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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 20th
Hot 5 at 5, Blazers suck, FUN WITH AUDIO!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Trailblazers are back in the playoffs. This is a playoff Wii edition of primetime what Isaac and soon. Cry tier I read tell bus and it's pretty intense but Friday April 20 and 22. 8% off everything top booted off reds held up content from Laura DL Kramer Martin Denny you. Fail them. Those are intended to show business aren't. They send their claim for right now and they don't get swept broke. Okay the gentleman's name maybe should've thought of that you know. Last week. I really thought that you were going to get by far their best effort of the series. Because the blazes have had a kind of a grit and grime about them all year and backs against the wall you win that one you're back in the series put pressure back on New Orleans. And you came out and just add your worst effort. Is the only game that was beaming competitive that was to me that the most disappoint artist. Kind of felt like Portland's rolled over and died. So we'll talk about your Portland trailblazers coming up at 515 we have a little MLB to Portland tock is well and I have a Friday random sports audio ideally try to items. I'm Mike Leach on golf Joseph Paterno can't hear radio hosts. If we have time I've got to a new callous sake clip. From our bullish. Yeah out okay. So I doubt will be this arc coming up in the club. We have the new best airport in the United States. View it is it's got to be ours at C this is not why now do we have to take out this. You know I don't know. As you drive into PX it says right there and I think it's as the year though says number one airport in the country the business in the air on the so hopefully yours and yeah meaning get this year OK so we just gonna keep that I'd be like hey yeah like the 2006. That's airport in the country a championship banners we do a good sport we have a greater yes we religion. And would you dare name your kid yoga or rhesus. Or Ruth I have some hot. Name toxin prepared for the club tonight going to be exciting older I heard. Mildred was taken was it. What an exciting time it is exciting oh and you just you them manatees head BS soil on Tuesday. You're the whole red house furniture thing. We're whipped people who and that people buy furniture. At do. Let's. So. We of the it's it's still go oh yeah. Like this had to be legally eight years ago or something the red house 2009 was a year there their viral. Add went to because they're viral YouTube video and it's like hey this sketch is perfect for a black person or a light at rehearse it and it's great era and it was it wasn't on TV there had it was justices made that the YouTube browns and it was in I looked it up today has over six million views on YouTube. Is that sensation in 2009 we had found it well Sam has gotten back from a trip to north it's in North Carolina. And down. He went there. And he has forwarded Mike some audio. Of his time there and he's gonna come in on Tuesday to you to give us the Expos say the the feature that's bad story on what. Via red house searchers on out now because the market for couch kidney can I buy from red house an avid shipped across the country and you can ask him a new new couch as. The real. Where black mean little. I mean little guys furniture and there's two things are important in my new couch one I wanna good laid out cap which might I have right now is it's not sitting couch Seattle I wanna lay down couch and I wanna couch that's perfect for wipers. Or black or perhaps a. All right so that like I did I say what day that is Tuesday a day yet that's that's Tuesday Sam scam and and he needs bring an audio. Of the red house happy about this so that'll be Tuesday's club have some fun tonight. The rest the show don't make it to having your blazer sake and our elected up it's gonna be great we can put him or over the weekend when he smudge some. Are coming up by now though next now right now time for next. The hunt I've I've. Odd topics and opinions or. I did and I bear it's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line download the reward happened starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number flies. The Mariners activated catcher Mike Sinead O from the DL yes because this is what ails the options actually Zdeno. At times has been pretty productive and that the mayor life. Like you hit bombs yet. I'm average guy but he it's. If not an average guy down the understatement of the year by Jesus can lookup I actually last year his numbers are better than you think. I know is numbers from last year are you ready yup I can recite the to fifty age 25 bombs 65 RBIs. If that's okay I slows you take I don't look at the vote right now career he's 209 hitter. He has 564. Strikeouts in 15100 career event as I would say it is that my eggs and you know is one of those guys that. He just gets a lot of at least half I think yes he gets a lot of craft a may be coming