Primetime 5.18.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, May 18th

Ropp wants to go fishing, is any player worth a 10 year/400 million dollar deal, talking LeBron and their win over Boston.


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time highs against him what is. Different. Unbiased just try to picture on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat of American. Who is everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate. And John. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on ten. They want to do what's up the line in Thursday beautiful day so they doubted Shannon from his tennis again let him. Radio Hamid Jim I'd again what the hell you don't let's do it tomorrow or do again but not the next. Again bright hey at. I really have to know again. Now we're just pull up the old. The mail I hear us he might keeps track. It was is again are on episode 2932. Let's do another one namely that we were almost to 3000. Wasn't wartime bull. I've been in this Wimbledon the station for overtook if you were started like a year before me. While depends in what capacity yakking well I've been I've been doing this this show for a run in the whole show and you got it won over the got since been demoted all the way to do this like a young Theo Epstein babe right here and right out of the wheat fields of Kansas yes I did this to be shows like twelve and twelve and half years we've been doing its gather going on eleven and it's. It's been awhile. 3000 shares this that'll. This is an estimate yeah but since we've not be keeping track since they want now this. The reason we keep track that the universe is because dusty in cam. Did start keeping track from day one and we thought that was really cool idea. And they stopped but. Oh they did yeah they aren't keeping track and that's stupid it's disappointing that aren't they should track that is collared the latest outs Crawford show recap emails do not have enough. So it Morey and volume in the year of our lord from 2007. Team. Well somehow we press on. Yes and I've been here for almost half of them assessment of the pictures if you do get reality shows some people believe your vacations. Spillover a little bit further than they should. It's and it's been a topic of conversation you know and I tell those people would show that with. Well I I believe my musician dealers that you just you say you're going on vacation that you don't turn in their vacation request warm so there's a real there's Fuzzy math on how many days. On the buses Olerud to the old las was dollar and down to do that with Dennis well back in the old days or offer marry games that was the land of milk and honey. You need to take vacation the Mariners were your vacation in the East Coast swing. You work at 110 hours a day like today no other home at home. But the client they were right sucks wither and Oakland yesterday in there at I don't know they were at home or that they were at home now where they and they are still at home for White Sox if they are no club for. Yet Thompson. So then and an actual pitching performance last night we'd get off at six they on behalf I think it did it in the actually there was a real pitching performance that occurred last night with the Seattle mayor Booker ready for some guy named Sam give it Leo defense tonight and probably give us turnarounds of the he's throwing the Tuskegee switch oil. Don't think Leo be switch that's your battery he'd sit tight Spezza the MS receiver. I've. I've got an idol. When I don't know. What it is but I just I find myself watching Lee even though there are planned in Seattle I thought they were in Oakland they've been a lot and am actually I have other you know it's funny as old man drop out capitalism. He never knows where games being played with those like. Which teams are rich in waiter where's the punchy I am a bit in the head twice and even watched the ninety team with me whether the eight tonight Danny Ainge even asked the question I remember this now and he asked that. Did the bears didn't have to hit the bottom of the ninth. Because their bullpen didn't jacket away for once I even had to explain to my children you don't have to hit the bottom of the inning yet I still for some reason thought they were in oak sedate and on the our kids to like you doing them a disservice by only telling them that now my kids are not huge. Forty sports sports people. But they will wander and every now OK and asked that question speaking of sports yeah. I was just step back and get a copy and staring at the beautiful Willamette. River on the banks of the field on that now. Yeah we are here at if you if you don't know where station has a right down here on the Willamette. But you'll spaghetti factory in the south on the combined stock as a crop. You can bet we have security in these weeks formed that just shows that stock and that way and impact trailer home now. There it is Bush's help give anybody edges of the dangers that things and I am attacking and I pack. Maggie rock is not going home immediately after the show today. Just confuse anybody he really doesn't that you wanna follow him around him many of the adult watering now I was gonna have BR yeah they get things to do but anyway. We digress I was sitting there looking at the beautiful lamented today because it's beautiful day out there. And I decided. That I want to go. Fishing really. Really. Yeah yes it's. New here there's some pretty. Let's move the. I have some answers to have you ever gone fishing before it's. I mean had been fishing kind of likes you know a guy who doesn't play golf he's also at some point you know probably there but. Of course I think Mike has never no never played a round of golf which it's crazy those mile. But but I have been fishing many times yeah I'd I'm not really finished amid fished but not. You know. You have been such a minimum votes that people are fishing and am I dial. You're if you're along for the ride your fishing adjacent your fishing by us like I'm never gonna