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Thursday, April 26th
Hot 5 at 5 and then wall to wall NFL Draft coverage. 

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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke absent by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Who lives amoled Jeff vows on southeast elevens and Sherman and this is a special draft day edition of trying to immediate changes the way we look at the entire U. Universe you can join us for the draft and hand out with the guys who consumed commissioners why did our team GM's for the fans annual draft party brought you by the Ellen Weber auto assembly value driven values driven by non core audio video check out their showroom records into maverick or online non core audio video dot com and I'm glad to have vows there's always something going on the labs tab palace prime time on your home for the NFL draft. Jay Nady. This guy's gonna get driven up to the first round welfare and. I privately on that we are glad to have Powell's. It's your sport grows covering the S. And the NFL draft for you know that was what made its way probably get the 600 underway we are in for that reason I wanna get started with the hot button but basically what we're gonna do here will have a little bit club fun but you know it if you listen to us any of these years we're we're out the NFL draft we wanna cover the Jeffries will go to the picks live we're looking that he Ron people laugh. The short all. You're gonna say that. Will signify win because of the podium in that this year there in Dallas still effect on the right now the hot cut it five. Odd topics and opinions. Our and are there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot on five revival in prime time advertising consumed. Refreshed by frost brewed chorus line download the reward happened starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number five. Some non draft news in the NFL jags owner shad Klein has made an offer to buy London's. Wembley Stadium yet just it's a pretty nervous about this konduz is making the point that this stabilizes. Both Jacksonville. It's Florida and in London. But that that the worry is. If if if you're selling more tickets that's gave him or money is to be made out there. How long before that becomes a conservative base or Jack's book because there is the the belief that the NFL. With an example of years while the team commodity in Jacksonville is now the de facto bondage jaguars that sounds like total yesterday I now let me he's fine them to move them he's fine the stadium to move them I certainly think it is an option is on the table and I get white Jackson affairs upset remember this year. Their biggest game of the year the Super Bowl champs coming into Jacksonville. That will be played it mugged it and so a lot of guys well that's not happy about this news today. I think Greg Olsen returning to the Panthers two years seventeen million dollar extension. Melbourne or. Well he's expensive it is a bit of a bone head so the blazers are likely not an option however. The Miami Heat expected to shop senator Fasano Whiteside this offseason. He's fallen out of favor in Miami is a matter of fact he just. The only played ten minutes in in the elimination game. Against the sixers the only average fifteen minutes in the series is the definition of what billion dollar body and ten cent head. And you know that the heat up this label you know all all along but the talent with those those things that you've just drove over but. All we give thanks but no thanks he still has two years left on his deal at 25 million next season in 27 million a year after house this year he was top five among sinners in player efficiency rating. Elsewhere grizzlies are working on a deal to make JB Vickers have their new head coach and you've got one playoff game tonight if that is the Celtics look at the close up the bucks. Boston up 32 of that series they are in Milwaukee also the FDA just a little bit ago about it said. LeBron James walk on picked early depot was actually go to death of those. If there wouldn't matter right the three would still want the game that's right you pay. That will go down as the great moment in the brought his Oregon Ducks senior linebacker. Float to the potato. Had five tackles and three sacks in last Saturday's spring game now he's been arrested he's been charged with three misdemeanors that. Criminal mischief and criminal trespass is we don't have any other details witness the second arrested you know you're you wonder. He even nice part of what you do it as a starter but you wonder crystal ball at that make you an example of this one you know sometimes. It's not just the fact that you've been in trouble it's that you're the first got to get choked when your new regime appears to see what they do. Yep our principles that he's aware and he's gathering the facts with the that's straight out of the yeah. Just pull the file if that's possible fallout cloud in Asia basic press release keep getting dressed. Races tweets from quarterback prospect Josh Allen had been revealed their from high school and obviously years 20122013. He was sixteen and seventeen years old he refers to its friends as the Edward. Although he says he's just quoting a rap lyrics he was asked why he's so whites his response was quote if it ain't white it ain't right and quote. He also had a two week saying I hate LeBron. Then again they don't we all he apologize or