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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, April 23rd
More audio from exit interviews from Dame and CJ, Stockwatch, and IN THE NEWS!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right welcome prime time with Isaac and suit what is going on. It appears and never movement and unbiased just short of the tournament on compromise sports stuck without booze sugar coat or wrapping. He links it always likes war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate can show. And we do my job. The best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on 1080. I look back. Monday beautiful Monday night got like seven countries out there Harry sports in the first down Denver's sports C minus our dad tock are hot dead weekend's election. It's a postmortem trailblazers. Were getting through it as best he can we still have to talk about the CJ McCollum Jason quick Twitter flap yeah that was that it was said it's I really feel like this series in I out of all of this was the case with quick who I really like respect. I feel this series in general just. Whip people into a frenzy that I haven't seen here in a long time Jimmy. Are sick of watching the team was in the playoffs they've lost ten straight playoff games it's it's it's building towards. Big change I think none of the franchise. Thinks that way but we'll see you Apollo and does there are Terry Stotts reversed you which will get to so we've got some other things get a get to got a stopwatch here in ten minutes. Or buying and selling from the entire weekend and sports and it's. Is coming up at 430 palate cleanser fuel you have got a couple of things forum. Four in the news how the Waffle House broken we talk about this guy yet he was he actually headlines machine here holy cow I can't. And I have something out of the just and I thought I had a grasp on people in. This happens department. Yeah you can't get it really get a grasp on people and now. Just you think it's like OK that's like saying you figured out where many good luck with that. So I've got to be at 430 that down a few other clips were you wanna hear from the star players when he hear from from gaining in Willard and CJ McCollum there you go. No hear you on a play this for years I do wanna hear and posters on here is little heard on the lack of consistency. I didn't think it was a roller coaster. A thought to start the season we were. Frightened. Trying to be consistent you know written in our first meeting that your coach he's talked about being consistent then. I'm being committed today then. You know we came out and I think our team was so focused on the and a much better defense team that we Charlotte office and we did that I think we got off to a pretty slow start remember one point we got him. He finished the road trip to new York and we were thirteen and eight coming back home. And I was like guard does what we will not turn a corner here you know won't put together we have homestretch. And I think we ended up losing like every home game today for the whole oil and I was like man you know we talk about being consistent and are we going do this. But I think. And that was kind of Iraqi point in the season but then after that. Somewhat though we we start to play good basketball. Except that they did in the Indy didn't you know so there so this is just this is an eleven team fears it's really hard to be consistent. The only the only teams that are consistent are really good teams. And that tells you the blazers just aren't that good but the other was consistent minus the playoffs and I you know honestly I feel worse for the average teams just art. That consult that's that's the definition of being average which is what the blazers are and I know there. I don't want them to sit up here and say that I'm the guy I know that there he loads on the teeny gas to fight he has to say those things yes the fight for consistency. But were the ones out here. Hopefully impartial. That cult like it is and if you call it like it is I don't expect him to say that. But if you call it like it is they are not that good they are just average in that. Is the definition. Of in Kansas and that means that and other times you'll not played very well and that is the definition of. App that's why he went to the owner has he realizes the team is it enough and he needs more help but I do I said I feel bad for Lou there because. I thought he had a hell of a year and I do think that he he played at an MDP like level. I think he played it a top five level this year whether he can match that year after year. That's that's to be seen I don't think he's in the Anthony Davis he's not staffed curry he's not one of these guys that do you think did he elevated his game and he carried this team a long way any security very flawed team to the three seed in the and that to me is largely due. To him. Really being a superstar into me at socks that all of that is gonna get washed away and people are just going to remember people are gonna point to an awful playoff series where he didn't have a lot of help and he didn't. Obviously show up and ignores the nice job on him but I do feel for him because he had a hell of a year. And