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Thursday, April 26th
Wall to wall NFL draft coverage. 

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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Who lives from the alleged to house on southeast elevens and Sherman and this is a special draft day additional tried -- I mean I think the more tape you watch the war his value was apparent you can join us for the draft and hang out with -- consumed commissioners who I get our team GM's for the transit annual draft party brought to you -- Allen -- auto assembly value driven values driven by encore audio video check out their showroom at fourteenth and -- or online and on core audio video dot com and via lead depth house there's always something going on I'm glad -- house. Prime time on your own to the NFL draft Tim AV. The program. I look back is 607. It was live coverage of the NFL drafts here on 1080 the fan that's Isaak. That's mean. Suit he's right here just to my right there right reach out and touch it we are here is that latter half else which is of southeast Portland. We got a packed house we get a browns backer group upfront in this bar. Picked up as far as big because they're up they're throwing glasses and get in flights and their pissed off Google fiery right now that the browns go with you a controversial picks with baker mayfield number one. And then not go abroad each other taking that award the best quarter in the on the on the board at the before so we are gonna continue with the knicks live as they happen now Mike is getting the niners take greater role for you here in a moment won't play that the raiders are on the clock to bring it up to speed live. It looks like the raiders have actually just traded their pick so that means. Obviously they traded to Arizona so here comes Josh levs Josh Rosen yes it is only a quarter they got their quarterback of the future you know so Arizona is now on the clock raiders trade back I'm gonna look up in. And find out where the cardinals were picking. I've been deal. The eleventh pick is Miami in the twelfth pick his Tampa Bay he just hitting it was baker mayfield number one's a Kwon Barkley. They feel that when Cleveland to Quan Barkley number two to the giants jets hit Sam Arnold. Denzel ward was number four to the to the grounds the Broncos. It took. Where it was the right here yet they got rebels early deficit at a North Carolina and Oregon State they've quit Nelson. To the colts and then obviously Josh Allen. Look at Smith just only goes to the bills the bills traded up with him but that's like it is now at 120 air is on the moves from fifteen teams have ups and Deborah Tannen in this it will be for. For Josh wrote of his players Arizona has a few minutes left on the clock let's UT San Francisco's pick which was this happened while we were a break here they are with the ninth it. Whitney ninth pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The San Francisco 49ers elect. Might look good tee up at that tackle Notre Dame. Bill heidrick junior. Player profiles on. We'll get the glitzy huge kid's 68. 310 pound their bed now they're starting his day one at Notre Dame was they left tackle this year had been at right tackle now as a right tackle he was dominant at left tack we struggle with a quick outside pass rushers he will be a right tackle in the NFL he's a professional technique is out Denny comes ready to play every week he will be a plug and play starter at right tackle as a rookie. So the second notre Dame's offensive line I don't love this one as much I'd he's not a left tackle I'd -- to keep they have to be a guard. In the NFL so. Mean maybe you draft that they can you know he can move it I just let the writers had other Eads. I don't think he's a top ten player I've watched Notre Dame enough. I don't think he's a great athlete. I think he's a big physical smaller but for a top ten hit I think this was a bit of a stretch. For Sampras as to whether that's right tackle whether it's over it's gonna have to move it to guard. From a value standpoint that once seemed like a bit of a reach to me he is not the player that his teammate is it it quit Nelson was Notre Dame. Good last year I can't even remember they had to take up. Yet you and you talked at all on that line lineman Dan and they were really good together it they were a bit they ran the ball well alienate they were gap but noted it was not in the league team no but those you guys are are good I'm not saying he's not a first round talent. To meet though what you're draft in the top Danny you've got eats at San Francisco. I just I don't see him as a top ten player but. Obviously the you're not drafted to be the left apple has built 5% that's right tackle or I hope they think that he moves it to guard. When you've watched him play against some of the elite teams speed rushers he really struggled on the left. A big mistake about in the NFL it's like you just go out to right tackle in that somehow you're gonna be protected there's only