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Wednesday, April 25th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod and it's now specialist rob them but it. Doing the right things since 1952. He's making. Games for children. But you know up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. He's smarter full disclosure morning. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolving your rental cabins. Yeah and once cozy room where I'm gonna lose most of your motor skills and we also gonna lose a significant amount of great functionalities 72 hours forty. Starting. I got okay. Yeah yeah. I would read this delegates and many the I look neck. Let your hair down. Is gonna say they didn't imaging. Insensitive jerk. Let it dart. That I could do. Teed up your pants. We're insurance. He can do is like with the first thing you'd make you go home do you change clothes. Yes that that is the very first thing I do upon entering my house you. Italy go into basketball shorts and it in how sure you it's the sweetest thing because like today I'm just learn from wearing shorts and a teacher. But I will go home and put on different. Shorts in in NT checkers. As soon as I walked in the house it's it's because we all have those clothes that we probably shouldn't be wearing down yet the pursued him comfortable. The only word. Is shooters where you're insurance you write shorts and don't get closer but you'll go home and immediately and this isn't gonna work for a lay in around load the laying around I need. You need more space to them like. My dad and get these strong yen assessment church than anywhere yet. Thank you Wear them. Every damn we swept short together sweat shorts get appeared Nike sweats I don't know that they Nike known. There they're bros are like. Her release or something because I've got appear in ninety switch words that I hate to. It fits him very much like to lounges and I'm gonna go ahead and throw out something you probably don't need to now I'm ready know Wendy's and free bonus Imus that's not so. Where I was like yeah I'm I'm guessing that you like the the fleas that places optical that's right now. And then there's usually there's like you have rotation in two or three shirts now it's chilly there's this lecture. But. He announced we all have we all have the in house clothes they don't venture out much unless maybe you're like. Throw in the kids on his under the through whatever that's my punches were quick to throw the punch your kids to school. Let's a lot of old T shirts that have an awful amount but the super comfy and all this stuff those are my counter push them as wondered if I was. If I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. He's like January is a big no matter how casual it is it's not casual enough. Relayed around the house or let's be honest and a nice day there's not assured that went on it again Nike does zone really he's right. They've kind of gathered there heard their hurts. Yep this sure is an underrated. That's an underrated piece of clothing. If you get finding good care gap it's really worth its weight and build but again this is my larger issue that I have going on we shorts right now. Is everyone is making not only shorter shorts but they're making the this wind feature works. They are that's the whole thing now it's a little weird for guys she'd like yes yeah because some Yasser early you were talking about the LeBron suits yet. And they have those like he had the high water. Yeah they're like serial murders super Iowa they're high water into really tiny yeah and they ask this question he said what looks worse. Because that's the fashion editing site. Form fitting into yet. Well looks worse map. With a high high waters. But I poor. Super banking. In I would argue that baggy looks worse like when you see now like some of the stuff we used to wearing baggy dad jeans yeah. It that is made fans look you you're better off in the if you it EB just talking duty just how you look. You're better off squeezing into a pair of skinny cheats then roll it out if spanky dead team. Had the baggy suit is one to you big guy that's where in the city to think it'll it is too big on kid that's tough for the dress shirt it's like around the waist and it's he's going to spear acre of fabric. Yeah I'm with you on that one that's tough but this slim fit movement thing. It's really did bite me in the bud it's not because there's nothing about me this says slim fit. And I saw this there was an article today in. Was it was making the rounds on social media icy side on CNN and MS and both at the same article. And it was they were it was a gal and she went into it HM I believe it is who's winning the story she's sighs well. And she tried on a size twelve dress and couldn't get it on. She had to Wear a size eighteen. Was the biggest they had and that didn't fit. And so. Apparently and she's a size twelve and in agent and she's a size twenty. In their dress on. And so she took to social media and agent M basically had to be like yes our or sizes sometimes can be a little. Can be a little difficult to now turn in this whole body shame in being where women are like yeah be kidding me like you're making size twelve still like their you know these