Primetime 5.15.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, May 15th
An audio test for the listeners, Cano suspended for 80 games, NBA Playoffs, and an interview with Ian Furness!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Yeah. Right welcome prime time with Isaac and suit alleges. Two years and never movement and unbiased just try to picture on compromise sports done without booze sugar coat of American. He links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate can't show. And he'd do my job. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on 1080. Hey want to use the well good answer it's not. God and the. And everybody today. That's so good day of mourning in my brother's house the field. Yeah he lost the dogs they blow. Now. That's what this month that it's being Robby Cano is one of our brother's favorite players and it was adorable today is John tried to somehow hold onto the belief it. It was like a false positive or that he took some did he didn't know and now I think my brother is just sunk it into the egg accepted stage where her yak and it was dirty. This is my there's nothing my brother hates more than than cheaters. And so this is that his doorstep now and I think it's taken out of the big Fella there. I can't wait socked him later yeah oh believe me will troll if he doesn't Douglas will be pokey will be Friday. Yeah Robin's in Canada suspended eighty games or. A dire Redick yeah some masking agents the view to take this stuff to clean out your system you know you get a drug test coming up now. And can no claims that. That this was the I took this says substance from a doctor I didn't know that it was dirty and in yeah. Was completely innocent said every steroid user ever yes Verlander had a good speeds they once this came out Berliner Edinburgh Lander treated excuse coming in three. 21. Through the problem with Kim knows. Theory on this visit with his excuses mainly baseball does not. Produce automatic suspensions. For masking agents. So it if you get column one of these things in your system makes a baseball has to prove that you were using it to mask the using it to deceive the test. So this happened back in the offseason they did their investigation can to know appealed it and then dropped did he went to drop the appeal to me CB. When the suspended him unless there's hard evidence that he was using this to mask. PD news so is is is excuses. It's bulwark. It doesn't hold up he got caught doing something and then he got caught. You know basically. Trying to cover something else up and now he's he's facing the eight game suspension millions of dollars lost and even at the Mariners somehow make the postseason he will be eligible to play in it. Yeah that's crazy I'd we're not we're talking before the show that. Where Saddam leading even know that no I didn't I I don't. If you think about it how many of these really happened now on a yearly basis when they do their not to significant players but I'm trying to remember says these have been in place. I don't ever like Manny Ramirez got caught a couple times was the end of his career in and we certainly knew that the don't know when I can think of at this level is maybe Ryan brought. Who's a former NDP. McCann knows hall of Famer. I mean this is that this is the big deal to a team that was supposed to contend and was in contention this year why why so dumb now you know it's like I get. The guys that are. Marginal guys now you know they have nothing to lose exactly right he rolled the dice and it's worth it because. It may do without your dog in the major leagues and with it may be make 5060 million dollars a lie and Robby can now. I mean you know he's done that's Don Imus is stupid. You know the other thing is is that we know that this has happened to a disproportionate amount of Latin American players. And I do think there's an element you can walk into any pharmacy. In Latin American countries and I would ever you want and I do think that that obviously is something they can't be ignored at this point. You know maybe it's an arrogance thing maybe it's just such a commonplace thing. Or maybe you get a little older you think you can slip on by and maybe you have slipped by you know numerous testing you've never been popped for other got stabbed with a writer broad. In like Bryant LeBron we you know was was used to getting away with this that had it found ways around the testing protocol. You know the stuff they can get out of your system in the span of 24 BB 36 hours. Then when they get caught with that you don't think you're gonna say no no robs a bank they can they're gonna get caught it. It's a Nike I think it's an arrogance I think it's an anger in Spain and no one thinks there's gonna get busted and tell them how. Those of your doors and by the way here's eighty games and what's to know salary and I mean he's what 22 million dollar a year guy. Need chop that have to mean this is that the serious thing he makes Tony four mil I will these twelve million dollars lighter now. Yes at least 35 years old you know I just look at his. Career he has played a 150. Or more games. In eleven straight years is extremely durable and for the the amount of money he signed with the Mariners. That he has been