be the lead fisherman okay. That how works who I'm not BA player. Understand there's an I don't know what I'm doing their support said he makes the sandwiches and taken. In a cooler. Exactly ago he had every good fishing trip needs a coach I mean fishing is not fishing its drinking. Width. A side dish of may be thrown out a lower in the water pipe sits just drinking in nature that's why it's one of my favorite things to do which is again that's gulf yeah. So I sort of thing we. Had this discussion where you golf. Ice fish. I golf a little more than you fish but it's you haven't Issa Larry passion in the US and the really like to do I like hiking out where there's no one else around you bring me you know six Rickie may be a twelve if you have a little robust. Instead of some some water and throw out there so here's an am an idiot and I am I need to solicit a little bit of advice that in my hobby make it kills them. Oh I think he'll sing song for. Don't you. Should worry about that Rebecca candidate. OK so what I wanna do is I don't wanna do it here. I wanna do it in Vail Colorado okay because we're going there. In August. As the Oregon are in Simi Beatles just like this in a wanna take my kid. In my life. Fishing we're gonna gonna we're gonna go honey fishing trip while we're there I can help you out with any help one of my best friends the whole world lives in Vail. Qureia and isn't race it is is well connected there. I can hook you up with hey you wanna do you get a guide OK but see. Did it if you view that you need to guys just stopped. Get a guide rob be ready to Unita guys did a guide you this year is no way get a guy if you get a guy. There is no way that in I would say this in from the bit in the and a the bottom of my heart I love. Our level like a brother fine there is no way you will successfully pull offs in enjoyable fishing trip on Europe OK so. When I'm gonna have to. For easy for you meet in the mrs. via. And I get to bring and I'll bring the beer you bring in the beer bitchy entering bear on those types of Somalia didn't. Now bring on spring peerless jordin got a boat 31 now. He's wanna be able to hike out so I'm thinking reverend got to vote but that's not lead in Colorado I'm thinking like up there it's like. River the B a leaked like fly fishing rivers guessing that you can probably get away with that with for the three of you maybe to fifty. Total total a perfect yet because I was looking at one while I was sitting there at my desk you know. Looking longingly out the Willamette. And it went back into that she can't see from our desperately. Well not saying no and knowing that money can thank you very much for him it might expect that the it was a learning is listening to the dude story bike to get child wanders into a movie knocked off. Where. You're lucky you were in your mind you're looking at the beautiful willow about the one web site I found veil guided. Fishing trips was to 95 a person. Yeah I like man really a thousand bucks to go fishing in the home where it will be able to I've I promise you my buddy we'll have some connections if you don't care about going out on a boat down and you just want to go out like a lake or river somewhere tea will get your way for a couple hundred bucks a love that lets do it. A man let's party yet it's like that you're not about it's not gonna have to do 300 person actually fly fish. Or is that different units a day you don't wanna fourth there's really now ma and it's really difficult says this is just. Right it lets you that's that's like going to gust says this is like a 25 handicap Tanzania the Cisco slightly as the court well. You know you want it where again the nice part about the guided guy the guided trip is. They'll put you were on he'll baited for you. All you literally are gonna have to do is is throw unreal. And then drink and drink. Elway he will probably yield even clean the fish for Michael well and then I'll only do this on set this up he may even help you reel in the fish if you're having trouble. Because you know you might don't need and I know again I mean like a legitimate on the man who. At a Marty getting guide and I should be able to go to a store. And pick up. Fishing gear for myself and my son and go to the river to fish you know you can't do I should be able to you can't. It about it it was it's me I'm saying I should be able to do that. In nineteen yeah as a as a red blooded American male from Kansas yeah how is it that I don't know how to do that. It's it's a little embarrassing however now. I have no delusions of grange here I don't wanna learn how to fish long term I just want a great day of fishing. In Vail Colorado. In early August with my family. Will will will help yeah because I think what the problem when you're gonna have a bail is if you go to like a professional guided service is that of that's a pretty pricey place. And so you're gonna it's anti it's gonna be high end which utility stuff. I'll bet you we end there was one that that served like if they take you out. And then they serve like does gore made dinner with a line yeah is like a hundred their nose like. Six sometimes 700 dollars I'll bet you we can can. That's your my buddy will know someone this as well I did kind of show you the ropes and see what app I'm a go to Cabela's tied him to get on like here in you know immigration knowing it. You let's get a little bit more because again. You're not gonna have anything. Or you've hit it you don't have any in don't know. Don't try to do it that's that's one of those weird things it's just a tactical thing if you go in the local shop. And you like KI II need to get some some fishing gear you don't walk out of there with a 2000 dollar were some stuff that you'll never ever use this yet you know I was kidding right at it out. I don't say that the guys buys part about the guides as though provide all that stuff. And you don't have to go yeah I witchcraft and then. Gillick Michael we settled that. Hope that was great for everyone why exactly did. And I didn't