pass rushes over there. And and that's why I think he was exposed last year a little bit in the NFL where that you play right or left. You've got to be able hold up against Italy speed rosters but you know that that I did the safety of him is if it doesn't work out at right tackle. You can move vivid view center guard and he just is a big physical smaller and he can play he'll be a player in the NFL just don't know about a top ten player. So the cardinals to get their pick in here momentarily they traded. Up. In the raiders fall back the fifteen yeah this is is this is Rosas is right the last quarterback to cardinals drafted in the top ten was Matt liner and that was always. Feels like it wasn't that long nobody has to doesn't say is that obviously at that the united gargantuan bust him. At a height weight and I don't quarterback at that they got it quarterback. You know in their way there were rumors. All game that the cardinals were looking to make a plea to move up to get one of these guys so if that is Josh Rosen you look at it. Four quarterbacks. In the top ten yeah it'd invalidated that the question becomes. You know do we see who do we see a Lamar Jackson. You know Yahoo!'s net after tax pamphlet takes obvious that would be. It be him or Mason Rudolph yap of Rudolph it's as if he goes at all it'll be the back half think like 3031. He's a borderline first round guy Lamar Jackson it's gonna go the first round it's just a matter of days does he fall some. Or do we see someone with the big guts to move up McGrath Lamar Jackson is that you need a quarterback right now there's only one that's gonna be left. And that's and that's the bar and you like him I do. I don't think he's the guy that that right away while you but I. I really think that Lamar Jackson under the right system and give it some time to develop QB really good so here is betrayed the raiders a jump back from ten to fifteen and they also get the 79 overall pick which is the third. You're gonna make it a fifth as well let's go to the podium. The Oakland Raiders have traded it's this thing. Through the Arizona guard depth. With the tenth pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Arizona Cardinals elect Josh Rosen. Quarterback UCLA. No hybrid junior. Player profiles on. Rosen throwing the football very artistic pros and tight spirals froze after evolves very actionable balls. In the 357. Step drop situations he's idea always pro. Are you ready all that. The concern but Josh Rosen has two straight years of injury shoulder two years ago missed him this season this year and caution 32 days because protocol valuable player in their bowl game busy guy will galvanize the team has it got to the teammates will gravitate to. Would be the first one in last one out all these different things from an intangible standpoint and the injury issue does want to be in the clear cut number one number two pick overall you talked about a guy right now who. Who do have to prove some things once he's in the NFL. I must think sometimes. They over value. They'll hold leader character huddle thing off duty if Josh and Josh Rosie could spin the ball like he's he has an unarmed he's a good quarterback. If he's at the bag. That means the players won't put up with it as if he's confident. They'll be fine. And you know what. I don't mind my quarterback asking why would we Trent Dilfer on years ago and we were talking about Josh Rosen. He said the things can rub people the wrong way about Josh Rosen is he always wants to know why in each challenge. You know if you say hey this is the way we're gonna do it he wants to know why is this way better than my way. And that's the view is such a negative things I don't understand. I I really don't that in the course about Rosie is that your ability he took a lot of hits he's like at UCLA and I'm up on the putting in the past he's not the biggest got the world but he's gonna go to an Arizona team that you know. It's got some talent around him and hopefully with Sam Bradford he may not have to play right away and when you look at the fact that they don't yet to give up a third. And a fifth so it in the fifth round pick whatever he gave up a third round pick. To move up. Our spots to get your guy I think right now if you want it's a value I think this the best buy that they've had so far in the draft. And this was the guy that I because the best quarterback we'll wait to see what happens but I think if you're zone that you feel very good about what you had to give up to do to get. Josh route that they gave up a third and fifth third benefit to trade up five spots up. Miami is next followed by Tampa and then Washington you're listening to live coverage the NFL draft will be right back this is 1080. The plan. Miami will. Big stuff Fitzpatrick. And genuine draft party. Thousands of these still hasn't been German. You embargo lab tests. In regards to consume. And it's all dressed in navy. Okay we're back it is 61 it's the NFL draft 2018 version. They can mayfield number one to