worth it I know it hasn't led did. Two wins in the World Series or neglect that postseason appearances but Robby Cano has lived up to his contract and see he's also being consistently good which woods. It makes you wonder. You know has this been going on his whole career like say you know he's you never know the whole time when he finally got. Well that finally slipped up in this is the problem with with can know that he gets hit and and maybe it's fair maybe it's not. But now you look back yet again what is been a hall of fame career Robinson can no has been good since 2005 since he's Rickie is twenty years old he tees to begin at 35 it's a hall of fame career no doubt look at. Where he ranks all time for second baseman he's been phenomenal but now whether it's fair or not he this will be clouded everything that he is accomplished. Will be viewed through this prism and some people will given the benefit of the doubt and other people won't. Yeah dealer asked in. Yeah I EU so this your first suspension. For performance enhancing drug violation is eighty games dating games and it policies and Dan yes and post season awards so like I did. I cannot remember this but I think we sell 20142015. When they toughen the policy. That got that back up pumped up so I mean this this is the major. Well your blow things are looking good for the Mariners now they're not well he does it even if he comes back you'll be back mid August. But you can't plan because he play in the post season and got unique and that's Seattle's best player I mean that's that's an MVP type can't pay out that's two sport see that is very very sports the matter with us cents. This guys right though we should consult. Seth Everett on the static at. Or better that. Let's get rob it's. You're responsibility era you'd be more responsible. That hefty bag of sweaty lunch meat that is Seth Everett we're going to be talking to Ian for NASA. Yeah that's right being great eye hand for. Yes I've gone out there's like going on here's a lot going on its Pacific northwest man. Things are happening you talk some hockey within via find out what's happened in there ranked. I like to get his thoughts on how Paul Allen is viewed up there yeah. Only know what to think upon if there are sort of see what the reaction is from mariner fan out there in there are people pester peoples at this this is a huge blow. Well hopefully they're not like twelfth. Their reaction. Little little venom coming your way. In protest will be on at 330 it is right now 309 so that's what 21 minute state. He's gonna come on let's give or take depending if we go any says he's gonna be on Bluetooth. But he thinks it'll work out sick with Dick with fingers crossed yeah. Fingers crossed him OG he's on performance and now dean electronics right now this is clean too much sports stop it is very stop ansari. Mike has an audio. Exercise for us. Yeah this I. I think he in this yet know I have a mice that he's got experimental audio and I don't know what to make of that yet while OK so I just came across as somebody he had treated does that mean. And it's yeah the whole thing with the dress DC a gold Dresser blue dress yes. Which by the now clearly gold. Knows we'll use them. And divorce. Yes I do remember that it's that swamped the Internet goes another one of these two. Is that there's a couple bid that have been like this is like what DC they're kind of fun yeah now there's an audio one market and it's what do you hear. Ollie you know what I saw this today and I didn't click on it because of it was still good but now on the right but now imagery by like. Also heard has anyone ever why did click on it in I listened to it and I ate in like he came to the conclusion that it was stupid because it's clearly laurel. I want now I wanna hear it but did I thought limit this is a social media thinks what they're doing is Digisette and now one that's laurel and one that Yoni. And people are hearing to even things in their cause in this fake controversy but you're claiming it's two separate sound bites no I'm just saying the vessel that was my five that was how I dismiss this so I was like this is probably fake I'm gonna move on to Lucas Glover story which we need to get him yes if your mother yes I have heard about that. So loaded that later. Now I wanna get this OK good I've seen this story I've seen I saw this on Twitter but I have not. Partaking in our side and I just I skimmed over business is it twice in this clip. Yet they gonna say it twice now. You can text in 55305 tell us what you hear it's either laurel or Yoni okay. Are you ready I'm ready and you are saying that it's I don't want tiger clearly was laurel assignment post. But what they're saying is people are hearing two different things but it for the same clip. Laurel. Laurel. I mean it's not clear it's not it's right it's. That's what I heard too. But there's a couple people in the office who heard Yoni and I actually can hear Yani if you listen to that you can you can find it in there. It's a higher pitch than that low voice like I gotta tell you amend that this is stupid is it's 100 like yeah. A great putts I dismissed it art what more time. Laurel. Want there's no Leon neat that's why I didn't hear both of them pretty pure. I