it didn't and the way he wanted to but there's lot to be proud of for him personally I think this season. Syria but the playoffs are where you judge this is an international air assault national columns and and and and people that said this the TNT guys. That if you are gonna be in the MVP conversation. You have to play better than that it doesn't matter what they're throwing that you have to be better. And quite frankly he got out played out receiver Anthony Davis he got outplayed by Holliday got out played by Rondo delivered here. Ditch all of course but at the same time it would be it would be amazing to see how much better he is for year after when he actually has a balanced roster around him and better play makers and then you can count on him to lift you up it says that. He was suffocated because the pelicans know that. Blazes have nobody else to beat them here is on not understanding these this criticism that is coming his way. Are they did it goes with the territory you know for. Every high moment that we have. People will be the first to say you know it was the same time more dame did do expert named it that afternoon. I can handle it decorated Florida. Deb positive energy would have level it and disarm you know so does understand in a position you revenue would handle the negative side to you know when things don't go well. You know maybe is not her fault or you know maybe people are watching it. And dealing in reality though was actually happening. You know like in his series. Just say dame did didn't do this game didn't do that and the reality of it is definitely. Their game plan was to take me out and how come across half court and these two guys guard me in the third guy wade though between us. That's was what I call being up against it and he noted Soto with that so. The islanders there's really no excuse me I'm on my behalf I just understand that. You got to take to do with a bit and just like darkened except the credit. When I do great things. Umpire except to the criticism and being audit. I guess bad things that people might have to say about me when it doesn't go well because that's that's part of my responsibility nor is. I guess the franchise player. Refreshing yeah I that I loved I think it's really sucks but a and that's that's what I wish that bit also they would do. I really just yet. Good to me is everything this talent could conceivably want and I said this you know during the class here's a couple different times that I hope people don't. Irrationally lash out at him he is the best thing to happen added to the city in this team and a long long time and in dammit it was good to hear. Where the where that he wants to think it's his fault or not I take a praise. All take their criticism as well tip of the cap and I think there's a way that you can defend yourself as he did. But not try to pass the buck and accept the fact that that wasn't good enough. Yeah and he even said in there though in he got his point cost it's like when muscles into every half court and there'll teams can mammy. A mile from there. Okay how about a column already hear from him CJ his name's CJ. He's the second best player on the team I've heard of him had a bad series T not other and it had a nice game for urban attitude to announce who Sammy Sosa's three run home run in the in the eighth when they're down twelve enough doubt Ayers prefer. Where was that before each year a single mother whale that game four. That game for the blazers were when I came even though eke it kind of came down the wire that I think the final score of that game is indeed get it tied the game that was which was. Look we're not really play much defense we want out of the series and the pelicans didn't really like. Allied as I think that was to scuttle it was almost like a lot yeah and then they got down to crunch time in New Orleans buckle down and and that was that the fact that it was 131127. Kind of tells you ladies nobody had a game killing the effort on one end that was about trying to get as many points in China look a little veterans in the stat sheet here's a column on Iranian Damian Miller moving forward. I think. You know for one people have to write about something so I think that's a good natives to find knees left to lose sliding into the playoffs but. But you have to be realistic. With Nelson then the best team in the NBA the last two years. 700 UN team is going to before senator Ewing team and a team who lost what one game they lost one game in the playoffs and yourself. If that's the case. You know the other fifteen teams think these decent some serious changes as well not just they're Beckham would detained since. So we need to change I think everybody's it to try to figure out ways to improve but. Dino is 49 games is great we would like to achieve more and in the post season we did investor reality put. I think a violent scenes and illegally and would like to yeah. In the last five straight trips to the playoffs who like to be competitive you know against a guess on the top tier teams and engaged and but like I mean because he's would like to advance in post season but it doesn't happen that way all the time. So obviously we need to improve in different ways to get