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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shoved them but it. Doing the right things since 1952. Following Joseph may contain adults beings not suitable for a children's. Shut the hell up. You will soon lose. And it does go well with the chicken. Are you drunk at six so well. Most pretty self explanatory. And alive is because I thought we were living at six. You know we'll. Glen his time as we've been. Robbers are accurate. Had blistered. It's. I'm rendered the whole show. Your swallowing something that's going to. Welcome into the club that 1080 hour of the broadcast locally. Here we iron. Yet again yet again in five days a week. No end in sight. The there's doom one more time pay SO. New York Times had this. Something called the upshot. Insert joke they're the upshot if you're overseen by the way you're seen sausage party. Yes secret that the present a movie it's a movie it's an animated movie by Seth Rogen did just that so filthy and it was one of the dirty is movie that it is being dirty as movie I've ever seen a I watched it last night and it maybe be about the shot because the evil villain native is any. It's a do wish that it is the it is a rogue do show on steroids ran in and a supermarket tried to murder a sausage in the sixty done. Literal but yeah actually yeah and as sexy lesbian taco played by some high asking a question what are you object on earth did we get there. Wheeler is you talk about the upshot and I don't know why but up. But that if that's what popped into my mind me you guys were laughing about a shot. It's as if you wanted to talk about an animated dish and so he just started to view. Quote. To be thinner what does that do is do you made an off color comment about a shot might it was kinda Gately trying to think of something. Like a big dirty his mind at all I thought about was it kinda reminded me of the Jews from the movie last night Baghdad the because it I don't think you had a named defeat did like upshot would probably be a pretty good name of the first time you saw the movie. Retirements in give viewers Cynthia do something else yeah it's an innovative food or it's sheet. Like as graphic is you can possibly imagine in what's worse. And above in some Palestinians flat bread and a Jewish bagel no involved in. Well all right this is but a three way it is a forward. It's unbelievable. It's not it's not a great movie bow wow is there are parts that you're just. You left simply because you don't know what else to do you you're you're jaws open the halt their attack now about that. So the upshot is a section in the New York Times and Allison and evil do you should in sausage party since interactive section. Again I also post the pictures that you take that are inappropriate. And they had 1746. US Americans. Of the I reckons such attempt to find North Korea on the map now. How many 1746. OK but don't ask for all adults little side to agree it. And and bully it is alarming. To see all the dots all over the world now they do have. You know they have obviously the lines of demarcation of the borders group of the country's him. That nothing is named on here it's absolutely blank now. And now a lot of people got it right but no. The people didn't people picked Australia. There are some in Australia there some New Zealand I mean if you wanna go to do to the wildest. Thoughts you've got some guys got amount in the Indian Ocean. Yeah that's always nice. Concerned about the people that have it in Europe. Again I get that you may not be able to pinpoint it and I'm not asking you to pinpoint although I do believe. This eight year. I'm not to say it's an obscure country. But out of of the country's fit. You you've heard enough I did I'm not asking me were defined as it stands but everyone's heard of North Korea test extends interest in them. Because Kazakhstan is really Dick yes and I former Soviet. I didn't part of yeah asking you to find that specifically but I feel like Newark to read is one of the easier. Fairly well known countries defined by what he content as you should ever wish you know where Japan is right yeah everyone. Enabling you to. I think Japan would be the easiest of those countries to find. Any it's it's right thank you know some people don't know that's right by Japan. Thank you note that there's South Korea attached to it as Mike said the Korean Peninsula and think that that's that should be 88 super difficult one to find. Or at least say you know other Asian for heaven's sakes put southeast Asia. You can't put me in Europe ball may be the Indonesia is Australia and Europe yes see that's the problem. Why can't they even understand Australia but wants her to come mind paying at least it's in the region it's just the little sound it's a little self but. Africa. Europe and other a lot of eight years of effort so quick thought. People could well this map is rather alarming because. The most dots appear to be close to north and South Korea the second most are down Mike where. But a lot of these isn't it into him yeah Philippines Thailand and ala. And then there's a lot of the mini India and a lot of them in the Middle East yeah and I even got to give yet passed. On Vietnam allows Tyler committed to go up maybe you'd think that Japan as the Philippines. Say a little island over there and it's by that right. Maybe I can see that. But no cat as a stand in Turkey and understand India Africa Europe you go to temple seriously. Are you graduating high school. So they didn't. Here are the demographics