get. I saw the boats out there on the Willamette and I thought to have what did. Great thing they're doing right now yeah out their fishing in this beautiful weather Mike Allen to do that but then I'm like while never do that here like in the normal week. And I've got now I do is play golf. So it's like I can't seated in the woods but veil on to get boo what are we interim government hi team we're gonna play a little golf. We're gonna do some Whitewater raft dean but I thought you know what one day there let's go. Fishing you know what we eat you could do is if you would like no talk about Saturday I could take you fishing and see if it's a miserable experience for you in another. That you don't have to go in Colorado no that's not the point I'll enjoy all enjoy your not going to matter what I'll enjoy it okay comic the most. I hope you like Phil yeah it is they want in my opinion. Fishing is one of the the most enjoyable activities you can do on a catchy shark and don't think that's gonna catch a shark I guess is no. My grandfather did a politician with a month's cool. What kind. I have been terrible reef shark or something but boulevard and I don't belong to vote and then they just couple. This is also letting you take it out of the water and get naked and jump on. Oh well it all might just an orderly. There if he just let go or Jimmy John yeah it amendment or big that thing on the on the boat at least get a photo has brought it up to the boat took a picture and went OK that's a shark let's cup the line at a lady hippie in me. Is not gonna want to eat any these fish and again and my schedule cry just tossed Madonna put him back you can catch or is it apparently. Until form. You feel for the fish I just you know that your putting or through their mouth I don't know I into the vote to bet your was there was better routes escalated needed it's been a so people play catcher at least though. OK well let's get to go on here I'll what are we did today. Will decide touch fishing dock get a guy willing to take you sturgeon fish and that sounds great. But how many more info. This guy when it you guys are ready to go stirs addition let me know. Ul ul can appear that wraps things should go get him. I'd go you gotta yeah I mean who is this guys this is some. Know some guys stocking you. This is going to be part of a whole new manly thing for area known as their words flannel and you know our next. No I told you this is a one off it embracing the Pacific northwest what you get hooked in you become an outdoorsman. Won't happen with get a four Wheeler I stand Mallon just like mr. Leahy just out camping now. Ha okay it is at 315 what are we did you were gonna decent MBA. Oh you know we're gonna start. Athlete talk. That good for Sports Radio hot athlete tough I do believe the elusive retired Jersey segment will be today it's about damn time. They stood like a week and a half in the make or not you know what it is nobody remind me this I remember this all by myself it is Thursday. Therefore in 45 minutes we'll take a look at who the blazers will be drafting yeah. Yes remember that idea remember that and there are new names this week because we're not gonna go over the old mates now know we already went over the is a Levy embryos we will not yet yes we covered a lot of the guys out that they could be drafting last week it did today. He won two there are three new guys on the list here except this is according to the experts we talked about which Boston Celtic LeBron James embarrassed more last X. That's a fun game gazette there's there's three or four that are in that category. But did you see what he did do Boston's do you like Europe. Kelly a limit media not to see when he when he took it outside to go between his legs and in taunting him. It's the key was literally making fun of him before driving dole just aren't there to OnStar with athlete topic they have balance on happy talk because confused about what to do all the question is is there anybody worth 400 million dollars over ten years in all of sport. Can't he answer the question is yes yes we can. We can have that a victory sixteen on the. Inside where the ice against duke on ten AV OK great news so we get to pull questions text books about the end. Can't really is so remember we said it's I think it was last week Mickey how Long Will it take before we get this thing up and running dip what did you guess. And have been about six days I don't remember I'm gonna say that I took the over yeah I think he's done it years but it. Yeah I think he did say eight years I did they give every day we came in just under the yes so it's takes them to get then segment first two things one give big Leone or whatever is famous. What the guy pitch into the Mariner's Alia duke big Leo sand Leah did anyone ever heard of him yes. He played for the beavers. Did he really. That's what the text lines said unbelievable. Sure I'll go with that and I believe them thumbs up. A couple of text regarding my fishing excursion with a what's next for rob sex with women should midlife credits it's been on says Sayyaf. Sturgeon fishing welcome to robs midlife crisis that from rich I enjoy the person it's a day you're grown up right before our very eyes. But I guess we'll eyes grew up talent in him becoming a man does is a one off. Seat so fish Sheen is the death your definition of the man is a fishing was not a one off drop you'll like get annual dues to get him well and whatnot. I don't know one of two things will happen you gotta have a big truck. You gotta finish and won just I have to have got to own guns to be imaginative and enjoy about well it's one of my favorite things about I as crappy as you do not subscribe to. At this stupid notion. Of a man's man and I appreciate that about you I'm really down there's nothing do sheer then Sue Bird like I'm in India out of the demands man man. I am and I'm gonna have all taken from the back of my drive you know at that you know everytime I see a guy like that lets over the top like that yeah. All I