Primetime 5.18.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, May 18th

Why do people hate the Warriors? Hot 5 at 5, and a few players lose big money potential from not making the All NBA Teams. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Daylight time book. Private club hybrid club will. This is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. Oh. Classically mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason six Janice Harmon. New prime time on ten AB CO Sarah. Hello folks is see your sport grows hope you're having a wonderful names. It is a great day weather wise this month. And we're supposed to be for like the next week at least yeah. I exceed well I didn't look someone showed me the weather report today 91 on like Tuesday after he had 91 next week will. I have a five tee time schedules the fifth. Rough will not be in next week at all not only here but 250. Here and like 250. He that I would never dream of doing two things you did the Indy 500 next I am Thursday were off that's exciting yeah they said dude trying to goad. Check up some of those bucket list things and this was one. A dad passed away. A little over two years ago and done. This is the one thing when when he got sick. We asked me over the lake we we were hoping we had more time with him but he never really delegates do much after the big cancer diagnosis but we start asking him what are some things that you would wanna do. And this was one of the top his list he wanted to go see the Indy 500 so. Gonna try to go check this one offer from a pop. Go do it for him all right so kind of in the club hour tonight I didn't read the Jimmy Fallon New York Times piece found that. Interest in yeah I was an assistant McConnell had a theory on why he's. Struggling. Welded amended to these planes and on Donald Trump. Well I think is bigger than that I mean he kind of points to that to that interview. But. We'll talk we'll discuss. Talk amongst ourselves some coffee and talk to be what have you seen a map of the Americans trying to find North Korea I have Cigna map which is fantastic and have fun. I think world geography is probably not. Our strong supposed to of the stupid. Of the miss seniors say the Iraq in such isn't that like half of Americans are some duties like they couldn't find the United States on a map. I think that's right I'm supposed to find North Korea to decent point. So we'll talk about that and some other things in the club until people that I was going to Bali everyone thought I was going to India. Yeah yeah. Well they think of Bollywood to tighten up credit. And then I you than you have to be beaten people. Where is if I were a dog. I don't know looked mad I'm not gonna blame a lot of people for not knowing where Bali is should have a rough idea yes but see that's what I wanna get it get that with this conversation. And asked a rough is idea is a rough idea. I think a rough idea it is acceptable yes but. You know if you look at this map there are a lot of people who get pretty close in North Korea which by the way I play. Would not have. Have nailed where exactly North Korea's is a little further east and I thought at one I would have simply because I know where South Korea slat. However this thing called the Korean Peninsula and a looming close so you know exactly that it was always a peninsula which are looking for. Mike Shannon to pick a perhaps taking a mental note right Korean plan as protector now I that will talk about that in the club. This hour why I love the lawyers. I can't wait for the finals we haven't talked about. Hiring hit man story if you know which we probably shouldn't we (%expletive) really hit man it was more of the a beat down and Mike has tennis soccer segment. If you want a sport or answer the oh yeah that's right you Mark Campbell to beat us about. Stand C soccer in March Yeltsin its Wii isn't as you just be joined by you know what it is the time this thing Chinese because you play fantasy baseball I think it's really just acts. It's time do you spend on fancy sports. Com less than you think actually. A lot less than you think. Between video games in fantasy sports a lot more than you think. Player more than you can kind. Okay B hunt for either side. Odd topics and opinions. I did and are there it's time for the odd hybrid club. I'm private client. You guys have been sued. Fresh by a chorus line when things get high school love with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light. Whatever your mountain climb. Number flies. Mohammed it Obama. Is projected as a top three pick in next year's NBA draft. Today. He chose his Collie each soul of this any key was the last well the highest. Great a guy that has not commit. He is the number three prospect in the country and he has chosen ten. Texas. Over duke and Kentucky I guess he he really like Shaka Smart and he mentioned there were so we like to the development of one of texas' young players. What Shaka Smart through them I don't remember who advocate was. But apparently that's a huge recruiting get cruel shock is that is enormous you kind of forget that shock is down there in Texas to be honest with you know you want they haven't been a great but this is big for them this is their biggest recruits since Kevin Durant and and and most notably duking Kentucky don't get him. Thank god. Kansas. Campus was closed and I'm being and it's. I don't or not dispute that Kansas goes for the last here. But maybe to get warm and education. Should