giant women entered the. Sized when he there's a little bit of that too we're like now more than ever Mike Hsu you're doubly so thanks a guarantee right yes. Like half of the double XL stuff is no longer double XL. Like guys who have this do like I I do mostly shopping online and it's getting harder and harder because I can't trust rises even amongst brains. Like you're like OK so I like this brand assure you can't trust size it's like weeds. We're country of fat people. Enlarge individuals and yet somehow the sides are getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller it's very frustrating yeah then I would I would say it is. Slim it is not for you know and it's never gonna be three up or me. Or hype but. I would say did if you looked at the evolution of your. Wardrobe you. You're stuff. Has gotten slimmer absolutely right yeah because they just as it's so it's mine has too yes I think everybody has Nike it's it's just more form fitting now. In that doesn't necessarily mean slim fit even fat he's like us. Are out there kind of tighten in our our stuff up that I just find it interesting that you I get that not all sides are going to be universal. There's some place like that that Levy stressed I sympathize with the right Gabriel like you go girl. They get the size twelve your gal you should not have to put on a size twenty. I get it some some savior a large there's going to be some fluctuation. But you should not put our origin have a feel like a small that doesn't need to make any sense business lies like went with even do that it if you if the woman knows she's at homer guy knows season. Size 35 yeah plays. Why why have a store. That is sell off kilter from how everybody else does he continue to skinny confuse your customers can't it's right it's like I go in there if I'm a 35 which I'm not that. But if I go in there and pull a 35 because on the 35 and I have to. Marijuana of forty yeah. That that is any sense to me because everywhere else I shop I know what you know I know my wayside and it's it's getting it's getting harder and harder I used it like Nike it was perfect they get here talking work out loans closed a double as a Nike Pitney. Every single time. And more and more abide Nikki Biden Nike stuff online and it's not a double XL manipulate their turn their back to what they do they're going to dieters are under armor and that's ridiculous what are they doing that they're they're. Purposely. Sure I mean in tightening everything. Well I get that but just call it the size that it did I don't understand the idea of change Jeanne. This sizes I don't know and makes no sense it's. It's very very weird to me but I've got I've got ninety dry fit like amongst the advertisers that are excels. Did sit dead that I had had for years that fit better then double XL Nike shirts that I bought within the last two months. Have you ever had a where you've got the double XL not from a big brand but just like. A random places selling shirts you put it on its like he paid double Axel says were kind of attend to pick it and you're like wait a heads the other way. I'm used this so big we get to double axle and by yesterday. He is so short that my belly hangs out. Yeah that's we'd like this guy says bit BI just lost a lot of weight but I can't buy new clothes look is really bad. Yes it really is yeah Nike got to be. Nowadays it's not everything is there going to be tight all the years. You know it's if you're just not. And the length of shirts are definitely shored. Gas and that's another what if you're tall individual it's hardly keys to making your certificates that you raise your arms you were like a baby catcher. The delicate little crop top on the pillow Billy sure. It's it's really hard and then but I feel like I'm like I'm not like to simply big fat guy that I eight. Like shirts and stuff like here at lake system with a view. But some of that stuff no matter how big the biggest thing what makes his double XL so there's like half the stuff out there are now because of the fifth I can't we hear no matter what. No matter how skinny I got there and never were. It's a broad shoulders and we both have really really really wide shoulders Jason and all of a sudden it just makes the search topic and the struggle Israel if Israel. If you go to like a big and tall shop. That's really get the square half acres and they came together as best she recently to get Gregg got a hole in the middle of it you think this went on. Dear caves still fit. The punch and just fit. But podshow always hits now that needs to come back and when it does I'm ready for. It's just another article today that the wind was lamenting the size thing and I think you if you only want guys do. Although. All right let's get back on track here yeah let's. It is official it is being confirmed your anus and smells like Faris isn't. That's next on the stand to an eighty of them can. Okay well. Alice to be edgy renowned for a moment. At least for a moment rank or. Here's it was amazing he did again. That's fantastic that in Arnold. Think it's an end. Flat. He's in my Luskin listen deferred senators. Think it's. These past security now. Do you do you don't need to do this dropped acid and listen to USU unbelievably unbelievably