around it got sent down a couple times that. In the. If you intimidated yet to 514560. As I was off by an RV or. Yeah before that though his best season was that to us that. He even get me down. Judge rules giants quarterback Eli Manning will stand trial in that counterfeit memorabilia case. The damage still Manning had a get a contract to provide real game used equipment to a memorabilia company to judge believes there is a possibility Manning knew that some of the stuff was fake apparently. He preferred team operatives to make BS versions of helmets and jerseys yet they were just go for an old helmets. You know in the mid they would like rough above. And then sell those is his game worn in Miami to. Cindy is even Manny is like the fourth of five highest paid guy in NFL history. I USO on people over a couple grand with a fake merchandise makes no sense at the time I read dead. You just was protective of his stuff. I did you know he wanted he wanted that memorabilia for him and he knew there'd there'd company was like look there's a big market for this you know I was like well this. Give us what Intel might work in this game. Who. A couple of NFL personnel news of ravens have signed wide receiver released. To matier seven million dollar deal. And the Eagles and nick Olson agreed on a revised contract even what this is kind of cool because Philadelphia didn't have to do this. Mean he was under contract and it it it sounds like Philadelphia wanted to you. Do knicks also have to win and then super yes so before the revision fools that's becoming an urge you to free agent after the season that now. I need this mutual op Ed the deal includes a mutual option for 2019. It chimney dollar signing bonus and several millions more in incentives if he becomes starter industry's benchmark he was centered seven million this year. The final season that you do assigned to work yeah. That's. Seventeen seat at all goes well personally it is back in Nichols a free agent next year and moves on its cracks around the did not. No this is a nice little incentive to keep Nickels around resize the Smart move by Philadelphia and it's directly due reward the guys. When your daughter and searchable. Number two. KGW reports. It was for eighty million dollars. Cage. But come like in his. We had a big help eject that you get lakes and some cases. They also threw in a new building that they could uses there had to deal though is that the pet hospital. Yet is that Lewis yeah I think it was the old field infield Banfield pet hospital any second and diplomacy to eighty million casually get like better avenue for monopoly or whatever and you can use that as the headquarters. And an agreement to what was it bill. Thanks beat. 8000 unit apartment company doesn't apartment complex and long term plan to fund facility kids fields and more. You know portfolio X eighty people have people are always skeptical like what glad to prided to you big money. A for profit deal it's not gonna benefit the community build they wanted to benefit the community well and if it sounds like this is the size they've launched in the public schools offer. His response was lukewarm so they obviously the deal. Sort of a but he stays one his but he did for years the rain arena's. And he was what we talk about this is he is one of those guys smokers skeptical. Then so. That this isn't and it costs and I'm not saying it's a bad thing about it is Chris midstream towards some past the line is it may not be as good as everyone thinks. It will be to that coming up. And never won. The NBA playoffs. Pelicans have been. Deadly day seven point favorites over the blazers. To finish them hopping game boards tomorrow afternoon announced any attempt at 2 o'clock our time on TNT. And big news is that Greece heartless and Evan Turner have both been listed collection turner with the tone against her with this or. And ultimately I I kind of pose this question last night on Twitter I think the best that you buy vast majority of these offenses. Public they wanna come back home which they just as I can just if he'd he'd he'd show up and not playing yet series over to take down. Do you like he might I would like at this point just to be done it sounds like he's lived there is is saying that they're you know they want to win one. For pride in. And no one wants to get swept. Without problem that was at least that'd he would say he also said they were for real yeah. Amber he said that thirty gamely she and Tony were for real yet though you're not in didn't turn out to be here's his said quote. They were up into us a lot a lot more aggressive than we were and we didn't dish it back out I think in the Playhouse in a situation like this where a team is coming for you like that you've got to maybe go. Out of your way to do it back. Even if that means some foul trouble or some altercations happened out there whatever. When a team comes speedway they did that last game maybe we need to just make it a point of emphasis to go back Adam but does that really unsatisfactory clip now is it