can think of is how insecure that person yes ranked again naked every don't even now they can fit. Don't think it's beyond their scope another man it's like tonight at the whole I'm not gonna ask for directions thing that's always the haulers to me it's you know what I enjoy every running on can't fix that you're you're. And he says you know he did it chimney in your excuse me is like can't what's the YouTube video out to do they don't have. Feelings are carrying now were they don't feel right they are just man and if they do they don't talk about her on another urges they don't have that happen. Ice appreciated that you got you do not subscribes. Well in the way of thinking that fishing is not a box that you need to check to be a man in my world okay. It is for you that's great but it isn't for me no it is not and it shouldn't be for everyone but. I do think it's cool that you're willing to exported you may end up really you you may a little out of a gimmick ME wasted so it's going to be good for. You can't get well is gonna say European or the guides you probably can't do it. Wasted if you absolutely can't I don't think case you're the head Fisher made I'm paying. The year I'm out I'm doing what I want all we're trying to administer it we can Whittle that down because if you pay 800 dollars for the trip you're not and I enjoy period and say I'm not yet that won't happen this league if you have to pay a bunch of money for it going in your already gonna have a bad attitude. Even evidence that be a great experience a year I did make 800 dollars you'd like I could have paid Pebble Beach and in all these other places for that he is. Get it yet and it had over the water okay here's a poll question as a would put up today it reads again not 1080 the fan dot com lay down on the bottom right guys. Would any athlete in any sport be worth 400 million dollars over ten years if three options here one is. Not a chance. Another is maybe a select few or the third option is only LeBron. Thank you for voting. 'cause that was my first LeBron gotta be worth the bronze worth it Jillian billion a year and that's when I said he immediately when you said is there anyone worth that my first response was of course because LeBron came to mind is if there wasn't a salary cap and LeBron James one to come to my team and he won it fifty million dollars a year I think I'd pay him. We'll he has the most words of any player because basketball the nature of the sport is one player can impact the game. Way more than any one player in NFL NHL or MLB and ice I still don't know if I subscribed to theory that he is the greatest of all time. I have a hard time he's he's he's trending now in China. I have a hard time. Saying someone better than Michael I think Korean blogs this conversation too but well look it look at finals drinks I get your point in addition he was he never went to seven games. In the finals either but I have one retort. Or is it report a loudly to retort I'll get to that second commitment so. It's it's it's hard for me to it to say that he's the greatest of all time. But this may be then maybe this is me just hedge my bet I do not think in my lifetime that I've seen. That there is a player in any sport that had the impact on his team. The like LeBron James. I honestly believe the you to take a warmed up pile of garbage and the broad James can win sixty games and take them to the NBA finals and we saw that early on in Cleveland. And and I don't Michael didn't do that you know his greatest he was early in his career Michael didn't do that Michael got bounced by the Celtics in the pistons. And LeBron came in and within a couple years LeBron was leading teams. Two it took place now he didn't win titles and even said that when he was in Miami even at first one. I thought he'd lost the first two when they lost to the mavericks are about that was on the broad. I doubt that's the one finals that he lost that he should of won he should have four championships. And he even said it took awhile for him to learn but this version of abroad that were seen over the last 1012 years. The normally it's it's getting close to be saying that it's the best I've ever seen many thought he was slowing down now it kind of looks like he's playing the best he's ever put played it to me it's it's Jordan. It's Gretzky. And it's it's what I think that's gold silver broadens low impact and and you can do what you want what. Will we don't need to have that conversation how about we let him finish his career first yeah because there's a lot left. That will define where he ends up ranking but I I think that. He's going to end up being considered the greatest ever and one here here was my little retort and just think about ousting of this watching them last night. And I am. Thought the Boston would give them run for their money do if they were every medium run for the money be game one right back at home here you're in the flow they're coming off a series they've been arrested for ten days of ever. The brunt said Ali guided really feel like it and we really play that well and they blew up. I was watching that gone you know what I am changing my opinion about. This finals. Because for the longest time in my man's boring they're gonna play again the warriors in cast first time in the history that we're gonna get the finals the same duties for three straight years. Never happen. So here we go again and I'm like yeah this is stupid because. I think that last year was kind of a fluke with the Bogut injury in the dream on green suspension. The warriors really as a pay as much does that carry on charity jeez did you see that at all no. Staff curry man that guy is he's the real deal. And I don't mean just on the granny off the court he's he's pretty likable dude. So watching him and he said that he asked for one thirty said what is one Mulligan and you can get your entire life anything he does yet blasters finals. That really sticks at them they eat they were up 31. They should be to chance so. Point being 15. That