haven't listening trying crazy listening trying to here I feel like we're being troll Mike's like Lou discovers life. Little angry lashing out crazy that's or he has been in these guys yet again this asylum. Yeah huddle around your radius is anyone and I'm at they turn it up really loud it does anyone hear ya honey let's let's hear. Yeah. Laurel. Laurel. Yet it's this I don't I don't get this it. Now I find this to be ridiculous and I feel like. Anyone that says that Johnny did it they're truly new on now now Casey were hurt you any here's laurel instead. Does anyone in there here you know we've we've got a whole group capital when there might there might open him OK if open does anybody here. Oh. Yeah. Here here. It's just another hotly like like food that this is probably two clips right. Not to clip this is the exact one that was played when Casey heard yen I don't buy it and Colin horse. Where's the years. At least eight Isaak and that would like no I heard Jason did. It's clearly do you get Casey to shrink. Possibly yeah. Is just some sort of that was sort of thing where if you tell someone enough times. Like you is they give BP tells a when a lie enough even though they nose by the start to believe it. A guy I think that's a silly I give Big Easy I don't know listen listen yearly your yard into the light but the first reaction. When you heard it without knowing what the two words were some people without knowing what they are here yen. I I don't nine that he liked a person that has won wine cooler at the party and invite God's ways did are you really or do you just wanna be wasted. A lot of people are getting one barrels and James settled down Cleveland guys who heard Pablo. And another who heard Hector how now can come to hold you I'm Gladys is a joke I skipped over the story. Laurel and oh yeah we wasted it. It's our top of the holes is not even now it's not even it. The Internet is don't show. It can be really can't be well it didn't take long for my warriors. To stomp on the souls of the rock and don't end everyone is saying that the series is over there's no possible way that Houston can compete. Maybe maybe there isn't it it was a a fairly close game and went back for the is tied at halftime and you get down that writes. I and I it is not beating them know they're not not I don't think so either but I Allenby fascinated with this narrative doubt that somehow Houston is just demoralized and defeated. All right. We'll start there and then given direct though. Ian protests. From KJ are at 330 this text or heard the oil. The very excited very sits make our round. Scattered run game that's what exciting time. Commander in tonight for. The torrential David dean on the fan. Drive time where Isaac can sue gun activity of prayer it's very now reports are conflicting. 7 NEWS cycle works it was Laura Lynn was little it is laurel and now we think it's. Seattle Chris yeah that. COR I got I got to clip we found them we found an audio guy. Who is changing the pitch slightly and it and he I can't have ours and yeah any. He's found Guinea so it is. Based on sound settings what you hear like it's based on pitch OK that's pretty much what it is so that we can we hear the other yet he's gonna play right you know. Well he's telling me 12 because. The stretch it's too if somebody goes interface and a. Yeah okay later on well. You know. Yes so today it. But it's just it's an altered that's ridiculous that's like if I took a Black Sabbath album and I play it backwards I'd like one Ted's been it's like all I want to killed every one. That's ridiculous not the same clip that's totally distorted this is so when it's in a bad thing it's in the same clip that you any eggs. And it doesn't even sound like you any existed it sounds like someone is buried where people had too much time and seriously. Let's let it go. The dress was. It was not the dress was gold now get a look that up. And see addressed the first image that comes to you and conceived by my instant reaction you easy Seattle the Seattle. Our. What we hope India. We're gonna Evian for NASA in ten minutes it's clear legal we'll talk of Robby you know I just I just searched it anyway but they do I is Google dress gold or blue. And it's clearly blew all announced it was gonna tell me that if I changed the setting of on my monitor and simply change the color settings on my monitor its blue. I guess but if you Google image it there's there's Lou Engle. The melodies again somebody's messing with the hue or maybe did it I think it's still a so. You were re talking about. While we're gonna talk with the NBA here Alia that apparently the NBA is over because no one can beat Google senior workers well they can't. They do appear to be pretty good the rockets probably have the best like chance to make it you know. Maybe interest income but. I think we learned last night is him. They're not gonna be demeanor probably not but I also don't think that last night was eight totaled demoralize seen. You know back breaker when you when you consider that you know outside of James Harden and Harden was awesome. Do you heat 41 points and he just demolished. Staff Currie and I felt bad for us at curry trying to guard James Harden. But outside of that. You know that that