Primetime 4.26.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 26th
Cam sits down with the guys to talk the draft, also IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Live from the lead downtown Seoul in south east eleventh in Sherman and this is a special draft day and they should know and try and sons. Sounds like you can join us for the guys are concerned commissioners why you. You know RJ UGM's for the fans annual draft started writing by the Ellen Weber auto assembly value driven values driven. My encore audio video checked out there showroom at fourteenth and have great. Or online non core audio video dot com and my led Jeff how's there's always something going on I'm glad tap house primetime. On your home to the NFL draft. Jay Nady left. Maybe this is called learning of I think it's not spit or State's football coach let's get back to the NFL draft it is very famous and it they'll drafty. Sitting at our fortieth overall pick. Line fortieth overall pick in nine Ole miss mean. Nine BA. And help via 199820. Years ago that's what's that in my twenty year reunion it is Cameron Ross Cleveland ladies and gentlemen let's. My beloved. At times I get back. I well I here's why well and that it was not pretty either of either one it was a good time in we took down argues in and then he had to go you know it would to Provo and that's that's the elevation can get to a that was that's what their deal is the elevation that was badly beaten the greatest college football moment. Hopefully that's the first initial walking out of husky stadium. Like leading it. You don't nearly going up you know well lightly it is dump them out of his. No I mean probably simply speak to that there's there's something when you when your high school and then you walk out your collegiate time. It I don't say this specifically in the NFL it can't touch college now he's starting as a freshman don't you let her know I was Richard I was a slap the I was kid that no business but I walked out. And it Washington you're dressed everybody everybody was on. From varsity to walk on everybody dressed for home games and you walk out here that tunnel. Figured the crowd and you dislike or might feel it down your phones. Habit that's cool I say this of all the places they play at night but you know from from Alabama the Florida State. Old husky stadium both as the new one that is you know it's different and I know organized and well wanna hear it. My favorite place that I ever got to go play as far as holy crap was old husky stadium. He'll track the older attractiveness the crowd and and and that was it that was the a special place. Back when you know you'd when I'm Goran have you dealt with me and that was. Big time West Coast called football was USC what you see where it wasn't org and it was you'd and that was a real tough place to go play that was my second or third game. And those you don't teams were legit that was that was a big time environment. Season listen to camp show with dusty in the morning here on the band right but let's zero in on on draft day for you. Fortieth overall CU in the second round what were you. Thinking you where where were EU projected to go. What kind of strange because I had a lot of good meetings with with guys become binding you go through your fifteen minute rotation and it's the train station and you. Kind of have a few coaches they'll talk if you were scouts of tea we'd like Q but going up to the draft it was 45 teams are called we're gonna take you year. So it was anywhere from south the first tied and taken it anywhere from eighteen. All the way to fifty. Somewhere in that range I was getting calls and telling OK we're gonna take each year your on the fourth year you know there was there were certain teams that would tell you were gonna take you here at the Redskins wanted me here. And it just the it was so indeed it and the data that I woke up that morning with my wife Mindy my favorite legal. I've played golf the whole first morning. You know two that was back when it's fifteen minutes ago four picks per hour. Try to get drafted until like 5 o'clock it was it was awful and fairly old Motorola cell phone with me. So you're talking 4040 pick that's a long time and wait. And they need to get their my mom and ever their so they were taken phone calls made it was reeling phone calls to mean back and forth I was trying to let ago but it. And that time I was picked nobody knew. Sesame Sony calls it team cause it says we're taking you said eighteen to fifty so guess somebody calls says hey if you're on the board at eighteen what you were on the board at eighteen. So what how does that work like they just they say we're gonna take you if you're on the board it. Swanee yeah tenure on the board it's when he they don't call you. Well what I mean this probably talk about this with the board when your set. And as the board is set when you come in that first pick number one. That port starts going like this starts looking like chaos just even out 123. Watch tonight one through three everybody thinks they know what they're doing and how there gonna draft him where they're gonna go. Every GM and every scouting guys as soon as that first one goes off the portal it open option and they rotate this guy's arguing this guys you race what you think you know your strategy going in. On