I thought of the society you know what. I just thought it was a foregone conclusions where's it going it be cats again you can get revenge from last year. And dedicated your exit mean I know but LeBron is playing so well. One area. The cavaliers. Get into this finals and LeBron if we're talking about his legacy. This could be the absolute pinnacle of his legacy. That this dude. Is playing one. As good as as anybody's ever seen imply. And two he has more around him many ever hats right there or is that wrong I mean we Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh I could argue I think those last test logs were better he's got plenty around him right now like this is one of the best teams he's had you could argue that the Dwyane lakers busting it. There's one yet this is not like his first year in the finals the Cleveland right. So he's got. These things going for him and we are completely writing him off. Because we think the warriors it's just that good what if he goes in there. And he wins again what if he beats that team and it just signed Kevin Durant to beat them. And he adds another finals. Another ring to his resume I think it's the strongest argument. That you are going to have it's the strongest statement. Insane it was a best of all no question because. He actually. And some people will do this they'll start to tear him down by saying well. You know he has been to six straight finals but remember the Ray Allen. Finals right. They lose that he's got to Gil he's two in four or native did and then if they don't blow the 31 lead. Then you know maybe yeah he's a really close only having 11 now that's a moot point because he's one story. But. It's funny how this is teetering either way well it could teeter over the top in his favor if that dude. Goes up against this jug not a Golden State that daddy Kevin Durant and he wins a weekend and he would that not be some that so so might. Decision last night was to go you know what. I didn't want the lawyers and cast play again I want some fresh blood I want to see somebody who could. Animals of the exciting to be hard in the rog something. This class sucks but guess let this this. Collision course of these two teams that it's gonna be freaking dynamite can't win it really is because LeBron could be the greatest player we've ever seen. And he's in his prime. What 41 then that dude in his prime. Against this team a super team this super team assembled to beat him because they just loss in the reforming. Like that story line is us. And I hate to do it because league at not a huge LeBron guy but I in the liberty forum last year. Amen to be reform again. It's weird to think of LeBron James is an underdog but I want to see he has. I wanna see the one man wrecking crew I wanna see him take down his Penn State I think it would be amazing to see him defeat this team. Two years an era and now with the addition well Kevin Durant again like I said if he does that. The Lacey talk is it's gonna start in two week or whatever that series ends in three weeks yours you'd be hearing sports are all over. Start talking to my house and as good as the best ever if he takes him down again and I think that's a fair. Let apple it but isn't it weird it's it's and it's a fair argument and I'm not gonna raise a stink over resist change to talk about him as the underdog like this is that this is the guy that has dominated links he has made the league. Pouring all he does is get to the finals no matter what team he's on right if the game yet and yet we're looking at this like how he's gotten a chance in sees us now. Gold states that cute well its place among her purpose is going to be yet. Because he is on a freaking mission is LeBron heat what he did the Boston last night was humiliating I mean he. He just he pumped them he made Boston look silly. And and I get Boston's about it and not make it a great team but they're still the number one team in the east and certainly were more right after a couple playoff series and it should have been ready to go. And that wasn't a fatigue thing he just mocked the Florida and they they could do nothing. To stop him. And he's not silly for the jumper anymore it is this is freight train abroad and I wanna see you Guardsmen gold state yeah and he he knows that Isa bus lines like I know he's jump shooters rush I'd be shooting this I mean I just was like I'm not gonna to stop them going to let him go on and when he does that. I'm not sure which I just thought how much will what was funny here which want the man bun or Isiah Thomas trying to guard him I've. Bulls or equally fun to watch but it mean really that's Boston's approach let's. But you have described it very interesting narratives and that is the super team in and see. We got to break well I wanna talk more about this because I don't think a Golden State is really a super team in the sense that. You know it that week. Don't think of LeBron and wade LeBron going to Miami or whatever. We'll state built this thing generally you've from the ground up now the last piece that they put in is a huge piece and yes. That was Kevin Durant and they went out in and got him to beat. LeBron the dirt on assemble a big drafted curry Thompson and green yeah. Inside stuff I don't view them as this. Bought and paid for super team I view them as if freaking held a franchise that has built something terrific and one of the best players in the league wanted to go there. To be LeBron and win a championship and what if they lose again simply because Superman's on the M NASA and that's what that's the narrative that's interesting in taxed the bridge for Beers Tex signed by 5305. Maybe it won't even be enough that saga of the Brian is. So deciding on fire fight through a final continued the discussion next your. Did not like waking up to this news. And fold. And the home. So it's this this. Broad it was a chance. Chris Cornell Gandhi's. Hung himself. How is read about it don't like Vegas was honest talk whose wife the affording her the night the night it happened. No no sign of depression and and I'd been battling it for his whole life but no one did. He just plays show last night in Detroit yeah no one I got married and what is know once I come in they're there is no outward signs that he was in in some sort of spiral. 