not. Now I mean if I had a big win when you look at Portland I think there is a lot of soul searching going on right now I mean. That should they're shocked that should've been your best effort last night. I don't eat eat you'd lose two close games at home you feel like if you just play a little bit better. Couple shots go down you win one or both of those games and you go to New Orleans knowing that if you win game three you put the pressure back on new words for game four maybe you get back into the series. Backs against the ball must win no one's ever come back from a 30 deficit in the NBA that should have been. The wounded animal that should have been they kick claw scratch in your rolled over like a frightened turtle last night to guide I do think there is some real shock going on that locker room maybe some finger when he may be some disgust and they're probably should be there's no reason that Portland should be down from Rio to this new war team. Games tonight cavaliers lead the pacers that is game three of the series is tied 11 cavs are up 4736. Late in the second. Well get raptors wizards later Toronto leading to zip. And Boston leading Milwaukee to zip. And Celtics are in Milwaukee in alum will be 630 our time. So I did I say what's on the boy's game is to get two or 2:30 it yet 2 o'clock our time Edith says can remember choose to do on TNT are right Al talk a little bit more about what's next for you or Portland trailblazers and big suit with some hot. MLB to Portland top guy that's that's familiar with these sorts of things it's a little skeptical. Get well leveled to act and up by fourteen on the stand. This is a playoff for echinacea no Brian John Moore advise against duke presented by red tails off centers. Spring tent sale on Jay Nady drove trim. Right but 99 and that's enough fun with audio. Right now appear Friday coming up a little bit later this hour. It's a blaze of talk in that I'm curious. What you guys telling you about MLB to Portland this week we had this conversation today and he has run several buildings ovary is. His career he deceive he's been in charge of thin. Branded the Bradley Center Milwaukee for a number of years and and in this is kind of what he does he deals with billions all over the country and he just was kind of laughing at the notion he necessarily group we do it that he was laughing at the notion that. It won't cost the city yet right dead that. The that's not that's not the case you said he's never seen a private company. That. That ended up building something on narrow. He said he just it it doesn't happen that way whether you're talking about infrastructure what you're talking about roads and talk about sewer where tiger about all these different things there is a cost of the city. And no matter how anyone spills it. At the end of the day this is still about profit and anytime you get a company that is about profit they will put their needs and watts. Over the wants and needs of a city. Now and I brought up the fact that if you are talking about infrastructure and spending money on on urban development in and building. You know to alleviate trafficker irbil in the area around there. I don't mind that I think that's a good thing for the city that the city would spend it's resources on but he just brought up the point when the mayor said. You know were looking to use in our resource hills resources somewhere else. That the prevailing notion was well what resources were not ask you need being of our view and that's what he laughed out is that yes. There will be cloudy asked of the city. By the time all this is gone which is ultimately why this isn't just about a public or private institution coveted saying hey we're gonna build this union yell yes you do because this without a major impact. Lots of different ways on the city and whatever neighborhood goes into including financial. Yeah I think that I mean they're showing no retort to that but. I think if the thing is like how did the timbers get done. Right leg dead dog owner of the timbers came animated the sweetheart of a deal. And eight used to be that. They work sweetheart deals they were really bad deals for cities that built stadiums and ball park and a lot of them still yet they can't be delicate Texas salute to Miami or even Atlanta which people there are are levied the ballpark they're saying that for taxpayers and for the the place where they put it to get there and everything is out of people aren't happy with that. Yes so I think it's just the idea that. This group knows that to get this done it's going to have to be a great deal for the city yeah right they make. Of course there are costs and different things that. That come up and it and it is a big undertaking in in the city will be part of that. But in the end I think the bigger picture as if they can DMB to Portland group I mean the Portland diamond project can make it if they can present something net. The powers that be city leaders go away and yes this will cost is this this may take. Il some some man hours here are this is is