better but. I don't necessarily think you know strategies. You know wanna make those type of dressing changes but everybody has a right to their own opinion. And you have to respect that you have to agree with you can't respect people's opinions. What's the worst thing was that like candid on the car does is keep going back to the warriors a great there. Only limit is account all I'm and I guess the beauty wanna say that doesn't count but don't. What New Orleans but let's stop talking about you know Golden State in what just can't yet. He had little cinema that but what he's sending their asking him about basically breaking up the back court and equities its socket. It probably is an endless agony GM yeah if they fire all saying need a fresh and Eisner because it happened I don't. Adjusted and and and I don't know what. You know if this is EU get every figure this out but. It just a general poll lady beginning ten random GM's. Love the no truth serum style is big if they got in in Portland situation and he said you have this roster right to Sumi reassigned her. You got an emerging young guy and Zach Collins got a budget. Very average role players along about some bad deals and you've got a true superstar and dame and you've got a solid players he's a McCall. And loved to see what someone that didn't draft CJ and is an emotionally connected to him. Be fascinated to know what those GMs would think about this roster in the idea of balancing that out. Or maybe maybe. You know maybe the gym Breaux is right that the rest of the GM's would be like no. We've got to start and a and a and an emerging player and and this is what we're gonna build around be fascinated to know that. Think a lot of GMs would break them up. They break up the backcourt now. But again it's it's it's already more than more than half would wanna break it up there. So I don't think this is that he did the emotional connection there you. You hear time and time again the people that say that did that are close to that situation that he loves. Well CJ McCollum and that's just it's not gonna happily is there you continued to saunter down the road to nowhere Jason. Sorry that. It happened again that. Guess. I'm putting an idiot putting it about a body has become it to understand it it kicks a lot of dirt on a sees that I thought it was a relief fund and was one of the more enjoyable NBA season that I covered it was a fun win streak and it is through a lot of dirt on it it it certainly left a sour taste a lot of people's mouth and I don't blame. I can next it's time for our prime ten stock like two or buying and selling from the weekend in sports on the fan. I just don't want she has brought to you by one of hundreds of sports when you need to take stock of your right it's 1800 divorce is on your side call 1800 DI VO RCG today. Yet deadly call them they'll take care because they're great guys avert 1800 forced. It is for Tony to we have in the news coming up in our next segment. But have right now let's turn it over to the great one look at them. Mike Lynch. With dust up much. Well. Again. I would rather trust a team that I saw over 82 games and team I saw over four days. Well again the team is operating two games the super consistent underwhelming outside of a thirteen game win streak so. By herself in the blazers will actually make significant changes with us is. A. You know I don't think they'll be significant changes. I don't think you really can't you're gonna resell undercarriage. I I think that you know. Whether that that entails a Max dealer not. Who knows what he's gonna be on the open market but you don't Dirk a chill will wool will be the priority to re sign and they've got the two trade exemptions they are you also don't have really a lot of pieces that that anyone would be adjusted in minus CJ. And they're not gonna deals he's not deal CJ so to me. A major development. No I can't see that the beer roster treat to get a draft pick. But this is gonna have to be more about player development than than anything else so no I saw that no major changes are. And wasn't it dead to great. Billy dean he said no one cares. How many games you in the regular season if you don't the last time. Yeah that's is and that is kind of one of those things since it was that early he said summing like. Yet nobody is gonna steal in the last game it's like it's it's almost as if like the blazers try to tell you annals say specifically that. They your plan for your plan for good feelings and cookies. Trying to win baby participation trophy and a careful and H you know you get swept and by New Orleans you swept by the 68 F few what are you gonna do what he's gonna change we need that winning second sucks mentality. So Iran also changed you know significant changes I think easily Fraser actually. I would I would sell that in say that they want and here's the reason why I believe there is a chance. That Neil Shea. Gets fired let Paul Allen is very fickle when these GM's we've seen that time and time again and if he has the thought. That this isn't good enough in this needs to change. Or I need a fresh set of eyes and then he he he won't hesitate to make the move but the reason I don't think he Willis because Neil stages