Primetime 5.18.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, May 18th

Talking some Yankees, Thursday's mock draft update, and they FINALLY GET TO THE RETIRED JERSEY SEGMENT.


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. If you can find that time. And you can find the time dispute when you actually yeah right John advertising din series. Your home what they'll all journalists and I'll go. Think yeah. This is primetime so yeah I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason singer Janet quit prime time. And on ten ADP. So much sports. And we are so far behind. There's a good discussion though likely. Still upset that the Yankees. We're gonna end up where if that's the good with the idea that the Yankees could end up with Machado and Bryce Harper while. He ever well you know what the Yankees can do it there Mike yeah what are we just terrible. I told you that I've seen rumors that they are considering trying to get both of them again we will they can afford it they get and that's the thing is we're talking about how good the young yankees word and that is that the guide you add the shot or harboring and do you she might get there goes one notch is that both. Does it Trout is 800 million out. I want yahweh religious hysteria and dollars city yankees there are Republican get man and the scary thing about them is one of the royals. As a guide that I follow on Twitter that's a really good royals guy treated so last night's good point he said it's scary to think that the Yankees are hitting the weather hitting. And they do not have clicked Frazier. Or is it good labor labor Tora labor Torres the two biggest prospects they got illustrates they're still not up yet no comment. And then by the way you know that they're gonna go out and spend. And and get free agents to plugin and you know they're gonna go out here in the next year too and stock up on pitching but they are the days that Haiti's got like they're gonna pay energy Jeanne. He's given us airing judges rookie year so he's got what failure and liver can always out there bring it up they're gonna have salary control over for the next four to five years well basically what we're saying is change. Yet they're they're gonna have about a 750. Million dollar payroll about five years ago. Let's wait till the policies when her knock our season the trade deadline when a bus these teams are contention start having fire sales. It's yankees need to in this is the beauty of being Boston to New York schooled by an arm. Is go find a team that isn't doing wait till the Mets falloff indeed blatant didn't know sinner garter somebody who has gone bias. You got that going on for the Yankees I read an article today it might civic giggling don't make me got excited I just read an article today about what's in ESPN about what a mess of an organization the Mets are the date. XP's people around the measly days for a question just everything they do including their straight to conditioning staff for being just at a boondoggle. Meanwhile yet the Yankees here build in the next dynasty. And consulates a little early let's. Easy or easier gonna be really good they they do seem to be pointed in the right direction but could greet the next dynasty. Is there a CC sabathia out there well least it's his last year c'mon. K and he is massive sour real come off the ball OK no go by Ellsbury saw oracle off the books and I. Bruised her from rouge. I in many retirement and I didn't I didn't think either one of those guys finally could be more DC he's there to reduce your guys in baseball than the shuttle and harper Batista. That's true yeah. You know it is it is fitting if harper goes to the Yankees lead that I was pretty fit to be the most breath test to think about times that these eager to get a haircut and shave the beard spoke a little to leave his hair but shaved the beard his connections being. Liz may all Marge Schott on May be happy part of his contract will be don't touch the official partner but the some shaved the beard and they go and be terrible. Okay let's get back on track and get real cause and only come back I know it's gonna be segment late but Thursday's four. Who will the blazers draft. Three new names today perhaps hot mock draft yes I'm excited for thirteen on the fan. Where highs against duke got 1080 of OK and just say restricted he has Chris Cornell one of the best voices. Is there a rocket row and maybe one of the most versatile. Because you sold many kickass cover. Yeah guarantees he was awesome night he died if you didn't know 52 killed himself horrible. Other Rolling Stone had him the ninth best lead singer of all time he's amazing. And it's you know obviously sound garden was alternative rocker or whatever you wanna call it. It is like you that obviously due to cover imagine their heated wanna Billie Jean and I don't know if you heard that it's my favorite covers of all time the guy I was just. It was like a haunting voice what he as it is beautiful here really was. Amazing that he had unbelievable. Range now and I think it's cool that I I wish more acts did this. But I think it's cool how many covers that he would play like him you show up to one his shows and from what I understand he would just. He he would play covers of songs that you had no. Idea that he was gonna play yeah he's known for some famous ones like Billie Jean and we played. Nothing compares units up and there's imagine but he said he's always toying with play another. Other bands hits I saw him when and he does