something that that could be an issue but in the end. Look at all this money that's coming back to the city look look at what this is doing for the city look at what it's doing for public schools look at what this. You know to be doing for homeless problem look at what this to be doing for affordable housing problem. Then. That it pencils. I can see he talked about even stuff is is is that no one thinks about is is peace force in overtime. You know just having to to do that error or a parking enforcement. For the people that already lived downtown is he did he does live downtown the kind of brought up the point of you don't already takes him forty minutes to get home part of him paying property taxes I'd give you my money. And you make sure that I can get home. And you know that that there is an impact from lots of different ways and that was only hit that was his only point that he wanted to take on the drive home to me was. There is a cost in many different ways any time a pregnancy comes in and puts up in his massive. As a new ballpark in and then it's up to them to decide whether or not that cost is worth it they said be careful. And would whip with selling the notion of this won't cost anything yes well. Are right. Announces a bad stuff in that is. Your hometown bullets yet that's. This. Guys. When mom and dad. Just a freshman who. But I do it's it's gone from you know don't take any sort of winning the series to now he's just plain corporate. Surprised it happened fast team dad did admit it did I guess it weird to think that while women's game one. Is that it's game week ago it was Saturday. Yeah it was Saturday Saturday that go on Saturday Tuesday Friday it's less than a week. Or said he too is it there's less than a week. We went from my god I without blazes that when the series and have a much respect for the elegance upsetting Andy Davis. And Allah. I got the blaze is gonna win and who they won the set around and connect and he really push email and cigarette oh wait. Can they really even push the five seed. Answer to that is no. No 9 kicked this evening is gonna. He even that game one like you heard from quicken in Freeman and guys that are on this team that we're like teams still feels really got it should've won that game going to be fine and then game two a little bit of the same inning game three was the I. I am stunned at the way that game went down I I really am. Now I I can guess it would have been somehow they've been down 30. But after two real competitive games like that deceived acts. Got into war is when your seasons on the line knowing that there is no there really is no two are after that. And it was bad end to work is just deep TO mean even that the dog with a Anthony Davis and then. All the late afternoon poignant. At at and at Dirk pitch and then after that that's sort of thing would really get under the skin of the blazes and afterwards Miller's comment about it was well. We are today the stoppage so what. Maybe they should be laughing and pointing at us I feel like they stole Portland Seoul last night. That they they just snatched it from them now and it's crazy and I didn't think that they are capable of doing that and into the serial warriors can do that lawyers did that to them last year right I. Hughes to to do that to him not helicopter pelicans. And here's the thing you put up a much better fight against those two teams begin to guess and Allen's an end to this looks worse than not then the goal is either the last two gold sensor into this exceed it by the way is without their second best splitter. It's just it's even have home court you could. Convinced me at the start the series that it was gonna shake out like this you really because so what does it mean to you then was is telling you this isn't as glaring will what is what is happening what does she what does it show. It shows unfortunately I hate to admit it but damage you are right and you've been ripe for the last two years thinking that this is it anywhere near good enough. Their mediocre there it did they are just are they they they really are these routers up hurts. Head towards her and don't get fooled by anything anymore don't get fooled by Neil Shea rhetoric don't get fooled by a thirteen game win streak. It's about it's about playmakers in the NBA especially in the playoffs in the blazers just don't have any of them decides. Damian and when you look at it this is the sort of see your series in the way it's going. This is the one where changes get made think you can lose a seven game series and have it be you know a close one shot doesn't go your way get a bad call. And you can sell that notion of guys we don't need to make wholesale changes. This is the sort of thing where an owner or general manager or coach. Someone looks at dad says we have to do something and to be religious it to see what that is because the rosters essentially blocked it. You schedule I guess and trade exemptions that you could go out do but that puts you in an already worst our salary cap situation if you get after