that I click on that internal fight right on you get two or three guys on the staff that are right for one guy and other guys fighting for different and he gets in the GM's year and that's funny for some of these guys you know it it if a team ends up passing to go a different direction that gave me fall. Fifteen spots to be in the eater someone else not levied in their they're really is a broad range what you get past the top and see there's a consensus on the top ten or twelve players. Regardless of position after that a lot of it is merely just. What the team wants what a team needs it. You know once he may think you guys worthy of the fifteen pick and negatives they're made up you know the team that Patel thirty. This thinks there guys there it's very emotional and in the speed you can have like what you said at the baker mayfield talking tonight. And where he's gonna go why he's number one. What is the biggest question you ask maybe he's got more moxie maybe John Dorsey figures that. If I'm Sam Arnold I don't have that kind of carried economic clout maybe he won't sell as many jerseys if there's so many things in factors a motion comes into a lot of. So can't Cleveland is this you were at led tap house for the NFL draft party will have the picks live next hour about an hour from now they'll begin maybe eight or ten minutes. Well actually now looks like it starts in about fifteen minutes though right at five celeb pix like so. I wanted to ask you beaches Josh Allen yeah is in the news Hoya I did that. So he had some racist tweets he he would he call witnesses in 20122013. He was. Sixteen and seventeen years old if somebody had them they sat on them they waited until freaking draft day strategy throughout there. And he would call his buddies the N word he said somebody asked him why he's so white he said. It is fitting white it ain't right but penis jokes do go let weaned jokes bottom line. We love wing joke and you here's the best refute the best street was. I LeBron that they don't we all as they audits is simple yeah I love that OK so. There's gonna ask you like that that is so mean. That's tough he's got on that and he did on that but he was so young you know. What is him Cleveland at the age of 14:15. And 16 am not saying India think racism is saying. Like think about what that must do because you've been there you down that day you said it's nerve racking. It's hard you think about money your your life's gonna change that could cost that kid millions of they'll. We'll not only will it and it thing is I think I wish I could say I mean I mean mistakes we all make mistakes stupid weren't high school. I said this today on the show there's an expectation level when I'm a franchise leading guy. I'm giving you the keys to my book god that's what I call franchise any doubt as a billion dollar industry. If not I need that guy to be mover that your I have maturity. Leadership and confidence or my things that I need that are extra on the outside of what I want my quarter wreck to be in the huddle all the walking a lot of fuel that guy. If there's any uncertainty. How many teenagers did you know how many young guys you know that maybe was mature kid still gonna make economists they were either young nobody's perfect the thing is is. Don't you think in today's here with some of these young kids. They have examples and they get it. Like some of the excuses that we use. Now at their age I think they do now yeah they get it now but even for five years ago that quite re right for how he was the media he was doing yeah yes it's it's. Could I have now you and I have kids that are somewhat similar cultural my oldest is thirteen inning in Jason here's your 129 mines eighteen. Mine very much understand yet what he puts on theirs forever is it and he knows that Abbott but you're right there is that kind of window of people that. Day if they were taken that way or it just wasn't there yet so I kind of feel bad for me in that way but I I just wonder what his teammates like what. You know like. That's some bad stuff up you know and I wonder in a league it's 75% black. Power his team needs and. Oh really the ball they're gonna ask. That's not cool man it's just that's going to be first person wolf when he gets in the huddle I've said this before. You're getting in the all the men this isn't college anymore. These are men and these guys are pros and professionals when your in the huddle and you're gonna try to come and lead the franchise. This isn't somebody they want it's immature Billy this isn't John Lehman so this isn't the type of guy that I want leading my franchise so I can't. I can't speak to what those guys that certainly he's gonna be asked that question the first thing comes in the locker. And there's not going to be any cameras right we're gonna have a private sessions steam room we're gonna figure this out man because that he got to fly you know. Seem to me he would have to earn his stripes more than any of these other cornerback now because well he's probably gonna take some months by your piece chicken pot there's probably going to be some. You know have ended did you bring some breakfast in the morning just thought that tells me that. You know at some of that eighty stuff is is obviously changed a lot from. You know you know back when we trade via you know and and thank