there wasn't a great game played by anyone else you're not gonna get the rest of the rockets. There are gonna shoot like that and that was the it was a tied game at half. And gold sake cap pulled it to a ten point lead in and Houston would relay back to five or six. Men in that game a couple shots go down so outlook I'm not trying to see yours in Hughes is gonna win the series clearly Golden State. When when golds they don't is on that's a tough cover for anyone goals they will probably with a series they're gonna win the title. But were acting is the F because that one game didn't go Houston's way that somehow the rockets. Can't play any better and that somehow they can't. Magical state I just don't think it's the case because it was really poor shooting night for for almost everyone not named. James Harden yeah. Well. I I played I enjoy your optimism. That's exciting in its cute. But. It is a little here's a little out of its issued an eraser go here's why it's demoralizing one you're at home court via this is game one. Your best shot and boy did the rockets cannot swing it is a great first half. But ultimately this is why they play a full gains and full series. The warriors. I mean this is a Houston team that was built. Specifically to stop the lawyers and specifically. To give up problems to Kevin Durant Tia and that didn't happen Kevin Durant. Shot thirteen times on iso plays against six different defenders. He was ten of thirteen united with one turnover didn't matter you can't stop these guys did that thing about the warriors is. Like there's only one other team in the league that can just go. Iso ball hero ball and that's of course Baghdad the name LeBron James right. The only other team they can do that is Golden State. Because Houston even did that a little bit vague I thought they got a little too hero ball Lee with pardon and Paul just chucking up shots which they can't do the warriors. Can beat you both ways like if if they if they're moving the ball. In sharing the ball and moving without the ball and getting everyone involved there and possible. The problem with the word is is there are also impossible when you just give the bald Kevin Durant. It's like what are you supposed how are you supposed to defend that means he he shot OK not just him that so that the it was that the number was Durant shot thirteen times and iso plays against six them defenders. He went ten of thirteen the warriors as a team shot 23 times with Harden is the primary defender and they went fourteen of 23. I mean he just in his mid range but he just literally just dribbles to where he wants. You're too small is seven feet and he's deadly from fifteen feet any issue to every now and you there's. There's just. Nothing you can do and that wasn't even the best of the worst that's my point my point is. They kinda got a little stagnant and iso the warriors did and they still won in Houston. Game one and it wasn't that close I mean they they were up twelve it could it mean it was it was headed towards twenty but the rockets had some heart. I just think. This is this is a focused warriors. And you don't wanna focused warriors that's a thing as Houston got their attention and when they are focused like this I just. Just know facing his I don't wanna send to keep it close and making good. And while was for a half meteorite that they will do this and really push both state and I just don't see it. It's. Someone on the on Twitter remember winning a beer writer said this last night but he goes public everyone can give crap for Kevin Durant for joining Golden State. But is that if if Kevin Durant isn't there did they beat Cleveland last year. And I think the answer to that is no did they beat Houston and I don't know if that's the if the answer to that is is yes or no. You had Kevin Durant to this mix Kevin Durant as the best player on Golden State you took the best team arguably the best team in the NBA. It's certainly an NBA title team and you added arguably the second best player in the NBA this side LeBron James it's it is that that's what does he think it will really is a rough. For anyone when you're talking about that much talent and then you throw in. A transcendent player like Kevin during the out there record isn't to rent the playoffs that I guess I was between five and 324 and three. With Kevin Durant in the playoffs the Golden State Warriors are 25. And three yeah. This not get a bit of bounce is not gonna happen and and is nice that you sit had a great regular season but. How I mean this post season is just like a glaring example of the NBA a regular season is just so damn overrated it doesn't matter. Well and Harden was amazing last night and it's not enough that's right like you're gonna need hardened to score forty and you're gonna need unity it's gonna take someone else scored thirty I still think this is again and have been seriously rattling game two I don't think this ends up being a cakewalk right but it has throwing yet they have to win they have to because if they fall down 31 gone back on it it's. It is it's over there's no pressure now I just I just think that this will be a better series I'm not ready to is it to throw my hands on the Houston Rockets. Because I don't think anyone