yeah. What could that cold dude to restart this thing that to me is the more interesting question not what they Minnesota would give up. And ordered to put an answer to a window because I think that price tag is very high yeah if I'm if I'm eighteen that's a quarterback way I've given up a lot yeah. I think you just in one is if you are a quarterback away if you're twelve pieces away cured and you're having to tear it down and rebuild it. Would you be willing to give up a franchise quarterback I would love to see a team. Have the guts to do it Dem or. Attempted did they try to go down a stroke but it didn't wanna sign Brock got so they knew his terrible isn't avenue and that's waiting in the wings. But vague they did say no they jumped off the carousel when like no I'm not doing this now. Didn't deserve to work out because they got older dead turn over the roster anyways and they didn't have a star quarterback. I'm trying to think of another team but didn't get a whole force because no they didn't have a quarterback that they now radar as the major pay as go they just let him go and he was bad which team to be the right decision I thought to Portland should've done this now and showed that in my face because the world is dug themselves out a salary cap hell. They were by the way they were awful for about four years that the thirty million in debt cap they were they were dreadful had holes all the roster coinciding went. And I said thank three years ago if they were Smart they were to go get an S time for your Brees right now they could have gone out in the open marketing gotten fives. Hicks probably the first three rounds of the draft for your breeze and completely revamp that roster. New Orleans sucked it up they were bad for a number of years got younger got rid of all the dead cap space drafted well and should have been in the NFC title game last year and now they're gonna have a little window here we Drew Brees of next two to three years that maybe they went another one. But that was another team that I thought could of now. Gone and ending agers Jean Brodie and getting rid of a franchise quarterback. Even though he was older thing about Russell Wilson Russell Wilson's young you could get such as yet she can for him but you would take such held for it. You would have to have an ownership and NM management group that was willing to take the heat from the fan base for doing it and you'd have to have a coach a little bit younger than cities. And people say the Redskins did it. Not really the Redskins went out and got Alex Smith yeah they just they they were like well we got to pay someone and they did by the way they wanna decide Kirk cousins he's still going to be there do what we are they screwed up because they slope items there like okay he's not gonna come back week he's got a lever just so we're gonna go out and find out Smith the Redskins didn't do anything Smart they botched that well be interest in the key economic cowboys over the next couple years but we need to get to the fastest growing segment in popularity on any station anywhere ever. In the news is next prime time on Hannity and here's Mike sports. Brian times where guys against him gonna just lady of France and Mike Lynch still that's to their guns to. Its biggest news going on. Of the day but when you know the captain issue is gone Isaac Graf is out that we need to carry on his legacy and and the one thing you'll be remembered for after all this is over. In after after the show was long gone soup retires to Mexico or wherever and I've been fired from the station several times in my final thing. People remember Isaac dropped he started in the news so we do it for him today. I nearer action news reporter with a all the news that is news across the nation on this may eighteenth. At 436 Yemen. Read in the news segment we will start with the good news there which we were but there was school shooting in Texas. You know eat depending on the list you look at the twentieth or twenty seconds and shooting. Of the years apart and it. Dead was last and I saw. Yeah the update this is Santa Fe Texas. That under. Yeah I think it's that the numbers David Tennant is a couple people that are. There there's still in the hospital with a serious conditions. But I I think it's tendon. The guy we don't need to sit here and and in the labor this thing and get into local political debate moves people yelling and screaming at each other bit. You know there's enough of that going on out and outlaws are gonna pretend that this doesn't not gonna pretend that this doesn't. Get to me it. I tweeted this out I'm not one of these Twitter warriors I refuse to give in to Twitter debates with anyone. It doesn't do any good for me to go on social media and try to post anything that's not my. Businesses style my style I don't think it accomplished anything but I did feel a need to beat out that. And I and I'm not saying this because of what happened here today here I'm not trying to try to be germanic they swear to god every day drop off my two kids it's. I drop of one kid it did you you're trying to jump up my other Spider-Man the kid my oldest is an in college. So I drop off wanted to do junior high and