god that it has some of that stuff is your barbaric while you can speak to that aren't the only the story hour and a. You know be bitten having our gauntlet being hit with a sack I mean it's ridiculous up what you got hit in the eye with a sack the coin guys write you know I have the outlets ideas in July and the other detached retina. Everything so yeah stop the guys did then and you know we're change you know I'm twenty years removed Italy it doesn't sound that long ago though but it really isn't how far we've all from practices. These social media I'll tell you right now I'll take you any advice you give your kids here in sports. Give them off social media till they're an adult don't let him have it don't let them make those mistakes be apparent to responsible that's relatives parents you did you not scrubbed his media you know look at it that you know with security agency after agency look at it. But in the end the kids young we're gonna make. Mistakes and here is it. Is a kid who says that it 1516. As he races I think that's the question I can't answer is no way I can answer that in a bit. Word from my Anderson was used to rapidly that's what he's quoting Graham is exploding rap lyrics the white is nice thing. If hitting lighting right aggregate that aren't you but it. I don't know when it I don't know what a monopoly on that yet but he did get a rare road a little bit by Adidas thrown out on draft day that's of it on exactly strategic by potentially rumors are who the other teams teams will do that another fielded a ball to him most definitely all the it's not jeans but it wouldn't doubt that there agencies and their smear campaigns to get guys to fall. That's that mounted on how it works and if you are those kind of reference to how the apologies he's lucky now like I say go. You know. The rookie always has to bring chickened out on Fridays noted you know whatever by the liquor you buy the leaker you're gonna you know you could bring the donuts don't recent stuff like that but I do think that today's NFL it's going to be easier for a guy like that it would locker room. That it was twenty years ago so this is this is obviously begin he's gonna have to answer for his teammates but it is they kind of reject their environments. Now that it was twenty years ago. And it's got to be fit for him to you hear that all the time fit for the cornerback picked for the guided. That's right for the frantic nine or you're out here dues and stuff yet it is there a truck up there is a we got outlive Chevrolet at the guys that I represent I've been waiting for. Four months. For my Chevy Silverado they need you at your own it did because they built it for tea and the candidates who built it from hand news. From you know on volunteer drafted fortieth over on now doesn't work evidence of an accident left out in the grill at the paperwork. So yeah that's an outward so I got to have a year Purdue and a big go reveal fort I've seen yet. All out front here to offer right now what gates polled well so I get to when are we gonna reveal. And we're gonna reveal write Africa off the year if you look at what you need you can eat another quick segment absolutely won't be on amateur for you want your thought our guys showed on disputed that and yet we know it's our ship and I'm going to thoughts on the quarterbacks okay because I've heard is because the there's a promo. Running jury has our Promos run during your show and you probably sick of the same promo running. During your show off right all the time because I'm sick of you're. Now that runs during our show yes that says you loves him don't there's one this year timeouts in girls mcsame don't have gotten out you Josh Rosen is his. All right and you two experts are gonna fight that out there who have likely quite frequently my arm wrestle with him because he's kick but again to you coming up yeah who would win in. Can we can harmless. On this within its hands are enormous as the real ass I was at ten and recorders. Measurement that what does that mean that's that's your hand as they did they measure that measure from the manager from the any sitting treaty years ago I was ten and the eleven of them. Eleventh some of the smallest you know perhaps mania got idiots then I think that the smallest into any office Monday that the guy did that really like your body you know was a problem free. As it is her in the Patrick gets it and it was like you know he got hurt got hurt I feel good player I feel that combines two different ways. That takes up that when you get black flag of the news with tiger and your neck. You've probably. You need your neck or find widger hands have been a problem as a profitable and probably it it would have been a case they were small I I had small hands but. I wanted to come by and opened like a third fourth round and came with him yet your hand it I'd do it again they he has little trump him executive. Small hands and I was like cabbage my buddies. Do you call me that your next to that short arms ultimately you know ultimately the bigger the right that's our vote the about a different nowadays and a basic all right yet connect will not accord Aaron humility goes you're new truck there is never got to look entering this. RA for seventeen camp clearly this here at the last kept house on the. Fans and grab the lead to