played a particularly good game outside of James hardened and that I don't think is going to continue. Are coming up next in protest KG are Seattle. The hell's wrong with Robby can now. What is wrong with the skin well the drug test let down his fans his team his teammates that's the first thing throw witness get popped. Sold to that next he's gonna join us on the phone here's Mike with sports and. Prime time advertising in zuccotti insanity goes. I married a second baseman Ronnie you know not only has been broken hand. But he's been high. Eighty games performance enhancing drugs a diuretic used outs. For the post season yes we'll be back in mid August but even as the mayor's qualify he will not be part of the Major League Baseball policies. Who better to talk about this story that a former host of this very show it is great interest kgo radio in Seattle. You. But like a light on the go off like. That's a decade plus you get a bit on the year. And now somehow we've yet to be fired we have we think it's some sort of clerical error like we're fired in my 2007 and no one told us. What pretty geysers survive like five different GMs and program director or average I mean that's that's something else. Yet but I think the real story is that you left here and you've been on the air as long as we have in a much larger market that's. Yeah out but I. I got I've got that cocky guy I mean you can trick them a lot you know but I've moved around a little bit went from a night show it would be ratio at. Pocket lots pocket. And now work by myself I don't play well others apparently stepping up they told me. Rank your regular Colin Powell hurt. Well all. Book it's getting carried away a I don't wanna go down about how are you guys. We're great we're great Donald disappointed you were scooped. By Z 101 in the Dominican Republic on this Robby can no stereo. Yeah I want U I I can try to break all. Stories Dominican related to it would without an away from me I would got away from me but I Arnold frankly I'm just done that. At AG baseball players having a really solid ears off edu and Shockey chalky. Yes so as we are talking a dissent in our first segment but outlook and it can knows you know sort of his son his history and you know he he came into the league at age twenty to use and he has Dan. Pretty much tell the he hasn't been doing something the whole time in ordered it in order to stay healthy. Have you ever heard any rumblings about Robby to know before this pop today. I about it I think but I mean I think with him. You know I mean there's so many of the guys in baseball have been popped in and it's almost out of what its become acceptable but I mean it just in his own caught als. Nelson Cruz indeed Gordon each of the last couple years have been up with different organizations and you know it it. Now what happens kind of become iCombi coaches servers suspension and and you move line. By you know I had not heard that nobody really odd but I I think it's unfortunate because. It's it's all others to suspicion any time somebody got a good season or gets better with age or doesn't get hurt. In baseball you just always cloud hanging over guys and free and you know so many different ramifications from that and the other day. You know I don't I couldn't care less about Robby can ultimately I don't I don't give one I couldn't care less. I mean I I've been editor they had 77. I'd like eighteen to break a seventeen year drop post season and I think it's quite decide that you gonna eat this screwed up that this is the opposite. It it looking a legacy or look at or talk about all they've been like that. I don't know how Robby can look any different that rob yelled I'll Merrill or anybody well. Yet as that who knows one of the guys that he signed a monster deal to come over people were balking out of it you make the argument I think it's a pretty easy when they're Robby Cano has been worth the money I know the team hasn't had success but kanell had lived up to that contract. And as it is just your general perception on what fans are thinking that from my understanding. You know canola is a beloved member of of that team and community and in just what people are gonna think of. And who got that that's the million dollar question in the case canola eleven point eight it'll lose it. Yeah I mean I'll mark showed today it was that bullet like. Matter cannot argue would cure this guy ought to mean he only they gave him in terms that is. Perception that aren't going to be because. It straight got beat the crap out curse the division game how about a lot art. You can big strong argument they're probably about sixteen the American League this year but maybe you're really competitive or. Secret top heavy American League but what it and you can't win the division now surely looted. If they don't get beaten it largely playing. Had a big ticket policies and they don't win a World Series because he can't play largely white. He should really put these. Are dirty and he's been on beauty you know picture negative that you get. Bit well based ignorant. Or did. What are guys doing man I'd like I'd get it for the marginal. Bros these these guys are looking to get paid that Robby can oh. His did an illegal long time he's making 24 million