is he sitting in trying to sell us all this yes truly good at it he's gonna sell Paul Allen on his BS and I think he is going to use to dedicate his. That and here's. That's the thing that keeps Neil Shays boat afloat is his ability to bull crap. And I think he's bull crap and Paul Allen doesn't very well and he's got column believe in his stuff in non. So I think it's it's going to be did you know more of the same which I think is what has people like going to pull their hair out if they do you have air. It's like more of the same. That got you to. Another first round playoffs and they're tired of the same now but I think it's going to be more of the same the suspect here so tell you he'll sell on the three CB he's gonna sell the 82 games that will be the rhetoric that he will sell cells and I also don't think that. After listening to him yes I don't I don't think Scott's done. Us now stocks could be like a scapegoat him. People CAA feels the heat around the corner but I don't think I don't think he'd I think he likes the house I think they'll be back. And 27 other teams are jealous of our backcourt that all balls are worried about. You know and we Orleans Sean I said what I say to somebody last night you're asking about you know can you win with a 263 guards. We just got swept by team assorted three guards under 64 so I don't know what are you guys have to do that. He gets defensive. Usually is worried about the truth behind the statement that's all say getting super defensive about the guard position. By herself. In your opinion trading CJ is the only way too quick fix this roster quick fix yes. Think it's the only way to do it but if you're saying quick fix if you say next year. To make this team. A contender. Then yes I think that's the only way to do it looks like he's the only ask that you have. They could bring back something of significance from an all star caliber type player. That could balance out the roster so I'm not appeared at that I'm not a general manager I don't know what's out there. Uses on I'd say ended that you actually have to trade CJ but to your stock the the only way too quick exit. Absolutely 100% believe that. I know light I would side I don't think there is a quick fix. It's just I think it would be exciting to see what's. He could bring in return to the roster because I think that. Ian Miller playing alongside one another. Together they're two similar types of players they're there to ball dominant. Other too small and together they don't play good enough defense and for that reason I believe even if you fill out the roster really really well over the next. 23 years IE those guys. You are not gonna attempt of those guys she's not. So I only if there's any quick fix but CJ is the one guy that if you did deal him could get you the most in return. Quickest but it's not gonna fix everything you disputed the start of rebalancing the roster. This group has played the game the right way. And sometimes you get in giving these games like this and emotional games and so pumped up. Sometimes try to do some things by yourself. And I Tums doesn't work. Let's mimic mall and Sammy emotions got the best the pacers in game former was great for the viewers lands a blow interior Stevenson and LeBron continue to have a great underrated robbery in the NBA. Fires still Stevenson's firmly in the bronze head and Al Waleed who series went for him no he's not firm in his head. I think LeBron beyond that stuff I mean yeah I'm sure it's annoying to him and you saw the technical and I think LeBron said afterwards like when it akin class toes you're joking you laugh that if you get in trouble. At this point his career target about arguably did the first are saying greatest player in the in NBA history. Ease well it seems and is not in his head and that won't be the reason if Cleveland fall short by the Cleveland falls short it sure is only going to be because LeBron James. Yeah I would dad would definitely sell that to Mikey and I would say that I don't think anybody thinks Indian has really get when mr. Steele now. There actually and I would ethics grievance can only answers. But it shows you that this this Cleveland team. And this is this is I don't think this is the final seem to certainly not a championship team and it wasn't his can be come playoff time Nelson they're gonna figure out how to play defense. I'm probably leaning towards sake one Barkley why it. Because I think he's the best player in the draft there there's no missed factor would say corn Barkley admitting that hey this is not for perfect science so. The wisdom says take sync one Barkley and then take whichever quarterback comes to a four try to get up maybe with the giants to two. Then we can go 12 boom boom take the quarterback you want that would cost you the rest of the picks and probably something big next here. I would be okay doing that actually don't Olympic. The browser takes a call Barkley number one buyer cell it is never good idea to take a run about that time for a for. Well I won't say it's it's never I mean if you feel that he's the best player on the board. Then no I don't think that's a terrible thing if you've got an offensive line in. In Unita guy and and that it can