but this experiment led by Kyle drop. Mikhail. They said that respondents. Who could correctly identified North Korea attempted to viewed diplomatic and non military strategies more favorably than those who could not. These strategies including imposing further economic sanctions. The largest difference between the groups was simple those who could find North Korea. We're much more likely to disagree with the proposition and the United States should do nothing. Obama took North Korea so if you know where it's at do you think that something should be done that stands to reason broken. OK so what drives the differences. Simple partisanship is one possibility on average. Republicans. Were more likely to correctly locate North Korea. Then democratic men gathered up by much like 6%. It's pretty close yeah. Republicans are more likely to be in favor of almost all of the diplomatic solutions proposed by the researchers. Geographic knowledge itself making Jimmy to an increased depreciation of the complexity the geopolitical events. Which you know I mean come on that is not a done he would think so by gender. Men at 245%. Found North Korea women only 27%. To run women. You better than that five party independents 39%. Found North Korea. 37% Republicans and 31%. Democrats. By education. Post graduate degree 53% found North Korea that would make sense the more educated you are the easier it is to give it. 53%. So half of the people and then have they get MBA or a law degree Kimmel Pollyanna pretty that's pretty alarming. A bachelor's degree 46% less than college education 31%. Which okay less than college. I think that that number is actually pretty good to 31% yes. People who don't have a college education can find North Korea and only 53% of people that have postgraduate degrees and a lot of money to be spent to not know where North Korea's really weird. By age what age do you think found North Korea. On a map it's got to deal holds its fields both the Korean War for heaven's threat fields 65 and up. 48%. The young's we're second 37% at age eighteen to 29. So maybe day again you've got the old school where it was you played a prominent role in their life and in the young is probably have looked at it because in school I'm assuming. That you're learning about North Korea and the threat that it poses. And had he ever visited another country is of the same people that. Tried to find North Korea yet 43% yes 26%. Said no and that's the problem that we have. I think a lot of times in the United States is period is we're such big country we have people that have never left. It's a you just develop this very. America is all that matters opinion my brother is forty plus years old has never left the country but I'd like to believe these it's getting Manny can find North Korea. Yeah I think that you'd check some of the bigger problems that we have here is just how isolated we are just how. We live in a bubble this. There's a big crowd there's the sense from a lot of people that don't feel the need or desire to go visit anywhere else. Is like if I wanted to have it somewhere else I'll go to the East Coast drug go to Florida go to tackle we cannot allow Michigan and we got a lot to visit. We're big country but. Just you should get out and experience more of this was at its end in defense of Americans it's hard you were way over here with two motions it's it's. You know to get to a lot of other parts of the world you are not as easy but it. That being said that as one of our bigger problem but if you live in Europe you can drive to it every country right now. Well not North Korea. Technically could possibly could be a long drive that you could drive at the well the haven't seen this man you should give lit it is terrifying. When they're dots literally all over the place yeah it's amazing what I. Wanna know is that the stupid loses teams miss teen South Carolina. And if you have that status of how many US Americans can't find the United States on the map I wanna see that map. Would like to know where people living in this country are putting their dot. Winter they think we all our but now do you not know that a lot of people who live here can't allow all the states why. Again. That's one thing. You can't find the United States on a map that leads me to lead you don't know where north Americans. Because the North America you only have three choices because they didn't do the states over the maps they just do the country's. So you looked at a you know either you don't know what North America is where you thought we were Canada or Mexico for God's sakes. You fear you know what you're stay you don't have an idea of where your state that. Mexico there's you'd think that that's the width of the unites me to send these people. I can I got to believe in their peak in Canada otherwise they think we're in Europe they think we're Africa. I really think were Russia. That's one big country the competitiveness of the biggest monthly so what percent of all those 17100 plus people got it right. 