always know you show them that we didn't all of us. OK so we've got some hockey tonight against the predators. They are up two games to one on the ducks behind Nashville Predators. Your national Fred you know today I hit the best friend Leo say the dust yesterday and I hate the predators less that I feed the ducks. Heavens. The predators and that's just under way in their game where they are in Nashville. And there's no pucks have crossed the line and I feel they sent to a team to root for in the Stanley Cup Playoffs anymore is people who listen to fly because they hate the other three team. All of a sudden you have not me I'm impartial. What what it. Who should I root Ottawa root for Canada why your greatest pitchers you don't like candidate has won a cup is like 93 through Nashville lyrical team. Root for the Canadian all of my kids. That's Michael does is eat a Stanley at Nashville's a cool city. Other eleven were shocked and in Beers partnered did not protect. This at that last game they had Mario then all of the alignment down they're like right up against the glass and all the alignment shotgun like Wichita boys there right when they scored get a score they'll do it seems like silver bullet to shotguns and Mario did did not. Heart attack but he was jumping around like a crazy person excited yes he's waived but did not have himself so needless to sneak with. The leg. Root for Ottawa. To record rainfall in Los Angeles has delayed the opening of the rams chargers new stadium may have pushed back by a full year an amount not open Intel. 2020. There will continue to play at the coliseum and then it. You that the stoked hopes that the soccer stadium. The previous five years where the driest in Los Angeles History Channel that I did know that over five years they only got forty inches of that time. And presenting context Portland. By average would have gotten 220 inches. That's a little rain they got but since October 1 of last year. LA has done about a 150% of what they normally get sent in a whole year. We're though the just a couple of months of rain delays have been by an entire year that's why I think it's BS the mean time. That's just an excuse I find that hardly the rain 'cause the years with a drought down there is over. Braves' first baseman Freddy Freeman was a Triple Crown candidate but now he's out eight to ten weeks and some think may be longer. He got hit by pitch fractured his wrist yeah they were saying this last anytime you take one of those. That's instantly where you you go there's no little heated last night we had a bad flipped and first of everyone hates Toronto and then you plunk arguably the best hitter in baseball and I feel like the future Ronnie can't get insights of the the breeze Texas idea. Nobody fights break so we just sucks for a team like that one and isn't going anywhere but Freeman the reason to go out and seeing the guys have as a base year in the I for an extended period of time jays outfielder Kevin Paul are suspended two games by the team for an anti gay slur directed at the braves' dugout as he dropped an F words. But he's not the shot. The queen mother of upwards before. Phobic stellar efforts mariners finally one last night Leno host the White Sox you wondering how the White Sox are doing law and guess their record in your probably done on seventeen and finally. And then let the lawyers are good but hey they don't have won the first team all NBA year. Some kind of weird to think about is they. They have the best record in this in the NBA they're steamrolled everybody. It's kind of a nod of the balls to go around I'm going to reach UV all NBA. Teams. Start with first team girl please. There are no blazers put your kids didn't get it Damian Miller got twelve votes he was the only blazer receiver there were no been no love for CJ. It's a little cut Miller maybe it's becoming through. Close. First team all NBA this is an order of most points. Generated enough for first second or third in the attic points. I James Harden. LeBron James Russell Westbrook pretty obvious part unanimous by the way. Yes committee voted for a there's one guy who didn't vote for LeBron on the first team and west for a few. Yeah. Who averaged a triple double. Uncle Leonard. And then Anthony Davis. If there's may have been a bit of a surprise I didn't follow a lot of New Orleans basketball this year with their record it's it's yeah. And how many other big guys do you wanna. Because they're better than Anthony Davis. 11 team the first met with us so LeBron becomes. The Willie ties the record for most times having made the first team on BA with his eleventh. He ties Coby Karl Malone this injury that someone didn't vote him on the first. The all NBA second team in order of most points recall bear. Now staffed curry. The Greek freak Kevin Durant and Isaiah time. This is nothing against go bare but doesn't it kind of show you the state of big guys in the game. I'm Niemi B and a little bit. Mean used to be. Howard Dunkin'. Is as a default at big east do you really when you think of big guys dominant big guys is really gold they are really popping near Muirhead. Now he's pretty awesome. And then the all NBA third team in order appoints dream on green John Wall. Jimmy Butler DeMar DeRozan and Dion Andre Jordan. Again my point that really go there India Andre Jordan are. Two and three the first true big guys in the NBA the hot cited I was refreshed by prospered course violent things get hot to a lot of the