be that that Bell, California. And is excellent pass protection can catch the ball out of the backfield. We've seen running backs can have a big impact I I do think that I would look for other impact positions first. To me I would rather have a Dominic quarter I'd rather have a dominant address stride rather have a dominant left tackle it's in the habit of rather have a quarterback that I what are running back but. To say that there's never a guy that's worthy of taking number one I can't do. Yeah never a good idea you know Soledad two you know Ezekiel lol illegal is quite a bit and it. And they do remember him with that your attempt at my stroke that was my attempt at Mike's. As he can't relish the elegantly outfield. Ezekiel LE a local a local feel out what you did. He'll Alley down so I don't know it is never a good idea to take Rebecca and you know but I would say. They're guys you plan later traps that are. Only they can fill those it let me ask you is able to throw quick if you had the choice between a bed and the number what did you have to pick a receiver or an all purpose back. I got that number one the number one pick as their only is it Barkley if you get sick while Barkley it is Barkley yes but if if it's. If you just saying top receiver top running back in their equal and the young any Agassi giving connect to debate there but it sounds like seek on Barkley. This guy's damage yet so topped by an and that's the thing that's what they only sent about Elliot it's like. Okay Dallas is gonna take a running back that kind of trapped while you're like well if he's. You know they'd better be sure while now that you're assured that he's really good and doesn't look so it doesn't look that that. Right it's just day it's the risk of doing that in and then have an ambient buzz I've a feeling there is a shift in the NFL where the devaluation of the running back is starting to go receiver. And running backs are kind of coming back into fashionable it. All right that is our. Prime time that stock watch every Monday it's brought to you by Goldberg Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues. Trust Colbern Jones to help 1800 divorce phone questions answered at no charge if it is coming up next here's Mike. I silicon. There are some carries its. And it's that also Jason quick verse CJ McCollum in it despite the apparently. Watch now you know ten bucks. No no no thank you but we've got Tim we've got some hot cock coming up on and it is they got into some real talk with some real full. From. Sic bears lions and sheep lions and she PS all right that right now. It is able Tony did you guys they did do you that we noted he's been. And then he's contributed to a skinny don't at Nellis are now clubhouse guy yeah this guys go learn American hero and isn't getting the credit he deserves. He really isn't the in I think. The reason he's not in this is that it instantly got shot waffles unfortunately we're dead they got him finally today used he's been on the Lam for this really entire weekend. Nashville yup and that there was a guy who's there who didn't like frat party it's been and he was in there at whatever times in the morning. He was in there and he disarmed again it's saved a bunch alliance and I think what is. Hurting his kindness as great American hero is live on details when we do. He's been making the rounds today so so when I had to go down that he he said that he went over and he said he's not a hero he can he keep his basic thing was he said he said this guy is if this guy is gonna kill me I'm gonna make him work for. Pro series said that the guy came in in in and shot up the while house. While the house for people are dead bunch of others injured. Any city basically just ran over when I picked when the guy was re loading. And grabbed the gun from him and the barrel was so hot it burned his hands but he knew he said that if I let go. I you know I knew I was in trouble so he grabbed the god. Wrestled it away from the guy he said he threw it behind the counter and then after a sort of behind the cat owner he said he pushed the gunmen altitude or. He stood. How's he left out of you talked him and then a divot and I said that ran off he said yet. I mean usage yet. He grabbed her red hot gun barrel burning T and threw it away and then through the guy out you guys should never have to pay for another mile awhile how's the regressed in his. Why that is awesome although the shooter looks like kind of milk and a panel TV yanked but. You don't have we all been through this area in our heads yes you wonder what you're gonna do. What he had to make you you've been to this latest on an airplane or whatever where. You have to be the guy to take down on the guy and then you get make eye contact with the guys. Yeah go low on the island stated I guess if he ever thought about if he's got a gun from a guy. Or a weapon immediately would you do quote. It would you throw it. Which you see I I wouldn't throw it because as I've seen in the movies. Speaking to him well the gun is either it got easier read into his jam I'm trying to remember which one it was so it. Yeah I did. Spelling big big gun was gonna be picked up and and used again OK let you know that yeah I was there