resigning her kitsch. The only real ass that you have to deal is CJ in the G amber was made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in doing at over the last couple years. And so what happens to Stotts and have taken the fault as Paul Allen make it change at the GM position in bringing a new set of eyes or. Disney will save put the the blinders on and so everyone that this is. Year three of a five year plan it's still the youngest team in the play out and preach patience. And get another year well his BS meters about to reach peak level all it's gonna be a believable just get ready in the exit interview it's what do you think com. We think New Orleans is gonna do. Next series probably not a whole demeanor you're gonna get Golden State and if it's their curry comes back you're not gonna do a damn thing. But it it does make you think that had bogey cousins not toward his Achilles and they were playing like this. Does that change of a little bit knowing that those two bigs could do something to get schools they've really give you problems and other wanted better without him well they start to play really well before houses where both. Before he tore his Achilles. And you look at the one thing that that goals they've really doesn't have not a lot of great sides. And it would have been interesting to see whether these two guards could have done defensively. Against the against that current against those guards and had no one's been able to punish him download it. It's curry comes back. I might my guess is New Orleans doesn't doesn't do a whole lot other than maybe what Portland did. Give them give them some some close games but Kuerten they're not gonna beat this collision course between Houston and Golden State what it Anthony Davis goes down tomorrow. Blazers went for a well remember what year he added that what the second row and kind of got up and there was like Mike but what about that and that he took the that needed the ribs. And everyone that there was this moment as a I think if if if he's gone and I'd total that you really matter they still is out of the way these two guards are fine. Our rights coming up next it is Friday and therefore we will have Friday. Randomness. Sports audio edition. And so you. The. Yes and no seventeen. And Mike Leach on golf and it. You're gonna hear likely to engulf the justice since Santa I think the best the best of Ramallah as the joke turn audio everyday exciting. As a debts ever I say I've heard that that leads in the count a sock at the end of her and I haven't heard that term. Recipes it seemed HBO piece it I started watching in those stupid you and it turned out that it. That we share to be discussing apple know all alliance Dion made logic you wanted to send ads. I don't hear loud and really even talking about it I just I was is that if you what you thought of excite I sat down and watched it like a week I'll try wanted this weekend. I Freddie Iran seems sports audio edition next here's Mike. This is a playoff for echinacea no trying to more of Isaac and suit presented by red tells golf centers bring tents sailed on ten AB both trail and I spent 35 it is Friday. And we're gonna try to lighten the mood here. So folks if you are looking for hot blazer takes. We did have several of them earlier in today's broadcast he can podcast our show at 1080 the fan dot com our. One all the way till about 415 yo La blazer tuck was a blazers and texts from listeners such. So at this stage of the game. We're gonna move on in rocky was some idea. Did you wanna Freddie has dropped likes to say Iraqi news on Friday planet's. That's just radio gold at their OK you like you menu Horry. Or what's his name I was lucky lucky mood and Hillary callous minority exco accounts like. Got this from your brother. Now I think this result because I thought he retired he he yeah he's retired this is this is an old we miss this yeah. Now this is our favorite to baseball player unbelievable. And he played for the marriage for time. That's the blue jail observes him. Lenders do here he is on how he. Stays healthy and avoids cramps OK so the keyword here is cramp. CR AMP. That is your late field today I'll creating good. What happened to you. What happened just not. Just a crap off just about you told me what what what can you eat take helping make you feel better bananas. We'll give in never collapse. You know multi never go to. Because animal. Do. So how many you have today. Three ballot if you no more no more cramp free act needs three by because. Multi never collapse of the he's just. It's. The question. Listening to that did you have the thought of monkeys pampered. I assume they do right. No I don't know I'm sure they'd let us today and did make cramp I've never seen my daughter's crack. Well they'd. Now that. No. I don't know I don't know I did bit by a monkey but I've never seen one cramp. Well he eats bananas to avoid. Cramping because monkeys never cram I love three with an average eighty. Minutes. So hey what a joke all you want Joseph Paterno or Mike Leach next