Jim unique. Yeah that they take on a minute they're just. I tweeted out if you go to big underscore sukur tweeted out the Billie Jean cover and it's. You would even recognize the song. Minutes insisting his scheme makes it completely his own but I saw him a number of years ago when he was doing all the solo stuff. Ford reunited didn't end sound guards or turn around. And you're right he did a lot of covers and he did one needed wild horses The Rolling Stones and it may be my favorite live performance I've ever heard I mean it was like there were people cry eat. In the in the audience like Mike foale on cigarette lighters up and and people had tears in their eyes it was just it was amazing. You know icing blues tip yeah you do as his reign to do at all in any EU whether it was obvious labor sound garden are so low it didn't matter he was awesome. Man Alan and Alan hurdle but it. Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes died we kept it and that. Men rest and let's just forget the past. I saw someone summitry go to all of Fox News skirts will be at a half mast today. All mind I don't remember hoot tweeted that 01. I wish psychic gift I could give proper credit to him I just besides passing that is horrible and under it is and it made me just fallen like it may be totally double fault by the way it fell down he was 77 yeah Roger spoke of the missiles are scared you're trying to to avoid blizzard tock but I'm not analyst Dick and yes you are. Yeah for Tony wine. Look I got here is when he minutes behind got distracted by Chris quarter. Easy to yeah. You know the blazes are gonna draft the Latvian Brothers broke. No they're still around now OK so every Thursday of four leading up to the draft were gonna do this. Every a look at all the experts online in the mocks in the consensus and we're gonna green tie the names some way free Kennedy can sort of them. Familiarize yourself with some of these players last week we covered that columns. We covered TJ leave. Which covered Donovan Mitchell. Damn ought to buy you know and some other guys you couldn't let you guys. Which three new names today that's who I wanna I wanna both a long one. A lone wolf now this is from basketball insiders they have at fifteen the blaze is taking a man by the name of a load EG. On NOB. Yeah. Original gangsters that cabin the jazz names of G that's chemical agent available more about him he's a small phone already plated Indiana. He is elite physically. He's ready to go he's in NBA ready body he's big and long and he complained of four as well. They say that he can really get to the rim and score but he needs to work on a shot. So does that sound like anyone a steel. So quick and honestly. Everyone in the draft then as the same. A prototype you know you get one of two peaks you either get NBA ready body did needs to work on his game. Or you get the very talented high upside but has to work on his spot that's the only target and the draft related deaths I don't see regional and it's true you don't you know there's only so many ways to describe all these guys notable. Number actual the this the idea of someone coming in and and be in. Full audit be ready both body and and kind of promote an actual. Games damned glad it was good does LeBron James yeah. So. He OK yet and does that sound like. A gallery to see again. He's assault Florida any played at Indiana. He can play power forward he is an NBA ready body he's bigger long. He can score against the ram who who needs Stewart got a shot who do. Yes is does he have terrible hair. He may spend Obama pro exactly exactly compact but it's no finally re incarnate yeah. Is your freshness here. And they say is pretty good. Watched Indiana play this year because they played cancer in here and I need is he's he stands out I don't not. Oh wait wait I don't think I saw Indiana they once this I don't not play Indiana could talk does mean maybe your yen and you've I would know because he got hurt he he'd. I think get an AC social and end their season when the toilet yeah it was like a top ten team the sort of year and then they just. Disappeared and in Tom Green got fired so that guy's name is OG. Look for him possibly in the fifteen range the next guy that has that is new to the list is a guy by the name of Luke canard. Of you know this I do not know who he minority played for. Duke. He did he played for duper pro icy side duke play and I still don't know we have now. But if you like there's a lot of guys from duke and Kentucky. That didn't even play for duke I did didn't play much guard played a lot heated there. He's like okay well and then now. You know articulate my theory is if the two white guys they better be from Eastern Europe dammit it better be the Latvian Brothers okay I don't. A white American players dammit they're saying that blue canard to be target for the blazers at number twenty. The second of there 31 round picks he is a white shooting guard from duke who is in extremely good shooter he can score from anywhere. But to your point why shooting guard know he is not long he is not athletic and he's not a great defender and he's white he's a guard no. Just say note white shooting guy or it's yeah I don't like that at all that's right out. And then the third guy. That's news this week is a man by the name of delaying the bacon. Florida State he's a four state can't use they've got him pegged somewhere in the 26 range although some people have him going. I in the second round he is a shooting guard small forward hybrid. He is