up. I was on south east eleventh and served. Audio video content muscle left. Against him. Children to animated. All right Cameron ross'. Cleveland is selflessness but he's very famous big time. So at this point he just size it's struck out here yeah from the Alan let guys. And let me tell ism it's nice to grocery. Yeah speak your record out we're gonna arm wrestler at the end of the Ford Chevy battle will will commence yet consider that organized the beautiful truck that's got to be loyal to your brain oh this is crazy. Notion. You know what's happening right now what you do sketchy news gently yet. Your four gang guys Miller I drive rent direct knowledge hydrated not well battle Royale. Ballot now I'm out of underwear I hurt so I can't fight tonight. And I can't fight tonight or if there's a bike on right now I I'm I'm a little hurt so we are talking. The day out lady don't we didn't media fights all media like Expedia fights and you know you're the government seat you know like in the Portland market you know all the yeah in all wheel at a lot of have a lot of hidden things that this might pop out we'd others like my princess thing on the agreement that of course puzzle he each other. They recognize. It'll they're just brutal show on here it each and so on another oversized handle just you know hey if each. They can attack Tennessee and network there and I don't want to remind you aren't there going to be OK so quarterbacks. You're Arnold they think do you think Arnold goes wonders in the field. Did find I find it hard to believe that some of the stories and now Powell it's been released on baker mayfield. If the browns to make this decision and go ahead and and draft victory field they're drafting on emotion maybe they're drafting on the maybe they're drafting on some and they want that dynamic. That's something that they feel endorsing the rest of the earth because it's come out that he had been told you Jackson in so what the last few days you know two days ago that the big game that's. It occurs to me but a guy that's gone one in 33 Q1 is. I guess that will Wright got in they're saying he has loose lips yeah apparently don't like it he tells everyone well that's probably why it's rabbit right but he does think that once you make that decision it's so hard to keep that under wraps its. When does the hate you can't tell anyone of that person does they hey I've got that peak yet and before you know it gets yet but I think there's some real teeth that they. He was completely and that's why am Sam Arnold guy have been from the start I never deviated off the path with him. One of things he has Tony's say points. Because that little little hands him one of the things but I love his leadership his arm talent what he did in the Rose Bowl if you wanna take what he did last year that's that the there's some teeth and that's fair but his talent was in this that is offensive line that very injured group. And you could ask what what is wrong with Sam Garnet try to find the reasons that are wrong whats gonna quite. He's not patents can command the room when he walks in physically with all priest not demonstrative. He listened to win talks though that's probably my own only knock on him as he doesn't have that kind of ball security utter moxie. As you know at the turn over things like Oreo that kind of had a little not us then yeah. What is he gives it you rounds of big time quarterbacks in the NFL. You hear the the it factor did you find and keep you played with some some small pros yeah. It was there was third at a common denominator when when a guy I guess quote unquote had that that it factor. I think. It think it always comes down to and I say this over and over in sounds boring but it's how you command model with. Getting guys to bind to what you're doing I I can smell a rat at any time I feel like I've. I tell athletically I feel like with farm with a team meters something I know when you're selling me and when your fake. You can see that from quarterback even I had a small guy with Marc Bulger he was real with an uber talented but it when Kurt Warner got no huddle he knew was his bottle. OK when young when the break when I'm in the huddle with Tom Brady you know when it's time to show up even when he was in his younger years when I was with him. There was a feeling that everybody's with him. There's a camaraderie that he brings to it he's not the fastest we've we've all seen his pictures so yes the separation factor is that this guy I'm here this guy this while wanna the. Suppose that's the Cleveland thing supposedly that's me you know it's may feel that I could Wear it could be it. So Brady. Well now any of those guys is it is that any kind of guide learn that can use it to Arnold now quiet and don't learn that four is that a problem for. I think it could be a problem but that's not not the opposite can't grow into that we agree that maybe Marcus is not the greatest smoker series leader out in a model right but he can ring a little bit of something extra that has that there's some guys like Alex Smith and Michael looked out the beat me. Anywhere but he hasn't sounding even if you look at all those guys. They house. Talent it's what takes it to the next level we talk and all pro once named Arnold's to win the Super Bowl next year or will he be successful quarterback in