36. Largest group that did get it right people that have the Jim remember running and sister from Korea yes. Okay I need an up by the lives and we just. Some weird do you have family that's weird. I need to go home and asked my kids because. They're they're Brothers Korean and I certainly hope they'll make it's gonna that if I create a map in her room as much cross fingers crossed yeah. Detectives on that Dylan I oppose that pushed into my three kids that I move will. See what comes. Right up next. Ebola is back. And let's go to the Jimmy Kimmel story. A week to meet talent depth. Not condemn Jimmy Kimmel SpinRite by fun 618 on the dance. Digging during the break. Is that one of the find out that the miss teen South Carolina question and they said it and that when they said that in a recent survey. He won in five Americans couldn't find the United States on the map. I went looking for that to see if I could actually find that. That's one in five so that means. There. Only what is at 20% can't yet so that's that that was the stat I was thrown out too. Miss teen south Carroll said that yes that's bad about 20%. On on a map. On a dump them now I did find an article that talked about this was in reference to it and they said that National Geographic. Did 88 the study on the road geography to find out how people in the world. View the rested in the US by the way was second worst of all the countries that they people who lose works of Mexico was worse than me. Now they're aggressive but we were we were not good in world jog TC and then by the way this was only young adults they did eight. Teens. 32 you and what year. This was done in 2007. That the National Geographic. People did this 60% of those surveyed the United States could not identify the United Kingdom. Egypt. Indonesia. For Japan. 60%. 60%. That's that's like. Good that is the defining it goes the population one who although they did find that 90%. Could identify the United States. That's been so that is that is good and almost as much for Canada and Mexico. So the people they surveyed knew North America they know our. Our interests outside of that it was it was dodge the other of the the other when they pointed out while they could identify as on the map. Would you guess what would the most popular answer. To how many people live in the United States will close. I've been it's like thirty million between one and two billion. Was the most answered number. For the number of people living diocese of these people thought. That we had between one and two billion people at the same. They said do when this was done 294 million people. Between one and two billion and they said a third of them answered between two and three billion. You know I I don't. I mean if you don't have any context. No I don't think that's as egregious as not being able to locate. Something on a map in other words you just don't in your I think in years in some people's heads they just don't have any. So what they sort of frame of reference about populace they said in the survey is a lot of these young people have grown up to believe that. Diocese is this big powerful nation and because of that we have to have a ton of people. That was kind of makes sense but really they Q are you are graduating you've graduate high school or at least during in college age and at least he lives in the workforce now when they're in their late twenty's. Two billion people you know that's a fact he should know to do but. If you don't know it. I would imagine guess is it going to be element spread like if you don't have any context for for populist I again I don't find that as egregious. As. Not being able to find it on a map. So maps of existed but according to this. The United States thing I know over 90% of them could locate the united so 10%. Chance that. And your talk team. Eighteen do what when he when he was eighteen to 32. 10% can't. Yeah I was just under 91%. So you thought 20%. Of the dumb downs there they couldn't was bad but 10% it isn't it's a little better. But there's still 10% of those people they can't find in the United States which is just really done. That is because when you think about the number of people in the country you know granted this is just a survey but on the two billion of us. Thank you. Some days late with the latest they keep the united keeps you can't find the United Kingdom and asking you to find England on. The United Kingdom. I wouldn't fret over it says nothing he can do about it I just. I'm very curious about. The people who can't find it and why. Have they not seen TV shows words shown Billick intrusive stuff have been not ever in their life seen a map. One of the more comments I'm reading this article here to a question in it's it's on the National Geographic website. The most one of the most common answers when asked why he. They weren't able to do it in their response was why do I need to know. It doesn't help at all that's there. That's the defensive way of saying I'm an idiot I know it because they can't find a polite to a need to know you're gonna need to do it. It got worse because they're turned out of Le. You're involved in that a Middle East skirmish I think this you will look nice and defined Afghanistan and Iraq. The two places that we were having no skirmishes. That was close to 90% could not find either one of those on a map. I signed the comment of why do I need to know uniquely American I think that that is that goes back to what we're talking about earlier about how. We just think. Because we have lived in a bubble. And we're pretty isolated considering yeah all things considered I do you think that's where that comes from him. Great world power like why do I need to know about streets in and number three number five or number fifty we're number one you know where it goes back to that attitude. And I think that's uniquely American although like I may be wrong about that but it does seem like just on basic. World knowledge worldview. People from outside the United States just blow us alone. Played some reason Paris suite number one Stevens on this list