explosive. He does create his own shot quite well he is a natural scorer but he's inconsistent from outside and he hasn't seemed to care about pulling the time. Though like that it's no I don't. Think it does defense of guys the other guy and he's talking about last week guys who was at the guy from. Well like North Carolina State or something that security guard and navy Bradley tied the release ball guy who's the voracious defender I want backed. Yeah we don't we don't need inconsistent shooters and we have been consistent you there's finds of the play defense. So those of the three new ones this week. One workouts are. I think very soon I saw that gives me say don't Brooks is coming. Looked quick quick Davis a list of like it was a week ago or so of guys who have a party you guys have already committed to chemical usually the blazers announce it which would mean that they would show up as an email in our inbox is so I have not seen I haven't either but it should start here fear these who wishes are seen some of these guys kind of roll through there and then we'll have a a better idea. Today when year years got guys that are in the teens in this you will bring them man like sometimes you hear about guys that are in the top four top five negate graph by a team that didn't. Take a look at a mug. Under the assumption here from my understanding that if if if Portland brings guys in. The just do addicted to do it. At this point you you have some general interest here. I'll think you're gonna see them go off the board and take some random guy you wanna know what I think. What do you. I think that in our next segment. We're gonna be able to squeeze in the elusive retired Jersey it's a bit freaky time and. And I. Gets fired up for what its various cities. We're waiting for the week and now we're gonna do any old he has won't be able to listen no one's been waiting for that for a week I you can only penalize you might give both been excited about this segment. Not really sure line don't include the segment. You told us the data you first teased it which was like last Wednesday it if not two weeks ago. You said. I for parity really interesting segment are retired number your team in a lot of home no times he's. You're adding the really interesting your making it sound like doesn't always gonna be great but it's just another I would say the it's just another segment why do you think we got so excited about the only way it I. No I think your concern I am concerned about tennis. I don't think this gonna go over well let your thumb to bring it to your lack of confidence hears me coming in just makes up it's gonna be awesome why don't. So bad about random hockey numbers. Just retired now about the dollar and get good retirees retired Jersey segment. Is next here's Mike. And time where advise against duke got a ten maybe those men. All right scored 34 and it is time for the elusive retired Jersey segment that we have not gotten to him about. Time to time we've been pushing this offer. Anticipated but they have found. Genius segment I want my security segment is going to be the best segment you've ever heard you in your trump pat. Damn right. To make America great at every time icu where it adds. I can't see that half without instantly thinking that it's a make America great ad for you on the radio side. I'm wearing my Special Olympics organ hat is just a Red Hat with a white writing but it's like that that it's like it's burned into your head now whenever you see. Just like of a Red Hat with some white on your dog make America great and you know you're trumped I mean. Always have been everything from the beginning this little game and as your guy he is sobering. So you know the colts are retiring the big number eighteen they probably shouldn't. Yet they're getting after it they're gonna reveal a eight Peyton Manning's stats you. And retire his Jersey in week five of the upcoming season Johnny you statue at their. Statute. And this election I was taken in my head because he degrade as culpable time or. Is Johnny Unitas. Lou is it initially you're like oh he's the greatest Coleman has a well you do got. Johnny you and that Erica. So you watched by the paying him gentle and Allan with that the campaign and I'm sure I'd spelling Peyton Manning would I would think but some. The only one on some people think united says. Think of this the old timers put him up there is as one of the three or four best of all time don't forget about buddy young. None now but he on you know Mike mad dog Curtis he was a COLT. I'm looking at the colts retired jerseys. I think Dick night train lane might have been a cult as well. He's not on here maybe I'm thinking of someone else well look the Mike Kurdish should be on there that led me who might Curtis. Really now you want the colts retired guys yeah I don't you know march jedi were stalling that's Raymond Barre. Jim Parker are done and many more but he young Johnny knows Peyton Manning are now aren't so that just led me to. To want to do in a retired Jersey. Segment which were doing now. I'd now you know that the blazers have a lot of her chargers is right yes they're they're okay so in the pantheon of sport. The NBA has the most you know the NBA team with the most retired jerseys you know it is by the lakers Celtics it's the Boston Celtics of 24 understand. They've and by the way those are. I can have proved who the blazers retired jerseys delicious say not all Jersey retirements at this well there's something to the blazers have been far