52 years old to do a segment on him out later but yet the bill warriors. And the cavs. This is a collision course that's going to be epic. And I think. The only reason I have kind of changed my tune on this is that I've just realized. That you know what it's not going to be that easy for the orders that I just I I had the lawyers are so freaking good that. You kind of look around even though the bronze great. You like now way they should be him last year in the beam again but you watch now what the bronze Dion and it's gonna be epic and you know it's gonna go a long way into determining. The legacies like for example a couple of text here at 55305. As an adult. Without a ban on a team it's hard to root for either of those teams are rather root for storyline or for seven game series of close games but. If LeBron gets two out of three vs the lawyers that is legitimate lawyers get to a 30 LeBron that's legit to miss kind of where we're at yeah right like it's like to crescendo of greatness William Gunn both sides it's like who's gonna win. She got one team trying to establish themselves as one of the the basketball timing Golden State has more wins in three years than any team in an NBA history. They probably should won back to back there try to win two out of three they've got a two time MVP you add another NDP to it. State is trying to build a dynasty here in the gold anywhere I think is gonna be the team in the west for the foreseeable future. Barring injury supposing he's trying to build a dynasty and the brawn James is trying to climb mount Rushmore to put himself on top of it. There is a real. Is that that one of these two teams. Well I guess with with Cleveland it's not really a team it's more an individual but the a legacy will be cemented it. All the bands on Donnelly either no he's not. I'm glad that it's not the end of that but this rule but it's a day one whatever team wins this one won't write their name and in kind of the history books here. But Jordan is in Zell about people hold it against LeBron he's only been in the seventh straight finals didn't win the Molly kidding most of those a holes favorite team doesn't go to one finals seven years cut the crap. But there but that's. Standard is that that Jordan was perfect he loves the stand he was six for six that's right it's the same response and it is six MVPs Montana's the same way that as the number one quarterback. Right never lost that's the big one how many times for never lost never lost. But you know with the the Y Brady to me as well Brady has five Montana have four and Brady's been did to others. So I mean there there really isn't the argument to be made there in shipping chips are the only thing is that I'm I'm willing to nobody but he said that's why. Did you know when you lose in the finals it matters and that's that's unfortunate because of course you'd rather be in the finals and anywhere else even losing its. But that matters because Jordan went to six and won all six and never last year comparing him to. Ever went to seven games cause I'm allowed six or less and he beat some really good teams that Laker team be beat the first time around. Was it was a great team involving magic Johnson and he went through the John Stockton and Karl Malone team to a lot of people think. Were some of the best teams to never win an MBA title he beat them be beat a very good Portland TrailBlazer team. With Clyde Drexler can be bit about how many people he kept rings from. Patrick Ewing in those those New York Knicks teams in the Miami Heat teams. He kept a lot of guys from when he rings and got us review. And he not retired he probably keep sixteen from winning rinks I think those Houston rocket team to beat beat Michael. They did survey just it's it's it's difficult to. To doubt the greatness of of Michael Jordan and then the other when they gets brought up all the time is with with today's rules and the fact you're not allowed to play defense. And Michael scores forty into in this era you played in the NBA where they would beat him up they would hold in the hand check him that was a much different game. And give Michael played in today's game we you're not allowed to play defense holy hell. It it's it scares me to think what he could do against some of that the. The sub par defense EC in today's Libya a couple of other techs if you took LeBron out and gone State's best player out lawyers sweet yes that's true but that's how great LeBron is now. He's the Pentagon is a test here this whole conversation starter when you ask the question is there player worth forty million dollars now and well a year a year and did their easy answer is yes I have a whole pointed as the projects but that that's not who loves talking about Dido I know that we've gotten off on a whole LeBron thing here I was actually timeout Bryce Harper guest who is due to potentially get 400 million over ten years more gonna talk about that is not fact I'll tease that by saying that's alas this question have you. You sports Burress all the. Can you name the person who has the largest. By total value. The largest sports contract. Ever he is currently playing in one of the major sports. Interest do you know who it is soccer player. No no I'm sorry I'm talking about just MLB NFL NHL NHL player because I thought I thought it may be. You know and be like messy year around though I'm I'm guessing NHL player OK we'll get to that the next segment. But a married couple won't won't be it NHL players that salary caps to it's it's too restrictive they give out like fifteen year deals. Yeah but that's to spread it out so did that the cap hit it won't be NHL player I know that has known like discusses who's Cleveland's coach answer this question Jordan had Phil. And that's young you'll get