one at a high school it. Every single day now when I dropped them off. I have the thought as I'm pulling away but I hope to god that this isn't the day to get it. And in you can you can sell you want to dump them then I'm paranoid. Or that. You know it's statistically speaking they're much more likely due to to have something else happened to them. But I think it's god damn embarrassing. And that we live in the country that we live events event. That did. That you have as a parent have to think that when you drop your kid off. And I know I'm not the only one I heard a lot of feedback today that said that I've done. I'm not alone in this and I'm not an overprotective helicopter parent I'm not someone that freaks out about someone that it stresses about every little thing. You know this isn't there someone lurking in the bush as we needed to take my kid. But I know for a fact that this is something to my kids think about when they go to school and what's on the I think about when I dropped them off and not to me is embarrassed it is absolutely embarrassing. This that this continues to happen and hurt and someone else and it was trying to make a valid point to try to make you feel a little bit better and tonight do appreciate when when. When people try to deficit something like you think about that when you get on an airplane right. You know. We're all scared sometimes I get on the airplane but the odds of that happening are very low. But I also realize that we haven't had an airline crash that with which fatalities on this country and it ended. Decade planes don't crash you we can be scared of it but that's an irrational fear because planes don't crash and if one did crash. We freak out about him that was saudis airlines has an engine blow and one person ends up dead they shut down the airplanes and do extensive check for this is our 22 one. In this year alone is just think about it if you take that airplane analogy what do we had 22 airliners. They've gone down this year 22. At this point in the year. None of us are begin on airplanes and was statistically speaking we're going to be okay. And China to get my soapbox but with each and every one of these it gets harder and harder for me is apparent. And just isn't is it is or is he human. Directed to do this every day it's just my heart absolutely breaks. For those families. That I can't imagine your soapbox. I'm sorry Betty whether it is gay got to meet today in this this one has been. Does this one is is is a Kagan feeling in my chest it is it's it's an act what that's the other thing that's so stagger about these school shootings and and my kids too young to be yet but. The fact that you have to apologize for being upset about this is something that is because it's so politically divisive. And that the headline comes out and then it's followed on every news feed that I look at. By arguments between the president of United States and the survivors from Parkland and Fox News and CNN and he'd worked. It it. Creates a political files firestorm. Immediately after two point where when you are worried about it did you apologize again I don't and that's what really sucks about it and we'll move on past that I don't wanna turn I'm not trying to get into a political bay and updated just. It happens IBC we had to address it and if if anyone was bothered by what I said am I apologize and not trying to. To Pete anyone's Cheerios it's just. This is this has been going around my head today and it's. It affected me and it bothered me. Though. Certainly didn't mean to do it is to turn it into media. A political debate though it's been will move up quickly I will skip over the plane crashing Cuban health. That is now this may have given news today that he apologizes again I sort of like a squirrel waters game. Let us hey I've got the story to move on or you this comes from the Oregon live last night and it's easy to harder. Which to me is fantastic. It's sort of the headline that reads lost luggage delays stormy Daniels Oregon trip it's tip strip club performance. So yesterday they stormy Daniels. Supposed to for performance started cabaret in Bend, Oregon and it couldn't because her luggage was lost and here's the thing if any performance is going to be delayed. By a lost luggage you wouldn't think it. It would be a news review what is she paid for through luggage. First question that I had like is there not want. Like look we've all been doing gentleman's establishments well I never bet I say gentlemen with these terms whatever you wanna call it we've we've all been there is the really. That that's important I can't go on for my performance and missing my outfits. Hey there isn't one that she can bar for one of the other holes I think salutes point why. What do you just just make it seem go out fully knew it already. Whatever you're really you're wearing something on the airplane you probably Wear that out there to put out business casual. And then stripped down would anybody be like Armageddon sewage you plan to start though it's that it did a great show except for if she was dressed very conservatively to start that's fine look and I. Has blown away like I I saw like it did then. The news was covering