this league yes that's about to be at all. Timer. In a invade another valid point to it that you know we hear all the time franchise quarterback. The demonstrate a franchise quarterback in the top five quarter absolutely you know Matthew Stafford you know has been very successful guy Phillip rivers. You know Matt Ryan Parent didn't have BP but. It's like we're always expected to find an ex threes Brady Roethlisberger. You know guys like that. What you equate success. Record in the sort of guys come around and a generation it in the it's it's it's it's amazing to be that those are the only expectations that are put on. Quarterbacks in the first round and an assist assist from Los past do you guys think there's any of those guys in this draft though. McDonnell has the best chance you'd think Rosen has that I wrote that in the article there to meet the cute that fit the mold I'd. I believe that it helped him to meet when you look at it out on the comparison here a little bit but when you look at camp camp the same mold the NFL tied it and let weird when you. Do what you what I'm developing a tight end that you talked about the size your hands. What I'm drafted a tight and that type that a successful in this week having certain metric to their profit there's guys that can't do a little bit bigger a little bit smaller. But you fit into a bowl which is why can't with the first hadn't taken off the port. Obviously was a talented player and he could X exceed codes that they receive bowl. Quarterback mole is very real thing not to Drew Brees has habits that's not the Russell Wilson has been successful when you look at history of this week they usually fit inside a prism. And the two guys to meet that fit inside that prism. To do it it's those two guys not that baker may fielder Josh Allen at the Mark Jackson can't. Which traditionally speaking if you're going to go all gone to meet those that you guys that look the part. Yes you make a good point what I really like about rose in what happened yesterday with his interview and how he threw not through guys under the bus but he said I'm victory to chip on the shoulder for guidance. Very fluent from whatever in Manhattan Beach yeah parents are Ivy League the guy that's that I've always been number two everyone's always said that I'm supposed to be better. Fine all prove it there is an edge to him keys the most by far in my opinion most polished quarterback. He looks. When. Take this with a green so beautiful pocket Megan's been delivery. President's vision all the six Sampson McGrath. How he does the speaker may feel displays of the different level he might have that it. But that's with Josh Rosen brings I think just frozen can't have that kind. But it doesn't like Josh Allen woody can be judged on I'm not just known I don't think that even if I have bad talent at Wyoming I watched embers of the ducks. I should still be able to ball in two to three yard window. The NFL windows sixty inches. You know the difference between a plane colleges like it's now the difference between plays it's it's lightning quick the change in the GAAP accuracy can't be taught that to get our talent. OK I arm talent is great and strength. But accuracy. Than sorry if you can't make Wendell throws even an average quarterback an average wide receivers that's a red light from. He has bad guys that you hear this people that studies film that you can watch low lights and again it's not fair because I'm not watching all 22 film on him. But you've seen enough people that said this and they show you examples of a bad guys there. But he just flat out at the collegiate level did not see things developing in front of him. And that is not a lack of talent around you any you have a hard time understanding what's going on the collegiate level. Wait you know you're you're too close you their weight she gets triggered on that you would get to the NFL because the Dickey said the windows it's so fast in the ability to process information and that is not some in this. Learned over a year or two you've heard this before and I know you have an injury occurred before you know he can watch a guy when the game slows down the audience. Became still looks quickly him. You shouldn't be a top five pick in this league when the game looks quickly. If that makes sense he's got to be able to process faster than anybody you watched that that it leads. The game who looks like airplane in slow motion you can see everything right now it feels even L rookies will be quick in with him processing know throws short girls. Those types of things you know when you know as we're. Those things that when I tried to make that transition to meet the hardest thing was and I said this that when like I'll call it out protections as a senator. Even when I guess right I was still wrong because that the moment of hesitation run like I I think this is what I'm supposed to do. And I'm leaning that way even that moment of hesitation where I'm guessing even if you're guessing correct you're still wrong. It's it's that quick in and it's it's a decisive things you can't just sit there it's at think this is what I'm gonna do. You have to know you have to execute it was zero hesitation if you don't you get beat because the damn athletes that are there at the next level their heat seeking missiles. 