what the bronze done Tyrone Lue and you wonder. What he would have done if he had a leak coaches. Mean does is that does that if you take a talent like LeBron. And an elite coach. Does LeBron six for six gone for seven now well and in the Eaton Michael aren't it'd knock on him that he wouldn't. He really wouldn't accept an elite coach he Kennedy is the coach. He is and he played with you know he played with an elite player and Scottie Pippen but again I go back when he was in Miami in this is the part it will always bugged me about it is he played in Miami with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. And Dwyane Wade is a hall of Famer LT Chris Bosh is the Dwyane Wade. Is one of the best shooting guards of all time. And that was a team of his choosing with a coach is give his choosing and not only did they get they get walloped by San Antonio one year mean throttled. By the spurs. But they lost to a team they had no business losing to in the Dallas Mavericks not and the brawn had his worst finals performance of all time. And about one. That was sticks and sticks in my axial noodles well and I'm having this debate I'm gonna be written for the week again that that debate can wait. This finals is Kennedy epic at least hopefully for God's sakes we've waited. So long through and through the regular season now through these these crappy play now. Surely it will deliver something in the end right I would think so I I'd this thing has to go six or seven it's just I ask I would hope I would hope. So hope hopefully it's it's great I will tell you. That I am. 100% rooting for the warriors. And it's not an anti LeBron thing I really like duds I think they're really hard to root against. And we'll talk about that coming up as well 348 on the fan. OK so there is one guy who has. Obviously BM largest. Total value of the contract and all of professional sports in the United States of America. The NIA. The Nike guys to get students. Guess we're noodle with this resided at the conversation on the air. I says it is soccer player but you're limited that sits at the when the four big USE or EUS and it's not going to be Mayweather v.s and total cartridges is individual. And as the current deal that they are and yes says god has the highest of all Ohio value it's baseball isn't I don't know all time there's no way it's the MBA and there's no way well. The NFL the only question I had Beckett changed the whole deal opposite and emphasizing value. Is there a contract out there that includes like a future ownership that they weren't gonna go in it's gotta be cool holes. Is not tools. Paul says the biggest contract in baseball going right now are the three ISIS' 30300 dia a gala media. OK so you're right on baseball it has to because the top five girl baseball and number five these are the top five biggest contracts. In the US sports right here pulls Kershaw and hold on one now neither of those. Number five is Robby can know they get total value so it matters years rank yeah. Robbie Cano was five Miguel Cabrera is four. Bolts of Alex Rodriguez contracts are three and to end this guy's number one it is not cool citi's not Kershaw Kershaw signs. Erode his down his deal his deal actually looks really solid right now and when you think that it's only 215 million. Seven years 259 is what he signed is it disguised it 325. Million so Carlos stemmed it is John Carlo. I stand is in these are much at twelve or thirteen year deal thirteen years 325. Million. Dollars. I just. I don't know why that in public may have been the mummy said that I remembered he signed a murmur you signed a huge huge deal that it was neat well it was a lot of money but it was over. It was over a decade plus so do you pay. Now he's not worth he's not worth that the but does he did but not not Miami they need to sell tickets and and he is hey they hitched their wagon him at least at least like with him he's younger Albert tools they give that guy 300 million dollars he was 32 years old. He's better AT and some think that he was he's always a that he hasn't been terrible blow to his numbers are better than you think now he has not been Henri played bad news but he's not. Worth that blacks he has not been eight total waste and he is still playing a faster saying yes. But down is Bryce Harper go look at his numbers Mike Boettcher they're not as bad as we think there I think he would may be one or two leaders of the angels and he has the climbing and by the way they still only like five more years of that and Orien Harris like that too late he signed that big deal the most the cardinals the cardinals let cool spot in that hadn't been hard but they were right. What did the nationals do now is a tougher decision because young he's so young any so good. Harper by the way. Is a C he turns 26 and I'll sacked harper is 24 now he'll be 25. By the time next season begins and he's due to be a free agent after next year is it just signed him to a 21 million dollar deal for one year there those are the NASA illustration yet nationals are saying hey. We got this guy for this year and next year let's put all rags Steve Williams when one and then or about may be long term sue we deal. Trout is 25 he turns 26 and August in Manny and China is another guy who could be in line for 400 mean dollar contract and he turns Tony five enjoys these guys are all young. Would you give them 400 million dollars over ten. Yes. This is it. I'm gonna say yes please simply because of of this. Someone else will is willing to pay it because prices are going to go down team yankees will be yankees will pay it it's not gonna go down the network with its colleague you're just gonna see also and contraris get rolled back where again a tournament our contract is considered to be this huge deal. And if you're willing to pay is what I say about like within the culture buckets I don't get why someone balks at paying a college ball coach an extra million or two million dollars a year. If you will to pay him thirty. And he's young do you think he is gonna