trust crude course like commence next. And this finals could be are really freaking epic. I seventeen on the fan. It's time where advise against duke on Kennedy bill. Baylor than exclusive body of the time I played with the Chris Brown. Did your talent that's it right there so good I didn't know we had the effect of the locals as well. Folks this. So one of the thing about the all NBA teams. So the two. Biggest free agents this off season again be called George and. What's his face Blake Griffin the Paul George is in a free agent Paul George and oh yeah. The year after Gordon Hayward is the last thing. And and I did mean Paul George because. Ten the race country but he's gonna wanna get out of Indiana perhaps in its Indiana doesn't believe they're gonna resign and then they're gonna have to move him other otherwise and walks for enough. So called George did not make. His all NBA qualifier town how many people know this but in the new CBA which kicks in July 1. Had he made one of the all NBA teams that we just listed he would be eligible for what's called the new designated player extension. This is another way of the league trying to keep. Players with their current teen star players especially all of BA's second says he make it all NBA team. What that allows you to do is designate him as as the super Max deal gotten and you can offer him head heady made it. The pacers would have been able to offer him a historic contract talking five years 210 million dollars because they they could make him the he had the designated players mentioning give him a super Max deal well because he didn't make it now they can't really incentivized him. I to stay away from LA as well as they could have had he made it so this could really affect. Up Paul George's future and it could really affect the lakers future and it can really effect in the same issue with Gordon were badly he did not make the only gate. Yeah so there's still leaving a ton of money on the table if either one of these guys signs elsewhere but. It softens the blow a little bit if they do you decide to have to move somewhere else and it there are people they do believe Paul George is going to LA come out all right water that that's just the he wants to be back there any fury Indiana. What do you duke is an item. It indeed what would you get in form if you're trading him to someone knowing that didn't in all likelihood he's gonna end up in LA anyways you're gonna get pennies on the dollar that. Mean maybe you try to get some conform but you you may end up with a rent a player type situation a lot Dwight Howard well there is the rumor going around the lakers would deal the number two pick foreign. I'm here to draft but. An arm. If you believe he's coming their anyways. Why do you Europe the number two pick unless you you're not certainly not in the year earlier now. Sell anyway I just a little nugget there that could affect the offseason. Us of the finals about LeBron Muslims forgive them. He embarrassed the entire Boston Celtic roster there's a clip going around I think it was on dad's been it was hilarious 'cause it was. They showed where Al Horford. The man but himself the playoff hero Kelly a clinic. And Isiah Thomas all attempt to guard LeBron james' driving to the rim and Isiah Thomas bliss is RT just kind of grabs runaways and tries to hold on and it doesn't work. He just dismisses that and when demand and tries to guard him if you haven't seen the clip you should look at it's hilarious. What are like Google it's dead spit I think I think that's where aside ninja scroll down. Liberal gets the ball the top of the key and some analytic ends up on him and the broad smiles that M takes a couple steps backwards and just kind of starts turning his back and dribbling between his legs. Like making fun of them and then proceeds to blow by him as if he's not even standing there so that's overdue now boredom bits out there we're just even in the mob. And that's what is in announcers came out instead of their like gay he's just making fun them at this point. They there was no wind. On Boston's team that could it and they'll within Marcus mark tried to and that was laughable because he was gonna be that the physical guy LeBron just took him down depose him back to down shot a little turnaround jumper on a DC woody said after the game a brownie anyone feeling very good Sudan until regularly and play very well. You have Iowa 37 at one. I think so yeah nick right treated this out. It is a thought it was interesting because. You know explain how the narrative just continues to change right dissembled or watching that earlier in year I think there was this. There was talk that LeBron you know he's he's slipped and in. Now this is now do you see of the physical powers have via. The bit is that. Really true they may be between some extent and people are saying this is the best version of him we've ever seen this may be the best version of him in terms of just impacting the game but again he's had different guys around him and so there's a lot because in that but. Nick right treated since dream on call LeBron a bitch. Member that I do remember that in the finals last year via. A LeBron has gone twelve to know. And averaged. 389. And seven. 