as far as countries they couldn't get there again they're serving young people in the young Swedes would best in the world. At being able to identify and that does not surprise me at all yet this week's bloody European countries mixed in here course by the scandinavians Japan high on it China high on the other Russians did. I don't see the Russians on here. They probably didn't fare too well bill the maybe the risk he's distant maybe they didn't survey of religion give the Iraqis did with the thought. This building they got they got them to be at surveyed either either. It's choosing that the two worst countries where the United States and Mexico. Does not surprise me one bit. And he said Mexico was worse this goes where's the great. You talk about living in the bubble wasn't by much but Mexico was worse than. But that shouldn't be. The shouldn't be our line of demarcation there that part of the day we were better than Mexico and. We need to be better at this kind of stuff Jason they have some some tougher challenges than we do. When it comes to the education and looking ready you parents we should be better look at it parents. Yes schools teachers important. But the buck stops parents someone pointed out that their kids a globe to fit the this that I like to good gloom I used to love spinning the globe and wherever my finger landed thinking closure Eisen indeed spinning any need to stop that we do you think you're deck I'm into the there. I like to give you lay on my body is dead a gazillion my daddy's there by but he's dead had a big globe and there is peace. Dancing lessons. I used to do that to you and then Google the country and like learn about it. Once I spy on the globe well for us to be like looking up an encyclopedia they rent the unit Google. I also had to miss a PDF with the end this guys is it near just desserts Scandinavian countries always in the top these types was absolutely. Yet they're absolutely they're the best at what they're dialed in did they are so down and now I will say in defense of the United States. Verses their systems and you know education and a lot more people more people we got to do Rangel and yeah. A lot more dumb dumb to pull whole different ball game there is heart and so did point out that we award Mexico we should not be considered the worst because of all countries took this. And this in North Korea finishes last. Yeah media law of course is a pigeon didn't like wait there's a World Cup we'll. Talk about it costs there's a great beyond. I don't know there if you could sit down and just have a world conversation with someone who has lived in North Korea their entire lives and one that viewpoint is like. Money in the area had been so okay let's get out you're gonna next Jimmy Fallon has lost one point two million viewers. Hold it. Here's Mike now. Though. Mariah and. They're getting hot wheels and he's retired. Bill I was reminiscing with the pay that's a good. I read that Jimmy Fallon article in New York Times it's a good read if it is recommended to people if you. A million cubic urologists in the hole latest effort it's just it's an interesting piece about how. You can be on top of the world than one thing. Yeah Q so did you take a tumble. Jimmy Fallon took over for Jay Leno and as king of the late night over the last four months and Fallon kept Roland he is Roman in the ratings and everything is that it is monies to win there. And over the last four months Jimmy Fallon has lost one point kept saying not last moments over a four month period Jimmy found lost one point two million viewers. That is locked him. And he blames it on the time he interviewed Donald Trump during the election. And he basically let him off the hook in. You know can ask any tough questions. Which is kind of like David Letterman effects like. People who look forward Letterman interview economic term because he did you get after yeah talent never did. Which I think is crazy because. Having not watched Jimmy Fallon my keys not that type of guy ease he doesn't even interview anyone he does he kind of does his jokes around he's just jokes around and phones over celebrities he can not not a and that's not easy days a terrible inner I'm not sure why people expected that. Day in and also a little bit surprised that she's not doing well as sort of the break. From all the political talk it is I do hear from a lot of like my friends that I have a friend of mine after a tad lessened today and he is that. He's a real political guy he's a big concerted and he says I just can't. And it's it's a guitar he's like I can't even watch anymore you visited Fox News guy because I can't watching as I just. Because I watch. You know what's baseball when I go home and I later. You know he was a watch movies or but I just can't watch news and it was just it's just ad nauseam the out insist. Yeah I I totally see it doesn't matter which side you're on ominous sign and I just like it's really hard but. But the third of his audiences got to win a third of it and he's. Emma is set I just. There's got to be some data Karzai at the niches like the breaks. Amid all and that's why they're doing all that that's it's these acts opposite man Mike Stephen Pope there is kicking his ass if ankle bear. Is just hammering trump that's his whole thing is political and he should be thinking treatment. Yeah it is Kobe was is he is not a new low awhile yeah. But I I just think it's interesting that the one thing I thought about it after reading that thing about Fallon is the only thing I can think of as. You know