dollars a year I just don't understand. Why now optically with a harsher penalties that a guy would risk it I mean what do you do it must be. Amazing. I mean remember it now Adrian op. And if you wake up. And then he got out because he tried are doing. Now. Most region indeed it. Older people debating you acknowledge its steroid daughter here TV. Don't we lock all. I'll ease the terms steroids now going to be like Coke. It's not that it changed he he was going to T need some sort and any I don't I don't DTDs. I don't know how to body guaranteed ought not go away I guess maybe I'd backer got people back into curse. Are set. How long. I mean. He just decided this year at first I. Got up and dull we all all your product or where it. You know I think all lot over the years. You don't become more important is it wait I. But now all in all baseball sports getting Adam about Egypt and now this guy got. Yeah I need the excuse that easy isn't about that doesn't hold water because you know Mays in baseball doesn't automatically suspend for masking agents they say they have to have proof. That he was using it for that purpose well he appealed Mays in baseball investigated found evidence of it obviously and he dropped the appeal so clearly the amazing baseball this is just have you know he knew he had a masking agent they've got the goods on that he was use this to mask. He cheated he brought little problem in India gate like rule take it the rules. Audit a lot being a lot of different businesses can't hear you. And in baseball you're not allowed to do it I mean I I you beat out today it was that I. Lot of legal and Ike iTunes eight now it all means basically you spoke barrel auto Wheatley a lot to speak. But a lot of jobs you can't smoke marijuana. You know instruction Abbie Libya Iran and trade or. Maybe you're in the media whatever might be belliard out Reed College athletics in getting their vigilance scholarship. You can't smoke marijuana. Well I just don't do it. It's what you want out opera passion that Jaaber scholarship you don't you don't break the rule it. This could be a very simple thing. You're not supposed to do or dancing tried YouTube user users act better not opposite I'd try to mask them. And he'd get pole and got caught and now you did right or shortly just what bothers me. Aren't I happy and look he went to a big Johnson has to say on Twitter today the world large. Injury. He's Broderick guilt or but he did Irish more humid out what I'd like them. Patrick helped out by. Guys like him and others that are emotionally invested. Big credit to ticket forty eat out at. You're here got all on this. Back to its ruling the C. Bass player. And it's wanting to be or six weeks broken bat. It's another thing to be out eight games knocked back a mid August and an old beat this guy has screwed over and based out. Lot is people developed again it's just it's unacceptable on reliable except. This is Ian finessed kgo radio up in Seattle like I agree I you know. Since Ryan Brian this is by far the biggest star of it's it's gotten hit for this in and it must be worth hitter he wouldn't do it in and I think that is a very. Interest staying in big question you raise and that is how much does this have to do you. With why he's good in the first place when you look at is double or whether or not this was raised will cloud everything he's done and in guys like this will bitch and moan and say one thing doesn't define my career bubble we don't know when you started when you finish and a everyone's fair or not will put his entire. What fifteen year Major League career hall of fame career. What will all be put under you know it's a suspicious lands him it's not. You look at you gotta you gotta put together a couple good years out to this that are clean Munich beat Gordon has done. A keyboard got popped a couple of years ago weird because Barry Bonds is batting coach I don't know what a connection archer. But up. And you don't get operatives got back I mean I'm sure he get past that probably that might you know. Every Saturday gal and guy and he's obviously clean and have a career year and a great year. Also his you don't you don't try to clear his name. But you're right you're thirty pleasures all of your name as is Robinson you know you get up Al. Masking agent every inning and it is fair honestly it started jet now is confused put himself that is. He let me ask him I'm doing that a little lamb. A little Perry Mason work on another topic Unita NL and I haven't been able to talk to adopt the jobs ask you on the Al I wanna talk to about Paul Allen. First the ball how is he viewed in Seattle. And how do you think he thinks he's viewed in Seattle. I. You've got to hustle robberies in the top lefty EC football in Seattle stadium built. Our product championship here at all championship which is getting it all make the doctrine agreement to you know the number one. She championship this country's promoting it that. People eat but very very highly doubt you got all caught on every level at ours is perception. About people they might think it's pretty good shot that you really got people around him. You know we could be our organization that I think it I'll give an idea that. And engaging guy like that is