1% of 1% 1%. From a neat and you were one of them. I mean yeah very lucky to be part of the united at a time in the cool brother congrats. Grass field let's play golf yet event honoring the article and compare total let's play golf numbering catch that either parent thing that's funny attractive thing thanks Alan Levin everything that you and be part of our station. What they've done with Mimi and we're shipping guys in your for your judgment. Still like it I can be bought in the. It's a can't clear it up so listen do that dusty camp in the morning I have a big NFL draft break down tomorrow let him go enjoy yourself it is 432 coming up next here let tap house. Bill Cosby's going down Aaliyah in the news is next here's my company's. Eleven the German news brought you by the Ellen well model's family my uncle or audio video. And Michael led gentiles primetime retires again soon. Maybe. But sitting in it's been very effective. Right yes we've had Jonathan Smith of Oregon State coach their spring game Saturday. The race and large handed him completely to stop by for some NFL draft not. We are we've got her eyes on the NFL draft looks like only about 21. Mean it's 41 seconds until they start eager to do in the first round parade right now where they're bringing out a lot of guys that thicker gonna go in the first round there introduce them to the crowd and it's the norms of their respective I don't know how many exe inside the building but they said they're expecting between 275. Punitive. Thousand people to roll into this thing Cowboys Stadium it's crazy we talked a lot about the quarterbacks. A world we gonna do a quick in the news here and then next segment I wanna talk to you about some other guys. That our quarterbacks that are impact players. Near the top of the era it's funny because the six quarterbacks could go on the first round that's really all it's been so far in the draft lead up it's been quarterback Todd still do that next of course not but five and twenty minutes all the bad news day. Not just NFL draft and will carry the picks live as they happen when they begin right here on am right now. It is April 26. 2080 Debra do you think. And and here is the deal here's the big deal today. Bill Cosby. Guilty going down. I was on the that the gym this morning and that was Wachovia took them little and one night when I found them and their with you know that's. Kind of answered his stuff so I didn't I didn't see that would be what happened what is so it this is just one allegation. It was just one victim yes. And it's the recount city is depicted on all of the real tree lined a maximum of ten years in prison if these guys eight years old so he's gonna die and prince and they're gonna throw them don't you think they'll put an accident because even though just one you see everybody knows they're more used to this is it. Forget he's being direct he's eight he's eighty and at this is my prediction by the way I don't think he does that day jail. I think he I think you guys it would surprise me like. That defiant look on his face and yell that the prosecutors say sick of this. Obviously really upset but he did get he did get released on unveil. So he's freed 6060 to ninety days it would shock me. If either dies because sometimes this just happens to think that Joseph Paterno thing or does it yens it. If he just says this is that how I'm going out I'm not pity my final five to ten years in prison it would shock if Bill Cosby just doesn't so then he needs he needs to call Conrad Murray. The Bosnian prison he's out now. A noisy yeah guys out he freaking kill Michael Jackson did our own seed like a year and a half like that. Go to prison for very long bill go to prison for a long long time you'll either die in prison or you know. And so does the will to live with your that'll that it is it just leads it would not shock me if if he either kill himself or had a heart attack or or something here over the next couple months before it goes it. I also think he's gone insane did you see what's happened in the in the case in the courtroom. So the first thing had happened was that judge in his case. And again this is a retrial members of the first trial with a hung jury yet they look this is no this is a retrial. And he gets convicted it came down today. Guilty but earlier Dick as they were you know presenting for the jury. These six alternate jurors. Were able to get an hour with the court house comforts. Dawn. Did you read if you read and I didn't know so what's that thing is the comfort gone they keep the alternate jurors away from the actual picture yeah you know that yet so the six that are the alternates. Got time with the comfort. Dog from the courthouse and they sent him back to their hotel. So the judges Steven O'Neill. And he said Thursday he plans to meet with the alternates to let them know they're still important after O'Neill mentioned that dog. Cosby's stood out that the defense table and made it comical barking like motion with this now. Nights he's crazy yeah he's gone insane and he's still defiant. Which leads me to believe this dude is off his rocker look he has convinced himself that he never did any of this done it. You tell yourself alive for forty years you could start to believe that I I did see to it that when they they were that this DA with asking for is bail to be revoked. Say