unbelievably unbelievable. Broke broke not a blow to dip route figured out how to do this. No it's not now with great really with great power comes great responsibility drop. Okay. Theories serious knowing Mike's not. That it. You were looking for them when they. Very serious science but this is new science. And they have directly observe gay molecules deep in the the planet's you Arenas is atmosphere. It confirms. It stands now. Their four Jason. Your rain news. Smells like Faris. The soul is as some sort of sold for chemical that they found. It is. Hydrogen sulphide. And it's important for more reasons than just determining the planet's sent her. I think they need to serve in the planet's cent since no one can go to your read this because maybe you can go to your Arenas. These have to be careful we'll maybe some days. And some day you'll get to go to curious some day I will get to go tearing solemn day. It's the looney could be a long long time from now but let's not close the door on your Arenas someday. I will get to smell year Arenas with my own nostrils wow. That like a bucket list sort of thing on your deathbed. It adds another piece of information about the planet and how they formed the planet's and other forms says a study author Patrick Kerr went from the university of boxer. Your Arenas and Neptune formed any colder parts of these solar nebula. Yes as your solar nebula solar nebula loans little funky right now the yearly outside the early stage of our solar system when it. Was just our son. It was very young and lots of dust. And that was so way before Jupiter and Saturn. I scientists have long assumed that cloud. Tops near the shiny green planet's surface contain hydrogen sulphide in ammonia but that hypothesis is been based on. Inference of rather than direct observations. Sent us scientists figured these molecules. Where they're based on an unexplained absence of certain wavelengths of light beyond Los teams go at them. Basically we just say they figured out that it smells like hearts. It's like guessing something's identity based on a warped version of the shadow cast not really looking and it. The team peer deep in TE Arenas is atmosphere and I appeared keeping hearing this from work. And a deal what I've found it's not good. And a caiso. Add in below the part we might college surface of the service of your Arenas is opposed to deep. In the year deep period is using meet Jim and nine north's near. I Kean is neither would announce these were it was their proven vote. They report. That probably saved directly detected a molecule and around point forward at point eight parts per million as I sit. Thank you right to kids who what are you saying that you Arenas and smells like fart it's. They send dingle berries are in your Arenas in a fairly mistakes we've made the joke let's move on don't go there cannot under any circumstances. Bruce hearings by the way. It's at the end with the but I don't cement like we're in the so we're we're well on the line implants is and it. This lone blue zones and you know Pluto you can't count losing to last one of the second the last moment not genuinely get a second to last president. That's when I'm asking long I don't remember. About its deadly accident scenes which is one of the last three when a team's stupid plan to. More of our more of a Mercury in myself pop pointed to it known that tunis those pockets of Pluto is the furthest out inept in and you Arenas. Theories in the middle. Knots third third for me and I Saturn Jupiter and Mars. Earth Venus and Mercury. And guess that you Arenas was there I would tell you we were a little closer to your Arenas. But apparently were not in a Jupiter's really big. Do you change your game but do we really you know maybe Arenas is wont close anything. Now it seems pretty far away here. Particularly if it when you look at it I don't know how skilled this is but it's it's. You about how far it is to Mars right. And he we'd be known you know we've said the you know the rumors out there and supposedly that's the lake will one day get to Mars. And you look at the distance from earth to Mars and then you look at the the distance on this from earth to your Arenas scored in Neptune. Online yeah it. I say so just ideas Spacey in general and your radius it's it's mind blowing like you said hopefully one day will be able to use you tearing us. In person. With our nostrils we hope. Okay. What's this cargo plane story you had yet so aggressively this if you ever had and were you reading your like all this is going to be awesome and then make it kind of takes the yeah daddy using Wednesday hearing a story like theory it is to break. So I rate that air about us on their new big jets I'm assuming he's a right they're 747 it's they gave the Airbus A 330s. And these are gonna be the ones that'll be like trans con man so you'll fly to Australia the big long flights and if anyone's ever taken a flight like that. It sucks that we flew to Taiwan is like seventeen hours sucks to be on an airplane. That long so there they're looking for ways to make this more comfortable. And I read that Abbas was going to allow you to go into the cargo hold and you can sleep. And I don't know why but it raised I have like his