be owed them his Twitter account was scrubbed the January. At the start of the draft process which means that the Philippines that on this for a number of months and released at the day before the week out it's an NFL yeah a bit this is the NFL team that had. That foul this. And a lot of people think that the other folks would ever have a team that leaked it could be the ones that are that draft right because they wanted to stay long and all unbelievable so I mean. He he said yes to own it don't want to blame but himself but he wasn't high school at the time but that you know some people think this will have an effect on the jobs that. OK. Okay. I'm. One. And number one is that round money NFL draft is about to get under way and so we're gonna do it looks like the browns still have eight minutes which is perfect for us. We'll take a break it you won't miss a thing be top five at five is refreshed by prosperous course like. Download course likes new reports that start earning points towards wanted to kind experiences. Even game tickets they're rumor and it's. Baker mayfield may go number one the other rumor is that Denver is plotted to move to get to number two who. To draft their quarterback wild okay well. It's all about to happen and we'll have a forty live next on the fan yeah. We're glad to have. Which is over in southeast Portland it is 515. Hand as I look at the televisions here only about two minutes left for the browns on the clock with the first pick in the NFL draft so it's about the gifts but it yet. They know that their guy is but they're taking the full ten minutes it sounds like again there in conversations about number four of this is that necessarily anything other event. Just bide its time they get some phone calls to try to get their ducks and an order they've got to guide their drafting number one these negatives but that it. I think it's bigger mayfield all the audience so at this point is bigger mayfield it would make sense with a few days ago tallied. Huge accident that these leaks started to happen so I think it's going to be baker mayfield and I think Cleveland's gonna look to deal over for so. We could see. The double Deborah move up to number two we could see the jets taking QBS three. And that it or you can with Cleveland and if they did that treaty that you can see your quarterback go 123 and four in this draft so you don't think baker mayfield is Drew Brees I don't you know he draws those computers I am not in love with baker mayfield idle the Keith Russell Wilson I don't get this capability have criticism. And I hope we get the pocket presence of Drew Brees I think this is the real stretch at number one he does not that the old. Of what his pitchers with success in the NFL. Doesn't mean it can't be Yi is very accurate. There's that but out of the keys very immature in some of that Johnny high school crap he's gotten to a college on and off the field is gonna play in the NFL. I think the severe risky pick if they go with baker mayfield. He either did it Arnold but Arnold the Rosen let's go to the podium. In the 2018. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select. Bigger mayfield. Male tiger junior. Player profile. The fire go. Just love baker mayfield they about baker mayfield indicates he can be a really good quarterback in the NFL super accurate throwing the football or on the move in the pocket doesn't matter caddie via Drew Brees Russell Wilson might we shall see the antics have that Andy's got a deep sleep go to football team did what got to overcome two things. For lack of ideal bite and the fact he's got to be a professional. Focus CEO that does everything right for an off the field. We're back. We can't use station night so little on your producer there. Yet I heard nothing there I know I saw on TV here that I'm not sure what's going on on the radio while they can mayfield does that number one. Boy does that mean look I think baker mayfield. Could be a nice player. But does not this does not. Just now. Cleveland being Cleveland this is the very real as they outlawed the room parents is that very risky decision on the part of the Cleveland Browns and you know the any time your died at 82 of these quarterbacks it's it's 5050 that's generally the success I'm not talking about Heatley just success blustery NFL first record backs is about 5050. It's so like it if they get it wrong and they threw at them not be the guy I don't know if you can murder Cleveland but. You don't want it. When you've got to get it wrong every where you've got this many quarterbacks itself would have been successful and not baker may feel exactly this will not be viewed as you bears but you've missed on May be the riskiest guy in the Indian of of equality Josh Allen to be. There's gonna be used it looked as 60s70s guys one of them is gonna be here yet so that though the whole idea that I don't know but it's baker mayfield alleged that none of them are gonna be the is ridiculous they're there are a couple of good guys maybe even as a couple of franchise guys in there's not going to be all of them but it's at least to a month. And if this isn't one of them. Dude how I mean how many times have they done this but I will say this so it you've got to give them credit. This is a new GM right and how many times is this Jim draft for the browns I think it's the first is that this for sure. He's got balls Jessica I think he he said you know what forget the past doesn't matter. I know what