play out the value of the contract if you will pay him thirty for a billion dollar organization like the nationals with the Yankees or anything like that. What is ten million dollars a year and Odyssey to the New York Yankees of the Washington Nationals aren't as I get for the jays ten million dollars a ton. But for a team like the Yankees. And the nationals have to think like this does is like there are small market team what is ten million dollars it's it's nothing in it's it's it's a drop in the bucket to billion dollar owners so. Do you let a 2425. Year old MVP to a lot of people think right now while Mike Trout. BC prime Bryce Harper is the second best player in baseball. Yeah trounced better harbor I know that's I said Harper's by the second best player in baseball. As the face of the year he's having been yeah I think that as an organization you've probably got a sign that if these 2829. New to. But you're getting them. You know if you get six years six solid years of production out of him on a ten year deal. And then you get two or three more productive years he's he's in his early thirties that's not a terror. We'll thing that's the key is that all of the ten year deals that have been handed out baseball. World also is two guys who were thirty plus and it's just. I wanna stand but a a lot of them were like Iran and in games to know you've been and pujols of course Josh Hamilton got a huge deal he'd be their old players so that they're not going to be able to live up to the value put these guys are right there mid twenties so by the time the deal is over. That should be where they start to fall off in their mid thirties right. Well you're assuming that they're just gonna be there and be good and just being you know it's like. Injuries and you take that money's easy thing about all in a position she could pay for that money. I don't know man I end especially with harper you look at last year. He had 620 set their six and twice simply appearances at 243 with Tony four home runs did do was battling injuries all year he was hurt he was often on but. Now he's back Emmys in like 380 yet the year before that he was Hughes Osce was awesome but but Trout doesn't really I. I don't think so I'll look at the stats try doesn't really have a dip like that you know the crowd's been justice in our as the best player period. There's a there's an argument to be made it Trout comedy is what we're in year. Four ish five up Trout my trial seven BZ that yes he was abhorrent he was epic nineteen. Yeah but I thought he went back to their purity signed to his like second. Miss this contract and the angels' Mike Trout could be on pace for one of those out purples that's ten years to start a career in Major League Baseball history a gay. I that is written articles like yesterday saying that Mike Trout it is. Is better than ever that might drug could be having the best Shea electorate is has five homers in the last six games yeah there's there's photos there's no dipped. You know it's when he says that I'm looking and staring right at trounce numbers and end this is how good Albert tools was ours career yeah. They're not that close and Albert tools it yet meaning they're different types of players and Apple's right now there are also sick if you look at Wilson's first five or six years there. You may never see anyone ever beat that a lot of people have that I unbelievable best start to a career and image in the history they're different types of players like Trout has a bunch stole bases which pools doesn't have much better fielder in Trout plays and a letter on the field in Denver on base percent as it is it's you're you're at it's different it's it's not a true power hitter trot is a is a five tool guy and shots already won two MVPs and repeat here yet. Oh well so I do you have his Angel stats for your. Define Goodyear first what would you consider a Goodyear plant that little holes you if you're didn't go to eighty. With 25 homers and 330 million dollars a year five RBIs for an aging out blows that's a good year now I think they got him with the idea that he would go thirty and a hundred for for several years so he's not done that I don't think so she went thirty and a hundred for four of his years there essentially angels essentially there's a little bit. Wow and I would yes that you are one he went 3405. Hit 285. You're three he went 28105. To 272. Your for went 4095. At 244. And the 3119 team last year what's he doing this year. Exiting 247 went by 31119. Last year yet yeah I would have never had a good year last year that's like he literally hear about him and I think you're not any good and he is it is not the upper fools that used to be but he's been better than teachers in our house where our team was bad and those periods under pressure Janice I'm not worth thirty million but he has that it's like he's Josh Hamilton. Right now that your. I would any athlete any sport be worth 400 million over ten years right now that's our poll question attended the fanned out common 54% of you say may be a select few. 31% say only LeBron and 15%. Say not a chance actually go into that category. I just don't think I'd pay anybody that kind of money. But it is a good debate when you're talking about the numbers these young guys are putting up and how young they still are. They only question I would ask if I'm an organization as if we signed Bryce Harper resigned by Trout are Machado to 400 million dollars does it then. Stop us from going out and and spending on other players or are we will in Italy yankees. And give it gives a reported million dollars the index but oh well let's just go out keep spreading because if the advise and twice as hard and this was the cardinals right Carter says Rick we get paid his does if we do we can't anyone else. Then you let him walk. But if it doesn't affect you going out and putting together the team you want to put. On the field at finances don't come in division to play didn't absolutely spent. It's Thursday hello the blazers draft next on.