that caused get a plane started to yell that scream and that he doesn't have a plane collar people ate holes acute loss that it court today when he was found guilty. And again the big ego on this guy and for forty years he has gotten away with this. And to see him brought to justice justice now. I promise you. And at no point during the last four decades that Bill Cosby everything that this was gonna catch up with them. And that's why I said to be it would it would spread it one bit the bullet over the next what to do before he gets up going to the sense did you see. Editing it happened in the trial. Maybe not. About his attorney. Fell asleep for thirty minutes loop. While it judge was talking I did not see that yes at the jury's deliberating the case at zillion hours they that they were out doing their deliberations. And look. Operations jurors asked to have part of Cosby's testimony read back down to is the judge was reading the testimony Cosby's lawyer whose name is Tom as a row. Ellis leak. Of course they didn't need him for that thirty minutes. It was like you know and to maximize my time here take a quick so quick little siesta let's face that your your client is facing thirty years of prison that spoke god that you fell asleep he was out for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes instantly. Most of them get glasses don't. Various that you follows the with a that you know you shouldn't be flawlessly and I have a hard time getting an idea yet because I had to self conscious of that. Yet it's gotten it before leaving on planes like you know what your heads bobbing got you. Now I have a hard time that because I know that looks so funny now in the so silly that it I wake up at Metallica today people watching its path out of it here. Well I've for 1 am happy that Bill Cosby is fighting to get what's comfortable where the heat dies before it goes to prison. Or he brought that prison for the rest of his life bill could've happened to a better guy. Or worse guy that's kind of my point. Maybe 'cause he slipped the attorneys. How much do you see though that finally the Cosby Show has been pulled off of every network you. Something good still running it they were quiet they still running that show we're still right but does it changes everything I'd now like when you watch it like I haven't seen it but I would imagine he's gonna watch the Cosby Show knowing what you know now up they'll caused me. You're like you can't watch it like. That up until I think it was like I wanna say they'd like last. Past Tuesday here's something I think there were still there were still. Major companies that were carried this thing but I guess this that it while they're ready for the verdict and now that the verdict is out. They they they said that there will be no more like a Bill Clinton 99 million homes still were able to get because we should spoke with and billboard all right. Well there are two other things for in the news I'll get to them very quickly one. Three point eight earthquake 77 miles west whose fate today so but no damage but reiterating we're all gonna die. And the second is I teased us yesterday. Fleetwood Mac's coming tend to be seated. Did they booted Lindsay but yeah so this is their first time touring without plenty but in. And since the nineteen is that they're there to come at a Portland announce a north American tour and they're gonna be at. Motors' Saturn November 19 I loved watching we were back in his note that everyone hates each other they're all on their because there's a boatload of money today in order to be made. All right for 46 that is in the it is an abbreviated version today coming up next. Let's take a listen to ethics it's not about some the other guys non quarterbacks that are impact players in this draft. We are only about fifteen minutes of the draft getting underway as matter of fact it looks like they have via National Anthem for the draft now. Who appears to be what's happened had the big get a color guard is now about not being dude you can't really who the military. So that's next on the San. I just tell us on Sundays dilemma the German news brought you by the element model Chambliss might encore audio video. And by the last chapter house primetime retires against him. On the whole movie NFL draft. Tim maybe those are. FaceBook that they went out and NFL draft only about ten minutes away we'll have the knicks live here. Don't turn the channel. Pulled a knob off your radio with the nor does not anymore route. With the elbow Bulgari in the threat of odd about this yesterday the knob put tape over. The preset yeah statement that a state cannot detect. Still. What the picks it is Cleveland one giants to jets three Cleveland Ford Broncos five colts six. And noble will progress with that as long as. Well probably to the universe show and then and then altered over ESP ray who have wall to wall coverage so if you want the NFL draft this is this is the place to be. So we've talked a lot about the quarterbacks but I wanna I. And you you get into this stuff. I want pick your brain on some of these other. Impact players obviously sick on Barkley is just mean and by all accounts the guys is it. BP's got people want you know people wanna say that he's the best player in the strapped period and that he is a modern day running back at three