too. Liberal. With their Rick retired Jersey say that just invaders in general they used to hang division and some. The so we knicks suns. Are second with fifteen retired jerseys and you may shake your head at that. It didn't mar the he has his Jersey retired after he didn't know she does not missing seuss'. My point with. Really organization they understand the you're trying to do he was pretty good deal can't be hanging dim morally it okay this Tom chambers there is Jersey. Yes and Tom Tom chambers deserves that Tom chambers is one of the top forty scorers of all time like Tom chambers was good. Weigh in the meantime that that. Lucky the following accents that. Thunder Dan morally OK yeah among naming some names and you are going to realize that the Phoenix Suns actually have more guys that should have retired jerseys can you remember. Larry Nance. Well first of all Charles Barkley of course when their VP either Steve Nash. Tom chambers. Kevin Johnson. Paul Westphal it's given him and you forget about Gerry clinch. Then you have DN Marley tee and Tim are the should not have his Jersey retired that's ridiculous. But what about the ridiculous ness of Dick van large scale who. Walter Davis and some other guys you know. Ever you probably never heard of it will Connie Hawkins to look at the mayor's I don't know if they have believed you should retired GB version number on McLeod also Phoenix the take it it was it was the civilians. That a lot of guys up at half of those guys. Iowa how does that compare the blazes do you can you name how many of the blazers retired jerseys to unit. You brutality they have thirteen. So they are so the Celtics are the most of 24 this is NBA. The Celtics of the Muslim 24 other I think that the Celtics the most all sports is the Yankees. Have only 22 curve ball to Jeter now tweetering. But Celtics are 24 sons of fifteen blazers and pistons each have thirteen. Did you know that Ben Wallace's Jersey is retired against C thunder Dan Marley that's ridiculous that is ridiculous worse. Dan Bartley. That's a bear is seen as an organization that Dan Maher these numbers painting your rappers with it was it that hard to come public and other Bobble head night that you had to grab Dan Marr the retirement right. That's ridiculously early. I get that there's like stand favorites and they did that but that doesn't mean your Jersey should be retired its. I don't know I just think that sometimes organizations just get desperate. When there's not a whole lot of the end users like year throw this out so the trailblazers. Go how many can they name. Thirteen so called tea Clyde yet Porter when he TU reporter. EL Porter interestingly enough. That is a dual numbers they restated retired thirty. But remember Bobby grossed more number thirty severe favorite they have retired for both guys in case of those guys count as two. It does drove had to dig it Jerome Wright did not do they haven't done his Bill Walton. Bill Walton bomb number 32 you know Lucas number two wanting steel has is retired GAAP number fifteen. And who else. You've already got six. Who else has a number retired their. Well doctor Clyde Wright yeah hired at Clyde doctor Jack yeah Jack number 77 has his years that they won the title. Who else of the desire to Holland says his Lionel Hollins who number fourteen. But three missing here. Humorous scene am. Well I mean a couple of you know they're old school guys that they're pretty obvious either the blazers do have a lot of. And a few. That are geared trying to think these guys are worthy like Geoff Petrie is one and forty idolize peachy I should absolutely worthy and then a date toward ticked. Number thirteen. Ending you have they retired. Larry Weinberg. As number one he was the owner the first honoring him but the number one can still be used by players it's if they want. But Dave. That's the number associated with him Nelson retired bill Sean. Well in Lloyd Neal would it would it would they do for Sean. Just a microphone and there's no number OK so he can eat him for broadcasters and there. So he had that those are the blazers and I you know I mean I see why they retired each and every one of those. But if you wanted to get more exclusive. Inner mean there are some guys you can take out there. Here is they just I don't know to be when you retire a number that. I just think outside of like the hall of fame and that's like the biggest aren't you can get and I just think sometimes teams. Throw that around a little bit like a lot of the big cars are virtuous or Brandon Roy have his number retired him and my answer to that is no. We should know zero what six years. And there was great one rigid the year but it. It did make any deep runs the classes like he was here fifteen years now we should dial his number retired. If you really look at this stinging San nine you know the blazers got to be exclusive you'd have alarm. If you'd just you'd have Drexler to. This is gonna sound really controversial but Lucas shouldn't have his number tired. You probably have blonde you'd have Drexler and may be Porter left. Wouldn't that be at that I would die with a mental problem no offense to any yet probably doctor Jack TO would be up there. In court I mean if you're gonna include the coaches sending. He would still be up there but he was with the blazers this is my point about I reject the old mold Lucas who was your fought for years. I don't know if like 7676. Through like. Unlike either mean when pull up here but he just went here and did you won a