vision in my mind it just like cruising down there in ninety accountants and it's. Like he just cruised down there they came on a ten hour twelve hour flight I can take a little nap of like how awesome is that. But then I saw the artist renderings of it it's of the tells me these are going to be very very very expensive. Because the artists' renditions are actually pretty nice like Google. Just to. Airbus fleet cargo. So there's say that's these will be able to be removable if you do need to add cargo to these things it's not affect the loading and unloading of the luggage. But think like on the back like this tour buses we see that the little individual bad part. It's yeah they've got physical yeah you're gonna be going down there you can just you can take naps is no one thought of this that's freaky genius in my head that's what I said. It's like who wants to suit their seat give me the choice public doesn't sleep every single time down the we do about turbulence or whatever. If it's only cruising if you have to come back up but I guess this is not gonna be like a permanent thing when you buy your seeped out there. You're going to be able to go up and down from UC to the state department's. But what I saw how nice they were it kind of made me wonder if this is gonna be like first class and it's. They came I take it is you know you're you're buying a ticket to overseas like our tickets did we went to Bali through Taiwan there like a thousand bucks apiece. And my you have to pay 2000 dollars to go underneath in my. In the first class tickets and X song oh gosh why is it's a brutal. It's unbelievable and they're not different some the first classes aren't that night sees I used but is it because there is it because. They know business travelers will display it for. That is gouge in the nine cares companies generally different probably for the guys got enough money where it it doesn't matter who it. Some of the flights when you walk BC first class and you see the difference in ticket. Like the I would pay for that the than other times again on these they trends. Flights we are going on diseases some of those first class par it's. He. With the amenities how nice there yeah I get super jealous lock in through there on the way back tonight. It cramps thirty seat and now and you receive a person that looks like he should be in first class nearly picked it yet. Do we knew and I think you know. It's terrible but I think that they are transponders. Like gauges late night I can give no one if you don't look the part yeah I will give you no credit for being able to afford that seed. I look at you they go yeah you looked at some. Yeah he sent. Again when when your final longest horrible thing to thinking and I do need it. Prosecute you know like of some those long flights that first I think it's like 34 regular it's it's real. You sit there and here's what is this. On the lottery like I wanna go under and sleep in that that court ruled so that's my question like you're you're taking a flight back to New York. Were you going to do you're going to put it yeah so how is definitely. Amir you're probably into that thing for thirteen fourteen count town be stopped then I mean I think. They keep trying to fly from Atlanta to somewhere and in that one is maybe eight or nine hours. How much would you pay to be able to go down there and sleep. Who. You know they didn't say anywhere in this article one the price would be. Which means to me it's gonna be expensive as hell and these are coming by 20/20 just a few years where thick piece several hundred dollars yeah. Arnold and I would I woody go. But like this is kind of leverage on its first class prices to me are just not. I'm sorry I'm not paying. It's not gonna happen yeah. So they charged me 90000 that's not the I'll be fine it's only eight or nine hours bloody feud but he said he get to the you get to the 300 is every once in awhile. First class will open up again for some reason and there will be out first class seats that aren't that much money. And that always scares me economically what's wrong with these seats. Did you read is suspected of or to put the bat it's just a bad first class is not really cool for class. Tonight in announcing yet and wonder if maybe I'll do that because it's only like. And notes 200 bucks more whatever age you may consider. But. No more than you know two or 300 bucks it's not that long inning it is the it is I can him. I have eyes long flight and the long flight and over and I'm I'm just saying I can handle it behind you allow better handler that he relayed down. You'd be you'd be nice but that's a lot of down. And I'm guessing that you accuses civilian have monitors down there is this like a free throw down there in the cargo hold to meet the you know. Meet the lady next young year we've exceeded the good of the guard. Mile high close to be rich for a lot more people and the kid that bad when gestures. They played a whole mile nightclub thing assistant. And that is so damn who wants to go in there and do it I think that the whole point is like back in the airplane like blanket. Oh really I thought it was like bathroom I additional weight Willits with hope god. I can't fit in the bathroom by mice that you claims