the browns don't care here's my conviction. This is the guy. Not everybody's guy but he's my guy so I hope. Utley that's what this comes out you can't sit there and say this is what the experts think this is what you do you go through your evaluation process. And it sounds like it you listen to rumors they have this 66 weeks ago. That they do they they do a long time ago that baker mayfield was the guy in the didn't waver from it in and that if basis starting gate leaked so. Whether he plays right away I don't know they they signed Tyrod Taylor of so whether we see big a major right away or whether he sits a little bit. Let Cleveland over the next ten years will be judged on basically what baker mayfield does and that is. Going to be above Brown's family that the series scary proposition. Whether they were hit lads have a house and we have a bunch of GMs here were their mock draft him for a 6560 million dollars budget guys but to rose everybody's injures he's such. The birdie co host our Jersey guy over there gap is going crazy he's so this is look he is hey he is beside himself that they drafted baker that he may be stormy. Right now that the feel this is a browns backers as there is that I see Tim Couch running around right there do so they may feel the one to Cleveland that puts the giants on the clock the pick is in there will be going to the podium here momentarily is it possible mayfield is number one because the other quarterbacks for angling away from Cleveland is that possible I suppose as they did it behind the scenes that I I would. They give if it in this state agents so hard to keep getting quiet I do you think that would come on the fact that it happened that supposedly six weeks ago they've made this decision. I just think they evaluated baker mayfield and I think the it factor. And I think the accuracy. That he displays I think that is ultimately what won them over there is the sense that mayfield has the but the effect at the box see this the star power and I I think that's what put it over the top he's the one guy got this job evaluation process. That the on field stuff. There hasn't been a big knock on facts as they've got the process his stock has only risen. Where is people have been picking apart other people's games. People really haven't done that with baker mayfield what about his Hattie how would you evaluate his ability to grab his school wrote well that's very good eluding police not so much this video we may have about three feet about these video. No spit no no this sickening and it picketing and clocked at forty now let's go to the podium. With the second pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The New York Giants select save one Barton. Milk hybrid junior. Player profiles on. CK LE a letter for men and certainly as good as any of those guys coming out in terms of rating he's a tremendous runner would. Would you rate lower body strength is a very good receiver who you put in the slot and create those matchup advantages down the field and what really is key for me for a rookie running back is an outstanding blocker usually lasts a lot of defense. We'll hold up well and protection for your quarterback also brings a great attitude great approach hopefully Barkley follows in the footsteps of big belly putter fortnight and toddler. Just a total stud of yet there's nobody that says he's not. But he's a running back right so it so it gives you like this pause that when Al is a running backs so important that he should go to this targeted by all accounts this guy's the man. By all accounts is NFL ready at the readout back it's really good at pass protection he can play about the slot. And basically what this tells you with the giants at about that's why I think it's a little bit risky move the giants are better. That their record indicates they would not be in this position. CVB again for awhile and number two overall pick. They clearly think that you like betting has something left in the tank and that they can compete right away. And they're drafted a guy not to be you know a guy for just ten years but a guy that can win right now to pretty gutsy move and also leads me to believe that. Maybe the president was just too much is there with a lot of talk that there were teams in the Denver Broncos that wanted to move up to number GO. You mean the price tag to to move up to that second slot that giant. Wanted to giants wanted to buy that you know teams wanted to do they get is according especially because it's NATO that went number one yes you're right so that the giants duke yet because that. It's gonna take the quarterback yeah he lies not young but they didn't. NASA it I don't buy it they think that Eli got something left in the tank the last good running back for the giants. You gotta go back Tiki Barber yeah barber right thing by committee ever since that you know the other. You know about but it hasn't it about it now and and so this is the diet I think this that this they're running back position is that is down the climate NFL with. Good talker of the Ezekiel Elliott you've seen some of these guys now Chris recap it was taken eyelid of Burnett had some success. I do think that there is a shift in the running back at the receiver is tied at. Go to that little bit topsy turvy where I think running backs become little more valuable I think people. Cooley on the is that that you know that the high price receiver Y. Again I think what you look historically at the