title but everyone on the title team. Should have their numbers retired OK at the latest Celtics don't do that the NBA team with the most tech jerseys the Celtics a 24. Can you name the NBA team with the fewest. Retired jerseys and they only have one it'll be maybe the raptors at the grizzlies here on the right track the Orlando makes chic yet to be an expansion team and do you know the number. This is retired Shaq maybe you know is it not a player it is not a player he had will be. Now that some owner Paul Richardson. Whoever. Isn't either. I don't know and I think that the guys came on with those China inspire me I thought that's of those him now that was some. If it happens. Pat moon since he was out Williams now was a calm things close. The text Islam so. He was like there it is the DJ am broad front office guy and he was ladies a motivational speaker M idealist and I think it might be talents the magic have retired number six in honor of their fan since. Goal way. It's the dumbest thing ever. Okay the all time leading scorer you know the ultimate power in Orlando Magic history us. Probably Schechter McGrady now. Dennis Scott maybe Shaq is number you any Hartley is number three in Tracy McGrady is number four in the sky. Note. Lou Holtz has been any give in Orlando. You just name the three best players in my mind is now loudly 002. And Allard. Grad starts a U mediums. The NBA team would just one Jersey retired only one. It's the Minnesota Timberwolves Garnett no. Think about the Ricky Rubio Suzuki may get this I don't know if Mike will he may be a little that is so stupid I mean young. So Garnett it's not paying enough in the rafters think about it. Rosters and Minnesota tragedy. So anything can who passed away and for Minnesota. Oh. Was in the league Seale yes Malik Sealy yet. They retired his Jersey he he was killed in the car and car but Garnett scum and Garnett you'd think is coming yes. There is an NBA team who retired the Jersey number of a player who never played for them. Who is this team and know what's player. NBA team. It was this in a bit because my Jackie Robinson that's where I was don't want this like every retired robs a beacon in hockey and we're tired 99 for Gretzky. But only one team did this for a player that didn't play for yet super random. The Miami Heat. Retired Michael Jordan's number twenty tree. Just why contributions to the game out of respect of so again much like Gretzky and a lot of respect I'll know when you're not only wanna do that Gretzky has it and Jackie Robinson I don't know of anyone else and would you like to blazers to do that. What to retire 23 I. Exactly Allen grabbed me the number of it and I think it's weird to think he did that you cut your heart no one else did you should additional or get our shoulders as bite me yet you keep your Jews retiring 23 or that kid with the earth and 45 wasn't that good at 23 guys he was pretty good okay Acer held up her shoes all that is partially your retired Jersey segment. Ice. Really enjoyed that. I have partially sort of more yet there's more I've got other sports. Just a little bit I mean not to most that was in what is just keep Gilbert and I thoroughly enjoy this. Can sports talk radio continues to do better than mount Rushmore. Who's a who's very vital Zurich the grunge and. I'm Diane Marley on my mount Rushmore thunder Dan Bartley. That's egregious well we should go through is find who is the worst NBA player to have his Jersey retired I tried that it's really it's really hard because. The reason it's hard is because a lot of those names they you'll see on this list you don't even though they are now they played in like the forty I know Dan Barlow he is and his numbers shouldn't be hanging from the rafters Dan Marley averaged eleven point four points per game board really. We were hanging out up. Threat Polygram's usually came in the graphics that's about what he averaged 447 on the. Brian Todd revising its soup guns N eighty bills fans. This tournament favorites mixes. And it's tough because everytime I hear that in the playback music did it's so good but it makes me sad that I'm not a big thing. When celebrities guy. And I don't like do the whole list it's always even go leave flowers that underlie this one. It's what got me a little bit today when I when I started out and I again. Lawson a bagel and Chris Cornell ET vortex of this morning and I'm with you it it was really a jarring and because. The one you know. CQ and I air you're 38 yeah I'm 41. He kind of defines an era that started at a very important time in our lives yeah he defines grunge it. He yelled. First band sound sound garden predates pro Jan and her yeah. And so there's that but not the thing about him thus think you know I think. The reason and affects you more while he's only 52 for the prince was young Michael Jackson was young anytime if you type in night Iconix. Music figures David Bowes little older but now. Like with Michael Jackson imprints. There's an element of okay I can kind of see them dying right leg they were really out there. You know. And kind of like. Aegis aegis like can you kind of you kind of felt like there was a clock on them and you didn't DS that's where if you didn't tell with him because he just seemed so. He seemed so normal and so even though he was a bad ass rocks are. He was kind of he was pretty put together like I know he battled. And we battled drugs and they battled alcohol finally battled depression and he's talked about this and he was like thirteen but he