he can make people work diligently do just that I saw that where I. They seem to people one actually the mile high club than the other one like. Have to see Rick you know what I mean. English mean that's that's what I was getting at like you're talking about full on. Relations that the gal was sitting on his lap on one with the Lincoln over. And then the other one that was you laid down for a net so few signed now sitting on the guy's lap. On a plane gets with a blanket over them yes. I mean. 100%. Of the time they're doing it what did the two guys at new industry but he stopped us. What did what he'd do middle of the night what was going from Florida to Portland middle. The middle of the night knows one of those planes were everybody's asleep every once sleep those herself does like to victory in the morning mark and I happen Dickey got a wake up and I was city maybe two rooms. And kind of looked back right to go to the bathroom and then. It was like I thought that they were like play and pin the tail on the donkey urine it was pretty obvious what they were doing OK but that's a I don't know I didn't picture that I pictured just you know the flights that raw. Now mid day flight to Vegas like keep him. And no no you can't it's out of doing and I guess ego in the business got to be that and then the other one that I had was going to spin. And. Yeah did. Let Blake it was over her obviously not over him she was just. Laid down. And I teach you to demonstrate it at least it. But ABC was trying to tie the issue I don't know she's looking for some on the floor is lucky for something on the floor. Barack. Apparently was it. She was looking for something on the floor and then there was another blanket that was involved and again there was a lot of movement. Does she was really looking for whatever was that she was trying to find a great moment. And that was the same thing middle of the night on and I'm okay. But I have always done in his late in the bathrooms. Does rose ass airplanes tiny airplane that is like would you even want. OK let's say this. And I have to find the right. Person but. It's like because it CDs Crockett people who. What exactly circus people maybe that comes just. A small people. Would like to roll offs. They're little people let's please not call the circus people didn't really have to beat them and flexible and the circus people who. Mind on the little acrobat and the like to apologize to the raw logs I personally that was seen. Second. Let's say okay Cindy Crawford comes at you you know on a plane and says it equally. Rejected overtures to meet meet yes I could meet me in the bathroom and we're dealing. You're doing that right you're doing that I do I tell McPherson you do when it. I honestly think it would that is kind of the heart of it when he fiscal problems you can you do good you could it would be very this is my point it's like really uncomfortable. You could both in their but it would be very strange and awkward look you you're telling me the you've gone into the bathrooms have not had the thought how would this work. Yeah on the junior had pictured winner of the two view would be. I didn't have my thing is I don't think it's possible when I go to the bathroom I have to leave my head. On the deceived you and your likes to likes to liberalize myself you could. You could fit now. Let's say so Elle McPherson you're probably gonna just you do need your gonna do well you can attempt because it's your only chance yeah. You know what if it's like. It is keyed up to get you back here. You have to lower your standards go even lower than that whole wave a bit lower the map lower than past. It appears sand is just like tier I really can't think of anyone known on average. Hello I'm trying to find nearly Schumer. He needs. Amy Schumer says commuter vaguely. Again two. Because I don't that I'm gonna get arrested. V I'm gonna pull sub theme at this level there's nothing sexy than irritable anything because there's no room to move. There's nothing sexy about an airplane bathroom I know that's what I'm saying. So where is the line EB Schumacher's mind. It's a pretty blue line so you're saying there's a lot of women he would do it to you to set that did because it's your only chance to you know. Do with them that I'm not I'm not I honestly don't believe that it would be physically possible I do not think that I could accomplish the maybe you could attempt the act but you actually. It conform now that I don't believe so. I guess and I had to be and that was before like we're maybe you've got to release Dominic Jews that lol. Is an ordeal unto itself and again that's just need to be near after another person. You have to be a really really small celebrities like Natalie port. Eighty. Like kidnapped and the larger woman. And a little Kathy Griffin. Maybe that ethnic. So tell you jokes made and maybe that's what's gonna happen. Thought and then died I don't think that that's I don't think you'd be able to release me I don't they don't perform I would like to nominate that is either our best. Or worst segment of the week the take you to here's Mike. So not. Ireland and England contained. In this segment. But it argue about the China rating system you know look at. That