Cleveland if you Palestinians com Barkley number two did giant sand don't know three to the jet. Looks like so we've got us. Tampa Bay at twelve on the clock that means we missed Miami's pick at eleven to give Fitzpatrick on my bullet yet we just played a year's the only time I did miss that Nick Saban by the way call him the smartest defense that back he's ever coached and that saints updated by the way. Since 2010. This is exceed that sixth the B to be picked in the first round. So when your target about a lot of recruiting trail mix David sits down and you're gonna be a quarter safety why would you go anywhere it's that it wouldn't national champs appear to go on the first round and nerves are there other safety. Made it going late in the first round as well early second. Untrained not aside it mean make it fit in just is that watch college football club. Did make of it fits Patrick is he suggests. He is to me a I I Tyrod Matthew sort of guy. But without the bigger but without the problems guys and bigger he made upbeat that this the greatest athlete out there. But he is a playmaker Ed Reed if you prefer that I ID B if Fitzpatrick is is just. He's a phenomenal talent so Miami has their defense five minutes left for Tampa Bay to get their opinion and we knew their beer run into OT here come the rubber defenders this is gonna be up gets either beat Avaya maybe to regain its. Who remember when they trade it whichever traded back everyone had your Wii games maybe be in the guys so they may have traded back with. Arizona and still ended up getting the defender that they want whether that's speed Avaya a lower or James the safety out of Florida State. It's still picked up a third the fifth and that's that that's Smart that's Smart draft right there you get the guy you want to get. Two extra picks now Tampa Bay as the team that we'll have a pair it's delivered their picks. For Saturday's. I think it is their fourth round pick. On Saturday because they're setting up shop on the pirate ship now the stadium down so they're actually gonna have a pair it. Flying in with the pick which leads to so many questions. The first being what if the parents will plays the flying. And the Bucs lose the politically he doesn't get the pick can be the greatest thing in the history of the draft with the what do Pete give likes of which she gets it. Like lipstick and it's a guy catches the pagan has to run it and runs it. I'd pick and one of the talking pair come out yet bring it up to the podium when I heard parents I thought oh my god they're gonna have a parrot saying. But. And they it it's just fine it that wouldn't it that would benefit them because any bird in flight taking in only one can actually say. We give it back. Well there's apparently took it upon don't think talked to. I think there's two. Ball OK but it like it hot spot if you get accused of repair it at that but if it's not it's flying skills that are cool now the the ability that you would think if you were gonna fight it went don't have like a cool raptor. Wanna get like Oscars of the older than there at the mean that's their right now you know. But that raises a good question Mike what is the best of all the infamous nuts if they each have their mascot deliver the pit. What would be the coolest ones like the jaguar rolls and then they rivers may be the payers. Now in a note Gillick like a big Kodiak come role within there what would you do for that jet's. Final minutes but you can have a guy like. The plane like fly in the banner behind her like smoke signals late do you like the weekend trip right. Let's. Continue to let's go to the party. 2018 NFL draft. The tape at bay Buccaneers select. Beat they have. Deep at that tackled Washington. Al-Qaeda junior. I in the mold me today is buffalo. Formally at war again for a traffic to a Baltimore Ravens great career in the NFL he's that kind of guy what that rare. Physical talent six work 300. 47 pounds really quick and athletic for a big man. 41 route the call by the remarkable rant he's got pending before the medical Shaq got big get into that back field he can disrupt the quarterback. Make someone stopped behind a line of scrimmage they'll be inside you can help them linebacker that line back will now be watched more freed up. It used in comparison to it now yeah I love these. I'd really like any Shelton and never years ago out of Washington and he's been good. Hasn't been any lead player. At the end of hello but he played solid beat Avaya is it better version of any Shelton. I mean this is the guy that is that was our running back. At the at the high school level he is the way you rare athlete for his size. And I I don't think that the debate will be Abbas. I don't again where that I you have to be the star from that position. Tough to say. That transition can be hard to the next level but beat Avaya at least from what I've seen watch if you'd dubbed. Part of the vascular the year flat last year by the way. To meet this is a very very nice pick up when you talk about