NFL over the last ten years receivers just haven't been a real big indicator. And I do think that these. These difference maker backs they can beat three down facts for you can't be receivers and running backs I thinker or are kind of on the rise that that the people are rethinking the way that game is played including you know Jackson felt. Reid did their whole team based on the idea of running the football. Dallas did this bill offered by the run the football. Cyclical. But I do think that some of that run game you know ground and pound belt belt cal back is coming back and fashionable. All right 525 you're listening to 1080s and it just tuning in to get a little taste the NFL draft. Cleveland did take baker mayfield number one it was just a smoke screen number two the giants did take sick one Barkley. So that puts the jets on the clock they have five minutes. To get their pick in. Cleveland will follow them and then Denver that your top five will go to the podium again lively we just tuning in. And you'll hit it picks as they happen. Did you see baker mayfield recreated the old Brett Favre draft it was fantastic at bay was that a Favre with the genes of the giant phone lays out of the it and then all the people in the background that makes him worthy at number one right there in my blog I just wonder why he did recreate the other far photo. We'll baby did that would just hasn't leaked yet fail we're Jenn Sterger that we asked her race. Well anyway baker mayfield won. Us on Barkley too so what do you think the jets do the ice it or services Sam Arnold. Sam don't I think dark and their jets are probably thrilled that so am I right there quietly quite happy with that if you listen to the rumors and speculation that it goes down the fourth this agency. I'm gonna Cleveland got their quarterback you know Bradley each other god you could look at with miles Garrett their number four and he's a linebacker isn't the president Gian from where Carolina state of it but I. I think right now I think what Cleveland is doing right now is working every phone possible and find out what's the best deal for someone to go up to number four GPT take another quarterback. Like we heard the river was liquor mayfield the guy he will be their quarterback could feature come hell or water in and of course don't forget Tyrod Taylor. Well it ended tackling an army base it around for a year but look. Sooner than later bigger mayfield will be given the reins to this team and and Cleve that we do look like a genius at the look like a fool I will say Barkley. Really low dress did you see that Tex you know kind of like a lives cut them. What Burgundy sort of thing happened that was that was a good look at you feel like in double. Threats department guys are kind of toning it down a little bit more now I would hope so look at little sharper at some of the suits them like is this early 2000 was. In the NBA is worse the big the big oversized suits the suits but the browns so the browns picked this that they already have NATO but they pick four they also pick 33 and 35. Not a lot of people remember this they have to second round picks to Cleveland can do a lot in this there's other players can be done in my yes if Cleveland if Cleveland does well here and and make it turns out to be a franchise guy. Cleveland in theory should at two to three starters at least from this draft took to go along with not the worst roster in the NFL. If it may where he works out. Is on the rise your famous last words there where if Cleveland does this well now. Does your famous last words. They got together right Gregg no David cnet's 1980 viewed as some of the regime David that was it that every three or four years. I don't know man. I don't trust the browns is that a lot of big mayfield. All right so let's keep it here will gifted jets pick it looks like it is in so we'll see a quarterback. They draft it's probably gonna be seemed normal but. You know Josh Allen could go here to you Josh Alan's one of those guys it's weird because it seems like a lot of a lot of really Smart football people loved him. But a lot of really Smart football people can't I am not a fear is really polarized all the quarterbacks there the one the only one. I don't have a great team and an even we're going to be a star but the one guy that I would not touch with a ten foot poll has nothing to do with this tweet is Josh now. I think he is a bust. As a young person now that I'm let's talk but the tweets until we get it out. As a young readers a well never mind let's go to. With the third pick. The 2018. NFL draft. The New York Jets like. Stand Arnold. Quarterback USC. No tiebreak junior. Player profile. I'm an old fish caught him going with. You got a question. The number one pick overall no doubt about that he begins the season it's good fashion but then late September Washington State game than the Notre Dame game then culminating with the Ohio State game. Major League struggles there are a lot of unforced errors turnovers Pattinson fan I. I bet he's a kind of recreate a result two years ago did he can do that Sam borrowing base on a very strong. Pro day. Had a chance BA franchise quarterback. But the concern right now is candy break some of those bad habit she kicked off this season due to the losses and the offensive line. And is top receivers led by futures mission to. So he's no rice paddy. At the fifth you know the jets get their franchise quarterback in this isn't a lot of