I've heard Lisa gimme Paterno talks haven't heard this this is an interview. Can't look at it from the great. From now at Tampa Bay area's I was excited as like what we got Jupiter from the and proof of life after Joseph Paterno. I'm not sure what year that says. I think it's all the way back in like 2010. Okay. At the time. So he can do the mat that at the time he's 83. Oh just late wasn't doing so good at the end of the the other there. Erie is attempting to hear his. You hear him. We are expecting coach Joseph Paterno and then moments. And well we'd then how about that for timing we have the legends. Whom. Who long time ago sat in my living room recruiting my brother the head coach of the Penn state university grad. They got a lot of people are dying while we welcome you in coach or what I was saying is that you set my later recruiting my brother along time ago so I've been at Penn State murder for a long long time being from Philadelphia. To hear me tell it I can that we're saying and I well. I just saw and our air on the air yes OK now I mean I don't really. I think I'm screaming into the microphone as it is now I mean and he's live on the air so I mean I'm I mean I'm not yellen at the top of my lungs as a result. I don't know is that the noises too much there that he can't hear me your line I don't know that horn pretty quiet area okay well I'll try it again yeah unless I absolutely. Erica. Can you. Coach Paterno liked to hear you great and I don't know often you hear a I'm I'm screaming at the top in my lungs throat Shaq can't talk to any louder than this. I can now manage total energy. Well why don't we hand you know what can I do I take acting. Out. And now he and here I can't yell and allowed a ten felony latter will just have to let does go I'm sorry. While we just can't do it I take yell at you let other but the fact I guess I literally was screaming. He still here he hit it. Again that's. I believe. At times at that man was involved in the day to day running in a defensive football team couldn't do it again Alabama so there's a lot of people around a minimum but it SID comes on he goes there's nobody here it's quite remember who was that I I brought up. That want that this was the number of years ago. Is that it goes like this might buy it by I'd Lavelle Edwards or four years and stated Lavelle Edwards one of investment ever made passed away wrestle the doubt Edwards did not coach. When I was there at four years and he never coach today and picked and I brought up that the fact that we Joseph Paterno joked or Italian coach and a decade remember who we have on. But somewhat tried to leg what are some reporter Rihanna are just try to take me to task. But how detail oriented Joseph Paterno was and was as lightly as ever would was just. Who is always yes he was Penn State football really. Can't hear a phone interviewing yet you rams repeatedly that he's up they're calling plays stop it. So that was from 2010. It was two years before he passed Joseph Paterno should have been replaced at Penn State ten years ago that's the allegation crap aside. Right now to Mike Leach who. Just gets asked random things. Does is take you can't really ask of a football question anymore but you know that if you ask him a random question you get a great dancer but the tiny tractor retreat and because you want to see where it. It's my theory on him is that he likes to answer these types of questions any sort of filibusters on them because he doesn't wanna talk about football and was it drives him crazy alma mine mock it. So here is Mike Leach. Oh my mind. On golf. Not hateful. That's another reason we've got to commend you have to call flawed I don't ultimately have a committee. And everything like that because pouring. Because foreign present pure apple goes. My family. Like all like him from people like awful law. And they would driver you know you do you know it's a road trip drugs you know trying to get somewhere. Of course the other clubs in the trunk you know O listens and an excellent golf course for me we could just hit nine what would turn on let's go relief slow. And a pit Nate came in pretty soon I'm just. You know re missing magazine over and over Kampman. I don't know it's better because it's get orbits as well go talk about supplement golf course you talk I don't know there's much talk about you say. Okay here's an errant golf restore. And and and Jonathan winners of the great comedians that are really important piece as you know what. He says golf positions are always polite fix their homes cool this through was perks and actually says you know I finished off. Because you know what we know what I never did. I've ever just as I sit in front of the TV you're walking through the living room go. Because I never do that. And Mosul what they do is a lot of over the ball who describes someone you know they're gonna do with the club on the ball. That you can't do with sniper rifle scope there to hit that ball to a spot. The UK it was a sniper rifle and scope of their books for example let's say