is I am trying to remember fight if I saw there was read the interview today here. Watch some of the clips the current members need he said he was he was re loading. Wars the gun jammed but either way the gun. You know was was a non factor is and he was able to throw the generally think he'd begun had a chance. Then you hold on again and I stormy night and turn it on him yeah I mean I'm not gonna say I'm Captain America but my first thing would be to shoot the guy and it. But he grabbed threw behind the counter and then I am again had the wherewithal to push women into our interview with the Davis thing he goes yeah I shoved him out the door basically. Andy that he goes the guy just kind of wondered if and I I sat there and I thought to myself you know. Should anyone else to like where was everyone else help and they jump in the guy and any other guys were there in the waffles. I don't know it could've helped but it just it was it was kind of bizarre that you push about the two guys wonders off and he was naked. I guess he was wherein you know pants that he took office pants but they keep water off naked among the tree died so clearly there's something going on I mean the guys. Got some issues. When he shot apple Waffle House and kill people and to ease. Wonder around naked bit. Mean holy hell. As I read about that story I just I I was blown away the courage that guy with the gun gender not what's and his name. I don't know I have to get up the Waffle House yet. But the idea that we all is relative that Ollie I would have done this I would've done that no one knows how they're gonna react. And it is sit there and have the where have all the say no you know I'm not gonna take this at the guy's gonna give me I'm going down fighting that that's a that's a brave. Brave thing. I have naked man news good night. Or naked news. And we were naked good this guy was naked this is local making news seeded guy who has held down and repeatedly punched by news man out on us on the island now. And he's out there on the clothing optional beach. Which is called Collins each and ever been out there. District music that would frequent I do enjoy the nude beach I did use several but little. Really feel like Portland Israel do beach kind whether we have one beer companies. And with him in Canada did he tell me you wouldn't be when being. Local sports. As telling me you wouldn't want to be naked out there right now warm enough. Cool breeze. James Sharp junior by the way is the guy that at the Waffle House here what's his name James shall junior. Nice. Per store and should be getting more love for what he did. So. Why was this man held down and repeatedly punched by naked guy you ask again he's. Because the alleged victims dog was not unleash. And he wanted god sniff around everybody's you know. The business. The husband he just he's just kind of went on they get grim picture of you did. Under investigation into place team knew and in three this past Thursday. It's all caused visible injury police said the suspect is a regular columns featured has reportedly cost and others about their awfully stunt but Nagin or not. Closed or not. This man is cast will be dogs off leash hip he kick around pledge of people and their should be like a universal code for guys you don't fight naik. Think this is rule number one in a locker room is no matter how pissed you are you gotta put on some shorts. You can't fight naked Somalia's east was unique things get heated up to athletes who hold on just you wait I wanna say chemical for mushrooms don't. Fight naked in an indicator and cows aren't acceptable either because we know that when you wrap a towel it's coming off that's rule number one you don't fight NATO what do you. The do you handle this differently because demand is naked. If he's jumping on hand. Well I mean if you beat insulted you gotta fight back I mean it because the because he is needed now it's just wanna get away from him I think so as opposed to it he's closed. You might be like I. And effort. Bring it lets your arm outside right now on the love these banks that the minute segment Wiener does not need the Willamette here. And do you charges mean my first instinct is not going to be to run but if a naked duties charging me I do feel like I am going to be. There there's an element of let's let's as let's go the other way. And I don't know what's going on but you aren't immune beads of babies so quite is weird if you are someone who is eighty smaller stature. And you. Pick fights. It's SPD naked because then you're less likely to HS. I want to easily easily I think there's an element of that if you think you're gonna live this. Is the old that is if you think you're gonna lose the five B you don't wanna back down act crazy is maybe get the guy will back down. And I think being nude certainly. And hopes that. Breaking up next on in the news let's check in on how are legalized. Marijuana operations are going. And an update for you. Hot read tuck that will be next on the fan. I'm revising shin-soo guns and maybe those trick. Right this is saying you. I think CNOOC it is April. 