quarterbacks that have come to New York the last couple years right and I think if you the jets I think you're thrilled. Because most of without going into this is Sam Arnold was going to be the guy and that the jets were probably gonna be left pinky they're they're number two quarterback. But sources if you listen to people said that they had to Arnold number one overall. And they didn't have to do anything he fell right to all right let's take a break coming up next is Cleveland and then Denver seven minutes on the clock should be perfectly want is any reaction here's Mike was sports. Maybe the. I try 35 we're out here let tap house for NFL draft party you sir reported to the people. Wrong information earlier I did you did what of that report you reported dad's. If you get your pick right in our mock draft out here. If you in other words if any of these GM's pick the same. Players that the actual team picks yet in their interview with a 65 inch TV that's the way it's always worked. Name we've done it differently this year every GM that's out here. His answer to any 65 inch television look at look at us vacated easier for the people it that great. So you want any part in this next year for not a part of it today I'm glad to have houses in southeast Portland huge space we're back in the back it's a Cleveland Browns back apartment we won't hold that against them. The grounds about to be accurate for yet sounds like they've been shopping this that is you know that that the scuttlebutt is that it would take a lot for Cleveland to. To pass on this in and seemingly brought the child go to the defense that is is gonna be the guy here. Whitney fourth pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select. Denzel wars. People at the back. Milk hybrid junior. Player profile. In step as their shutdown order Denzel ward he had a great year for the buck guys and he tested all the chart that Lattimore success will help. War yet outplayed outside program with Urban Meyer. Denzel ward as they vote for Warner. As few years he's clearly the number one guy at that position that's what makes him valuable in that top ten overall. OK so isn't this where we openly mocked the browns look they've taken two very. Controversial picks here. Look this war is the number one corner so. And it's about what's the stretch Cleveland. You don't ever gonna go defense there at number four. You know they drafted Jabil preparers. To defeat their confidence that if it didn't really worked out. He did not have a very good campaign. And I thought of this state develop ever said that what you look at what a lot of war. Who this was his teammate and I was stating that people think pieces is cut about a very similar type player. Yeah apart teammate on the world in the secondary or do you think that the agency that order that played a role let. There are more thought you know pass rush that you already have mild scare people thought child would be that we'll get to that. You go whatever direction you take a secondary guy here and again if it works out the same wave a lot of were worked out the world it's going to argue with this. So maybe a little bit of a controversial pick here but to take the best quarter on the board. I don't think that's as big a stretch of bad I think that's not a big stretch speaker mayfield going number one yet but Cleveland never gets it right so I can just openly mocked him now and feel good about it. Ought not many people I think cat or going there at number four clown. And then it goes to that this is that question. Could you have traded down it's still had it annoys you that think that there's a death has been appointed going to be asked about. That's the point. OK so it has been to recap baker mayfield one to Cleveland. Classic while Barkley due to the giants' Sam Arnold three to the jets. And now the browns kept the four pick. And they took. What assistants. As it did the war yet that guy. A lot of people on a Twitter guessing that the browns who retreated back a couple of spots and forgotten them well that's definitely as we're talking about I mean the he he did not appear to be a top five talent on a lot of people's sports that. Again you know lesbian brown leaving it has a lot of picks if they feel that years they shut down order. I used to be you know the outage was right quarterback left tackle receiver running back. Lot of people think they shut down corner now is the second most important position in the NFL quarterback quarter media and elite pass rusher so. You know it's getting better about it to get the vessel on the board I know but like you also to look look at it even bigger picture in goat didn't they just draft. Joseph hate not too long ago I hate that old guy he's gone now do I know he's gone but they just that that's what they spent a pick on like a really good pick on that guy. Why is seen me whole way this golf. I know he will he's gone from the browns yeah he's not that old Lindsay. No but I mean he's he's been around a long time it was approval form for many years with us with a solid pick they're secondary and a little this they're secondary needs help. Now obviously they would address that corner I looked up when Jill Hayden was to play that long I think he's a seventy year pro. UC hero. I think he's been around awhile on that hot takes on this row if he's at 29. Yeah I'd been around awhile yet he doesn't pan out yes Alan thought that was later now. And he was a big time in their pro bowler