okay if he's back off on my left front put more weight on my right and I do this. The ball go right there and old. Revenues it might be a good shot might be a great shops should not go there. And then as they have them is they're going up the ball well I would have done this if this finger was different this team was different this group was different. Than the ball Lagarde right there. Well no one of the would go somewhere else we wouldn't come right there and then sort coastal time nobody talks about doing things and you know calls pretty much show for people that. That don't swear effectively enough for me practice. He makes and. Thank balls profitability on it that's pretty much true 99.9. Person does it take it slow up that it's he brings up deficient they know it works on their Cass dean has so true but the golf guy we'll take anything a broom whatever is it somehow that's gonna well I don't work on the muscle memory. You've got to watch the video because the moment of sounds Rios went Alice Fisher I never do this he makes the funniest phase while he. Pantomime spinning a fishing rod Italy really efficient he's gets a dismal squat is a hot hot hot hot hot I. Problem I Marmara it's really fun I just people gym time to time like with a like a dumb build their their league do in the weighted golf swing. Is in there is some old guy who has worked on that swing yeah. There's and as a somehow that's going to improve it got to get better. Does that really make you better example what was he doing. He's like yeah they could make a dumb bell he had that bold and many was. Mimicking swing and a club with a dumb bell. Can't tell me that that to help you can imagine gonna help your golf swing a little bit and really get down on a golf swing feels about everything and then this where it was good actually so a an article the average American house is their first swear word at 10:54. In the morning. Really yeah. That's the average time guys I laughed about it now may need the single most random. Statistic of all time. As you read the same thing I thought he had for me it's like 7:54 in the morning at 1054 you say your first curse were wait don't we all wake up in Paris I don't Garros it's like apparently don't tell us it's too early. You wake up and curse and what you define as occur slope mostly taught well now as it out louder as an in my head. Because we now laugh in my head I'm like half only six yep that's your head you know at saint competency you're saying Al. Yeah I mean. It's this you say your first swear word on average. 1054. Is when your first curse words are cheap and as you're going about your day to pay attention. Because I eyed when I saw that I did think the next two days afterwards as it when I first curse minds before 1054 about. Patti and I needed. Start taking notes on when you curse out what times of day the two days since I sought my it was somewhere in the at 830 to 845. Range. When my first curse word came. A by the way there was one bid in there and he cottage where Leach totally exposed himself does literally knowing nothing about golf. And obviously doesn't like it whenever red is funny but when you say hit nine. May go hit nine. That's like you know when your wife says. Henne how many. It's always is the balloon seemed to add that they have how many how many rounds do you get for a field goal you know I mean. That's a real hit nine and we hit eighteen you don't. You haven't even tried golf do you look I get it is boring I get the whole thing the state millions of but that guy has tried to gulf effort. Probably not but he's right on the rifle thing. He's so right like I've never heard of that that way you you couldn't hit that spot with a rifle and scope and you're gonna try to do with a stake in a ball that's in test. My favorite thing about golf was when you because I'm not a good golfer at all hi I'm happy when I shoot me it's I hereby given the a's and by issue in the mid eighties on static. Try to get better added. But when you get someone in my skill level. Or maybe a sort of a little bit better and date they talked about shaping the ball I love that one hit old eighty years Janet. Turn the corner on this one really that's that's who you gonna try to do it right yet and it hit the ball in the fairway all day but you're gonna car this one around that tree. Just this big go pin high and our eyes that's that's adorable. Yeah Diana really team. People do you curse when their alarm goes off each just. I guess is not ally out there but the darkest of -- Yeah white well what's the difference team talking to yourself and just. -- I do I have to I have to you verbally yes I can mumble. To myself I don't think accounts I think you have to say the words no fumbling yourself letting counts is usually in the mobile streeters there's a word manner. Think we're down here. Yeah I had seen. I'm coming up next I'm not sure but it's gonna be a. Yeah cash. This is a playoff for echinacea no prime time more than Isaak in suit me. Presented by red tailed off center spring tends them