389 cent since the end streamlined called LeBron. It Jeanine he probably shouldn't do that any may be he probably shouldn't just. Yeah LeBron. He always uses those secret motivation there is talks about delicate chip on the shoulder sort of saying and how would mess with him now he doesn't need any extra motivation. He is ridiculous and it's it's the collision course that we've all known what was coming and I think some people were kind of dismissive about it but it doesn't wanna see this now. If it is engaged and that will just except the waving of the white flag right now and then on Saturday we can start. How many Golden State odds let's do it yet come wanna see if the super team can beat Superman. Well that's really what it comes down to and will get into this next but Alice they liberian for the wars and eight and you said you Buick for LeBron Iowa I am I I would like to see him. I am not gonna go see tears and I have a question asked about the warriors. And it you know like I kept the dream on green thing. So let's operate on the idea that no team. Operates. Without some. Dis like global figure or some ideas like some unlikable figure or some. Theme that is unlikable about the pressure it is no team now. But also to dream on green I would like to posed question why everyone hates the warriors match because. I think they're amazing and so we'll get to that. Coming up next is does look like a bagel collision course of the greatest player perhaps ever. And one of the best teams have ever seen meeting in the finals yet again here's Michael sports. Drying time where the eyes against duke got 1080 those. Our eyes by 35 warriors. Past. I made a statement earlier in the show that last Friday. Just totally flip flopped my opinion on us. Let's. On my excitement level for this final leg. For awhile I'm missing men. The lawyers are gonna win it and the same two teams again third year in a row it's it's not that intriguing. But now after watching what LeBron is doing to that really thought Boston was gonna give them around their money in game one. And you look at. What LeBron in Cleveland is doing he kind of composite go man is LeBron actually gonna get in there and beat him again. And so just the way these two teams are playing dates. They're really that good right like they're really this much better than everyone else and only. Eat it appears so at. The team you thought maybe could give gold sit around. He'll be lose quite Leonard and they lose again heard that's so that you don't know it's like someone I was listen does someone today I think maybe during spring were playing in this clip about. Someone to talk about how Golden State is really good but it's been very fortunate over this three year run ya two have not had to play teams that end at full strength while we mentioned this that you today to Dave played eleven playoff series last three years in nine of them. They're opponent has lost one starter. And give people. Lot of times wanna go back to that first time only two times have they played a team at full strength of any of these playoff series and they have been relatively unhealthy Golden State has an event the first time they met to cast the cavs are really banged at the world know Kevin Love and then I think carrier and even went out of that series too right where it was basically him with a one man wrecking crew and LeBron James. Had arguably the greatest finals performance of all time but that wasn't enough to overcome. Obviously much better team than last year we've we saw what happened when when Cleveland was healthy Cleveland beat them and out this year yet Kevin Durant to it. I'm with you man I thought all along that this was just gonna be a coronation for Golden State. But the more you watched abroad and the better you see Cleveland plain. I I start to wonder now I wanna see it I I wanna see a gift if LeBron can do this back to back years against an even better Golden State team with with Kevin Durant. Yet and it's it's weird to think of LeBron in the cavs as the underdog even though they will beat because they have the best player perhaps to ever play. In his prime playing better than ever brightness of that should be the favorite if he could just on just based on what you know of the MBA. All these years watching him beat that guy. Should be the favorite. Look at what he has done but look at goldmans say there's no one like him goes it has the war all NBA guys aren't gonna just I'm just saying in the and that's how good Golden State is it's not that it's not sort of a knock on LeBron. It's that's just how good Golden State. Is right now by adding Kevin Durant so will be fascinating. To see. If LeBron for for legacy services there will be no bigger feat that if he goes into these finals and beat them again. And beats them at full strength. There's that will go a long way in determining the Brian James perhaps been. The best player ever because this is the best team we've seen in years and I would like to ask the question of why people hate the dobbs why why people hate the warriors. Because I don't find them. To be even remotely capable with the exception of remind green like I totally get that. But just the way they play. It's probably the most exciting team we've had in this league since the showtime lakers it's. It is so when they start playing and I like when I watched them play defense 'cause they're defense leads to offense. If you go back and likewise the fourth quarter that spurs game when they really start to clamp down they start to press. These are two trapping get out run there's not a more enjoyable thing to watch is sports without things click so I get. Why people may resented them because they they're sorted making the league