currently at 8088. The rest of our organization here you know many years ago and Clark are all the all time. The hiring. You more dot but it. Where it ought but they got one year and it went on aren't we got tighter and mean what you don't know all evening you don't think deputy in Latin and said. And he's he's perceived that there aren't aren't here. That's inching get I think heat it does matter to him you know that's yeah did you read his book. Idea man a course that was him responding to all the stuff about Bill Gates is the real brain behind Mike's uncle and his sense he's sensitive guy and I think what I'm getting at is. Down near Portland I think he feels like he's under appreciated here. And I am when I'm getting and is I wonder enough in in this is where you come in I wonder if there is. A and an opportunity for him. As one last legacy play. To bring the Sonics back to Seattle. Are you hearing any thicker but these guys again hockey right like what what percentage Locke is NHL to Seattle. Are right. Right so they'll let me ask you the same question about what percentage lock. Is the NBA back to Seattle because in the NBA goes back Seattle course they kept the Sonics name it will be the Sonics which is the team that he originally fellow mode with that. Ultimately led to him buying laser. Billion we will be back in question is it DHL is that. Contact your HL. As well. All of warnings like a war that franchise in union out probably individual awards or at the top pitcher is art. They'll traditionally north title make it appears all but it's a done deal. DHL orders slash read operators re doing what you speak here had a huge group double ought to keep Brothers and others are bought it. And Jerry Bruckheimer get on the orders brought our producer. They are out that point blank and his studio too much on what he'll. Piece said that they want the NBA they'll want to be partners all that kind of stuff but they wanna let the NHL all. You don't eat for a couple years I think the earliest you'd see the NBA back. It's probably 20/20. 320 twice or somewhere in the air I don't think they're gonna want it back until the age old firmly established. Are valid but they've basically said so I think you'll come back out are all well all of it. I've always thought that made sense I think are always out. He would be enough as laps prodding legacy here at Seattle in Libya conquering hero Eddie the basketball. And we also got a luxury watch or work out everything else comes up bigger drop Martell Webster batter. You know you all are about up close. But I I think you want it viewed outlet or not I don't mean. That makes sense but I think we're at least what would that be 567 years away. Yes well they their lease at what and other matters he owns the rose art Mecca. For in terms of the city there lease is up here in 2025. Well yeah you guys that. There's perfect party and then you are exotic but I forty point five and number rapper helped. So I've heard that all. You I've heard that in this is just a rumor this is rumblings are confirmed I know I know like. I inferred as level journalists here at Dominican. Stewart and Robby you know I'm not a 101 on Dominican Republic but I have heard round Paul Allen. Heaven may want to sell the blazers several reasons one he fought for small markets in the last CD Haynie lost. So he knows he cannot keep up in this news super team environment he lost a Marcus Aldridge and if you look at their moves over the last him fully years. He's kind of lost his urgency he used to fired GM's right left to say no this is a good enough let's win again they'll now and he says not doing that I think he feels under appreciated in Portland unlike in Seattle which is what is getting a few. And I don't think he exactly has a love affair with Portland I also believe that MLB to Portland. Could be happening. Which he'll hate. And then there's that whole sonics think the reason that he Thelma with the NBA. And that would be his last legacy player to have you heard anything about this at all anywhere up there. With Paul Allen. I haven't heard but it makes it it it makes you bet it everything you laid out makes it makes all the sense the world. I mean I just go back to him you got all being its first love yeah I'll still assault Allen. You know what that the players are interesting because no trouble are when I seizure right I mean when I was there were watch that thing every day. I mean it didn't matter GL what they mean it hit gosh you know Richard what I did. Like got back got a key job out of the contract he laid out as unbelievable. I've I've got blown way I doubt I. That's about the basketball team got back or just watching what you target this year. You should be compete as a small market team you can't be given certain bugle cut contract. The simple as that not not a terrible bets Richie out. Mom you don't mean dropped. Out be light in and it was been. Probably a couple more misses it contracts have been doubted me are you out all our columns that are based on watching game ago episode except I you've got an elite coach great coach Terry Stotts. You've got. Is good back court not in clay and steps as there is a Western Conference at least. You've got a couple pieces upfront so your GM got