putting him alongside. But a lot of what. You are doing now a lot of it was winding its Perry writes you've got McCoy already there in Tampa one of the elite even the pack was put him next defeat of AF. What those guys could be what I want every time and and that's could be at peace to deal with good pick did not think the room it's that does no good yet he's gonna help yoga without David or James is gonna be there but again put him which Gerald McCoy on the inside giving younger. Getting more athletic the size it's a nice pitch Redskins on the clock at thirteenth column by Green Bay and then Oakland if we just joining us traded down. Bills jumped up attendant at Josh council local pick fifteenth. What if what if the Texans so backdoor if every mascot had to deliver the heck yeah. With the Texans just be some random text and I think he just gets a rich old white guy like at ten gallon hat. It wasn't Rusty Hardin the attorney they're now looking at that freed Jack don't out there you get like a big cowboy pads of whiskey and with the giants do. Who good question outed Andre the Giant baby the big show. America what about that for the guilt did you get. Is that big gay or straight big foot straight days straight between the error el Nino and are oh hello. It's that much of it yet. All right will get that wants to pick next it is a six foot seven let's get if you wanna recap of the draft Mike's gonna have a free right now is where the baltics and here's Michael sports that are. The Ellen Weber auto assembly might encore audio video and by the lads out house primetime retires again soon the moment the NFL drafts. Did maybe bill soon. All right 633 on the man we're out here and it's. We're in southeast Portland at last tap house where. I think this is the point of the draft where if I were sitting at home watching I'd be like fear. Have your good way and maybe I'll go hit some golf causes them to have a as a eaters are Washington's picket thirteenth the and you know that they had two big needs they have around stopping problem. Drawn paint from Alabama was certainly had a fills that role I think he was the second best guy that category behind you get there way in front of him. They wash it was hoping that that maybe he debated what all of them but. Draw paint is is it's got to be a stud in the middle form they feel I just want the keys athletically as dominant as beat Avaya. And now you you you sit there you look at the states and I don't this would be able move well this is supposed to be Green Day is supposed to saints traded up and this is why I think this will be a bold moves large Mark Jackson and I love this all day right now that this that it will mark Jackson's. That. Three years' time. Lamar Jackson will be a study in this league and this will be viewed as a genius pick. I would love to see what he can do learning from Drew Brees and Sean Payton for a couple of years. Bold move by the states if this is the way they're going but I love this make you couldn't that be in the Mark Jackson OK so where were the saints taking it looks like look at see where they were out there were 2727. That they moved up to. In order to move up this high. You look at the other value on the board that just doesn't seem to get another player being worth this kind of job you think it's got to be Lamar Jackson no question that there were some rumors that they were kind of infatuated with him also the way it. Like it's a three wood Bill Belichick as sharp pain they're both kind of like what you got going on. I. I think we're selling. LaBarge actually short I think we have sold him short all draft process. So Green Bay jumps back to 27 or find out what they get in return so the war underworld is on the clock is still about. Four minutes the next pick after that will be Oakland who traded out of hand back the fifteen because the cardinals jumped up to Josh Allen's what do you think Oakland's gonna do them oak. Got a lot of holes but it. It wouldn't surprise me to see them just load up on the defense side of the ball. It just didn't go that I think of an operatives damp when I think they feel pretty good. You know but let pairing guys long that the pits which was a real disappoint Lester despite the fact. You've got arguably the best defender decide apparent don't think Leo back so four Oakland some options would be charming and Edmonds who has a linebacker from Virginia Tech and I haven't seen a lot of him obvious that it watch a lot of tech football but most work out of the top and how. I think it if you're both units that at one that may be a guy that could be entry Josh Jackson is a corner from Iowa and there's also markets Davenport who is he Texas San Antonio but he's a defensive end and people he's very raw he's new to the game of football. But they say from a pair app beats their reports he may be the most athletic guy in the draft. And that prepares you hear him it's sticky I thought the guy at BYU who is very Rauf will attract kids. But is just a freak athlete that if you ever