uninteresting until they meet the draw in the finals right. Like I can see the resentment there but it just. I I I liked him for some reason one how they play which is truly exciting. In LeBron has the bronze amazing to watch in and of himself but. The the sexiness of it. Doesn't compared to a gold sale of state has like 39 assists on fifty field goal is you're like holy hell. They drafted pretty much all of those well they drafted their key guys they drafted curry. Thomson enduring it and drill Damon green they did of course Sinai Kevin Durant. But they've been Smart and filling out the roster with guys like Sean minions did and they went out and got it would dollar and free the and it's not like they stockpiled. Top picks are either they got curry. Thompson and drain line. I think like 715. And 28 or something like that top three they weren't taught they were just like number one takes over over over. And they have hired a great coach and added a really nice complementary pieces as you as you point out and I also think that staff Currie. Wonder why nobody talks about him off the court he is it he is a gall darn Angel couldn't ask for a better guy he is a great dude and I know that LeBron is to you in terms of just LeBron zig is seems to be a good person who has done everything. At least in his personal life she does again I'm a saint again trouble he's not beaten is live in this Nat. LeBron is certainly passive aggressive and quite a Michael Ball in terms of just some of the things he's done off the court. He is written. We've heard horror stories but dealing with him in business behind the scenes he doesn't treat people. You know maybe the way that. That staff curry doesn't terms that you comparing these things in terms of just how they just treat human beings. This is part of the reason I don't like LeBron. But curry is just. How can I just don't know how you can dislike him so and so at all that together and I wonder why people hate the warriors bearers a couple of very. Easy answers and it doesn't have to be everybody falls into this it is not really about how they play. How they play usually fun right everyone likes watching good offense in good passing a lot of threes. But it's exhibit a history among green you mentioned him right he's the beginning of why you people warriors he's in his antics on the court and what he says all that stuff. Exhibit B would be staffed curry on the court the mouthpiece in the ship being end. Kind of like that La plaza affair like I'm better than you and I know it attitude and exhibit C is Klay Thompson complaining about everything and having the pout face every misses a three. Oh yeah and they added Kevin Durant who everybody hates now because it left the founder. And their fan base is annoying and is filling all the arena is up I had I done near fan base on the I guess that's like this not mean that's why people keep. I understand that the bandwagon thing bothers a lot of people who could end it was only you're arena like when they come here to play Portland homicide and can you see you know I had a quarter of the crowd wearing Golden State Jersey show and low commented defend. Their fan base in one way and say that. San Francisco has always had the Bay Area has always had really good sports fans. For most of their franchises and even when Golden State sucked. They still had a lot of fans there are not like the Miami Heat fans sit so the second part of that is I think that. Any franchise that got as good as Golden State. You would see front runners all over the country is it that they're no different than anybody else does their fan base is not just out of the woodwork they have always had a very good fan base. And of course there are ton of Dan Wagner's but that's. Truth of things to say that about the cubs might really cubs bandwagon fans the cubs had them. Massive fan base that just got good people winners the Durant thing I get sued totally get that I do but let me defended her ranting anyway but they're going up against the cavs and LeBron is the guy who is the candidate yet he's he's started all of that limit let me defend that Iran thing a little bit and and that is that yes he did join the team is abuse and say that's the coward's way out but again to your point abroad to the same thing when he put together wade and bosh so yeah it's it's that's that. To drive best. The thing I'll say about Kevin Durant is. Find me a team. That wouldn't have any sort of infighting. With a player of Kevin Durant coming in and stealing some of the shine. Stepped curry was the biggest thing going in the MBA. The two time MVP and Kevin Durant comes in and stepped curry is not talked about in the MVP discussion. Klay Thompson's numbers are down everyone has to share the spotlight as you mentioned not one guy on the all NBA first team. And have you heard blue one from any one in Golden State about the spotlight being taken away from them and I noted that that stipulate well. You know that's that's the way it should be I don't know there's another team in the MBA there would have had a smoother transition and not had any sort of bump in the road with me not getting mine with a player like Kevin Durant come again and to read so that's what the rejoice he won the gold to go to go to Golden State he said their culture and the way they talked about sharing the ball and not beat about individuals have been the team date he settled me that's what convinced him to go. I don't know if I can