a better job why wouldn't you guys aren't based off. And yet can't get a stadium built to do that that means whatever guilt cure all that's why I brought a one or the other right all looks this. And education or baseball in that way it works. Give all the gonna build a stadium and there's like a homeless shelter out in the you know like left field as the crowd is gonna be homeless people as like put about it I feel like in the nose bleeds work out any chance yeah. Did they could be that in Oakland and it still would. All right we'll keep your ears of the ground on that pollen thing my spy he senses are tingling down here and I and I'd I'd like to see if you. You know if you ever a real journalists like yourself comes up somewhere on that and now global captivity against CN. Work you know I'm going to golf course right now law here at 3 o'clock and that's literally wanted this works up is not. Not when it got bill that. Yeah one year lazy but it doesn't have to be today. Now this down the road is across the years of the thank union. I will be not a big dog will be felt. It. I'm not okay Eads and yes he's taken it hard and that's the best part about those mid day shows you're on the golf course at three and now. That that's true but that's not acted for. Well outside the summer months Dan. About the mid days. I think I think morning's resorts that he had he had a wake up at the you know you get that 430 now do you and I world I mean don't you first of all you don't sleep that's trickle and I'm old now I work upper before I get is 6630 I can do an hour earlier now let's say is I bet she could sleep after the show. Yeah you would stay up all my immensely from what like nine and dole because I have this campus is vampire this thing still. All right way over thanks to interest kgo radio Robbie canosa putts and NFL draft lottery primaries coming up it is three to teach you on the ten. Welcome back we'll be right back. Period as serious. Seared. Left. It's 357 we are over because we were having you stimulating titillating conversation with Ian for NASA cagey there yes and you face Sheen yet and and I you know what Ellis. Picking up what you relaying now again not see now I've got CC that I did there now I've got you put him on the say I've got to hound dog on the scene in Seattle and there's no one that lets put his leg up on some than in big demand the break in story is quite like you and Burnett medium ranked so. Here's the thing I think Major League Baseball to Portland as an app as to. And the reason I think that is one Major League Baseball yet at three thinks Major League Baseball is on board that's the biggest thing. It sounds like they wanna do it now hey love what has happened with the timbers. The dead terrorist answered I mean port was put in what 21000. A game they're like well Portland is pop. You've seen the real estate market people are flocking here they're like we need to get on the ground floor of this becoming a big time city lets students. To you need group who's willing to make it happen and has deep pockets and you have got and three. You need the city to be behind it and as much as Ted Wheeler has blocked because he's discount that he's kind of in. Stiff arming it at the at the moment. Because he has other bigger fish to fry the city's not gonna get in the way. If if there it's group has there ducks in a row in MOB wants it the city is not gonna get away but here's what I think is interest. On the Paul Allen. Dead at the the city you better believe that this city and that mayor knows. When the lease is up for the blazers at modus. Which Paul Allen owns the team and the Arenas it has really matter about that but what if there were new owner. Who wanted to move the blazers or whatever the wrecked. Because AL DA has not gonna pull its team out of Portland. To take it this yet right there try to make good on repeated team at a Seattle the knocking adieu dab I ripping the team that port I think the idea that I'm thinking is. I think pollen may sell the blazers actually here with in the next ten years in the Seattle gets team. Is he out it's a team the Sonics and he's involved that the blazer stay here you know toward a debt but from a city perspective think about. They are a very critical time where dismay is looking around gone and we are really growing. I wanna be the guy to usher this city into the next level. What better way to do that. Then bring Major League Baseball that's that's kind of like that's kind of like a legacy thing you know as funny. Well I get to that next I've started I doubt on this note and on but I'll get to only get back as were short on time. From may city perspective. Q you want to be known as the mayor. Then oversaw the blazer at Paul Allen selling the blaze. You know this is elected is that we should come back and Americans are more about it OK and we'll talk more about that and a name BA draft lottery primary you know that's an. Coming up in an hour. The draft lottery Davy you of stuck up army and it always does what's weird people there detect hidden. Who's that Dick Gilbert skid the kept showing up to that it's a fun deal because like you don't really care about it until the day it happens in your body a lot a watched. A 4 o'clock on the fan.