learn how to play the game look out. OK we do have the official trade saints Packers. The 147. Overall it. Goes to Green Bay that is a fifth round pick this year. And the Green Bay also secures the saints' first round pick. For next year out just to drop that runs. Fourteen it was and others that this a pretty cute they picked up a first round pick to drop back thirteen responses that this is a pretty big price to pay and you know. LaBarge arts it to be this is the most exciting part of the draft right here. If you bought one thing. What may be bigamy field goal number one overall but if you want the one that I think has the most intrigue behind it outside a baker mayfield it's this right here. It's that if Lamar Jackson adds up Marty under through three ski view is there a better study. In the NFL that a creative guy like Sean Pate John Payton. And to learn in the pocket presence of Drew Brees if you get study that would be the rock criticism that we haven't seen probably since Michael that. This this Obama's aides that I know it help you next year I'm very excited about it this you also think about their running game yeah and what they have going on with Camara and it's like due date they they're office if you add another element of the quarterback. Lead in the pocket and make it plays. And the thing that I noticed up think about weren't they Doug we had a salary cap hell they've put together on cheap team. Over the next couple years when you look at a lot of there studs on defense and offense they're young guys that are high priced how. So that they they can take take a flyer on this and by graft and Lamar Jackson the first on the controller for five years. Let's Brees plays two more years maybe three. You still get two years of the two to three years of our Jackson. On a rookie deal with a very young archery team Canada I think they've done a nice job transition team from all states to do things. So adjustable to hear. Your gut feeling is do you fear not you about that through your quarterback is quarterback bill what do you think wide receivers. In Ridley. Wide receiver Lavelle Alabama and if it's a quarterback for use the Mark Jackson has yet we wouldn't. Awaiting that the commission was on his way out but appears to have hit a snag some kind of his cowboy fans via tackle Jeff does happen. Both Israel will also mark via the sentinel limited bill that if he's probably and now. Is it really evident vodka and they're trying to figure out how not to give the news and they can't find some other on the board their their neighbor receiver if it's a receiver it's got to be counted at least. He you know you may be the only receiver to go round one. Caliber yet he's done it's done. Now looking at the saints out of their draft history and I wanted to go back because remember they'd draft it is. Gary grace and remember him they drafted him he can play Colorado State and local kid. He was gone might that he credibility campus Vancouver kind of guy he's a third Rampage at the saints in 2015. I'm not even good instant there. And I was looking at there but we'll let them. They're Green Bay Packers have traded the fourteenth pick. To the New Orleans thing. Rich the fourteenth pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The New Orleans Saints select. Markets Davenport. He picked the then Texas San Antonio. Don't hybrid junior. Or. For Marcus Davenport played it would feel. Texas San Antonio we can play it was handled the ground she get that three Fort Worth reversal. Hopefully we'll be long and athletic 65 and a half with long form certificate can be very disruptive that the outfit was really bad very athletic. Think the Senior Bowl week wearing little more quiet than people thought he was going to be for him just a bit. But I think when you look at the potential of the pass rush ability to back there for Bradley job good luck plotting a number that structure with the field that a market that report. Wow so wow I was looking at the saints cornerback Jack makes thinking it would take Lamar Jackson in the two quarterbacks they've taken since they acquired Drew Brees. Was it Gary grace and they also got Shawn Camp of yeah. But does prepare for that and and there's markets Davenport he's a good player but why why give up so much it's it's a bold move it really is they must. You know when you talk about a guy that they say athletically it's the best player you know in the draft that he just needs to learn you know maybe this is. Just wonder where they looked at him that. Come hell or high water if he's available we have to go up and get him by. You know to me it's interesting because it hit the comparison is that the onside not to think he isn't it nice player. You know bit up and down but if that is that the that's the com or II I think that's a real stretch on the part of the saints but. This is the weird part about the draft is it doesn't take consensus it takes one team to say we love this guy. It from a I have an athletic stamp what you may just have gotten the