necessarily blame a guy for wanting to play in that corner and that kind of environment. Why wouldn't why would you like that and then as far as the second thing he said I though the whole thing about the Shimmy in the mouth piece. I mean. I think you're really grass spent on that and I get that they can rub people the wrong way I get that there are just certain guys that rubbed you the wrong way no matter who they are. I can't stand why Howard never never have liked his. Gamers attitude to discount the way he he presents itself but. And so everybody's different but you cannot find a team in the league that when they play well. In the warriors play well Austin. Don't showboat a little we all look including LeBron we all of Damian Miller but. Do you view big that if I mean mug in the mean modular tie. You know what I mean on the blazers have a little flair and I just I don't think they have that much flair compared to. Compared to some other guys now I agree within I agree with everything you just said except for the ax. But I was or what others are rooting for the brunt. Sorry to say to me they are so arrogant to watch on the court now I love watching gold say because they're fun but I. Watching step Currie MM. This should mean in the mouthpiece and always turning his back on the three is in washing clay Thompson washing Dray mind. It makes my blood boil sometimes its soul while infuriating. Didn't jury currently turned his back on the 13 he does it all the time. He does yeah there's always that and the regular season and animate all of that famous. He did that famously once and he said the reason he did that is because he was right in front of the opposing bench and they were talking mad trashed him down any said he threw it up in as I do that feels good that's Dylan in I'm turnaround. I like that mean I think it's a he gives fine he does that frequently. But look here's another Texas says. It's just the fact that they formed a super team when Katie went their look at all the super teams have been formed in name one that hasn't been the villain. I'll argue with yet they they got one big freeagent fit date built this from scratch or right it is not a super team. Right so. But the fantasy receiver in the sense that it's the most talented team that we see in a long long time -- it's not a super team as end Dwyane Wade's get a pair with senator Chris Bosh and LeBron James hammer gonna pharmacy they just went out and made a pitch to Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant wanted to join them. And so I get I get why. You know all those reasons that Mike says I actually get it's a personal. Thing in and I can see them revenue people there women because they're damn good. I'd like we always. We always want to tear down the bats so there's there's part of this is basic human nature of three best is that it's the best three year run we've seen them BA history as far as wins but. I entertainment I think if you if you were to describe is no team as perfect if you were to describe. How a championship team is going to be built and everything about them. I don't know what more you want. In sports like this is like this is what it's all about holy crap they built this. Winning a comedic gold status sucked and they were terrible. And aid they hired. You know piece by piece the right management. The government our guys and they brought in Steve Kerr made the right draft picks made the right news with their ancillary pieces brought in a hell of a coach that everybody loves. I just don't there's there's just not that much to dislike about them. In a grand scheme of things when you compare them to all the other great teams I wonder why they're not more beloved but maybe just goes back to. There's a little things that rub people the wrong way and they just they're so good that we wanna hate him. It's your point is that you don't pay attention of the blazes annoying things at the Milwaukee Bucks anoint these are the raptors anointing because you don't give a damn because I'm not relevant. Where's with a goals they'd everything gets magnified and I agree with most of what you said. I'm still ready for LeBron James simply because I hate. Wanna see if LeBron. Can I mean it's a single handedly but watching him. Take downed. And as a seventy what 73 win team last year down three it was fascinating and sad and it's weird to hold David Goliath thing. Because it has to called LeBron James dated for heaven's sakes that guy's the definition of Goliath but its interest in deceit. If one guy can just single handedly will his team. Two victory over a much better team Golden State is significantly better than Cleveland media do it let's. Whoever Cleveland's best player is LeBron James vs whoever Golden State's best players take them off a what does that series look like. You can do you make the argument whether it's Kevin Durant or staff curry right they get swept. Six weeks Cleveland if you take out LeBron James and insert whatever gold they player of the U wanna take out. But the fact of the broads and they're eight gives them a chance he gives them a chance to do the end capable of taking down. You know a team two years that eroded as sound the best two year old and an MBA history the best three year run in NBA history with with a two time MVP and another MVP on it and for all NBA guys. That's the part that I was he's not necessarily rooting against. Golden State. I'm just rooting deceit history arm Rudy deceit. If one guy can really