it. I hate you you think it was a big deal I guess what why is like around the corner like you don't think like I did not understand. That this was and this was that big a deal like I I don't see was like I don't know how much has cost one of the biggest news stories of your day I naked dancing where you. I don't know why she is. It's so old she's a 39 year old started I. I just don't get that pursued. Someone called it a melt the it's your mother I I just was thrown by that when I did not think that this might give you a big deal like in my mind I pictured like. Kind of a sad. Just like you'd like I don't know like twenty people ramble around in their future. And like I like I can car show or something like you're you're the shops in Vegas up close magic you know. I don't ever remember being at Caesars once and there's a sports memorabilia shop at the redundancy users yup and it's it's a cool would it be I think it's called Kart shop that's a generic and yeah yeah it's it's a memorabilia store and it's it's really cool down a rose sits outside of one a bum out the real inside hundreds of incentives as a regular at Caesars and I remember going through and Ken Norton boxer and a dead you know Brooke normally Jacques. She was there. I remember what you buy and there was built not in line no one and as I did get north decade. Yeah grade guys guys to me each and Micah Wright I I feel so bad I pick like fifty dollars just because I felt bad for gender or because he got I was there to have signed that thing. That's my mind what I thought stormy Daniels I thought that you like the right people there. And it beer budget weirdos but I don't her glasses and bad comb overs but I saw on the news that place was packed let's give you can't do it again. You have to imagine if Ken Norton was in the news at that time because the president of the United States paid much money because they had an affair. Right after his child was born we need to realize the sensationalism. Of the story. You're probably thinking what could have possibly gone wrong and that brings me to the second set headline yes. The third person was playing bad it gets hurt OK so part sue this is updated 11 AM this morning from Oregon live. Stormy Daniels performance in bend cut short after a drunken man rose wallet in her face. Now. This has been here take my money all of it. It's who by the way it. Everyone deserves respect. Everybody. I don't it did its it's a profession you can cause nods professions of say it's most honest perfection so I got I got zero issue with what she does zero. And a note why should anyone throw any evening and another human being you can't make it hail you make your brain to get through change had a net bet. A wallet is really. What is really worth study to show short I get kick the guy out. But this is like when Axl Rose back in the day where someone like. With went seven legs get through some water out of announcer rosewood stone gap as well the riot in. Oh yes I would die yeah as dot com starter I don't know what word James after Metallica. Dublin about the power reject next rights and that a dozen roses came on for twenty minutes is like I'm out here yeah. You can leave because you took a while to the face I give you your wallet I mean I'm not going to be happy about it when he kicked out but I'm also and I get a pretend. You threw a brick get up. The lighting is did she knows yet in the face to blow when it happened she's probably stunt tee here's the here's the story for you Daniels the 39 year old porn star of the center of the trump administration scandal involving 130000 dollar money payoff this is just the fact that this paragraph exists in our world. Was dancing to poisons every rose has authority dropped out with a good thing. But high yields and gag order on her right leg when she was hit the face by the wall it shocked. She ran offstage after throwing the wallet back at the man the crowd booed in the an answer announcer said the show would stop. But now we talked to the man that was unnamed. His his comments I was wasted. Dana is reputed to press charges and the man was let go read a walk oh. And it's his further comments I think she's a really nice person the man said I'm extremely support. They just he can't he can't make it out it's you really you can't. You can't may get in the peace to loses dorms. Everything goes that's that's. Just sentenced. The 39 year old porn star at the center of the trump admitted stations he handled. They inspected every grows at the it's very well written only to Clinton and the author of that but I don't actually at the front UniCredit the swords which bulletin. And of the author but I'd like to thank them it's cool that it. Credit but we do we do have more news Owens sales spurt of the bulletin well written. I just thought that was wonderful so that's what's going on locally. And we'll get to more local news when the in the news continues. On the news part of this show that we call it news primetime. And it it. Anderson filling in for Isaac route we are in segment two of if the news if you missed the first part of it. Here's what you need to know. Somewhere in Oregon right now there's a conversation going on between