in thirteen of fourteen it just didn't. He insisted he didn't meet with the losses form I don't know it's just like you know sometimes you got to look at it through the ideas. You know. Holes that they screwed up themselves. Yours prior you know and I mean it's like with the cowboys earth it that was a classic if I would say this. Neither one of these picks on paper. Is gonna do anything to calm the grounds be in the low scores died he and I know that you've got conviction that you're drafted him and again. Wait and see what happens here over the next guy here here here too nice they're idiots and they always been idiots and this is a another shining example well. I think you want a beer Amara is Adam Boozer. But I don't Hendrick yet we're getting back to appear yet beverages are coming controller has but two years watching my girlish figure object of water for him now. That's no reason to drink water back. If if anyway I don't know I think you're being too nice Cleveland. It's just it's so. So so round the it is unbelievable I think it is and how is the reach one and I think it's a reach in and I hate this because I kinda am pulling for making me feel I mean I know we signature. I know he's you know he's not perfect. So if he went any other team I would actually be pulling for him as an underdog to be yet but now that the browns drafted him number one I'm still pulling for him suck at it. And the browns just get in the NFL implements the relegation policy like in the European soccer when the browns just. They they they drafted one too many bust quarterbacks they're going down to like. CF now they get no credit no Belgrade they shouldn't get any credit at the last good quarterback they drafted. Well there are deeper at the players that they're pretty good over the years you are such a browns over I'm mr. colonial rounds you just on I hear your ear just. Pandering to the browns crowd here I try not to kill draft picks. And tell you actually see him play. But I will give you that those definitely seemed to be reduced its. On the part of the Cleveland Browns. Dampers they. Continued support of saint Jude children's research hospital. Helped ensure that all kids. Have a chance to play sixty. This year the NFL. NFL network and rich guys that helped raise 180000. Dollars. So that no family ever received a bill from saint Jude. Rip me tonight to announce that birthday is Austin. What to think you pay him. Boston is seventeen. And an aspiring broadcaster for New Mexico. And a big Broncos fan. Austin has benefited from the care teams I think you'd. And it's an inspiration to all of us. Okay the film I've done. Bill heidrick junior. Player profiles on. Rather chill. Mario Williams here Mario Williams when he came out of NC state number one pick overall Bradley shelf not quite as dynamic. And overall talent is Mario Williams was put close enough to be a guide it is the one of the elite players in the strip and certainly I think the best. Defensive player in this draft brings it every place not a defense that it takes plays off base himself or the force of the gate is a tone setter that he break. Work out in conjunction with the productivity makes Bradley Shelvin got. Would view as an outstanding player moving forward in the NFL. Okay Bradley to up to the Broncos and this is where we thought that the browser Gordon number four to covet you whipped embers doing now and that's bookend pass rush is right bought Miller Brett the jet you're the Mario Edwards Geneva's as a Smart pick they don't out think the room. You may have a top five pick take the best player out there their average up we'll help you win games just take him and they went so that the sleeping baby is that. Debra did not make enough of any of the quarterbacks. Who they need everything right case cute but I don't think the key is key to his is the long term solution there. Supposedly Deborah was in love with with Josh Rosen. And they and they thought that back if you play or maybe a move up to that every two slots two to go. Sam Darko. So the real question is. That did Denver not loving the quarterbacks root root that were remaining did they like baker mayfield or sipped our they couldn't get up in order to get them work. This Deborah now try to move back up for the first round draft a quarterback. Because they think that roses or or outer suburbs. Will fall to them CI feel like from observing. John Elway I feel like. He is going he he'll take a quarterback. But he's not going to overpay for a quarterback now that's his mode joke at his neck he knew he was over pain too risky take a good player and find yourself. A spot where you can trade in and get your guide what you think it's of value play as opposed to overpay. I think that's his deal. And remember John always a guy at this Italy kind of spurred convention. I mean he went out pot or thought Payton Manny but you've won a Super Bowl with. A bad quarterback Peyton Manning and they want it based on their defense. It's really go with Von Miller and now the departments where Odyssey has moved on you suppose they got that other bookend that you can now play the markets where Von Miller when they wreaked Havoc on the NFL right so it goes at colts next followed by Tampa Bay and then Chicago will have depicts life as they happen. Coming up next on the thing. It's against him. And the 2018 and a built right. The Indianapolis Colts select quit Nelson. I'll hold him Daniel okay. No hybrid junior. Player