late night TV is a pretty liberal audience and with trump and I will say because. IE. Because I'm you know. Liberal snowflake. We are all on at least on this side we're trying to still makes sense of trump and find someone who. Puts a city's about him. That's a very real thing over on. The course of the Reno Carson. And and I think even some people lot of Republicans are like considering. Even cubic. Congress is moderate Republicans and like like you don't lose it is too I just love and it looked him when he ran for president even though he's a Republican. I've always loved him I think he's great. John McCain. You you became again and the juices get I think John McCain is great and John McCain right now is absolutely. Torching trapped. So it's not just left vs right I think there are a lot of people even on the right there like what the hell is going on so. With that it is said. We're all talking about it I think is good route trying to make sense of it and find someone to put a city's about it right so that's why I think. A lot of people are watch teen. Stephen cold air because if you are Fallon and you're not talking about what we're tight match like. Puts it go where people are no word what talk about what people are talking about in his Fallon is not doing that. People are getting goats they're desperately searching for someone who will. Make fun of it or. Depending on what side you're on at least address it again like just put them given some context about it because were all just sort of confused and still quite frankly. Believes in the piece that lately they've been trying to include more. More political jokes can do it but when he. I don't know if you do you ever watch him now. Every challenge that every now and then I'll I'll flip over and when I read this piece. I've went kind of saw some of the stuff out his political jokes are really uncomfortable because it's just it's not. It's not him you can tell that it's beyond swears he's not comfortable doing I found a YouTube clip where somebody compiled. Jimmy Kimmel Spiller Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy felons political jokes they were kind of making fun of him and he's just he's a robot Easter would grow by utilities every Nazi cue card the what does he do. As he is not having dizzy dizzy and on that road or just visiting with what he's done at lust at thirty your audience because you won't docket in them when you do try to target. You can't because it's not you at San Tropez and he does he points or he blames that interview that is kind of derailed the. So if you think about it if that's where the audiences and again it's a mostly liberal audience that late at night right. If there's if there in that space. And your no other company executive who were. Is there in that space in your not going there. That's what a realist timeouts so if you don't say anything about trump they are talking about you right like that's. You're out of sight out of mind indeed if you don't go where people are they don't and that is because it appears that it was it was the brilliance of that guy's campaign. Is spent that's right where the U loved him or hate him you had and still happening and I don't you had to talk about it. He's just did he is so Fallon just he's not doing it and it's hurt him. Or invent one I guess he's kind of fall into these depressed about it. Mean this big drinker yeah you know he's like happier these party yeah Allen's party year look at the field you know. Eat your eye can see where he's making governor rise above it that's not me. I'm just you know I'm not comfortable going down that I'm gonna be the alternative arm to keep a light hearted on the to keep it fun in the nit wit H euphoric. I can see where that would. That would mess with your mind a little bit and it too was at thirty your audience go away I don't hate him for it but I also don't. I guess I don't want to need those guys like I'll watch Kimmel from time to time but David Letterman when Letterman announced the air. I sort of about out of late night TV. I court and I think he's pretty good but he's pretty milk toast didn't feel he doesn't do like the only time I watch cordon is on the good karaoke stuff and it's old. YouTube clips. Yeah he's if you're up late he wants to show he's scared that he's not he's not gone after true. The only guy that I really watch if I'm up in mwanawasa is Jimmy. It'll dance that I dissent on the Jimmy Kimmel. An every down in a flip over to Fallon just because that. You know because of this a Mozilla and I've now intrigued by how he's gonna try to to change and evolve. But endless Campbell's do we need a stunt with like a celebrity I think he's terrible. We wonder if Fallon hasn't hurt himself to die because he did all he does all those fits this liberties and people just. Watched those on YouTube like this circulate those. So wonder if that's hurt his ratings because you know like well it's Fallon does anything good I'll just catch it on nine YouTube rockets on the Internet this is not a lot of reason. I watched the holes were as I actually like watching. Jimmy Kimmel I think he's the best at its eyes he seems like a likable guy. The guy that actually wanna sit down and hang out because I think that if you're circulating a bunch of videos. About you know just that that are economists like. Let's say he does a bit with Drew Barrymore yeah. It's good it's funny whenever. It could be from twelve years ago when you wouldn't. No right there it's I think a lot of the reason people tuned in to late night shows are