but it was the end. And since pacers via are tied at 95. With 33 seconds. Clears UC. There's some sort of the replay going on right now about there's a controversy. When they're looking at. Indiana got the ball. All right so Indiana ball tie game. 1413. To the nightly Nightline. And there's eight seconds on the clock political debate. So why you need the Maroney lock he's slotted him and at three seconds left cavs got through them. He is he's getting additional launches but how much it was live three seconds. He is amazing. Did this is like what his fifteenth year in the league something like that you do. There's never been anything like it like I gifted Jordan is to go he's got six that. This from from a standpoint of who was able Jordan's best. You know being a scorer in. It was better than the bronze for it all around game I've just never seen anything like that guy in his ability to affect the level than. Castilla is probably defer to Jordan bit. To disappoint his period is still be the athlete to be that he has to be able to affect games like that it's it's just them. So what's with the Chinese don't want the Chinese we don't really have time to get a but I do you wanna talk about it he tees it may we get through tomorrow so there was sort of given much like mere known. Okay Don Netflix that's on the networks and he's given world and it's like commissioner here it's like the Twilight Zone. There each episode is independent of each other quite do you view what's like your. I've heard about it sounds really really creepy and unsettling. It's it's pretty some of them are good some of them are hurt or not my scared that's to be part there and our wrong. And if you don't like that when you just move on from it but there's some pretty famous people when it. Joining hands and one that's really good the first episode involves a politician and a pink in you should watch here watch this series watch episode one. Holy hell it's faster but there's well above where the gal from Jurassic Park. If you were named as the red head it's in the new Jurassic Park. She's on there and it's it'd futuristic society a lot of the stuff is very scifi asks hello. LeBron did hit a tree my lord I told you so he got the block came over India had the ball would let seven seconds drove the lane LeBron block did. They got a call time out in the and he hit the game winner and onto them I was enlisting tube well because ideally are doing a radio show Diana. Why don't I wanna watch to see anyway William W Bruni I'll bow and he's in full LeBron right now. He's he's about to send a tweet congratulating yourself. It's gonna go get in the utilities has chosen what he's on the skewers. Of public confidence just. We're the fourth seed and we can barely beat the funds he could certainly a in truth these may be able to draw on his way to the finals but they're gonna get rolled by Gomes then he's been. Inbounds play. The ability on its big time and it's and it's a deep three. Right at. It's miles and. There's the tell you that's that's a big boy shot. Thanks. In all you want. The long creek and LeBron James now yes to joining us watching TV. The Stanley does the unit that's every bit as he let this segment you just erupted I was trying to do the black weird thing I don't hear a thing. Who would have grown. Hairston looks like hell of his so it's becoming. The whole premise of the deficit like Mir is that everywhere you go people ranking. Like think like Lugar ranking but his sister's cell phone and I pointed at you. And I give you were ranked based on every interaction we have all day. And if if if you are my server irate Q do you rate to beat you and it's like it and what I'd wait iPhone U I can see your ranking it's a real time things done and based on what you're ranking is you can or can't do things in society. Severe rating falls below a certain point you can't you can't fly on an airplane you can't live insert department. And it's it's and so that has the episode goes on it's about the thing religious freaks out there's people that live. That have chosen to not participated this and they're like on the outskirts just a society they have to live a certain way because they refuse to play along with him. Well I don't know but I guess like the last year and a half China is doing news. There is an. The Chinese Government is giving every one of their citizens basically social ranking. Based on whether or not you were trustworthy. Things that you write. Your job performance. I just all these little factors and based on eight you are allowed or not allowed to buy property take certain transportation. There was a journalist that wrote some tweets that the government made them apologize for. And she went there might have been there for him he went to get on an airplane and he said that his social rating was too low these banned from flight now. Pass and he had their say that the Chinese Government is sitting up these cameras all over the place and facial recognition everything they're gonna be able to tell everything you do. And they said their goal is to have this be a day to day interaction thing it's doing to try to encourage people to behave better. Alert. To control people. For you know. Basically going against the