profiles on. Ball or a destroyer is what what Nelson is not compare themselves to get go to Steve Hutchinson was a great offensive guard at Michigan. I hall of fame career in the NFL because that type of player. Big strong. Physically brings a linebacker mentality the offensive guard spot I think there's gonna be a temptation to try and tackle if not is it doesn't matter he will be a phenomenal guard. For a long time. Aren't backlight here Atlanta thousands by 51 with Isaac and Soo glad coverage units a draft that was while we're away this sixth pick to the colts' quick Nelson no brainer some people think he's the best player in the draft. When you watch or redeem play he jumps off as an offensive guard. You need guys to protect your group. Gridlock and he's about as good enough for the linemen they say that they've they've graded at ten years we also have a trade so Tampa Bay was to hit seven yep they're no longer picking seventh they have dealt their pick. You buffalo who is on the clock at about three minutes left before they get their pick in and obviously this was the fourth quarter as the quarterback they're sitting there at twelve. Some people you all along that the buffalo which could try to move out to the other question here is it Josh Allen or is it's. Roads I mean that's that's really the the only that's the only question here that if you're Tampa note that they're going defense and you look. That's cute if the wrought a buffet the players hear it if they've moved back to twelve they're still gonna get one of the better defenders. In this draft so I think depending I haven't seen exactly what Tampa and yet but it was to be their move back to twelve plus extra picks. This is a nice move by Tampa to maximize this this team that's Smart yes unlike Cleveland yet they they don't they don't need a quarterback they're able to to move back to the camp will spots. What surprised me of like a deer with James and Florida State is still there for Tampa to take maybe broke once Smith the best linebacker in this draft. And that my guess is to move from twelve to seven. There was probably two to three extra picks. Or they're trying to get the details right now on what that draft what bill in the senseless it says here bills acquires seventh well actually tonight does tell us the details. Immediately so I know who you prefer. Rosen over Allan you've made that clear. Who do you think they take them. I betcha they take Josh Allen I think so I think the rose that thing of the of the fall league and then people afraid about. That he doesn't like cute he's not a leader injury concerns I think this is gonna be Josh Allen and I think it's gonna be a mistake. It's the one bold prediction I will make. And I don't really like draft you know make it they disguise that secret this guy's going to be terrible I believe that Josh Allen will be busted this leak. Can't loan. Who was the quarterback was the team handled it yes two on now to log on fifteen and I said the exact same thing it would EJ Manuel was drafted by the but they are doing traded up I think again yes I said that he will be a bust that to me I I did not understand the B attach rates which Josh Allen. He did not make his teammates better Wyoming I do not think he has good eyes and we keep makes good decisions. Is not accurate. He is a big strong guy that you're an athlete and I I just I don't get the fascination. At Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded the seventh pick to the buffalo self. Whitney seventh pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Buffalo Bills select. Josh. Allen's. Bottom. Al-Qaeda bridge you here. Player profiles on. But it shot down historically great arm strength and all the Alan you'll get the accuracy 56 point two completion percentage career that's the concern but he improved dramatically. Through the draft process beginning with a bowl game against central Michigan and it's critical to the Wyoming he's a winner. Competitive hard worker he improvement he showed did shoot verification. Didn't choose three years he could be one will the starting quarterback in the NFL. You're right we're both right it is Josh Allen and you're not a huge fan of them let them. You know he does have all the tool boy he can make some throws he's big strong DO his dealers accuracy but also. We kind of happy just. Internally that this tweets did. Didn't hurt him killer because I just feel like you know when you're when your. That young adult mass has yet you just. ED and I just don't think that it's fair to call him a racist now because he tweeted that then all of. And hill have answered as a team it's like I said he's gonna buy some breakfast he's gonna buy. You know it's pop rice ticket for everyone you know that's with the rookies do. You know he's gonna have to carry some pads. And I'm sure there's going to be some guys if we give him a little bit harder time. The bottom line is that it Josh Allen comes in and impresses with his arm talent and taste it commanded that battle all that stuff will will will fall by the wayside. Guys in the league can be very forgiving especially when your young talented player. I just don't see that talent I think this is JaMarcus Russell. Jake Locker. Good arm but don't know good arm but not a whole lot else and I don't know how many times we have to see this in the NFL. Where you can have all that that talent in the world but you can't process information if you can't make good decisions if