all and Jay Nady both Syria and irony lateral and the club much needed. Levity into the the end it funny how much can we see it please snow. Randy. Again you're asking me what else do embarrassing. Ronald to a book that bills you wanna listen he's what I would do. So it's have you seen okayed that did you see the whole flap with Greg public Chenault published in Los his wife yeah. And he never really showed that. She was sick of two grown kids don't I did see that they've been married for forty plus years the had two kids I had no idea this until. Odyssey came out she passed away and then issued. It's ever seen a reason why it's best way just that she had been ill for. A long time clearly very private. Because yet it's not out there what she was equipped enough how she died that. Not much is known about Popovich is personal iPhoto and Brent Barry was here he told a great story at our legends dinner. About playing for popular Anchorage the spurs and he said that up popped one year told the team he said hey. I love going out to dinner and all these cities that we go travel to and he's a big you know pop's big foudy neuroses line. And I he said if any of you. Can find me in the restaurants that I go to. Did the checks on me. He had in his point was via I'm and to be done in places you guys don't. Well Brent Berry said and I think it was Steve Kerr was on that team in Steve Kerr was the one who figured out to go to the to the Bellman. Go down to the cost years and ask where Popovich is eating in they would usually tellem sly dog and they would show up and pop would pick up their meals. I Q here that he is a likable guy away from the court. How I just eat. He gets a pass because he really is he's an ass. Like theirs and it had solid if I understand Japanese steel and pass there's very few guys in sports that are is that they come across as. Much of Richard as he does on a regular basis and yet. We we do we we that's vintage pop CO. But without the titles and if it's some of the doesn't have their reputation acts the way he does people would shredded but Atlanta people away from people away from it love him and I'm tired when you talk about being private when you Google his wife and personal phone is ever even. I don't let me photo that really possible of them together I mean it's it's gotta be 1520 years old. What does it tell you is. They asked that the night she died LeBron was playing yeah. And they asked him about that after the game. It was easy on coordinator yet I was Alley the force who did the interview she asked LeBron about Popovich in the death of his wife. And it was a big flap like people like always and it what are you doing asking him about that now he just got done with the game heat as they were saying that he blind sighted Hershey is here at him and she shouldn't have done that did you see that he came out and said that she checked with him ahead of time yet they in told him hate. Do you mind if I ask you about pop's life and he said go ahead yeah so he he letter out I mean. Only letter that he just cleared the air on that. The rain didn't did you see during yes Kevin Durant was just sitting and now this wasn't during a game whatever arms is after practice whenever he was a sitting down. You know and work out gear but someone asked him and in Durant is you know gets emotional he's like why me need to like no one to mean that that's. I guess that that's Popovich mean he's he's just he's a very private person be there is that it told Durant like instantly hasn't happened yet derail its reaction is. It's it's it's powerful stuff he does he could see his eyes while an up and I Sarah I don't tough really get why they asked these guys about I know what he's supposed to say I think what what and where do you draw on the lake. If Stotts is life daddy I'd and is it because Popovich is. Just so he's been around so long. If so it's kind of weird that that whole thing a weird deal I hate to do and I don't wanna be that guy did. Having their moments this lost his wife it's it's it's just there's no comfortable way even now I mean it's been two years and I'm not. It's still awkward but. People come up to me all the time. Like after it happened and now a lot less but people came up to be for the average year. And it was always this fumble lean kind. People feel like they have to say something but you don't really want to impede they do you ask questions about it needs is. It's out of him words were as close is is you can be heavy I talked to you more than than anyone else for the last fifteen years and even week. Have had the conversation that it's awkward. Sometimes it is to have that question and we have a very close relationship and so you get someone that you know like obvious in the NBA community but. Is it is certainly close with the broader close with Kevin Durant or anybody. Say that there's not a much more awkward situation you can be and then what's the proper etiquette when you do you have that kind of loss icon next it's time for the club we start with airports knock on the fan.