be that good if one guy I think it kind of climb the mountain one more time and if he does. I think that's the biggest statement that he will ever make for being the greatest basketball player of all time. I text of Bridgeport Beers tests on 55305. Do you hate the warriors why do you hate the warriors fight 49 on the day. Prime time where the eyes again soon god 1080 the fan. Text. So this goes they go after next season after LeBron beats them again Butler George Griffin Hayward I'll. This is goes to its team for the foreseeable. But I don't anyway people complain about the spurs when they win because they are boring with little personality. Those same people seem to complain about the warriors who are the exact opposite people simply don't like it when someone else dominates sleek. I totally Russa. The one exception to it was I I felt like the Jordan bulls didn't get a lot of yeah. I hate now I mean you're a Portland I remember there was plenty when they're being the blaze but. You know as a kid when that was going on and and I saw plenty of bulls gear around here for short was. He just was unique in that. He was beloved by everybody the worst part about him was when he was playing people where any issues. They keep your plane gets Michael Jordan while wary Michael Jordan shoes he just was a different animal but outside of that. People hate the lakers people hated the Celtics. People hated those bad boy piston teams is this year the EU. Right to a certain level. Yeah you're gonna get a lot of flack the one exception that assays in Chicago. I never felt like there was overwhelming discussed. Toward Chicago was more appreciation for Michael's brilliance and even LeBron is great as LeBron as we're talking about him is may be one of the into the two or three best maybe even the best player of all time and and then there's a lot of LeBron fans but I there's just so many people and hate that guy gritty guest and then been rude form I never felt that we were Jordan. Guerrilla attacks elsewhere I have so I don't hate the dubs I simply likely than winning as a city Bay Area fans have caddies here at giants niners Cleveland lost. The browns in the ninety's. OK and there's that's. OKY 82 ways ultra super team boring for every reason you guys have mentioned every day air against some people us were raised to be humble. Sit down be humble Kendrick Lamar is latest single and modest players like coli Leonard Mike calmly game. Are way easier to root for Dayton and early this year LaMarcus Aldridge his. We are we really turn a dealer does a humble player on the court. Well gala where you are just sitting in Portland on me but that that's kind of that's your point is stop exactly anything that that it's gonna read you the wrong way about Golden State Damien mother does something that's just isn't going to a different fan base. It every time a guy hits a shot that guy mean mug somebody in a timely hits a three appoint Don and his wrists and doodle Miller time thing think Terry has little bit more out flair yeah on the court but off the court they're equally. Strong guys yeah. Both are good guy a break guys yeah there's. That's what I nobody ever talks of that carry legally be ripped LeBron for an you know. Durant gets Tonto got great guys always been so humble on some. You know nobody ever talks occurring on the court the guys exemplary is about everything you can wanted to superstar. It's just an outside a dream on green. Everything about Golden State is a little bit of jealousy in aegis tired of seeing them being go to listed in the driven Greenland though you that's that's easy dictate that he plays that role form but you know what he eat. You talk to anyone down there a gold stayed they'll tell you he's the engine that drives that thing that's sort of edge that he brings is something that they need. And they don't want him any other way. Mean he's the guy that that kind of stirs the pot down there and every team needs one of those. And he is the ultimate US hatred in my agreement if he was on your team you would freaking love him. Here's sex as everyone hated Miami when LeBron as Darren now everyone roots for LeBron. Now he's backing clipped. Not me now is lot of people who will never reform dad I think he's pretty polarizing. But again so the warriors I guess we just when your kid. But October. Gonna people tell last year I would wanted I was rooting for LeBron James I want to see him bring a title to Cleveland and I thought that. When he won that thing and to see the emotion and in that city in what that meant that was bad ass hole of the coolest things I've ever seen in sports and now is what's navy duty gadgets 'cause I'd. I wanna see if one guy can take down. You know and an entire team and that's basically you have it's LeBron James rivers of the goals they where's I wanna see if he do it again. All right well you're gonna get a chance to if he does. I just think that's one of the great accomplishments of all time to keep this going state warriors seemed to years growth in winning the title. The has won more games than any team in NBA history over the three year stretch but if he doesn't he's only three and four in the finals now. And to those you could say well. He could be you he could be one and six but the finals he did lose against. These goals were his two years ago might have been the greatest finals performance of all time yeah. He's a lost okay coming up next it is the club where is North Korea on the fifth.