just seemed to get along really really really well in the weather and so it's kind of weird that. The whole things we've because they just played a show last night. And it's not like he was doing poorly everybody said this came totally out of the blue any kill themselves then he hung himself. And it's. It's weird because with Princeton and Michael Jackson bolt let's digits and you bring that up. They were in my childhood but they were very young. Think he said it was very young child that people Princeton and and Michael they were at their biggest when I was really. Before you really kind of figured out what you want to listen to but sound garden and Pearl Jam and and acts like this. Whether it's Nirvana from B Metallica fits into the essar are springs or anything else. Wait when you Connie your teens. That's really kind of to me when you start to form what you're gonna like and for me most of that is still what I listen to this day. And as those guys will start to pass away like when you heard people say that it Wear you out when. John Lennon died or what went went Elvis died and how deeply affected you. I guess I never really had. Those kind of moments for me because all the guys that I grew up listing to were still alive but as they've. Start to go. And as you get older. I think there's part of that too that your hero is your musical heroes shouldn't be die I think it's it's not quite there yet. And this one today it was one of those that that did that got me you know how old any better is. He's got to be in his fifties he's a decent. It all the guys that I grew opted to me in my mind were. Just and I still view them that way. But when I go see any better when you see Chris Cornell when I go see Metallica or Billy Joseph freaks me out vigilant because it is seventies. And so these are all guys that I still view as fifteen year old me in the stuff they kind of shaped my childhood. And it's a little freaky did see them getting old and it's even scared to see them. See them die in. Yet they can't pay these I think is in his seventies now yet but I think done on the younger scale. Comparatively. Chris Cornell dying is akin to like. Any better or you know Dave Grohl dying yes and that's may be part of the reason because of our age is this why Islam shocking yen in today us when I when I woke up this morning and I read it. I tear in my eye and I and it was it was weird because it was. I care armor the last time a celebrity death elicited that from me. Not that I started freaking outer again I'm gonna run up to Seattle and put some flowers on a shrine but just sitting there my computer at I shed a tear and hasn't happened most of this liberty does don't give me like that one and and then to think the way it happens and kind of what he was battle lean and it's a Sox it was just a crappy thing to wake up and read this. Mourning his death got me a little bit it's been awhile but Inkster. Did it yeah as a man that's no good and how he died staff in the some Messina look there he Chris Cornell was a bad. Bad man him. It bad acts. And I just were listening into the and that's it's funny you say you got cotton the the vortex when I was president Jim today that's all I listened to was just added it that you YouTube Chris Cornell and just all the different stuff that that comes up and sums up I'd never even heard before all the different by performances of one offs. My brother 71 just has to do it on what to do brick by embrace ago he did. You to the song walk and he played the music from UT is one and took Metallica's lyrics from their version of one and put them together and it is. A mis. Yet it's a silent and it's him. Fan fact. Coming before the governor before one of the listeners who is on Twitter Michael. Tweet Demi today and I wanna say he's right. I'm gonna go back and check this. He remembers. Myself and Gavin Dawson from the Saturday's show prop them up interviewing Chris Cornell. Really in IA. And I thought to myself Mikey boy I don't. Really remember I certainly don't remember it like vividly. But now that he mentions it I think we might have had him on really in I'm gonna go back and see if I can. Dig it out or her seat if I can at least confirm that because. I did he says he was he was in France was due to Shoney's promote some is gonna go he's gonna come due over here. And I think we talked to him in if I aim remembering correctly which is. 5050 rose by twelve plus years ago I could not have been any clue. I remember Scott why Lyndon here with us with who is also very cool at a heat heat and highly committed suicide to end. To Dietrich suicide and he just going to vote deed. Not sure which one. Yet by the way Chris Cornell hung himself. Yeah rescinded. Don't let a band around his action was what I read in the last song he sang this person's right was Led Zeppelin is in my time of dying. On the last concert bluntly put that's my idea in that was the last on the saying in Detroit some people are gonna back on the use of a messy each. Other hot cited five is coming up next folks. Need to turn to hear it's on page story in itself. Deep mine let's go to the back of a pretty you know what it has been a very deep and very choked. We have the all NBA teams Alex we have a key baseball injury we have rainfall is all kinds of things up next. Oh and another one of the top five college basketball recruits picks his school. Does he pick duke or Kentucky perhaps he picked both. Has that ever happen to you play for both. We'll get to all that is next on the tenth.