best athlete in the draft but it serves you like that. Stiff price to pay to have development and instruct the guys that may not be ready to help you on that. Three down basis for a year to welcome Tom Benson's dead. But is he or if I was at the break it raiders are on the clock. That will be followed by Baltimore. And then the chargers it is a live camera in a filter out one more segment NE SPN takes over so the draft coverage will continue all the way through the first round. Right here on to anything. From phone. And general drugs are you glad Jeff how zones. Eleventh in Germany has brought few. Sam yeah by encore audio. Revising consumed one moment. Then maybe you. Okay. NFL draft. The raiders select. Colton Miller. Food for. Okay rabbit at the show here lives of the draft average Atlanta now southeast Portland you heard the raiders pick in as a raiders fan. Bandwagon. But Richardson. With them yeah. Not a lot of tackles in this draft a project yet to be for struck guys. The fact I think this is on the sequins notre Damon and now of Miller at UCLA. For them watching him play obviously a very effective player in the pac twelve. That kids seem to be on him that it's a it's a it's a work in progress. That he's a guy that that's that's very talented maybe not big enough storm and up right now but really aptly babies that you could group like Dwayne Johnson. I'm cute at Oklahoma converted tight end in Philadelphia that sort of long term talent so. This may be something that takes a year to you. To really see but people very high implement athletes standpoint especially if he's gonna play left tackle in the league. Okay it appears that the bills have traded up yet again yes I'm so now we're at the sixteenth pick. Supposed to be the Baltimore Ravens they have tree out of the bill's trade that it's art we do the bills that capital and so they already moved up we got their quarterback in Allen. Now the question becomes the U jockey for need you back attractive for that so that he Wrigley route outwardly it could be. You know if you're talking about try to parent with young quarterback odds that the actor James if you're if you're looking at it maybe the best available. May be your guide that that's on the board but yet his majesty with with Calvin really we've yet to see your receiver ago. You got your future quarterback you'd try to go out again your future number one receiver to go with him. All right so. It will be buffalo. Chargers. And then look who's after that. I've seen it won't be making that the Internet of the Internet the blood that Seattle. And and Detroit all the people who back. And the draft. Or ravens have traded at fifteenth pick. To the Buffalo Bills. With the sixteenth pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Buffalo Bills like Jermaine Edmonds. Linebacker Virginia Tech. No tiger junior. I look at that claw back. Wedding inside linebackers got that capability to play on the outside as he did but 601 AM with those long lines. 253. Panoply of only nineteen years of age he is really a diamond in the rough this kid can be spectacular these 454 speed is remarkable for criticized strong kid and that's a great versatility got all the great what lines he's got that length that you won and an inside linebacker like Zach. Cunningham had coming out of Vanderbilt where if you had a great rookie year with the Houston Texans Jermaine Edmonds. Has a chance to be wonderful and inside early outside a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker down there. All right there is no mention of earlier Jermaine Edmonds Vieques from Virginia Tech a lot of people thought it was the top ten player and so you see the blue book. He's one of those guys that I promise you buffalo when they rate they're bored just. Regardless of position. My guess is he was probably in the top six or seven for them you see sitting there in the ability to golf we give them and and and they pounced. So the chargers are nags and that brings. You know. Jerod pain is gone a lot of people. You know yeah. My let the mocks Dick Jauron pain they needed the biggie charge they need help across the board on defense they need diva to tackle linebacker safety. And offered to tackle which I don't think it's gonna go here and then of course quarterback. Yup this is another one this agency is what Jamar Jack would you be willing to drop the quarterback and featured supplied Philip Rivers. Here 'cause all of those you know could it be a need. If you're going based on best available in the heat that I do you think again we would say to mr. wade James. The safety slash linebacker peak athletic can't chancellor could be a guy here. That would Phillies beat on the defense side of the ball for the chargers I took the chargers and the Seahawks and the cowboys and these are picks. 