down running back a bit. If he gets you 2530 carries a game he's very good in the past. And in the pass game you can move about to a slot. And here's an underrated aspect and and is this is a rookie you can keep on the field on third down because he's very good pass protection. Underrated part of running backs gave this if you can't protect you can't be on the field on third down. So if art is a third down NFL even third short anything more than 31 isn't passing down if you can't protect if you're not Smart enough for Scotland. Enough to be NFL pass protection were not going to be a three down back and Barkley certainly is that part. The other one is quit Nelson is the guard from Notre Dame. They people talk about him as Steve Hutchinson is the name B gets brought up and in Seattle fans remember. And the the artsy with Minnesota for Steve notched an NFL career and and win. Shaun Alexander was witty and BP's. And Seattle was going to the Super Bowl it was because Walter Jones on the left side of Steve Hutchinson. And this notion factor read article today on 538. About you know blind side you know that era that's over. This idea that you have to have a left tackle now. That there's more more people that are saying that that it's it's no longer just about finding that blind side protector. One there's just not many of them you know they only be one Busby to Buffett's tackles hate him in the first round. That we don't talk about quarterback position. Is a position that is being ruined by college football because there's no guys that are are ready to go front you're saying the NFL wants them yet I want to buy. They're just not there out there a double blind typing is out there revolt in vetoed it. And you're now finding you know you know wasted. To basically. Exist without immediately left tackle that this notion that you have to have a Joseph Thomas that you paid fourteen million dollars a year. That those days are currently and I think it's it's Tuesday that the best office live from the board it will go. Far beyond anyone else as far as where they go is big guard but they do you quit Nelson some people had the best player in this draft and if you want. Maybe the best can't miss prospect I don't think it's mark I think it's quit Nelson Denver. Have hurt in any depends you know Deborah five there again is a quarterback play and that number five this is gonna be available for sale. And also maybe it got there that take it a bit of a tumble if there's Rodham quarterbacks whether amber takes one or whether Deborah cells number five. Maybe the Buffalo Bills that you think you can grab quick Nelson a couple spots back to other first round guys. Is the corner from Ohio State Denzel ward yeah and and people have been in the same category as Lattimore who has a teammate Odyssey had a huge impact that the world is. All of you with what you watch him play and again. Having seen him play maybe eight to ten times that Ohio State. Up early in Erie had some struggles. But really kind of came on late year and so it seems to be the consensus is maybe not quite the players a lot of gore is. But in that mold and had a rare guy that probably start day one but I don't know if that is. The franchise guy. That maybe some people are tried to bill about to be and they're going James. Safety from Florida State more athletic can't chancellor is is the one oh. That that that people Hussein and what you watch him when you watched Florida say play. He jumps off at the page making it's it's scary. He is you know 6162. To order twenty pounds. Rare athlete mark Barrett asked him play some linebacker you wanted to nickel situations. Can play a little bit in the slot really really tell the players I think during games and Mika that Patrick. I think you're talking about two franchise dies in the secondary that you're drafted you put in think jailer Ramsey think Lattimore guys that. Tyrant that I think if it's Patrick is any. Better version of Tyrod Matthew a bigger version of Tyrod I expect a lot of trades. I think there's gonna be time at the top I think there's going to be on I think there's a problem quarterbacks I think five go in the first fifteen picks. And I think three of those probably come from trades out I think a giant robot to cleave let it towards orbit with Denver's open to a I think India six I think every one of those teams that pick is for sale. For the right price for someone to move up connected to go beer run on quarterbacks that it's gonna be a very active first round and people are texting in that. They years of their vehicles and if they have now. We're we're going to latest 2013 with not really yet because I have a knob in mind your own but I job. I'm and I'm all of the you know your your limit on gangs now on though with the truck. That's an 0808. Yen so I've been out this guy's got a 2013 he's got enough. We'll still not gotten jobs a total well up here at this point but apparently you don't so don't have CD players. Got a mustang that did not have the CD player really yeah I kept look at. You know I thought of those is it didn't have one now life has a Lexus out tape player. But still yes what years yes. Seventh 20078. Deck and kept my mom's Cadillac yes that much but it's like you know to. All right we gotta run we're gonna get a hot 55 in next and then the NFL draft lives.