23. Can you believe is almost names like Guillen believed that reason yes. Then he's supposed to do that as a week by the way and it is. In effect I think they're saying eighties and there's no yeah the next three days or musically. The Oregon pot business. Is struggling to stay afloat. But not enough but. Too much fun. So this story comes just from KGW news. Friday it was April 20 media's idea celebrated by many recreational marijuana users but this year these celebrations overshadowed by a challenge facing a growing number of recreational marijuana dispensaries. A surplus of or gain ground candidates. And a reduction of its retail value. For customers like Daniel Pollard the surplus is a win. There's a lot she's run here. Sometimes on line I can't buy it it's too expensive. Nowadays it's really really. That's not that's about it. From behind the counter aid buys tender. Points out one example that they don't say a blood didn't hurt him but yet our Tibetans are thought. Under the act as we need a year been doing their shots not a big week for corner exit it if you go in there not just gonna to check in now I don't smoke weed I just. Sure. We and when it's all about Adnan. Legally there and they have a lot of different things like that I. Know you eat but I wouldn't even know where to begin that's why idea that's why the budget the president around. He says Thad Allen was as high as twelve dollars a gram and now it's down to about five dollars at the moment it's fantastic for the public. Yeah some say that I have no idea mister Graham is. According to state records organ farmers grew three times more candidates think customers bought last year as first reported buying. Limit. It to be the other way at that would ever we'd shortage were there when smoke and we've been I guess. But that have now grown I think it's just kind of recount rating rank is like it was noon comes everybody jumps into the game. Because that's all that not be we've got all remembers when he came out like shops having to close down because there was love me. They there'll IA we sold out we'll open next Thursday when we get some more there's always enough. There wasn't I'm telling you stores grabbing his shutter but this is ordering ground for a period of time. So anyway. This says farmers are hardest hit right now they're not able to cover their overhead. This woman. She OK so she's in owner of lock unless you were. I can honestly yeah I can't get it right earnings. Alien camp she says Kemp said her store survival is rooted in the but they grow themselves high standards. Customer service south of folks on selling a higher volume but at lower prices. Scam are plastered profits. Despite those efforts have surplus still impacting business Senna had to cut employees. We're all struggling I would say there isn't anybody out here is not certain yet if this time. Tough in the wee game. There was no about the we'd write every what was given to it. Well I think what it is is people are still gonna be into it comes in their stick in the good luck if you can't afford to stick it out now I think the idea is. Right now you're only selling to can only subtle or yeah right I think what they're saying is are there I think the race the race is. Who can. Makes so much lead. That eventually it will be distributed to multiple states and that's when you're making money hand over fist but right now there's too much of it here trying to stay afloat the biscuit we do you gotta Bubba Gump shrimp sort of situation. There are kids cavity you gotta be the boat that says still stand at once everything opens up I mean think about all the people around the country who. You know would buy the downs particularly forward. Got a good group particularly a stupid nice because I never thought about that but they can't it's got to be it's got to stay within state lines though for the Morgan people can't so we do the washingtonians. Well. No well I mean like if you're watching Tony you can buy weed in the or again. Yes it's that if I did it any other organ we'd form I can't sell to the Washington think to a police source at now or washing may be different because they're both. Legal states in the quarter when another. But like Colorado insane. You know. Can't tamp down they couldn't because it's illegal. I know there's I don't know there's that the business a lot of people wanna get in view but I do know that there are a lot of like coupes like banks won't take your money. And it's and it's it's it's still federal crime yeah so it's it's a strange the street demonstrators and what he's changed his body to be made that. You know. There is that it's still kind of reeks Khaled did the system it's figuring out in. Well I'd bet are we grows out there gap on. Mr. Ryan Moore we know that you're a smoker it's probably a great market for you right that's what opera said nice. Okay that is in the news for April 23 coming up next we have the out there outside time. Can't these people are saying no we to cross state lines to cancel to Washington so candidates legal. Their okay niners GM John Lynch finally speaks out about Ruben Foster situation would be to set up on all the playoff games tonight. In sports and well. The ducks. Get a football player a couple of needed now. Is good to be good ducks over ideas spring game weekend is for 56 on the fan.