171819. Mistook quick recap because here's what's gonna happen. So after us. Is injured and recruiting with it and that is coming up next why the local from seventh eighth and then the draft coverage is gonna continue over on our sister station. AM 910s of you wanna hear the draft he can't go over there. Bigger mayfield one to Cleveland to Kwon Barkley skewed to the giants. Sam Arnold three to the jets and then. Off the board lot of people shocked by the browns take keynote ward that cornerback from Ohio State four and in Denver went with job. Five. Your thoughts on this on how the top five laid out. Nothing really surprising there other than that then Denzel award although I don't know that's necessary be reaching one don't think it'll surprising. Don't it's not Debbie what we thought going into this that it was going to be baker mayfield now I do think it's it's surprising if you go back to the start of the draft process remember. Middle the year he was the third day. But this is the third priority goes aboard overall but that was that that the the scuttlebutt the last few days is that he was the guy. It's out like Cleveland thought he was the guy from six weeks ago. So certainly when you look at it Cleveland going mayfield and ward one in four. I don't know if there's many mock draft that either one of those guys politically that so. Look at the most Cleveland thing ever they'd give you very controversial picks. So we'll we'll see how this shakes out but clearly they have those guys you know pegged on their board and they went down got the two best players they thought were available. I think to me. The the biggest the biggest reach was buffalo movie got to number seven it Josh Allen. And number ten number ten I don't you write don't they get it right up to number seven and they were well they've moved up. And then the other one obviously was give it up a third in the fifth the group of fifteen to ten and that was the cardinals that when I got Josh wrote it out of the question to me in this this first round is. When do we see Lamar Jackson go off the board went to receive that final first round. Quarterback fall. Yes so. Four quarterbacks and it's not and yeah mayfield the Cleveland. Don't Arnold's to the jets which he's got to be happy about that I itself. I mean he moves from Cleveland queries like that's the freaking grounds yet to New York in new York and new chasm pieces yeah right like a lot better than we thought lies you're on paper it looked very good. They were a lot better last year that people get credit for and I like their head coach in the wells is against the good guys there. You know there is that. That hope we have that beat a good fit for him. And then you have as you mentioned you know Rosie goes to the cardinals that's you know that's an interesting one now I mean the cardinals give up a lot to get out there but. You know Rosen was four. You know for a for a long time was right there with Arnold as the one to go out and you get him that you gave up a third to fifth to go get him. It really isn't a brutal. Price to jump up but not that I don't with a bigger jump but. This takes gave up more. To move up and take the the defense event from markets Gavin report does this from University of Texas San Antonio. So they can Yvette Mort I know they had to move up more spots but it. It has to be if you look at the price or to get what you think is your franchise quarterback I love with the cardinals then I've got me. You may look back on this job that they that was the best group that anyone made the entire draft him mayfield. One to Cleveland Barkley too that the giants startled to read the jets and in Denzel ward that quarter out of Ohio State to Cleveland's if you just tuning in but overdraft coverage of this roll through here. The outfit picked Denver was Bradley Chet is that it that's been from North Carolina State. When Nelson. Guard from Notre Dame is very safe there he goes to the colts bill's trade up to get Josh Allen at seven. Chicago takes rove wants me at the linebacker from Georgia. San Francisco goes with Mike the clinching offensive tackle from Notre Dame. Rosen to Arizona who traded at. At hand the Lebanese me. The Fitzpatrick to Miami. Feet of tea from this Huskies goes twelfth Tampa Bay. Do want to paint the defense tackle from Alabama to Washington. At thirteen. He wore its traded up from 2713. Spots give markets that have maybe the biggest surprise that the draft. It is that the raiders dropped back front. Take cold Miller the opposite tack from UCLA it fifteen. It is now moments ago Notre Dame Edmonds is the linebackers to detect heat goes to levels above look straight couples and their first round picks. So we've got chargers usually we'll let us yes that was again coverage will continue up the draft over on our our sister station in night and up next year and it it is recruiting with the anti and they wanna thank everybody at our draft him you know fun host it he's not your entry time. And it down flat tap out or if they'll draft party he didn't make it this year. Let's see you next year have a great weekend ion out tomorrow makes it could Luke not to park here on the show Dawson Norman data 67. On opening tonight. Okay okay. And it.