two guys and one says they that was that stormy Daniels thing last night and the other goes. Well they're really drunk and through my wallet and hit her in the face and she canceled the show. Somewhere arguments that that is happening and is that we speak it is whatever. Some news reporter. Got this assignment and it it it it's so cute GW and so when it going so when you're guardian. So I drove to bed. And wet it's a star's last night. And watched a porn star do whatever it is that she does and they got paid did you get that was on the site. This story to cover when things got wild magic going over doing your wife that. Hey you know you guys are both I feel like that's the couple's outing though isn't it really like you you're gonna go see stormy Daniels bring in the pipeline to you have to do you like kind entering. Greatly significant other mountain not. Now I. This is active PV said day honey. Because he's come in here right to this weekend you have to be important in Acadia you know I'd I'd wanna do this but the boss said that for a fan here I. I got the go to our. Governess. I got got to get the microphone there I gotta get some it's getting some sound clips and get some sound and a moment ago I would assume she be like okay. You I would assume you would assume. That that. Goes part of what you wanted to go to a spectator. Announcing that you do necessarily that you wanted to it if you invited to what response did we should go I mean you probably wouldn't go but I'll she pride Billy you do you but he some of that it was time to Maggie deaths they KG deputy picture yet the she got the hot dip. That's exciting. So rich of this story sent in via text by five real plans and tax line. They being Cupertino is suspected of shooting a beaver tin man she targeted on the DD website where should he get sugardaddies. Lavish yet in lavish young love interest with cash and other gifts in exchange for companionship. Three years in his got to get up this website stats guy take demo profile 856 year old Beaverton man was shot in the stomach by a fifteen year old Vancouver girl when the other evening did not go. Slow as expected. And now I saw the headline on this and she was fifth. That's. Like I ice up first iso woman shoots perspective sugar daddy yes I did not think I was there she's fifteen yeah that was the head. Line every year imagine Meyer listeners have made me click on and Heredia. Read Lynne Domingo fifteen pieces first degree assault and robbery charges after investigators say she arrived. Pat Thomas like out of his suburban home last week. Got high with her post and fired a single shot into his belly. From what we know she shot and unprovoked said deputy Jeff elbit of Washington county sheriff's officer spokesperson. Both charges. Measure eleven crimes. With this measure eleven crime. Does he picture isn't inferred. I guess he didn't do anything he got shot that act this. Does he ask is he was. The fifteen year old is out like solicit saying her that he knows she was fifteen. I'm probably not so much questions. Well actually maybe maybe he'd be like the young ones that Jersey you can't on the website and and announced that your fifteenth. Gas so yeah the kind of eightieth married 56 year old said he recently met the teen on seeking a seeking arrangement web site that boasts. It's sugar babies and sugardaddies both get what they want when they want it so I think it is one of these things that promotes it as companionship. That is mentioned in the three couple times where it's companionship it's not a sexual Rea yeah. So that I think. Team in the clear. I. Believe it or not I have known. It's. I've known I guess. That's not true I've known people who were friends with. People that have been in these sorts arrangements. And I'm always fascinated by it because. The same story gets told over and over again they always claimed and it's like up and it's like a friend yeah and they always claim that it's not sexual and I always laugh at that. I don't like. Don't know we know he's just he's not a guy and he and he he really likes her and they just they kind of hang out but he you know he pays her rent and they can get your card in my. At Paris lab like really like it's not sexual but I've known. Three people that'd that have known. Girl's friends yeah friends of their is that of being in this sort of thing and they all claim that it's a non sexual things which acts. It says find observed I I stayed the. Night at the lavish apartment on the Minneapolis. Hooters girl that I had the entire palatial estate paid for by a Texas will baron that just would hang out there couple times a year to go to parties. And she swore that it was nothing like that they had old rich guy don't whatever it stood and the cabinet. Again you'd you run into those places and you never know but we can't get into you know too much deep investigation is to get up 55 coming up a good tool profile on clay got shots of. Kinda that form but really it's creepy that's what you get. I guess that's it you're thinking about going on of that website to finding and sugar baby don't don't jump shot systemic. A 55 is next to start our three of the spine program you listen to primetime 1080.