even SNL is is it's it's. Topical sits right culturally relevant to ES timely and what happened that we go that day as those having its best week keep your best. Ratings period here in years and it's because of and salad political stuff Allen really isn't. Now the it because all that stuff could be just any at all night in silicon I think it could be takes away people's sense of while receiving set about. New York City to there now is he's in New Yorkers. Close to him throwing eggs back and forth with the exact concrete second launch on need to get the best guy go instilled to me is John Oliver. Brilliant it's. Absolutely brilliant and those HBO's a lot of people don't have the ability get a chance to last week tonight we John Oliver speciality is the best thing going as far as kind of the late night. Commentary political stuff it's just so funny. It's it's so does that kind of in the vein of field daily show what are the current show it's serious it. Think he really did awesome and the one guy that you forget is on Conan O'Brien is still on the air assignments and I love Conan O'Brien and I haven't seen him in here. He's on earlier too like he intentionally trying to console what TBS or yeah whatever cars in the super it was night. I tailor it ever since he left. Late late night yet. He just has not been the same though and I loved. That show that shows really good idea he was cruise and then since he has found his niche hills. Right John wraps it up next on the tenth. I have. Gambling either that really happened. Hello mr. Jain RED image that's a little off guard Rafa and there are common and Terry collegiate beach for the record not I don't you particular poker he 1990 cars here owners. Items. Yes thank you your your hot. Ought hi Marty with your yeah 2015 World Series championship you can just stand on your mountain on the field. Yeah pretty much the mean the only team did not have gone to lead series. Not true there's two of the future if there is journalists. Oh yeah mr. Diaz Jews the there are people out there vote at all but never been to the World Series yet. You know bin. Well here others who have a very good all occurred around nine. Speaker the pair of Helio there are yeah yeah we send any peace through Morgan State is really huge youth. Yeah we do we are our number one pitching prospect in the martyr church out of work that you don't use that for beaver believer in Seattle. What kids split tickets name. Andrew Moore interpreter yeah I do remember Andrew Moore hardly even care. They're eager Tripoli right now in the news. Yeah you circumstances call quarter to. Prospect in the murder suspect right now are you the way to go and we think he immaterial to put yourself well birdies if you preach here. Your brother should be big Oregon State fan is Michael can afford those hidden wealth yeah for the Mets he's one of the few guys it's icy healthy visit. It is here Mercury is don't have did you switch or anything but you know if the. To lose faith lucrative no bid. Beer garden being your spirit. Herb we are there other Arabic newspapers. Paper this year boat yards stricter. But starting with the angels today so it's just a matter time before we have a picture up he fuselage battle here in the humidity. But Abraham who is the live years Charlie flirt furnish her village Victor Herbert integrated battery of all time. I speak here I think Herbert is absolutely governor. Here curtain Seattle last year. Your or any good out for a year I don't and Seattle eventually had to kind of I don't think she signed it would be making. Sad day. Let me read you do any doubt these lines. Find the third and one hit no runs nine strikeouts. Suck it Mike Lynch yeah he had jerk. Do you think about these what do you think when knows how to comment from you their guy he's pitching really really really well this curve balls and asked him thinking. The eureka they've got the better it is for enough. He's a great sports or that my tennis is some assistance in incident were just got her problem at least it's. A good I. I would do it didn't stop them Republican guard like one circuit I believe. Like that right there I can't I started sweating right there I I believe that says whoever it looked at that and that's the schedule. Yeah. Yeah sure that either. You could we bring deployed as a mirrored here and he's healthy just about anything injury wise I believe you until we somebody. Like the author group of high rise in downtown Seattle and watery grip player and died. I would believe that aren't particularly good last night. He buried in the period unfortunately. I'm spirited normal offered their ourselves but we're always great things we don't feel they can't seem to burst vendors have been. Christian Gartner. And bringing in some and he just like an idiot I think the effort. A beer I believe for one record your competitor I believe it between every current background now. He's their right like you had an anchor here are the guys over here. Levee give. CD beach. He didn't pay my cousin he'll be getting shut out. Tell me up in the first game and it was. And he's going back to the first two games of the series reliving your high school glory who cared Goodell might find nothing in your ass kicked in the sixth inning the Yankees yankees have come back a lot this year. Spin yankees'. Johnny he's the Yankees. Just look at them and knowing they're going to be good for a long. Disgust me. All right now we're back tomorrow from three to seven folks join us launch youth. And agreed to. Red shoes. Okay. Oh yeah. Yeah.