government but this is a real thing in China that based on your social ranking you're going to be prevented from doing certain things the real things. We don't want to strength and that's lingers on lord knows don't want that. But who is dead how would you what you think you're so assumed a rating would be there again you can be pretty get boy I don't know. We did Mike Morgan value in this case with the government. I probably wouldn't be that bad but with the black mere one with the data the interactions with just everyday people probably announce a deal. Oh they can recognize even the way you drive. So if your speeder you're led them like Mike. No Mike Blum in lower rate into and out of traffic Mike's gonna get big study on net effect the kind of card that you buy. Because they're an aggressive driver in your case. At times and he punished people like you. It's just like I didn't want to read which medium high or what I would never leave that fast and China's saying that they're keeping how the scoring system works secret. Which is causing some people obviously to be very suspicious of this because like that the guy that wrote the political tweets. Is no longer allowed to fly. Because they deemed him to be untrustworthy. Very scary stuff but in a way. You know that overeating thing does keep you on your best behavior and that's what China's say they want to. They wanted to encourage people to be on their best behavior to. But certainly does it you don't go to China 648 John is next to understand. And by business and insurance get the right insurance for your business home or auto business it offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best value online at DI SN ETT dot com and we'll. Final went. And BC that upload taco from my exit Nino today John. But the blues and I quickly realized in the last 22 hours that all I thought that I just. Looking through shoulder to shoulders to trial and obviously would've done that created a monster. Yeah I should it'll be here and you realize for your birthday you get in a mariners Jersey with the name often talk on the back right. Yeah you realize that it will be bird in your backyard of their their. Shortly after it. That's fine years to get in and upload talk good Jersey it's gonna happen. Yeah I knew I'd be quickly once let's drop that he protects would like 47 taco today argued that very clear the monster. Down gave it to you can't really go Republican that you hate they are put taco thing because it just encourages people. Yeah no you're right that that's the rookie mistake on my part I should grow you know. Yeah I did learn that it it's the angels broadcaster that started it. Hope that makes it worse but it into eating things like that them. Not that makes it even worse there figures are put through the that was started in Bosnia and it would be stupid Mike Trout. The only but the only thing the only team broadcasters and I think it is. Into the unit. Keeping keeping it can be suggested that came from the third worst in the angels. Is sterling if you heard here since June 30 scandal known. I don't care about this in my TV is it you get dais the his stand home run calls from sterling they can read as as we heard Italian being in the stands on Italian. You know just that he's not performing anymore herb dean calling games anymore that hot carols and the system stupid like that team. Yeah hawk Harrelson. Although if you recant that guys like. Like externally it is awful my if you like him because he's your guy. Though he's off. Erica don't like Jones Becky Johnson John Sterling. Is better than Susan Waldman who is his. Analyst affair. And that's saying something because they both are with. She was the Roger. Roger Clemens is it in the old those dogs and the hall of big server could have season and flow of the big that in him. And not. Look we let's all just decreed that we bears the great house there's bad play by play out there there we hear today. It's a lot on slot the ball. Deep and it didn't count but assurance that. Look he got a little twentieth here's the gusting and I love him and my favorite house. Call of all time series if you go back it was a two reading you're out there when he throws his no hitter picking. Be held so excited. And at the end he's and Randy Johnson looks for the and that he goes well since covered by the ego. At its intent in any house was here and our restrict all you really illustrate OK we got to go by eighty. All right good career and taco upload to not go to Dave baby and I'm not kidding he will give Forsberg gave mariners popular talk Jersey and it's the only way to go. Break and then next it is hot corner with here's a list title base ball. Means tomorrow are going to be out Atlanta tap house. Southeast eleventh. The been there on the division and down will be different the NFL draft so it's very big day tomorrow and we gets covered so listen to the panel day. When they see rip off the knob the viewer immediately and cities openly if you haven't nobody has. Police custody now coveted that is give him carry the gun. But these taped over it. Don't concede do you not push this school up Metallica that's yesterday's threat not corners next on the thing meaning. Shoes. Okay. Okay. There's. A.