you can't have good pre staff reads if you're not accurate you don't succeed this week. It's me he has none of those things. I I'd just I'd I don't get it. To the next three picks will be the bears niners and raiders yeah eight ninths at you know to the Ballard out of season defenders I think start to come off the board this is where I start to get word. Now quite frankly I think what if you're the writers keep an eye on this because of rook on Smith is still available okay now who's he he's the linebacker at a Georgia Tech and you put him in the middle. With. Alabama terrorist boy whose name I'm space and on right now Ruben Bob Rivet Foster who apparently he appears to be back. With the cubic hostage do you have a front for Morgan that's Oliver Thomas. You make it's it's pretty good in the front seven there in San Francisco so keep an eye on that. For for Pepperdine there with the 49ers. Yet the thing about Allen in there interviewed him here we're gonna go to break and it will come back with the bears picked to me what young person says at that age and he was sixteen or seventeen I think yeah. Maybe 1516. It's it's it's almost meaningless because they've had so little exposure to the world. I think their real hell for a person is. How big cool row when they get more exposure to the world right like if he's still saying that now and him when he's thirty I got a problem with Josh Allen but as you'll get. Get more exposure and you talk to more people and you go through life. It. If you learn and you listen and you think. You should grow out of stupid stuff like that one would hope you know so on that's why I just don't I just. I had kind of a bad feeling in my in my bones. Day when that came out that's I felt bad for him even though I shouldn't but he said it that's that's not right let's you've got to own that don't it. But I just I think at that age I I do think there is that that does not necessarily mean that that's how that guy feels now and I think that's important. Exactly and had I don't mean it is to try to make excuses but yeah. Grew up on out on a farm you grow up on a 3000 acre farm. In the middle would know where west of Fresno. And look. It's deeply cutting your point that what you were raised like that. You are probably be a very sheltered life that's right so yes to me there's differences that. You know whether he's a racist not I don't know we as the deputy eased a bit that's the flip side he's got to flip side is he still could be an outing after the problem got to answer of course and by the way I keep. Giddiness when I talked about the fact that he's gonna have to buy chicken. Racial component to that if you're a rookie year NFL. You have to bring him breakfast at the authority and what you put greater road trip into right chicken like pop eyes or you know whatever that that department is. I had the buy chicken. Like every week before you get ready to get on the plane if there are racial component about it's just something easy that guys like when they get on an airplane. Thought I got like ten Bieber like really he's got to buy ticket yeah. All the rookies have to buy ticket because I eat what they get on the airplane there you go on road trips like the Fuzzy Zeller thing. I don't pull for and take pretty Fuzzy Zeller white people eat at black people heated. It's what they eat with the economic blockade like red house raided the red house furniture it's kind of the standard goad you feel what you're leave okay. You know what did you were gonna keep the year because the bears take his answer we're gonna get that and then we'll take a break and we come back. I think you'll hear the niners and the raiders and I know that the niners raiders have a lot of fans in the areas that will have will wanna make sure those are line so let's keep it here. We'll get the browns' pick in them welcome back with the niners and raiders when he that are outside affairs that. What do you think the bears do yours you you think they're on defense I. I I think you're gonna see your run on defense of players here yes IIQ I think this is where you start to see some of those highly rated guys. They're probably are going to be considered real good value because the run up a quarterback's. That would shock me if we see three defensive players go with the next three pit Brokaw there broke once Smith yes is a linebacker attitudes that at a Georgia as a good student. Let's go to the podium. We DA bank and the 2018. NFL drafts. The Chicago Bears select. Group Bondsman at you don't linebacker. Georgia. LB hybrid junior. Clearer profile. Machines sideline to sideline vendor great rage for flies he can play inside or outside very instinctive football league it's all walks through traffic very easily here's a guy in a beltway at double digit tackles and every game he will be the centerpiece the foundation is open your defense whether the as an inside line backwards and outside my. Roberts told his rained bullets that criticism isn't that he's an every down. So rough on Smith to the bears analysts that equipment boats out there you know use these big guy I've watched them Georgia football reminded me of Q why can't I think that that Alabama linebacker group in time for Foster to be my speed very much of him this the good pit. All right coming up next you'll hear the niners and the raiders live also Miami would pick eleventh we'll be right back this is what can average the NFL draft where it flat bath house on to any fan.